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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  October 8, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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is will comem f tro wind. a lot of trees expected to be down. here it , starting to get its act together. it will continue to organize as it moves into the extremely warh water o gulf of mexico. the latest track now has winds of0 miles an hour. it has come up a little bit. moving to theor at about nine miles per hour. right around panama city as a category 3 hurricane. right now that would be a minimal category 3. still, the damage would be done toward the florida panhandle and then toward our region. ev toward the southeast. places hit by florence could be hit again by this storm. i'll update out what to expect a in our a and how this storm is going to have torsion bring some mor changes to our weather later this week. >> a lot of people just can't get a break down there. we'll see new bit.
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the major airlines are keeping a close eye on the path of the storm. yestery the southwest game first arearaveling from par of the gulf coast is that parts of mexico to rebook their flights with no extra charge. we are still waiting to find put to other airlines will follow suit. with this storm coming, it is now a good time to download our nbc app. there are major new details this a ternoon ont deadly limo crash in upstate new york. we learned the name o driver was scott lisnicchia. he did not have the appropriate license to operate that limo. and the him hoe failed its latest inspection. it was not suppo to be on the ad.
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othey talked people in the small town trying to make sense of this vast tragedy. >> a joyous celebration -- >> i can't -- >> in a matter of moments, turned into a tragedy. >> i don't know if people realize how tragic this is. >> she brought flowers to this creek bed whereser four nie died. her attempt to say goodbye. >> four beautiful girls. they were very close to each other. >> and one of them just g married june 30th. her husband surprised her with a 30thirthday party. that's what they were zpog they can the responsible thing getting a limo so they wouldn't bedriving. >> witnesses say a 2001 ford
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excursion limo sped down the hill failed t stop at the intersection. went through a parking lot and collid with a parked suv. everyone inside the limo died along with two pedestrians. >> i heard some screaming. people were rning back and forth. >> investigators would not say whether they buckled up. >> the people in the front would be required to wear a seatbelt. those in back would not. >> they were working professionals in their early 30s. one a high school teacher, another an engineer. for the birthday girl -- ng just got a new job was w sooi excited about that. >> she shared her condolences for her and the others to all wh hossa loved ones. >> this crash raising questions once again about the safety of the stretch limos.
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crashes areretty rare but they tend to be retro fitted >> when we look at vehicles like these stretch limos, very often they have been changed after oduction. so this aftermarket manipulation to the vehicle that has been done really messes with the structural integrity of vehicle. >> t name of the company that was involved in this weekend' crash, prestige limo. ere is a cease and desist is l the investigation completed. a man is rushed to the hospital wn gunfire eresults on georgia avenue. families including young children were nearby when all unfolded. cory smith is with us after speaking to nehbors. is the gunman still out there? >> reporter: at this hour we are told thatole are still
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searching for that suspect which alsoas a lot of people out here on edge. take a look around me. this is aery busy street. a lot of people milling about. the fact that this happenedbr i d daylight. it is a school holiday. when the gunfire erupted, there were kids around. >> just standing in front of the building. >> days off from school aren't supposed to go this way. she was just seconds from allowing her 7 a yearld outside. >> iea the six or seven shots. yeah, we're not going on the ground. fore today, she said she was cautious but never feared for her chil safety. >> after today, i kind of feel
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unsa unsafe. he>> for someone who works, ute you worried? at all a your safety? >> i have to worry. >> he was working the lunch shift when the gunfire started. he huddled with his co-workers until police arrived. he is upset by what happened but notse surprid. he remembers another shooting in the area a few weeks ago. heoesn't want to quit his job just to feel safe. >> i need to go something about it. >> if they don't, he fears that play time for the kids will mean staying indoors. >> normally wee would hen down there. >> reporter: as for the victim he wasy's shooting, conscious and breathing when ems crews arrived on the scene to take h to thehospital. but fond gunman remains on the loose and a lot of people are on
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edge. back to you. >> thank you. plust a c of hours from now there will be a ceremonial swearing in. for now justice brett kavanaugh. he was officially sworn in over the weekend. after theot senate to confirm him on saturday, by the narrowest margin in more than 100 years, his first day on the seat, on the high court will be tomorrow. among first four cashat t violent felonies, another looks at what thedhs can detain immigrants who are here illegally and have served sentences for other crime. a fourth looks at a navy sair who became ill from asbestos while he was on board a ship. here in the district, the, a columbus statue.
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them sxlums the itali explorer helped put our current nation into motion. >> columbus day has become controversial as a result, dozen of cities and that includes denver, santa fe, they are adopting indigenous peoples day. they say columbus day ignores the enslavement of thelaeople on the . they point to the writings by columbus where he references natives asservants. following his arrival and that of thegr ps, millions died from violence and diseases tha were brought over from europe. , folks, we are counting down to monday night football. not a bad way to spend a monda
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with two division leadingms t who would have thunk it? > reporter: this will be a prime timematch-up. one we need to keep an eye on. for the redskins, they haven't played the two weeks thanks to the bye week. now they are taskewith slowing wn one of the hottest team in the nfl. the saints. jay grudenie is not wo >> he should be pumped up to come out. it will be a verit eing time for everybod you have to go look for revenge. everybody has something to pr e. you know it will be louds fohat we can control and that's taking advantage. test.ilbe a
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they're one of the best teamsgun the lea right now. we can go in there and get a win off theye weekn a monday night. that would be huge for everybody. the redskins also likely to be a part of history tonight. the saints quarterback drew brees needs just o201 yards become the nfl' all time casting leader. in every game thisseason, mostly everyone anticipating this happening tonight. as we've been getting here settling in for tonight's game, we saw the celebration. already what they have planned for if or when brees does set the new record. so the rskins will have to earn their paychecks.
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>> no doubt about and it the season is young. all righty. facebook is jumping into the smart speaker competition. but it is adding a video up, ho consumers be in thef wake facebook breaches? plus, ways to me sure hospital debt doesn't ruin ur credit.
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the impact this storm has on our area. we'll see that in about eight minutes. there is ayew pol on american airlines and it won't make manager real popular. it could leave coach passengers stranded after a flight is delayed or canceled. just stranded. american will now take a tiered approach to rebooking. priorityiv will be frequent flyers and people booked this business class ats. they'll be handled first. us coach passengers will have to wait a little longer and there is a good chance we won't have the option of being booked on
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other airlines. agents will be able to make exceptions if you're traveling to a wedding or if you throw a big old massive fit. they might make an exception then. have you ever gone to the doctor or a hospital to receive a surprise bill a few weeks later? if so, you're not >>alone. right, a new survey from consumer reports found more than one quarter of americans with health insurance have receid this surprise medical bill. susan hogan working for t you make sure it doesn't impact your credit. talk about stickershock. or ticker shock. make your heart stop >> those health care charges, medical bills can drag down you credit score. some information to help you protect your. financ >> a ten-day hospital stay for a heart condition left bill townintend a medical bill topping $130,000.
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the 59-year-old small business owner thought i hisurance would cover most of it but he was left with a $76,000 balance. after months of trying to navigate the bills on his own, he was turned over to a collections agency. the first step to blowing up his credit. >> something i don't lik the s up certainty. living with it 24/7on the idea i know how this will end. am i going to lose my business? my house? >> medal debt can do major damage to your finances if you leave itre lved. new rules are trying to help. the three big credit agencies are now required to wai 180 days before putting an unpaid medical b credit report. if you're disputing a claim, let the hospital or doctor's office know y need more time to work it out. if you pay it, it has to be
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taken o your credit report. >> you'll to have follow one your health care provider to get oof of payment and you might have to insist that it is removedr from y credit report. >> the billing advocates who helped him resolve his bill. it wasn't cheap but did it save his sanity. >> a great weight was lifted off. >> and we have to caution you against using a high interest rate credit card to pay medical bills. many health care require installment plans with little or no interest. if you need help resolving a medical bill issue,llhis is the patient advocate foundation. >> this is adding to stressful a lot of work the put into it. >> you're right. there arerc res out there. that 180 days is super important
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to let them know that you want to dispute the bill. ying to get that off your credit report is so important. a new survey found that more than half the country is on medication. of that, 67% don't know there are tools and presumes to save money on prescription drugs. here's how they work. >> all you need to do is enter your zip code, your prescription came in is the website is going to pull up all the different pharmacies and stores in your area that sell that prescription medication and show you the exact price.
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>> some discounts are so deep they can save more than when your insurance pays for a prescription. there were protests today against the idea of turning t u.s. postal service boo a private entity. president trump said he is considering it. it could lead to higheresrices ans service. >> postal worke are off today. it is a federal holiday. we still caught up with some who are still making deliveries, a message. >> right now, we're facing a serious proposal to privatize these postal ice. >> in april the president signed an executive order to look at the postalervice business model. he believes it is failing. that privatization is the swer. all of is it from a mandate that was put on by congress --
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r> protests like the are happening all o the country. big cities, rural areas. as a matter of fact, protesters say it ishe rural areas that will be hurt the most by privatization. >> right now in wyoming, in alaska, itosts 50 cents. the same as in new york city or chicago. that would not happen in privatization. >> this has been around since the 1700s andle of us take it for granted. it would stop door to door livery. >> the demand for service that lks wouldn't like to be doing this at a corporate location. >> t i thinky're good quality jobs that should be protected. >> it part of a bundl of ideas aimed at improving efficiency. a state of emergency declared for parts of florida ai ael strengthens to a
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hurricane this afternoon. doug is tracking the ph and what we can expect once it moves noh. sxis one of the most talked about stories. did you get the viral facebook warning thatse c so much warning thatse c so much bonfusion a he turned around the naacp. ben jealous. businessman. "marylander of the year". he's helped grow twenty compies and a thousand jobs. ben's vision: medicare for all. a planugo lower prescription osts and fully fund our schools. the sun says jealous has "the stature and gravitas" to lead maryland. we can do much better on jobs,
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it's not just easy. it's geico easy. todd, you will go make me a frittata.
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the wind will be more of an issue this time out. >> once it gets u to this area? >> no. along the coast. along the gulf coast. th florence we talked about, it doesn't matter, with florence, that one sat for. da this one won't do it. the category for this does have a very big deal o how strong this is and the impact parts of florida, parts of the are going to be getting over the next f days. it is going to be a major hurricane l, winds at 80 miles an hour. you can see it spinning between mend western portions of cuba. starting to get a little better organized. you can see the how far it is from the florida panhandle.
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stale category 1, expected to strengthen to a category 2 and then a 3. right before landfall and then coming onshore, about 115 miles an hour. hurricane watches fromam p city, tallahassee, in toward parts othe southwestern bjork. and parts of the southeast will get hit just as hard from this. it will be a big system. what will they see down there? tremendous storm surge. upwards of eight to 12 feet gulf of mexico toward the shore. winds over 100 miles an hour i think this is where most of the damage will be. on the inland areas, it will be wind, not rain. trees down everywhere. when i say everywhere, i'm talking from the tallahassee rea all the way throu georgia, all the way through the carolinas. of course, florence was such a huge storm. columbia, south carolina,
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raleigh, into southern portions of vginia tre down. for us, not too worried about our weather. what are we expecting? heavier rain near mountains. ay.ger changes coming on fr boy, do we have some big changes. for us, a mix ofnd sun clouds. temperaturewise, 83. our average highse cto 70. the heat index at2 miles an hour. 90. frederick and leesburg. kent county, talbot county, we've seen this cominghrough montgomery county. any showers are on the light to moderate. here come michael with temperature at 79 degrees.
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friday, 66. these are falling temperatures breezy.and rather it will feel a lot cooler by this time on friday. we can hav temperatures in the 50s. and be talking about windchill from saturday morning. >> much more on the cold forecast coming up. >> i hear my boots calling. justice brett kavanaugh settling in and the president taking a victory lap with four weeks to go before mid-term elections. we'll hear about the impact. and a dybeltdlwaeay. the search for the driver who killed a m on his way them to his fiance. >> you took away
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i'm jennifer wexton, and i approve this message. female announcer: seen barbara comstock's fake ad? male announcer: jennifer wexton backed a deal leading to massive tolls on 66. female announcer: blatantly false. jennifer wexton fought the tolls on 66. and let's call this plan what it is,
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the way that is been rolled out. it's highway robbery. there's also healthcare robbery. barbara comstock voted to sabotage the healcare market, hiking premiums up to 64%. barbara trumpstock -- everything that's wrong in washington. the limo driver did not have the correct licen to operate the limo. it was not supposed to be on the road because it failed a recent inplection. 20 p died outside albany. it was headed to a birthday celebration. d.c. police actively searching for a gunman who opened fire ony a bus street
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northwest. this was near lament. one man was taken to the hospital. his condition unknown. and a state of emergency has been declared in orida's panhandle. the storm is strengthening as it moves closer and could be a category 3 storm when it makes landfall just a couple of hours from now. president trump set to take victory lap, so to speak, with a ceremonial swearing in for kavanaugh. >> the judge is set to officially take his place on the supreme court bench after the ugly confirmation process that the president believes will help s party next month. i have manyriends who are democrats. i think amany will be voting o republic november 6th. joining us now, white house corn jeff bennett. you heard the presidentie ea and polls have shown that the confirmation process did ignite some interest and excitement
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from republicans. t now that he is seated, is th a game changer for either party?>> it is hard to know. president trump is trying to channel the energy and passion among republicans to get kavanaugh confirmed, and to get them out to the polls in november. you're dealing with a smaller share of persuadable voters. the thing he's trying to do is to the party faithful,he hard core trump supporters, out to the polls. so the way he's done it until this point, just looking at what he said on the campaign trail th a other day on the south lawn today, he is really trying to neutralize the claims made against brett kavanaugh. he said today allegations from christine blasey ford and others were all made up. all of a home. the other thing he's trying to do is to get everyone who oppoos brett kavanaugh i one
5:33 pm
big group. he said if democrats win the house and senate, the way they handle this kavanaugh conversation is emblemac o how they will handle everyone else. so republicans vote for the whg. do you, you're voting for me. that's the frame he's using around this kaupg confirmation. what can you tell us about what had to be a somewhat uncomfortable flight down aere? wh we to read into there? >> to be a floy on the wall of air force one. all the president would say tabout it was t they had a good talk. we asked them two or three times. they had a good relationship which we know for sure because one of our colleagues asked, president trump said he has no
5:34 pm
intentions of firing rod and it is the one thing that has republicans and democrats agreeing. ey want him to stay on the job but for very different republicans want him to stay on because if we to be fired or resigned, that would drive people to the ats feel if he were to step aside, it could tip the country into a constitutional crisis because rod rosenstein ersees the russia investigation. so it appears his fate in the administration is safe. at themoment. again, all the usual trump caveats apply. we appreciat it. and look for all the political team on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt starting at 7:00. >> this one hurts.en family and fri mourning the loss of this long time federal
5:35 pm
worker. a hit-and-run driver killing this father of two. on the nuclear weapon, this was early saturday morning. our northern virginia chief julie carey spoke to the victim's fiance. >> family and friends called him big wnate. working opm and then the social security administration. >> everyone loved him. heas a gentle giant. >> the father of two grown children e to son i can't. she feared something bad happened when they texted to say he was on his way home from m dwmp m and nev arrived. state police came to her door at 7:30 a.m. to h sayhad been killed by a hit-and-run driver. >> you took away my future. you took away my love and best friend. >> the tragedyegan to unfold around ur1:30 satday morning. the car hit the jery barrier on the inner loop near the ramp.
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then boued to th other side of the interstate and collided. his car badly damaged. he got out and was struck another car. >> i was devastated. how can someone do that? how can someone leave them like that? >> her grand daughters huddle close, trying on console her. she is wearing cowboys girl in a tribute to the team nate dickerson loved i know what the the in as. she said finding the person killed her fiance -- >> i'm t prayingt someone who sees a car, the red sedan, will report and it come forward. >> state police have very few details about the vehiclehey are seeking. witnesses described it only as a red sedan that fled from the scene. news4.
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> a>>tacondma,s florida. the woman was along carroll avenue handing out fliers. police say she was able to fight attacker and run >>ay. a popular restaurant in the pet worth area to reopen in a few weeks. it was heavily damaged by fire last year. now repairs are aleost te. and the owner says he is doing all the work himself. so far it has brought in 12,000. the goal is 17,000. stolts in prince george's county schools took time to say to the men in theilives. men from the community helped welcome the students.
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doesn't that look great? later, they held an assembly to thank the dads and the male friends. to make sure they're recognized to say hey, you make a huge difference every single day. when you wake up and you go to work. weant to recognize you. and news4's chris lawrence is a great dad himself. emceed this academy event. facebook looks to expand its messenger program through a new video calling device. ahead at 5:00, how customers are reacting in the wake of reason data breaches. and r alarmingults of a new study about gluten-free meals at restaurants. >> and we are watching hurricane michael still dealing with the gulf of mexico. big t changes f weekend
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♪ kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. en i went to honduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders. our economy works best when eryone has a skill, like shipbuilding. that's why i created career and technical academies across virginia and passed a law to expand job training for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia,
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we have to build an economy that works forll.
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we are looking into pilots are markedluten free. over 5600 dishes were lood at ntom across the c and found one-third of the items marked gluten free contained gluten. experts say restaurants aren't
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trying to trickyou. e problem is cross contamination. diners who have celiac and truly need be gluten-free need to look closer. and uncovering a mystery that has been shrouded in linen for at least 2,000 years. they teamed up to examine a mummy here a little girl from ancient chers carefully ran the remains through a ct scan that they hopere will veal some crucial details. >> a ct scan should be able to tell us what affected her i high of and give as you sense of how old she was. >> any sry that she can tell us from her entire being, when she was alive until now. >> wow! >> with the can the man to build a 3d model so researchers can take an even closer look without disturbing the actual remains. that's a delicate process.
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ann there is an annoying facebook message spreading like mad. warning you your account has been cloned and you need to do . somethin >> s try behind the false message. and the prosecution close to ending its case in e d.c. mathns
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ha> right now at 5:45, that's hurricane m taking aim at the united states. where will it go and what will the impt be? doug cammerer will be back with an updated >>forecast. the trial of a man charged in the d.c. murders case will resume tomorrow.
5:46 pm
some legal experts on what the jury has heard so far. >> it was a riveting last full week of testimony for the prosecution as jurors heard for the first time new details about what happened in the hours and days after three family members and their house deeper were murdered. many experts say the prosecution is making a convincing case against lone suspect daron wintt >> i thinky're doing well. >> the defense argued tha wint's brother committed the waime but one of the time sheets so hs at work during the murder. last week jurorseard from the brother-in-law. he said he showed him a wad of
5:47 pm
$100 bills and asked himo burn his mini van one day after the murder. and another person said that wint stayed with her in new york after the crime. the night of may 20thf 2015, hale said she saw his mug shot on connecting him to the murders dn. they flowed a nearby hotel before he would take the kab the next another pn was called to the witness stand and said his brother dorell asked for help to turn him in on may 21. they agreed and said he went in a box truck. he was behind him whenhe u.s. marshals moved in. the prosecution is trying to show that he wasn't involved with the murder and went out of his way to help turn his brother in. but starting wednesday, the defense will have their chance to argue their case. >> they're going to haveo
5:48 pm
present evidence. >> the long time formerie prosecutor bs the prosecution has done a good job so far and in the end, daron wint will be held accountable. >> it was as much of an exercise of getting his brothers out as much as proving that daron wint was the peetrator. >> the prosecutor says the trial is moving faster than they thou it was expected to take until early november. but the case could wrap up as much as a week early. jewishitors at a local community center are being greeted with love and support. not the case this weekend when someone spray painted swas particularas on the building. images showed tans with his face covered spraying the outside of the building. the symbols of hate were y scovered saturday morning children. we're told the same building was
5:49 pm
hit by vandal as year and a half ago and so far the unknown masked man has not been arrested. it is a story that has a lot of you talking tooour fac page today. a viral warning spreading on facebook is a scam. we're working with you to clear up thisning confusion so you don't fall for it. >> this has a lotf people confused. >> absolutely. this weekend my facebook was o blog messages from my friends that they got a request from me. it turns out i wasn't the only one. here's the deal this is the message so many of are you receiving in your messenger. it says the sernd received a duplicate request from you. and then it requests that you forward to it your friends. the message says you were the victim of a cloning scam. however, it appears the real
5:50 pm
scam is the message. facebook reported that it has not seen any uptick in the cloning. the rea i threat sending it to your friends. just ignore the message and get word out to your friends to do the same thing. >> and follow o susann facebook. >> that's right. and that's not the only facebook story. the social network plans to put a camera in your living room. >> my living room? >> that would be nice. we on appreciate >> all right. we'll be having to wear some sweaters into this week? >> finally! enough of the heat and humidity. >> the average low is in the 40s. we've been in the 60s a low 70s in the morning. we'll see that moving in and it will take a hurrica a and cold
5:51 pm
front to make that happen. out there now, what are we lookinat a nice afternoon and very humid. the boats on the potomac right now. why not? down to about 76. in the city by 11:00. 82, gaithersburg. this is the heat index. we've seen a couple of showers in montgomery county. look at the shower activity. very heavy towar portions of kent county, just east of annapolis. that area though not moving our way some showe activity toward 270. just kind of working its way up 270. >> whatea we'rey watching is
5:52 pm
hurricane michael. the center of the storm making its way into the gulf of mexico. with that, it is strengthening. moving to the north at nine milean hour. this will be the potential for a category 3 hurricane right around panama city. and then moving to the southeast where it could be a devastation. even into georgia, the carolinas. a lot of trees down and power outages. it still has a i bigact late this week into the weekens tell all about how we opened the windows up and checked the aters this weekend. >> and it will be boot weatheri for us coming up. that will be good to know into weekend. right now it doesn't feel like october. it is muggy out there. today, tomorrow, even into thursday. hurricane m shael isoting up. a frontal system will move through at the same time and
5:53 pm
that will be o thursday. by friday, the temperatures are dropping. the humidity is dropping. but this weekend it will be quite refreshing. no humidity as we get into this weekend. a straight sure to, kind of like today. then remnants of michael come through. it could lead into early friday morning. by friday afternoon, we're dry and dry through the weekend. check out these temperatures. definitely boots and jeans type weather. the good news is it looks like michael will be out of our daytime high was in the low the mid 80s.
5:54 pm
average temperature this time o, ye 71 degrees. we go from above normal to well below normal. it could bit ae shock to the system. air conditioning working overtime right now. showers on thursday, tracking chael. you can see just how much rain we'll get.zy br chilly for the weekend and then temperatures rebound a little bit io the 7 next monday and tuesday. another front will cool us yet again by next week. >> all right. sods od. there's the amazon echo, the apple home pod and the google home.ow >> facebook wants to join the team in your house and it won't bring any old speaker in there.
5:55 pm
>> lock your doors. a sweet treat for a local business owner whose
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5:57 pm
facebook is jumping into the new home video business. why the facebook portal is already raising some concerns for privacy. >> new facebook smart speakers bring messenger video chat to
5:58 pm
your counter top. the portal devices are equipped with artificial intelligence feet purchases aim to make video callingore immersivmmersive. >> everybody in the room as necessary to make you forget the device and feel like you're there. >> the $200 portal features a ten inch screen. the $350 portal plu a 15 inch pivoting display. both have enabled voice control. competing with alexa's own devices in a crowdedmart speaker market. >> it is a hard he sell for facebook than other companies. >> after recent data breaches, they have the challenge of getting consumers to trust bringing the cameras and microphones into their hole. >> you are under control. it never records. and the only time it is encrypted. >> facebook says it doesn't
5:59 pm
listen in or save your calls. password protection and a feett r disable it with oneh. to that may not be enough for some critic t >>y have privacy issues they need to address and add go other devices into your home can be a problem. >> but some see it as a solution for staying in touch. nbc news. now at 6:00, hurricane michael is getng stronger as it sets its sights on the florida panhandle. t ay is the time to get a plan. there isn't any reason not to be prepared. >> the new warning as the south braces for what is ahead and doug tracks what i m couldn for our area later this week. president trump takes a victory lap as the new supreme court justice appears to energize voters ahead of the mid-term
6:00 pm
election. >> and why the vehicle shouldn't have been on the road in the grst place. chances, are youot the message. now what to do about the facebook scam thais spreading like wildfire.ri ne michael is moving toward the coast. >> the category 1 storm is slamming cuba and moving toward the panhandle. >> the national guard has been activated. th i hurricanes expected to intentiondentify before it makes laughing. >> right to dougckammerer. >> this has been gaining strength all day, and now up a little bit from where it was. now the latest advisory has it at


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