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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  October 28, 2018 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. unspeakable tragedy. th>> firing out of e front of the building with an automatic weapon. >> a peaceful morningraf pyer at a pittsburgh synagogue shattered when a gun man opens fire during services. >> members of le tree ofife synagogue were brutally murdered by a gunman targetinghem simply because of their faith. >> at least 11ll , several others injured including police officers. a tight knit jewh community shocked. >> i'm totally i can't b it. >> this morning the search f answers. why was the synagogue targeted? what are t about the suspected gunman and how do we prevent horrors like this one from being routine in
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america? sunday, october 28th,2018. good morning, welcome to "sunday today." lim wilgeist. the nation waking upo another unthinkable massacre. this is the deadliest on the jewish community in the united states history with 11 people killed as they gathered and the sabbath. the suspect in custody this morning as investigators pour over his socia media accounts. nbc news national kpor spon dent miguel almague is on the scene with the very latest. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: willie, thego sye is oup the street behind me. it's where investigators are still combing over the scene. he's been charged with 29 cous including 1 1 counts ofde m including hate crimes. many gathere the massacre began. overnight heartbreak for the victims, a f memorial not from where so many were killed. >> we are pinned down by
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gunfire. >> reporter: it happened at the tree of life synagogue where police s 46-year-ol robert bowers began his rampage. >> firing out of the front of the building with an automatic weapon. >> reporter: the call came in at 9:55 a.m. after exchanging gunfire with police, the suspect was forced back inside where he had just opened fire. armed with an assault rifle and guree ha, the community ndered to shelter place. >> do not come outom of youre right now. it isot safe. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. swarming the building where members hada just gred for a saturday service. 11 killed, six others injured including four officer during the agcarne. >> we have a suspect negotiated a surrender. >> reporter: bower surrendered making antisem mitic statements >> the oldest victim was he95.
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>> told me they heard gunshots and smelled gun powder. >> reporter: he posted just before the shooting, screw your optics. i'm going in. >> the members of the tree of life synagogue were brutally murdered by a gunman targeting them simply o because their faith. >> reporter: investigators are now sifting through his life piece by pce and interviewing neighbors. >> i'm totally stunned. ian't believe it. it's sickening. >> rorter: back at the synagogue, investigators stunned by a haunting kr50icrime scene so many were killed. >> it's a very horrific crime scene. one of the worst that i ave a seen. >> reporter: this morning of the six people who are hospitalized, two remain in critical condition and, willie, we're told a holocaust survivor had arrived here at the synagogue just before the shooting, got outhif
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car, heard the gunfire, had he been hereinutes earlier he would have been inside the synagogue when the shooting began. >> miguel, thank yohr separate services were taking placesy inside the gogue at the time of the shooting, including a bris for an eight day old baby. i'm joined in pittsburgh by jack weis. his father was there. za, good rning. thank you so much for taking time with us in what must be an incredibly painful morning for you and your family. syour father was serving rabbi, filling in, i guess. atat does he tell you it looked like? appened exactly when he heard the shots? >> well, first of all, good morning, wiie. unfortunate to join you in these circumstances but i appreciatni the oppor to speak. my father was filling in thsisting the rabbi doing various parts o service. he was under the weather but both were present at the e. serv the first initial sound was
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described as a car crash, just a very loud noise but there were a couplef congregants investigated to see if it was something else, maybe a senior citizen had fallen, maybe a hard piece of equipmentntell so they own but the next multiple sounds they were unmistakable. and from tre it was treated as an active shooter situation. and with the layout of the tree of life there are three synagogues that take up space. there we actually three services simultaneously. there was not abris as previously reported. there were three services going at the exact same time. from the tree of life aspect r is that's where my fat a member of, they were able to protect and go -- some of them were able to hide for cover, some were not -- were unable to do so but my father was able to make sure that everybody in that congregation was safe and then went down to try to assist one of the otherio congreg to see if they were safe and what they were hidden, that's when he s able to evacuate based on a
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security procedure in the cas a active shooter that they had practiced the year prior. >> we hadearned there was active shooter training a year er so ago. but youever ready to hear the sound of gunfire eye specially inside the place of worship. what does your father tell you? when he erd that first sound what was his instinct? >> my father geographically was seated in t very last row. he was not supposed to be there. our family was supposed to goay o see another relative but unfortunately due to an illness we were unable to atgo. the time the first shot was fired there's something called a kidush being recited. you have to have at least ten or more adults in the .ro when two left that left that number at ten. if that had not been the case, then he would have went out with those other two gentlemen. so i am thanking the lucky stars
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but i am also praying for the 11 that have fallen and praying for the 6 that are injured in theire families as all try to heal devastating day clearly a beautifully tight knit community there in squirrel hill and iide that synagogue. zach, your father saved some people. he protected a lot of people. please send him our love and prayers and thanks for taking time this morning. >> i appreciate that and thoughts, prayers, and support from everybody, t entir community would be tremendously appreciated. >>ntou have them from thee country, zach. thank you very much. meanwhile, law enforcement is learnin much from the suspect this morning. his past, guns he used and his motive. pete williams is in washington. pete, good orrning. >> rr: willie, both the pittsburgh police and the federal government hiled separate charges now, a total of 72 criminal counts thousand it's dot full robert bowers would be put on trial twice and it's not
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clear which oneou wld be going first, the state or federal o s. bothgle him out for hatred for jews. while he was being treat for his gunshot wounds, he wanted to kill all jews, because they were, quote, cenmittingide to his people. investigators say that bowers waseavily armedith an assault style rifle and at least thre. handgu witnesses and police say shooting so rapidly inside the synagogue and with battles with the police it soundedsike he outing an automatic weapon like a machine gun. police in major cities from cot to coast posted extra security around synagogues and other houses of worship even acted they believe bowers alone and that his attack was not part of a larger plot. obstructing recome toesf
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religion fhe death penalty. willie? >> clear his motive was pure hatred. petewilliams, thank you very much. police say the shooter did not have a violent past and was not known to them before yesterday. nbc's ron mott has been digging into the suspect's background. ron, good morning. >> reporter: willie, good morning to you. this is where thet' susp been living. we understand he moved in about two years ago. residents here and places where he's lived over the years pretty much all report the same thing, that he was unusually quiet, that he kept to himself, didn't mix it up with him very much. that he has stunned been charged for these horrific murders. this morning investigars are uncovering the motives of a killer. robert bowers is not believed to have a prior criminal history but socialedia posts attributed to him include antisemitic views and this was an indicator of the deadly
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violence about to unfold. on the social networking site dab his page wrote, quote, screw your optics, i'm going in. he repeatedly posted photos of guns. it's unclear they were the same three that bowers used to carry out the attacks. the 46-year-old lived at this apartment complex which official evacuated before checking the area for explosives. >> we could hear the shots. we could hear rapid fire. >> reporter: online post the attributed to bowers say he's tno a supporter of the president describing mr. trump as a globalist, not a nationalist, a word the president called himself recently.lo l media reports say bowers was raised by his mother, then grandparenn she died. former neighbors saying he was thoughtful to call them if they left their garage door up. responding officers found a different man. c>>ertainly the actions this person took today were hateful. we're in the early stages of
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this investigation and over the next several days and weeks we will look at everything in the suspect's life, his me, his vehicle, his social media his movements over the last several days. >> it's unknown whether robert bowers was working recently. a man who knows him and his family told theitburgh "post-gazette" that bowers visited him, that he was working for a trucking companynde was making pretty good money. >> ron mott outside the suspect's home. thank you very much. president trump has ordered flags to be flown at halftaff in honor of the victims in pittsburgh. on saturday he continued with his mid term campaign commitments despite that trad did i. nbc's kelly o'donnell t is at white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. the president signed the proclamation late saturday night when he frurnd illinois. remain lowered here and at u.s. embassies and military bases around the world. the president' response to this tragedy has been to speak extensively about all aspects of it while not giving up his mid
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term fight. for president trump -- >> this was a rough, rough day for all of us. >> reporter: national mourning di preclude a nighttime rally. >> this evil antisemitic attack ac an attk on all of us. >>eporter: he made his rallies across the tee ates. >> you feel differently whenre yo the president and you're in charge and you see something like this. the lev of pinn is edible. >> reporter: he said he considered canceling his rally in murphy's borrow but did not. >> hello, illinois. we must stand with our jewish brothers and sisters to defeat antisem mainetism. >> reporter: he embraced being campaigner in chief. >> tone i very importan we want to win and we're going to win and we're fighting to win
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and that's what you have to do. >> reporter: but acknowledged the sensitivity. nd af you don't nd, i'm going to tone it down just a little bit. is that okay? >> reporter: he did not hold back and supporters revelled in histy combustible attacking democrats like elizabeth warren. >> i can't call her pocahontas anymore but i think i will anyway. >> reporter: the vice president rejected any suggestion the president's rhetoric stoked the incidents of terror seen this week. >> frankly, people on both sides of the aisle use strong language about our political differences, but i just don't think you cant connect to threats or acts of violence. >> reporter: the president called for swi and hare much punishment for the alleged gunman. >> his thought process is sick. i've said it before and i'll say it agai we have to bring back the death penalty for people like this. >> reporter: t charges that have already been filed do include the potential for the death pen na the at this.
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he opiwpined that if this sanaye had had armed security, theou ome would be different. willie? >> kelly, thank you very much. chuck todds is nb political director and moderator of "meet the press." chuck,in good mo always good to see you. what a terrible week it's been. we start with the mail bombs. 13 of them sent to leading american politicians and leaders, actors, two former presidents. you go into this shooting in kentucky where a manri ted get into a church, a predominantly black church in he couldn't get in but he did kill two people later and now of pittsburgh ttack in that killed 11 people. just your thoughts this morning on where we are in america. >> reporter: well, look, i mean, think you can't help but s this. it's hard not to look at it and see that it is connected. we've seen thisise in sort of hot political rhetoric.
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we've seenise in antisemitic attack. we've seen a risen hate-filled speech and there's been a concern, somebody's going to get get somebody's going to hurt and yet somebody died after charlottesville. we've got to tone it down, somebody's going to get hurt. and then when this week began, you know, before yesterday, willie, one of the things i thought could say is, well, at least somebody didn't get hurt, and then pittsburgh happened and obviously somebody got a -- 11 people ended up dying. so we have a problem and we have a president who doesn't seem to believe he has a role to play wn dealinh it. and i think that is what is making this more of an uncomfortable situation in our politics. >> so what, chuck, chenges ? you and i have sat here on how many suny morning and have talked about rhetoric. from the top down, you mentioned thepresident, but in politics generally speaking there's no sign, beginning with the
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president, tha he's going to change his approach to politics. the no holds bar having his rally in illinois doing what he does is this going to get better? ifso, how? >> reporter: i don't think it gets better, i think it gets worse bause at the end of the day the president sets the tone. people will -- he ss the tone of politics. he sets the rules of how you conduct r anybody likes it or not. he's setting the rules. just like there's the rule in physicianck every action gets an equal and opposite reaction howe conducts him self-is going to trickle down. til he changes his way or sets a different tone, the tone isn't going to change. the questions goingo be do elections matter, right? does the election have an impact on th? and think the question that i have and i'm sure others do is what role does this last 72
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hours play in the minds of some undecided voters that are o sittin there and vacillating here. do they want to send aatessage hey want to send out? i can tell you this, politically ever time the president has had one of these moments where he sort of mishand trillion dollars post charlottesville, things like that, he's had a dip in the polls. this is a bad nine days for the republicans to have the president in ts kind o pickle. >> yeah. mid terms, nine days out. americans say they're fed up with this kind of po'ltics. see if they mean it when they go out and vote. chuck todd, thank you as always. when chuck discusses a nation on edge with the ceo and national director of theantidefamation league. and some other headlines this morning, the suspect charged with mailing more than a dozen of pipe bombs with critics of president trump is set to appear i court for the first time tomorrow. the 56-year-old is charged with five federal crimes after eading authorities on a nationwide manhunt.
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investigators say they were able to catch him after finding a fingerprint on one of the packages and it matched the arges he was sending. theoston red sox are one game away from a wor title after they rallied to score four games. the red sox bounced back following a l crushings in the wongest game in world series history. old a 3-1 series lead. game five is tonight in l.a. where the red sox can close it out. and there were two b winners in last night's $750 million powerball drawing. if you live in nk or iowa, check your tickets. the two tickets were sold in central iowa and another at a deli in harlem. the winners will split the jackpot which is the fou largest in u.s. history. comes aer a lucky winner scored a $1.6 billion mega millions jac just four days ago. and dylan is here with a check on the weather. >> good morning. we had a lot of rain move
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through the upstate of new york. but our main foc ofoday is this quick-moving clipper system that broughteavy rain overnight through chicago. this will move through indiana, michigan and ohio. it's a fast-moving system but it just reinforces that shot of rain through the day today and into the other night tomorrow start off with light to moderate rain showers through new england most of the day. it will get breezy on the backside of the storm system. we have windit advisories up a possibility of wind gusts up to 45 mileser hour through th day today. behind the system, it's not that cold. temperatures 60s and 70s. that's the weather across the country. now here's a peek out your window. those temperatures in the 40s and low 50s but what dylan was t,lking ab little clipper system, we'll have raino laterght but not until
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i believi've heard storiesnt from people across virginiaing. that have moved me to take action on veterans unemployment, the opioid epidemic, and pediatric healthcare. but we can't make progress when we're divided, when our leaders pit us against each other for political gain. in the senate, i'll always listen to you and focus on solving problems that matter to virginia and to america. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. good morning, it's 8:26 on sunday, october 28. i'm.angie go the marine corps marathon is officially under way. it started a half hour ago. we want to check in with aimee
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cho mile marker 4 along the gw parkway. >> reporter: we are having so much fun cheering people on. the first runners started passing through he a few minutes ago. we've been seeing handcyclists it's been so inspiring to see friends and family rooting for their loved ones. the whole news 4 van is out here. we have the peacock, we have the clappers, we have signs and in we're giv clappers away, we're on the arlington bridge so say hee we love to you. for now, back to you. >> and a shout outo our general manager jackie bradford showing spirit. we'll have your race day we'll have your race day ndrecast a announcer: the following will surprise you about barbara comstock: barbara comstock: "i think roe vs wade should be overturned and the state should decide it." announcer: that's right. comstock supports taking away a woman's right to choose. she voted to defund planned parenthood 6 times, limiting women's access to contraception.
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who expect developers to address the problems they create traffic congestion, over-crowded schools, and lack of parks and green space. the candidates... nancy floreen, the developer's choice. marc elrich, the people's choice. couldn't ask for better weather if you are running the ce today,right, lauryn? >> absolutely not. those tmperatures a in the upper 40s, low 50s. we're looking at partly sunny skies throughout the morning.40 temperaturess and low 50s, topping out around 60 degrees today. rfter 6:00 p.m. with a little clip sore if you have plans tonight, maybe a haunted use.per so if you have plans tonight, maybe a haunted house o it should b of here after midnight and the morning commute y.morrow will be we will be windy tomorrow, gusts up to 30s min hour at times
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and your tuesday and wednesday looking good. next chance of rain, and friday. team coverage of the marine cor we're back on a sunday morning with the latest on the tragic shooting at a synagogue in pittsburgh. 11 people killed, injured, two of them critically in the deadliest attack on tis j community in united states history. let's check in now with nbc news national correspondent miguel almaguer on the scene in pittsburgh. miguel, good >> reporter: willie, good morning. the tree of life synagogue is just up tet stre. it's a three story building home for that mass yesterday. many people had gathered for the worship when the gunfire broke out. it all started at 9:54 a.m. yesterday. that was six minutes before a planned synagogue service inside the house of worship. the suspect, robert bowers, who's 46 years old walked in, imdiately opened fire on
8:31 am
several people in the basement and then moved to the first floor, opened fire again, came out of that building and then took fire from police as they engaged him. he retreated back into the building and police engaged him. the s.w.a.t. team was able to wound him before he surrendered. 11 people werkilled, 6 injured including police officers. th morning two more people are in critical condition. the oldest victim was95 years old. investigators are still combing over the suspect's digital footprint. that will be a key part of their investigation. willie, back to you. >> miguel, thank you very much. bill paduto issb pigh's mayor. thank you so much for taking time with us on this terrible mornorg for you and your city. have you had a chance to talk to any of the victims' families or y of the people inside the synagogue yesterday? if so, wt have they told you? >> i had the opportunity to talk to a few family members yesterday before the
8:32 am
announcements had been made by the medical examiner, and i can just tell yout' hearth breaking. >> we've learned so much. i think a lot of people have gotten an education in the last few hours about the city of pittsburgh, the squirrel hill neighborhood, how close the community was. with tha in nd, mr. mayor, how do you begin to move forward this morning? what's the first thing a leader?s >> well, the first thing you do is you take care of the victims. the family members and the friends, this is a very tight knit community. i live five blocks from where i amnding now. fred rogers lived three blocks fromhere. it's mr. rogers neighborhood quite literally. the first thing we do as pittsburghe pittsburghers, we take care of one another. we make sure that the families have everything that they needhi the second that we do, we take care of those that were injured, our police officers ant th other victims who were part of the congregation. and then we begin the process of
8:33 am
healing. the process of healing means at that we fight with love. we fight it with compassion. we fight it with an understanding that a neighborhood like squirrel hill that's these most div neighborhood in all of western pennsylvania is a welcoming community that welcomes everyone and it is a community that's foundation is based on that un rstanding. >> mr. mayor, we know you have a ton of wo we'll let you go.ay. thank you for taking a few minutes with us our hearts our prayers or thoughts and our love are with your citytoday. >> we appreciate that and i hope that everyone does undetand that pittsburgh is stronger than hate. >> thank you. and dylan is back now with another check of the weather. hey, dylan. >> hey, willie. we are going to start off the week with a little bit of unsettled weather. we could seeke snowf mixing
8:34 am
and that's your latest forecast. much.lan, thank you very next on "sunday today" we will
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so my favorite cookie is salty oatmeal cookies and jeffreys is chocolate chunk. these are so good. while i scoop out the dough, let me tell you about them. >> that is inagarten on the new season of her show "barefoot contessa." the emmyward television host and best sellinguthor is loved in part because she seems like us. ina has no formal. traini she taught herself how to make a great meal by experimenting wits cook b and she left behind a good job as a federal bget analyst to pursue her passion in food. since then her warmth and down to earth approach in the kitchen
8:39 am
have made her a cinary icon for people who describe her as a friend, mother figure. she invited me h to here in the hamptons for lunch and a sunday sitdown. >> i built that house 25 years ago. you like my commute to work? to the t from home office, ina garth ten strolls across the yard. >> it must be nice to have this sort of oasis here? >> so wonderful. >> on the way to work she stops through a garden filled with her own seasonal produce. >> and a figree but it's never had figs. everything isn't perfect in wonder land. >> this is in the hamptons on long island. >> if you have to live life, you might as well live here. n where here in the b she shoots her wildly popular food network show, "barefoot
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contessa." >> i like this >>business. his is where she and her assistants test recipes including lookike a pro." >> do you need h aand in the kitchen? >> yes. i always need a hand in the 'mtchen. >> i making charlie bird pharaoh salad. >> so what is the philosophy, ina, behin this book, cook like a pro? >> i've never gone to cooking school i've learned by doing it. i wanted to share it with people, really accessible recipes. how does that sound? so just something i whipped up in a few minutes before you got here. tl>> just a lit light lunch with ina garten. she makes a lunch ofib brazed r and roasted carrots, it's what she does. >> it's eas as that. >> how easy was that. >> i find it satisfying tocorite books and know that every >>ngle res at this point --
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recipe. orn in brooklyn and raised gartennecticut, ina didn't begin her culinary career until she was 30 years old. by then she already had married jeffrey garten whom she met when she was 15 visiting dartmouth university where jeffrey was a student. >> he wrote me a letter. remember wheeople wrote letters? >> sure. >> i remember running through the house. he sent p me atograph and i remember saying, mom, mom, this guy is adorable.e >> m than 50 years later jeffrey still is the leading man in her life. and a well-known supporting character in ina's cook books andshows. >> when i go anywhere they'll say, where's jeffrey? >> as newlyweds in the 1970 they took a life changing trip to france where in discovered fresh food markets and julia childs. >> i worked my way through those books.
8:42 am
if i didn't get it right, the souffle didn't come out right, i'd do it again and again and again. >> ina's passion for cooking grew even as she spent her days working in the office of management and budget in washington where she wro nuclear energy policy for presidents ford and carter. >> you felt an enormous way of what you'reoing is going to the press and after three years i thought, nothing's happened. >> by then ina's heart was in food. one day in 1978 she spotted an ad for a tiny food store called the barefoot contessa. it was in west hampton beach, new just like , the gartens left washington to take over the shop that would give ina hers fam nickname. >> the part about that story that i loved but he said, hey, let's go do it. >> he said, if you love it,
8:43 am
you'll be really good at it. i felt if the store was good, the music was cranked up, people would be drawn to it and that would work. >> do you remember when stopped being a crazy idea? >> i don't think i ever felt that way. >> really? >> i think -- i always thought, i hope i can keep this going. in 1996 ina sold the business and while contemplating her next move, she wrote and self-funded the barefoot contessa was a best seller. they started calling. >> i was like, there's no way. this was like, no. i would send them away.p they'd keeoming back. i couldn't imagine why anybody would want to see me o tv. >> ina eventually relented. >> it's not a mediterranean feast without lamb. 16 years and three emmy awards later, "barefoot contessa" is one of the longest running
8:44 am
shows. >> that accessibility that you give them into your homeo and your kitchen, is that intentional or is that -- >> that's the way i am. i'm not an tress. >> i'm ina garten. my husband jeffrey is away. i have versketta and i have extra, why don't you come over. >> i am alive! >> she has become a member of taylor swift's squad. >> given how much you enjoy your life and you try to keep it simple, is it strange to you still that you're such a celebrety? >> i don't it. i just so don't get it. >> i was walking up madison avenue. oh, darling, just love your cook books and about a block later a truck driver pulled over and he goes, hey, babe, love your show i thought, that's what it is.
8:45 am
food is everything. it's everybody. so you want to take a ride to the beach? >> oh, gosh. this just keeps getng better. >> top down? >> this is what we do here. >> eerks i lo >> oh, i love being out here. >> there's jeffrey walking. wow. it's just another day at the office. >> not bad. not bad. >> not a bad life, right? >> i could get used to this. >> her latest book "cook like a pro" isut no you can catch her on the all-new season "barefoot contessa cook like a pro." on the food network.
8:46 am
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halloween is just three dayw away andle all those decorationsave made yourouse look haunted, there's an old abandoned mining town in california that actually may be. now a century and a half after its dha the place istarting to
8:50 am
come back from the dead. nbc's joe fryer has our sunday closer. >> reporte perched on a mountain 8,000 above the sea level. it's saragordo. not too spooky for the ghosts inhabiting the town or for t two city boys who call thisne me hamlet home. >> you have get a lot of questions. who's the mayor, who's the sheriff. i'm happy with you being the mayo >> i'll take that. i'll take that. >> take the history. >> reporter: for a price tag of $1.4 million, business partners john and brent bght this old mining town that first churned a life in the 1860>>s. his is the saloon? >> this isit. >> reporter: and still holds on to its stained gla charm. >> in new york what does 1.4
8:51 am
million get you? >> not such a great 1 bedroom in brooklyn. >> you can find a card game that took a deadly turn. >> if you look you'll still see me bullet holes. the legend is this stain is the >> you could clean up the bullet holes and bloodstains. >> it needs to be rustic. that's why this place is so interesting. >> reporte they plan to preserve that past while giving it a face lift. >> you keep pulling. the guys are working to revive the town hoping to make it a destination for business retreats and weekend get aways. already visitors are dropping by >> listen twind. thatneounds . >> that's something you cannot hear in the city. >> reporter: the town is a 360 acre stretch land dotted by 22 buildings including a general store, eight room bunk house and one more thing -- >> you've got to be a he man to
8:52 am
open this door. >> robert demaris. >> how many residents here? >> usually me, myself and i. >> reporter: he's lived here on and off for 21 years which means he, too, has a few job titles. >>well, outhouse superintendent, fire chief. >> reporter: the first one you mentioned red wings, outhouse superintendent. >> that sounds important. >> it is. >> reporter: he's historian and tourt guide t shows off california's largest producer of silver. >> for allhe folks visiting here, how important is it poor them to see this? >> i feel they should get to see what it was reay like what built california. what built our country. what made our country strong, mining. >> reporter: and, of course, he claims to have seen t occasional ghost haunting these grounds. >> they don't bother me anymore. they lve mealone. they know that i'm the good guy. >> as for the newwners -- >> i'm in the a big believer in
8:53 am
ghosts. >> reporter: but if ty do exist, the ghosts, like the guests, are more than welcome. >> joe, thank you very much. this week w highlight another life well lived. in all 50 states and in 88 ilcountries you find a two by two foot box of books known as a little free library. maybe there's one in your neighborhood. there are some 75,000 of them around the world, but it allit began one. in 2009 todd was remodelg his rage in wisconsin. he plantedn this his front yard, filled it with his mom's favorite works and posted a sign that read, free books. when he saw the reaction in his decided to y he spread the idea. he started a nonprofit called little free library. he put his design plans online. today the honor system libraries
8:54 am
arro everywhere arizona, minnesota, to sudan and philippines. more than75,000 and growing. bold said if i may be so bold i'm the most successful person i know. i've stimulated54 million books to be read and neighbors to talk to each other. as far as i'm concerned, that's the very definition of success. todd started a community reading effort. he died this week in oakdale, minnesota, weeks after his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. he was 62 years old. welcome to tide pods talk with gronk. i'm gronk! i'm big and awesome, but this guy is little, can it really clean? heck yeah it can! it's concentrated detergent plus stain fighters plus odor flighers that fight for clean. boom! even this entire bottle can't beat tide pods. and now a word from future gronk:
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victims of the shooting at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh o look for mor "meet the press," and tonight on "nbc inghtly news." thank you for spe part of your morning with us. we'll see you back
8:59 am
just about 9:00 on this sunday morning, that was the start of this morning's marine corps marathon, 43rd time done.e this we are live along today's 26 mile course. we are followi the latest developments from pennsylvania. news 4 is on the ground as investigators learn more about thely attack on a sy agogue. good sunday morning, everybody. it's marine corps marathon day in d.c. and we are looking the starting line right now.
9:00 am
actually, that's not the starting line. that's mile four. >> people are well on their wayn then fired a little bit ago and the a runne on their way, the handcyclists, wheelchair racers everyone out and about as this race is under way. what anxciting day. this is our signature race around here. he 2018 race is well under way. tens of thousands of runners streets. the >> and there to witness it all we have news 4's jim handly. e he wlier at the starting line and he moves fast. he's already at the fannish line jim, what is going on? just kidding. we'll send it over to lauryn and lauryn will have the latest on the weather.s igreat running weather. people started with


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