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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  April 21, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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breaking news out of northwest washington. police are on the scene of a double shooting. >> a viewer sent us these pictures of the scene a short time ago. the shooting happened shortly after 2:30. two people were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. we have a crew on the scene and we'll have a live report here at 5:00 tonight. to a story first reported here on news 4, the arrest of a metro station manager. >> it stems from a deadly accident that happened two and a half years ago when that employee was a metro bus driver. here's tracie wilkins with details. >> this morning ronald taylor who is the station cheverly metro station was taken by u.s. marshals and is facing charges for negligent homicide. taylor was a bus driver for metro then and was behind the wheel of this bus when there was a deadly accident. taylor was on his way to the bus
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lot when the bus struck a cab helicopter heading to the airport. the accident killed 55-year-old bartlett taylor. a senior executive out of san francisco. he was in that cab with his wife and two young children. they were injured in the accident. the taxi was spun around after the crash. the bus landed in a park area and had to be pulled out with a crane. it happened at the intersection of virginia avenue in 19th street northwest. after the accident taylor was fired by metro and then re-hired in june 2010 after an arbitrator ruled that taylor should be reinstated and receive retroactive pay. he was rehired to work here as a station manager here in cheverly. this morning just after 7:00 a.m. u.s. marshals took taylor into custody. one witness described for us what he saw. >> about six of them came up and they ran in the car there. two came up and the counter police came up, so i don't know what had happened, but they
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stayed about 30 minutes or so and they brought him down, you know? >> the station manager. >> >> yeah, the station manager. >> reporter: just a few days ago a grand jury ruled taylor operated that bus in a negligent, reckless and careless manner. he will go for arraignment in may. i'm tracy wilkins in cheverly, news 4. a woman sleeping in her home in southwest d.c. was grazed by a bullet that went through her bedroom overnight. police tell us several shots were fired at a group of people hanging outside the apartment in the 2700 park of douglas place. the 26-year-old woman is expected to recover. police say she was not the intended target. today secretary of state hillary rodham clinton denounced the violence against civilians in libya and she said there are reports that cluster bombs are being used against the rebels. the news comes as the international community mourns the loss of two highly respected journalists who died trying to document the battle for misrata. stephanie gosk reports.
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>> reporter: misrata has become libya's and possibly the world's most dangerous city. a violent fight for control between rebel fighters and gadhafi loyalists have turned the streets into battlefields. it is exactly the kind of place that photojournalist tim hetherington and chris hondros have made a career of capturing on camera. >> we were scared of the fight. >> a rocket propelled grenade hit the group. shrapnel from the explosion killed two british-born hetherington and the american. two others were injured. hearthington is best known for his work in afghanistan. along with sebastian younger he directed a look at a combat platoon locked in a daily battle with the taliban. the film won the sundance jury prize and was nominated for an academy award.
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two other journalists have been killed and several more wounded while covering the uprising in libya. >> a spokesman said the government is saddened by the deaths of the two journ aflts and will be looking into the incident. he added government forces are not targeting journalist, but targeting rebels and he also said this is a war and people be killed on both sides. stephanie gosk, nbc news, libya. the evacuation zone around the damaged nuclear reactor is now the no-go zone extends 12 miles from the troubled nuclear reactor. 80,000 people are affected. they were evacuated from the area, but now they're not allowed to return. in addition to radiation danger, there are concerns about possible looting. r don't residents who don't comply with the ban will be arrested or fined. it is not clear how long the ban will last. today bp offered $1 billion to be used on projects that will
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be used to restore natural resources in the gulf of mexico. the announcement comes exactly a year after the massive oil spill that damaged so much of the gulf's coastline. the justice department says the money will be used to rebuild coastal marshes, replenish beaches and the agreement does not affect any potential lawsuits against bp or the other companies involved in the deepwater horizon explosion and oil spill. >> a former governor of new mexico announced his bid for the presidency today and part of gary johnson's platform includes the legalization of marijuana. >> legalize marijuana and arguably 75% of the border violence with mexico goes away because that's the estimate of the drug cartel's activities that are engaged in the trade of marijuana. >> despite his libertarian bent, gary johnson will be running on the republican ticket. he served as governor of new mexico from 1995 to 2003. today he blasted both democrat
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democrats and the gop for mishandling the nation's finances. he says if elected he'll balance the budgets quickly and withdraw all u.s. forces from iraq and afghanistan. turning to the weather, we've got more sunshine in the washington area this afternoon, but you know what? the nice weather is not going to last. >> let's hope that pollen doesn't either because we have some bitter cold and rain coming, too, is that right, doug? >> yeah. that will take care some of that pollen for you, jim. pollen definitely at its peak for this time of year and you know it if you're an allergy sufferer. outside, we are dealing with plenty ofs sunshine. temperatures 62 degrees and that's not too bad. we were at 86 yesterday and that's a 24-degree temperature difference and the winds are upwards of 25 miles per hour and even with the sunshine you may still need the jacket. sterling at 62. 65 in manassas and 65 in fredericksburg. digital doppler radar. no rain to show you.
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that's very good news if you'll be stepping outside. so why do we have a flood watch in effect? that flood watch is in effect for the day tomorrow. i'll show you when i think we are going to see that rain and just how much we're going to see coming up. >> we'll see you in a bit, thank you, doug. new numbers today that could excite potential homebuyers. mortgage rates fell for the first time in five weeks. freddie mac says the average rate on the 30-year loan dropped to 4.8% last week. the rate on 15-year fixed mortgages fell to a flat 4%. new applications for unemployment benefits also fell last week. the department of labor fell that jobless claims dropped by 13,000. many exists expected that number to be lower. the four-week average is about 10,000 higher than it was a month ago, a sign that the economy isn't turning around as fast as projected. about 8.3 million people are receiving unemployment benefits. well, this is the last day for pothole palooza.
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if you find a pothole call 311, e-mail or tweet the district department of transportation at ddotdc with a request to fix it. road crew froms filled 5,000 potholes and crews will still take your twos fix roads after pothole palooza ends. >> speaking of roads, we had a shooting in the u street corridor in d.c. let's get the latest on that. >> ashley linder is in the newsroom. >> we still do have a closure in effect while they re-opened u street. it will be shut down between u and w. avoid that area. a lot of police presence there. taking to the roadways, the capital beltway this afternoon, the outer loop again is a big mess. let's follow it, leaving coalsville headed toward connecticut avenue, it is slow. what's headed toward us will be the outer loop and we're headed toward bethesda. both sides of the beltway locked up.
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these delays continue around passing to 70 and onward into virginia. look at that, barely moving past river road and they were trying to bypass those delays and it's not going work and you're locked up as well. the inner loop starts to slow there as well. what was the issue was twofold. there was two afternoon midday road construction crews that lasted longer than they should have. one down toward 123 in little river and one closer toward the dulles toll road. both of which have been cleared now and as you can see, damage done. along 270 this afternoon. conversely, we're not doing too bad. we're wide open there and a little bit further north up toward father hurley, you hit the brakes and that's taking you up toward clarksburg and after that you're scot-free as you continue toward frederick. back to you. >> thanks a lot. major problem in amazon's data center in northern virginia is seeking havoc for thousands of internet sites or services. the sites are down or have limited availability.
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the problems reveal that there's widespread reliance on amazon web services, sites like four square and read it have had a lot of trouble. did you stay up? did you stick with them? they silenced fans in the big apple last night. jason scored a double o.t. to give the capitals a 4-3 victory in game four. the caps came back from a 3-0 deficit to force overtime and the caps lead the series three games to one and they can clinch it all saturday at the verizon center. lindsay czarniak was at the game and she'll have player reaction on news 4 at 5:00 and 6:00. oh, what a relief there is. >> there's a celebration all over town. when news 4 turnings privacy advocates blow the lid about apple's popular products. lindsay lohan is making her big screen comeback. >> kate middleton went out and about for retail shopping
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"access hollywood" test. >> it looks like lindsay lohan will have an opportunity to prove herself as an actress again. >> she's headed back to the big screen, we hear. lohan will sign a deal to appear in an upcoming move bet gotti family. the notorious new york mob family. she will play the role of gotti.
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lohan is no stranger to criminal troubles. she currently stands accused of stealing a necklace from a jewelry store in l.a. there's another hearing on that case tomorrow. as far as her work on the new movie, lohan says her legal problems won't be a distraction. well, the lady gaga weird al yankovic disagreement has been settled. we can all breathe easier now almost as quickly as it started. turns out despite rumors all over the internet, lady gaga does not disapprove of weird al's "born this way" parody. in fact, she says she loves it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i strap prime rib to my feet, & ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ weird al writes on his blog that he'd originally been told ga ga said no when he asked to release
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the "born this way" parody on his new album. the manager admits never telling ga ga about it and it was the manager who gave the thumbs down. long story short here, ga ga says yes, she approves it and con tro verse s, verted. >> weird al got publicity because we haven't heard his name in a long time. >> more than a decade. >> we still call him weird al. not necessarily funny yankovic. the next hit reality show debuts next week here on nbc. >> tonight after news 4 at 11:00, you can get a sneak peek of "the voice." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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go cee lo. you can see a sneak peek on nbc 4. it features cee lo green, christina aguilera, adam levine and blake shelton. the show debuts next tuesday at 9:00. it should be fun. >> sounds like it's got a lot of energy. >> it does, indeed. okay. in the five-year run of nbc's "30 rock" it's had a lot offen so,ed super-sized episodes and guest star-packed episodes and never a full hour-long episode until tonight. >> so you did 99 shows against all odds and reason. that's something. now it's time to rest. >> really? >> tonight "30 rock" celebrates its 100th episode with a one-hour extended show. the fictional show tgs is on the brink of cancellation. liz, played by tina fey and her staff have one last chance to prove themselves. "30 rock" airs tonight at 10:00 on nbc 4.
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>> must see. >> must-see tv. on a day when apple should be trumpeting reports about huge numbers of iphones and ipads being sold. the company is having to explain a tiny file on those devices that is tracking your every move. >> and it's raising a whole lot of eyebrows throughout. here's mara schiavocampo. >> you're looking a map at everywhere i've been in the last six month, but i'm not under fbi surveillance and i wasn't tailed by a private eye. >> it has the whole trip right there. >> all did i was use an iphone, and according to these security researchers, if you've used an iphone or 3g-enabled ipad bought since last summer you were probably tracked, too. >> my first reaction was, wow! this is so cool and my second was wow, this is so creepy. >> pete warren and allen discovered a file on their iphones that records a person's
4:18 pm
precise location along with a time stamp. >> we're pretty geeky guys and we didn't know about this. >> to inform the public of their find they created an app called iphone tracker which lets you see where and when you've been tracked. technology analysts are concerned. >> two things that should be alarming is one, this is happening without you knowing it and the other thing is that anyone can get access to it. it's like having someone have a spy camera on you and taking notes everywhere you go. >> so what could a company do if they somehow got a hold of this data? most likely, tech experts say help advertisers sell more goods. are you in and out of restaurants all day? do you drive around a lot? where do you shop, but unlike cell tower information which police can access, warren and aenl say this time of information can be tracked by anyone with a device with home computer if synced up with your iphone or ipad. including, robbers, looking to
4:19 pm
burglarize your home, spouses following suspicious movements or even a boss wanting to know when you arrived at work. >> 15 years ago that every american would have a tracking device they would have thought you were crazy and yet that's exactly the reality today. >> warren and allen did not find any evidence that this tracking data is being sent beyond your personal device. they also do not believe that apple made it intentionally, but it is probable more of a programming glitch. >> i think the issue today isn't about whether apple has broken any law, but the question is what should the law say? don't we all have a right to know what information is being collected about us? >> everything is out there. let's just -- throw up our hands. what can you do? it's a little creepy, like that guy said. apple did not reply to nbc news' request for comment today. >> there are applicationers on
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websites that you can go to and take that off your devices. some new names have made "time" magazine's list of 100 most influential people in the world. in the list with global leersd, revolutionaries and oprah. colin firth and "madman" creator, and former d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee is on the list and what list is complete without justin bieber, of course. you can read their profiles and most of them written by other celebrities on "time's" website. coming up, another problem for toyota. what owners need to know about a new recall. >> plus a new twist in the search of a missing student in tennessee. remember, you can always follow us on facebook. follow us on facebook. just sea[ horns honking ] [ whistle blows ] [ male announcer ] can the network
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2007 and 8 rav4s. a warning light can go off by mistake and it can cause the air bag to activate. owners of the highlanders and rav4s will get a notice in the mail. total replace the faulty air bag sensor at no charge to you. >> doug joins us now. spectacular weather out there today. >> yes, indeedy. cooler today, though. >> a lot clear. it will be another ten degrees cooler during the day tomorrow and that will bring us down into the 50s and you guys both suffer from allergies. this time year is about the peak for allergy sufferers, so if you think it's just this time of year you are correct and the good news is a lot better during the day tomorrow as we will see some rain and cold temperatures overnight tonight. not just cold. we could see some frost in some areas overnight tonight. that's chilly. 62 degrees, the temperature out there right now. winds out of the north-northwest at 17 miles per hour and a lot of sunshine and a very breezy
4:25 pm
afternoon and even though we're in the 60s with sun, 61 in frederick, and hairings toub, and 63 in baltimore. up to northern portions of maryland and parts of frederick county and up in carol county and along the pennsylvania border. the rest of us won't see anything like that, but we will get into the upper 30s and maybe the low 40s. currently, 62 in sterling and fredericksburg coming at 65 degrees. mostly clear skies right now and we do have high clouds that will continue to stream in throughout the rest of the evening. the clouds for tomorrow they'll come in overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow. high pressure sliding on down toward the east. that's going to allow more of an easterly wind and the cool air will move in in a hurry overnight tonight and then we'll see the rain develop. i think now the rain will develop later than we were talking about yesterday, so not a total washout tomorrow. most of the morning hours may actually be dry and the rain should start to develop by the 11:00, 12:00 hour and it will persist throughout much of the day. most of that rain, probably back
4:26 pm
to the north and west of the d.c. area and then we'll watch another frontal boundary on saturday and sunday. the front will be to the north so everybody gets back into the warm sector for the weekend. we'll see temperatures in the 07s and 80s. the chance of showers will be well into our region during the day on sunday. it includes frederick county virginia and places to the north and west. it does not include the d.c. area and we could see half an inch, maybe to an inch of rain in this area and we may see localized flooding. breezy and cool, light jacket weather. tomorrow morning, coat weather. 35 to 43 degrees. that is chilly for late april. breezy and just cold. the rain developing during the afternoon, especially during the afternoon with the heaviest rain to the south -- or to the west, rather. 49 to 56 degrees. a very chilly day tomorrow through saturday. high temperature of 72, but saturday evening will be beautiful. sunday, easter looking at 81 degrees with only a slight chance of rain well to our
4:27 pm
north. monday, a temperature of 80 degrees. we get through tomorrow and the weekend is looking pretty nice. >> 80 degrees monday owe there will be boiled easter eggs on the white house lawn in. >> if they're not found. >> fried eggs, i guess would be more appropriate. not boiled. no water, just heat. >> thank you, doug. >> still to come on news 4 at 4:00. on the heels of two teens killing themselves, a startling report today about the number of student involved in bullying. plus a treasured trophy takes a hit during a
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welcome back to news 4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. here's what's happening right now in the news. a chef erle metro station manager was arrested today charged with negligent homicide in connection with an accident more than two years ago when he was a metro bus driver. ronald taylor was behind the whiefl metro bus that crashed into a taxi cab in foggy bottom. a california man in that taxi was killed. a woman sleeping in her southeast d.c. home was grazed by a bullet that passed through her bedroom overnight. police say several shots were fired at a group of people hanging outside the apartment building in the 2700 block of douglas place. the 26-year-old woman is expected to recover.
4:31 pm
police say she was not the intended target. today secretary of state hillary clinton denounced the violence against civilians in libya and said there are reports that cluster bombs are being used against the rebels. the news comes as the international community mourns the loss of two highly respected journalists who died trying to document the battle in misrata. strong reports from blue chip companies tend the rally on wall street today. the dow gained 52 points. the nasdaq was up 18 and the s&p 500 finished the day seven points hire. >> there is a disturbing report of a teen suicide pact out of minnesota. >> family members say the girls killed themselves because they were being bull ed at school. >> and as michelle franzen reports, a growing number of school-aged kids nationwide are affected by bullying. >> reporter: family members say paige moore and ashley were fast
4:32 pm
friends and best friends. ever since haley moved to minnesota last year. >> the way she expressed her affection for paige, that they were sort of one in the same, i think haley found somebody that was kind of herself. >> reporter: last weekend in an apparent suicide pact the 14-year-olds took their own lives at a sleepover, that after haley called herself a victim of school bullying. they're the latest cases of suicides possibly linked to bullying. in massachusetts last year the high-profile suicide of phoebe prince prompted state leaders to pass anti-billing legislation and pushed the issue into the national spotlight. now the centers for the disease control is releasing results of a 2009 health survey conducted by massachusetts health officials. it found 30% of high school and 40% of middle school students in massachusetts admitted to being involved in or affected by bullying. nationwide, the cdc says that figure is 20%. what experts don't know are the factors that increase the risk
4:33 pm
of being bullied or teens harming themselves. >> i believe that the study points to things we already know. at-risk kids are at risk wherever they are. >> reporter: in recent weeks haley hinted to a relative that she was a victim of bullying by other students at marshall middle school. possible signs, but family members believe there are more questions. >> i don't believe we'll have a definite answer. >> so far marshall school officials are not addressing the reports of bulling, but counselors are on hand to help students deal with their grief. michelle franzen, nbc news. several d.c. students, teachers and lawmakers held an anti-bullying rally today on the steps of the wilson building. we'll have more on that story coming up right here on news 4 at 5:00 tonight. pat? police in tennessee may have a new lead in the search for a missing nursing student. 20-year-old holly bobo disappeared eight days ago. her brother says he saw a man dressed in camouflage accost her
4:34 pm
outside their home and take ler deep into the woods. now a woman in a nearby town says she was the victim of a similar incident three months ago. >> i was scared. i was numb. i couldn't move. i couldn't say anything or do anything. >> do you think this is somehow related? this could be the same person? >> when i heard about it that's what i thought. >> reporter: heather sullivan said she stepped out of her house early one morning and that a tall, skinny man grabbed her arm. she says she was holding a lamp & that fell and shattered and that the man ran off. authorities say they'll continue to look at all possibilities as they search for holly bobo. former illinois governor rod blagojevich went back to court today as jury selection in his second federal corruption trial gets under way. his retrial comes after a jury deadlocked on most of the charges on him last year. he still faces 20 charges including accusations of trying to sell president bush's former
4:35 pm
senate seat. last year's trial did convict blagojevich on one count of lying to the fbi. he faces up to five years in prison for that. the conviction on just one offense this time around could mean a decade or more in jail. a new state by state report out today says education in the u.s. especially in math and science is in bad shape. a coalition of more than 100 top ceos are behind this report. the data, they say, shows u.s. kids are falling behind. nbc's kristin dahlgren has more now on capitol hill. for the heaney family on spring break in washington, d.c., the state of the kids' education isn't a big worry. >> i see a big improvement from when i went to school. >> but some of the nation's top ceos say it should be. >> we're basically lying to the parents and the kids telling them everything is okay when there are data from international surveys that say everything is not okay. >> reporter: craig barrett, retired ceo of intel sees an
4:36 pm
education crisis. he's joined by corporate leaders from around the country to push for higher standards. >> you have algebra equation. >> reporter: especially in math and science and better training in those subjects for teachers. >> today, the probability of getting a math teacher if you're in elementary school or high school that knows math is only 60% or 70%. >> those kids don't get another shot at eighth grade math. that's it. that's their one time through. >> the recent assessment of educational programs found 33% of eighth graders are proficient or advanced in math. >> this country will not be competitive in a global economy if we continue to fall behind. >> reporter: in his town hall tour this week president obama agreed, pushing back against those who want education cuts. >> how are we not going invest in making sure our kids have the best skills possible? >> reporter: with the budget battle in washington just getting started, some of the nation's brightest minds say the
4:37 pm
war in the classrooms is right now being lost. and according to that coalition of ceos, the u.s. faces a shortage of some 3 million college-educated workers by the year 2018. on capitol hill, kristen dahlgren, news 4. for a complete list of rankings to see how virginia, d.c. and maryland fared go to our website, and search education. there is more to come on news 4 at 4:00, some people waited two decades for a chance to do something and then the celebration gave way to shock. >> oops! the fbi zeros in on a sb o suspect who
4:38 pm
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4:40 pm
well, you don't need to understand soccer or spain's passion for soccer to understand how important it is to beat an archrival for the championship. >> one of real madrid's players got carried away a bit at the club's postgame celebration over a victory with barcelona. during the parade he dropped spain's equivalent of the stanley cup or the lombardi
4:41 pm
trophy under the bus. real madrid had been waiting 18 years for this trophy only to have someone drop it and the bus run right, smack-dab over it. >> that is painful and he's got to watch it over and over again as this video goes viral. >> let's hope it's insured. >> we can hope. >> they can make one for him. >> there's got to be another in the world. >> a book that could be older than shakespeare turned in a utah museum. >> the nour emburg chronicles was written in 1893. the book was discovered in sandy, a suburb of salt lake city. a man took it to the museum not knowing what it was. if the book is real it could be worth up to $100,000. >> wow! a busy night ahead on nbc washington nonstop including some italian cooking with barbara harrison. >> she's making us hungry and she has a preview now. >> lots coming up at nbc
4:42 pm
washington nonstop. i'll join liz crenshaw for daily connection. later, nonstop foodies d.c., real italian cooking. i invited two television chefs from italy into my kitchen. you won't want to miss that and then stay tuned for nonstop scene at 9:30. the top places to go if you're looking to meet and mingle. it all starts at 7:00 on nbc washington nonstop. when we come right back on news 4 at 4:00 on the queen's 85th birthday, kate middleton hits the town looking for clothes. plus how a man finally found "access hollywood" test. i'm a curious seeker.
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so the sunshine came back and of course, we're expecting the rain to come back at some point. is it? >> yes. of course, tomorrow is friday and then saturday and sunday. which do you have questions about? >> sunday. the best of the three-day period we talked about. >> tennis for saturday morning? >> tennis for saturday morning. >> indoor, huh? >> if you have the option to play indoors, i would play indoors. put me on the spot, i would rather play saturday afternoon if you are going to play tennis because saturday morning maybe clouds and showers out there. tomorrow, showers most of the afternoon. let's take a look outside. currently, a beautiful shot. i love taking this picture of the capital and the fountain in the foreground. it is just gorgeous. you can see the leaves on the
4:46 pm
trees right now and of course, the pollen is high today. 62 degrees outside right now, but look where we go tonight. 35 in frederick, 36 in martinsburg. there could be localized frost in those areas. so watch out there, you may even want to cover your plants tonight up through that region. 43 in washington, and 46 in fredericksburg. temperatures only climbing 10 to 15 degrees to a high of 54 in washington. 55 in warrenton. they stay in the upper 40s during the day tomorrow. it's going to be a very chilly, kind of a dreary day and on the breezy side as well. here's very good news. on saturday, 72 degrees and maybe showers early. saturday afternoon looks a lot better for tennis and hopefully the tennis courts will dry out by that point. sunday, everybody remains on the dry side. best chance of rain on easter will be up there toward the maryland and pennsylvania border, so continue to remember
4:47 pm
that. monday, also looking good. >> we like these personal forecasts. this is great. >> whatever i can do for you, just let me know. >> keep it coming. >> thank you. today on her 85th birthday the queen gave prince william formal consent to marry kate middleton. under british law the prince need written permission from the queen to make his upcoming nuptials valid. >> also today middleton managed to go on a very quick shopping spree. nbc's michelle kozinski is in london and has more on kate middleton's retail therapy. >> reporter: does kate stand out or what? and not just because that's her name on a shop window right behind her head in anticipation of her big day. she could aren't get away from it if she tried, but perfectly coifed and sleek in a dress by her favorite designer, kate stepped out like anyone ols busy london king's road with just one
4:48 pm
bodyguard and not shopping for top design, she was roughing it, dashing into most unswanky mall-type stores for four ultragirly, frilly buck, spending about $300 for all of them and kate doesn't mess around. it took 20 minutes. and she managed to be friendly and nice on top of it. >> i think it's great. i think it's nice to see someone so powerful shopping on the high street. she's a normal girl, normal tastes and normal style, i think. >> she's very fashionable, very class. >> and what's the rest of the extended family up to? queen elizabeth turns 85 today, celebrating her day, in part, giving money to the poor, but she also has wedding on the mind. yesterday it was meet the middletons. a first-time hello to the new in-laws with lunch at windsor cassel that she and prince philip hosted. what was chit-chatted about?
4:49 pm
did the middletons win over the monarch's heart? no one's saying. >> while kate and her family will spend the final night of singlehood in the hotel suite. prince william will have man-to-man pre-wedding talk with dad, prince charles who yesterday became the longest-waited sovereign to-be on in british history. with pressure from both the families show how wonderful they are in eight days. kate, at least seems to have one eye trained on the happily ever after ward. who can blame her? one last common touch for the princess-to-be. >> reporter: was kate really popping out for some shopping? just a regular girl in a very regular place or it was just a little bit -- a little bit more planned out than that? i don't know, but it is being reported that william and kate did take a very private moment together in the last few days to visit princess diana's grave.
4:50 pm
back to you. >> nbc's michelle kozinski and news 4's wendy rieger reports from london starting on sunday. >> she's been busy shopping, too. >> of course! >> coming up on news 4 at 4:00, why video of michael jackson's final rehearsals will be shown in court. plus domestic terrorism is possible in a pipe bomb found in a mall near columbine high school. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, d.c. police under fire for giving charlie sheen a personal escort to his performance. yet department is still defending its actions. canceling the endless amount of kalt catalogs that crowd your mailbox. liz crenshaw find outside. coming up, was there a new scare for passengers on a deltannd3k
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after 23 years of living with a bullet lodged in his head, surgeons removed the chunk of metal from a man's brain. the man didn't know the bullet was there. a brain scan revealed the bullet earlier this month when he went to the hospital for epilepsy symptoms. turns out the bullet was there since 1988 when a man thought he was hit way sling shot. photos fr of michael jackson's autopsy will be shown at the trial next month. the superior court judge ruled today that the pictures are relevant to the case. the judge also decided to allow clips of michael jackson's final
4:54 pm
rehearsals. dr. conrad murray is accused of giving jack be on a lethal dose of a sedative. he pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. the trial was scheduled for may 9th. just ahead, police have - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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>> authorities in colorado seay said today they're making progress in finding out who was responsible for planning a pipe bomb yesterday. that bomb was found in a mall in lyttelton on the 12th anniversary of the columbine massacre. as chris clacken reports police still can't say if there's a connection. >> crime scene tape was removed in southwest plaza mall in lyttelton, colorado, reopened tuesday with little evidence of the chaotic scene there wednesday. thousands of shoppers were evacuated after firemen responding to a small fire found a pipe bomb sitting next to two canisters of propane gas. investigators today know more, but still not enough. >> we don't have a motive at this time. >> the fbi and atf have joined the investigation which for now is focusing on the man in these photos taken by mall security cameras that show him entering through a mall door not intended for public use and near where the pipe bomb was found.
4:58 pm
>> there is an urgency to find the individual. >> we need assistance in identifying the person of interest. >> reporter: wednesday's incident occurred a mile and a half away from and exactly 12 years after the deadly columbine high school shooting, but police aren't willing to link the two just yet. there's not a definite link that we have right now to anything that happened in columbine other than circumstance of the day and the time and the proximity. >> reporter: but an ear coincidence to the columbine killers. they also planned to detonate propane-filled canisters. chris clacken, nbc news. >> that's news 4 at 4:00. i'll be back at 6:00. news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. we have breaking news off
4:59 pm
the top tonight at 5:00. shots ringing out along a busy corridor in northwest d.c. two people were hit and taken to the hospital. good evening. welcome do news 4 at 5:00 i'm i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm pat lawson muse sitting in for jim handly. news 4's jackie benson joins us live with the eyewitness account. jacky? >> reporter: pat, the shootings have people in this neighborhood rattled. the victims are both young men in their early 20s were hit in the ankle when someone in a car, possibly a honda drove past them and opened fire. d.c. council member jim graham said he believes the shooting involved rivalled neighborhood groups. >> the gunshots near 14th and b streets northwest shattered the peace of a sunny thursday afternoon in the bustling u street area. one shot also shattered the wind over


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