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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  February 27, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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than donald trump. >> now double-teaming marco rubio. >> he was putting on makeup with a trowel. >> rubio, meanwhile, taking his own swipes. >> he was having a meltdown. >> the latest twists and turns and the predictions for today's democratic primary in south carolina as we head into a crucial super tuesday. zika alert. the cdc's startling report. the american pregnant women who visited countries with zika outbreaks. what happened? plus, the new travel advice from health officials. our dr. besser tells you what you need to know. opening up, the superstar jennifer garner talking for the first time about her breakup with ben affleck. her really candid comments about her ex. did ben's alleged affair with the nanny truly end their marriage? and countdown to the oscars.
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surprises. >> right now the red carpet is covered in plastic, but that will soon change. >> the big reveals from the producers, presenters going animated, excitement bubbling over as hollywood gears up for the biggest night of the year. weekend with two big stories brewing. first we're counting down to the oscars which will air right here on abc. check out this time-lapsed video of the red carpet being rolled out. coming up, what the producers are revealing only to us. hainesy will be covering that. >> the coverage, you said it once, let's say it twice. the oscars will be right here on abc over and over. before they hand out the shiny statues in hollywood shgs, they'll award delegates in south carolina. they head to the polls this morning in what hillary clinton hopes will be a decisive win.
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endorsement reverberating through the republican universe this morning. chris christie joining forces with donald trump. >> this alliance raising all kinds of questions. will it give trump unstoppable momentum heading into super tuesday, and what does it mean for a supposedly surging marco rubio? we start our coverage this morning with abc's mary bruce right in washington. hi, mary. >> reporter: hi, paula. good morning. this is a potential game changer in this roller coaster campaign, donald trump getting his first major endorsement from a card carrying member of the republican establishment just as he heads into super tuesday. his former rival showed up unannounced and dropped a bombshell on donald trump's campaign. >> we need a first class president and we're going to have it in donald trump. >> reporter: new jersey governor kristie macosko krieger this morning is lending his credibility to trump's runaway campaign. >> i can guarantee you that the one person that hillary and bill clinton do not want to see on that stage come next september is donald trump. >> reporter: they weren't always so friendly. >> we'll do it.
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i make deals and i get deals and i'm doing deals. >> reporter: united christie and trump are taking aim at a common enemy, marco rubio. >> desperate people in campaigns who do desperate things flailing punches in the last days of a losing campaign. >> reporter: after rubio let trump have it at the last debate. >> if he hadn't inherited $200 million, you know where donald trump would be right now? selling watches -- >> no, no, no. >> reporter: then mocked trump for his spelling mistakes on twitter. >> he meant to say lightweight, but he felled it l-e-i-g-h-t. great honer. i think he meant to say great honor. i don't know how he got that wrong because the "e" and "o" are nowhere near each other on the keyboard. >> reporter: now the attacks are getting bizarrely permanently. >> he asked for a full length mirror. i don't know why because the podium goes up to here. he wanted a full length mirror. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. >> you had to see him -- you had to see him backstage. he was putting on makeup with a trowel. >> reporter: and trump doing his best impression of rubio
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>> it's rubio. >> reporter: but rubio seems to be rather unimpressed with trump's big endorsement saying trump probably called christie because he needed a life line after that bruising debate. and at least on twitter there are signs of opposition growing against the front-runner. the #nevertrump has been trending for the last ten hours. dan. >> all part of the elevated discourse of american politics this morning. mary bruce, thank you. for more on this, let's bring in abc news political analyst matt dowd who is in austin, texas, this morning. matt, how big a deal is this chris christie endorsement? does it actually matter? >> well, endorsements don't usually matter and especially in presidential contexts, but i think in this case it is not going to add support to donald trump, i think what it does in the aftermath of the debate, it solidifies his support going into super tuesday. so in that way since he's leading most of the polls in nearly every state, his support
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to marco rubio or somebody else is actually a help that chris christie could provide. >> so, what's in it for christie here? why would he do this? >> well, i mean obviously that's the question. i'm a person that assumes the good intention in the course of this, that there's no some nefarious thing that somebody's finagled some endorsements a certain way. i think a couple of thing, first is chris christie and donald trump have had a personal relationship. one is governor of new jersey. one does a lot of development in new jersey so they've had a personal relationship and, two, i think chris christie has come to the conclusion that donald trump in his mind is going to be the gop nominee. so why not get on board now at a critical moment for donald trump going into super tuesday and who knows what that might get him in the course of the campaign if donald trump was to win the white house, so i think that's the equation he did. >> meanwhile, marco rubio really tearing into donald trump. do you think this helps or hurts him? >> well, as you listen to this, it's like a 10-year-old insult
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in the course of this right now, i actually think -- i think marco rubio can criticize donald trump and attack him on substantive things. i think when he tries to outtrump trump, that's a problem for marco rubio. keep in mind for a year marco rubio has run on the nonattacking aspirational optimistic candidate and now in the course of 48 hours, he's tried to become some version of trump. i don't think that's necessarily a benefit to him going into super tuesday. >> a big turnaround. matthew dowd, we love having your analysis. thank you. >> paul la, over to you. >> things much calmer in the democratic ring. and today's south carolina primary, hillary clinton's predicted to easily best bernie sanders. a win gives her momentum heading into their big super tuesday showdown, and abc's david wright is going to give us that side of the story from columbia, south carolina. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, paula. the polls are open here in the palmetto state, and even at this hour, a slight crowd is
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democrats only today. the republicans had their south carolina primary last week, and as you say, hillary clinton has a huge advantage here. >> how are you? >> reporter: at her last few campaign stops here hillary clinton was alrey looking ahead to the general election. >> i don't know who they're going to end up nominating. it'll be entertaining, that's for sure. >> reporter: ignoring the fact that just outside the orangeburg fish fry, her democratic rival was waiting for her to finish. >> feeling great. >> reporter: african-americans make up more than half the democratic electorate here. >> wake up, south carolina. >> reporter: so bernie sanders has a new radio ad featuring director spike lee. >> and when bernie gets in the white house, he will do the right thing. >> reporter: clinton's south carolina ads feature morgan freeman. >> just like she's always stood with us. >> reporter: recent polls show clinton crushing sanders 2-1 among black voters giving her a huge boost here but still trying to win over young voters.
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clinton ran into a bachelor party and stopped to pose for a photo with all the groomsmen. >> i love having men at my feet. here. >> reporter: win or lose today, there's one man she won't have at her feet. bernie sanders insists he plans to stay in the race all the way to california. imagining the day when you're on that stage with donald trump, what do you say to him? how do you -- what's your strategy for taking him down? >> why would i tell you? he's probably watching your show. >> reporter: the polls are open today till 7:00 p.m. clinton ahead by double digits here. the sanders' campaign mostly looking forward to tuesday and they're hoping that some big wins there will keep them in the race. paula. >> all right, david. we want to thank you. and the conversation continues tomorrow on "this week" and a reminder, everybody, super tuesday just a couple of days. the abc news division will be out in full force, george stephanopoulos will lead our whole political team for a prime time special at 10:00 eastern plus full coverage
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and we do want to move on to the new zika virus alert. the cdc has just confirmed another round of pregnant women here in the u.s. contracted zika while traveling. our chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser is here to explain. rich, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us. first and foremost in this new report, we have nine new cases of pregnant women here in the u.s. what were those findings? >> yeah, so they're keeping a registry of all pregnant women who have been infected so we can learn more. what they found was two women had miscarriages, two women had abortions and in one of those cases, the ultrasound showed severe brain damage. one baby born with microcephaly. two healthy babies and two still pregnant. it's very concerning and gives more evidence zika could be causing this. all the women had symptoms. it doesn't tell us whether if you don't have symptoms and get infected there's a problem and doesn't tell us whether the first trimester is the riskiest but it's pointing in that direction. >> all these women traveled to countries.
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how they transmitted it but traveled to countries where zika was transmitted. the cdc also issued a report to those considering traveling to brazil for the summer olympics. >> yes. >> what is their cautionary tale? >> the same travel recommendations they've been making and say pregnant women really should not go to the olympics. if you have to go or you're insisting on going, make sure you do everything you can to prevent mosquito bites. if your male partner goes, then for the rest of the pregnancy you have to prevent sexual transmission, and any woman who is trying to get pregnant should talk to her doctor before going to the olympics. >> got to heed those warnings. rich, thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> dan. >> thanks, guys. we move to the new details about the gunman who went on that fatal shooting spree in kansas killing thee at a lawn mower factory where he worked. we're learning more about a possible motive this morning and about the hero cop who put an end to the carnage. abc's eva pilgrim is on the scene there in hesston, kansas, eva, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. we are learning more about what triggered that series of
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this rural kansas town and how that gunman, a convicted felon, was able to get his hands on those guns. almost 30 minutes of pure terror ending with the gunman marching into a kansas lawn mower factory. an off-duty paramedic was one of the first inside. >> it was chaos. i mean there were people screaming and yelling. there was, you know, people laying on the ground. >> reporter: the shooter, 38-year-old cedric ford, an employee at the factory excel industries. investigators now revealing from the first shot ford fired inside his workplace, it took just two minutes for cops to arrive. hesston police chief doug schroeder racing inside to confront ford in a one-on-one gun battle. >> the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter. >> reporter: ford and three of his co-workers are dead identified on friday as renee benjamin, brian sadowsky and josh higbee. at least 14 people wounded. now we are learning that just 90 minutes before the rampage, ford
8:12 am
restraining order to stay away from his ex-girlfriend who alleges he is in desperate need of medical and psychological help. another former girlfriend now behind bars accused of giving the ak-47 and glock pistol used in the shooting spree to ford. in court documents federal agents say when the couple broke up, 28-year-old sara hopkins had police escort her to pick up the weapons from the home they shared. the officer saying she knew the convicted felon could not lawfully possess them. then in august admitting she returned both guns because ford had threatened her. just one month later ford posting this video to his facebook page firing an ak-47 and posting pictures with the gun saying, "just doing my thing." now, hopkins has not yet entered a plea. if convicted, she could face up to ten years in federal prison. dan and paula. >> eva, thank you.
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the other stories that are happening around the globe right now, good morning, ron. >> good morning to you, paula, and dan. good morning, everyone. we begin overseas with a deadly car bombing that rocked syria just hours after a cease-fire brought relative calm to that war-torn nation. let's go straight to abc's alex marquardt in the syrian capital of damascus. alex. >> reporter: good morning, ron. this is the quietest syria has been in years. this is an area on the edge of damascus that has been pounded by rebels with mortars and rockets with hundreds killed but this neighborhood as you can see like much of the rest of syria today is calm. now, isis and al qaeda are not part of this agreement so the fight will continue against them. there's little optimism this could last but could waif the way for new pea talks next month. ron. >> alex, thanks. back in the u.s. a health scare for rock music legend yoko ono. the 83-year-old was rushed to a new york city hospital friday afternoon after calling 911.
8:14 am
ono was suffering from a stroke or stroke-like symptoms, but a spokesman for ono now says she was only sufferingrom dehydration and will likely be discharged from the hospital later today. good news there. the irs also saying that the number of taxpayer accounts that were hacked last year is actually more than double what they initially reported. the agency now estimating that 700,000 accounts were hacked giving cyberthieves access to social security numbers, birth dates and other data that could be used to file false tax returns. and a former guantanamo detainee is back in somalia and calling for jihad. ibrahim al qosi was osama bin laden's bodyguard and driver. he released an audiotape promoting an uprising sentenced to 14 years detention but released from gitmo in 2012 for cooperating with authorities. and take a look at this. a frightening scene on a busy texas highway friday morning. an out-of-ntrol dump truck that you see right there plowing right through that intersection in austin, texas, causing a multicar accident.
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hurt. >> what? >> the driver was on his way to deliver a load of gravel when that happened. and finally, music filled the white house as president obama joined in song with some of music's hottest stars. listen. hey hey ho ho hey hey ho ho hey hey ho ho >> and the president as you hear there leading a singalong with usher in the tribute to the late great ray charles in the east room of the white house. the president said initially he would not sing but broke that promise for better or worse. do you think -- >> for better. >> you think so? >> yes. he's got a great voice. >> caps off a month of celebrations of black history month. you thought it was a pretty good voice, huh? >> when he sang "amazing grace," it sounded beautiful. i. >> i like how even in this context when he's singing,
8:16 am
face, i'm president even though i'm singing ray charles. thank you, ron. let's check the weather now. meteorologist indra petersons. >> how much do you love this? a melting snowman out towards minnesota. i think it says it all. temperatures are way above normal. we're talking like 20 degrees above normal all thanks to where the high pressure is. keep in mind winds go clockwise around that high, right, so if you are on the back side of this you're talking about all that warm air coming in out of the gulf and unfortunately if you're on the front side like we are in the northeast, it means that cool air is coming down from canada. the high will shift so first the chilly temperatures. this morning in the northeast, you are feeling a little bit of that chill. those windchills actually below freezing this morning but it is changing. it's going to feel so good. look at this dome of high pressure bringing temperatures a good 20 degrees above normal into the midwest and into the plains. now once this high starts to shift over, then you're going to be looking at that same warm air moving into the northeast and that comes in tomorrow. you're going to love this. look at that. temperatures going up to even the 50s.
8:17 am
all winter. >> we're all talking about how cold it is right now. i'm going to give you guys a hall pass. tomorrow's warm but i'll let you stay on the couch and watch -- >> i think a melting snowman is indescribably sad. >> no, cute. >> actually paula was saying the same thing. indra was like you're going to love this picture. as if like -- >> a dying snowman. yeah, hilarious. >> you are never happy. i'm done. >> now we're going to the warmer coast. the countdown to oscar sunday, hollywood's biggest night is almost here, and abc's kayna whitworth is in l.a. with some behind-the-scenes secrets about the big show. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: hey, sara.
8:18 am
theme this year of the oscars is "we all dream in gold" and you know that's how the stars will be sleeping, but not everybody gets to take home an oscar, the real star of the show. counting down the hours to the biggest night in hollywood, crews busy making the finishing touches. hoping to wow the eyes of several hundred million people around the globe, the oscars will be broadcast in 225 countries and many sending their own media representatives. >> the movies take you to another world, to another sphere of emotion. >> reporter: right now the red carpet is covered in plastic, but that will soon change, and it will be no easy task because it's 500 feet long, 33 feet wide. you can see it's coming up a little bit right there. this will all be clean so you'll have more than 16,000 square feet of glamour. the official champagne of the oscars, piper-heidsieck, have 1500 bottles to pop, expecting to pour 9,000 glasses.
8:19 am
animated open with musical score from legendary composer danny elfman. >> the producers elected to start after the opening montage with this kind of crazy animated thing. >> reporter: our lara spencer sat down with oscar producers david hill and reginald hudlin. >> when we sat down there were two things that happened pretty much instantly. we agreed that chris rock should be the host, and we agreed to bring the orchestra back into the theater. >> reporter: the duo enlisting the biggest names to go along with an even bigger production and they got everyone from a sitting vice president joe biden to the most animated presenters. >> we were lucky enough to get the minions to present best short animation because who better to present best short animation than the minions. >> short and animated. >> and buzz and woody are presenting best animation. >> reporter: the producers say it's going to be hard to step away from the show because they shook up the format as well, so
8:20 am
surprises. so, keep an eye out when you're watching for all kinds of razzle-dazzle details, if you will. for example, the champagne that the celebs will be drinking has all of these really cool details in these bottles like you can see 88 and the word oscars in this gold inlay in the bottle, so, dan and paula, i mean, we're not popping the bottles in the newsroom but you know they will do that come oscar sunday. >> yeah. we won't tell anybody just in case you want to. that's an extraordinarily large champagne bottle, isn't it? >> i think they call it a magnum. >> dan, you're right. you know what else about this, apparently you can take this off and it becomes a tiara just in case. >> you're kidding. >> kayna, on that one the beauty is really on the inside. >> yeah. >> drink it. >> absolutely. >> all right, kayna, now you can pop the cork, okay? >> thank you. >> you're off the air. >> thank you, paula, with your blessing. >> and i'm headed out to l.a. right after the show. >> that's right. we've seen -- i've seen -- i don't know if i'm allowed to show it. you saw me a sneak preview of the dress. >> did you say yes to that dress?
8:21 am
resounding yes. >> while he was reading the paper, uh-huh, yeah. >> looks good. >> i was half paying attention. which counts pretty much. >> i'm excited. ll meet rob marciano. we have a big day at the spa planned. you'll all see it tomorrow. >> that sounds like a dream sequence, a big day at the spa with -- >> rob will get a manicure and maybe a spray tan. >> he definitely needs a spray tan. i'm not happy unless he has one. >> rob will surrender his man card aired on abc tomorrow. by the way, the oscars will be right here on abc tomorrow night. all the fun starts with our red carpet show. it starts at 7:00 eastern. don't miss our big "gma" post-oscar party right here monday morning. and coming up here on the show this morning, a husband under arrest accused of orchestrating a plot to kill his wife. she is a beloved doctor. very popular in the community. new developments in the case we've been following for some time now. plus jennifer garner breaks her silence about her breakup with ben affleck. was an alleged nanny scandal, was it really the reason they got divorced? we've got the story. stay tuned. "good morning america" is brought to you by brookdale.
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>> thanks for joining us. >> thank you. it is hometown trivia time. and we're recognizing our roanoke and lynchburg, virginia, affiliate wset, channel 13. hold your applause and wait till the question is asked before we give the answers, okay, your attempted answers. okay, this hugely popular singer/entertainer nicknamed mr. las vegas best known for his 1963 hit "danke schon" which means thank you in german spent part of his childhood in roanoke. danke schon >> dan harris? >> tony bennett. >> you were on a roll from last weekend. that was four in a row. you are wrong, sir. >> i can sing the song. >> nobody knows. >> wayne newton. >> you got it. sara haines.
8:28 am
who did you say -- >> pregnant lady got one. >> it's from "ferris bueller's day off." >> in april 1865, robert e. lee surrendered to ulysses grant in the american civil war
8:29 am
of lyn and welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, the democrats heading to the polls
8:30 am
the polls give hillary clinton a big edge with a strong lead among african-american voters, but bernie sanders is vowing to fight on no matter what happens. >> he's feeling the bern. and the gop still feeling shock waves this morning after new jersey governor chris christie's bomb p shelshell endorsement of donald trump tag-teaming marco rubio who is trying to take on trump days before super tuesday. oprah winfrey is losing a lot more than just inches off of her waistline thanks to weight watchers. the media mogul is now $29 million lighter in her bank account after weight watchers shares plunge to just $4.54 a share friday. that is a 29% drop. coming. >> i think she views it as a long-term investment. >> yep. >> she's got a ways to go there. coming up on the show this morning, jennifer garner's truly amazing and really candid ben affleck.
8:31 am
first here a major new development in a case we've been following right here on "gma." >> the husband of a doctor brutally murdered inside the couple's florida home has been arrested for her killing and police say one of the two other men doing time for the crime ratted him out for a shorter gibson has more. good morning, kendis. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. the south florida sheriff put it simply, we got our man. the murdered doctor's husband was arrested overnight. police have been focused on him for several months. a shackled mark sievers emotionless as he was taken to a south florida jail for allegedly planning the murder of his wife. >> no emotion there. i'm not 100% he has blood in his veins. i think it might be ice. >> reporter: in court documents investigates say mark hired two men to break into the couple's florida home and kill the beloved doctor. one of the men arrested just after the murder, curtis wright, now changing his plea to guilty and cooperating with the
8:32 am
sentence of 25 years just days before sievers was arrested at home. >> we were after mark sievers. we got our man, and we're very happy for that. >> reporter: according to police for months investigators have been poring through conversations between sievers and wright often using code words on disposable cell phones. >> these folks went to great lengths to cover their tracks. we had investigators in multiple states. >> reporter: mark sievers' attorney declining to comment but lawyers for wright telling abc news the alleged accomplice is deeply sorry for the pain and lifetime of suffering that he has caused and his decision to plead guilty will hopefully begin to answer many questions and bring closure to the family of teresa sievers. and a possible motive police say they may have had money problems. detectives say that mark sievers had five different life insurance policies under his wife's name totaling more than $4 million. if convicted, dan and paula, he could get the death penalty. >> this is a woman who was beloved in that community.
8:33 am
indra once again. good morning. >> good morning, typically oscar weekend, california, you'd be talking about rain because february is the rainiest month but take a look. even though it is a strong el nino, notice the jet stream is farther to the north. that is good news and means the carpet is expected to stay dry and they're going to be talking about a series of storms making their way in but none of them affecting the west coast far enough south out towards southern california so staying dry out there. keep in mind we are going to be having a beautiful day in the middle of the country as well talking about temperatures a good 20 degrees above normal. back to work it'll change again and another system kind of similar to what we saw last week right now bringing a chance for rain, that wintry mix as well as snow staying out of the major cities kind of developing tuesday into wednesday, but, again, we're going to be watching for whether or not we see the threat
8:34 am
the middle of the week. >> that weather has been brought to you by the "y." so, it's literally amazing when we think about oscar sunday, they are not talking about the red carpet. i worked in l.a. for years. let me tell you how close it was, everyone was watching it very carefully. no showers. happy campers, dry hair, no frizz. >> you don't want the hair frizz or an umbrella. or galoshes >> or to stand out there for hours, right, interviewing everyone in the pouring rain. >> mr. bright side cannot get over the dead snowman. you've really reminded him of impermanence apparently. >> i scarred him for life. >> it's okay, ron. coming up on "good morning america," jennifer garner baring her soul about a very traumatic point in her life, the breakup
8:35 am
8:36 am
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we're hearing from jennifer garner this morning. really opening up about one of the most painful chapters of her life. >> the actress giving an incredibly candid and truly heartbreaking interview on the breakup of her marriage to ben affleck and what it was like going through all of that in front of the spotlight and sara has that story for us. >> yeah, jennifer laughingly
8:39 am
the end of her ten-year marriage to ben as a year of wine, and now she's opening up about what she went through. >> jen. >> reporter: this morning jennifer garner speaking out for the first time about her high-profile divorce with ben affleck and how much it's affected her. the actress exclusively telling "vanity fair" it was a real marriage and it was a huge priority for me to stay in it and that did not work. despite the pain she says she has no regrets. i would go back and remake that decision, he's the love of my life. >> she's not talking about it in sound bites. she's not talking about it in some cagey innuendo. she was very open and vulnerable and like this is real. >> yes. >> don't. >> reporter: the former hollywood power couple sharing their love on screen and off. >> i want to thank you for working on our marriage for ten christmases. there's no one i'd rather work with. >> reporter: in the interview garner opening up about her life
8:40 am
star. he's just a complicated guy. i always say when his sun shines on you, you feel it, but when the sun is shining elsewhere, it's cold. he can cast quite a shadow. the 40-year-old stunningly frank about her former husband's alleged affair with the couple's nanny saying she had nothing to do with the divorce adding, bad judgment, yes. i have had to have conversations about the meaning of scandal. the mother of three says the former duo's kids are their top priority. i lost the dream of dancing with my husband at my daughter's wedding, but you should see their faces when he walks through the door. >> she was very emotional about her children knowing how much they love him and it's just so pure, you know, she's going to do her best as their mother to keep that intact. >> jen also sharing a poignant moment when she was shooting a love scene in her latest movie in "wakefield" and realized she hadn't been kissed for over
8:41 am
i have to say hearing all these different things and reading the article, how classy she is that she can love beyond herself with her children and hold on to the fact that that's always going to be her kids' daddy and i'm so impressed. i think character comes out in the tough times and what a beautiful person. >> strikingly honest. also really sad. >> yeah. >> there's so many people that are going through similar circumstances in situations and what a great example and role model of how you can do it with class. >> she says she hasn't been kissed in eight months. she will be kissed plenty. she is a catch. >> i will kiss her. >> there will be so much more to come for that girl. that streak won't last long, jen. >> thank you, sara. well, coming up on "good morning america," who has the best chance of winning oscar tonight? keep it right here for oscar predictions to help you collect dan is breaking it all down. >> uh-huh. >> go, dan. i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids.
8:42 am
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for a different kind of medicine,
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hey, t-minus one day till the oscars. still struggling with your picks, we brought in a ringer. "entertainment weekly" correspondent nina terrero is here. best supporting actor and actress, where is the smart money. >> put your money on sylvester stallone for best supporting actor. he was just fantastic in "creed" and hollywood insiders are saying that he's long overdue because he played the character in rocky almost 40 years ago. this is his time. >> and he got robbed. >> and best supporting actress, my money is on alicia vikander, she is fantastic and, you know, i got to say hollywood just loves honoring an ingenue. >> best actor. >> it belongs to leonardo dicaprio. this is his year. he was absolutely fantastic in "the revenant" and honestly he's never won an oscar.
8:46 am
this is his sixth nomination and that proved a recipe -- it was golden for julianne moore last year. >> and best actress. >> best actress, brie larson, tremendous in "room" and she's been cleaning up left and right throughout awards season so has momentum going into the ceremony on sunday. >> everybody is talking about her. the other two remaining categories we should get into, best director. >> best director, i am rooting for alejandro inarritu for "the revenant." he achieved things with that movie few would think possible given that he shot entirely natural lighting and in subzero temperatures so i'm with him all the way and also if he wins, he'll be the third director in oscar history to win consecutive back-to-back oscars. so that's huge. >> last year was "birdman." >> exactly. best picture, who's your pick? >> i'm rooting for "spotlight" and has all the ingredients of a best picture winner, great cast, tremendous performances and a really grounding story about good >> i got to tell you i completely agree. incredible and it really just
8:47 am
being a reporter. >> exactly. >> i loved it. >> nina, thank you. come back any time. appreciate it. reminder in case we haven't reminded you enough, the oscars tomorrow night, it starts with our red carpet show 7:00 eastern and don't miss our big "gma" post-oscar party right here on monday morning and we'll be back with somebody named sara haines and a little thing called "pop news." not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by edward jones, where attention and sound advice is a big deal. time for "pop news." i say we got to dress up for the oscars. sara haines, you going to be dressing up for the oscars? >> pregnancy doesn't make you want to dress up. >> fair enough. >> i'm going to make sweatpants as hot as you don't even want to say. but we are going to begin with the brain teaser everyone is talking about in the countdown to oscar sunday.
8:52 am
among this crowd of cp3os? >> yes. >> loads of people online summoning the force for this one. of course, the trick here is, and we try to do this one, try not or do not, there is no try? >> that's yoda? >> it was better earlier. >> it was better at break but if that doesn't work for you, start looking for the non-3p0s and then you'll find oscar in the bottom right-hand corner. >> i found it at the very beginning. >> i was going to let you go all day like children. >> i'm still like leaning in. >> now, this is almost as satisfying as winning the real thing but like really not at all. >> there's also a boba fett if you look really closely. >> you're throwing out names to prove you're a geek. >> we don't need any more proof. >> what's next? >> of course, if you're thinking that puzzle could be a strange dicaprio, don't worry, i've got the best actor covered with
8:53 am
>> that is awesome. >> way back in 1990. >> the feathered hair. >> long before he got mauled by a bear in "the revenant," he was a fresh-faced teen starring in "growing pains." >> i love "growing pains." >> and these showing up, the clean-cut adorable but kind of dorky look he had going on at the time. it worked out for him. he's come a long way and we're all rooting for him. >> he's got to win. >> there's nothing dorky about that. that combover looks good. >> i don't remember which character he was. >> he was a friend. he's not a regular. he wasn't a seaver, okay.. >> i love that she knows the name of the family. >> i'm with you on this one. >> indra was following me. >> yeah. >> with all the talk of the oscars it marks the most dishonorable award show of the season, the razzies, which will be unveiled tonight. some of the nominees may join a
8:54 am
oscar and a razzie. bullock won a razzie in 2010 for worst access in "all about steve." the next day her ego stepped up as she picked up an academy award for her work in "the blindside." now, eddie redmayne could very well follow up for worst supporting actor for "jupiter ascending" and best actor for "the danish girl." other stars already inducted into the razzie oscar club include al pacino, ben affleck, halle berry. i'll take the razzie. the oscar is a long shot. >> it shows range, doesn't it? your versatility. >> i feel like it also makes -- >> yeah, bad to good. >> everyone strikes out sometime, right? >> what did affleck win a razzie for? >> or "jersey girl." >> there's a few. >> we had a divorce spot on ben. let's let him go for the day. a psa for stars with superstitions and lucky charms, "the hollywood reporter" has crunched the numbers on the
8:55 am
past decades, and it seems the oscar nominees should be 25% of the past decade's winners best actress winner julianne moore. the second luckiest hue is blue as worn by lupita nyong'o when she picked up the best supporting actress award for "12 years a slave." and if in doubt just wear gold like oscar. it's not as popular as white and blue, statistically it's a great choice with half of the nominees who wore it going on to win big including meryl streep who took home the best actress statue in 2012 for "the iron lady" and many other times because she's meryl streep. >> ron, i don't know if you know this but some of the nation ae's brightest minds were involved in crunching those numbers. >> did you bring a toy to "pop," ron? was it not serious enough for you. >> no, just a little soundtrack for you. >> the laugh track. >> the laugh track. >> i have no idea what ron is doing. that is not unusual. we'll be right back here
8:56 am
good morning good morning, america. he's stan, i'm neil. it's late friday. we pretty much shut it down already. >> we're going to do this before night. always a big night in the nba, we got the cavaliers and raptors one versus two in the east. kyle lowry rolling through the six. stepback jumper for lowry. we'll get back to him in just a minute. let's check out lebron james, cavaliers controlled this for most of the game. james, get out of the way, don't want to be a part of that. 25 points for james. less than 10 seconds to go, 97 apiece. lowry, oh, yeah. raptors up two late. 43 for lowry including that bucket.
8:57 am
ooh, that's not going to work. the raptors win it 99-97. two games back in the east. >> thank you for the aerial now back to the ball game. pacers down one, final some 20 soul. >> that's strong. >> yeah. six seconds, kemba walker. now you know kemba walker, look, >> oh. >> i mean, yeah. man, we didn't play much "d." paul george, doesn't matter, he had 32. hornets win by one.
8:58 am
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