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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  June 15, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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a celebrity version of he said/she said. but what hangs in the balance of a -- and today at the courthouse another alleged victim who did not testify but is here suping the others, got into a war of words with cosby supporters each out shouting there other. and security guards asked them to step down and they does and went their separate ways. it was heated there for a moment. and of course bill cosby came in a few hours earlier he did not witness that confrontation but is still in the courthouse now awaiting a verdict. the charges as we read them to you. three felony counts. they are aggravated indecent assault. that is without andrea constand's consent and aggravated assault that she was unconscious and aggravated
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indecent assault that the drugs impaired her judgment. they are struggling with all three of them. they carry five to ten-year sentences each. and they would run concurrently. vernon odom has more on the deadlock and what went on in the courtroom today. >> some dramatics in the courtroom this morning or late morning i should say as the jury announced they were deadlock but the judge sent them back to look at the charges against bill cosby once again and no word from the jury since then. >> bill cosby looked tired and emotionally drained when he arrived for the fourth day of deliberations so did the jury when they aemerged from 30 hours of talks to tell judge o'neil, quote, we cannot come to a unanimous consensus on any count. the defense immediately call
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ford a mistrial and the judge denied the motion and sent the jury all from the pittsburgh area back to the jury room to keep trying and the cosby team went on the offensive. >> it shows the not guilty mr. cosby has been saying the entire time many that he is not gulty of these charges they tried to bring about. >> andrea constand showed no emotion. and the seven men and five women continued their deliberations. civil rights attorney gloria allred says it's not over yet. >> this deadlock could change. they are deadlocked on all three counts, after further deliberation perhaps after lunch, as well. it could be that they could reach a different decision.
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>> reporter: monica the question at this hour will the the judge be forced to declare a mistrial here no answer yet but the former words of former district attorney bruce caster come to mind here, he told andrea constand here criminal charges would probably not hold up in a jury trial. he told her that more then a decade ago. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news". >> thank you vernon. of course technically in our american system there is no time limit imposed on jurors in any situation similar to this. they could take days if not weeks to decide as they continue to deliberate the three counts but in a practical sense as vernon eluded to, they are from point see questered in a hotel. the likelihood is they won't stay for weeks and months but time will tell.
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lets go to sara bloomquist talking to experts for what is going on in the jurors' minds. >> they are not surprised they thought that the prosecution had an uphill climb with the case given the amount of time since the alleged incident happened and andrea constand remained contact with cosby after this happened. we talked to the legal experts and the fact that the jury was deadlocked and what may come next. the cosby jury is deadlocked but that may not be the end of this case. judge o'neil senthe jury back to continue deliberating. >> saying i appreciate you are deadlocked but go back in and figure it out at this point. >> he is not associated with the cosby case and he says that juries come back with verdicts after telling the judge they are deadlocked. i would say more often than not they come back with the verdict
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at that point. however, they could come back and say we can't come back with a verdict and that say hung jury at that point. >> she says that the judge has wide discretion for how long the jury can deliberate. >> he is a strict judge and push them as long as they can. they are a sequestered jury and that is another thing, the fact that they are sequestered they came up with a decision quickly so they can get home. in this case the judge will try to push them as long as they can. >> reporter: now both legal experts told us this is highly unusual. most juries come back in the matter of hours and this is nearly a week and in most cases with most juries when they are deadlocked it's one or two people that are holding out. here we are not sure what is happening in the jury room.
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>> thank you so much sara. the decision lies in the jury but judge steven o'neil has a key role to play for a judge to ask a second time or a third time if jurors come back and say they are hung they must keep trying. i'm monica malpass, back to you. >> thank you. you can continue to follow this story at trial. there you can find the latest social media posts from the team of reporters and dozens of photos and videos from the montgomery county courthouse. turning now to the investigation at the ambush at a baseball in alexandria, virginia. authorities are looking at a cell phone, computer and camera all found inside of the gunman's van. the van was found parked near the shooting scene that left a congressman critically injured.
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steve scalise had a third surgery today. and president trump visited him last night and vice president pence visited him today. >> and his colleagues are going ahead to pay the charity baseball game tonight a display of unity that now has a greater significance. wendy saltzman is live now outside of national park where security is tight and fans are already starting to gather there. >> reporter: the game is going to go on here and probably better than ever. the doors will open in about an hour and a half and we'll have congressman sitting here that are both liberal and conservatives and constituents sitting side by side with a show of support. the ticket sales here are selling like hot cakes at at rate of 500 tickets per hour and this game was expected to raise
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$600,000 for charity. and now expected to exceed the numbers passing a million dollars and members of congress are telling us they will not let fear get in the way of this congressional game. it's been a tradition for more than 100 years. we are joined by representative brian costello from westchester and you were suppose to be here yesterday. >> i missed my practice ride by two minutes and had i not missed i would have been in the line of fire. it's a difficult two days and the most difficult thing right now is just not knowing that two of the people that were shot are fully cleared. they are going to live, one is steve scalise, i play shortstop and he plays second base. it's a shock and unsettling and tonight's game will be a little unsettling but we are playing and i think we are going to play but also pray for the best for them. >> why do you think it's so
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important to continue with this game tonight? >> one we knew everyone was going to live. it became a moment where if we don't when do you play it and what are we waiting for? and this is part of the rhythm to dealing with the grief. it was a difficult time and there is a lot of grief and what people experienced and the way they have gone about sharing that it's difficult personally. i think playing the game is the best way to work through it. >> i appreciate that. thank you very much for speaking with us and one of the things we are hearing from many representatives is that they can't let fear win. one other thing that is an interesting fact it's a show of unity and a big game. the series was 39-39-1. everyone is coming together but there still is friendly competition about who is expected to win. the people that were injured
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yesterday would want the game to go on. wendy saltzman channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> thursday afternoon and lets check in with meteorologist, adam joseph, outside. nicest day of the week? >> the pick of the week, the sunshine is out and humidity is low, the winds are coming in out of the easterly direction so all perfect ingredients here this thursday. 81 in philadelphia. 84 in washington and richmond. 70s in pittsburgh and charleston, although that seems cooler it's really not. take a look at the dew points, the measure of moisture in the air. 50 in philadelphia and new york city. that is beautiful low humidity, pittsburgh and charleston and west virginia in the 60s and 70s in richmond and roanoke and the more humid and oppressive air will move in tonight as the wind shifts. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan a line of storms as the humidity comes in
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from the west and a lot of that fall as part overnight tonight and not looking at storms to bring in the humidity and it comes back tomorrow. heat indexes back into the 90s the second half of the weekend and a dirty sky and not the deep blue and some pop-ups downpours and storms at times. we'll track it on future tracker 6 coming up in just a bit in the accuweather forecast. >> we'll check back in later. still to come on "action news" this afternoon. a renowned philadelphia drug den is finally getting cleaned up. we have details about the city's plans coming up. >> and meteorologist, melissa magee, is down at the shore staying cool near the water in cape may. >> reporter: hey there sharrie, you know it's such a beautiful day we decided to take our down at the shore and adventure out in the water and we are in the bay here in cape may and these guys are doing standup paddle boarding. i have to get fitted with the
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the american college student held prison in north korea is back home in an ohio hospital and doctors say he has an extensive loss of brain tissue, officials say that otto warmbare suffered a neurological injury. his parents just learned a week ago that he was in a coma for the last year. his father was outraged. >> we went a year without a word of otto.
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north korea is a pariah regime. they are terroristicic and we don't believe anything they say. >> he was arrested for trying to steal a political poster from a hotel. a notorious park of philadelphia's kensington section is slate ford cleanup. it's a notorious haven for heroin add ik pictures. hundreds of thousands of syringes have been dropped there. >> while conrail works to clean and maintain the property we are focused on helping the individuals who frequent the area on the tracks to get treatment and support of housing. >> well, cleanup work will begin as soon as possible and be complete by the end of july.
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a community meeting is set for next tuesday to discuss all this have with neighbors that live in the area. time for a look at the accuweather forecast. adam joseph is standing by and it's nice not to be in the 90s today. >> a break from the humidity as well. a nice breeze you can't go wrong when you talk bay june day in the middle of the month with deep blue sky and very tolerable to be out in the sunshine. in fact, temperatures now 81 if philadelphia and 84 lehigh valley. and warmer to the north and west away from a wind off the ocean and we are cooling off into the 70s for wilmington and dover and millville as well as the shore line with the sea breeze in effect. a beautiful day no matter where you are with the june sunshine high in the sky. and also the combination of the the comfy temperatures and low dew points, below 60 degrees that is the threshold you want to be in if you walk out the
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door and don't break out into a sweat. and that is an indication that winds are switch ougt of the south overnight and friday into the weekend higher than what we just went through. for the next four days, we'll be on the humid side with dew points between 65 and 70 degrees, that really will exhaust the body if are you outdoors for an extended period of time. cooking up pop-up downpours and thunderstorms, and where the humidity is back up a line of storms in pittsburgh, as this pushes through it comes through quiet overnight. just bringing some clouds with it. in fact turning cloudy and humid by the time we wake up tomorrow morning, 64 in millville and 67 in dover and 62 in trenton and toms river as well as allentown. future tracker 6 showing tomorrow morning we wake up and it's cloudy out there. a couple of scattered showers around and as we get into the afternoon.
4:19 pm
there is some sun trying to poke through that thick cloud cover. that will spark the pop-ups not a washout not everyone will get one but when you get hit by a downpour it's brief torrential rain because of the high humidity. as we kick off the weekend a dirty sky and limited sun for the shore the city and the poconos. temperatures in the 70s at the shore and poconos and in the city pop-ups in pretty much every location and again not a washout and oppressively on the humid side. the upcoming weekend muggy with clouds on friday with a thunderstorm and 82 and humid with afternoon pop-ups and you will degrees on saturday and father's day take it easy, 90 degrees is dry and late in the day there could be a scattered storm with heat indexes well
4:20 pm
into the 90s be monday is the most active day with numerous downpours and gusty thunderstorms at 86 degrees we'll watch monday closely with a cold front coming through and more refreshing air tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> thank you adam. is may be hot outside but the philadelphia zoo has a new exhibition to cool you down called winter. a place to frolic and enjoy a winter wonderland in the middle of summer. make snow angels or snow snowballs in the snow zone. it will be open at the zoo throughout the summer. >> go there and chill out. >> good idea. >> time for a check of the "action news" traffic report on a thursday afternoon. matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> people are chewing on the blue route it's a zoo rick and sharrie. all the people are waiting to pass broomall route 3, 45
4:21 pm
minutes travel time is going on a half hour delay on 476 the blue route and at this point a lot of volume and people getting out of town for the weekend. no accidents but an awful lot of traffic. a crash near mid county and that is gone now and now there is an accident on the eastbound pennsylvania turnpike as you travel between mid county and fort washington. the westbound side a broken down vehicle on the connecter bridge. and the right lane is out of commission there. and warrington an accident at street road by the bed bath and beyond. stay on county line. and a crash in northeast philadelphia atal and kennett square an accident at 82 the route 1 bypass and this is firefly weekend plenty of
4:22 pm
traffic along 1 and 113 and tree lane. still to come on "action news" at 4:00, a big sur pry for a local hero, "action news" is giving a woman the red carpet treatment. why her efforts in the community are honored in such a big way.
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a different type of vietnam veterans tribute was transported to chest ever county. the take me home helicopter was taken home to chester. a mixed media sculpture made from a helicopter that was used as an air ambulance during the vietnam war. the artwork is dedicated to more than 2 million americans that served in vietnam. a simple lemonade stand is raising awareness for childhood
4:26 pm
cancer. this stand is in support of a local child, juliana battling cancer she was 9 months old. it was inspired by the alex's lemonade foundation. they are collecting donations to add to today's lemonade sales. today "action news" got a chance to pay tribute to a woman helping others. >> hi sue, my name is nydia han and i'm with 6 abc and you are the winner of our local hero to super hero contest. >> wow. >> well, our own nydia han paid a visit to sue at the montgomery county 911 center where gardy works and they teamed up with sony to spotlight a local hero. on top of dispatching help to
4:27 pm
people across the county she helped to found hogs to honey, a nonprofit dedicated to serving kids in need and a private screening of spider-man. >> how do you feel about going to a vip private premier of spider-man homecoming. >> and the day of pampering? >> that i love more. >> i have to agree. gardy's co-workers with on hand for the big surprise as well as her husband, sam, more than happy to see his wife honored. >> congratulations to her. nice choice. >> more ahead in our next half hour off "action news" at 4:00. including a trip to the south jersey alpaca farm. melissa magee is live in cape may coming up. >> i'm nydia han you heard about the dangers that laundry podded do to kids and a new safety alert about the danger it could pose to adults. information to keep your children safe coming up in
4:28 pm
what's the deal. >> it's boss could have's father's day sale.
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"action news" continues. it's 4:30 and brian is off and rick williams joins us. the minor league baseball promotion involving free pregnancy tests. and people living in the fairmount neighborhood are victimized by a thief after a certain item how they are
4:30 pm
stealing batteries without actually breaking into their cars. and should this be banned if the garden state? one lawmaker says yes but he will not pass the law without a fight. and we begin with another day of deliberations in the sexual assault trial of bill cosby. at last check the jurors were deadlocked unable to agree if the comedian is guilty or innocent. gray hall is live now in norristown. any moment? >> so far no movement at all. the waiting game continues and the jury is still deadlocked. and not too long ago that the jury requested water ice so an indicator they may be if the deliberating room for quite sometime. >> day four of jury deliberations in the bill cosby sexual assault trial and everyone is asking is this the day the jury comes back with a
4:31 pm
verdict. over 30 hours of deliberating and nothing yet. the highlight was at 11:00 when the jury told the judge they could not come to a consensus on into of the counts of indecent assault against the comedian. >> today we have really seen mr. cosby get the justice he was looking for in montgomery county. >> they denied the question by the defense for a mistrial and seventy the jury to deliberate the and things turned into a side show. cosby supporters clashed with an alleged former victim and others carried signs and played drums. >> everybody is anxious. >> they could reach a verdict on one or more counts or they could
4:32 pm
be deadlocked. >> the judge asked them several questions and they wanted to rehear testimony from bill cosby and from andrea constand. a deposition where he admits to drugging constand and he says it's consensual and she says it's all a lie. >> back out live still no movement and this jury is still at a deadlock. now, if they do not and cannot come up with a decision, the judge can actually declare a mistrial. and they are still inside deliberating we'll legality you know. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. of course the "action news" team will stay on top of any developments from the cosby trial in norristown montgomery county. we'll bring you the verdict here on channel 6 and any developments as well on as soon as it happens. in other news today philadelphia police are searching for a man
4:33 pm
accused of setting his ex-girlfriend's house on fire while children slept inside. trish hartman is live outside of northeast detectives. >> reporter: well sharrie john copes is wonded on arson and aggravated assault and other crimes after police say he set a home on fire with adults and children sleeping inside. >> a very dangerous individual and known to us. >> philadelphia police are looking for 35-year-old john copes, his last known address is on darius street. they believe he set fire to the back of this house on the 1700 block of brill street 5:00 tuesday morning. police say that copes had been in a relationship with one of the women in the home and after a few weeks things started to turn sour. one victim if the house stated she broke up with her boyfriend
4:34 pm
who threatened to burn the house down and we identified mr. copes. >> and they found the back deck engulfed in flames on tuesday and they pounded on the door and woke up the adults and children living there and they ruled the fire arson right away after a gas can was found at the scene. >> police are hoping to hear from someone that knows where copes is or that he turn himself in. >> trish thank you. well, there has been at least 10 battery thefts from jeeps recently in the spring garden section of philadelphia. randy fitzgerald says her battery was stolen a few weeks ago and old jeep models only have latches to on the hood making it easy to get the
4:35 pm
battery. >> my key would not work and i went to unlock the car and it still wouldn't start. went to walk away thinking my battery is dead we'll take the other car and realize the latches were open. >> we reached out to jeep about the issue and they had no comment and we did research of our own and they manufacture a hood lock for the wrangler it costs $163. a new hotel is coming to chester. a candle wood suites will be built. an 89 room all suite hotel designed for the extended business traveler. construction should be complete by next spring and it's the first new development in the downtown business district. people that help the elderly in crisis in philadelphia were honored today. the emergency fund for older
4:36 pm
philadelphians, gave their bright star awards. the 28th year for the event and a silent auction that will benefit the fund as well. >> a church in montgomery county is preparing for a special summer concert. ♪ ♪ the cathedral will host the summer vespers event it's meant in part to celebrate the refurbished 20th century pipe organ with the award winning facade. we got a sneak peek of that. it begins june 18th. >> dramatic. >> yes put on a show. >> time to see what is going on down at the shore. meteorologist, melissa magee, live in cape may with a look at an attraction you may not expect to see near the beach but you are on the water to start. >> reporter: hey there sharrie,
4:37 pm
hey rick. come here i have to tell you something, you know what supmeans it's about standup paddle boarding we are doing that here in cape may in the bay. we have beth and bonnie and they are the owners, i'll tell you what when are you in cape may it's a great day to do paddle boarding this business has been here for about five seasons and it's about core and getting your balance, when have you your balance you are suppose to get up on the board. in the meantime do you want to pet an alpaca, we'll have more on what to do down the shore this weekend. >> welcome to the jersey shore alpaca farm. >> we are about the cuteness of the alpacas visitors coming and learning about alpacas.
4:38 pm
jim and trish have been running the alpaca farm for years and people travel near and far to visit. >> many visitors come to the alpaca farms it's on their bucket list they are in their glory. >> it's open to the public thursday, friday and saturdays free of charge. >> we'll bring you a bag of carrots and you can see the alpacas at the fenceline and you can schedule a private tour during the week and meet the alpacas and feed them from inside of the pen the animals are sheered regularly for their wool. >> they are very soft, much softer than sheeps wool. >> venture into the store to see all kinds of products. hats gloves and sweaters and plush toys and yarn. >> so you didn't think i was
4:39 pm
going to get up on this board did you? but i am, and when you are up on the board you engage yourself as if you are a ballerina, make sure your feet are on the safety board and guys just get up. you see my legs shaking a little bit have fun this weekend down at the shore. they do yoga on the paddle board too. >> she is pulling it off. i'm proud of you melissa. >> i didn't think she would stand up. >> adam didn't either. thanks melissa. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00. t-shirts and bobble heads and hats all the things you expect them to give away at the game but pregnancy tests? the bizarre give away coming up.
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one second a utah man was driving down the highway and next in the path of a wrong way driver and the terrifying seen was caught on camera. sonny malik says he was following his friend in the truck home and noticed him slam on his brakes and before we show you what happened next we want to assure you they are totally fine. -- >> pretty violent as you can see. malik had almost no warning that a car was heading right at him. there was not much to do to get out of the way because he was right next to a concrete driver and the wrong way driver kept
4:43 pm
going on abandoned his vehicle on the highway. drug paraphernalia was found in the vehicle. a balloon battle in new jersey. on one side an atlantic county state senator, wants to ban the balloons and a trenton lobbying group called the balloon council to ban the intentional release of helium filled balloons, senator walen says they pose a deadly threat to birds that are choked and strangled by balloon pieces and strings and cause power outages when they hit power lines, but the balloon council is pushing him to stop the measure for undercutting the mom and pop businesses and it would impose a $500 fine on any violations. now to florida a minor
4:44 pm
league baseball team is trying to kill two birds with one stone if you attend, you get a prepregnancy test. the you might be a father daze test. it lets men know if they should come back for a sunday father's day game. the jumbo shrimp said it was an evening filled with intrigue and manilla envelopes. >> where is jerry springer when you need him. >> matt pellman is in the traffic center with an update. you got the low down on the slow down. >> i have springer like action on the roads this afternoon and people running foo each other and other things and it's kind of a mess. here on 42 people just made it off the walt whitman bridge where there was an accident a little while ago happening in the westbound lanes toward pennsylvania and also an eastbound lane block.
4:45 pm
even though the crash is gone heavy delays in both directions along the walt whitman bridge. well, maybe we'll head for the ben franklin instead? no wouldn't do that, especially westbound into philadelphia. they have the right lane blocks for construction this afternoon. great idea right? resulting in a big backup spilling back to the tolls in camden and westbound ben is not where you want to be either. maybe the betsy ross as your best bridge option. the blue route 76, delays are heavy southbound. and lucky our broken down vehicle on the westbound side of the connecter bridge in bucks county is gone and warrington a crash at the bed bath and beyond at valley square boulevard. on the big picture a fire at
4:46 pm
wrong strong and kennett square a crash at union street at the route 1 oxford bypassment we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you matt. meteorologist ever being adam joseph, will be back with the exclusive accuweather forecast next.
4:47 pm
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with top prizes of 100 grand! that's some catch! (giggles) (crowd cheers) keep on scratchin'! all right meteorologist, adam joseph, is here cooler yet again today. the heat wave is way out of here enjoy today. >> put out a tweet here is your moment to get outside and enjoy the next few hours because it all changes overnight. >> especially father's day. >> it's rather uncomfortable out but that is okay find someone with a pool. looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan. cecily has one i heard.
4:49 pm
>> you are here. >> a lot of clear skies out there and very comfortable temperatures, winds coming in from the east-northeast and at this point. the wind direction is not bringing in the humidity but bringing if a refreshing breeze for beach haven and cape may and the atlantic city airport in the 70s and wilmington 78 degrees as you get away from the wind off the water it warms up but still pleasant in the low to mid-80s for the lehigh valley as well as lancaster and reading. but two the west that is where the change is coming in you see the downpours and storms igniting where you have the introduction of the humidity again you look to the south and east and clouds are gathering off the delmarva and all of this pushes in from the south and the west overnight tonight. it's squeeze played by that humid air as well as a lot of clouds coming in. as we go through your friday, we see the clouds race in and scattered showers and thunderstorms around and that
4:50 pm
continues into the day on saturday as well. saturday we'll start with clouds by the afternoon at 3:30 p.m. drying coming in with sunshine returning first in the poconos and lehigh valley and the poconos and the shore could be the last two clear friday and again and saturday with scattered storms. as we look at the heat and humidity, 86 degrees on saturday with the heat index coming up to 90 degrees, we are talking about oppressive humidity on friday and saturday especially going into sunday. sunday's high with more sunshine around up to 90 degrees and then factor in the humidity it feels like 96 on father's day with late day thunderstorms. so the place to be even though it's on the cloudy side this weekend is the shore meteorologist, melissa magee, she is doing it just for me. all of those years i was down there with you i always wanted to get her hair wet and i tried so hard all the time.
4:51 pm
>> adam we actually did this together do you not remember it was one of our first seasons we were in the ocean. i remember it vividly. it felt like the ocean to me. we are in cape may and we are paddling and it's all about sup and having fun. as we head into the weekend friday mostly cloudy and a high temperature of 71 degrees and saturday clouds hang on tough we have a high temperature of 74 and on sunday well it's humid with some sun and highs are in the upper 70s and something to keep if mind is that there say moderate risk of rip currents today and even as we head into the weekend. adam i am getting the groove you have to keep the legs loose. and to steer like you mean it. >> do the yoga tree pose. >> oh. seriously -- >> no. you do it.
4:52 pm
have fun out there melissa. >> as we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 82 degrees and muggy and cloudy tomorrow with scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and 82. very humid saturday with the afternoon pop-ups at times and limited sun the next two days, 86 and feeling near 90 and sun the first half of the day for father's day and late day storms and active monday and numerous downpours and gusty thunderstorms and 86 degrees and that wipes the heat and humidity away as we get into the middle of next week. temperatures in the mid-80s. a little heat and humidity. >> don't you wish you were with melissa? >> yes. what's the deal is coming up.
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you heard the warnings about liquid laundry determant pods and kids. and now another vulnerable group. >> those same pods that are dangerous to children could be dangerous for goneups and even deadly for people with dementia. for years consumer reports warned about the dangers of liquid laundry detergent packs and they look like candy and kids can bite into them. after looking at deaths from the exposure consumer reports is changing the advice to include some adult populations, since 2012 there are eight reported deaths, two were young children and six of them were adults with dementia. >> experts let us know that
4:56 pm
people with dementia often mistake random items for food. they logged 13,000 calls related to pod exposure. and consumer reports pushed for laundry pack safety including new packaging available to consumers. >> including provisions that made the pops taste bitter is enacted since january of 2017 we hope this will alleviate the calls that poison control centers receive every year regarding the pods. >> the industry trade group says that manufacturers are fully committed to access to laundry detergent packets. the new advice do not use liquid laundry pack with a child under the age 6 or anyone cognitively impaired in your household. laundry packs or pods can cause
4:57 pm
anything from eye irritations to vomiting and trouble breathing if you think someone in your home ingested a laundry pod call the poison control center or call 911 and seek immediate medical attention. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for brian taff, rick williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams join me along with brian adam and ducis rogers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on p h l 17. >> "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next it takes a lot of people to make a good school day.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. deadlocked. that is how the jury in the bill cosby trial described them simone legr selves today to a judge and now back at work. after the judge told them to get back to the drawing board. the big story on "action news" is another day of deliberations in cosby's sexual assault trial.
5:00 pm
>> the jury is looking at three separate felony counts of felony assault each addressing a different aspect of the case and each alleged that he touched her without her consent and the second that they was unconscious at the time and the third deals with the drugs given to constand by cosby. this is the group that cannot come up with a decision. made up of five women and seven men. two are african-american one man and one woman. they argued that the comedian could not get a fair trial with montgomery county jurors. >> and tensions remain high outside where this is all playing out. monica malpass is live with all the developments. >> hi rick and sharrie this case as you know is about a celebrity is wealthy ver


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