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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  June 19, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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northampton county as well as hunterdon county until 4:30 p.m. winds with this near 60 miles an hour as these storms race to the north and east. as you can see here parts of the lehigh valley they just took out that severe thunderstorm warning as they're quickly working to the north and east at 40 miles an hour. here is the line from east now of pen argyl as well as easton milford and just to the east of quakertown moving north of doylestown. here are some of the towns and times. point pleasant 4:08 peter's corner at 4:10 as that particular part of the storm which is pretty nasty right now in bucks county heads to the east and also we have some pretty intense storms in southern parts of chester county especially near oxford as well as eastern lancaster county moving to the east at 40 miles an hour near west grove at 4:05 avondale 4:09 extending towards chester county getting hit very hard a lot of lightning and also gusty winds and torrential
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rain. as we widen out there are downpours and storms popping now in cherry hill as well as parts of southern mercer county ahead that of main line so a lot to go through as a cold front comes through to wipe out this intense heat and humidity. talking about the heat and humidity and also the hard part of the storms is the intense downpours. you have more on that part of the story. >> that's right. the reason why we're getting those showers and storms is that because of all of the heat and humidity today. you look at the heat indies feeling like 94 in philadelphia, we've got a heat index of 94 as well in wilmington, close to 100 there in dover. heat index up the 95 corridor in trenton feeling like 95 degrees. that's why that severe thunderstorm watch has been posted until 8 o'clock. the big concern with these thunderstorms as they move through gusty winds up to 60 miles per hour and the possibility of hail. in combination with that some locations are underneath a flash flood warning up until 6:30 a this evening for areas
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in bush kill and lehigh allentown down to the south in upper milford and in easton. these locations in the red shaded counties have already seen up to three -- 2-inches i should say of rain so far and we are also have that flash flood watch that will stay up until the rest of tonight. so what we can expect for the rest of this evening, line of severe showers and storms damaging wind gusts is big concern, flooding downpours as well lightning and isolated large hail also something we're watching a as we are watching these showers and storms. more details with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. brian. >> melissa and adam many thanks. get the very latest including detailed updates and storm tracker6 live radar any time on your phone or tablet. the 6abc app is a free download for your and mobile device. >> turning now to philadelphia's district attorney going to trial to face federal corruption charges. seth williams' lawyers and the prosecution have spent the day working to pick a jury that will hear the case which
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involves nearly 30 counts. "action news" reporter vernon odom has the latest from the courthouse in center city. >> reporter: opening statements are expected for later today or sometime tomorrow in the corruption trial of philadelphia d.a. seth williams. jury selection has eaten up most of this day. 137 prospective jurors from nine southeastern pennsylvania counties are being questioned on whether they can render a fair and impartial verdict. the two term philadelphia d.a. faces 29 counts of accepting bribes including cash and lavish gifts from a bucks county businessman for favors including allegedly intervening in a drug case. also the government says williams diverted $25,000 designated for his ailing mother's nursing home care for his personal use. seth williams has entered not guilty pleas to all the government's charges. this trial is expected to last three to four weeks. physical seth williams were to be convicted on all 29 counts against him he could face up to 20 years in prison.
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i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news" at the federal courthouse in center city. >> gunshots rang out in broad daylight in the north woods section of philadelphia. man in his 20's died after being shot multiple times. chopper6 was over the scene at the intersection of bridge and oakland streets around noon today. the victim died there will at the scene. so far no one has been arrested and there's no word yet on a possible motive. >> an alternate juror in the bill cosby case says he was "ridiculously sick when he found out that the main jury couldn't reach a verdict." mike mccloskey made those comments on a pittsburgh radio show this morning. as an alternate he sat in on all of the testimony but none of the deliberation. the judge in that case declared a mistrial saturday after the jury said they were hopelessly deadlocked. prosecutors filed documents today to keep the jury's identities a secret. they say releasing them would result in a "publicity onslaught." >> in london we're learning
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more about the man who drove a van through a crowd of muslim worshipers outside a mosque. one person is dead and several others injured. >> reporter: another night of chaos in london. a white van plowing plowing through a crowd muslim worshipers outside a mosque in the northern part of the city. >> when he was ground i asked him why did he do that, why?, you know, innocent people. he goes, i want to kill muslims. >> reporter: members of the muslim community pinning down the 47-year-old white male driver until police arrived. >> by god's grace we managed to -- we managed to surround him and to protect him from any harm. >> reporter: today a flood of condemnation and the condolences from officials. >> noplace for this hatred in our country today and we need to work together as one so, it's as one community to drive it out this evil.
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>> this was quite clearly an attack on muslims and they were coming from a prayer meeting. we treat this as a terrorist attack. >> reporter: the streets of london gripped by growing anxiety. >> isis doesn't have a monopoly on driving trucks and vans into people into crowds. now we know that there are other terrorists who have done exactly the same thing. >> reporter: tension after three weeks tainted by terror. >> we will stay a strong city. we will assure that we aren't. >> reporter: authorities were looking to are truce as to what led up to this attack. police calling on anyone with information to come forward. abc news, new york. >> new at 4 o'clock pennsylvania state investigators arrested a pair of businessmen allegedly caught running a fraudulent used car lot. the suspects are accused of duping customers and fellow business partners out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and now police are
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looking for even more victims. "action news"'s walter perez explains the allegations. >> reporter: today state police arrested 49-year-old cyrus scott and 59-year-old lawrence laiken of s and n auto solutions. they were supposed to be selling automobiles on consignments. that means they were owned by a car dealership with the hope of unloading excess inventory. >> they never held the title or ownership for these cars. meanwhile they're telling their customers that they are the true owners of these cars and taking money from them. >> reporter: the dealers who own the vehicles were allegedly not getting their cut of the car sales and the customers who bought the vehicles were under the false impressions that their purchases were legitimate. >> when i talked with the financial analyst from the bank they will put the car in repo status. this gentleman things he paid $10,000 for a car from snl will he have his carry poeed by the ban because he's not the true owner of the car, the payments are not being made.
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>> reporter: we spoke with a few snl customers who after finding out they're not the true owners of the vehicles they purchased also told "action news" a lot of those vehicles were sold in poor working condition. >> every week it's always the same excuse. i can't get it done, you're going to have to pay me a hundred bucks to do at this time, a hundred dollar deductible. that thing is covered under warranty. >> we're told it's getting repaired, repaired up until today no one has returned our call. we were supposed to pick it up today at 12:00. that's not going to happen. >> obviously. >> that was walter perez reporting. a philadelphia police officer's suv was damaged in a crash early this morning. it happened around 3:45 at 11th and market streets in center city philadelphia. well, there were no reports of any serious injuries. another car was somehow involved but investigators are still trying to determine exact technological what happened. >> all right, it is time for the first check of the "action news" traffic report today. >> let's go live to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. hey, matt. >> hi, guys. hope you had a nice weekend and things are about to get a
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lot more dicey as the storms start to roll into the region this afternoon brian and sharrie. you see some ominous skies here in king of prussia and some heavy traffic as well. already on the schuylkill expressway eastbound coming off of 202 here, we had construction earlier today along the schuylkill eastbound. that's all part that of preparation that they're doing this week for the big resurfacing project that they're starting next week on the schuylkill expressway. starting next monday night they're going to be tearing up a 12 and a half mile stretch of the schuylkill during the overnight. it's going to be a mess but this week is just preparations for that work. so everything is opened now, just heavy traffic. in that center city, some damp roadways here along the vine where some rain has already rolled through and already plenty of traffic rolling very slowly on the eastbound side off the schuylkill on out to 95. on the big picture we had a broken down truck on 95 southbound side near the walt whitman bridge but that's cleared out of the way. watching a crash in springfield township delco along springfield road at britain road and elsewhere in delco there's a downed tree already blocking rose tree road near the route one media
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bypass. that's not an option for you. we're hearing that's going to remain closed for much of the evening. in chester county an area that's about to get pummeled with some storms an accident already involving a tractor-trailer along 100, that's pottstown pike at fellowship road and a crash this afternoon up in the lehigh valley where the rain has been coming down as well, 78 westbound between lehigh street and cedarcrest boulevard, a lane is blocked. it's just as slow up on 22, speeds just in the 20's there. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, coming up in the next half hour. >> okay, matt, thank you. next on "action news" at 4:00 searching for answers. we have the very latest on the investigation into the deadly collision at sea that killed seven u.s. sailors. >> plus, mixed messages coming from the white house. is the president under investigation by the fbi or is he not? we'll take a look at the back and forth over this coming up next. >> ♪ to feel that pain anymore.
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>> ♪ >> one of president donald trump's personal attorneys says he is not under federal investigation despite what the president himself posted on social media. on friday, the president tweeted that he was being "investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. witch hunt. now attorney jay sekulow a member of the president's outside legal team defended the president's use of social media. he says that tweet was a response to the washington post and not an announcement of any sort into any sort of investigation. >> there's been no notification to any of us that the president is under any investigation and as i said james comey has said on three separate occasions that the president was not under investigation so here's where this was manufactured if you want to call it manufactured. it was manufactured from the washington post. >> sekulow went on to say he believes the president's communications particularly on social media will go down in history as "the most
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successful utilization of media communication and platforms in our lifetime. ." as far as if there are any tapes between the fired fbi director james comey and the president sean spicer told reporter its possible they'll have an answer by the end of this week. sharrie. >> the back and forth still happening. the u.s. coast guard is taking the lead in the investigation into the collision that killed seven sailors off the coast of japan. the search for answers is under way in one of the worst u.s. naval disasters in years. a large container ship collided with the "u.s.s. fitzgerald" over the weekend. marine tracking data shows the cargo ship made a giant u-turn before slamming into the u.s. naval vessel. the cargo ship was chartered by a japanese company. the u.s. navy has now released the names of the service members who died. darryl martin lost his son, first class xavier martin from maryland.
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>> it's very hard. it's my only child. it's all i have. >> sailors on board fought to keep that ship from sinking. authorities say the investigation into what exactly happened could take months. >> back here at home o-recruiters looking to fill hundred of jobs held a big event in north philadelphia. the coast to coast career fair was set up at the four-point sheraton hotel on the 9400 block of roosevelt boulevard. people were able to apply for jobs in sales retail insurance and law enforcement to name a few. there were so many opportunities that each candidate was told to bring at least 20 copies of their resumes. now to wall street and the closing numbers on this monday afternoon, the dow closing up 128 points a new record high for the dow, 21,512. the nasdaq also up today about 1.4 percent on success from tech stocks. s & p 500 posting a record close up 17 and a half points on the day. >> more business news. the mail kit company blue
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apron says it could be worth $3 billion. the company is getting ready to start trading on wall street later this year. in a filing it says it will initially sell 30 million shares at $16 a share. blue apron's revenue has grown tenfold as people look for healthy yet convenient meals. today is the last day for the tax amnesty program in pennsylvania. individuals and businesses have until midnight to pay any delinquent taxes with no penalty and half the interest. an application and full payment must be received before the deadline to be considered. a 5 percent penalty will be added to the amount owed after today. >> i've been keeping a close eye on the radar and the a screen off to our right here its pretty active. >> pretty active to say the least. meteorologist adam joseph and melissa magee both working today during this 4 o'clock hour. what's the latest adam. >> that storm is moving into chester county. that is the most severe part of this particular squall line and this is the first go at
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widespread severe weather this spring season as we close in and take a look at the severe thunderstorm warnings that are in effect parts of hunterdon county and a very small sliver of bucks county, that line really falling apart but the one we're watching is in chester county, also northern parts of new castle county, salem county, parts of gloucester county, also delaware county on montgomery county severe thunderstorm warnings in effect until 4:45 p.m. intense lightning and wind gusts near 60 miles an hour. the storms are moving to the northeast at about 45 miles an hour. that's going to place this line in the city in about 45 to 50 minutes. it's now approaching chadds ford as well as west chester downingtown and coatesville. it is raining torrentially right now and you can see some of the towns and the times kind of updating as we progress that squall line. red lion at 4:22, long wood 4:23, spring valley at 4:25, lenape coming in at 4:26, west chester 4:27 so again that moving in all of parts of chester county, northern new
4:19 pm
castle county and also delaware county in the line of nearly 61 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes and powerful rain being released out of the storms in this area you can see in the purple we are seeing rainfall rates per hour of anywhere between two on 4-inches of rain, even closing in close to 5-inches in some spots in this line, so it literally blinds you especially along 202 right now heading towards 422, so during the evening rush this not moving in at the prime time that you would want it to. as we head to the east, we're also seeing pop-ups ahead of that main line and most of new jersey here, mount holly medford lakes, it rains, then it stops, then it pours, then it stops. this is all ahead of that of squall line that will also push through this region probably around the 6 o'clock hour or so. as that line was passing through bucks county and berks county, this sent into katherine -- katherine sent to me on my facebook page from
4:20 pm
reading and you can kind of see the dark clouds ahead of it and there's the rain shot where the thunderstorm is and winds did gust to 55 miles an hour in reading with those storms bringing down some trees. what is kind of fueling these storms is that intense humidity out there with dewpoints in the 70's across much of the area. that's the weight of the atmosphere you're feeling. a lot of water vapor that's being where you know -- wrung out and the heat index well in the 90's. to the west you can see how quickly it drops off into the 70's after the rain passes through. there's the line of storms with the cold front even a little bit of hail trying to be picked up in part of those storms in chester county. we'll continue continue to trac. it will push parts of southern new jersey, delaware, around 7 o'clock, that's when it approaches the store. 10 o'clock works off of the coastline. as we wake up tomorrow morning beautiful on your tuesday with lots of sunshine and much lower humidity. a beautiful day on tap for the
4:21 pm
last day of spring with temperatures a bit on the warm side but low humidity at 85. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast, 86 for your high tomorrow as that humidity drops off. first day of summer, sun and clouds, still low humidity, 85 degrees. could be a scattered shower in the afternoon on wednesday but most of the day is dry. we do heat it back up though quickly on thursday, 88 degrees and hot and more humid again on friday with some late day storms with the next cold front of 90 degrees. so, you never want severe storms. we need a little bit of rain but also this is going to kind of wipe out that intense humidity we had all weekend long. >> thanks, adam. >> yeah. >> well, a big congratulations is in order for the class of 2017. the action cam was in rhawnhurst for graduation at northeast high school. students family and friends gathered at the the football stadium to celebrate the seniors' accomplishments and of course to usher in this next chapter of their lives. the storms held off just long enutside today.
4:22 pm
>> good for them. >> they made it. >> the caps aren't umbrellas. >> uh that wouldn't make it. >> still ahead, disarming hate. we have new efforts led by a pennsylvania senator aimed at preventing hate filled violence. >> plus, the husband of murdered radio host april kauffman goes before a judge. see the new video of his standoff with police in south jersey. >> ♪
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. >> ♪ >> philadelphia's 12,000 public school teachers are set to vote tonight on the tentative contract. polls open at 6 o'clock this evening at temple's liacouras center. teachers had been working for four years without a deal. terms of this new contract have not yet been announced but if approved it would run through august 2020. the city of philadelphia is now enrolling children for the second year of its free pre-k program. mayor jim kenney explained how parents can sign up during a torn of the montgomery early
4:26 pm
learning center in point breeze. they'll have 20 new pre-k spots available in september. >> preventing tragedies like the pulse nightclub massacre in orlando is the goal of new legislation introduced today in pennsylvania. senator bob casey unveiled the disarm hate act in ardmore. it would deny gun sales to anyone convicted of a misdemeanor hate crime involving the use of force. casey was joined by tiara parker a survivor of that orlando attack who is now an advocate for gun restrictions. >> i will do what it take to make sure that we start getting rid of them because i lost way too many people that are way too close to me because of a gun. >> advocates say the disarm hate act would help keep guns away from hate groups. there are currently 917 of them in the u.s. according to the southern poverty law center. well, several after school programs for local teens will benefit from a $900,000 grant.
4:27 pm
the announcement was made today at the eight fletcher brown boys and girls club in wilmington. it's one of 16 delaware organizations chosen to share the federal funding. the money comes from the neighborhood building block fund for children struggling with poverty. >> and there's still much more ahead in the next 30 minutes of "action news" at 4:00 including new video of the confrontation between police and the widow avenue murdered south jersey radio host. >> plus is this smartphone for a child? that's a question retailers in colorado have to ask if one group gets its way, why they want to make it illegal to sell phones to kids under 13. >> ♪
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>> across the delaware valley as we speak. for more on the timing and the threat let's head over to meteorologist adam joseph. hey, adam. >> you don't want to let your guard down if you get one of those random pop-ups prior to the main line. you will know when that main line couples through. it will rock through with intense winds and a lot of lightning with torrential rains. there's a break but then you can see that intense line to the west especially chester county new castle county and parts of delaware county getting hit right now and that zone is under a severe thunderstorm warning until 4:45, winds with these storms
4:30 pm
have been in excess of 55 or so miles an hour, so anywhere from east norriton through king of prussia all of easter chester county glenn mills in delaware county concordeville on the border of chester and delaware county chester as well and then mullica hill in gloucester county and northern parts of new castle county all within that severe thunderstorm warning. and you can see this intense area, there could even be some hail with this as you could start to see some of these purples near malvern kind of blossoming east of west chester heading towards devon as well as radnor and that is also pressing toward media there eventually along route three, so 202 is a disaster right now with that very heavy rain in chester county. to the south that line is about to push through downtown wilmington, i-95, 495, belfont at 4:34, penns grove coming in at 4:37. s when you'll get that intense line passing through and also we have a flareup that has developed also into parts of
4:31 pm
mercer county in and around trenton. there you can see brunswick avenue, some very heavy rainfall there towards lawrence, four lightning strikes there but again blinding rain at the rush hour as these storms are passing through and when you hear thunder, now that again we have camp outdoors and we don't have school, you're not safe outside. when you hear the thunder get inside and until you can't hear the thunder after the storm passes lightning can strike up to 10 miles away so some good information to remind you guys. we'll have much more on the radar and the beautiful weather, brian, to come for tomorrow as we wipe out the heat and humidity with in seven day. >> i like the sound of that adam. thank you. if you see any severe weather or damage in your area, we encourage you to join the action. take a photo or video safely of course and send it to join the action at or just use #6abcaction on social media. >> in other news, we now have video showing on the standoff between police and the widower of a murdered south jersey radio host. the body camera footage was played during a bail hearing
4:32 pm
for james kauffman who is now behind bars on charges unrelated to his wife's death. "action news" reporter annie mccormick was in court today and has that video from mays landing. >> drop the weapon. >> reporter: a linwood police officer's body camera captured the moments when officers and the fbi served search warrants on dr. jim kauffman's medical practice last week. it's here authorities say kauffman pulls a weapon and threatens to kill himself. you can see a partial view of kauffman as he stands in the doorway. prosecutors played the video in court where kauffman appeared today for his detention hearing in that atlantic county ultimately the judge ruled kauffman should stay in jail until his trial on charges related to the june 13th standoff. defense attorney ed jacobs said his client was reacting in fear that he was being arrested for the murder of his late wife april kauffman. jacob says kauffman told this to police. >> i'm not going to go to jail for something i didn't do. >> dr. kauffman has never been named a suspect in the murder. last week investigators served
4:33 pm
multiple search warrants not only on kauffman's practice but also at his homes in atlantic county and philadelphia. >> keep in mind there are five teaches a couple species of healthcare fraud but also refers to a homicide. obviously the april kauffman homicide. >> last week i said that it did not involve the homicide but in a way it did. it's like saying from a former tv show, it's all connected. >> that standoff ended without any injuries. investigators say that same day they seized more more weapons from kauffman and at least $100,000 in cash. kauffman's defense attorney ed jacobs says he will appeal the judge's decision today. reporting in mays landing, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> the body of one of two teen swimmers missing since last week has been recovered. authorities discovered 16-year-old callie yap hand in margate this morning a few miles south of where she disappeared in that atlantic city. hand was swept out to sea by a
4:34 pm
strong current last thursday. her 15-year-old friend ramon quinn tried to rescue her but was pulled underneath the water as well. ramon is still missing. >> four people were hurt in a nasty accident in newark, delaware, this morning. as you can see from this video the crash split one of the cars in half. it happened on chapman road near christiana road just before 8 o'clock this morning. delaware state police say three people including two children in that overturned car were taken to the hospital. but their injuries are not serious. we're still waiting to hear about badly the driver of the other car was hurt. the accident remains under investigation at this hour. authorities prevented this stockpile of drugs from reaching fans at delaware's popular firefly music festival. police seized more than 900 ecstasy pills crystal meth lsd mushrooms and cocaine from this man 26-year-old jordan racer. now, investigators say he was caught with all of those drugs after he allegedly sold ecstasy to an undercover officer at dover speed way on
4:35 pm
friday. dover police officer suffered minor injuries during a struggle with reeser upon his arrest. >> a large tree damaged an suv in philadelphia's east oak lane section this morning. chopper6 hd was over the scene near 12th street and cheltenham avenue as the vehicle was being towed away. the tree toppled onto the suv shattering the windshield. this happened around 10:00 this morning. we're still waiting to hear if the driver was hurt. >> workers at one government building in trenton got an unexpected day off today. this as the two water pipes burst inside the new jersey department of labor and workforce development. chopper6 was over the building at one john finch way. officials say the water had to be shut off after the pipes broke and because the air conditioning needs water to run, authorities made the decision to send all 1,000 workers home for the day. repairs are under way right now and the building will remain closed until those pipes are fixed. >> penndot is gearing up for the summer construction season and their latest project could
4:36 pm
affect tens of thousands of commuters. "action news" anchor rick williams live now in the news room with more on this today. hi, rick. >> hi, sharrie, thank you. that's right, we're talking about a very busy stretch of the schuylkill expressway. in fact officials need to take a look at about 10 miles of i-76 to make sure the highway is until working shape. but that means the potential for big delays this week. "action news" reporter john rawlins is breaking down the need for construction and how it cool impact drivers around the metro area. that's coming up tonight at 5:00. also coming up tonight ups is making it a little more expensive to send your holiday presents this year. the fee the company is tacking on in the weeks before hanukkah and christmas. get ready. just some of the stories we're working on for you when we see you in just a little bit on "action news" at 5 o'clock. until then back to the studio. brian see you later all right see you in a bit. city of newark trying to protect some of its most vulnerable residents. people with alzheimer's or
4:37 pm
autism can be eligible for a free medical alert bracelet. they have better chance of being identified and returned home safely. >> that way if they happen to want off a person can find them and get the information off the bracelet, contact med-alert 24/7. >> bracelets are provided free of charge thanks to a department between the newark police department and the medic alert foundation. plenty of pomp and circumstance in northeast philadelphia this morning as kensington high school held klatsch asian services for class of 2017. the ceremony took place at holy family university on frankford avenue. an exciting day for these graduates as they move on to the next part of their lives. hundreds of family and friends watched with pride. seniors celebrated the end of their high school career. >> and still ahead on "action news" at 4:00 while many of us dream of having the summer off, some teachers prefer to use their vacations to earn extra cash.
4:38 pm
that's why we're breaking down the best ways to make money when school is out. >> plus, phone ban. a group of doctors wants to keep smartphones out of the hands of children by keeping retailers from send to go anyone under -- selling to anyone under 13. why they say they're concerned. >> was beyoncé's dad out of line? we'll explore it all in big talkers. >> uh-oh. >> uh-huh. >> and meteorologist adam joseph with the full accuweather forecast when "action news" at 4:00 comes right back. >> ♪
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go to today. >> ♪ >> a moment of silence today for the dozens who were killed in that raging london building fire. residents and emergency workers gathered with their heads bowed. the grand fell tower caught fire wednesday. the number of dead has risen to 79. the exterior paneling is being
4:41 pm
blamed for quickly spreading the flames. now thousands of other buildings made of that same material are being inspected. >> it's been called portugal's deadliest natural disaster in decades. more than 2700 firefighters are still battling several major wildfires today. one of them alone claiming 63 lives over the weekend. crews from spain spans and italy have that joined the fire fight dropping water from the air as those on the ground contend with temperatures hotter than 100 degrees. activists blame highly planting of eucalyptus trees. >> a fearless florida homeowner refused to back down to a group of armed intruders. surveillance video shows the suspects armed with a shotgun at the victim's sarasota home. he first grabbed a wooden board but quickly upgraded his weapon of choice to a machete. he managed to disarm one of the robbers and hold them down until police arrived. the other four were caught after they tried to run away.
4:42 pm
>> ♪ >> big talkers now and today the supreme court struck down a north carolina law that bars convicted and registered sex offenders from using social media sites like facebook and twitter. the justices ruled unanimously in favor of a man named lester packing ham. he was found guilty of violating a law in north carolina that makes it unlawful for a registered sex offender like himself to have an active social media account. packing ham stayed active on facebook and posted something about beating a parking ticket. so, his lawyers argued it was his first amendment right. the state argued the law it was keep children safe from sexual predators online but today the supreme court rejected that. so, here's a question. like driving, drinking or voting, should there be an age restriction on having a smartphone? a proposed ballot measure in colorado would ban the sale of phones to and for anyone under the age 13.
4:43 pm
timothy barnum and two other doctors started a group called pause, parents against under aged smartphones. the father of five behind all of this sees the constant use of smartphones as pretty much an addiction. >> we see it in the same light as maybe alcohol, you know, or cigarettes. the kids aren't playing out there anymore. there are certain critical stages of development that are not happening. >> farnum needs 300,000 signatures to get that initiative on the ballot for next year. now, the idea of banning smartphones for kids under 13 is causing a riff among parents and tweens as you can imagine. if approved retailers who don't abide can face fines up to $20,000. finally, the big question. did beyoncé's dad break a cardinal social media rule? a very enthusiastic matthew knowles pretty much let the cat out of the bag that his daughter, beyoncé, and jay-z welcomed their twins into the world yesterday. grandpa knowles posted this on
4:44 pm
twitter and instagram and pretty much everywhere a picture of balloons with the words happy birthday and the caption they're here. #beyoncé, #jay-z, #twins. with no word from the parents themselves on this, it of course poses the question about social media post etiquette. did grandpa across the line. should he have waited for an official announcement from the carters? did beyoncé sanction this? all of these burning questions as we, of course, await all the details. the genders, the names and of course pictures of the twins. >> so we don't yet know if he was authorized to do it. >> we don't know but as it all evolves maybe a book will come out of it. >> that's right. >> maybe they let grandpa just go with it. >> it was father's day after all. >> true. >> alicia, thank you so much. time for another check on the roads tonight. >> all right. matt here now with the latest in the upday. hey, matt. >> and we're saying there here this afternoon, about the storms, yes, we're not quite as excited as grandpa knowles
4:45 pm
was. out here on 95 it's not raining at the moment but still we're dealing with an accident. northbound side approaching academy road. this vehicle was facing sideways up until about a minute ago. now they have it attached to the tow truck. you see the fire truck taking out the two left lanes. well, maybe not any longer as the fire truck is on the move but the two left lanes had been blocked here on 95 northbound coming away from cottman through this point approaching academy because of the accident so speeds like 11 miles per hour as a result of it. we had those storms entering the area moving through gladwyne over toward cheltenham right now and we've got issues with a storm, some lightning we just saw here along the blue route, 476 in delaware county. this was a car that was overheated. i have a feeling it's not overheated any longer as it's being rained on now but police are out here northbound side of the blue route at baltimore pike. you can see the rain is really coming down so that visibilities and speeds are also down. not too far away we've got a downed tree blocking rose tree road much of the evening route one media bypass will be an alternate and on the turnpike
4:46 pm
eastbound in bucks county there's also a downed tree so plenty of jams there as well. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, coming up in the 5 o'clock hour. >> thank you my friend. a live look outside. evidence that it is raining very hard. this the scene in chester right now from sky6. you can see the rain dousing our camera lens there. >> not a pretty day. meteorologist adam joseph coming up with some exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast next. >> ♪
4:47 pm
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4:48 pm
z z. >> breaking news just into our news room this afternoon as we have learned that the american student released from north korea last week has now died. 22-year-old otto warmbier has been detained in north korea for 17 months and was returned to the united states last week in a coma with a neurological condition. now his family announced moments ago that he has in
4:49 pm
fact died. it happened just after 2 o'clock this afternoon. >> a lot of controversy surrounding surrounding that. more to come from abc. >> without question. >> meteorologist adam joseph here now. you're busy today. >> yes. >> not the best looking day outside. >> no. >> this is the first day this year that we had widespread severe weather. severe thunderstorm watch for the entire area until 8 o'clock. a reminder means the potential is there for severe storms and as they're now closing in to center city philadelphia, they are on the severe side. in fact, we have this big swath of orange which is basically a severe thunderstorm warning be in effect until 5:15 p.m. and includes most of delaware county, basically all of philadelphia county, then over the river, parts of camden and gloucester county, southern montgomery county, some parts of bucks county, the biggest problem with these storms system not only the torrential rain but winds gusting near 60 miles an hour. you can seem philadelphia. right now is almost being swallowed up by the storms from the north to the south
4:50 pm
and to the southwest so it is approaching the city here within the next 10 to 15 minutes. you see the towns and the times here, south philadelphia f the same time and gloucester city just to the south and east there at 4:59 p.m. and you can see about 29 lightning strikes in this area of red major roadways like the schuylkill expressway, the blue route p-the northeast extension, 202 the turnpike being inundated by blinding rain right now at the rush hour and to the south here you can see that line extends to swedesboro and woodstown. there woodbury at 4:57, deptford at 5 o'clock is when you'll see the worst part of that storm as it continues to track to the east at about 45 miles an hour and again, heavy rain a problem, really piling up on the roadways quickly as the rainfall rates have been close to three to 4-inches per hour. in addition to the rain and the wind, we have seen some storm reports in reading as the storms have passed through at 55 miles an hour wind
4:51 pm
gusts, two houses have been struck by lightning in chester county. northampton county wires and trees are down. schnecksville and lehigh county wires and trees down there and thompson also in berks county seeing branches down as these storms respect passing through. we do have flood advisories for minor flooding basically into the evening everywhere where you see green with basically the entire delaware valley at this point as the storms are coming through we've had such high humidity. all that humidity is now being wrung out with this cold front and it is producing extremely heavy rainfall in a very short amount of time. it's also bringing down the heat index. ahead of it it's basically fuel for this fire line of storms that are coming in from the west. 90's before the storm but then the heat index drops into the 70's behind it. storms will continue to push to the south and east right around the 8 o'clock hour or so. expect them at the jersey shore. here you can see them on future tracker as it closes
4:52 pm
into atlantic city millville dover at 8 o'clock tonight. clearing out to the north and west and a beautiful start to our tuesday, the last day of spring tomorrow. lots of sunshine, low humidity, really not to complain about here as we get into your tuesday, so mostly sunny, warm but less humid with high temperatures in the mid 80's and a nice sea breeze at the shore tomorrow in the upper 70's to around 80 degrees there. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 86 team tome as the humidity drops, the sunshine is in control. nice day for the first day of summer as well on wednesday with a few clouds and maybe a spotty shower in the afternoon but we heat things back up at the end of the week, the humidity returns and the chance for storms late on friday of 90. and the leftover storm early saturday before we dry out for the rest of the weekend but above average in the upper 80's and then a big blast of cooler air to come one week from now on monday and still a lot to go through as the storms are now approaching philadelphia and we'll have much more in the next half hour for you. >> thanks adam. >> let's take a live look outside through sky6 here over
4:53 pm
center city. ominous clouds here a-very dark picture as adam of course just describes what's heading our way and of course that flood watch also happening out there. what's the deal is coming up next. >> ♪
4:54 pm
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>> when school is out for the summer it doesn't just make for happy kids looking to fill the days with fun but it's also a chance for teachers to make some extra money. our friends at the personal finance web site the penny hoarder rounded up some easy ways educators can use the summer break to earn extra income. >> teachers are always creating all kinds of original material whether it's lesson plans or worksheets or maybe evenam and other printables. >> teachers know just how muchto >> if you create that material on your own time on your own software, you own that material and you can actually sell
4:56 pm
>> in subjects across-t-board and thanks to der says your workity can earn a new income stream. >> it's a good way to make money if you're a teach and you want to set up your little shop there. >> kathleen garber says another way for teachers to earn extra cash is to become an esl or english as a second language teacher. >> typically you just need an esl certification on top of a teaching degree to be able to do that. >> and you can do this locally or virtually. >> there are some companies yeah where you can video conferences with some esl students and yup, you'll collect a paycheck. >> in a city brimming with tourism and historical spots around every bend tap into those teaching tools and become a local tour guide. >> usually you get an hourly fee for that and then most companies are also opened so you make tips. that's a great little bonus. >> and she says with theline retail market place booming right now a lot of teachers
4:57 pm
can also sell teaching tools that they've purchased for the classroom or any hand crafted items that they've made to supplement their lesson plans. always a dollar to be made. we're helping up find it brian and sharrie. >> good stuff alicia. thank you. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. join me along with sharrie adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> but first coming up next at 5:00, new details about this weekend's deadly shooting outside of a center city nightclub that left more than a dozen shell casings scattered across the sidewalk. >> and of course we're continuing to track the storms moving into our region right now. team coverage continues next at 5:00 tonight. >> ♪
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> ♪ >> looking live at double scan radar and right now we're tracking a line of storms moving into our area. now going live outside, sky6 hd looking at the center city skyline or at least we're trying to tonight. the system has already sparked weather watches and warnings to our west and we're monitoring any damage the
5:00 pm
storms may cause. >> take a look right now at the video shot by chopper6 less than 90 minutes ago as the storms started rolling in. of course we're keeping an eye on the dark skies as the storms make their way through our area. >> it is monday night and the big story on "action news" is the severe thunderstorm watch in effect for our viewing area tonight. >> let's go right to meteorologist adam joseph who is watching double scan radar right now. >> these storms packing a punch and bringing out that intense humidity that was with us all weekend long and we're now up to three homes struck by lightning, the latest in avondale pennsylvania as these storms now pressing into philadelphia county, severe thunderstorm warnings there until 5:15, also delaware county, gloucester county as well as camden county, southern parts of montgomery and bucks county with winds near 60 miles an hour and blinding rain at the height of the rush hour in center city and all points to the north and west and now into gloucester county as well. you can see the edge of that line now pushing over the ben franklin bridge and also the walt wtm


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