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tv   Today  NBC  November 30, 2013 7:00am-8:31am EST

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breaking overnight. a helicopter crash in a big city. a helicopter as much as into a popular pub there. rescuers looking for victims this morning. we are live on the scene. speaking out. a first look at the american veteran being held as a prisoner in north korea. authorities say he is allegedly confessing to crimes in the korean war. some fights break out on black friday with retailers opening early and retailers hoping black friday brings a lot of green. this saturday, november 30th,
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"today." from nbc, this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> i'm lester holt. welcome to "today." >> i'm erica hill. alongside dylan dreyer and andrea canning in for jenna today. a chopper crashed on a crowded pub on the river bank there. our top story. int debbie, she is live where the chopper went down. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, scotland's first minister has described this a black day for scotland. we are coming to terms of what happened here in the center of glasgow last night.
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a very well-known pub on the banks of the river. last night it was packed with about 120 people listen to go a local band then around about half past 10:00, a bang and a helicopter came crashing in through the roof. panic, of course, set in and people started running towards the doors as a wall of dust and debris started to engulf them. passing by at that time was a local member of parliament jim murphy. >> there was just people pouring out of the pub and there was dust seemed to be coming up from nowhere. almost like a human chain and there was people much deeper into the pub and trying to pass injured people out and all you did was grab the person that was given to you and pass them on to the next person. >> reporter: work has continued
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here throughout the night. firefighters saying they still believe people are trapped inside there and describing that operation as meticulous and methodical and say it will continue until everything and everyone is safe. meanwhile, we have been told to brace ourselves for the news that the death toll here will rise. only one confirmed death at the moment. 32 people injured. some of them seriously being treated in hospitals around glasg glasgow. some of the relatives of those who don't know what happened to them have started to gather here at the site. i just spoken to one man who believes his father has died inside. he is still waiting for news. at the moment, of course, the investigation will start and throughout the course of today but we want to try to get more information and make sure those still entrapped inside can be rescued. >> that is priority number one at this point. debbie edward, thank you. >> i was reading accounts of people inside the dust came from the ceiling and didn't realize what was happening and making jokes about maybe the band is
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rocking the house and then the ceiling came down. >> an awful scene. andrea canning has more of other stories we are following today. a four people killed in a plane crash near st. mary's alaska. pilot was among those killed and authorities did not give an update on the condition of the survivors. federal investigators say the single engine plane was travel from bethel to st. marys. 85-year-old u.s. world veteran merrill newman whob healed captain in contrary more than a month that apologized for alleged crimes during the korean war. >> north korea is retaining
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merrill newman for war crimes during the korean war during the '50s. video was relieved on state tv showing newman reading his alleged confession. in it, the 85-year-old man from california reportedly a hpogi a. it was dated november th and said he was guilty of a long list of indelible crimes against north korea. newman was in north korea legally as a tourist on a nine-day trip and held captain tip since october 26th when he was taken off a plane by authorities when he was heading home. other american war vets have visited the country in the past without any problems. now that he has gone through this confession, many believe there could be a possibility of his release but, at this moment, he is still being held prisoner. >> eunice, thank you. the u.s. has apologized for an air strike in afghanistan
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that killed a child. nato officials say the attack took place thursday in afghanistan's heldman procvince. u.s. and afghanistan are working toward a security agreement that would keep american groups in afghanistan beyond 2014. montana is fighting to get a former high school teacher back behind bars after he served one month for the rape of a 14-year-old girl. prosecutors filed an appeal with the state supreme court friday saying the 31-day term stacy dean rambold served did not meet the mandatory sentence and they are pushing for a ten-year sentence. the month-long case in this case drew criticism and so did the judge who imposed it. if this thief might have a nickname it might be slippery fingers. police in florida were able to
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nab this robber. you can see him at a convenience store counter. his gun falls to the floor while stuffing chewing gum and beer into plastic bags and the bag breaks! he is so focused on picking up the stolen goodses, he doesn't even notice the police have showed up. he takes off running but is quickly captured. another one for the dumb criminal reel? >> i think so. next time, bring a reasonable shopping bag. >> paper or plastic is on my mind. >> andrea, thank you. dylan is here with a check of your holiday weekend forecast. i'm hoping it is a good one. >> it is a good one. now we know how you're going to rob a store. >> yes! >> that is erica's secret. it is nice and quiet and dirch the way the holiday travel weekend started. we are just looking at some cold temperatures running about 10 to almost 20 degrees below average in the northeast. but in the northwest, not too bad. we are running 5 to 15 degrees
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above average. sacramento nine degrees above average. into the week the warm air out west will move east. watch what happens. by the time we get into friday, we will see a nice mild forecast for the east coast but look at how cold it gets across the plains and into the i'm storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal in for chuck bell this morning. 29 degrees right now. the wind chill in the low 20s. throughout the day today we'll remain chilly. a high temperature of only 41 degrees and early morning sunshine will give way to mostly cloudy skies. low temperatures tonight in the 30s and 20s across the area. for tomorrow, warmer, a high temperature of 47 degrees and partly sunny skies. mostly cloudy tuesday and wednesday. that is your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks. the holiday shopping season is upon us and retailers across the country are hoping to bring
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in a lot of green after big crowds packed the stores on thanksgiving and black friday. kristen dahlgren is at the macy's in herald square in new york. pretty crazy out there this morning, kristen? >> you know what, lefter in i think the crowds are at home haepg. macy's hopes things pick up for a busy saturday. the first year ever that macy's opened on thanksgiving and the ceo said they did a brisk business. about 15,000 shoppers waiting outside of this store. overall, black friday this year, we did see those usual scuffles. the fist fights and elbows flying in pennsylvania. one woman suspected of using a stun gun in a fight with another shopper. but, overall, the prevailing view, other than those incidents, is really that this was a pretty calm black friday. stores getting better at
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organizing those lines doing things like handing out the bracelets for the people that are in line early, and so, overall, the thought was that in a lot of places yesterday, it looked just like a normal shopping day before the holidays. that could also be because a lot of people chose to forego the stores and decided to shop online. walmart says thursday was its heaviest traffic ever on its website. sales were up 35% and a lot of people shopping online and national retail federation expecting 362 billion and we have to wait until tomorrow to get how the thanksgiving thursday and black friday were. >> thanks. regina lewis is a contributor for "usa today." great to have you here. >> thank you. >> i know typically the retailers like to use historical comparisons this year to last year. but the fact that some stores open thanksgiving is that all out the door? >> i think thanksgiving is a factor. it has emerged and the single
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fastest growing online shopping day. also informs a lot of offline purchases. if you go to a company's website and then ultimately go to their store the next day you are far more likely to make a purchase so it has a lot of influence on a lot of fronts. also websites for the big retailers looking at macy's, macy's cocaine is a equivalent of their flagship or top performing store by about 10%. >> do that encourage you to go online the brick and mortar store? >> if you have a website built and have a good deal of shipping, that goes straight to my bottom line. if i can get you in the stockholder you're more likely to make other purchases. >> i'm wondering fountain terms of black friday and cybermonday are chaotic. leach have gone online already. have we seen the tippingoint more shopping online than in stores? >> it represents only 10% but
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it's growing at an exponential rate. a high-speed computer is now in your pocket. i think the cyberpart comes out. on monday is the key because it's a short season and people say, it's already december 2nd! >> i came in this morning and i panicked and realize this is not the amount of time we have in the past. what does that mean? will people be more anxious and spend more is that the hope? >> sure. these were designed to create a sense of urgency. the panic there are six fewer days and suddenly when it's december 2nd, you start to feel that. plus you're coming out of the holiday weekend and you're comparing notes with family and friends. what are you getting the kids? that sounds good. what are you getting your spouse? you have all of that data in your head. >> if you want to find the best deals between now and the 5th how do you time it? >> i think hot ticket items will potentially sell out and no risk. if you're shopping with a credit card buy it now and if it goes down in price let your credit card know and they have to refund you the difference. >> important news.
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regina lewis, thanks very much. end of november deadline to fix the health websi >> the website will work better than than it worked on october 1st. the majority of people who used it will be able to see and operate the way it was supposed to. >> john harwood is cnbc chief washington correspondent. at 8:00 a.m. eastern time the website is scheduled to be back online. how do we know it's working as it's supposed to as the president said? >> we won't and nobody really will be able to take a global assessment. the administrations will see what it sees.ry will see from its perspective. but we're left with a little bit of guesswork. it's murky deadlines.
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the president said in that clip you just played, erica, it will work much better or other administration officials say for the vast majority of people, they will have a much better experience. that is designed to be ambiguous enough to withstand whatever anecdotes come up from people who said, hey, i tried to logon and enroll in insurance and i couldn't get through. the ultimate test is at the end of the month when people are trying to sign up for coverage that is -- takes effect on january 1st. that is one critical first deadline. then the enrollment period through the end of next march. if the administration can hit targets to make those exchanges financially viable, that is ultimately how we are going to know it's going to work. >> you mentioned the deadline for coverage beginning on january 1st and that is three weeks december 23rd. as we look at how this has affected the president, as we know, gull lup showing his approval numbers at an all-time low at 42%. in an interview this week, he says he is confidence health care will be a legacy he is
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extraordinarily proud of. can he put this rollout behind him? >> he can if he makes these exchanges viable and if he makes works and makes the affordable care act ultimately be seen as a successful enterprise. look. millions of people are being added to medicaid. that is something that has already happened. you have changes in the insurance market and people can keep their kids on through the age of 26. but if you don't have a situation where those people uninsured or those people who have been insured with plans on the individual market, which are now -- that don't comply with the affordable care act that he is a black mark and taken a toll on his approval ratings and inhibits his ability to get other things done and a long road to go before he can be comfortable this legacy will be secure. >> thank you, john harwood. >> you bed. a criminal case is 70 years
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old and the justice system is taking a second look at it. it voverls the youngest person ever to be executed in the 20th century in the united states. george stiny jr. in in the '40s was convicted of a criminal advocates say he didn't commit. there is an effort on the way to clear his name. here is mark potter. >> reporter: the events of leading to the execution of george stiny jr. began in the tiny mill town of this town in south carolina. in march of 1944, two white girls, ages 11 and 7, were beaten to death while picking wildflowers along the railroad tracks separating the white and black sections of town. historian george fryarson. >> their bodies were found in a creek bed in this area andhey had been brutally murder. >> reporter: soon affidavits, george was arrest and claim he gave an oral confession.
7:17 am
his family moved out of town and ray brown who is producing a movie about the case, says the real killer got away and the trial was a sham. >> it was a situation where he clearly was railroaded, you know? there was no evidence. nobody can find anything. >> reporter: the trial lasted just two hours. the jury only took ten minutes to convict and stinney was sn s sentenced to tie. he was represented by a lawyer who never put on a case and never attacked the state's case and never filed an appeal which would have delayed the execution by a year. just 83 days after his arrest, stinney weighing only 95 pounds was strapped into the electric chair and put to death. but now a south carolina law firm has filed a motion seeking a new trial, which, if granted, could clear stinney's name. >> it would be difficult if not
7:18 am
imapplausable for george stinney to have done what the government said he did. >> reporter: the motion claims there is no criminal evidence and no written record of the confessions and no evidence and no trial transcript. george's brother and sister both still alive say he was with the family at the time of the killings. >> you had a virtual mob outside the courthouse putting the pressure on this jury because they weren't there to to see george trial. they were there to see him convicted. >> reporter: stinney's body rests in an unmarked grave in this baptist cemetery. advocates hope at the end of the year, he'll get a new day in court. for "today," mark potter, nbc, manning, south carolina. shifting gears now to look at your health. when you go to the doctor,
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chances are it's the two of you in the examining room. maybe you have a family member or a nurse there at some point. what if was not just you, the pa patient, but a whole group of patients in there? dr. nancy snyderman explains, it could be the office visit of the future. >> right now, you don't have anything to worry about. >> reporter: flowers and even refreshments and this isn't clear a typical doctor's visit. it might be the model for the quality of health care. it's a shared medical appointment. for as many as 15 people with similar health issues all at once. >> it's a bang for your buck. there is value. you have extra time, extra information, extra resources, extra understanding. >> reporter: while a typical checkup lasts 15 to 30 minutes, a patient can have a shared medical appointment as long as two hours all for the same cost
7:20 am
as a traditional visit. here is how it works. after a one-on-one physical exam with the doctor, everyone signs a privacy agreement. >> over 55. >> reporter: then the group meets to discuss test results. >> we really need to work on getting that lower. >> reporter: ask questions. and share idea about wellness and prevention and nutrition. >> it's just peanuts and oil. >> there's a lot of things that we share today with our health that are very good and that gives me a very good feeling of a healthy community. >> you hear other people's comments and other people's questions and you might even learn something you might not even thought of asking. >> reporter: the shared appointments program here is catching across the country as hospital struggle with limited resources. with the growing aging population and the expected surge in new patients insured under the affordable care act some think we knee more doctors.
7:21 am
by the year of 2020 it's estimated the u.s. will face a shortage of more than 91,000 physicians. >> a very low hdl. >> reporter: on this day, one doctor saw double the number she usually can. giving patients who started the day as strangers, to work toward the common goal of better health. for "today," dr. nancy snyderman, nbc news, new york. still to come, first, the brooklyn nets coach. then the pittsburgh steelers head man caught in coaching controversies. are they going too far to help their teams win games? first, though, this is "today" on nbc. .
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this week we have seen a question of questions about the coaches in the professional sports world who may or may not have been trying to help their team. some are calling these underhanded moves during their games. >> the first case, the nfl is deciding whether to discipline
7:24 am
pittsburgh steelers coach mike tomlin for a sideline infraction and in the nba, the new jersey nets coach jason kidd was fined for allegedly spilling a drink on the floor. dylan? >> neither team won, the first disclaimer here. the coaches, it was all for not trying to cheat their team to a win. first take a look at the steelers and listen to the commentary coming this. >> he is glancing over his shoulder but you can see he kind of did force jacoby jones back into the middle. a little mission accomplished, almost. he is snickering. my man, he's a player now. >> i mean, the smairk kind of gives it away what he was up to. this raises the question. are pro coaches taking it too far? a lot of you said, yes, 87% of you said, yes. 13% said no. this was so big the nfl tweeted
7:25 am
accidental or intentional? jacoby jones almost collided with mike tomlin on the sidelines. mike tomlin says i always watch the kickoffs on the jumbotron. i don't know if that is the way the coach should do, but the smirk kind of gave it away to me. have you guys ever stuck your foot out when you're playing on the field? >> i don't think lester saying i'm going to trip the 70-year-old kind of guy. >> wouldn't do that. i wouldn't call that a smirk. i think he was smiling, just enjoying the game. >> the cat who ate the canary there. still to come on "today," won of mitt romney's sons comes to the rescue after a nasty car crash and now he is getting some criticism for those efforts. plus a m
7:26 am
good saturday morning. it is 7:26. here's a look at the top local stories this morning. prince george's county police will continue to search for clues in the case of a gunned down postal worker in landover. investigators will be passing out flyers in the hopes of generating new leads. tyson barnett was shot and killed last saturday. his funeral is tomorrow in south carolina. metro trying to make things easier by running extra bus service to and from the airports. 200 extra buss are servicing
7:27 am
dulles and bwi marshall over the weekend. >> the groups will be traveling to washington, illinois today. they'll be which there to help clean up from the devastating ef-4 tornado that truck earlier this month. they'll help to
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♪ getting cozy. ♪ shopping for gifts online. ♪ the perfect way to get into the spirit any time. ♪ ♪ hello ♪ that's my kind of holiday. cold this morning. right now temperatures are in the teens and 20s across the area. 29 is the present temperature in washington. as we work our way throughout saturday, clouds will increase. mostly cloudy for the midday and afternoon hours. overall, a cool day. a high of 41. that's about 10 degrees below average. warmer for sunday, a high temperature tomorrow of 49 degrees and partly sunny skies tomorrow. mostly cloudy monday and tuesday with high temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. our next chance of rain comes next friday. at that point we'll be mild with
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high temperatures near 58 degrees. but overall we're looking at a dry and cool weekend as december begins tomorrow, richard. it is november 30th, betwe2. our crowd braving the cold this morning. our thanks to them. always nice to have them there. just ahead in this half hour, celebrate chef nigella lawson is back in the spotlight as part of a high profile criminal trial involving her assistants. on friday, her ex-husband took the stand and whether she paid off to keep him quiet. a lot of twists and turns in this and a lot of people talking about it so we will go live to london for an update on that.
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all of the stores advertising their lowest prices around the holiday, how can you be sure you're getting the best bargain? mario armstrong will try to save you some real cash as well. he is pointing to his iphone. i think we are talking apps. >> should you bundle up your pets when you take them out in the winter? dylan, should we? >> that is bosco and she loves those boots. can't you tell? >> just for show? >> no. >> we will go through the whole thing but they actually recommend them. looking forward to more on that. >> do booties go with the jacket? >> i planned out the whole outfit. >> lester may like to weigh in on the accessory choices so that might be a separate segment. >> not wearing the pocket squares. >> so '90s. first, the former republican presidential candidate mitt romney, one of his sons came to the rescue on thanksgiving night after a bad car crash. he helped get the people inside the car to safety but what he
7:32 am
did afterwards has brought him some heat. here is joe fryer. >> reporter: the suv wedged inside this utah was carrying a family of four on thanksgiving night. police say an emergency caused the driver to exit the freeway and enter the occupied house at a high rate of speed. mitt romney posed with a photo of the car was the first on the scene to the accident. he writes i lifted four out to safety. all okay, thankful. >> it appears the homeowner home at the time and the occupants of the vehicle made it out safely so it's very fortunate. >> reporter: josh romney son of the mitt romney declined interview requests but his tweet generated strong reactions on social media. god bless you. he made you an angel for those people. still criticism. why are you smiling like a tourist at such a horrific scene, someone asked? of the five romney boys, josh is
7:33 am
the middle child and is considered most likely to follow in his dad's political footsteps. the son spoke with nbc news during last year's campaign. >> the biggest boy in the group? >> josh. >> thanks, guys. >> reporter: following what happened on thanksgiving, one twitter user called the romney's a family of batmen. because in 2003, josh's dad and another brother helped rescue cap-sized boaters in new hampshire. now another right place, right time story propelled by a single image and the power of social media. for "today," joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. 33 minutes after the hour. let's get another check of the weather from dylan. good morning! i want to make sure, is your sign right side up now? it's your first time in new york
7:34 am
city. the sign was upside down. i heard some rumblings that we were fixing the problem. we are good to go. it is chilly out here in the northeast and most of the eastern half of the country for that matter with a nice big area of high pressure in control. we are looking at sunshine but on the cold side. we will good morning to you on this saturday. another chilly day in store. right now we're in the teens and 20s across the area. 21 in camp springs and 23 in
7:35 am
rockville. 22 in reston. sunshine will give way to increasing clouds throughout the day. for the midday and afternoon hours we're going to see plenty of cloudiness. a high temperature of 41. for tomorrow, warmer a high of 37 with partly for "today's" top spot we are heading out to buffalo. this comes from our affiliate wgrz in buffalo, new york. it's the world's largest disco. 20 years, people have traveled from around the world to dance the night away at this annual charity event. they are singing and dancing to all of the hit songs of the '70s and few surprise appearances from disco's biggest celebrities. if you want to get your dance on, head on to you buffalo. >> i know just the way to get there. last year we had a karaoke cab on the plaza with disco lights. we will drive in that to ♪ ♪
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this morning in mario's top three, surviving holiday shopping. everybody likes a good deal and today's digital lifestyle contributor mario armstrong has some advice how we can all save online and in the stores. good morning. >> good to see you. >> quickly. the first one helps get coupons in our hand? >> that's right. for instore and online. it's called retail me not. a great app and free to download and not only can you pull up a variety of bunch of different store locations and things like that but you can easily pull up the coupons. you can see instore offers or online offers i can get that right away and be able to see that. i can also save coupons which is great! how many times have you seen a great coupon but forgot about the expiration date? >> let's say you're in toys rchr. toys rch"r" us.
7:40 am
>> this is comparison shopping in the store. >> it's called red laser. you turn your phone into a bar code scanner. i'm going to scan this particular box and i just place it right there and it will come up and say that is the item. once i see what the item is, i can then find out if it's cheaper online or somewhere else or while i'm in the store. since a lot of stores are doing price comparison against each other, i can go to the actual merchant and say, look, i can get this for 15 bucks cheaper. >> if it's a hundred dollars you look and it's $79.99 and maybe you'll get that price? >> maybe. >> what is slice? the last one. >> i love slice. it is stress-free way to manage your online shopping. think about it. when you go to amazon or any of the stores you go and buy you'll get e-mail receipts and confirmations and then the shipping. whether you're sending a lot of things out, how are you keeping track of that? slice enables me to see the things i've purchased not only see the things i've purchased,
7:41 am
but i can instantly pull up the receipt at any given moment as well. so i don't have to go through all of my e-mail to try to find all of this stuff. i can also get price alerts on any price drops. so if i buy something at one price but a week later, it drops, i'll be notified about that. >> this would be good for the stuff we are having sent, gifts sent to other people? >> that's right. can you keep track of that and make sure it gets there on time and the shipping whether it's the postal service or u.p.s. or fedex, you'll know it gets there. >> mario, thanks. he also has cybermonday shopping tips. you can check those out on our website up next, we go to the movies what with the movies that are coming out this holiday season, what with the movies that are coming out this holiday season, afte with a smartphone from straight talk wireless. we replaced sue's smartphone she'll get the same great nationwide coverage for half the cost. let's see if she notices. you bet she did. francois!! deux! ah, o!i he's french.
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life with crohn's disease ois a daily game of "what if's". what if my abdominal pain and cramps end our night before it even starts? what if i eat the wrong thing? what if? what if i suddenly have to go? what if?
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but what if the most important question is the one you're not asking? what if the underlying cause of your symptoms is damaging inflammation? for help getting the answers you need, talk to your doctor and visit to connect with a patient advocate from abbvie for one-to-one support and education. ♪ take back the light >> this morning in hollywood headlines, how about must see movies this holiday season? the producers release films they think could wrap up awards. lucky us. >> alicia, how was your thanksgiving? >> it was great. >> now thanksgiving weekend if
7:46 am
you're recovering from both turkey and shopping, great time to go to the movies. >> great time to go to the movies and even bigger movies coming up during christmas so a lot of to look forward to. >> one of your favorite opens up. "osage county." >> it's based on a play of tracilet and it stars merle streep and julia roberts. merle is suffering from mouth cancer. her family comes back for the holidays to visit her. >> it's tough to watch on some level but very good perhaps. >> it's tough. this is not your typical feel-good holiday movie but the acting is so incredible that you have to see this. >> that is a christmas day opening and so is the wolf of wall street. leonardo d leonardo dicaprio. >> 259 minutes and they had to
7:47 am
push back the release date because it was three hours. it's 2:59 long! >> that is two bags of popcorn! >> they worked together five times. this is usually a winner. this also narrowly what a rating but they kit out a lot of the sex scenes. >> anchorman 2 i'm excited about it. i don't care if it doesn't live up to the hype. i can't wait. >> it's too close to home! kind aftof a big deal, you know? >> that was pretty good, lester. >> ron burgundy is coming and to new york. the 24-hour news cycle and bringing his friends with him. the first movie was made for 25 million and did 90 million at the box office. this one 50 million dollar budget and ron burgundy saw
7:48 am
everything from jockey underwear to durango's. >> whether the movie is any good they will make a lot of money. >> sales for the car were up 50% in october. people cannot get enough of ron burgundy. >> i'm seeing these posters around town for a movie called "american hustle" is it worth my time? >> it is. bradley cooper and amy adams and i could go on and on. jimmy renner. definitely worth your time. >> based on a true story, right? >> it is. we are seeing jennifer lawrence like we have never seen her. she is always america's little sweetheart but this will get butts and seats, as they say. >> she is on fire. good for her. >> yes, she is. >> alicia, thank you! >> my pleasure. >> you can catch e news at 7:00 pacific week nights. still ahead, do you need to dress your pet before you send them ous? we sent dylan and bosco on
7:49 am
assignment. first, this is nbc on "today."
7:50 am
7:51 am
♪ so we got our apps from mario ready to go. we had some intel for regina lewis about cybermonday and are you feeling better? this morning, you were frustrated. >> it dawns on me we have less time between thanksgiving and christmas than we normally do. i sat down and started doing the list of people i'm giving to and i got stressed. not that i wouldn't be able to do it. >> it is a lot, especially if you're ordering online. you have to give yourself time for it to arrive. >> you don't want to pay the last-minute crazy shipping fees which my husband and i do always do and we vow not to do that this year so we don't waste all of that money. >> the later i get, the more i spend on a person, like, i'll spend a lot of ♪ we're just looking, right? of course.
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good saturday morning. it is 7:56 on this final day of november. i'm angie goff. we have a local at your top local head lieps right now.
7:57 am
prince george's county police are looking into what might have killed a young man in landover. the 23-year-old was shot to death yesterday morning on west street. someone killed him outside an industrial park building that was used for a holiday party. his father is a long time nbc employee. his son called home around midnight friday morning to check in. metro is trying to make things easier for airline passengers by running extra pus service to and from the airport. and tomorrow, the wait will be over and the national zoo will reveal the name of the panda cub. they have 12 foot scrolls with the english in and chinese. they waited the traditional 100 disbefore naming the number. 125,000 weighed in on the zoo's website to take part in this website to take part in this
7:58 am
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7:59 am
good morning. the temperature right now is 30 degrees. mainly clear skies across the area. however, as we continue throughout the morning hours, clouds will continue to increase. so by the midday and afternoon hours expect mainly cloudy skies and a chilly day today. a high temperature of 41 degrees. we'll hit that around 3:00 or 4:00 p.m..
8:00 am
now, for tomorrow, a little bit warmer. a high temperature of 47 degrees with partly sunny skies. mostly cloudy monday and tuesday. highs in the upper 40s. angie. >> good morning. it's saturday, november 30th, 2013. here is a look at today's top stories. a helicopter crashed in the middle of scotland biggest city has rescuers searching for victims and survivors. the police chopper went down on top of a busy pub. dozens of people have been taken to hospitals. speaking out. for the first time in weeks, we are hearing from the american man a veteran, being held as a prisoner in north korea. that country says he has committed to alleged crimes during the korean war. shopping frenzy. people rushing into the stores to get big discounts on black friday and some fighting one another to get the deals. the stores opening earlier than
8:01 am
ever, will this be their best day ever? good morning, everyone. i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill alongside dylan dreyer and andrea canning in for jenna. res accuse on the scene for 12 hours now on the helicopter crash as they work to get to anyone trapped underneath the rubble. >> debbie edward from british network itn is near where the chopper went down. debbie, what is the latest from there? >> reporter: well, i think scotland's first minister has summed it up by describing this as a black day for scotland. people here very much trying to come to terms with what happened last night. one person has been confirmed dead but we have been told to expect that death toll to rise throughout the day. 32 people have been injured. some of them seriously. it happened around 10:30 last night in a very well-known bar on the banks of the river. a local band was playing.
8:02 am
it was packed around 120 people when there was a light bang and a helicopter came crashing down through the roof. people started to run towards the door as the bank of dust and debris made its way towards them. a major rescue operation swung into action. that rescue operation continues at the moment. meticulous and methodical according to the firefighters as they believe people are still trapped in there underneath the debris. we don't know what caused the crash at this point. people caused it as dropping like a stone from the sky. no noise coming from the engine or the rotators. the investigation will happen but that will be another day. today, everybody's thoughts and prayers are with those who have died and the many people who have been injured. >> debbie edward from glass gow, thank you. time for a look at the other top stories. >> andrea canning is here with those. >> good morning to you at home. we are learning new details this morning about friday
8:03 am
night's deadly plane crash near the remote alaska village of st. mary's. the pilot was killed and an infant boy are known to be killed. authorities did not give an update on the condition of the survivors. federal investigators say the single engine plane was traveling from bethel st. mary's. north korea state media is claiming this morning that a u.s. war veteran who has been held captive in that country for more than a month has apologized for alleged crimes during the korean war. north korean authorities relieved this video showing merrill newman reading his alleged apology which was dated november th. no way to reach newman about the alleged confessions. dozens of young football players are recuperating after experiencing flu-like symptoms while staying in various hotels
8:04 am
in las vegas for their youth tournament. the organizer said it had 16 esix teams staying at different hotels. the group says 60 to 70 people have reported illnesses since friday but nothing to do with the hotels they stayed in or the fields they played on. they are investigating the cause of the illnesses. the comet that was thought to be dead may have survived its close encounter with the sun. ison was initially declared dead when it failed for reemerge with the sun with the expected brightness. recent pictures show a brightening may be a small part of the comet. the european space agency which is one of the organizations to call the death of ison is reinvestigating it. >> i think we will be able to see that in the early morning hours? >> i would like to see it. lester will find out for us.
8:05 am
andrea, thanks. retailers this morning as we know holiday shopping is in full swing. the day was not without incident. there were several fights that broke out. this apparently becoming a holiday tradition across the country. shoppers rushing in there to get those deals first. all in all did this black friday live up to expectations? kristen dahlgren is in herald's square at macy's. >> reporter: good morning. nothing says the holidays without wrestling over the big screen tv. the flagship macy's store is open anoufa not the numbers we saw yesterday and it is, without a doubt, not as frantic out here today. in a philadelphia mall, black friday tensions reached the boiling point. two female shoppers coming to blows and one even using what appeared to be a stun begun. at a walmart in north carolina,
8:06 am
no stun guns but elbows were flying as shoppers pushed their way to discount tvs. despite the crush, the cold. >> we waited five hours to get it. >> reporter: and plenty of thanksgiving openings, millions of americans hit the stores in search of bargains. >> this is the best spot i can be in right here! i know i'm going to get -- i'm going to be the first one to get my laptop! >> reporter: stores were angling for the best position too. since thanksgiving falls so late in november this year, there are six fewer shopping days than last year. that means black friday results may be extra important. the national retail federation is predicting the door-busters will pay off. forecasting total holiday sales of $602 billion. up 3.9% over last year. >> these extra promotions and these extra hours may have cut into our dinnertime with our families, but it really gave a good boost for the retailers. >> reporter: walmart is already calling it a record breaking weekend saying it processed more than 10 million register
8:07 am
transactions from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on thanksgiving alone. selling 2 million tlefgs and 1.4 million tablets and 1.9 million dolls and 300,000 bicycles on thursday and many shoppers say they are not ready to slow down yet. >> we are going to keep on going, i think. i don't think we are going to end! >> reporter: all right. so tomorrow, get the official numbers in to see if it was as good as retailers were hoping for. we do have some of the online numbers in and saying thursday, on thanksgiving, the most traffic day on its website ever, erica. >> wow. probably not the last we are going to hear about the record-setting numbers. today we should point out is small business saturday. really an effort to get people to shop lowell. i know there are some deals out there. can these smaller stores compete, especially as we see black friday getting so big with the big box retailers? >> reporter: that is what small
8:08 am
business saturday is all about. they are hoping to direct people into the small businesses. the small business owners are pretty optimistic. 33% say they plan on increasing staff this holiday season and 64% think their revenue will go up. this is the most interesting statistic i thought. 9 out of 10 say black friday has little or no impact on their bottom line. >> pretty interesting. might have to check out my local businesses today. thanks. the white house put in place a self-imposed deadline to have the site running more smoothly. the president said it would reason better at the end of november which is today. >> reporter: obama administration say there have been vast improvements to the eastbound website and they are say they are on track of meeting their goal to support as many as 50,000 users at one time by the end of the day today. work in progress. this is st
8:09 am
it's almost test time for friday night, president obama addressed the criticism he has faced recently during an exclusive interview with abc news barbara walters. >> very rarely things get the same thaengs that aren't working as as well. >> reporter: hours before the site is supposed to be ready, health and human service secretary kathleen sebelius tried to downplay expectations on friday blogging that people should shop during off-peak hours and mornings and nights and weekends. >> the system either works or it doesn't work. >> reporter: software expert luke chunk says the website can support 50,000 users at once by day's end is not the way to measure success. >> the 50,000 number they have put out is a little ambiguous. what one wants to know is how many people per hour could get through the system. >> reporter: administration officials say there has been
8:10 am
progress. the error rate once at 6% has dropped to less than 1% and the website now operates much more quickly. it used to take eight seconds for a page to load. now just milliseconds. but with glitches and error signs still being reported, health insurance representatives say a lot of work left. >> it discourages enrollment. >> reporter: officials say success will be when the health care website encourages enrollment. the site will be off line again todd tonight as top officials working on the site will update the public on the health of tomorrow. >> kristen welker, thank you. there are serious drug allegations against tv chef nigella lawson and became even more personal on friday. her ex-husband took the stand in
8:11 am
the trial involving her two former personal assistants. michelle kosinski is covering that try for us in london. >> saatchi sent this private e-mail to nigella and became very public saying he believed everything these personal assistants were saying. they were saying enjoy nell la was an everyday drug user. now saatchi clarifies he does not think, at least that last part of their story makes sense. charles saatchi in court forced to explain a single e-mail he sent his ex-wife last month writing to the her. >> unexpected guests. last-minute surps donppers doin me. >> reporter: saying, quote. he says he had just seen
8:12 am
statements by former personal assistants the sisters grillo he said was the drug culture in nigella's household and said after he spoke to people about it, he did believe nigella had a severe cocaine habit that stretched back a very long time. she took this this and cannabis and shared it with her children a long time and adding he has never seen any evidence that nigella was taking a drug whatsoever. they split up after these photos emerged after the couple argued at a london restaurant. they believe it was over this case. a million dollars in purchases allegedly for themselves on saatchi's credit cards they claim my jell la let them do it in return for keeping her drug use a secret. saatchi doesn't belve that a second calling the amount the sisters spend bewildering. so what alerted the family to this massive alleged fraud? a single taxi ride.
8:13 am
it did come out in court that another member of nigella's household staff was spending amounts similar to one of the sisters but saatchi said that was authorized by nigella and denies anyone gave permission to the sisters who have both pleaded not guilty. >> quite the case. michelle, thank you. dylan has a check of the forecast now for us. good morning. a couple of birthdays out here. where are you from? >> columbus, ohio. >> celebrating their birthday in new york city
8:14 am
i'm storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal. right now we're at 30 degrees with mainly sunny sky across the area. clouds are going to increase today so by the midday and afternoon hours we'll be mostly cloudy and a chilly day. a high temperature of 41 degrees. that's about 10 degrees bolo average. for your sunday, warmer, a high of 47 and partly sunny skies. upper 40s monday and tuesday but plenty of clouds around. mostly sunny for wednesd we have got them all bundled up this morning. so we will show you what bosco deal is in a few minutes. lester? >> dylan, thanks very much. where are his little boots? >> i think he wore those just for you -- oh, no, didn't have
8:15 am
them on? maybe he'll put them on later. >> maybe some furry socks. oh, he has fur already. keeping your four-legged friends warm this winter? ta-da! whoa. showtime. agh! there's me! there's me! there's me! boom. ohhhh! ♪ [ male announcer ] get black friday deals like this kobalt saw or drill just $79 plus free shipping at
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8:17 am
you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec-d®. powerful relief of nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill. zyrtec-d®. at the pharmacy counter. chilly saturday morning with a couple of friends who join us. we have bosco and where is beringer? come here, beringer! oh!
8:18 am
>> give him some treats. >> sam is my friend. >> this is beringer but he might want to hang out with mommy a minute. you come in after. take your time, buddy. >> is a total mamma's boy. >> he is. but that is okay. >> this was not in his contract. we are out here with bosco and beringer eventually and talking about the cold. >> we, as humans, we put on the scarves and the mittens and gloves and all of this stuff. do we do it for our dogs or should we do it for our dogs? >> she is shivering. i don't know if it's stage fright or she is cold. i took these dogs with me to find out if these dogs need to bundle up. >> reporter: the dog days of summer is long gone but no need for the winter blues because bosco and beringer are getting dressed to their canines. >> one of our most popular coats is the quilted vest. >> reporter: amy harlow is the
8:19 am
owner of a dog shop dedicated to keeping pups and their paws protected. >> we have suede collars with a lining and rain coats. >> hood up right there. >> this his collegiate uniform. turtleneck for winter. >> reporter: they are cute but are all of these accessories necessary? dr. linda ooiisaacson says, yes sometimes. we put on the winter collar for both of them but does it do anything? >> it looks fabulous. >> it looks appropriate for winter. >> this is a wax coat and pretty thick jacket. >> so nice. sometimes it gets really cold and when it's windy and if he is spending a lot of time outside, this is great. >> we have got the fleece underneath for a really cold day. >> reporter: there are a few tips humans can take to care for their best friends in wintry weather. dogs with short coats benefit. boots are good ways to protect
8:20 am
feet and pads from salt and chafing and what is the takeaway from awful this? >> i think you have to pay attention to your dog in the weather. see if they are spending a lot of time outside and then they probably do need some type of winter wear. >> and how stylish they are feeling that day? >> yes, exactly! >> how do you protect the little feet? >> you saw those booties. she wanted nothing to do with those little boots on her feet. you worry about the salt and the chemicals. the vet recommends you stick their foot in and rub it on. it won't keep them warm but protects them from the salt. >> does it leave a residue on your floors? >> she says it doesn't. it's like vaseline and not like you would rub vaseline on your couches. i guess you could wipe them off after.
8:21 am
>> dylan and our on cast of canines, thanks very much. we will be right back. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:22 am
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good morning, glad you could join us. i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan. straight ahead on news 4 250d information about a smash and grab at a local store. >> and derrick ward is live with the search for a killer. >> prince george's county police double down on their efforts to find the killer. i'll have details coming up on news 4. new this morning, horrifying video of a helicopter crash. the chopper falling from the sky right into a crowded pub. several people are trapped in the rubble. now to amelia. >> well, some areas seeing clouds move in already. but what about any rain?
8:28 am
i'll have the answer in your weather forecast. >> why a police officer says he ran his suv into a man's truck. the excuse is one you won't see coming. all of that and more when you join us for news 4 today.
8:29 am
developing right now, a night out turns into tragedy. a helicopter came crashing through the roof of a pub and today there's a search for victims that are still trapped. >> deadline day for the government's health care website. why users might find trouble if they sign upright now. >> welcome to news 4 today. the huge holiday shopping weekend continues. several stores are getting ready to open their doors opening shop
8:30 am
wallets. it could mean big business for our local economy but you may want to take alock the coat today. >> you got that right. we're ending november on a very cold note. amelia segal is in for chuck. >> you're exactly right. it's cold and today will be another chilly day. yesterday, beautiful blue skies. not the case today. by the midday and afternoon hours we'll be mostly cloudy. on the satellite and radar i'm tracking clouds moving into the area. right now you can see the d.c. metro area just coming in. plenty of cloudiness developing across the area. filtered sunshine right now. clouds will continue to increase. by noon, 4:00 p.m. mostly cloudy at that point and temperatures today will be a good 10 degrees below average. typically our high about 51. well, today our high temperature will be 41. warmer weather just around the corner. i'll tell you when in about ten minutes, richard. thanks amelia. new information on a developing sty


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