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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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starts right now. thank you for joining us at 11:00. i'm ben hoover. >> i'm alicia barnes. it started with a rally. it ended with a "time" magazine photographer said he was roughed up by secret service. he said he stepped 18 inches outside of the media pen when the agent put his hands around his neck. the representative for the campaign said they are aware of the incident but don't have all of the details. "time" said trump is the only presidential candidate who forces all media reps to remain within a caged pen area at rallies. >> and despite what happened in virginia, despite the kkk, david malfunctioning earpiece, donald trump is crushing his competition ahead of the field on the republican side despite even more drama that happened to his campaign from over the weekend.
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what else are people talking about here? >> this is the kind that involves the kkk as trump failed multiple times to denounce the endorse from a former leader. but that's not everybody reigning down on the front-runner before super tuesday. >> donald trump's latest firestorm -- >> i know nothing about david duke or white supremacists. >> -- has not faded into the distance. dozens of protesters were escorted out of his rally in virginia on monday. as the first interruption trump asked are you mexican? when the group started to chant black lives matter, trump said all lives matter. that's not the opinion of the ku klux klan or david duke but trump failed three times to denounce support from white supremacists and duke in an interview on cnn.
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uneqiveically uneqiveically you condemn them? >> i have to look at the group. if you would send me a list of the groups, i will research on them. >> when trump did research duke, he probably found he's an american white nationalist, antismellic conspiracy individual and a former grand wizard of the kkk. some opponents using the opportunity to further their cause. >> let me tell ulwhat the party of lincoln and reagan can never be about, a nominee that when repeatedly ask refuses to condemn the kkk. >> rubio's endorsement of nikki haley backing him up. >> i will not stop until we fight a man who chooses not to
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part of our party and we don't that fern as president. >> trump's endorsements are standing by h. he gainedd his first endorsement from a sitting u.s. senator, jeff sections from alabama, and supporter from a former opponent, chris christie. several high-profile supporters right here in south carolina say they are still backing, despite last summer's debate over the confederate flag, they don't think the issue will matter to voters here in south carolina. grace joyal, abc coluia news. >> thank you, grace. for the democrats, could hillary clinton deliver a knockout blow to bernie sanders? >> clinton is hoping for a big win tomorrow to solidify her lead in the democratic race but sanders continues to fight. here's more. >> tomorrow is super tuesday. massachusetts is right in the middle of it. and i need your help. >> reporter: hillary clinton is
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carolina landslide becomes an even bigger super tuesday victory lap. >> i will work as hard as i can every single day. i will get up and go to work for you. and fight for you. >> reporter: the delegate fight with bernie sanders will go on. but a strong finish could make her all but unstoppable. politically, it's a long race ahead. >> if i were grading some of those republicans -- remember the box that used to be on your kids' report cards? play well with others? i would have to put a big no. democracy requires that we play well with others. >> reporter: she is shifting her focus from sanders to republicans, one in particular. >> yes. i -- i don't think america has ever stopped being great. what we need to do is make america whole. >> reporter: in virginia, the early outlines of a potential fight starting today.
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he gets indicted. >> reporter: sanders didn't sugar his blowout. >> we got disseminated. >> reporter: but he said the race is just getting started. he's drawing big crowds with thousands of supporters answering his call for a political revolution. and sanders made clear he's far from finished with clinton. >> we are listening to the american people and they their pain and needs rather than husting ulall of over the country collecting millions of dollars from the 1%. >> reporter: he's also winning notable endorsements, including a hawaii congresswoman. on cnn, she said sanders has far better foreign policy judgment. >> with hillary, we've seen not only was she a champion for the iraq war, she was the architect for the war in lib libya which has resulted in tremendous loss of life. >> reporter: she's one of the first female combat veterans in congress who stepped down tas vice president of the democratic
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>> we could look to dick cheney if we want to look for experience in foreign policy but to me the real question is judgment. >> reporter: a new c arenn poll showed a majority of democrats favor clinton 55% to 38% over sanders but the poll had warning signs. 59% say sanders is more honest and trustworthy compared to 36% who say clinton is. all right. we had a taste of spring today. but how much longer does that last? >> we'll have to find out from john farley, who joins us now with the first look at our weather. none? >> another day -- john? >> about another day. quiet night from the vista. columbia, coming in at 49 degrees. the temperature won't drp drp drop that much further. tomorrow morning, your commute
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temperatures mid to -- maybe upper 40s. clear skies all the way through. tomorrow, during the day, beautiful mid-70s, once again, by tomorrow afternoon. very, very pleasant. that said, it's tomorrow night we get some rain. that will knock back the temperatures. we'll talk specifics on timing as well and then we'll look ahead to the weekend, even. that's in a few minutes. developing tonight in southwest ohio, investigators are working to figure out what motivated a 14-year-old boy to open fire on his classmates. four students were injured after the shooting today in madison township. that's about an hour north of cincinnati. james hancock is chargededith attempted murder, assault, inducing panic and making terroristic threats. he walked into the cafeteria of mass high school this -- of the high school and started to shoot. two teens were hit but not serious injured. two other students were injured by flying it shrapnel.
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coroner has released toxicology test results that show the driver in a crash that killed four students last fall was legally drunk. the results show two of the three passengers in the car also had blood alcohol levels above .08 percent legal limit to drive in the state. the coroner delayed releesing the result -- rear leasing releasing the results until he got an opinion that said all autopsy results are record. the opinion says they are r rord but the coroner can talk about them without violating the law. a richland county councilman is facing dui charges after state troopers say he was involved in a crash that injured two men. >> south carolina highway patrol says that 51-year-old kell vin washington was driving saturday night through hopkins when he hit the back of another car that had slowed down. our beth rousseau has more.
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two of my young cousins in the car, i called 911. >> reporter: barry said it was around 8:00 p.m. on saturday when the south carolina highway patrol arrived on scene. troopers say richland county councilman kelvin washington rear ended another vehicle, severely injuring the 22-year-old driver and causing minor injuries to the passenger. >> the whole back end of the car was smashed in and the front was smashed in. it looked so bad i didn't get close enough to go in there but i actually just was in panic mode because, you know, they are my little cousins. >> reporter: the 22-year-old remains in the hospital in critical condition. as for washington, he bonded out of the detention center sunday sunday afternoon but. but randolph is holding him accountable. >> if you have a status like this, there's certain things you shouldn't do. with him being who he is, there
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have someone drive for you. >> reporter: this ishe. >> reporter: he was arrested last month for not paying tis taxes. seth rose says it's time for washington t t take some time away from council. >> it's become abundantly clear that mr. washington has issues at home that he needs to deal with. it's my personal opinion that he be better served spending time addressing those issues at home and allow someone else to fulfill his duties at this time. >> reporter: beth rue rousseau, abc columbia news. officials are going to rename an intersection to honor a police officer killed in the line of duty. the resolution passed by south carolina lawmakers will name the intersection at forest drive and beltline officer gregory thomas alia boulevard. his wife kassy said it's a fitting honor for her husband. >> he was an everyday guy.
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wars" and comic books and he walked his dogs by day and paid his bills and sometimes cleaned the house and by night, he fought crime and saved the world. >> we will never forget when the 2-year-old officer was killed september 30th as he helped investigate a suspicious person in the mall before it opened. mustache cat now has a permanent place to call home. the abandoned kitten so nicknamed because of a black patch of fur shaped like a mustache above her mouth was found in fresno, california. she was dumped inside of a large box left outside of a salvation army arm donation center. the cat was taken to a no-kill shelter which received dozens of applications for people po to adopt her. >> it broke my heart.
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a metal -- just horrific where people could be throwing big, heavy books on top of her. >> workers at the salvation army say it was lucky they found the cat still alive and a new family plans to name her mustacheo. >> that works. >> i couldn't see the cat. i was talking about the story. it was cute obviously. >> cute. >> it was. [laughter] >> you can see the cat at after the show. the gamecocks are setting their tights on the title. and south carolina is receiving millions to help with flood recovery. that's next. wewee one day away from the bibiest day of competition for the remaining presidential hopefuls. find out what we can expect on super tuesday. our complete coverage continues
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columbia" starting at 5:00 a.m. a richland county road that has been closed since o welcome back. richland county road that's been closed since october's historic flood is back open. spears creek church road in northeast columbia reopened today. according to the department of transportation, more than 10,000 vehicles travel on this road
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the state's two counties hardest hit by flooding will share nearly $160 million courtesy of the federal government. richland and lexington counties as well as the city of columbia will split nearly $60 million. south carolina will receive most of the $300 congress set aside for the 2015 flooding disaster. very exciting, theady gamecocks riding the wave from sunday's win over lsu. tonight fans, gamecock cheerleaders, the pep van and cocky himself held a pep rally to wish the team good luck before they head to jacksonville. under dawn staley, they've increased their win total over the previous seasons. and the coach do not be happier -- could not be happier. >> week in, week out, you are playing in the toughest league in the country. for us to have this kind of day to let our hair down and
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know, in this way, it's tremendous. >> and the top-needed gamecocks face the winner between the number 8 and 9 seeds on friday at noon. that will air on the sec network. enjoy the dry, sunny weather while it lasts. rain could be coming back in the forecast. >> oh, no. chief meteorologist john farley
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stay close. filing a little more spring-like out there tonight. still pretty warm. temperatures around 50 either side. i think that number is not quite right but i think temperatures cooler than that. occasionally some of the thermometers take time to update. most of us, as i look around, around 50 degrees is where it looks.
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tomorrow again. again. well in the 70s. very pleasant. rain tomorrow night. primarily tomorrow night into early wednesday and then it goes away. we'll have clearing skies as the day goes long on weard and most of wednesday should be nice. let's show you what's going on in terms of the radar and the satellite. what you will see here is that there's nothing doing right now over us. you as we go west, a very quick-moving storm. there's snow towards minneapolis, severe weather in oklahoma. this is all pushing in our direction. by the time it gets here there will be no severe weather left. we'll just get showers moving through. but they will probably spark up tomorrow around the mississippi river. that's where it looks like the most action will be. for us, it gets in here tomorrow night. 10:00, roughly 24 hours from now, notice starting to get some showers in from the upstate. then it works through and notice it takes, you know, a few hours and then by the time it gets on through, basically, you are
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the morning commute and then after that, it's done with. and that's the whole story on this storm as it passes by. there it goes. there we are at midnight. we continue to track it overnight into the morning commute. watch what happens. 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 most is in the eastern midlands. by the time we get to 9:00, 10:00, things are clearing out and the rest of wednesday looks just fine. so let's grifn you a look at the specific -- give you a look at the specific numbers. clear, mild. 47, 46. that's about as cool as we'll get tonight. tomorrow morning, should be just fine getting the kid out the door the school bus. 47ish, 48, somewhere in there, sunrise a little before 7:00. as we continue through the day, it will be a terrific day. we'll see temperatures places like columbia, 76ish. warm spots, orangeburg, mapping
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, manning, 77. not bad. another shot of rain is friday, thursday night into friday. and then the weekend clears out and the temperatures recover to right around 70 degrees. all right. to you two. coming up -- a perfect weekend means the national award for one gamecock baseball player. and clemson football doesn't take much time off in between seasons. see the tigers kick off spring practice all next in sports. experience abc klum news live from main and and --
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gervais. today's about trying to get to number one. that's really what it's about.
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of a break. exactly seven weeks ago, clemson football coming up just a handful of points short of its second national championship. today, it's back to the grind. watson and company kicking off spring practice this afternoon. dabo swinney and the tigers starting inside before soaking up sunshine outside. mike wles back in action for -- williams back in action for the first time since the neck injury last season. dabo swinney says they will not tackle wles this spring. he also says last year's championship run giving instant motivation to this team. >> they get a pep in their step. i think the biggest thing they all understand, you know, just -- just how small that margin for error is and, you know -- we finished number two. we've been kind of climbing. we're trying to get to number one. that's what everyone's objective is.
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that's what i like. >> and we'll start to see how much muschallenge muschamp likes the new team. and he might want his team to follow john jones, earning national player of the week honors after penn state literally could note get them out. the first known gamecock to go an entire weekend without making a single out. he reached base all 14 times, 8 for 8 with six walks. he did anything but playing up that huge weekend. >> it feels good. success siding feels -- succeeding feels good. it's over now. enjoy it. move on. gedget raidy for ready for the
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>> great knowledge and and a great approach. i'm not saying anything about that kid. just let him keep going. put him in the three hole and see if he can keep driving in runs for us. >> and jones' next chance tomorrow at the citadel. gamecocks up 2 to number 13 in the country according to d-1 baseball. carolina basketball, not a single vote in the top 25 poll. losing by 10 at mississippi state over the weekend. but with the 23-6 overall record, usc in good shape to make the tournament. number 38 in the rpi. frank martin realizing his team has taken a few lumps lately but he says keeping things in sec perspective is key. >> here we go. last week, you know, it's fun to -- to enter the last week of the regular season and be in the conversation for one of the top
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two years ago. >> and next up for narten and the gamecocks, georgia in the home finale, that one thursday night at the colonial life arena at 7:00. the regular season, arcan saw. gamecocks one game out of first place with two games right now. right now, usc would be the 3 seed. tiffany mitchell and the women headed to jacksonville later this week as the number one seed in the women's tournament. as we showed you earlier from the pep rally. mitching capping off her season in style with 24 points in the win against lsu. that gives usc the first undefeated undefeated season perfect run through conference play joining the tennessee team that did it just ta few years a few years ago. but this year's team after that final run knows more than any
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defined in the postseason. they won the tournament last year, looking to make it number two this year and number two run to the final four. >> it all happens in march. thank you. >> it will be good. thank you. still ahead, chief meteorologist john farley has one last look at your
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>> stay with us. tomorrow's going to be a lot like today. sunny and pretty warm. mid-70s for most of us. very, very nice. now, tomorrow night we get some overnight. so it will be out probably -- commute wednesday night. but not much after that. skies clear out. sunny skies by afternoon. next rain looks like thursday night into friday and then the
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okay. >> all right. thanks so much for watching abc columbia news at 11:00 and for making us your choice for local >> we'll see you back here tomorrow morning at 6:00 and 11:00 -- actually tomorrow night at 11:00 and you can wake up with "good morning columbia" tomorrow at 5:00. have a good night. captioning provided by captionassociates >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight andy samberg. from "zootopia," ginnifer goodwin. and music from the strumbellas.
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and reserve and now, glory be here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i had no idea people got so excited about leap day. happy leap day to you too. i hope you didn't forget to set your calendar back a day. welcome to hollywood where the oscars are over, the cleanup across the street is under way. did you know they make the losing nominees stay after to clean up? cate blanchett with a big bag of garbage this morning, very sad. it's a big shob job.


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