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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 14, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, the breaking news. the deadly school rampage in south florida. >> oh, my god. >> gunfire erupting inside this high school. students terrified. tonight, the images now emerging. the screams heard from inside the classrooms. the armed officers going room to room, into an auditorium to get the students out. >> everybody down. >> the super inden dent confirming that are numerous fatalitie fatalities. and just a short time ago, abc learning more than a dozen dead. emergency teams treating victims on the sidewalk. students running to safety. their backpacks piled up in the street. parents rushing to the scene, desperate to find their children. the alleged suspect taken into custody, and what we're now learning about him at this hour. team coverage, right here tonight. a special edition of "world news
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tonight" begins now. good evening, it's great to have you with us here on a very busy night. and sadly, we do begin with another horrific school shooting. a difficult night for this nation, as we have learned 17 dead after a shooting rampage inside a florida high school. gunfire heard inside and outside the school. it was put on lockdown. students running for their lives. a massive show of force from law enforcement. some of the injured treated on the sidewalk outside the school. meantime, these images now emerging, inside the school, students hiding from the gunfire, armed s.w.a.t. teams entering, going classroom to classroom. yoca hear the students in horror. anguished parents waiting to hear from their children. tearful reunions when they finally reached them. at this hour, a suspect is in custody. it is believed he was a former student. his name is nikolas cruz. we do have team coverage, beginning with abc's victor
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oquendo on the scene tonight. >> reporter: tonight in florida, marjory stoneman douglas high school turned into a war zone in seconds. just after 2:00 p.m., as students are leaving school for the day, a shooter opening fire inside. students can be seen taking cover under a hail of gunfire, as police raced to the scene. >> i have the gunshot victim. he's by the entrance on the west side of the school. >> all of a sudden, i hear boom, boom, boom. i hear screaming everywhere. i just got underneath my >> reporter: s.w.a.t. teams swarming the perimeter of the school. frantically searching for the gunman. then moving inside. >> does he know where the shooter is? >> we don't know, but we're entering the building. >> reporter: officers going room by room. >> run from the auditorium. everybody down! >> reporter: students barricading themselves inside, frantically texting their parents. >> be safe, mom, you stay away. >> what's going through your mind right now? >> i'm telling her, no, chrystal, i'm your mother, i'm not staying away. >> reporter: outside, chaos. students seen streaming out of
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the building, many with hands on their heads. a sea of abandoned on the ground. paramedics rushing to treat the wounded, loading one after another onto stretchers and into ambulances. this injured person given chest compressions right there on scene. at least 14 victims treated for injuries. an hour later, at 3:00 p.m., that shooter still at large wit. >> while male, burgundy shirt, wearing a black hat an long black pants or shorts. he mixed in w group of students that were running westbound. >> reporter: firefighters consoling school staff members as the shock begins to set in. some parents reunited with the children, who managed to get out safely. others frantically searching for those still trapped inside. >> we can't get to her. we can't get ahold of her. >> and you called and you texted and nothing has come back? >> no. her girlfriend got shot, we heard. >> reporter: one student recalling a horrifying scene inside, seeing her teacher shot. >> we saw his body, for, like, 30 minutes, we were just, like,
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praying and crying and -- and then the police came and we just got out. >> reporter: just before 4:00 p.m., the 18-year-old gunman taken into custody without incident. the toll of this carnage now becoming clear. >> there are fatalities that are involved. we can't confirm the number at this point. >> everybody knows around here is a safe place and you don't expect this to happen here, but then when that happens, you are just taken aback by it. >> victor oquendo live from the scene there in parkland, florida. we know parents are still being reunited with their children? >> reporter: david, it's been more than four hours since the shooting and we're still seeing kids walking away from the scene with backpacks on. so many parents out here, eager to see their children. you can see behind men, it's still a very active scene. we just got the latest numbers from police. at7 people are dead tonight. 13ol ul
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vid, this is a le thens were th. massive school, so, as you can imagine, the police presence he enforcement that showed up, it was an impressive show of force here. it is just a mess here, to be honest with you right now, but investigators will be working through the night to determine, give us an exact number, working through this horrible scene here tonight, david. >> victor oquendo leading us off. so sadly, seeing the students with their arms in the air, unfortunately, children know what to do across this country when gunfire breaks out. abc news has now learned at least 17 dead, just a short time ago, we heard from the sheriff, scott israel, whose own children went to that school. >> i want to start out by saying
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this is one believably catastrophic day in broward county history. it is devastating. i'm sick to my stomach. we have multiple casualties. we've had approximately 14 people transported to area hospitals with varying degrees of injuries. there are multiple casualties. there are folks that have lost their lives. we hteams ring it's huge. it's a huge campus. we have a shooter in custody, after he committed this horrific, homicidal act. >> reporter: the sheriff then talking about his own children who went to that school.>> muatd lacrosse itit's just
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catastrophic. i don't know how many injuries there were, but we know 14 people were transported to hospitals with var rying degrees of >> the sheriff there late this afternoon. this was age high school, a us. and as you heard at the top of the broadcast, near the very beginning of this, there was also a it's still unclear whether that was pulled to alert the students, but some were already outside when they heard the gunfire. some of them ran back into the building. i spoke to gabriel la fig rosa just moments ago. she barricaded herself in a classroom closet. take a listen. gabriela, i know this was a horrific afternoon to witness. you were actually outside, because you had heard a fire alarm at first? >> yes. >> and that's when you heard the shooting begin? >> yes. it just started when the fire alarm began. >> how many gunshots did you hear? >> i heard about six. >> six gunshots. and it was your instinct to then run back inside the building? >> run, yeah, i was outside, so,
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like, usually they told us when there's something like this, you run and find the nearest classroom and stay put. that's what i did. >> you were trying to shelter in place. once you got into that classroom, what did you do? >> i said, okay, i'm going in the closet, i ran in the closet. i just ducked down and then i called my mom before i got into the classroom, i was like, screaming, i was like, there's a school shooter, there's a school shooter. >> you locked yourself in that closet, were you by yourself? >> i was with a couple of friends and other people in that closet, too. >> gabriela, can you just describe the scene once you got out of that closet that you were hiding in, what was it like when you were able to see all of your classmates again? >> when i got out of that closet and i was going outside, i just broke down crying, like, it was -- i saw, like, all, like, the -- we had to be in a single file line. i just wanted to, honestly, just go home. >> just go home.
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and now, that's where you are tonight. i know you're there with your dad and your family and we're glad you're home and safe tonight. thank you so much. thank you, gabriela. >> you're welcome. >> scenes like these today, shootings at schools, an miliar shooting, by one unt, the 18th just shootings. and this evening, what we're now learning at this hour about the suspect, nikolas cruz. here's abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas tonight. >> reporter: this is the young man seen here in handcuffs, wearing black combat-style boots, believed to have committed today's has sacker. thought to have ties to a school now etched into the country's violent history of mass shootings. >> he was found offcampus. i don't exactly know where. i believe he was found in the city of coral springs, by a coconut creek police officer. that's unconfirmed right now. >> reporter: arrested offcampus, sources identifying him to abc news as nikolas cruz.
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and a law enforcement source telling abc n an assault-style rifle may have been used in today's carnage. >> he was not a current student. i wasn't there, but i was told there was no confrontation. he was -- can you hear me? he was taken into arrest without incident. i believe he's approximately 18 years old. >> reporter: the school shooting today marked at least the 18th so far this year, and it is also sympt sympt symptomatic of a nation where mass shootings in which four of more people are shot in an incident, have become. >> and pierre, we know the atf and the fbi on the scene tonight. the hard work to really find the motive here. >> reporter: david, the fbi is now conducting an intensive background check, looking for social media footprints and any ties to extremist groups. so far, no evidence pointing toward terrorism, but it's early in this investigation, david, and sources tell me, no resource will be spared to find a motive.
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>> all right, pierre, thank you. i'm joined tonight by abc news crime and terrorism expert brad garrett. and brad, this suspect was captured, i know that's rare, often in these mass shootings, the shooters take their own lives before authorities can get to them. >> that's true. this guy apparently wanted to be famous alive. but think james holmes, aurora, colorado, and the movie theater. he walked out the back door and surrendered. >> and brad, the suspect was a former student, that's what we believe, at this point from authorities there on the scene, a former student at the school. what does that tell us, obviously, about possible links to some of the students still attending class there? >> because the school is the issue, david, in his mind. much like adam lanza went back to sandy hook. he hadn't been there in years. it's what the school represented in his mind. >> brad garrett with us, a former fbi agent, our terrorism analyst, brad, thank you, as always. unfortunately, always tough topics when we bring you on. in the meantime, what are schools to do in this country to
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protect our children? so many of them taking new steps, but can they ever be enough? here's abc's clayton sandell on that part of the story tonight. >> reporter: tonight what used to be unimaginable is the new reality. in small towns and big cities. the death toll of students, children killed in just the first six weeks of this year, now at least 19, another 23 injured. >> we need to lock down. >> reporter: for kids, lessons in math and science now come with lessons in how to react if a gunman attacks their campus. teachers taught to lock doors and block windows. police have changed their tactics, too, as we saw in this 2016 active shooter drill. at this colorado high school, police and firefighters train side-by-side to immediately confront a threat. it's a lesson from columbine, when that school was attacked in 1999, it had long before policy for officers to wait outside for the s.w.a.t. team, but that 45-minute delay before officers
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went in was later criticized for allowing the gunmen to continue >> i was one of the first medics to columbine. we did to stand outside and wait for the building to be cleared before we could go in and find any survivors. >> reporter: i'm thing safety experts recommend is that schools should not only keep outside doors locked, but they should track all visitors to a campus at all times. students also play a role. if they see signs of trouble in places like social media, they should bencouraged to speak up. david? >> and many often do. clayton sandell, thank you. at the white house tonight, president trump was made aware of this shooting, as the scene was unfolding late today, tweeting prayers and condolences. abc's cecilia vega joinling us live from the white house tonight. and we know that since taking off, president trump has addressed the nation three times since mass shootings, something his predecessors had to do. >> reporter: 17 times for president obama. there's been a theme in many of president trump's remarks.
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after the shooting in texas, he said it would be a little too soon to talk about gun laws. after the massacre in las vegas, he said, we will talk about gun laws as time goes on. david, there has not been a very serious public policy conversation about gun control here at this administration, in this white house. the president tweeted today, no child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an american school. we will see if this is the one that forces that policy conversation. >> all right, cecilia vega live at the white house. cecilia, thank you. there is still a lot more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the other news this evening. the desperate search at this hour for a missing 4-year-old girl. authorities say the girl may have been kidnapped. her mother severely beaten, found in the home. and what she's saying about a possible suspect. the midair scare we reported on, and new pictures after the engine falls apart high above the pacific. passengers told to brace for an emergency landing. and tonight, news coming in from the olympics. the apology.
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in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. we're going to turn next tonight to triumph and the controversy at the winter games. shaun white with the stunning gold medal performance on t half pipe, but stumbling in front of the cameras when asked about sexual allegations and a settlement not long ago. abc's matt gutman in pyeongchang tonight with new words from shaun white. >> shown whiaun white for the g. >> reporter: a golden moment on the halfpipe for shaun white. >> will it be enough? >> reporter: that history-making third gold medal. stumbled at t post-win news conference when i asked about allegations of sexl female member of white's rock band, bad things. shaun, over the past couple of days the sexual harassment allegations have resurfaced. are you concerned that they're going to tarnish your legacy? >> you know, honestly, i'm here
6:48 pm
to talkbout the olympics, not gossip, so -- but i don't think so, i am who i am and i'm proud of who i am and my friends, you know, love me and vouch for me and i think that stands on its own. >> reporter: so, you're saying the allegations against you are gossip? >> i think we're here to talk about the gold medal and the amazing day we had today. >> reporter: in 2016, lena zawaideh filed a lawsuit claiming white repeatedly sent her sexually explicit photos, cy disturbing videos. the suit has since been settled and while white has always denied those allegations, he has admitted to sending the text messages mentioned in the suit. he later told nbc -- >> i'm sorry i chose the word gossip it was a poor choice for such a sensitive subject in the world today. and, you know, i'm just truly sorry. i'm a much morenged person than i was when i and, yeah, i'm just -- i'm proud of who i am today.
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>> and matt gutman joins us tonight live from bee kwloong. and matt, you heard him apologize for using that word gossip when you asked that question, but also whether intentional or not, it wasn't lost on many that he didn't take any questions from female journalists in that room, just male. >> reporter: that's right. there were eight questions asked, but that u.s. snowboarding moderator didn't call on a single female journalist. i saw several of them with their hands raised. david? >> matt gutman from pyeongchang again tonight. when we come back here tonight, there is news this evening about alzheimer's, and the new drug being tested. could it help reverse the effects of the disease? the missing 4-year-old. and new images, the midair scare. the engine breaking apart. passengers warned to brace for an emergency landing. we'll be right back. i've always wanted to share a special moment with my mom.
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an 8-year-old girl. a jury in florida taking just 14 minutes to convict donald smith in the brutal abduction, assault and killing of cherish p perrywinkle. surveillance video showing him walking out of the store with the girl. he passes a possible death sentence now. the desperate search for a missing 4-year-old girl in south carolina. police and firefighters searching for heidi todd, reported missing on tuesday. authorities say her mother was brutally beaten and hospitalized. the fbi offering a $10,000 reward for any information tonight. there's news about that midair scare after taking off from california, bound for hawaii. the united airlines flight from san francisco to honolulu, the engine falling apart above the pacific. passengers, can you hear them shouting, brace, brace, after the cruel warned them about the emergency landing that was coming. they did land safely. there's new tonight about alzheimer's. scientists testing a new drug that shows signs of possibly reversing effects of the disease in mice. that study has been published in
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that's the power of pacific. ask a financial advisor about pacific life. and finally tonight here, we do have late details coming in on that dead lly school shootin in florida. at least 17 dead. the gunman in custody. let's go back to victor oquendo, live at the scene. and you have new information about the weapon tonight? >> reporter: david, we're now learning that the weapon was an ar-15 rifle, still an active scene here behind me, as you can hear that siren. but police say, along with that ar-15, he had a lot of ammunition. still no word, though, on a motive. just an awful day here in parkland. afternoon.g started just after
6:58 pm
shots fired inside and outside of the school.e sllegedly escap by blending into the crowds. he was apprehended roughly two hours later in a nearby neighborhood, taken without incident. his name, nikolas cruz. just 19 years old. apparently a former student at this high school. tonight, david, many current students in the hospital undergoing surgery. david? >> victor oquendo, thank you. thank you for watching, our coverage continues on "nightline" and first thing on "gma" in the morning. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. sorry about this valentine's day, but we wish you well. good night.
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