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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 6, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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supreme court. the confirmation battle will leave its mark. the senate voted to confirm the judge from maryland. the narrowist margin in 130 years. his wife and two dogs stood by him as he was swornin. president trump will hold a formal swearing in ceremony on monday. more on what today's confirmation means next. first breaking news in southeast d.c. more blood shed on buenning road as the district grapples with thero seting murder rate. darcy spencer is live with the breaking detail. what are youseeing? >> reporter: chris, i can tell you this is very active scene. what's happening right now, several police detectives are here. we can see a police officer there in the street. they are clecting evidence. they're interviewing any potential witnesses. at this point, d.c. police aren t confirming this was a ci homi. i can tell you we did see a body here on scene. we're being very careful not to
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show that as we do our reporting tonight. police got the call here just before 9:00 this evening at this point, they're only saying there was a shooting here in the 4600 block of buenning road in southeast. this comes as you said as police try to combat a rash of dead will i violence in a murder rate that is way up over last year. double digits. there was a shooting that left a veteran critically injured at 15th and d streets in northeast just yesterday afternoon. eight peopl were shot in five separate incidents inhat area alone. justthe last couple weeks. thatncded a 9-year-old who was wounded. there have been 121 murders in district. so far this year, compare that are to last year.e there 86. that's a 41% increase. if you come back out here live, police are still here investigating and again we're waiting for additional information to find out what exactly happened here, how many people wer injured. and the status of this
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investigation. we'll date you on the nbc washington app. check my twitter page @darcy spenceu. back to >> i've got to ask you, in talking to your sources over the past few months, do the police have any idea what's contributinging to this spike in violence? >> reporter: we know police have been doing different things to try to combat the violence. every year they talk how crime es up in the summer months. we're now into october and this doesn't show any signs of letting up. police have been out on trol, heavier in certain areas where there's been the spike in violence. talk aboutn a lot of rival neighborhood crews where these things are sort of heatinb upween these neighborhoods and that can sometimes lead to gunfire. i can tell tul police have ramped up police presence in thesere areas where have been these shootings. back to you. >> that's good to know. .ank you very mu i want to take you back to our
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other big story. tonight president tstmp praised e brett kavanaugh as he rallied supporter at a campaign rally in topeka. he insisted put it court must stay under conservative control and compared democrats to criminals. >> you don't hand matches to an arsonist. and you don give power to an angry left wing mob. and that's what they've become. >> the president is urging his base to turn out and vote in nove's midterm elections. with more what justice kavanaugh's confirmation could mean for the future, hers nbc's chris pallone. >> reporter: his children standing with him and his wife holding a bible, kavanaugh took the office shortly before 7:00 in washington. john roberts and anthony kennedy administered the oaths making kavanaugh the nation's 102nd associate justice. earlier he cleared his final
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hurdle winning confirmation in e senate while protesters trying to disrupt the vote. >> the ayes are 50, nays 48. >> reporter: it follows a months longirattle over his judicial record and then allegations of sexual assault and misconduct. protests started early outside the capitol and spread to other . his opponents and supporters both out to swhi. >> i ford inspired millions of women. >> it would be a travesty to not nominate him based on a film say claim. >> reporter: trump claimed victor saturday night at a kansas campaign rally. >> i sornd b you today on heels of a tremendous victory for our nation, our people and our beloved constitution. >> reporter: but as republicans celebrated protests continued into the
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of both s energized for the midterm elections just a month away. chris pallone, nbc news. >> chris touched on itay all d long. we've been watching scenes like this growing crowds outside the supreme court. most of them were against the nomination of judge kavanaugh but there were a handful who came out to support his confirmation and president trump. both sides extremely passionate what this means for the country's >>future. 'm a civil rights attorney. i'm very concerned about this ocess and the fact that brett kavanaugh is going to turn back civil rights and many other rights that americans enjoyed for manyyears. >> i'm super happy about it. i think he's a great pick. he's a constitutialist. that's amazing. that's everything. >> at lastt, collec police arrested 164 people outside the capitot. and the supreme co we have a photo slide show of today's protests in our nbc washington app.
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we invite you to join us tomorrow for "meet the press." chuck todd will have a wider look at the impact of his confirmation. >> new at 0,11 police need help finding the driver involved in a deadly hit and run early this morning on the beltway near the alexanderdrial fairfax keep the line. police say nathan dickerson slammed into a jersey wall. then he got back on the highway and hit an rv. car andn got out of his hit by oncoming traffic. the first driver who ran him over left the scene. witnesses described that car as a red sedan. call virginiic state p if you have any information about that. executives at "the washington post"fire trying to out if one of their contributors has been murdered. the "associated press" says jamal gikaas was visiting the apudi consulate on tuesday gettingwork to marry his turkish fiancee. they cite two investigatorssa w
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he was murdered inside the consulate. inhas been critical of those power in saudi arabia. children find a message of hate where families worship. how one woman in virginia is working to change that conversation. and sounding the alarm on a new kind of dead belt. a woman in maryland dies trapped inside her own home as it burns. we're counting down to a brand-new "saturday night live." here's a peekt the set. awkwafina will make her debut as travis scottis makes freshman appearance. >> it's going to be a cool night. temperatures drop into the 60s. clouds sticking around. the warmups are not done yet. i'll let you know jus how warm i'll let you know jus how warm we'll get tomorrow and i am ♪ kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. then i went to honduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders. our economy works best when everyone has a skill,
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like shipbuilding. that's why i created career and technical academies across virginia and passed a law to expand job training for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia, we have to build an economy that works for all.
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i'm jennifer wexton, and i approve this message. female announcer: seen barbara cstock's fake a male announcer: jennifer wexton backed a deal leading to massive tolls on 66. female announcer: blatantly false. jennifer wexton fought the tolls on 66. and let's call this plan what it is, the way that it's been rolled out. it's highway robbery. there's also healthcare robbery. barbara comstock voted to sabotage the healthcare market, hiking premiums up to barbara trck -- everything that's wrong in washington.
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at one point the whitear you're looking at topped 100 miles an hour and through the entire police chase two kids in the back of the car. this is new video of a chase late last night near l.a. it didn't end till he surrendered to officers in a neighborhood. was wanted on a federal arrest wart and now charged with child endangerment. police arrested another manho jumped out of the vehicle earlier. the kids are said to be doing ay. someone spray painted hate outside the jewish community center iin northern vi. a lot of people are working together to erase the hurt. this is wha children in annandale discovered this morning. the an least seven swastikas scrawled on the outside of the building. a similar incident happened here a year and a half ago. today's left families in shock hpecially the kids h to see it.
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>> it's sad. it's horrible. i mean, this place being a jewish community center, i'm catholic. who cares. like come and be togethe with people. what's the point of all this? >> surveillance video captured a man leaning the scene aroun the time of the crime. now police want to talk to him and offering a $100 reward in that case. her home was burning down a but woman from fort washington couldn't get out, possibly because of apecial lock. the fire started inside this home thursday on old palmer road. it had double cylinder dead bolt wiz require to unlock both sides of the door. police found the victim with that dead bolt in her hands. sheehy died yesterday. prince george's county investigators say this is the third fire this yea where they ylhave found doubleder dead bolts on the door. cutting edge technology in our schools. how one institution is using facial recognition softw e to help keep kids safe.
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and with the sundown, temperatures are dropping. we're tracking summer-like weather in our future. you're watching news4 at 11:00. remember a new kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. then i went to honduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders. our economy works best when everyone has a skill, like shipbuilding. that's why i created career and technical academies across virginia and passed a law to expand job training for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia, we have to build an economy that works for all.
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e>> we trust our schools with the most valua treasure, our children. given the constant stream ofoo ngs it's no wonder some are turning to advanced new approaches to rahema ellis i takes uside one school leading the way. >> reporter: at st. therese school in seattle, the principal mattur says sy is his number
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one priority. >> nothing's more precious than r children and if you don't feel safe, you can't learn. >> reporter: his concern heightened after a spate of deadly school shootings in the past year. that's whytaing this semester, st. therese is using facial recognition software, one of the first schools in the country trying the technology. similar systems are already used in some airports, rain stations, even spoing events. >> do you feel safer? >> i do believe this technology eds cre a safer environment for our children. we can see where we c before. >> reporter: here's how the real network software called safer works. first video cameras are placed around the building. then you register in the school computer. once approved your fame is added into the system. when you get to the school door, don't have to ring the doorbell just smile and the system lets youight in so you can go straight to the front desk. now just used for staff here.
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visitors must be approved before g let in and if someone is a nown threat as in this demonstration with a real networks employee. >> threat detected. >> reporter: the system alerts school staff and the doors stay locked. real networks ceo rob glasser is offering the software to schools around the country for free. >> no way would i say it's the end all for school seanrity. it c help identify people not supposed to be on the campus. >> reporter: critics worry the information could end up in the wrong hands. >> i have no doubt some of it will end up on some rogue re website somewn the internet and it won't be able to be gotten back. >> reporter: important concerns as educators consider hi-tech upgrades inec schoolity but wonder, will they pass the test. rahe lis, nbc news, seattle, washington. >> here at home, some local kids are fired up about a possible new career. the bethda rescue squad held
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an open house today. it's never too early to learn how to save lives. the kids got a chance to practiceak -- pictures of the firehouse and try on some of the gear. >> i think it was fine b heavy. i had no idea how one's suppose to run into a house in it. >>in cer is. the fires households this event every year. h bet a lot of people would be surprised how mhat gear weighs. firefighters deserve a ton of credit. >> those kids, goodness, that was cuteness overload. >> all right. whether you're heading out early in the morning or maybe makingo plansou know, get out around midday, it's going to be wa up pretty quickly. >> last week, remember last week we had the 90 degree day. movingave another warmup in through the top of much of
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next week be honest with you. but i've been saying this is that transitional season. it's fall. we're going to see summer and winter do get out. i can tell you winter is going to make her first real blow, i won't say winter but it's going to be really cool next weekend. for now let's focus on the remainder of our weekend. the second half sunday. it's going to start off foggy. gray with lots of clouds, very similar to today. but very quickly that wi give way to sunshine in the afternoon. rain chances are varying throughout the week. monday hinted at something. wednesday a little bit more but i'm veryonfident our next best rain chance will probably off till thursday. beyond that, the major cool down is on its way. we'll look at that in your ten-day forecast. let's talk about the army n- ler. if you're running it tomorrow, you're going to be up there --r ing with the clouds tomorrow. not a lot of sun in the morning. temperatures upper 60s. by about 9:00, stillouostly
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. temperatures in the 70s. and that's when we'll start to e the sun working its way through around noon, lunchtime and we'll see a lot more coming out about 4:00 p.m. temperatures should make their way to the low 80s by the afternoon. therlyalready got the s flow really pushing in that warmer air. it's going to be soupy, as well. current temperatures tonight, 73 degrees right now in washington, d.c. cool,dulles airport so mild side tonight. as we head through the overnight hours we'll probly not leave the 60s. clouds helping to keep any heat we gained daying the in. radar showing dry conditionses. we could see apo few of drizzle tomorrow morning. it's a very similar setup to earlier today. for mos part, you don't have to worry about any rain for sunday. temperatures tomorrow'm going with the local 80s. again, cloudy start. but theil sun come out right after that.
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futurecast on right now, mot for the rain but for the clouds. 8:00 a.m., here's a look at the touds i wasking about. look how dense they are. we push through 3:00 p.m.ut of here. merain you're seeing on this board, don't panic. it's not impacting us. obably stays farther west of i-81. by sunday night,e are dry. your weekend outlook does show it is going to be a better day to do the pumpkin patch picking tomorrow. and if y got any yard work to get done, you want sunshone, off till around lunchtime. there's is the warmup i was talking about, sticking around through wednesday. by the ed of theeek showers possible. we could get a nice using. next weekend, i said this earlier, temperatures will be in the 60s. overnight lows in the 40s. that's a little bit o b ae there. >> that's better pumpkin patch whetheror me. >> okay. >> mid 80s at the pumpkin patch? i don't know. >> you know, he is already one
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of the best quarterbacks in nfl history. he's the redskins next opponent. see what the team is saying about drew breessl
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this is thefinity sportsdesk. >> the skins have an extra day toprepar they may need every minu. >> alec smith, keep drew brees off the field. that might be the answer. it is not hollywood butew orleans where monday night's game will be played. but the redskins are aware that the superdome has the potential to become t setting for another see call in brees's
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quarterback career. the face of a saints team that won super bowl xliv. no maybe record setting. at the age o 39 he continues to work hard on his hall of fame.resume. he's thrown for 1295 yards and 201 yards shy of surpassing brett favre and peyton manning to become the mefl's all-time leader in passingrdya the redskins would like to avoid that record being set on their watch. he's thrown for at least 207 yards in 69 of his last 1 games. >> i know we're happy to have our guy. player. a great aaron was a great player last week. you can see the fear he puts in defense's eyes. same thing with drew. almost 50,000 yards. long tive players for a time shows they have consistcy and gre people and great players. >> for as long as he's been doing it, the all-time yard ader, that's obviously decent record tore have as a quarterback.
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>> all right. d say decent. not a good day to be innne ar arbor. maryland, michigan started late because of the weather. kickoffson fields the and goes 98 yards for the thore. 's the way to get it going. maryland up 7-3. remember that because that's the big highlight for maryland. accomplish t ganes control. shea patterson finds donavan eoples jones, three names, six points. they go up 27-7 and win it 42-21. now to baseball. game two between the indians and astros. no score in their francisco lindor changes that with one swing. a solo shot. makes it 1-0. that's good pore cleveland. cole would have the last laugh. the astros flame thrower throwing flames. giving up just one earnedun
11:26 pm
while striking out 12 batters on 98 pitches. astros offense got in the action. in the sixth is, gonzaless drive andruw mill ter off deep to right to al tube. alex bregman hustles in to score. he will add a home run late. astros win it 3-1 and lead the series two games to none. t's a new month for dc united they would like more of the same from an costas. wayne rooney igniting the offense. four goals six assists in five games. nownited home tomorrow against chicago trying to get closer to secure a playoff spot. >> i think in the past, we had addae of wt we wanted to do as a club. but now it's really paying off. i think that additions we've made have helped the identity of this team kind o flourish and hopefully that can continue
11:27 pm
because we're playingttctive soccer right now. >> they're putting on a good show. 24th-ranked virginia tech hostingre dame. hokies trail late in the fourth quarr. jim haley is going to the dc united game. etybe we can him to bang the drum or paint his face into whether you are an early riser or get out later, what are you looking at. >> lunch time the sun breaking through. temperatures thin. low 80s. pretty warm for fall. >> i'll say. mid 80s notice october. thanks for joining us for news4 waiting for a liver transplant..
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[ cheers and applause ] good evening, i'm don lemon.
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we've l just witnessed history as judge brett kavanaugh was confirmed by the senate to j becometice of the supreme court. there have been protests in washington and several cry breaks here at cnn. it's a somber day for many americans. we now go live to dana bash whose with senate republicans. ♪, >> donm here in the gop icker room where the mood nothing short of euphoric. >> whoo, we're going to kavanaugh this tonight. >> thank you, senator kennedy. >> quite a display, dana. >> that's right, don. there are a lot of pacemakers being put to the test and i see mcconnell here. mitch, how are you feeling? >> oh, oh, that was awesome, whoo.yo >> dfeel like this is a win you could be proud of? >> oh, hell yeah, dana.ic oh, yeah, repus read the mood of the country.


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