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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  October 9, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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by 8:00 a.m. we're at 72. we'll see the temperatures fall a little bit before the sun comes up ahen we warm up by 10:00 a.m. with 74 degrees. more clouds than sun. it's definitely t-shirt and short kind of weather. erage high 71. high temperatures in the 80. however take a look,riday and saturday tracking a major cool down. it's just the right lane getting back. you had an earlier situation where it was slowing down. that looks like it might be
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gone. going to get you there and nice and clear all the way. and the ramp to westbound 450 and some lanes blocked. >> all right. thanks so much. it's now 4:31. a 14-year-old boy is fighting for his life after being shot several times in southeast d.c. >> a teen was walking home from sports sractice wheneone ran up and shot him in the upper body. this happened around 8:00 about a blockway from turner elementary school. they spent hours collecting evidence and baggednd clothing searched for bullet casings. it's the latest shootin in the district involving a young
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person. police did not release any information. >> we're tracking hurricane michae this mornin it's a category 1 and it's on track to become a catory 3 very soon. the storm has florida in it's cross hairs and officials there are saying this stormould devastate the gulf coast. first responders from maryland'k force one will heading south to offer him. they posted a message to twitter letting everyonenow what is happening in just a few hours. >> warehouse is ready. they've got boats. they're going to be kind of light on this 16 to 20 person team. justin finch will have a live report. ay supreme court justice brett kavanaugh begins h o first full dn the job. he was swornn again last night
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at the white house, but while the ceremony was happening inside, protestors and kavanaugh supporters rallied outside. some wore make america great again hats while others were holding signs n reading one is above the law. >> we wanted to be here just to support kavanaugh. we're 100% for him. thank you, thank you kavanaugh. >> this is a blow, i think and it's gtng to be f for a long time because this is a lifetime appointment. >> more protests are expected tside of theourt today. >> we're a month out from election day now and the deadline to register to vote is quickly approaching. in d.c. the deadline is next tuesday. if you're registering in person thursday november 1st is the last day for that. in west virginia the deadline is next tuesday a well. >> it's now 4:3 3.he here's other top stories this morning.
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advocates for lgbtq students plan to pack the school board meeting tonight. they're upset over a recent incident involving a entranr student at a county middle school last week. teachers made students sit with aer t in the gym during the drills. >> new details in that limousine crash thatilled 20 people over the weekend in upstate new york. police say the driver didn't ve the proper license to drive a li. records also show that limo itself failed an inspection last month. the driver was taken a group to a birthday party when it sped through a stop sign and crashed. s> a maryland couple is trying to shake t image of their suv on fire. they were drivingn maryland 32 when the vehicle just cutoff. the coueulled over, popped the hood and saw the engine on fire and seconds later the suv
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burst into flames. they were not injured. still no word on what caused this fire. this morning, the redskins no longer have a winning reigrd. last n the team was pounded by the saints 43-19. it was also a historic game for drewbrees who became the all time leading passer in the nfl. ming up at 00, what the redskins want to focus on before this sunday's game against the panthers. >> well, tonight is the drawing for the 6th largest jackpot in mega millions history. here it is. it's an estimated $470 million with cash option $265 million and alws go for t cash. everyone always does it. we dream about what we would do if you have all of that money. the odds of winning, 1 in more than 302 million but eventually,
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somebody has to wi >> it's never from this area. it's always in a small town in the midwest. those are the odds. we have to move. >> we need to take a strip. >> i 4:36 right now. still ahead, a private island tu call own. >> buy that with that money. >> a look at thed potomac islan that's up for sale. a local singer on the voice a local singer on the voice and he's n the only onehe
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urned around the naacp. businessman. ben jealous. "marylander of the year". he's helped grow twenty companiesan a thousand jobs. ben's vision: medicare for all. a plan to lower prescription drug costs and fully fund our schools. the sutasays jealous has "there and gravitas" to lead maryland. we can do much better on jobs, on education, healthcare. but it means we've got to believe in each other. ben jealous. governor.
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>> he did it. he did it.
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looked like in the nick of time too. >> mike parker is moving one to ext round of the voice. you saw it. >> he might be a little excited. >> jennifer hudson turned her chai in the blind audition at the last moment. that's why. he thought maybe he wasn't going to make it >>through. hat counts. so michael the football star kettle run high school graduated in 2013. now he's not the oy perso from our area showing somal lea -- some talent on the voice. watch. ♪ >> so kelly, adam and jennifer all turned around for his blind audition. the bruno mars songfinesse. >> that's a hard song to sing. >> this is a preview oftonight. so we know that he makes it past this round on the show we don't know which coach he chose though. you can find that out tonig h righe on nbc 4.
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>> starts at 8:00. and amelia is here now for more on our trecast. >> fay feeling more like summer out there. once again, coreuds than sunshine. temperatures in the 70s and a high around 84 but that's going to feel closer to 90 degrees. rain in the forecast for the work week. more on that. plus the latest track of michael coming up i ten minutes. >> and a new smart speaker
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heads up, maybe it' a bit darker on national mall than you're used to. take a look at these pictures from overnight. the national mals still completely dark. pepco is reporting an tage effecting seven customers. they expect to have the power restored by 6:30 this morning. >> the d.c. mansion murders i
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tria expected to wrap up day. he, his wife, son and housekeeper were killed in 2015 before their mansion was set on fire. you can keep up with the latest from the courtroom in the nbc washington app. >>n the search isr the driver of a red sedan that hit and killed a man on the inner loop of the beltway in fairfax county. nate dickerson was engaged to be married. his fiancee worried when he didn't return home from al alexandria. it hit and collided with an rv. when he left his car, another vehicle hit and killed him. that car's driver sped off. >> how can someone just hit someone and leave. and leave them like that. you took away my future. you took away myve lo my best friend. >> we don't know much about the
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other c other than the fact that it is red. dickerson's family is hoping that someone comes forward with more informion. >> the loudoun county school board will meet tonight at 6:30 and outraged parents plan to attend that meeting. they're upset about how a threat against thempchool eyee at the elementary school was handled. they were kept in the dark about why a sheriff's deputy was posted at their children's school. newsed was lea that a threat was made agast themployee in august but parents weren't notified until a month later. the superintendent sent a letter promising a full review writing lo aze for the missteps that have been made during our handling of theatter durin the last two months. we let you down. i'm dply sorry. >> you often hear thieves stealing packages right fromhe front doorstep but one thief in montgomery county wasn't after just anything. take a look at this. very clear surveillance video shows this man walking up to the
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home in the m of the night. he tried to turn the door knob to the house. was locked so he grabbed the package off the porch and used his knife to open it up, paused to see what was insideel policeve he broke into a vehicle on the same street ments before this incident. call police if you recognize him. >> pretty clear picture. >> yeah, i figure he's goinggeo caught soon. >> today justice brett kavanaugh begins his first day on the high lest court in the land after a contentious confirmation process. >> president trump is using that battle to keep republicans pumped up and focused on the midterm election. tonight he's in iowa. tracie potts is on capitol hill for us this morning on how the president is looking to gain momentum from the supreme court victory. >> first he's hitting the roads. 4 states in 5 days starting with iowa tonight hitting some places where there aub key rcan races to be decided. now republicans have said that the kavanaugh nomination fight
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energized their crats were already energized. they're feeling it as well. both sidest thinking t it's turning out their voters but experts are telling us that it may not be about party at all. it may be about femalen voters both sides driving this election. >> what are the cases kavanaugh is expected to hear as he takes the bench? >>benign. a couple of cases today. one about defining violent felonies and how they're categorized. another case about burglary of a nonpermanent str like a mobile home or car or st'ething but not a permanent structure. these are big hot button cases that we expect could come in a few months or in future years with kavanaugh now in that critical seat >> all right. tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. >> prince george's county public school studentook the time to say thank you to e men in their lives. >> men make a difference day
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celebrates fathers and male role models. men from the comnityelped welcome students yesterday. t later school held an assembly to thank dads and other role models. >> just to make sure that all our men are recognized to say m youe a huge difference every single day when you wake up in the morning and go to wor and we just want to recognize you. >> and right e,th chris lawrence mc of the event there eryesterday. faf three. but this also makes the point, i have been to some of these events over the years and i don't have kids but you still set an example. >> wheth you like it or not people look up to you. >> and there's anbebligation to good role model. >> when you factor in the
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humidity it's going to feel close to 90degrees. >> okay. then it is hot. >> it's a mild start already but the goodews is its a dry day for most of us. only a 20% chance for an isolated shower. so we have two more days of feeling very much like summer. we're dry f the most part. it's high humidity levels so that's today and tomorrow thursday is going to be our transition day. rain preouy much tout the day and that's going to bring much cooler air into the area,f ay, saturday, and sunday. we could start off our sunday with temperatures in thes. 40 maybe even some 30s in the most rural locations. so we're seeing our temperatures go down in a b way. currently, we're in the 60s and 70s. so it's mild at the bus stop this morning. 84. that's hot. but 15 degrees above normal. plenty of clouds right we'll see the clouds break up some what as we head into the
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miay and afternoon hours but overall more clouds than sun out there today for your tuesy. re's the latest on michael. category 1 hurricane right now. you can see it there in the gulf. max a winds 90 miles per hour. it's going to head north over the next couple of days making landfall wednesday somewhere along the florida panhandle. potentially as a major category 3 hurricane so s we could wind damage, storm surge there along the florida coast whure icane warnings are in effect. it then weakens to a tropical stm and heads out to sea around the raleigh, virginia area. about 4 to 10 inches of rainfall from the storm system.we e spared from any major impablimi cts from the storm.
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a beautiful autumn day on saturday. barely a cloud in the sky on sunday. you can see that 49 on sunday. >> how are the roads? >> looking good. all of the earlier road work is now gone 270 northbound before falls do have the left lane blocked. otherwise, fingers crossed. everything looks quite good here this morning. i want to share something i was very privilegedo do this past saturday. the 11th annual taste in potomac. so this is a cause andre it very close to my heart. they deal with infants and children in foster care. $200,000 weres raised and g to help care for them. ion and about our ado these angels were there just a second ago. she startedhis group 30 years ago at her kitchen outable. ofe a former red skin, real housewives of potomac also
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gere as great supporters. just aat event. >> sounds like it. thank you. >> a new policy at american airlines could leave coach passengers stranded. american will take a tiered rebooking.o priority will begin with frequent flyers andeoe in business class seats. coach passengers will have to wait longer and likely won't have the option o being booked on another airline. agents will be able to make exceptions, for example, if you're traveling to a wedding.oo >> fac is taking on amazon and google. it's launching it's own smart speaker but there is a big difference. facebook portal has a camera that will follow you framing you perfectly panning and zooming as you walk around the room and talkingo family and friends. >> there's questions about security and privacy. somery w about facebook having
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a microphone and camera inside homes. it comes with aa cam cover when you're not using it and you can disable thene microp with a single touch. $350. k portal is available for >> okay. i think if there's a way to disable the microphone and the camera then it's a b little better but i don't want a camer inside my hous >> by day she is an i.t. project nager and in her time off she's the baker behind america's first gouet biscuit >company. a maryland woman taking an shelvesly recipe to the of walmart. >> if you could smell the aroma coming fm her kitchen it would make the taste of ma's biscuits that much more special. but the back story toer creation. >> friends andfa ly. >> it's special in and of
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itself. >> oh, thaton came it of from grandma. >> taking her grandmother's handwritten recipe. >> about 1887. >> and tweaking it toome up with this. it all started here exactly four yearsgo today. an anniversary she hadn't thought of until now. a chanceeeting to attend the rlmart buyers summit put leslie in front of theht people. >> they liked it. >> they chose two of her flavors for the store. >> making sure that you enough liquid. >> from hereb bluerry lemon to cinnamon vanilla cream they're all handmade in a distribution ce ber shelt and self-funded. >> see that's perfect. >> it's the perfectna ction for a small business owner. >> it's exactly what she carries from her grandmother's kitchen. >> i'd like to know that she was proud of me. >> nicole jacobs, news 4. >> i think i'm salivating.
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>> you know it's good. >> grandfather's recipe. >> did y see the butter she was pouring on those biscuits. >> everything is better with biscuit. >> walmart is carrying these products. >> literally. biscuits will be in 600 stores next year. look out. how would you like to own an island? here's your chance. all you need ismi $15 ion. >> is that all? >> and it can be your it's a 13 acre private island 36 miles outside of the district with beautiful views of the potomac there. the island's name was changed for a ti. >> you sai it very nice. >> i hope that's right. >> it's known as chop island. yone that purchases this island has the right to name it whatever they nt. it could be aaron gilcrest . island >> no i wouldn't use that. have to be something more discreet. >> we're workingyoor a local mom may have found the
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solution to keeping track of all the produ recalls. how you can sort through them and find the ones specific to your family. >> plus pounding winds and whipping rain. hurricane michael is heading for the u.s. and millions are in it's path. a look
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4:59 right now. od morning, everyone. >> we're kicking things off with a check on your commute and forecast. >> let's start with storm team 4 meteorologlit aa draper and
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a lookur at forecast. >> hey. it's a mild start out there on your tuesday. we're at 73 degrees right now. mainly cloudy skies. isolated fog out there. otherwise, we'll be around 70 degrees at 6:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. temperatures in e low 70s. a major cool down in there st. it's not felt like autumn very much around here. the second week o tober. typically our high this time of the year is only 71 degrees. when we're already at 73 at 5:00 a.m. we're off to a warm start. feeling closer to 90 degrees this afternoon when you factor the humidity again.


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