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tv   Today  NBC  February 17, 2017 7:00am-9:57am EST

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. . . . . good morning. breaking overnight, thanks but no thanks. president trump's pick to replace michael flynn turns down the offer. this, just hours after the president holds a raucous and combative faceoff with the media, defending his first month in office. >> this administration is running like a fine-tuned machine. >> bashing his predecessor. >> i inherited a mess. >> and making this false claim about the election. >> i guess it was the biggest electoral college win since ronald reagan. >> this morning, the highs and lows of
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conference like no other in history. massive storm. the heaviest rain in years, set to drench california. this morning, fears of major loading in los angeles and san diego. and farther up the coast, the first big test of the repairs to that damaged dam. all systems go. elon musk's spacex team, preparing for a key launch. a mission after spectacular successes and failures that may be a huge step towards sending humans to mars. and mark's manifesto. facebook founder mark zuckerberg outlines running his company. why it is fueling rumors that his eye is really set on running the country. today, february 17th, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with
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van savannah guthrie. live, from studio 1a, in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everyone. welcome to "today." happy to have hallie jackson back in, while savannah is on maternity leave. >> nothing to talk about. ready to hop on a train back down to d.c. >> we have ooh la lot to talk a. a former navy officer has rejected the president's offer to be his national security adviser. but a lot of the talk is focused on the fireworks from mr. trump's first solo news conference. our political team standing by. we have it all covered. let's start at the white house, with nbc's peter alexander. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. for somebody that followed president trump's campaign, that news conference was shocking and surprising. this was a rare glimpse into the mind of the president. the verbal equivalent of a tweet storm. and the morning, the president's team is hunting for a national
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trump's choice, weighing call of duty to white house dysfunction, according to a senior u.s. official, chose to take a pass. this morning, the white house is again looking for a national security adviser, after the president's pick to replace michael flynn, vice admiral robert harward, declined the president's office. it comes after a free-wheeling, at times, jaw-dropping, 77-minute news conference. >> there's never been a presidency that's done so much in a such a short period of time. >> reporter: after announcing his second pick for labor secretary, alexander acosta, he dismissed the controversies engulfing his white house. >> this administration is running like a fine-tuned machine. >> reporter: while defending his decision to fire michael flynn for misleading the vice president -- >> the thing is, he didn't tell our vice president properly. >> reporter: mr. trump aired a laundry
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>> i'm not a bad person. >> reporter: blaming leaks. >> the leaks are real. the news is fake because so much is fake. >> reporter: blaming the media. >> tomorrow, they will say, donald trump rants and raves at the press. you're dishonest people. >> reporter: and blaming his predecessor. >> i inherited a mess. it's a mess. >> reporter: by comparison, president obama inherited a bigger mess in 2009, facing the deepest recession since the great depression. the unemployment rate then, nearly 8%. upon president trump's arrival, 4.8%. another fact check on this false claim about the president's electoral victory. >> i guess it was the biggest electoral college win since ronald reagan. >> you said you had the biggest electoral margin since ronald reagan, with 304, 306. president obama got 365 in 2008. >> i'm talking
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>> obama, and george w. bush, 426, when he won as president. why should americans trust you. >> i was given that information. i was just margin. >> why should americans trust you when they accuse the information of being fake when you provide information that's not accurate? >> i've seen that information around. but it was a very substantial victory. do you agree with that? >> you're the president. >> reporter: more than three months after his upset victory, the president still appears obsessed with his past opponent. >> does anybody really think that hillary clinton would be tougher on russia than donald trump? nobody mentions that hillary received the questions to the debates. can you imagine if i received the questions? it would be the electric chair. >> reporter: president trump raising eyebrows again and again, reprimanding a reporter who asked about the administration's
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anti-semitism. >> quiet, quiet, quiet. he lied about asking a straight, simple question. you know, welcome to the world of the media. >> reporter: an america's drug epidemic. >> drugs are becoming cheaper than candy bars. >> reporter: and when questioned about his agenda for inner cities and whether he would meet with the congressional black caucus. >> do you want to set up the meeting? are they friends of yours. set up the meeting. >> reporter: the white house later thought better of it and reached out to the congressional black caucus itself. no date or time set for that meeting. a little back story here. aides tell me yesterday morning, the president over the objections of top advisers, single-handedly called for the news conference. he announced it himself, putting the presidency in the hands of the person he trusts the most, himself. and early this morning, this tweet from the president, praising his own performance. he writes, thank you for all of the nice statements on the press conference yesterday. sh
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greatest ever. fake media, not happy. matt and hallie, back to you. >> peter alexander at the white house. thank you, peter. during the news conference, president trump tried to distance himself from concerns of his campaign's contacts with russia. but this morning, new questions are coming up about former security adviser michael flynn. kristen welker has that part of the story. >> reporter: good morning to you. russia is back in the spotlight this morning, with a new report about former national security adviser, michael flynn. and what he told the fbi. it was yet another flashpoint in yesterday's extraordinary news conference. this morning, new scrutiny of u ousted national security adviser, michael flynn. "the washington post" citing current and former officials. reporting in a fbi interview, he denied discussing sanctions with the russian ambassador. the agents felt his answers were bi
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agents are not them. contemplating charges. in his marathon press conference, president trump repeatedly coming under fire for flynn. did you correct mike flynn to discuss sanctions with the russian ambassador? >> no, i didn't. >> reporter: would you have fired him if the information hadn't leaked out? >> i fired him because of what he said to mike pence. i didn't direct him. but i wouldn't direct him, that's his job. >> reporter: the president deflecting broader questions about russia. >> it's all fake news. all fake news. >> reporter: and pushing back on reports members of his campaign staff had contact with russian intelligence. >> you're not aware of contacts during the course of the election? >> how many times do i have to answer this question. i know you have to get up and ask a question. russia is a ruse. i have nothing to do with russia, to the best of my knowledge, no person that i deal with does. >> reporter: the president didn't say whether he would
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provocation, after a russian spy ship was spotted just 30 miles off of the east coast. >> the greatest thing i could do is shoot that ship that's 30 miles offshore right out of the water. everyone in this country is going to say, it's so great. that's not great. that's not great. >> reporter: the president also defending his business practices. >> i own nothing in russia. i have no loans in russia. i don't have deals in russia. >> reporter: it's impossible to know if that statement is true. the president never released his tax returns. at a 2008 real estate conference, mr. trump's son, donald trump jr., says russians make up a pretty disproportionate about of a lot of our assets. trump jr. was saying, we see lot of money pouring in from russia. and mr. trump says he has a
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president vladimir putin. >> i do have a relationship. and i can tell you that he's very interested in what we're doing here today. i spoke to putin twice. he called me on the election. i told you this. and he called me on the inauguration. >> reporter: while russia was a major focus of thursday's news conference, the president also set his sights on leaks. >> we're going to find the leakers. they will pay a big price for leaking. >> reporter: the president still, to some extent, blaming flynn's ouster on the intelligence leaks. saying he has directed the justice department to look into the leaks while he launches his own independent review. hallie? matt? >> kristen, thank you very much. let's bring in ari melber. he has today's fact-check. there was a lot of talk about russia at the press conference. one popular comment from the president caught your eye. what did he say? what's the fact? >> that's right. as we look at the press conference, a lot of different claims. the president repeatedly turned the conversation back
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clinton gave them 20% of our uranium. >> that claim, we can tell you, is false. clinton did not give away any american uranium. russia's energy agency bought a company that produces uranium. and that was during the period that she was secretary of state. >> another subject, the leaks. leaks versus fake news thing. one comment about leaks caught your attention. give me the fact and the fiction. >> there's different types of leaks. the president slamming disclosures of private calls with heads of state. >> i called, as you know, mexico. it was a very confidential classified call. i called mexico. i spoke to the president of mexico. had a good call. all of a sudden, it's out there for the world to see. it's supposed to be secret.
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information that is classified? how do they do it? you know why? it ee's anprocess. the press should be ashamed of themselves. >> it is true this is a crime. federal employees who leak that material to the public can get up to ten years in prison. it is not illegal for the press to cover the stories once they're out. and the president has a point, leaks of secret diplomacy can complicate and undermine u.s. foreign policy planning. while a lot of the leaks have basically shown us that can be interesting, they can be criminal and damaging to u.s. policy. >> thank you. we're joined by steve kornacki, mark halperin. we want to get to the news conference and dissect that. there's some key, issue-related topics to discuss. we don't have a national security adviser. bob harward rejecting that
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what does it say about the state of the administration, that somebody with broad bipartisan appeal, wouldn't come work for the white house. >> anyone who works in national security would see that as a dream job. the president and his team had the good sense to look for someone that qualified. he did some good recruiting early on. yesterday's press conference, some of the other chaos, despite what the president says, is going to discourage people from taking jobs, particularly in national security. that's causing alarm on capitol hill. >> after the ninth circuit court of appeals upheld the freeze on the president's travel ban, he said, see you in court. meaning the supreme court. no. a new executive order is coming this tuesday, that will be written in a way to avoid some of the herdurdles. this is a bit of pragmatism on the part of the white house. >> and the white house is looking into the administration saying, we want to have something tangible to show for the first few weeks. if you get an executive order
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that meets the courts' requirements. >> if you go to the supreme court and you lose there, you've taken three steps back. >> this president and this white house are attuned to wins and losses. but there's also the substance. he needs to get things done, particularly on the core promises like immigration. >> let's talk about the press conference. the first photograph in "the new york times" lead story sums it up well. president trump and peter alluded to this, moved his surrogates aside on thursday, and assigned the rescue to the month-old presidency, to the only spokesman he trusts, himself. >> every time there was turmoil or crisis, donald trump said, they can't handle it, i can. and the one big difference than the campaign and now. he views the campaign as the ultimate vindication. but what mark was talking about. when you're president, when you have to fill out an administration, you need big
7:15 am
harward, for national security adviser, they can say no to you. it's about getting something done as president. that's a complication. >> this was 77 minutes. and was planned around that time, it sounds like, what we're getting from reporting of peter alexander. take us behind the scenes in that session, when president trump came to his advisers and said, i want to talk to the media. >> let trump be trump, has worked for him his whole life, including getting to the white house. there's some saying, let trump be trump, does not work in every instance. he wanted to go out and be his own spokesperson because he looks around him and says, i can fix problems myself. he's done it his whole career. this is a different set of circumstances, though. >> is he listening to those people who say, maybe we shouldn't let trump be trump? >> he's not -- like all presidents, he thinks he knows best. and there are some people around him who are giving him advice. and he is largely ignoring it. he ignored it yesterday because he believes that when things go bae
7:16 am
anyone who works for him. id attitude which is, i got here. i did this. i know what works best. the attention point will come if it backfires. and the biggest thing about the press conference was, he was himself, no one on capitol hill that i talked to, liked the way he performed. >> really quickly. if you were listening to that press conference in moscow or beijing or pyongyang or tehran, what do you take away from that? >> i've never seen an american president talk like this before. and i'm not sure what the message is. >> and that's not good. uncertainty is not good. >> you need to talk about jobs, the economy and security, not picking fights with people in the media. not picking fights about the past. not making factual errors that overwhelm any message on jobs, and the economy and security. >> steve, mark, thank you both. have a great weekend. want to get to an alleged bomb plot. a florida man
7:17 am
explosives at several stores on the east coast, to tank the company's stock. 48-year-old mark charles barnett built at least ten explosive devices. and then offered somebody else $10,000 to put the bombs on store shelves. the other man went to police instead. barnett thought the explosion would cause target's stock to drop, letting him buy cheap shares in the company. he faces up to ten years in prison. there were scary moments on the taxiway of phoenix airport. a frontier airlines flight clipped wings with a southwest flight that just arrived. a passenger took this photo of what appears to be damage to the left wing of the plane. he says the plane shook when the two jets collided. the airline helped customers catch up with other flights to denver. no one was injured. dave price in for al this morning. what are you
7:18 am
southern california. this is not good news. 24 million people at risk, as we
7:19 am
pyongya morning everyone, i am meteorologist chuck bell. a cold start right now, maryland 18 degrees.7/a the sun's already up and therefore the warm up is under way. afternoon
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and upper 50s. a plus weather today, forecast >> saturday and sunday, both super mild with just a little chance for rain. >> and then, that's a quick look at your weather picture, folks. >> dave, thank you so much. coming up, mark zuckerberg's vision for facebook. why this is sparking new speculation about his political ambitions. and after an explosion that halted the program, spacex is ready for the newest launch. what they hope is a big step towards a manned mission towards mars. we're live with behind-the-scenes access. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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♪ she left her home just a week ago. in montgomery county, there is a search for joseph
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he's last seen on tuesday at the apartments at silver spring. now, i want to check on your traffic with melissa. 66 and it is looking a lot better. those earlier problems with going away right now. >> outer loop atx# 95, big problems here southbound 95. only the right side is getting by. that accident this morning and i want to let you know, southbound 270 after 109 a crash of the left lane. thanks melissa. >> we'll take a quick break now and we'll check a look at your forecast.
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good morning, you will need your winter coats now, temperatures in the 20s and low 30s. up around 52 this afternoon. look at that warm up this
7:29 am
saturday, 20 degrees. a slight chance for a few showers. >> chuck, thank you, now back to the "today" show.
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♪ we're back, now, 7:30 on this friday morning. the 17th of february, 2017. people bundled up right now. but give them a day here in new york city. we're going to be bask in temperatures in the upper 50s or low 60s. >> that will be gorgeous. >> it's the middle of february. i'm matt lauer. alongside hallie jackson, who is filling in, while savannah is on maternity leave. president trump's pick to replace michael flynn as national security adviser is turning down the offer. robert harward says after 30 years in the military, he is ready to, quote, enjoy some personal time.
7:31 am
trump covered durirst solo news conference. he spent more than an hour on a wide range of issues, including the campaign's reported contacts with russia. >> russia is fake news. i own nothing in russia. i have no loans in russia. i don't have any deals in russia. >> president trump dismissed portrayals of chaos in the white house, claiming his administration is running like a fine-tuned machine. and preparations are getting started for a powerful storm system in california. forecasters say it could dump the heaviest rain in years on the southern part of the state. los angeles can get about half a foot with damaging wind gusts, too. also this morning, facebook founder, mark zuckerberg, is making headlines after posting a new mission statement for his social network. jo ling kent has that story. >> rte
7:32 am
news feed. mark zuckerberg, posting about the social network, fake news and hints about his political ambitions. amid rumors of political ambition and a fiery debate over fake news, facebook founder and ceo, mark zuckerberg, laying out his vision for the future, to 1.86 billion users. the 32-year-old executive wrote, progress now requires humanity coming together, not just as cities or nations. but also as a global community. he says after 13 years of connecting individuals, facebook is now shifting its focus to develop the social infrastructure that works for all of us. zuckerberg published the statement thursday, as an update to his founders letter in 2012, the year facebook went public, setting it on the path to becoming one of the most valuable companies in the world. his new comments comes just weeks after donald trump rolled out his america first policy.
7:33 am
going to be only america first. america first. zuckerberg did not mention trump by name and said he started to work on the statement before election day. >> one of the criticisms of facebook is it created filter bubbles, that you only hang out with people you like. he's talking about creating a more global facebook. >> reporter: zuckerberg addressing fake news. we fight hoaxes the way we fight spam. but we have more work to do. >> he was moving closer to the idea that facebook is a media company, and it has responsibilities. >> reporter: on facebook, a wide range of reaction. some positive, saying thank you for standing up for the global vision. others pushing back. saying you're good with computers. but your politics needs serious work. some wonder if zuckerberg is a step closer to running for public office. >> he's preparing himself for
7:34 am
it. he has the wherewithal to do it. he's enormously wealthy. he's very popular. and people lake a business person in office. it's not out of the realm of possibility. i don't think he's doing it anytime soon. >> reporter: last month, zuckerberg said he had no plans to run for president. he is trying to meet people in 50 states this year. hallie? matt? >> i wonder what the vegas odds are. >> sounds presidential. let's talk about another well-known billionaire. tesla and spacex ceo, elon musk. he's been dreaming of conquering space travel. this morning, a new rocket is prepped. and if the weather cooperates, musk's team is going to take one step closer to man's travel to mars. kerry sanders is on the launchpad at kennedy space center, with exclusive access to the
7:35 am
you're right there. >> perhaps closer than the rocket engineers. the falcon rocket is tilted down. they're doing one final check. but the countdown is under way. the plan is for this to lift off 10:01 on saturday morning. it is fitting that elon musk's dream going to mars begins with a launch here. this is the same pad that was used by the apollo missions to go to the moon. this morning, spacex engineers say they're highly confident. but it is rocket science after all. a tough reminder, last september, when one of the sp e spacex rockets blew up on the launchpad. but elon musk, a real-live tony stark, is undeterred. his team back at it this morning. the mission, to resupply the international space station. but this weekend's launch of a reusable rocket, one step closer to
7:36 am
to mars. really fun. going to have a great time. >> reporter: but elon musk's dream getting to mars and colonizing the red planet, has a wrinkle. food. >> i have to figure out a way to grow three years' worth of food here. >> reporter: remember the movie "the martian," matt damon's character farms potatoes after being marooned there. >> it is not easy to grow things in space. >> reporter: fiction meets science. you are growing a potato on what would be mars. just like the movie? >> correct. not just like the movie. but correct. >> reporter: plants create vital oxygen, so astronauts can breathe on a planet, which at its close st is 35 million mile from earth's atmosphere. are we really going to mars? >> eventually, we are. i think we can get there in the 2030s.
7:37 am
>> reporter: that would mean that if you have a newborn at home right now, by the time your child is in high school, they'll be launching a rocket here with astronauts to mars. guys? >> kerry, i have a feeling you would be doing a live shot from that ship, as well. >> reporter: i want to go for a ride. >> thank you.
7:38 am
that's a cold start for your friday morning. temperatures are below freezing in the area. 30s in the disstrict. through the day today, we'll rebound nicely and sunny skies and milder than yesterday. the winds are going to be a lot lighter, too. a pleasant around, it fternoon. 68 on saturday and 65 on sunday. small chance of an early shower on sunday or late saturday night and staying nice on monday. >> don't forget, everybody. you can find your forecast throughout the day at weather channel's forecast app right there. on the weather channel, as well. >> thanks, dave. let's take a serious moment to ponder what is a serious question for all of us. is a snuggie a blanket or is it clothing? why the justice deme
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good morning. back at 7:43. the true crime documentary, making a murderer, transfixed millions of viewers and fueled the debate of the guilt or innocence of two killers. >> "dateline nbc" looks at that. andrea canning is here this
7:44 am
morning. >> reporter: that series brought steven avery's case worldwide attention. and now, there's serious movement in the efforts to free the two men. if you remember, avery had been wrobeen wrongfully convicted of rape and freed from prison, then, convicted of murdering a young photographer. "dateline" has been following the story for more than a decade. now, one of the key figures is speaking out for the first time. steven avery, and his nephew are in prison in wisconsin for the 2005 murder of a young photographer. many viewers of "making a murderer," believe they are innocent. now, they both may have new hope for freedom. in november, avery's attorney, katherine zellner, received access to the evidence to perform new forensic test. in a statement, zellner told "dateline," we will be able to demonstrate exactly how the evidence was planted in the early part of the investigation.
7:45 am
for a crime he did not commit. ken kratz, who prosecuted the case, is pushing back with a new book. "avery." do you believe there's any chance that steven avery will walk free one day? >> i don't. the case against steven avery is and was presented very, very well. >> reporter: tonight, co-lead investigator, tom fassbender, speaks to "dateline" in his first television interview. he said they had it out for me. >> i never absolutely saw that. never saw that from anyone. i can go on and on about the planting defense and how absurd it is. fassbender and his partner have been accused of extracting a false confession from avery's teenage nephew. accused of feeding him information about the crime. >> i'm going to ask you, who sh h
7:46 am
>> why can't you tell us that? >> because i couldn't think of it. >> reporter: his attorney. >> those officers wanted that information in the worst way. and they got it in the worst way. but feeding it straight to brendan. >> reporter: what do you say to people who were yelling at their tvs because they didn't like the job that you did? >> just that it's easy to armchair quarterback. we didn't try to manipulate brendan. we tried to get at the truth. i don't believe it was a false confession. are there parts he may not have done? i don't know. you know, i don't know. >> reporter: last august, a federal judge ruled that the confession was involuntary and overturned as conviction. his release from prison is pending an appeal by the state, which was argued in federal court this week. a decision in
7:47 am
expected in months. and avery's attorney says she hopes to have her new test results in weeks. i've been back and forth. there's one detail you're going to hear tonight that changed the way i felt about this case entirely. >> quite the tease. >> i'm serious. >> all right. let's tell people. you can see much more tonight on "dateline" at 10:00, 9:00 central time. andrea, thanks. >> thanks so much. talking about teases, coming up, talking about 'n sync and possible reunion actual happening. not if but when. and is a second date in the works? carson is works? carson is hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. likewise! but, funny story. on top of that? my mom is my best friend. uh oh. yeah. oop! there's the rescue text from my roommate saying she needs me. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back:
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7:51 am
illustrated" swimsuit model, genie bouchard. they met on wednesday. the brooklyn nets basketball game. all thanks to that super bowl bet that he proposed on twitter. well, we promised to keep an eye on it. there's a development in the story. let's get to it. as the couple was leaving the game, bouchard told reporters, this will be a second date. and judging by the photo, things are looking pretty good. naturally, social media losing its collective mind. if that guy can get a second date with genie bouchard. will she go on a second date? yes or no? 54% say yes, she's going to do it. 46% say, it's all talk. what do you think, matt? >> you have one of the great relationship
7:52 am
what do you think about this? >> i think all of the hard work from genie's part was done. she flew the kid in. put him up. why would she not take a second date? >> she has to. she said she would. and they're adorable together, too. >> she can put him back on a plane. that's it. seriously, there's no commitment there. >> i didn't look at it like that. >> does she pull out the jacket for the second date? >> the big, furry one? that's why we're here. we're going to monitor the whole thing. i'm going to go on a second date with them. >> yeah. >> i'll tweet t
7:53 am
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7:56 am
this is news 4 today news break. >> 7:56 is your time. on this friday, tgif, good morning to you. >> lets take a look at your traffic with melissa. >> i-95 before 198, the right side is the only thing that's getting by. belt way out of the outer loop, only the far left lane is getting by. 395 here south at case bridge the crash in the right lane. >> thank you, melissa. >> we'll take;oya a quick break. we'll check in with your
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
it is a cold start to your friday morning. 34 degrees. the temperatures in the district is a lighter wind today. forecast. warming near 52 degrees. sp÷ny and milde. take a look at your week, 68 on saturday, 65 on sunday. news update for you in 25 minutes. back to the "today" show.
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." and coming up, trump turmoil. the new pick for national security adviser turns down the offer, just hours after the president's free-wheeling news conference. >> they're going to say donald trump rants and raves. i'm not ranting and raving. >> defending his administration. >> this administration is running like a fine-tuned machine. >> and blaming his predecessor. >> i inherited a measure. it's a mess. >> we're live at the white house. plus, puppy love. looking for man's best friend? we're going to help you find the perfect pet, as we meet adorable animalsha
8:01 am
and gender reveal. george clooney's mother accidentally spills the beans on the sexes of his and amal's twins. today, friday, february 17th, 2017. ♪ >> celebrating 65 with "today." >> this is from south carolina. >> hi, from ohio. ♪ >> happy 16 to me. >> together we're 199 years old. ♪ >> we're back, 8:00 on this friday morning. the 17th day of february. 2017. and it's a little chilly in new york today. don't worry. that will
8:02 am
let me introduce our cast of characters. we have hallie jackson here. while savannah continues on maternity leave. dave price is here for al. thank you for joining us, as well. carson is here. and you are back monday. >> monday, with mr. craig melvin because you will be enjoying some golf time. >> a monday off. and check out next week's lineup of special guest hosts. i will be here tuesday. bryant gumbel will be here. willie geist will be here wednesday. on thursday, lester holt will take his turn in savannah's chair. and friday, we will be with some guy named carson daly. an all-star lineup. >> it's guys week. >> good man time for you two. >> what day of the week are you looking forward to most? >> friday. >> right answer. we got something for the ladies coming up. maria culpo
8:03 am
the hot new friends for less. >> carson, you may be out on friday. also, check out the orange room. it's gone to the dogs and a cat. they're all up for adoption. we're going to fill you in on that and advice for any of you who might be thinking about adding a furry friend to your family. a lot to get to. first, here's your news at 8:00. >> i'm peter alexander here at the white house, where the president this morning is praising his performance in that news conference yesterday. president trump tweeting this morning, thank you for all the nice statements on the press conference. rush limbaugh said one of greatest ever. fake media, not happy. also, new this morning, white house aides confirm to me that mike dubke, the founder of cross roads media, will be white house communications director. ly? love this. i'm having a good time doing it. >> reporter: president donald trump unfiltered. >> the headlines will
8:04 am
>> reporter: in his first solo news conference, the president not holding back. defending his performance during a frenetic four weeks in office. >> i inherited a mess. it's a mess. >> reporter: repeatedly accusing the media of distorting his record. >> i see stories of chaos. chaos. yet, it is the exact opposite. this administration is running like a fine-tuned machine. >> reporter: announcing he will sign a new executive order on immigration next week, while blaming federal judges for blocking the immrplementation o his original travel ban. >> we had a smooth roll out of the travel ban. got a bad court. >> reporter: facing mounting questions about his administration's alleged ties to russia -- >> i have nothing to do with russia. i have no deals there. i have no nothing. >> reporter: the president insisted he had no contacts with russia during the campaign. but deflect
8:05 am
whether some of his advisers had. >> you're not aware of contacts during the course of the election? >> how many times do i have to answer this question. >> reporter: mr. trump, addressing the firing of his former national security adviser, mike flynn, who misled vice president pence about discussing sanctions with russia. >> he was just doing his job. the thing is, he didn't tell our vice president properly. and then, he said he didn't remember. so, either way, it wasn't very satisfactory to me. >> reporter: later, pressed by kristen welker. >> did you direct mike flynn to discuss sanctions with the russian ambassador, prior to your inauguration? >> i didn't. i didn't direct him but i would have directed him because that's his job. >> reporter: the president blaming flynn's resignation on leaks. >> i've actually called the justice department to look into the leaks. those are criminal leaks. >> reporter: vice admiral robert harward has declined to be p'
8:06 am
and four months after his upset victory over hillary clinton, the president brought up his former rival. >> nobody mentions that hillary received the questions to the debates. hillary clinton did a reset. >> reporter: finally, a fact-check. the president boasting about his electoral win. falsely claiming it is the biggest margin of victory since ronald reagan. despite the fact that george w. bush, clinton and obama, all exceeded him. why should americans trust you when you accuse the information they receive of being fake when you're providing information that -- >> i was given that information. i was given -- actually, i've seen that information around. >> reporter: a little back story here. white house aides tell me that yesterday morning, the president in the oval office, over the objections of some of his top advisers, single handlely called for that news conference. called for it himself, putting his presidency in the hands of the person he trust s the most, himsel
8:07 am
his aides are complimenting his performance. kellyanne conway saying it was transparent and in command. >> peter, thank you very much. vice president mike pence, defense secretary jim mattis and homeland security secretary john kelly will be overseas. they are attending a conference in munich, germany. u.s. allies will be looking for reassurance about the trump administration's commitment to european security. in the meantime, the president's new secretary of state, rex tillerson, is in bonn, germany, talking about the crisis in syria. check out how this toddler in texas was spared a bump on the head, thanks to a very impressive catch all caught on camera. this little boy, on the counter, he tumbles down. instructor jesse tex rios. this is happening at an indoor skydiving center. and look what happens next, jesse turns to the
8:08 am
flexes his muscles. thumbs up. his quick relexes come from years of training as a skydiver. meanwhile, the justice department tries to answer the age-old debate, is a snuggie clothing? or is it a blanket? >> ponder that during the commercial break. and ponder this. are we going to say hi, hi, hi to an 'n sync reunion? and wrapping up our week of talk show titans geraldo rivera. geraldo, snuggie or clothing? >> the ultimate multitasking -- >> cop-out. >> especially if you have a ♪ contrary to ancient wisdom... the sun doesn't rise, we do. yet, the more we travel, the more the world pushes back, coralling us and controlling us. so, we seek a place where we're given a choice...
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8:13 am
it can even bring a kid out of her shell. that's why choosy moms choose jif. 8:15, a good time for what is trending. >> i can't show david price. lucky charms or oatmeal? do rav
8:14 am
>> lucky charm's. >> need the crunch. >> it's only in canada. you can mix them together. >> wait. the oatmeal is flavored like lucky charms? >> it has the consistency of oatmeal. it is sitting in milk. >> if this is in canada, this is a time to reconsider free trade. this is not good. >> lucky charms in general -- >> we disagree about that. i love that. marshmallows. >> sugar pops, not so great. i can do captain crunch in the old days. i can do cinnamon cheerios. otherwise, it's too sweet. >> it tastes like oatmeal. >> we gave you ordinary oatmeal. >> it's plain oatmeal. staeph in the newsroom is celebratin a
8:15 am
someone comes up to you. they have a card for someone having a birthday. how much time do you dedicate to that? do you read what other people have written to know how much you should write? >> you look at the text. okay, we're writing one line. two lines. >> who writes more than two? >> you don't feel pressure? >> i don't. >> if the writing is big, i write big. if someone is writing a book, i'll write something longer. >> there's a reason for this. there's a method. a guy presumibly named brendan, said i'm done guessing. and he made a stamp, that reads happy birthday, have a good one, brendan. is this making you the worst person in the office? >> don't sign my card if you're going to rubber stamp it. >> take a second. it's your co-worker. put a little thought into it. >> it's embarrassing you put that much time into getting the stamp. >> i'm with you. >> if you know the person, you're going to have your own
8:16 am
>> how many people in your office? >> whose birthday is it? >> brendan's birthday. >> can we talk about why dave price is in the snuggie. >> i'm subbing. >> we asked you to ponder this question deep in your heart. is the snuggie a piece of clothing or a blanket? why should you care? this is a question worth millions of dollars. the snuggie is clothes. that means it should be taxed like clothes at a higher rate. but there's a different court on trade that has the final say that says the snuggie is a blanket. lower tax. and the definitive answer, now, the snuggie is a blanket. >> real news. >> i have worn it out. it's clothing. it has arms. >> it's a reverse robe. >> he put his arms into it like you would a robe. no different. >> there's no sash. is it a piece of clothing? >> i'm wearing
8:17 am
fashion week in new york. >> it's clothing. >> what did the court say? i missed the story. >> it is a blanket. >> really? >> taxed at a lower rate. guys, we're going to start with this weekend, marking a special anniversary for the national broadcasting company. saluting 90 years of nbc with a special that is set to air this weekend. it will feature interviews and insight into nbc shows like david hasselhoff's "knight rider." >> i met william daniels at the christmas party. he said, i play kit. >> i want to know who you are and how you are listening in. >> i'm the voice of the microprocessor. >> we never did a scene together. looks like we have a hit. and we clinked glasses and became friends from that moment
8:18 am
>> right? >> nbc's 90th anniversary airs sunday night. george clooney's mother spilling the beans on the gender of the couple's newly announced twins. the grandma saying it's going to be one of each. a boy and a girl. george and amal have not told nina what names they're considering. that's probably a smart move. 'n sync fans have something to look forward to. lance bass revealing, the band will be honored with a star on the walk of fame. bass said, we're going to be there for the ceremony. there's not a date yet, because they're terrible at planning things. bass thinks it will happen in december. and will ferrell and amy poehler in a movie together. "the house." it stars two dim witted parents who figure out they're going to need alternative methods to pay for their baby's division. i
8:19 am
>> jackpot. >> you missed it. >> that says you have a 401(k) account. >> i have a way for you guys to make four years' tuition in one month. underground iscasino. the math, it seems to check out. >> do the math, you're 40 years old, and you go to jail for 20 years. how old are you when you come out? >> 90. >> no. >> 100. >> "the house" will be out this summer. that's your "pop start." >> carson, thank you very much. >> anytime. mr. price, a look at the weather. >> i'm wonder woman. okay, good morning, i guess you can use your snuggie this morning.
8:20 am
afternoon highs today at 52 degrees. >> it starts today and helicopters on through the weekend both saturday and sunday. temperatures mid-60s. that's 20 degrees warmer than k this up now. matt? >> dave, thank you very much. this morning, we are wrapping up our special series "where are they now: talk show titans." and we do it with a guy that's worn a lot of different hats in front of the camera. for nearly 50 years geraldo rivera has stayed in the spotlight. >> what happened that night? >> reporter: a hard-hitting journalist in his early years, he became a household name in 1986, when he unearthed al capone's secret vault on primetime tv, only to find it empty. >> as it turns out, we haven't found very much. >> reporter: the following year, geraldo landed his own daytime
8:21 am
geraldo had fat removed from his backside on live tv. and o an episode with neo-nazis turned violent on the set. and continued the show, despite being roughed up in the brawl. >> the racist skin heads have been cleared out of the building. >> reporter: after 11 years, r geraldo hung up his talk show hat to go back to news reporting. good to see you. >> good to see you. i was watching your face when you saw some of the clips. >> it's a trip down memory lane. with me, you can see the different length of my hair as an indicator of my mood. but very, very funny. i loved the talk show. it was innovative in its own way. irreverent. it did some good stuff. and burlesque at times. >> was that the mission statement? when you were doing the talk show, it was a crowded field. there were a lot of talk
8:22 am
did you sit town and say, how can we make this edgier than the others? >> we had more of an urban flavor. and we did a lot in the inner cities. a lot with drug-atickddicted pe. we were dr. phil before dr. phil. we tried to do some good things. we also did men in lace panties and the women who love them. we did that irreverent stuff. >> and you had fat extracted from your buttocks. >> we did and interviewed donald trump more than once. >> i want to put up a resume picture. show the cover of "newsweek" magazine from 1988. you see that image. what goes through your mind? >> that same year, i was on the cover of "playgirl" magazine. i challenge anyone. who had the two-for in the same year? the show is better than the reputation. we are defined in part by al capone's vault on one side. and the brawl wit
8:23 am
the neo-nazis and the skin lines. >> the headline was trash tv, from the lurid to the loud, anything goes. when you saw that headline, when the magazine came out, did you take exception? >> not particularly. i was really keen on exposing a growing hatred in the country. the neo-nazi, kkk -- they were always the bullies. so, i came to work that day, wearing my work boots. and i had war on my mind. i went there and at one point, i tell the guy, you know, you can't be a smartass with me the way you are with others. don't push me. and the brawl broke out. we stood up to them. got a lot of good vibes. the audience for the program was largely an intercity audience. and people really, they appreciated that someone challenged the hatemongers. >> we saw you
8:24 am
donald trump. you've known him for -- >> 40 years. >> is it odd for you to watch him walking on and off of air force one and seeing him at the podium yesterday as the president of the united states? >> i was shocked. my wife and i, like many american families, we're divided over this. i love donald trump. i still feel he doesn't have an ounce of racism or evil or hatred in his body. i lament, as i see him and i was shocked to answer your question specifically, that he ever got elected. i did not think so. but the things he's done about mexicans and muslims and megan kelly a kelly and others. we've made money in the stock market since he was elected. >> i give you the talk show back. and what would the first question you ask him be, as a friend? what would you ask him about what you've seen over the last almost month? >> do you really believe -- is this really you that's speaking when you talk about the r
8:25 am
ban? that's not the guy i knew. are you -- have you assumed a personality, an artifice, to appeal to the people who propelled you into office? >> what do you think his answer would be? >> this is me. maybe you didn't know me as well as you thought you knew me. i was more liberal as a young man. and i'm more conservative as the president of the united states. i give him a "b" right now. some of the people who watch my network, fox news, give him an a-plus-plus. i'm delighted he picked alex akcosta acosta. the first latino. i would have appreciated a more diverse cabinet. but the guy i knew has the potential of being a great president. we have to root for his success. he's always been nice. there was a shot of my family with him. so nice with my family. and so loving. i appreciate that. we feel the
8:26 am
family. that influences teople feel about him. >> i appreciate the personal side of that. >> i appreciate you. one of the nicest people i good morning, it is 8:26 right now. lets take a look at the roads right now. >> right now 66 in bound, we have quite a delay as you are heading in bound there. southbound 95 before 98, that's getting a little bit better than it was. >> a crash there in the right lane. aaron. >> thank you, we'll have your forecast after a quick break.
8:27 am
did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
8:28 am
now 27 right now. 34 at washington. seasonably cold ,morning. check out that ten-day forecast. 52 today, 68
8:29 am
of the next ten days. >> i like how that sound. thank you, chuck. you can get the latest news any time open your nbc app.
8:30 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] 7:30 on this friday morning. 17th of february, 2017. and we're kicking off this friday with a great group of people out here on the plaza. a little chilly for them. thanks for sticking around. we appreciate it. >> sweet 16 over there. >> this is what we have later today, still. fresh from new york's fashion week, olivia culpo is here with alternative to her favorite
8:31 am
animals. >> we're doing the opposite, veggies. better for you roasted or raw? matt will get a nutrition lesson. >> i can use a nutrition lesson. first, we want to mention something special we've been working on for a while now, along with former president george w. bush. he is a prolific pinter. his latest artwork is in a soon-to-be released book, "portraits of courage." on monday, february 27th, president bush will be here for an exclusive first interview about that. but before that, we're going to release a series highlighting some of the wounded warriors in that book. the first video going online today. and you can find it at we're excited about that. >> incredible stuff.
8:32 am
8:33 am
60s. temperatures are up above freezing in the district now. elsewhere we are looking at below freezing. still in the mid and upper 20s for most of the area. low 50s and we'll see more sunshine and for the weekend, we have those 60s in the forecast and this goes into monday. if you have monday off. looking real good on seasonably warm. we are going to stay above normal. >> a shy 40th birthday to you. and a beautiful sweet 16 here in new york city. that's a look at your weather. hallie, inside to you. >> dave, thanks so much. this morning on "today style," talking about fashion week. it just wrapped up, with designers laying out fashion trends. olivia culpo had a front seat action. ten fashion shows? >> it was so much fun. i love going to the shows. i love talking about the
8:34 am
like we did today. >> it will with a deja vu for you. we have our runway set up. three looks from the catwalks. and you'll show you how to look a million dollars without spending a million dollars. i want to get to the first dress from zimmerman. this is what we saw on the runway. here is the look for less. christina, come on out. our crowd from the plaza cheering a bit. tell us what we're seeing. this is a cute dress. >> here we have a complete translation of the zimmerman show. this is a victorian look. another trend is extra long sleeves. we have extra long sleeves. and i also went with a tonal chromatic piece, as well. >> what does that mean? >> it means it's not -- one tone. we have the cream here. and then, the beige and the white, of course. so, how do you
8:35 am
>> good. the dress, by the way, under $30. >> i know. under $30. >> it's an incredible way to get the look for less. >> unbelievable deal. and for the makeup, i went with a muted lip. and i love the simple cat eye and a sleek hairstyle. this can be the star, the embroidery on the top. i think it's important to balance the face with the makeup and the look. i think it's great. $30. >> i want to get to the next one. thank you so much. the next look we saw. you can see the tons of color. tons of layers. how you translated this to something you would wear every day. allie, come on out. this outfit, not a direct recreation. >> it's not. >> but of course, when you see things on the runway, they are abstract. and that doesn't necessarily translate to
8:36 am
i did take a take on that fiesta red. you have a bold color which is in right now. you have the overdone sleeve. a bit of an extension at the end. it's super long. and a little of a geometric obstruction with the top. we have the shoulder cutouts, very popular right now. and the silhouette, in general, is complimentary on anybody. we have the cinch waist, with in giant sweater. >> this is a dress you made into a top. >> exactly. you have to have fun with fashion. >> and our beautiful ladies in red. how to you keep it from being matchy. we have the mono chromatic look again. you have to break it up. >> you can break it up or two with i. that's one of the trends, to wear one color. the makes it. if the belt wasn't
8:37 am
couldn't see any waist. and it would be a giant sweater. you have a beautiful figure, we want to show it off. and i took it a step further, with the red lip. we're twinning. >> stay twinning with olivia. we bring up the next look. this is the runway feel. and shocker, more mono chrome. let's see the look for less. amber, come on out. amber looks smokin' hot. this is identical to what we saw on the runway. and all for around $100. >> exposed shoulder. is that a trend we're going to see more of? >> that's a big trend. we're going to see obstructed blouses. a lot of geometric shapes going on. a lot of shoulder cutouts, as you see here. and i wanted to compliment the sleek look with a sleek
8:38 am
makeup was j. lo. >> it feels j. lo. she looks beautiful. >> how do you pull off the head-to-toe white? is there a trick? >> find what works for your body. this looks so beautiful on you. and it's different for everyone. you can add a belt. i think it's beautiful with the shoulder cutout. it's elongating anything on anyone's body when row have a bit of skin peeking out. >> get the runway look by paying a lot less money. >> i can't believe it. this is four pieces. and all under $100. >> amber, thank you. olivia, thank you. you can see all of the looks and more at check it out. up in ex-we'next, clothes f nutrition. we should be eating our veggies. but are you sabotaging the benefits by making them the wrong way?
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ 8:40, back with "today food." you heard from a healthy diet includes fresh fruits and vegetables. did you know that how you prepare them can impact the amount of nutrients you get from them. wendy is here with a lot of great ways to get nutritional bang for your bite. welcome back. >> thanks, matt. >> it's more important how we're eating it? >> right. i want to share with everyone and with you in particular here, about how you can get the most nutritional bang for every bite. and it doesn't have to be fresh and raw. it's wintertime. we want to maximize it. but there's clever ways to get there. >> talk about pairings. getting things together to get the most out of it. >> this is about nutritional synergy. avoca
8:42 am
kale is great for you. you put them together, it's even more. >> this combination, avocado and leafy greens, like kale, increase s beta carotene, and lutine. >> herbs and spices, as well? >> this is the kale salad. >> it looks great. i'm going to taste it. tell me about herbs and spices. >> this is another synergy. when you pair herbs and spices with a fatty meal. research out of penn state shows you can reduce the triglycerides by 30%. this is putting the spaces on the table. when you combine them in marinades, it can produce the production of harmful compounds by 70%. >> what does it say that i look at this and i think i
8:43 am
of the french fries. >> now, you can have it, when you have an herb marinade. >> carrots is good for you. whether you cook them or eat them raw. >> cook your carrots and cook them whole. when you cook the carrots, boosts. you get 25% more. if you cook them and cut them later. cook them whole. and then, enjoy them. >> you go this way. i'll come around and meet you. talk to me about apples. why is it important to prepare them in an iron skillet. >> if you're looking for iron sources if your diet, you cook in a cast iron pan, certain foods will increase in iron content. 21 times. eat a fresh apple for a great snack. a raw one. but cook it in a cast iron pan if you want more iron in your
8:44 am
>> half of the recipes we do here contains garlic. why is preparation so important? >> there's a new york prove verb that a nickel will get you on the subway but garlic will get you a seat. >> it's true. >> garlic has a lot of powerful properties. this is about letting it rest. if you chop and mince your garlic and let it rest, you maximize the potent compounds. chopping them releases them like a jailbreak. >> that brings up a point. is it possible to cook the nutrients out of something? >> that's an excellent point. some nutrients do diminish with cooking. other ones increase, as we saw with the carrots. >> we're going to put this on the website. you can eat potatoes on a diet. there's certain ways to do it. that gets you the most benefit. wendy, thanks. for more ways to get the most out of your favorite foods, go to our website. up next, adorable
8:45 am
that are up for adoption. pay attention to this, please. first this, is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
adopt a pet today is created with our sponsor petsmart. join us in stores for national adoption weekend, february 17th through 19th. >> we're back on this friday morning. a shot of our friend, charlie, doing so well. he gets lots of love and support. and that is why it's important to find loving homes for other puppies like this 10-week-old dayton. just one of the dogs up for adoption from louie's legacy animal rescue. i am in love. >> good to hear that. >> these are litter mates. they don't look that much alike. >> wait a second, don't great things come in threes? >> we do. we have to bring dano out. come
8:48 am
>> he has the new puppy smell. this is dano. >> talk to me about the dogs. what is the right home for these dogs? >> they're about 10 weeks old. they're dachshund mixes. puppy are a joy to have in your home. but i want people to remember that when you bring a puppy into the home, it is a huge responsibility. it is a huge time commitment. >> it's not a toy. >> and they need lots and lots of walks. they need you to make sure that you're consistent about vet visits. much more so than when you adopt an adult talk. >> hallie, thank you very much. carson has a much bigger pet on his leash there. who is that? >> this is aaron. aaron is two years old. aaron is a pit bull. she was dropped off at the shelter because -- she's friendly with other dogs and people. they thought she was pregnant. and ends up she wasn't. she is a doll. she is a sweetheart. one of the benefits of -- you can see, she's a
8:49 am
about choosing an adult dog, is that you -- never mind. >> carson. >> it's a go pro moment. you look at the camera, right? >> erin is so sweet. >> when you choose an adult dog -- you have -- >> erin. look at the camera. >> erin, come over here. >> you have a better sense of their temperament. you know what you're getting. >> okay. >> and also often times, dogs in shelters that are adults are fully house trained or well on their way. unlike a puppy. >> carson, thank you. can't wait to see you next year at westminster. sheinelle, who do you have? >> peewee. peewee is a 4-year-old chihuahua. >> peewee was dropped off because peewee had a broken leg. when they did the surgery on the leg, they realized that peewee has a heart murmur. that makes peewee less adoptable. are there
8:50 am
adopting a dog with special needs? yes. the responsibility is greater. but the love is equal to that. >> sheinelle, so cute. my goodness. >> somebody get peewee. >> by the way. look at this. we have christina hendricks here. she has a pet. she is joining us for a little later in the morning. hi, christina. who is that? >> i have muffin. muffin is 11 shih tzu. >> muffin is adorable. mu muffin is a senior dog. it's one of the situations where people go into the shelter and say, i want to see the puppies. but a dog like muffin, is great for a family who doesn't have young children. she is small and more fragile than a dog like erin. she is a chill, easygoing dog. if you're looking for a dog that's ready to go. >> she's been cuddling with me. >> you look like a nice team. >> i'm considering it. >> chria,
8:51 am
dave price, let's not forget the kit bs. kittens. >> you thought you saw a putty cat. >> she's 12 weeks old. just a love. >> she's a sweetheart. keep in mind, when you're adopting a kitten, they are very, very active. and some rescue groups suggest you try to adopt two kittens at once. it's not a necessity. but while cats are sometimes easy keepers compared to dogs, when they're kittens, they tend to have a lot of energy. >> all right. andrea, thank you so much. you guys can come in. if that's okay. if they mix really well. again, if you're interested in adopting any of these pets, they're from louie's legacy animal rescue. find more information on >> should mention, there is another way you can give a pet a happy home. head to petsmart. at
8:52 am
national adoption weekend. want to get that mention out there, as well. >> great idea. coming up, as matt just mentioned, christina is here. maybe muffin will hang out for the segment. talk about your new movie. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
[ cheers and applause ] we are back, now, on this friday morning. willie is
8:54 am
what do you have coming up this weekend? >> if only the white house would give us something to talk about, we might have a show on sunday. a very busy week for president trump. also, my guest on sunday is the maestro of movie comedy, judd apatow. he has "the 40-year-old virgin," "knocked up," and train wreck" on his resume. if i had to put one judd apatow movie in the time capsule, which is it? >> i think it would be "knocked up." >> i'm pregnant. >> with emotion? >> we said, let's put everyone in it that we wish was a star. let's put that jonah kid in it. put seth in it. get jason segel and bill haider is in that movie. i'm most proud of the fact it was a great launchpad for a lot of people. >> really fun conversation with judd. we'll talk about his tv work with "girls" in its final season and the new hbo show, "crashing," that's coming up this weekend. >> by the
8:55 am
job co-hosting the 9:00 hour. >> he did. >> look who we have. speaking of talent. where is your puppy? >> i lost muffin. i have my eye on her every second. i'm in love. >> by the way, christina plays a teacher with a little dark -- a big dark side in the movie "fistfight." was it fun? >> it was fun. it was fun to play a complete weirdo. >> goofy. get silly. >> watch them fight for days on end. you know. took eight days to shoot this fight. and watch ice cube and charlie day go at each other. >> what's ice cube like when you're not working? >> intimidating. intimidating because he's so cool. and he has strong presence when he comes on set. he's very sweet, though. >> and we had tracy morgan on the show this week. i don't know how you survived being on set with him. >> we didn't go to trailers
8:56 am
we would sit there and listen to him tell stories. you're like, i'm not going to miss a moment of this. >> inevitably his shirt comes off in the stories, right? doing his high school coach routine. >> that, i did not see. >> you've been busy, too. you're in an adaptation of an agatha christie, right? >> i finished the agatha christie film in november. we shot that in england. >> you're going to time now is 8:56. lets check on our roads right now with melissa. >> hi aaron, right now, right before the 3rd tunnel, there is a crash there. >> the
8:57 am
good news on 95, that's cleared out before 198. a live look around 395, no big low up there. we'll check your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:58 am
8:59 am
good friday morning, it is still cold out there. we are talking about temperatures below freezing. we have a layer of clouds over us, should start to break up as we go through today. >> you will want to hold onto the jacket this morning. this weekend we are looking at 60s moving in. aaron. >> get our up to date news any time, just go on our nbc washington app.
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," two sizzling stars. kim catrall, and ryan egglo. and christina hendricks deals with some mad men in our new film. and it's freebie friday. you have to watch, coming up now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> i love the music. good morning. welcome to "today" on this freebie friday morning, february 17th, 2017. the beginning of a very long holiday weekend. we're listening to flo
9:01 am
we have kim cattrall and ryan eggold. anything special planned for the long weekend? >> more dancing. ideally. >> and songing. and possibly a little wine. >> yes. >> nothing wrong with that. >> and sleeping in wouldn't be too bad. >> i'm looking forward to that. sunday will be my first day off in a while. i want to let my body wake up when it wants to. you know what i mean? >> i know exactly what you mean. >> no smoothing alarm i can find on my iphone. just silence. a lot of people can relate to the fact we feel like we're juggling 8 billion things. but we've met our match with these two folks. so much going on. first of all, you have a special anniversary coming up. did you know that this week marks 30 years since the release of "mannequin." >> on valentine's day. >> i did not know that. when the
9:02 am
were coming on, i was like, "mannequin." and i was surprised i said "mannequ "mannequin" before "sex and the city." >> it was a fun thing that happened on that show because we filmed in a department store. >> you did? >> yeah. >> it wasn't like a set? >> no. and on a shoestring budget. we would go to work when the store closed. and then, we would finish work when the store opened. >> did you do nights the whole time? >> absolutely. nothing other than nights. yeah. >> talk about sleep. >> yeah. exactly. >> and the lack thereof. >> i think it's funny, too. you did the "mannequin" challenge. >> you did? can i see this? >> it's an instagram. i was shooting a commercial. and i thought what better time? there we all are. >> this is brilliant. where are you? >> at the very end is me. and i almost don't keep it
9:03 am
together. out of all of the people doing the mannequin, i was the worse mannequin. there's pat field from "sex and the city" doing the costumes. >> wait for it. >> there's, nick, my makeup artist. and there you are. wait, there she goes. >> oh. >> you blew it. >> i know. totally blew it. >> how did you get your hair like that? >> a lot of hairspray. people got better at it. people were blinking and moving. >> yes. >> and you had to wait for them to come. >> and also, that was a pose in "mannequin" i was in my 20s. i was way town on the ground. >> you're not so far down. >> i love that. >> you're pretty busy. talk to us about, you just starred in "witness for the prosecution." that's an agatha christie. >> acorn tv. it was made for bbc 1. i had never done an agatha christ christie. i alway
9:04 am
movies. so, this was a special. i play the murder victim. >> let's take a look. >> i don't like old men, leonard. i like young men. i like their company. i like their skin. i like their muscles. their musk. their gleam. their vigor, their left. and their spring. >> timeout, why was i not in consideration for the gentleman being seduced? >> you're so sweet. you're not english, first of all. >> i can do the accent, right here, right now. >> that was very good. >> is it? >> pretty good. >> that looks awesome. >> it was really, really fun. the director was the guy that did "the crown" on netflix. wonderful cast, toby
9:05 am
really good actors. i was drawn to this character because she likes younger men. but a slightly different spin on it. i saw her as someone who, at this point in her life, was quite lonely. it wasn't about proving her sexuality or who she was and empowering way. she just really wanted to find someone to spend time with. >> can understand that. >> i like the skin. skin, extrareally quickly, was year of "sensitive skin" on hbo. that wasn't planned. tell us about that quickly. >> this is a real passion project for me. it was, again, a bbc original project. and i got the rights to it. i took it to hbo canada. and we've done our second season. it's about a woman at a point in her life, asking a lot of questions. a lot of questions that kim was asking. >> like wh
9:06 am
the choices i made in my 20s. what are those going to be like in my 60s? and is this the man after 30 years of marriage that i'm still in love with? there's a crossroads that's never been examined, especially with dark humor. this "sensetive skin" was a position project. >> ryan, this is the whole thing. we are all juggling. last night, on "the blast lickl you were working on other issues. >> she probably knows something. >> not losing her son seems real. but bradenton says i can't trust her. if i tell her i'm her son, i will never get the answers i'm looking for. >> based on this, the only way you will is if you do. >> i want to know what was there to gain from me disappearing? and why was it so important that someonnf
9:07 am
and whoever wrote this, what would they possibly want? >> so good. >> so dark. so shadowy. >> you are doing it. behind the scenes, are you in the dark with the lighting behind you? >> we're in the dark. our d.p. shot that. he is making it interesting and funky like that. >> you have such heavy dialogue. i was in the school play, i would be nervous over one card. or the church play. hark. that would be enough for me. >> maybe acting was not your forte. >> you should try running lines with my mom. >> what does she do? >> my mom is not an actor. can't do the lines. >> you find someone to help you? >> not my mom. she lives too far away. i do it with my boyfriend. i do it with my friends. i'm constantly -- i'm trying to find out in the scene, what i want. >> okay. >> and each line is
9:08 am
opportunity to get what you want in the scene, from the other person. that makes it active. it's not just about memorization. it's like you have a mission in the scene. if you're busy, you're okay. >> your boyfriend, does he get in character. or is he like -- >> did he get to run the seduction scene. did you practice the seduction scene with him? >> do we know who the boyfriend is? not to be nosey. >> never kiss and tell. >> i'm right here, kim. right here. we're on tv. >> i tried. you're welcome. one more thing, a piece of breaking news. breaking news. next week, ryan is kicking off a spin-off "blacklist" redemption. >> i'm excited. a new world. it's going to be really fun. we're doing crazy stunts. and got a whole new conspiracy theory that's
9:09 am
>> do you do your own stunts? >> as much as they let me. most of the time. >> that's cool. is it the same story line to a certain expenaltent? >> we set it up on "the blacklist," as a jump point. and go down a new rabbit hole. in the future, they might weave the two together. >> "blacklist redemption" next thursday, 10:00, 9:00 central after "the blacklist." speaking about you, kim, we heard about a potential spin-off. >> there's many men in samantha's life. there's lots of role farce lot of young men. or middle aged men. >> does that mean something is coming? >> hold on, stand by. she said -- >> there are roles. >> she did. thank you, ryan. >> i need to make a call to my agent. i'll be right ba
9:10 am
here. there's been a lot of rumors. and there's always rumors. >> don't fix it now. >> don't backtrack. >> i don't want to disappoint anybody. >> all right. >> it's bubbling. it's been brewing and bubbling. >> and "sex and the city 3." >> brewing, bubbling, in the same caldron. >> more credits fr s frecrets f. we have are two serious actors. we are having you share some of the secrets. we're calling it secrets from the set. >> can we have a low glgo or a d effect? >> you take one. and you take one. >> throwing them at me. >> there you go. >> there's the music. >> it's game showish. >> do you have a secret? come on down. >> what's one thing you always request to have in your trailer?
9:11 am
>> that could mean many things. >> i actually get very -- and you get very dehydrated under the lights. lots of water. and maybe a little night cap on the way home. that's probably a coffee or something. >> okay. we'll take that. >> i'm into it. if you could guest star any tv show, what would it be? because we're talking about it, i have to say, i would like to play the guy in the new spin-off that kim's maybe doing but not diastol doing. >> he negotiates, doesn't he? >> fantastic. >> you guys talk through the commercial break. you bond. just ahead, while they bond, will there be a second date? genie bouchar goe listerine® kills 99% of bad breath germs. will there be a second date? genie bouchar goe this is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth.
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9:15 am
so, here's the thing. she picked this question out. and we need to do one more. >> we need to address this. >> this is kim cattrall and ryan eggold. >> what's more fun to film? sex scene or fight scene? >> hmm. >> i've done more of one than the other. i'll leave that up to you to guess. you know, i think they're both similar in the sense of, they're kind of -- hello. >> you're getting all riled up over there. hearing what you're going to say. >> why can't we do a fight scene and a sex scene at the same time? >> they're the same. you have to choreograph them. it's where you fall into the bed and how the guy falls on top of you. in a fight scene, you can't swing what you rehearse or someone can get hurt. someone can get hurt during a sex scene and a fight
9:16 am
>> did you get hurt during a s t once, in a love scene. >> really? >> yeah. but i was doing a really good job. >> i can't -- every follow-up question in my head, the filter, it's not coming out. go ahead. >> to piggyback on that, what's the secret to a good on-screen kiss. >> i would say toothpaste. >> scope. scope is the secret. >> it is. and just before you get there, on the set, maybe knock on your leading man or woman and say, i'm a little nervous. and i just want to know how you feel about it. and maybe put some parameters of maybe like, no -- >> no pressure. >> i'm not telling you to kiss. what would you do? >> it would look something like this. i think. >> i just met him. >> didn't happen. i was this close.
9:17 am
[002:16:59;00] >> i appreciate it. >> here we go. >> it's a morning show. >> i always wondered about that, if it would be awkward. you're acting. >> it's awkward. it's always awkward. hello, nice to meet you. and you do a bedroom scene? there's no foreplay in that situation. >> and peel are standing around. and there's a guy there. >> and is it work. >> i can only imagine. >> exhausting. >> i want to get your take on this. everybody is talk about this twitter bet. dreams do come true. genie bouchard. she agreed to go on a kate with a fan, 20-year-old college student john. this is after losing a super bowl bet to him on twitter. on wednesday -- >> a woman of her word. she lived up to her bet. and the two went to a brooklyn nets game together. apparently the pair had a good enough time that she agreed to go on a second date. take a look at this. talking to tmz. it's quick. >> you guys think there will be
9:18 am
a second date? >> for re >> you think he would really go? >> she's on this -- she's under the gun. the forsure was so quick. they look like they're having fun. >> they do. and they're adorable. >> the smiles look genuine. and that coat. >> and apparently he brought her a gift. he brought her a pair of tiffany earrings. >> that's a commitment on a first date. >> that's overkill in any book. that's terrifying. tiffany earrings. flowers is nice. >> america, do you want to go on a datei with ryan? >> absolutely. >> we make the font nice and big. and flash it. >> after my failed attempt of picking up kim on tv, maybe i
9:19 am
will get a date. good morning everybody, our warm days have out numbered cold days. 4-1 over the course of our winter. no big surprise there. today, off to a cold start this morning, temperatures upper 20s. we'll see a nice warm up today. temperatures up to 43 degrees by noon and afternoon highs with increasing sunshine later on this afternoon upper 40s and low 50s. the weekend is warmer still with highs in the 60s. up next, our big freebie friday giveaway. >> the fans on the plaza. ready for a chance to win. ready to give something for free? >> oh, yeah. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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9:23 am
it's freebie friday. national adoption weekend, petsmart is giving five lucky fans a crate full of pet essentials. we're going to go outside. see who wants one. outside then you then you. >> let's do this. >> is charlie coming? >> come on, buddy. >> part of the theme today. >> this gives me joy. >> did you change shoes? >> of course you change shoes. that was a quick change. it's cold outside. somebody is about to get really lucky. hold your breath. here we go. good morning. good morning. who wants some freebies? who wants some freebies? come on, guys. where shall we start? it's your birthday? your birthday?
9:24 am
we're going to start with you. congratulations. do you have a pet? >> who is getting this? getting one soon. hint, hint. who is next? ryan, you ready to give someone away? >> i gave mine to this young lady. >> give it back. >> she's taking it back. >> here we go. >> yay. >> how awesome you got something from kim cattrall. are you ready? i'll come over to you guys here. that's not all you've won. petsmart is also giving away $1,000 gift cards, so you can drop by a store or go to and buy a bunch of great items. for everyone watching at home, you can have a chance to win. we're giving away two more crates of pet essentials, along with the $1,000 gift cards. go to
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and don't how about that, guys? just ahead, christina h hendricks here this morning, showing off her funnyy do peoplt milk on cereal? why does your tummy go "grumbily, grumbily, grumbily"? no more questions for you! ooph, that milk in your cereal was messing with you, wasn't it? try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. good, right? mmm, yeah.
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lactaid. the milk that doesn't mess with you. here we go. $1,000. ñ stefani, just over oneiúr week ago. guilty last moó)bk of taking inappropriate pictures of women on his cell phone. >> we'll take a break right now,
9:27 am
9:28 am
ch1 after we come back, stay with god morniod morning everybo cold start for the day, those clouds should take leave shortly. temperatures upper 20s and low 30s now. we'll get into the upperú" around 50 degrees this afternoon. much milder weather returns for
9:29 am
the weekend. the mild pattern continues all degrees or warmer. >> where did february go? >> good question, chuck? i love it. get the latest news any time on our nbc washington app.
9:30 am
we'll see you in 25 minutes for updates. ♪ she is a six-time emmy-nominated star for her role as joan in her tv drama "mad men." and christina hendricks is showing she can hang with the big boys again. >> christina stars in the comedy "fistfight" with ice cube and charlie day. >> she plays miss monet, who does whatever it takes to take town another teacher. take a look. >> i heard you challenged mr. campbell to a fistfight. why? >> a man's got to do what a man's got to do. >> well, i disagree. >> why is that?
9:31 am
>> your fist is solve the problem. you need a knife. >> i love it. >> don't mess with christina. >> can you show me how to do the knife thing? >> i practiced all morning in my trailer. i knew i was supposed to have a knife. and they're like, it's a butterfly knife. i don't know how to do that. i sat in my trailer, hour after hour. >> that's much more difficult than a sex scene. >> i think so. >> and more dangerous. >> i know how to do the other one already. >> yeah. >> talk about your role in "fistfight." we had ice cube here not too long ago. it seemed like this was something that everybody could dig into. >> like an ensemble piece. >> we didn't go back to our trailers. we hung out. we were in a high school. you walk in and you get that feeling that you had when you
9:32 am
were in high school. i was like, immediately. >> you were never a nerd. >> i was. for sure. we would hang out in the music room and the gym between and listened to other people -- tracy morgan being hilarious. we hung out together. it was fun. >> it is so much fun shooting a comedy. >> we need comedies. >> our director says, a lot of people want to laugh and punch someone. so, this is -- >> this is the perfect combination. >> a good, good film for that. >> yeah. what was it like working with ice cube? he seems like a badass. how is that? >> he's a badass. i will not lie that i was intimidated when he walked in the room. and he has a strong presence. and everyone is, like, just pays respect. >> and then, he's supernice and sweet and welcoming and cool. >> when he's here in the studio, you just don't mess with him. and he gives you that smile. you're like, okay.
9:33 am
it's ok yeah. >> talk about the film in general. it's the last day of school. and the seniors, they're doing pranks. and then, what happens? >> you think it would be about kids fighting. that's the take normally. this is a twisty i where ice cu plays a teacher. and charlie day plays a teacher. and they have a conflict. and the entire movie is charlie day scrambling, trying to get out of this horrific scenario that he's been put in. >> the setup of those two fighting is awesome. >> it took days? >> i think we shot the fight scene for eight days. >> from all of the different angles. >> and we had amazing background actors from atlanta. enthusiastic and professional.
9:34 am
they kept us all going. they were i was talking to these two, they have 8 billion apiece. do you have 12 billion, as well? >> ish. i just finished "tin star" with tim roth that i finished for sky atlantic. and off to the next. >> nice. >> cheers to you, christina. >> can we cheers? >> i got water in my cup. >> straight vodka. >> and "fistfight" is now in thut theaters. there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. with the laughing cow's nine flavorful varieties of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. and now, you can take our creamy cheese with no artificial preservatives,
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you should call your mom. bye. campbell's. made for real, real life. ♪ it smells good in here. this week on "today food, woo" e whipping up decadent desserts. >> today, we have two you want to be part of our recipe book.
9:39 am
this is our gorgeous -- >> you don't you can just talk about how cute i am. >> okay. we're doing a chocolate cobbler. and it is fantastic. >> chocolate cobbler? >> we're going to start -- we will start with this pan. you, it's going to go in the oven. it has to be as hot as the hinges of hell. it has to be that hot. >> that sounds hot. >> we're going to melt our butter in here. we have self-rising flour. it has to be self-rising flour to make this crust. >> i like to get busy. >> when i think of cobbler, i think of the dough. this isn't th at, right? >> exactly. it's not. once we mix that, we're going to take that and pour it over -- you're doing good. doing good. >> what a workout. >> exactly. we're going to pour the dough over the top, which is great. >> get that right in? >> you're going fine. we're going to take that over
9:40 am
the >> melted butter. >> oh. >> and spread it around. we want the butter to get all the way through. >> of course. >> now, we're sifting our cocoa and sugar. and we go with really hot water. isn't that nice? that's one cup of hot water. it will go into a 350-degree p oven. and we will pull it out. cherry ice cream because that's what i love. >> you put cherry ice cream. >> we have to get fruit in our diet. >> i like the size of this spoon. >> oh, stop it. >> i'm telling you. who needs fruit in their cobbler. >> that's life. >> it's good. >> if you like that, you're going to love that. peanut butter banana pudding. >> look at the ingredients. >> it's simple.
9:41 am
we're custard. we're going to use a little bit n whipped topping. i'm supposed to be a chef. i should be making my own. >> i have three kids at home. >> a chef needs to cut corners, too. >> why not? and add a little bit of sour dre cream. this is our pudding layer. and now, we have our softened butter. and we're going to add peanut butter and our powdered sugar to that. that's our moose layer. we're going to start here. i'm going to let you start building these. we did the minimason jars. or doing in a trifle. >> one layer at a time. >> and peanut butter cookies in the middle. with the bananas. >> thank you so much. should we try this one? >> yes. seriously.
9:42 am
>> where did ryan go? he was going to try it. ryan? >> get down to the peanut butter. >> where is ryan? ryan, where are you? >> there he is. what are you doing, ryan? >> he is wishing he is up here with the pudding. look at him. >> oh, boy. oh, boy. >> it's our producer's birthday, adam miller. >> stop. we need some candles. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> i love that. >> yeah, man. >> happy birthday. >> that's sweet. >> oh. >> now, we get desserts. >> yeah. blow them out. >> happy birthday, adam. >> come on and get the last one. >> we have to do them all. >> now, you can't tell me i have to move on because he's too busy. >> exactly.
9:43 am
>> to get the recipes, go to temperatures in the mid-30s right now. in if afternoon, we are talking about temperature in the low 50s today. right now we are cloudy but through the afternoon, we'll see more sunshine. tomorrow, upper 60s. 65 on sunday, early chance ofx ébnseasonably warm, very nice this weekend. >> this is naughty. >> i'm making this at home. coming up, we'll make the most of your presidents day holiday the movies and the sales, to entertainment for your kids. your weekend planned out, c that's why i use excedrin. it starts to relieve migraine pain in just 30 minutes. and it works on sensitivity to light, sound, even nausea, all of it.
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ♪ we are kicking off a long holiday weekend. let's make the most of it. first up, fun ideas to keep your kids busy, from meredith sinclair, the author of "well played: the ultimate guide to awakening your family's playful spirit." we have a lot to do. >> this is something i want to do with the kids. >> there is nothing more fun than bubble wrap. this is superfun.
9:48 am
this is josh. your kids bubble wrapped feet. and let's stomp paint. >> easy. >> stomp painting. we love it. put a tarp down on your floor. and let them go to town. >> i was going to ask you. you don't get it on the floor. >> is that fun, josh? >> and you can put it on a rolling pin. let them roll. this is what i love. called play tape. it has a hot wheels theme. henry, you can play with your cars. >> you make this bragreat. kids can create their tracks. my boys love hot wheels. this is right on the ground. >> i have to tell you. i stopped getting them because of the tracks all over the
9:49 am
place. >> perfect. >> amy is helping us create lincoln log cabins for presidents day weekend. >> learn a little something. >> we used a cartons. and she's going to put different pretzels. the logs, the windows and the doors. really fun for kids. >> i want lunch. eat your log cabin. >> this is a really fun activity. i've used dining room table and some yarn to create a maze. and go find all of the 5s. go find multiples of ten. >> you're learning. >> i have kim and ryan, mom of the year down here. if i did this, i would be good for the rest of the year. what do you have upstairs?
9:50 am
>> hey, sheinelle. we're up here with fandango witherspoon. he's going to show us the hot movies to see this weekend. >> good morning. >> thanks for being here. can we talk about this film "lego batman"? >> this is a great movie. there's so many films you take to go see. actually love to see we can go see it again this weekend. >> and $55.6 million it brought in. and you sit back and say, who is that voice? it's a guessing game of who is talking right now. such a great film. i think it will hold up strong. >> what else do you recommend? >> after that "fifty shades darker." >> that's for the adults. >> that's a kids' movie, i believe. >> you're dangerous. >> this is for the adults. i think it was more emotional. so many more layers.
9:51 am
and so many great drama scenes. if credits, you snippet of "fifty shades freed." the countdown has began. going to be a strong contender this weekend. >> this one is a great. based on the broadway musical. it's a film from the broadway show. they filmed the show. yes. the show was on the stage 2012. took home two tony awards. now, in theaters. it's a great way for families to see a broadway show at a fraction of the police. so much momentum and adrenaline all there in the theater. >> it sounds great. >> that's awesome. we have to throw it back to sheinelle for a little shopping. forget black friday. according to shop it to me, presidents day weekend has better sales. we are here with the deals you need to look out for. where do we shop first? >> first of all, mattresses. they're a great thing to buy
9:52 am
because up to 65% off on mattresses. this is comfortpeddic by beauty rest. on sale for $520. >> and 60% off. you should change them every seven years? >> it's springtime. get a new mattress. rugs, a great way tchange the look of a room. furniture, check this out. way, up to 70% off. this bed, under $170. >> no. with the back board? >> super fancy. >> how about tvs? >> 35% to 50% off. >> p.c. richard is having up to 25 pro 25% off on the tvs. this 50-inch tv is under $500. and best buy has great deals. electronics, appliances, under 35% off.
9:53 am
over 35% and jcpenney trouble top stuff. the kurig and the knnutra bulle. they're trying to get rid of the old inventory and bring new stuff. shop until you drop. >> thanks to yvette for saving you money. we're back in a moment. but first, this is "today" on
9:54 am
nbc. everything's on sale,
9:55 am
now during havertys presidents day event. can we thank our new best friends, kim catrall and ryan eggold for being here. the new anchor team. >> i got it. >> see what this show does?
9:56 am
9:57 am
you bond. coming up on monday, tony p]coñ 9:57 is your time now this friday, we are still on the suitlandcjcñ parkway. the crash happened after 3:00 a.m. you can see it ended on its
9:58 am
side. >> now, with clouds around for the moment. we'll see breaks. milder, 52 degrees for high temperatures then we go through your week, take a look at the unseasonably warm temperatures in store on saturday.ñygñ 68 degrees, sunday at 65. even if you have monday off, look at that, still mild and 63 degrees and staying mild next week. >> loving it sheena. >> thank you. we'll be back for
9:59 am
10:00 am
day. . from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. welcome. it's try day friday. it's february 17th. we're so happy you're here with us today. hoda is on a well deserved vacation, so look who is here. super model and swimsuit -- oh, my gosh -- extraordinaire christi brinkley, and that is "walking in my sleeve" with andrew mcmahon and the wilderness. how are you, christie? >> it's so much fun to be here. >> i don't think you have ever co-hosted with us. >> no, never.


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