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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 1, 2014 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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on the maryland shore. five people were hurt. three had to be air lifted to johns hopkins. this happened in ocean times in the far from ocean city. a viewer took those pictures. police are working to find out w what led to the explosion p. many of you were happy to find that the concert was dry and free. organizers decided not to take any chances with last night's storms. everybody was moved inside the kennedy center. this year's concert celebrated broadway classics. nicole parker and christopher johnson sang songs from wicked and les mis. >> definitely did not put a damper on the spirits because still a good crowd came out. and today, we're talking about
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the heat wave that is continuing. >> yes, it got to the mid-90s with the steamy humidity. and the humidity is still with us. storm team 4 radar getting one shower here just south of clinton and southern prince george's county, that is tracking off to the north and east. not a thunderstorm, just a little shower there. otherwise across northern virginia, a few sprinkles in loudoun, fairfax, prince william, fauquier and a few sprinkles with us maybe off and on for another couple of hours. right now temperatures are in the low to mid-70s most of the region and we have a lot of humidity in the air, but not much fog. mid-70s away the bay and eastern shore. for today, your weather story for the rest of the day, it will be a short sleeve labor day. lots of heat and steamy afternoon. humidity will be lingering into the afternoon. and some scattered storms are likely developing later this afternoon between generally around 3:00 p.m. to maybe as late as 7:00 p.m.. a look at the timing on that with the storm team 4 future
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weather here as we get into the afternoon, looks like the best time this area in green, scattered storms from the pennsylvania border into northern extra have a, right around washington. and then 3:00 to 6:00, they track off south and east. only slight chance of any damaging wind. a look at the changes on the way next 24 hours next weather and traffic on the 1s. melissa, how are the roads? >> looking pretty good, but looking at the weather, we'll have to be careful as folks head back into town after the labor day weekend when we have some of the rain around the commuting time. 66 at 95, looking good this morning. prince george's county side of the roadways, no problems there. beltway at river road, moving right along. beltway at branch avenue, no problems. and we'll take a look at the top of the beltway coming up when i see you next at 4:41. a hiker is dead this morning after he was found trapped under a huge boulder in montgomery county. that hiker was on offutt island.
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county rescue crews tried to help the man, but the storms were an obstacle. >> our crews had to seek shelter. we protected the victim, eight remained on the scene while others sought shelter. >> investigators are still trying to figure out how he got trapped. d.c. police want your help to find whoever was behind a murder this weekend. they are offering as much as $25,000. someone shot willard shelton of alexandria sunday morning on pomeroy road southeast off of stanton road. right now there is no information on a suspect. if you have any information call d.c. police. and i'm following a developing story out of el paso, texas. two teens fell more than 12 feet from an amusement park ride. take a look at the he picture we just got off twitter. the teens are in serious
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condition this morning. this accident happened just after 10:00 last night. as you can see, there is a firefighter there that rescued another person who was stranded. we are working to find out how all of this happened and the exact kind of carnival ride involved. back to you. police in anne arundel county are hoping someone comes forward with information as they try to solve a murder at a popeye's chicken. the victim's name is luzviminda monreal. she worked the night shift there on saturday. the popeye's manager found her body in the back storage room. right now they don't have a motive for the murder. there is a growing memorial for a montgomery county high school student killed in a tragic car accident.
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se sean gahawn gangloff died. the car hit a tree and light pole and rolled over. grief counselors will be at sherwood high school to help them deal with the loss. >> it happens to spb who you know who has been a teammate of my son's for several years. it's very difficult. the other family, also, they have been a teammate of my son's. and so it's very difficult even to comprehend. >> the other two boys in the car are still in the hospital with serious injuries. police are still trying to figure out what caused the car to go off the road and into the tree. virginia former first couple could face decades in prison depending on their verdict which a jury will begin to decide tomorrow. right now, everyone in bob mcdonnell's trial is on an extended break for labor day. prosecutors saying mcdonnell and his wife traded police favors for more than $150,000 in gifts
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from businessman johnnnie will s williams. defense lawyers say williams' testimony sun reliable and that the couple's marriage was too broken for them to conspire together. starting today, you'll want to make sure you throw your trash away in the right areas if you're caught dumping trash where it shouldn't be, you'll be hit with a hefty fine in the district. police will be ready to happened out a $75 ticket to pedestrians who litter, that program including the entire district today. you'll be fined for dumping trash in both public and private areas. this also applies to throwing trash in water ways. if you or a passenger tosses it out a window, you'll be slapped with a $100 ticket. roads will be packed tomorrow as kids go back to school. why the growing number of distracted drivers has many worried about their safety in a school zone. and we're seeing scattered showers right now. our storm team is break do you think the day by the hour to show you the chances you'll see rain with your weather and rain with your weather and traffic on the 1 t n the 1s at
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now you'll be able to see rg3 anytime you go to baylor university pft qb's alma mater
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unveiled a statue of him this weekend. robert griffin iii was there to speak. take of course he's preparing for washington's first real game on sunday. from the redskins over to the rails, metro will continue it track work. bethesda and medical center stations rye main closed on the red line, buses will operate. the stations reopen tomorrow morning. and metro is on a sunday schedule. stations open up at 7:00 a.m. and close at midnight. off peak fares are in effect all day and parking is free at all metro garages. if you're still looking for something to do for the labor day holiday, some options here for you. there is a parade for the family in gaithersburg. you will see that along east diamond and russell avenue. in herndon, you can head to the annual labor day festival at noon. there will be a craft show, wine tasting and food vendors. in kensington, the 47th annual
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parade there begins at 10:00. that will step off from st. paul street and plyers mill road. >> a lot of people going on around town and everybody wants to know what is going on with the weather. >> tom, what are you seeing? >> see something clouding some producing a few scattered sprinkles around the region. now getting those across northern virginia and a few scattered sprinkles southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore. they had one thunder shower there crossing the bay. the another one south of charlottesville, heading toward fredericksburg, another half hour or so away from getting there. loudoun county oi, prince willi fauquier. temperatures right now are in the low to mid-70s. it is a steamy morning with the thick humidity in the air. 77 now at reagan national.
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by 8:00, still in the mid-70s. p about a 30% chance of a sprinkle or light shower coming through. and then by noon, partly sunny, very humid, hiding the low 90s mid to late afternoon. 40% chance of storms coming on through. next 24 hours by this time tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, mid-70s. but still steamy. a look at our rain chances the rest of the week next weather and traffic on the 1s. melissa, any problems early on? we still have the crash 70 eastbound, but one lane open at main street. the cleanup is happening right now. so one lane open. you can get by it. nothing else is being diverted. wider look, you can see we look quite good. 66, 95, no problems there. belt way at colesville moving right along. and 95 at gordon looks good, as well. i'll be back with a look at 270. many of you will be grilling out this afternoon to celebrate
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the labor day holiday. but we're going to show you why you should expect to pay more for the food you'll be serving up this year. first, though, protecting kids as they head to school. why distracted drivers are
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as your kids head to the bus top tomorrow, you'll want to know that they will be safe. >> and a big concern is distracted drivers around buses and schools. chris clackum tells us what you you should know about the growing problem. >> reporter: watch what happens last may when a school bus in minnesota stops to pick up a student. a semi-truck flies past the bus' lowered stop arm and flashing lights on the highway shoulder headed right toward alexis.
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>> he couldn't stop, so i just backed up a little . >> there is nothing but bust and i thought she was dead. all of a sudden her little face appeared. >> reporter: truck driver turned himself in, reportedly admitting to being distracted. it's an example of what school transportation experts say is a sudden surge in dangerous driving in school zones or around school buses. that they blame mostly on distracted drivers. >> in 2013, 2 million more drivers passed school bus stop arms than they did in 2011. there is no question that distracted driving plays a role. >> reporter: much of that information is coming from school bus drivers and backed up by on-board video like this there west virginia, where the bus driver blows his horn, yells at the drivers oblivious to the bus. the third wloe to warn a student almost before it's too late.
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>> there are more than 100 children killed and more than 25,000 injured every year in collisions that occur or accidents that occur during the process of getting to or from school. >> reporter: charles with american traffic solutions who sets up cameras on buses and in school zones to catch violators and that is helping. but school and safety officials across the country are searching for anything to help reduce distracted driving everywhere especially around schools. chris clackum, nbc news. a lot of your kids head back to school tomorrow and you can find plenty of stories to get ready for the big day on just search back to school. and of course watch news 4 today tomorrow morning for our live team coverage of back to school in northern virginia. our northern virginia reporter david culver will join us along with transportation reportered a democrat tuesday
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ed a democrat tuesday adam tuss to help you get around. new projectiles fired off by north korea and landed in waters off the northeast coast. is this the latest this what is being described as an unusually large number of missiles and rockets test launched this year. it came just days after the north refused to take part in the asian games in south korea. back to you. latest on the crisis in iraq. the u.s. military says it has carried out two more air strikes against isis targets in the northern part of that country. the air strikes were carried out by fighter skrets an unmanned drones. it brings the total number of air strikes across iraq since august 8 to 120. coast guard has suspended its search for a pilot who blacked out and crashed his plane off the coast of virginia. search teams found the engine and wheel, but say there is
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little chance of finding anything else. the small plane left wisconsin and scheduled to land in manassas, but at one point veered off course. investigators say it flew in restricted air space over d.c. and air men cop firm the pilot was the only one on board and was unconscious. they followed the plane until it ran out of gas. it crashed into the atlantic ocean. the plane is registered to a man from wisconsin. prince william county is facing a nearly $6 million budget shortfall. the "washington post" reports the county ended the last fiscal year $5.9 million in the red. county officials say the shortfall is due to a tax relief program for disabled veterans. they also blame the government shutdown and lower sales and property tax revenues. the shortfall will be covered by a reserve fund. we're entering day two of the heat wave, this so-called heat wave, which is so we're
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because it's the unofficial end of summer. >> we talked about how it was such a mild summer and now we're getting high are numbers. i don't know if it's extreme. >> time to pay the piper. >> today is the first day of meteorological autumn and it will feel more like the height of summer. mid-90s yesterday. today maybe not quite as hot. more clouds around. right now storm team 4 radar showing the moving color on your screen, that is mostly just scattered light rain showers moving from the southwest heading northeast. right now getting one thundershower there just to the northeast of charlottesville. that is on a track to get maybe a little closer to fredericksburgoff the next hour or two. but no severe weather this morning. just a few scattered sprinkles around northern virginia, maryland. and there is the cloudy sky over northwest right now. a live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. there is friendship heights and there is bethesda off in the distance.
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tenleytown right there. and we have the clouds with us at reagan national where it's at 77, dew point very steamy at 71. all around the region, low to mid-70s from the shenandoah valley all the way to the bay and eastern shore. and for this labor day, we will have some hazy sunshine through the middle of the afternoon. but much of the morning, cloudy, in the mid-70s. maybe a passing sprinkle between now and around 10:00. and then sunshine breaks out noontime, mid-80s. jumping to the low 90s by mid to late afternoon. and then by then 3:00 to 6:00, an isolated thunderstorm could roll through. probably not as severe as yesterday. just a small chance of that. here are the rain chances going forward over the next seven days. pretty good chance today. then a lower chance on tuesday, maybe tuesday evening. then probably no rain around on wednesday, thursday. then chances increase again as we get into friday and saturday over the weekend, a likelihood of shall showers and storms
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coming through. back to work and school tomorrow morning with all the heavy traffic around, we'll be in the mid-70s in the morning. most of the day should be dry. highs mid-90s and partly cloudy. so really hot day. and very humid. then storms coming this during the evening. and then sunshine back and turning less humid and cooler wednesday, thursday. getting humid again on friday into the weekend. could get scattered storms friday, saturday, and perhaps on sunday, as well. melissa is looking any problems on this holiday morning. looking pretty good. thumbs up right now. let's hope it stays this way. 270 at falls road, live picture there. no problems. beltway at landover also looking quite good. no issues there. wider look at things, you can see lots of green here on the screen. no problems anywhere. and of course there shouldn't be this time of morning. prince george's county side of the roadway, branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue, 301, everything looking quite good there.
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and then bw parkway into and out of town moving right along, as well. remember to follow us on twit r twitter @first4traffic. we've all heard a glass of wine can help your heart, but we'll show you why it may only work if it includes something else this your routine. >> but first, costly cookout? a look at what is driving up the cost of your backyard barbecue and what you can expect to spend today. and excitement is building for the new iphone. we'll show you the features people like you want apple to include in this new device.
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is going to be more expense suffer. s expensive. you may want to avoid pork. it costs 10 more. beef prices are up 7%. chicken went only up by 3%. shrimp lovers, this may hurt. you're paying 50% more for shrimp than you did four years ago. wow. >> outside of that, apparently at least part of the population is drinking less beer. so beer prices don't seem to be going up like everything else. so if you're a beer drinker -- >> yeah, drink up. also on that list, which isn't surprising, but avocados with the drought that they're experiencing out in california, a lot of people like guacamole. they said from 2013 to this this point, 15% increase and they think that that number is only going to rise. on another note, did you know 818 hot dogs per secretary have been eaten between memorial day andab


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