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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  May 14, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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melissa mollet has first 4 traffic. > begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and a look outside. what do you have, chuck? >> well, i guess some good newsa way. the rain has stopped. it actually ended sometime late yesterday afternoon. not completely done with the rain chance dato there's a pocket of showers across central west virginia. we're in a cool northwesterly flow. there's a pocket of cool air aloft. that's going to drift overhead during the day today. that's not your friend if you want to see nshine. we'll get some sun here early in the morning. by late morning and into the afternoon as that pocket of cold air aloft moves in, that causes cloudsbl to bub up and will cause quick rain chances during the afternoon hours. between now and then, wh is it chilly. this morning, 46 in gaithersburg and germantown. 49 in stafford and freder ksburg. 52 in manassas. there's your planner. unshine the first part of the dayment a lot of clouds -- day. a lotof clouds later with the risk of passing owers. you'll need your fleece this
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morning, and i'd take the umbrella with you, melissa mollet. you're probably going to need it. >> i always have fleece on me. gw parkway between 123 and the beltway, all lanes blocked as wehecked a few minutes ago because of the sinkhole. we'll learn in a minute when they think it will reopen. mclean, outer loop between hegeorgetown pike and t toll road, right lane blocked by a work zone. falls church, outer loop between turnpike, tle river right lane gets by the work zone. silver spring, southbound new hampshire avenue near the beltway. left lane is getting by the work there. n? >> thank you. now to moreon that first 4 traffic alert on the gw parkway sinkhole melissa mentioned. the northbound lanes are still closed from route 123 to the beltway. the national parks service says the weather and other factors have delayed the repair of the sinkhole. officials say the lanesill remain closed at least through the rush. following breaking news thia morning deadly midair plane crash in alaska. >> megan fitzgerald is working
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the story from the live desk. what do we know? >> reporter: nbc news has learned five people are dead. one person still unaccounted for after two float planes carrying passengers from a cruise excursion collided midair. the planes were carryi passengers from the royal princess who were on a seven-dac roundtripise out of vancouver. the u.s. coast guard was called in after the planes collided midair yesterday. one of the float planes was operated by taquan air. four passengers and the pilot were killed. investigators are trying to determine how this happened. we are staying on top of the story. we'll give you updates througut the morning. back to you. >> thank you. 4:02. vispite reiving ctan e io inside the venezuelan embassyn georgetown. the opposition government requested assistance in clearing the embassy last night. police cut the chains that f locked nt gate and handed the activists aneviction order.
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no one was arrested. for 34 days a group of antiwar protesters has occupied the building. the group supports the emattled socialist president nicolas maduro. the protesters outside support u.s. recognized president juan guaido. oday friends of a maryland graduate who vanished in hawaii will hold a vigil for her. >> no one has seen or heard from amanda heller since she went for a pike. she is from maryland but lives i. ma her car was found in a forest reserve. hecell phone and wallet were inside and the keys hiding under a tire. her family's worried she might hurt. the past few days volunteers have been searching for clues. one of her closeriends tells news4 she is heading to hawaii today search for amanda. >> she is injured out in the forest. i know that she is waiting for hep. it's -- it's absolutely
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nerve-racking and absolutely gut wrenching to think about that. >> the fire department called wff the official search. but volunteers shop every day to look for amanda. her family is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who helps locate her. in honor of national police week, thousands gathered on the national mall last night for a candlelight vigil. they remembered the men adi women wh in the line of duty last year. attorney general william barr assured their families that wheir ultimate sacrifil never be forgotten. >> being hereponight we hel ensure that the names of these officers are known just as they deserve, both this theirco unities and across the nation. >> one of those being honored was prince george'cecounty poli sergeant mujahid ramsadin. he was killed trying to protect a neighbor in a domestic dispute. >> it's been overwhelming. something that we did not
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and it's so sincere. it's so heartfelt. >> last year aw158 l enforcement officers lost their lives on the job. it's 4:05. a coast guard lieutenant accused of creating a hit list of prominent democrats and tv personaties will remainin custody for now. a federal judge in maryland revoked an order that would havf ed christopher hasan until his trial. prosecutors refer to him as a domestic terrorist plotting a mass shooting. hasan is not facing any terror-related charges. authoriti t found morehan a dozen firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition at a home when they arrested him in february. he has pled not guilty. >> all eyes will be on wall street this morning. many investors will be looking to see if the stock market rebounds after china struck back against the yesterday na imposed $60 billion in tariffs on american goods. that announcement saw the dow jones close down more than 600 points making it the worst day on the u.s. market in four
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months. a n survey su the trade war betwee china and the u.s. could cost the average american family of four almost $800. the tense conflict could cost you more for items like luggage, electronics, and toiletries. farmers could also take a major hit. many only survive if prices stop ropping and china starts buying. >> in order to keep farming, we need to be able to keep one technology production and stuff like that. we need the chinese market. >> the tariffs by china are in retaliation for those imposed by the u.s. lastw k. president trump claims china is to blame for t collap of a potential agreement. right now trade talks have stalled, but the president says he plans to meet with president xi jinping next month at the summit in japan. some speculate that may be too late. tariffs start onune 1st on products made in the u.s. and happening today, the battle over the transparency of president trump's bank records lands in court. there will be a hearing and a
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lawsuit over the president trying to block a congressional subpoena. this is where information about eight years of his personal and business finances. the democrat-led house of representatives issued the subpoena after the depre's former attorney michael cohen accused him of lying about his wealth in an effort t reduce his taxes. the city of alexandria is making some big changes in the way certain nonviont offenders are prosecuted. in some existing cases, jail sentences will be reduced or eliminated. for example, people will no longer be sent to jail for repeat nonviolent alcohol-related offenses such as being drunk in public. instead, prosecutors will look for ways to help them get treatment. charges will be dismissed for people driving on a suspended license if they've lost that selicense simply becau they failed to pay court fees or fines. and drivers labeled as habitual offenders because the can't pay their fines will not be charged with a fony and will not have to spend a year in jail as a result. some relief may be on the way for metro commuters.
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today lawmakers in alexandria will consider a proposal that would discount some city-owned parking garages and lots in old town between late may and early september. that is when metro would mporarily close the blue and yellow line stations south of reagan national airport. if approved, the garagesha woul a $2 flat rate, down from $2.50 after 5:00 for weeknights and all days on weekends. right now arlington pice are trying to track down the suspect who slashed several tire over the weekend, residents woke up to find flat tires. so far, investigators say 22 vehicles were hit. the cars were parked on streets arou the barcroft apartments. authorities say this probably happened friday night or early saturday morning. we talked to one of the victims w had to shell out $200 for towing and new tires. >> not a good thing. hurting our people like it, it's -- evil, evil work. >> police say unfortunately the isn't any home video of sp
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the suect. it's now 4:08. the photo of a metroworker eating on a train has sparked major controversy this morning. we're learning the employee photographed will not lose her job according t the union that represents the employees. the response on social media cotinues. natasha tines, a woman who posted the initial tweet, has withdrawn her complaint. she also reportedlyost a book deal. although metro is clear about the rules, there are mixed feelings among former employees and riders. >> do not get breaks. if they have to eat, they have to eat. before you call out, you have to get somethingur in y stomach. >> i think the metro staff should follow the rules. whei get on, i know i can't eat. if i start eating something, i put it away. >> you may remember metro has allowed some food salesut ode of the stations, but you still cannot eat or drink on trains d buses. most parents warn their teens about the dangers of texting and driving.
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some results are the ones settin a bad example. boston research said 67% of adults admit to reading texts while driving.f more than halwrite texts while behindel the whe. millennials, between 22 and 37, were most likely to use e-mail, social media, and trafficmaps while driving. can't say that's a > rprise. >nope. you have to pay attention. pa have to attention. >> also, lead by example. say not as i do that is invoked. >> that involves junk food and stuff like that. new this rning, some states shine in health care while others soar in education. our area does we inboth. >> good news "u.s. news and world report" ranked the best statesn the country. and virginia and maryland came out near the top. maryland moved up seven spots from last year to be raed sixth. that state scored well in health care and career oprgrtunities. ia moved up 13 spots from toumber its best results came in
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education and fiscal stability. your children learn a lot from you want i hope all the good things. when it comes to learning new t words,ir brains may be wired to learneo better from s else in your house. plus, the new insight into bullying. we're learning that kids who grow up under certain circumstances are more likely to be bullied as teens than other children. chuck? >> and good rning, everybody. it is chilly outside this morning. 40s and low 50s. this little pocket of instability raindrops here in west vieinia, that may b drifting over our heads later on in the day. you'll want to grab th umbrella. but there's hope for improvement and warming by thweekend. the e
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remembering the original girl next door, dorisday. the legendary singer-turned-actress droid at the age -- died at the age of 97. you heard a little of her song when day retired she focused on animal activism and rescue. former president jimmy carter isp recovering from hi surgery. the 39th president was getting ready to go turkey -- rather to
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go turkey huntinggn geor monday when he fell and broke his hip. despite the injury, he hasn't lost his sense of humor, of course. carter reportedly said his biggest concern is that turkey s huntingeason ends this week. and he hasn't reached his him.rg he hopes geoia will let him carry over his unused kills and add them to next year's numbers. >> can yousa y no to sglajimmy mrter? >> yought have a hard time. >> okay. we are workin 4 your health with insight into how children learn new words. scientists fr ohio state orking with a group of 2-year-olds playe a recording of words repeated by voices from people of different ages. they found toddlers learn new words best when they heard them om older children. experts believe toddlers are more attuned to voices that sound like their own than to voices of adults. that's why kids tune you out. they hear the same wah, wah, wah. the charlie brown teacher's voice.
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that's what ey hear. they b teach themad words. >> take the bad with the good. new research shedding light on ar facto that may reduce a child's risk for being bullied. researchers in canada say children who grow up in low-income communities aremore likely to be bullied when they reach their teens than children who grow upff in auent neighborhoods. the study looked at nearly 900,000 teenagers from 40 countries. maryland is raising the age limit for buyingin vapand tobacco products to 21. critics are egypt because there's one group -- are upset because there's one group that's exempt. the law is a response to the dramatic rise in the number of teens who report vaping. anthe americancer society which pushed for the legislation said if kids don't start smoking vaping as tteens,here's less -- they're less likely to do it when they're 21. um wage asing the mini for purchasing tobacco products to 21 and including vaping in
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the definition of tobacco products. >> military members will be exempt from the law. people can still buy vaping and tobacco products at 18 if they sh military i.d. new video after days of rain. people in oklahoma are flocking to a dam to take pictures while all the gates are >> ey're also snapping shots of the birds hunting for fish in the rough the tone dam stretches across the arkansas river. pounding rain pushed parts ofe th river to 20 feet above normal. that's t en the case, correc if i'm wrong, but the river's between here and the mississippi -- >> unbelievable amounts of flooding. they had a lotf snow. they had snow late in the year as well as upstream. the arkansas river comes from nebraska and kansas and flows that direction. a lot of rivers at or above flood stage for months.
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omaha, nebraska, he quads, hard hit. we continue to set records here. may 13th of last year to may 12th of this year, the me 365-day stretch, 30 inches above average rainfall the last 365 days. >> where are the may flowers? >> they areunderwater, eun. this has been a ridiculously rainy pattern around here for a solid year. you don't need me to tell you that. if you've been around, you know. right now, finally the rain is temporarily turned off. but don't turn your back on a chance for gets rained on later today -- forgetting rained on later today. skies started to clear late in the day yesterday. i even got to see about five minutes of sunshine before i went to bed at 7:00. temperatures have fallen because of the clearing skiesnto the 40s and low 50s. 46 in germantown, 46 in purcellville this morning. 49 in fredericksburg. look at that -- clinton, maryland, down to 44 obegrees.
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ly some areas of patchy fog. luckily the breeze is up so that will keep things from getting too thick in the fog perspective. we'll start with sunshine, but a pocket of cold air aloft means it's going to stay very cool today. afternoon high only 63. it will stay breezy, as well. northwest winds 15 to 25 miles per hour. and after a relatively sunny start this morning, clouds will bubble up. we are likely going to have quick hitters gothrough. you know yesterday, those were super soakers. trained on you for hours on end. in is not the kind ofain we'll get today. todayill be fast moving, quick-hitter showers. a fair amount of sunshine over the morning hours. boom, by 11:00 or noon, skies mosy cloudy. then the gusty northwest wind. fast-moving showers in and out of the region through the afternoon. won't rain a lot. but it sure will be enough to get you wet and make you mad if you left the umbrella in the car while you're in the office. take the umbrella and the fleece today. the good news about tomorrow,
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finally a chance to dry out. back 71 after another chilly start. thursday looks good. how about friday? close to 80 with a slight chance of afternoon storms. and melissa mollet 82 and dry on a saturday. how much do you love me w? >>. >> i love, love, love, love, love you. i have outdoor plans, and that's amazing. between 123 and the beltway, we'll talk about itntil it's open again. all lanes shut down because of a sinkhole. the northbound lanes are pushed on to 123. this has disappeared. inner loop and outer loop nice and clear. northbound geora after 16th, left lane gets by the work zone. an issue on 395. we'll talk about it in a minute.
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this week we're taking a look at alternative wellness. perhaps when you'r feeling rundown or in need of a lift, you go to a doctor. >> this morning, justin finch looks at the benefits of hypnotherapy. >> reporter: this maip may not be the picture that comes to find when you think about hypnosis or hypnotherap >> everyone at the -- >> reporter: we sat in on this exercise called witch's brew. in the hot seat suzanne windsor taking in positive feedback to
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visualize and later action actuallyize her -- actualize her ams in the spotlight. we asked what life would be like without hypnotherapy. >> i'd still be home watching television instead of inspiring to be on it. >> i'd be afraid to take on more rick and just be out there and socializing freely. i'd be kind of hiding myself. >> that's a good word, hiding yourself. >> reporter: clients seek out help for help nose is too stop hiding and revealing what could be. >> people come here because th subconscious mind is out of rapport with their conscious minds. they want one thing, but they're doing something else. >> i saw her on line. t's do it. >> reporter: john is looking to lose weight, get healthier, and ansition hisreporter life into one of a new dad and author. >> i noticed it helped bringr othearts of my life into balance. especially as i was writing the
4:25 am
book, it helped me focus a lot.t >> re: there's medical research finding help nose is can be effective for some but maybe not all. as aertified hypnotist, rita's job is to be a guide. that's why she says she screens clients to make sure they're a good fit and able to use suggestionino tap to abilities they didn't even know they had. >> the ability to visualize is the superpowerhat human beings have. to look into the future and see the possibilities, how they would like to experienc the world, what they want to do. >> reporter: justin finch, news4. >> wow. >> would you try it? >> i don't think so. i like to be completely in control at all times. the thought of not being aware of what's going on around me worries me a little. >> i've done it. years and years anda years . >> look at you. >> you have to be open to suggestion. >> i think that works for everything. >> and that sort of thing. if people to use it to figure ut weight loss and -- and sleeping, all that stuff, if it wks for you, yeah. >> go for it. >> i'd tryit again. our series on alternate
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wellness tomorw. >> we lo at a 3,000-year-old n. healing pla we'll tell you how it may work for you. all right. 4:26. cing up, driver's license deadline. a renewal requirement is only weeks away. are you one of thousands whose i.d. won't be up to date? we'll fill you in on w to find out. a parking ticket proposal. why your neighbors could soon be the ones writing the fines for drivers who break the rules. and good morning, everyone. dog-walking forecast time. ok at this good-looking fella here. this is malcolm. he is a 1.5-year-old dog. obviously a big boy, no doubt about it. he's friendly with cats. if you have a cat and would like a dog, he might be a good coteanion. my sis says you know you've done something wrong in this life if you come back as the test cat at the great dane rescue society in the next life. all right. watch out for the afternoon shower s
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right now, waking up to another chilly start. i yikethe 50s. the rain is moving out, but you'll still need extra layers. we'll fill you in on your
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tuesday forecast. plus waking up after thewo t day on wall street in months. what caused the and what it means for your finances. and -- people are dying. people are getting sick. and they have no idea that it's being caused by roundup. >> a warning about a popodar t used on lawns across the country. the multibillion dllar yout for a couple who said it gave them cancer. it is 4:30 right now. off in the distance you see the capitol wheel before the wilson bridge as we look live on thist sday morning. >> look at you knowing your geography. >> i'm guessing there's a bridge. it should be there. >> there's the bridge. >> pretty daut there -- >> unless something drastic happened overnight. >> the good news is there will finally be relief from the rain. still nthe not to walk rough the rain this morning. >> we need to dry out. >> good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. the roads near your hometill might be


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