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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 25, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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have a great day. good morning, america. state of emergency. 53 tornadoes touch down from texas to virginia. at least eight dead as the outbreak rips apart homes. winds hit 83 miles an hour and a coast guard ship overturns trying to rescue a fishing boat. last chance, marco rubio and ted cruz fighting to stop donald trump's momentum ahead of tonight's big debate. >> if the donald wins the general election, who the heck knows what he'd do as president. >> as mitt romney goes after trump hinting a bombshell may be coming. abc news exclusive, david muir one-on-one with tim cook, the apple ceo answers questions for the first time about why he won't help the fbi break into the san bernardino shooter's phone. >> this case is not about the phone. this case is about the future. >> his message for victims' families and this morning, new
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threatening facebook's mark zuckerberg. and charge. the elephants caught on camera heading straight for a u.s. senator. what happens next, an epic close call. and good morning, america. pretty scary moment for senator jeff flake. you kept the elephants calm. sflt slowest elephant can outfast the fastest man. thankfully they can't outrun the safari jeeps. >> welcome back. great trip. a lot of news to get to including this rescue unfolding right now. a live look at rockaway beach. a fishing boat got in trouble and a coast guard went in to get it. see how rocky the seas are and the coast guard ship actually overturned. so far everyone is okay but the rescue is going on right now. we'll stay on top of in this morning. >> take a look now at waverly,
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emergency was declared. 53 reported tornadoes in just the last 48 hours stretching from texas up to virginia and at least eight weather-related deaths and more than 70,000 people without power this morning. we have full team coverage tracking it all and we begin with abc's gio benitez in lancaster, pennsylvania. good morning to you, gio. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. the rain is still coming down and there is just so much debris all over the place. this house and barn just completely destroyed. and we're seeing damage like this all across the east. overnight, a tornado emergency. twisters touching down along the east coast, state of emergency issued in virginia after a tornado went tearing through the farming town of waverly. >> everything on main street is down, damaged, some houses. one house was caught on fire. >> reporter: four people were killed including a toddler. the search continues this morning for more victims. in north carolina, this twister
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>> it was pretty, pretty terrifying. >> felt like the whole house was shaking. >> reporter: seven houses ripped apart and dozens more suffering major damage. >> it's amazing that no one is hurt with all the damage we had. >> reporter: in the midwest whiteout conditions creating havoc for drivers. highways littered with cars in illinois after nearly a foot of wet snow fell. overnight torrential rains slamming the northeast, blinding conditions forcing drivers to pull off roads. winds packing such a powerful punch, this semi tractor trailer getting knocked to its side on the heavily traveled george washington bridge. power lines down and igniting across new jersey and in philadelphia, winds dropping trees on cars and houses. the storm forcing nearly 3,000 flight cancellations, 1,200 flights into and out of chicago alone. and back here in lancaster, pennsylvania, we can tell you
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will be coming out to look at this damage to see if that was caused by a tornado or not but the good news right now, perhaps a miracle, no injuries and no deaths reported, sam. >> unbelievable, gio and the damage there so what they'll look for is whether the straight line wins was such a pushing damage or they'll to see if there was a twist. if there is a twist, pow, tornado. now, if you think that february storms aren't powerful look at the size of that tornado. this is just one of them we were talking about. that one in evergreen, virginia. now to waverly, virginia, a town destroyed. a town that's looking around and realizing that at least three members of their community are dead this morning. phillip mena is there live. hey, phillip, just tell us what you see around there. again, monster storm. >> reporter: absolutely, sam. good morning. the devastation in this town is just striking and as you mentioned, right here is where those three people were killed including that toddler but there are no signs of the trailer they were in when the storm hit, all
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lumber and twisted metal and over there, the remnants of what was just yesterday a functioning laundromat and right now you can just see the washing machines just lined up there in the open air. authorities here are still assessing the damage, we are told. everybody has been accounted for but it's going to take months to rebuild, so, sam, just as you mentioned just a devastating blow to this community. >> i got to tell you when people walk out the door and they can't realize where their streets are or where the markers that they knew every day in in their neighborhood it's unbelievable. this storm isn't done. we have power behind it. we've got a big blast of cold air, some areas will still get snow. snow wrapping around the great lakes and i it was a big snow system as well, 15 inches in indiana. 10 near flint, michigan. this cold air charges in and these are the storm warnings still out for that. so watch that low pull away then know we've got some big changes in the northeast all the way in the great lakes coming.
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the 50s today, pow, to the 20s friday morning. saturday morning, just 12 degrees in burlington, sunday, 31 degree. cold air in new york city, it bounces back by the end of the weekend but right now it's cold and windy coming in behind all that storm damage. >> okay, sam, thanks very much. we move on to the race for the white house. it's "your voice, your vote" and with super tuesday just five days away, donald trump has lots of momentum after three straight wins. tonight's gop debate may be the last best chance for his rivals to shake things up. jon karl has all the latest. >> reporter: we're down to just five candidates on the stage tonight. if the others can't find a way to slow trump down, it won't be long until we're down to one. at a predebate rally in houston, marco rubio showed a new willingness to take on donald trump. questioning whether he's ready to be commander in chief. >> you can't just say when i get there i'll hire the smartest people and they'll tell me what to do. >> reporter: in a fox news forum
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cruz questioned trump's conservative credentials. >> we are not going to allow the conservative movement to be defined by a nominee who isn't a conservative. >> donald wins the general election, who the heck nows what he'd do as president. i mean, you know, we need a president we can trust. >> reporter: trump is also taking fire from the last gop nominee, mitt romney, over his unreleased tax returns. >> i think we have good reason to believe that there's a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. when people decide they don't want to give you their taxes it's usually because there's something they don't want you to see. >> reporter: trump fired back tweeting that romney, quote, blew an election that should have been won and is now playing the tough guy. coming off three straight wins, trump now seems confident he's on his way to the nomination. >> i mean, it's going to be an amazing two months. [ cheers and applause ] we might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest, all right. >> reporter: he's even musing about his potential vice
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the outsider saying he may go with a washington insider. >> i do want somebody that's political because i want to get lots of great legislation that we all want passed that's just sitting there for years and years and years. >> reporter: trump is also getting his first insider support. just yesterday, george, he was endorsed by two junior members of congress, his very first congressional endorsements but as he told you just yesterday, endorsements are a, quote, waste of time. >> he did say that. you're in front of that board. let's give everyone a sense of why we call it super tuesday. what's at stake? >> this is the single biggest day of the entire primary. nearly 600 delegates at stake, about half you would need to clinch the nomination. you've got most of the big states in the south, a little bit of new england, a little bit of the midwest and, george, this is also where you can continue to get delegates even with a second or third place finish. >> donald trump ahead in most of the polls in most of those states right now so both rubio
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to get a win. >> reporter: especially ted cruz. his home state votes, he has to win texas and his entire campaign has been based on winning in the south. if he can't find a way to win there it's lights out for that campaign. as for marco rubio it's unclear where he can win but you can look at where he's spending his time. a lot of time in minnesota, virginia, tennessee, oklahoma, unclear which of those states he can win but he's got to show he can win somewhere. >> okay, jon, to matt dowd in texas where the republican debate will be held tonight. this debate is maybe the last best chance for cruz and rubio to shake things up. up until now they've been going at each other more than they have at trump. >> we've seen evidence that ted cruz is willing to take on donald trump but i think the real question mark is on the same stage can marco rubio willing to get into it with donald trump? and i think nobody knows the answer to that question. i think there's an an internal debate in the campaign whether they confront donald trump on the stage tonight or leave him alone and continue on the way.
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will marco rubio take on donald trump on stage tonight? >> will anyone pick up on this mitt romney weighing in on the campaign yesterday saying there might be a bombshell in donald trump's tax returns. of course, he faced questions, as well. you think anyone will pick up that attack? >> i don't think so. it seems a bizarre line of attack by mitt romney who as you say was attacked on his taxes by harry reid in the course of this. my advice to mitt romney, there's a lot of vulnerabilities donald trump has but don't go after donald trump on tax returns, wealth or car elevators. >> okay, matt dowd, thanks very much. you'll join us on super tuesday. you all can stay with us on super tuesday. i'll be here with our whole political time plus full coverage on "gma" and "world news tonight." now to another battle, this one between apple and the government over national security and privacy. in an abc news exclusive "world news tonight" anchor david muir sat down one-on-one with apple ceo tim cook to find out why the
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government's request to unlock the san antonio killer's iphone. >> as we sit here you know some of the families of the victims in san bernardino have now come out in support of the judge's order that apple help the fbi unlock that iphone. one family reportedly saying we're angry and confused as to why apple is refusing to do this. what would you say to those families tonight. >> david, they have our deepest sympathy. what they've been through, no one should have to go through. apple has cooperated with the fbi fully in this case. they came to us and asked us for all the information we had on this phone and we gave everything that we had. but this case is not about one phone, this case is about the future. what is at stake here is can the government compel apple to write software that we believe would make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerable around the world including the u.s. >> you'd have to write that system in order to unlock that
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>> yes. yes, this is -- we have no more information about this phone. the only way to get information at least currently the only way we know would be to write a piece of software that we view as sort of the software equivalent of cancer. we think it's bad news to write. we would never write it. we have never written it. and that is what is at stake here. >> the fbi says it believes syed farook used that phone to communicate with his wife, his accomplice and i'm curious, do you struggle at all with the possibility there could be information on that phone that could reveal other plots, other people who were involved in planning the san bernardino attack? >> david, if we knew a way to get the information on the phone that we haven't already given, if we knew a way to do in that would not expose hundreds of millions of other people to issues, we would obviously do it. >> but in your quiet moments do you have any concern that you might be able to prevent a
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>> david, some things are hard, and some things are right, and some things are both. this is one of those things. >> and in this case, you believe there are some things that just should never be created. >> correct. >> as we walked across the apple campus, it was not lost on us that this would have been steve jobs' 61st birthday, cook says not a day goes by he doesn't think about his iconic predecessor. >> i did think about what he would do and i am so convinced knowing steve, steve always did what he thought was right and it is so clear to me that he loved what america was founded on so much and would do nothing to put all these customers at risk. he'd be doing the same thing. >> and joining me now abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas and abc's chief legal analyst dan abrams. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning.
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cook makes if apple grants this request they may ask again it will set precedent. what are the feds saying about that. >> amy, i spoke to a number of senior government officials and they're just not buying cook's arguments. they say this is not about mass surveillance at all. one official told me the fbi simply wants apple to develop a way into that phone that will be known only to them. he admitted that the fbi and other police agencies will likely come to apple with new requests in the future but each time each agency must convince a court to approve a search warrant and emphasized the san bernardino investigation remains urgent because the killer couple swore allegiance to isis and said they need to know if others were involved and if anything else is out there. >> publicly we're talking about national security versus privacy but legally it's more defined than that. >> refer, phone company, computer companies have been assisted the government in investigations and thereby violating people's privacy forever and the supreme court has upheld it. the legal question here is effectively is in that much
7:15 am
is this what's called an undue burden on apple? and that's as much a technological question as it is legal. >> the federal response, what are they saying about these threats reportedly made by isis against mark zuckerberg? >> the leaders of facebook and twitter have been the subject of online threats because they openly have stated plans to try to block the broad social media campaign from isis. but a number of security analysts are skeptical of the video's credibility and whether this group really has the means to carry out that attack. george, over to you. >> we'll get the latest on that deadly rampage in michigan and learning what jason dalton was in the days before he did that. abc's alex perez has an exclusive interview. >> reporter: this morning, the attorney for uber driver jon dalton's wife and parents news. >> what's important to them is hurt.
7:16 am
revealing new details about dalton's behavior in the days leading up to the shooting rampage that took the lives of six people. >> he was acting different in the last couple of days, his wife asked him and he said he was tired. >> what made him think he was acting differently. >> he seemed to be depressed and down which was not his normal character. >> reporter: he only began driving for uber in the weeks leading up to it facing six counts of murder. what were they thinking? >> they were thinking like everybody else, why. >> reporter: the motive for now remaining a mystery to even his family. >> jason by all accounts was a fairly gregarious character, a good father, well known in the community. well liked. and there was nothing to indicate that something like this would occur. >> reporter: as new details reveal that dalton went to his parents' house after the first shooting occurred at this residential complex telling his family that his chevy equinox had been sideswiped and he
7:17 am
taking his parents' chevy hhr before heading back out. and then a few hours after that police arrived. >> that's correct. police told carol what happened. >> reporter: at that moment was she in disbelief? >> i can only imagine. she's still in disbelief. >> reporter: for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, kalamazoo, michigan. >> thanks to alex for that. amy, you have startling new video. >> this shows just how dangerous e-cigarette batteries can be. a man was putting change in his pocket. look at that. it happened at a gas station when his e-cigarette battery exploded lighting his pants on fire. the clerk ran after him with a fire extinguisher. the man suffered second-degree burns and as e-cigarette batteries become more popular more battery mishaps reported so that is certainly a warning for everyone and talking about some really incredible video, you've got the elephant video. >> another warning, if you see
7:18 am
we have another dramatic video that comes from africa. not from amy's safari this week which was amazing itself but from a u.s. senator learning about poaching on a fact-finding mission when he was charged by these elephants protecting their young. he got too close. they wanted to protect themselves. and arizona senator jeff flake got a little too close and he is there sponsoring a bill to crack down on poaching which helps fund terrorist groups in africa out there for a good cause. >> i got to tell you when you see those elephants up close, those tusks are incredibly large. you do not want to be anywhere near that. >> every animal in africa is a lot bigger than on tv. i found that out firsthand. >> we got to get to sam. more on those wins. >> when you're cleaning up today after all these storms, got a lot of trees down and power outages, the winds are still strong during the day. 35, 40-mile-per-hourind ace
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80-mile-per-hour winds. >> coming up next on "gma" emotional testimony in erin andrews' $75 million lawsuit. her father breaking down on the stand. a warning about what you post online. a dozen students targeted after they shared pictures on social media.hort, talk is cheap. i'll be working while you sleep. still don't think i've got a brain? you think a resume's enough? who'll step up when things get tough? don't you want that kind of brain? a degree is a degree. you're gonna want someone like me. but only if you have a brain. brandon thinks hellmann's is heaven in a jar. that's because our ingredients come from... farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to bring out the best.
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welcome back to "gma." you are looking live at that rescue unfolding right now. this is just off the coast of new york. a coast guard vessel overturned trying to save a fishing ship stuck in rough surf and severe weather is spread out across the country. 53 tornadoes reported in just the last 48 hours. we are covering all the latest this morning. >> also right now, the last five gop candidates face off in a debate tonight in houston. just five days away from super tuesday as hillary clinton and bernie sanders prepare for votes in south carolina on saturday. new headline about the zika virus. three pregnant women in florida have tested positive. now florida governor rick scott is asking the cdc for support. also we're counting down to the oscars and "gma's" big post-oscars show monday and michael has more coming up. >> i sure do. the academy's votes are in and
7:31 am
who do you think is a shoo-in for oscar gold. >> right now the latest on erin andrews and her blockbuster $75 million lawsuit against the hotel where a stalker secretly recorded a nude video of her and cried in court yesterday as her father testified she is a shell of her former self. eva pilgrim is covering the trial in nashville. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, erin andrews fighting back after suffering through an unthinkable crime, a stalker videotaping her changing in her hotel room. this morning she returns to court. her lawyer blaming the hotel for that video. an emotional day in court filled with painful memories. >> she kept screaming, i'm on theinternet. i'm on the internet. i'm naked. >> reporter: erin andrews wiping away tears as her father recounted her horror at being filmed through a peephole at a tennessee marriott by michael david barrett. >> i feared for her life. she wouldn't eat. she wouldn't bathe.
7:32 am
all she would do is cry. >> reporter: andrews now suing barrett as well as the owners and managers of that marriott for $75 million claiming the show tension intentionally placed barrett next door to the tv star. her lawyer saying they failed to notice he removed and altered 9 peephole using a hacksaw to make the hole bigger. >> stands there for 4 1/2 minutes and videos her. >> reporter: andrews told "gma" in 2010 about how her father had reacted to the news. >> i remember my dad saying to me, you may have a stalker and i -- i just -- dad, don't say that don't say that word. >> reporter: the hotel claims barrett is a criminal who tricked them into gaining access. >> he deceived. he connived, he stalked. >> reporter: the hotel's lawyer saying he found her room number by calling from an employee phone to ask which room andrews was staying in and booking the room next to her and posting the
7:33 am
stalking in 2010 and sentenced to 30 months in prison. >> she just went into her room and closed the doors and put blankets up over the windows, even in her own home she didn't feel safe. >> reporter: andrews' father says the job she once loved. >> i am happy to report. >> reporter: games became terrifying returning her return to espn in september 2009. >> we had spoken just seconds before she went on the air and she was in tears. >> reporter: it's been eight years and he says his daughter still isn't the same. >> she's full of anxiety. she's a very, very changed person. she's not the girl that we used to know. >> reporter: now, more witnesses are expected to be called including that stalker. this case is expected to last as long as two weeks. george. >> okay, eva, thanks. this.
7:34 am
team sunny hostin, welcome to abc. >> thank you. >> nice to see you. >> it's wonderful to be here, thank you. >> that means you get the first question. tell us about the impact of the father's testimony. >> i think it could be very significant because this case is about what effect did this have on erin andrews, what effect does it have on a woman when she is surreptitiously videotaped while naked and that videotape is all over the internet for the world to see and he says she is a shell of a person. i think the seven women and five men on that jury will listen to that and that will be really significant to them. >> $75 million worth? >> typically this sort of testimony would be viewed as emotional kind of character but in this case it's actually really relevant to the question of damages when trying to assess how much is this worth and the father is saying she is no longer the person she was. here is how she has suffered. now you're not just talking about the emotional side.
7:35 am
you're talking about the amount she has suffered, therefore, the plaintiff's hope it can transition into a big verdict here. >> sunny, as dan pointed out yesterday 75$75 million is multiples of what people get in way wrongful death lawsuit. >> it's a big number, sure, but how do you put a price tag on emotional distress? how do you put a price tag on what i think is every woman's nightmare, again, naked pictures of you taken and posted all over the internet. i think the jury will likely send a message, sometimes these judgments are symbolic and the jury may send a message that says, listen, you can't do this to women. you can't do this to erin andrews and you're going to pay for it. >> they could send a powerful message. >> if they do who pays it? there's no question that the guy who did this is the one who is primarily responsible. there's also no question he doesn't have real money so the big legal question is going to be how much does the hotel pay
7:36 am
>> do you think we'll see erin andrews on the stand. >> absolutely. >> no question. >> thanks very much. back to amy. >> we have another legal bombshell regarding singer kesha. a battle to get out of her recording contract. kesha has accused her longtime producer of abusing her, a charge he denied. now a new video surfaced and kesha's own words are rsing any questions about those allegations and reena is@here with more on that. >> it's a growing case of he said, she said holding firm to accusations her producer abused her, accusations he's denying. kesha's own words raising questions about that irhigh-profile battle. she's the "ticktock" singer at the center of a legal battle rocking the music industry. overnight new video obtained by abc news of pop sensation kesha appearing in a 2011 deposition. >> never made sexual advances at me. >> swearing under oath that she
7:37 am
her producer, lucas gottwald known as dr. luke. >> did you ever have an intimate relationship with lucas gottwald. >> no. >> reporter: in a lawsuit filed in 2014 he alleges for the past ten years dr. luke has sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally abused her. in the 2011 clip both kesha and her mother deny any inappropriate sexual behavior. >> were you ever told at any time that luke had had a sexual relationship with any kind with your daughter? >> no. >> reporter: on monday dr. luke referring to this deposition tweeting i didn't rape kesha and i never had sex with her. a representative from dr. luke saying the video of their testimony speaks a thousand words telling abc news, dr. luke threatened her and her mother only after going to rehab and undergoing intense therapy was kesha strong enough to stand up to this monster.
7:38 am
drug >> reporter: taking to facebook to thank fans for their support. this case has never been about a renegotiation of my record contract. this is about being free from my abuser. hello from the other side >> reporter: last night's brit awards adele joining the long list of celebrities -- >> i'd like to support concern that. thank you very much. >> a judge ruled friday kesha has to stick with this contract. tomorrow free kesha supporters will head to sony's new york headquarters to push for change. not just the music industry watching this one. >> all right, reena, thank you very much. coming up next here on "gma," on the lookout with a warning about what you post online. dozens of college students targeted. what they shared that led a thief right to their doors. important health alert. late spike in flu reports and new headline out about the effectiveness of your flu shots. dr. besser here live. puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa?
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7:42 back with "gma on the lookout." and a warning about what you share online. what you post could lead thieves right to your door. it happened to a group of college students in california. abc's matt gutman has the story and how you can safely post online. >> reporter: this man allegedly snuck into the rooms of 33 female college students swiping their laptops, jewelry and even underwear is disturbing. what's more disturbing how police say thealifornia college maintenance worker targeted them. from their open public posts on social media. >> he was able to just openly browse the different social media platforms and find photographs. he would then collect the gps coordinates from those photographs and he would place them onto a map and drive to the victim's locations. >> reporter: he is accused of stealing a quarter of a million dollars in electronics since
7:44 am
police say we open ourselves up to this by advertising our location online, which i'm about to do. staples center, this place hosts more than 4 million people a year and like me lots of us here snapping selfies and checking in. big mistake. >> so, it shows that your actual residence whether it's a house or apartment, you're not at that location. >> shows someone elsewhere i'm not. >> what i would recommend is delay your posting so you kind of break the timing and break that pattern of showing that you're not at that location. >> reporter: cyberexperts also recommend not posting pictures of your home or landmarks that could lead to your house. also saying you shouldn't reveal too much about your daily routine. police say that while this man's alleged methods were high tech, his capture was old school. he was arrested after a complaint about a man peeping into a campus window. the father of three has pleaded
7:45 am
social media. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> that's a great tip. just delay. so, sam, next time you're in the your apartment. >> only i save pictures of me in the tub and post them when i'm on vacation like i'm at home. is that wrong? is that a different story? >> that's so great to have you back. >> sam right now could actually >> all right. coming up, the oscars are three days away. who are the favorites to bring home the gold? we are breaking down the odds next. a hollywood star's personal confession. the secret addiction that almost ended his marriage. to theheouple wondering what a good deal looks like... no. seriously? we'll give it a 6 for composition. scary. wow, what about just putting a fair, no haggle price on the window?
7:46 am
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7:49 am
all right. we're counting down to the oscars which is just three days away now and the members of the academy may have already voted. but what about the online oddsmakers? they have compiled their current odds of who could take home the golden statue so let's take a look. for best picture the odds are in the "the revenant's" favor, 4-9. they say leonardo dicaprio is
7:50 am
statue -- >> 1-1-50. >> it would be about time and brie larson tops the list for best actress for her turn in the movie "room." >> big favorites they have. >> a grow with all of that. >> so far so good but saoirse, wow. so many great performance, not easy either. and the bravado odds project projects a second win for alejandro gonzalez inarritu for "the revenant." and inn won and he won last year. >> the first to do a twofer. >> he did it "back to the future" like the lakers back in the day. >> we'll see. >> all right. well, there are, of course, other fun odd, one might happen to see them during the show. check it out. who is going to give the longest
7:51 am
>> we'll be right back. nivea in-shower body lotion. first i wash... then i apply it to my wet skin. it moisturizes with no sticky feel. i quickly rinse off. and i'm ready to go.
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still don't think i've got a brain? you think a resume's enough? who'll step up when things get tough? don't you want that kind of brain? a degree is a degree. you're gonna want someone like me. but only if you have a brain. so that storm that gave us 53 tornadoes in 48 hours actually started in the west. we want to show you pictures out of breckenridge. they've had 18 feet of snow so far this season. now here's where the kickback if that storm exited the east coast will deliver snow today, michigan, you're in for a little
7:55 am
7:56 am
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8:00 am
brought to you by lyrica. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. flu hits a fever pitch, cases spiking across the country. new numbers out reveal how effective your flu shot really is. dr. besser here with the latest. secret addiction, what almost broke up terry crews' marriage. the former nfl star turned actor opening up in stunning confessions. >> it really, really messed up my life in a lot of ways. >> reporter: the personal battle that sent him to rehab. now the father of five shareing his struggle. oscar sunday just three days away from your face to your diet, the secrets you c c steal from the stars and time to plan that oscar party. how to throw a bash for under 100 bucks. all that and rob talking to hugh
8:01 am
carpet this morning as we're saying -- >> both: good morning, america. that's not all counting down to oscar sunday right here. our audience in the spirit of things, some selfies with the stars. a lot coming up on our oscar countdown. >> that's right, lara, michael, robin and i will be on the red carpet sunday night. take a look. there is the academy right there. they are literally rolling out the red carpet. this happened just a few hours ago. we're all very excited about the oscars preshow. >> yeah, that's going to be really fun. so excited. you made it from africa, now new york then to l.a. you win. >> my brain function. >> could make for some great tv, america. what's an award season without the greenscreen. one of "gma's" favorite ways to celebrate the oscars every year. this morning we have a special, well, let's call it a throwback thursday edition.
8:02 am
and all of his years, that was "life of pi" and sam was a very angry tiger. >> you had a lot of hits, sam. our oscars countdown is just getting started. great "deals & steals" to help all of you get red carpet ready. >> i like that. >> a these start at just $3 and are up to 53% off. can't get any better than that. >> $3? we got to talk about it more because amy is still making her way over to the desk. >> all right, thank you, guys. the big story, of course, we're talking about those deadly storms hammering the east coast killing a a least eight people. virginia is under a state of emergency after severe thunderstorms and tornadoes destroyed homes and left tevens of thousands without power. a tornado that hit the town of waverly left three people dead including a 2-year-old boy. a similar scene unfortunately across pennsylvania where the heavy rain and winds tore through buildldgs and downed power lines. those winds were so intense, a
8:03 am
its way to rescue this disabled fishing vessel off the coast of new york this morning. crew members thankfully made it safely to the beach. meanwhile, the problem in chicago is all this snow. there are reports of up to 40 jackknifed trucks this morning and dozens of vehicles stranded in the snow with people inside them. crews on the scene of a large brush fire burning in malibu, california. some hopes evacuated. thankfully this is a remote area and flames moved away from nearby homes. the father of an american businessman has been detained in iran. 80-year-old na naasz i held in the same prison as his son detained four months ago. unclear why either man was arrested. in the race for president the republicans will debate tonight for the final time before super tuesday primaries. it could be the last chance for candidates like marco rubio and ted cruz to stop donald trump's momentum. rubio has suggested trump is
8:04 am
candidates are splitting up the majority votes. apple has until tomorrow to file a legal response in its high-staking showdown with the government. during an exclusive interview with david muir apple ceo tim cook said if his company is forced to unlock the san bernardino shooter's iphone, it would be, quote, the software equivalent of cancer that could jeopardize the personal data of iphone users everywhere but the government rejects that. they say the fbi wants apple to develop a way to unlock the phone that only apple would know. and royal caribbean is facing a class action lawsuit now accused of deliberately sailing into the path of a storm. the ship was battered by hurricane-force winds while sailing from new jersey to the bahamas this month. terrified passengers confined that their cabins and it seeks punitive damages and the cruise line said it was much worse than predict predicted. finally, police are calling him the rogaine robber. take a look at the surveillance pictures. he has been stealing the hair
8:05 am
across ohio. perhaps resell it because his bald head would indicate he is not using the product himself. >> poor fellow. >> he really, really, really needs it. >> yeah, taking longer to work than expected. >> i'm staying out of this one. >> we will move on to something a little more serious. a health alert about this winter's flu virus. 13 states seeing a spike in cases and cdc released new numbers on the effectiveness of this year's vaccine. dr. richard besser is here and the flu season pretty late this year. >> yeah, i mean the only thing you can predict about the flu season that it's going to be unpredictable. we have seasons that start as early as okay. the past few years it's been december, january with the big spike. it used to be that late february, march was typically flu season and it looks like that's what's happening now. >> too late to get the vaccine. >> it really isn't. 40 states have seen the spike. 13 states that are so there's
8:06 am
news from the cdc yesterday. the vaccine this year, 59% effective. that means it reduces the chances you'll have to see your doctor by 59%. takes one to two weeks to kick in so now is the time if you haven't gotten it to go ahead. >> what other things can we do? >> we talk about these all the time. coughs and sneezes, you want to cover them with a tissue or with your elbow. wash your hands often or use alcohol sanitizer, avoid touching your face if you can. avoid sick people, if possible and if you're sick, please stay home. that is something good for everybody. >> i'm going home in 20 minutes, i promise. >> i had to chuckle on that one. >> okay, thank you. you'll be taking questions all morning. >> i will. >> thanks very much. let's go over to michael. >> thank you, george. here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." former nfl star and actor terry
8:07 am
the secret addiction that almost killed his marriage. we're counting down to oscar sunday. tory is here with "deals & steals" to get you red carpet ready. and rachel smith is at the samsung 837 building getting the pre-party started and big surprises for some of those fans, tickets to a vip oscar viewing party. we're celebrating the oars right here in times square. i got my date, lupita nyong'o. you look a little stiff. loosen up. right here on "gma" in times square. what's up with the people? "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by advil. fast, powerful and proven relief that makes pain a distant memory. this is the joy for me. i love bread! i love bread. i now just manage it, so i don't deny myself bread, i have bread everyday. that's the genius of this program.
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good song and welcome back to "good morning america." you are looking at some of the beautiful oscar gowns worn by famous winners and stars, as you know we're counting down to oscar sunday and our "gma" after-party monday. we have the best beauty trick, we got deal, we got steals, sam is handling that coming up but first we got to get to amy >> that's right. we want to get to that big headline we've been telling you about about terry crews opening up on facebook about his battle with a secret addiction and how it nearly destroyed his marriage. abc's deborah roberts is here with his story. good morning, deborah. >> reporter: good morning, amy. it's a stunning confession. terry crews detailing on his facebook page his addiction to pornography. he revealed this deep secret once before but now reaching out in a bigger way on social media. fans know him as the tough teddy bear sergeant terry in the show
8:13 am
>> anything to harm this precinct would i destroy them? >> reporter: but this morning former nfl player turned actor terry crews has the internet abuzz with a personal struggle. >> for years, years, years, my dirty little secret was that i was addicted to pornography. >> reporter: his stunningly candid confession about pornography going viral with more than 3 million views. >> it really, really messed up my life in a lot of ways. it was my secret. nobody knew. and that allowed it to grow. >> reporter: crews said it began when he was 12 years old. turing to pornography when he was sad, depressed and lonely. >> every time you look at pornography is a desire for intimacy, you are trying to fight your feelings of being alone. >> you'd be surprised how many people think it's an innocent behavior until they become addicted to it and try to stop. >> reporter: clinical
8:14 am
the fascination happens more often than you know. >> nine out of ten college males and a third of females are looking at pornography on a regular basis. >> reporter: as for crews some fans are praising his honesty. god bless you, terry, one commenter wrote, i'm 100% sure you're breaking many obstacles in so many minds. crews' wife rebecca and mother of his five children is standing by her husband last week posting on instagram, love my boo. the couple is apparently salvaging their marriage through rehab. >> i've been free of this thing probably going on six, seven years now, thank goodness, but now it's become my battle to help other people who are going through the same thing. >> reporter: crews using his lesson to warn others as you heard him say in a powerful way. experts say it is a true addiction like so many others and the advice, of course, is the same, first you've got to acknowledge the problem and talk about it and, secondly, it's imperative that you get help which in his case and so many
8:15 am
guy, just as if you were addicted to any other substance. >> makes sense. >> very brave of him to talk about it. >> especially in such a viral public way. >> yep, absolutely. deborah, thank you so much. we are now going to talk about the stars as we count down to oscar sunday and our giant "gma" after-party. we've got the top red carpet secrets, these are diet secrets, abbie boudreau trying them out. >> we all jumped in on that one. >> reporter: with just three days to go hollywood's biggest stars going to the extremes for that picture perfect red carpet glow. haley pomeroy says kirsten dunst and j. lo swear by her cleanse. >> there are very specific recipes as well as shake, smoothies, tea, i tell you exactly what to eat, when to eat it and what to do to get that incredible look. >> reporter: a plant based protein mix coupled with un unlimited vegetables and healthy dinner. >> it's easy, effective.
8:16 am
the ten pounds in ten day, five pounds in five days but it's more about just looking incredible. >> reporter: and for that photo ready face, stars like gwyneth paltrow and drew barrymore seek out sonia jakar using crushed ice spiked with stem cells. oh, my, gosh, i'm eating it. >> reporter: sonia says it helps plump the skin. >> that is he the secret of the stars. >> reporter: and to get that to die for victoria beckham or angelina jaw line and ageless neck kat rado says many are going high tech. using radio frequency to penetrate the deep layers of the skin. >> feels like a hot stone mirage. >> reporter: she says it's a non noninvasive way to smooth out the neck. for that emma watson look, it's
8:17 am
>> they're similar to extensions, hair bonded to each hair. >> reporter: but it's this sculpting mask that has a-listers lining up for which could end up costing thousands. time for my big red carpet reveal. oh. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> abbie's skin is glowing. you can get more red carpet beauty tips and tricks at on yahoo! outside to the other beauty, sam champion. >> lara, thank you very much. hey, with tory. so if it's time to get on the red carpet, we want to do it with the best "deals & steals" you can possibly pull out, so tory has them for you. >> so first up from dr. dennis gross, skin care is part of everyone's routine. this is an incredible steamer, men and women can use this. it is incredible technology that decongests pores, hydrates skin
8:18 am
is what everybody wants. in just three to five minutes. >> how long do i stay like this. >> three to five minutes. >> normally $139 for this machine. today only it is slashed in half, $69.50 plus free shipping from dr. dennis gross. >> like you're congested, right. if you have a head cold the best thing to do. >> red carpet or head cold. >> no one will know what you have on underneath. >> and this is for you to know every single day what you've got on underneath. >> she means you, not me. >> incredible mix. you get to mix and match so many colors, patterns, assorted styles, something really for everybody. big discounts on these from an already incredible price, normally $6 to $28 depending on what you choose lash slashed in half $3 to 414 bucks from under beautiful pieces. headbands. so a little -- these are like
8:19 am
because they're little hair accessories are fun. >> i'll try it out. >> you will? >> why not. >> i mean, there you go. >> nice. >> sold, right? >> but is this the way you wear it or like you do -- >> you can wear it any way you want. this is the sam style. the style of champions. big discount on these, as rell. normally $32 slashed by 53%, 15 bucks. >> this glimmers like real. this is so beautiful on screen. run for this one. >> statement jewelry. all are great whether wearing a t-shirt or gown. one piece changes your look and such an easy way to sort of accessorize and change up your outfit. not just the pieces you see, but just a small sampling. normally only $28 to $50, incredible price, regularly, everything today slashed by at
8:20 am
>> tory, big jewelry in like big jewelry, it's got to be big, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> ring guard. my favorite is bling guard for ears but for rings. rings, make sure you don't -- your ring doesn't fall off. bling guard prevents saggy earrings. >> i hate that. >> red carpet or any day. 90 in a pack. normally $15 for a pack slashed in half, $7.50. >> it really takes the pressure off the earlobe so you don't have that big gaping hole in your ear. i think that's genius. i do, i do. tory has all the deals. by the way, "deals & steals," if you want to do that go to "good morning america." it's on dotcom. >> on yahoo! all the links and codes. >> by the way -- >> love you. >> i'm running late. let's get to weather. good morning, everybody. how are you? i want to show video coming in for us. we've had real problems in grant park, illinois, all going on
8:21 am
no, squeeze in. i'm clean. i bathe. we've got 40 jackknifed trucks, 40 cars tuck in the snow. people are inside those cars. this has been a real problem and wind behind it. snow behind this low. this has been a monster storm and there's cleanup all over the eastern seaboard and evening in the deep south from those tornadoes and from just trees down. this has been a rough day in those areas but it is gorgeous
8:22 am
>> we're live in times square. come say hi. back in to -- [ yelling ] >> it was working all week so well. >> three more days before we find out who takes home the oscar gold. jennifer lawrence has emerged as the highest paid nominee for her role in "joy." she made an estimated $52 million last year. >> how much? >> wow. >> a lot more than the highest paid actor nominee, that's leo dicaprio who reportedly took home $29 million which he's had this whole big conversation about equality and pay. >> speaking up. >> good for her. if j. lo wins this sunday she will be -- it will be the first time ever that the world's highest paid actress is also an oscar winner in the same year. >> all these fun facts. >> i am just filled. we learned why the water was
8:23 am
two-for directors. >> jennifer lawrence, at least take the sting away if she doesn't win the oscar. >> yes. >> 52 million. that's okay. >> sam, come on in. please enter. >> thank you. so, we were talking about in this morning, big likes this morning for facebook right now. the social 234e9 work has added five new emoji moods if you will -- >> i saw it yesterday. i used them. i love wow. >> yeah. >> so instead of liking like the 15th photo of your co-worker's cayou can express wow, ha, ha, sad. >> angry headacheshake. >> or angry. how do you find these many are wondering. >> the angry head shake. >> he shakes his head. >> yeah, also unapproving. >> yeah, he's just disgusted. if you want to find these hold down the button, the like button on your phone or hover over it on your desktop and they appear. your facebook emotions are not
8:24 am
you can change them. yeah, so like for example, if i was to post like this photo, sam, take a -- just getting close there, go ahead. keep that up. yeah. >> take it all in. take that in. >> would it be like wow -- >> at dinner last night. we weren't doing anything special. >> dinner on a wednesday. no, but -- mine would be like, wow, why is sam dressed like burger king? >> it would be the angry shake. disapproving. >> unapproving. >> it does. and then william shakespeare once asked what's in a name but that thought never crossed the mind of a british fan who changed his name to bacon double cheeseburger. there he is, it was sam smith. i guess he knew that the singer had that covered so he has total
8:25 am
and signs e-mails as b.d. cheeseburger. no regrets because, i quote, everyone loves bacon, one of sam's favorite sayings. that is everyone except his soon-to-be wife who is less than happy about her fiance's new moniker. >> he did not check with her. >> unless she changes her name to double oreo milk shake which isn't going to happen. >> just thinking of the kids, right? >> right. >> legal name -- >> patty, her second name could be melt. >> nice. >> got to make it work. >> you do, you do. that's true love, a compromise. then finally just a quickie, they're telling me i can do this, 15 seconds. why don't i save it. shall we do the teases? i'll do the baby. do the baby. if you're struggling to make it through the week maybe you need to pump up the volume. >> watch. >> oh, i i'm glad you did the baby. >> oh.
8:26 am
baby. >> oh.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> there you go.tt2wlr=[ik@%o f# ;m( tt2wlr=[ik@%!!&n km@ tt2wlr=[ik@%4!f# =[4 tt2wlr=[ik@%x#*& 0b.p tt2wlr=[ik@%t#j' 0v.4 tt2wlr=[ik@%t#j) 0]np jessica chastain looks like julia roberts' ghost. i like that one. >> seth rogen is really just dustin diamond with 150 extra pounds on him. oh, man. >> eddie redmayne looks like denis leary wearing the skin of justin bieber. >> there it is. little sneak peek of jimmy kimmel. makes you think in they do. >> you can see it all tonight on "jimmy kimmel live." >> doing that takes the steam sting out of it. >> if you can laugh about it it takes the power out of it counting down to oscar sunday.
8:31 am
the party started at samsung's 837 building with chef josh kapaun and have tips to throw an amazing oscar party for 100 bucks or less. >> wow. great to see josh out there with rachel. we are counting down. if we hadn't mentioned it before to oscar sunday. hold on, breaking news, the oscars are this sunday. so, this is a great "gma" tradition as you may know, we all take turns in front of the green screen to star if you will in oscar nominated flips. we have a special thursday throw of back edition with some of sam's best. >> action. >> take 70. >> milk, please. i don't want to ask twice. >> i'm ruler of the seven kingdoms. protector of the realm. >> i feel like a giant petroleum expectant.
8:32 am
well, good morning, district 12. they are en fuego. >> we are on fire, we got this. >> fire. >> we got this. >> fire. >> thank you. >> not the hair. >> not the hair. >> not the hair. >> i guess we were on fire. >> oh, we were on fire? >> secret. >> america, what do you think of hawkeye's driving. >> i don't want to say it's bad but i think we missed that left turn in albuquerque. >> i just -- i was looking for a weather map. >> you look like george's brother in that last one. >> harry potter there. >> well, it's only right that sam should receive -- oh, sorry, the golden ham lifetime achievement award goes to mr. sam champion. >> oh. >> speech, speech.
8:33 am
i didn't see this coming. you know, i'd like to thank george because that interview, my favorite one was "life of pi" which was actually the one where you were -- >> i was interviewing you, yes, that's right. you were very articulate. >> george, you really pulled out his -- >> inner tiger. >> inner tiger. >> wow. there's something to ponder on. >> i got to say these are so much fun. when we started doing them, has everybody -- have you all done them already. >> yeah, we had george -- >> do we show them today or tomorrow? >> when are we showing them? soon? let's have a cheeseburger and we'll find out. >> oh. >> very excited. the green screen i'm hearing from the control room is happening tomorrow. >> you totally stole -- >> in honor of the mr. mr. cheeseburger guy. >> in honor of the oscars chowing down on burgers and fries courtesy of shake shake, we thank you and i think that there's a reason we're having snacks because we're talking about oscar parties.
8:34 am
fitting into our dress, right? >> right. >> as we party and i chew right now, rachel smith is partying at samsung's 837 and we'll check in with her and tell you how you can throw an amazing oscars bash on a budget and a full mouth. >> reporter: as hollywood kicks off its biggest party of the year, oscar stands everywhere, toast to the movies like 32-year-old karishma who wants to throw a glamorous get-together but keep it to a budget. where would you like to stay. >> probably about $100. >> reporter: we enlisted the help of style director lori bergamotto. >> hi, ladies. i have four simple tips all under $100. >> reporter: first up a run down oscar memory lane with a wide table runner. >> all this is is computer paper then pictures we printed out of famous oscar nominees and we glue sticked them together and
8:35 am
this is late rally costing under a dollar. >> reporter: next oscar themed snacks for the soar ray. >> the "the revenant" bear claws attacking leonardo dicaprio. >> good job. >> and then we did the "inside out" upside down cake from "brooklyn's" hot dogs. >> reporter: this diy photo booth brings the red carpet to your own home. >> we got this very fancy gold curtain for 10 bucks. you can use old halloween costume props. >> let's take a picture. >> reporter: finally a new staple. what is a night at the movies without popcorn. >> little popcorn canisters and glued on a glittery bow tie and three different types all under $1. >> reporter: the grand total about $60. do you feel like you can do lori's four tips. >> absolutely, i think these are great. >> reporter: affordable tips for an award-winning affair. >> all: oscars!
8:36 am
>> oh, yummy. great tips from lori. right now we are here having our own oscar party and we're at the samsung's 837 building. right now our crowd is over here watching an oscar nominated movie. disney's pixar's "inside out" and getting hungry because it's smelling delicious here and that's because we have executive chef josh capon here. you are the man. you are the man. everyone on the edge of their seats. oscar themed party foods for us. this one here, though, is the slider. let's start with our featured -- >> it's the big short rib burger slider. >> oh, gosh. >> see what we're doing here. we are tagging the movies. go with the theme and have fun with it. so we have the big short rib sliders. short rib meat ground up seasoned with salt and pepper searing them off in a cast iron pan. >> i wish you could smell what's going on. >> smell-o-vision. we're developing it here at the samsung 837. >> serve up some of these sliders and the folks in the crowd are getting hungry.
8:37 am
this is a great oscar theme so while you're serving this up, so we have caramelized onions here. goes very well. >> throw a bun on there. >> a little barbecue sauce. >> got to have it. >> nothing wrong with a little barbecue sauce every now and then. >> may i dive in there. >> of course. >> we'll test it out. while giving it a taste test let's go to the potatoes. >> one of my favorite movies was "the martian" so we have the red planet, get it, red planet red bliss potatoes. >> matt damon's character relied on potatoes to survive. >> baked potato bar. bacon and cheddar. roasted potatoes, scoop them out with a melon baller, do it ahead of time so you can enjoy the show. >> you don't want to be, you know, spending all of your time in the kitchen but these look delicious. oh, these are finished, right?
8:38 am
>> we have to stay hydrated with an oscar buzz mocktail. >> maybe i'll put down the potato? a mango fizz. >> grab a mocktail. cheers. >> you want to splash a little champagne while the show is going on, that's up to you. >> add your buzz at home. this week also is a big week for you beyond the oscars, what else is going on. >> heading down to miami for the south beach wine and food festival which is like the super bowl of chefs, some of the best chefs in the country come out and we do our thing. the customers come out and get to enjoy it with us. it's a lot of fun. >> oscar viewing party. >> yes, sunday night, our first annual red carpet oscar viewing post-at the bmc, come by, have fun. >> we go down to our crowd. we cannot have an oscar party without giving a prize, right, guys? so we are giving out five tickets to join samsung a proud partner of the 88th oscars to join them for an exclusive viewing party here in new york city and five of our audience winners are going to be taking
8:39 am
on the big night so can you open up those envelopes? let's have a drum roll while they do that, right? there we go. so, who is going to that exclusive viewing party? >> winner, winner, winner, winner. oh, yeah. yes. sweet. guys, that's how we count down very nice. you guys are going to the sweet. amy, back to you. >> all right, congratulations to all of them. thank you, rachel. and you can get josh's short ribs recipe at on yahoo! let's go back outside to sam. >> okay, gang, i'm going to keep that oscar thing going. let's get that weather on the west coast because it has been gorgeous. as messy as it has been in the eastern half of the country it's been this beautiful out west, look at la costa, look at that glow. rough surf but surfers love that. surf's up and it can be high and rough along the coastline. watch that jet. okay, so, yes, san francisco, there could be some rain but
8:40 am
into oscars weekend. look at phoenix. look at those numbers in the 80s, san diego in the 70s, as well. quick look at the weather around the nation as we fly because we can. america, please do not adjust your sets. cc, come here. this sis jeremy maguire. how are you? that's the weather around the nation. we'll talk to >> so, america, you just met jeremy. hi, jeremy. i'm sam. i see your mom. you are a big star because i see you in "modern family" and in a brand-new song, right? >> yeah. >> is it lots of fun. >> yes. >> you have a brand-new commercial. can i show it to america?
8:41 am
>> okay, here it is. >> this is the way i eat my meatballs. do you think it's squishy in there with something? i don't know. >> jeremy, pocket meatballs. do you have any meatballs in there now? >> no. >> but you will later, you think? >> yes. >>ing 0, your mom is the nicest lady too. you want to wave to your mom too. want to wave to her right there. i love it. you can see the tide commercial starting at 7:00 p.m. this sunday all right here at abc. thank you for spending some time with us. >> it's okay. [ cheers and applause ] >> jesse. >> great job. kids are the best, aren't they. now to other kids who are having the big moment with the pope in "dear pope francis," the first children's book written by a pope, the pontiff is answering
8:42 am
the world. in his nearly three years as head of the catholic church pope francis has made no secret of his affection for children. and now the pontiff is putting his pen where his heart is. authoring his first children's book "dear pope francis" or should we say co-authoring. the book is made up of exchanges between the pope and kids from around the world. >> dear pope francis -- >> reporter: "gma" sat down with not two, not four, but 12 of them including one pablo from argentina, natasha from kenya and william from chicago. >> dear pope francis, if you could do one miracle, what would it be? >> the pope's answer? i would heal every child. the book may be for kids but it offers information to readers for all ages. the pope says he cries often. he also reports that he loves to dance the tango and he's passion naloxone national about soccer. the pontiff met with his kid
8:43 am
where they presented him with gifts from their homelands. maple syrup from canada. >> this is good. >> reporter: a soccer ball from the united states and get this, a pair of uggs. yes, ugg boots from australia. >> oh, thank you very much. >> seeing the pope with the kids was life altering and nerve-racking. >> he was a little bit scared. >> i was not scared. that's a lie. >> one moment i felt exceeded but then i felt like, well, this is probably my only time i'm going to meet him so i don't want to blow this. >> reporter: the experience enabled them not exactly to touch the hand of god, but to tug at the heart of god's right-hand man. this is such a beautiful book, guys. illustrated beautifully. all these deep questions these kids get to ask and, of course, the pope answers all of them and of course, "dear pope francis" available right now and coming up, i'm going to talk to hugh
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
movie. hugh jackman is back with a brand-new movie about one of the most improbable olympic heroes ever.
8:47 am
down with hugh and his co-star to talk about "eddie the eagle." >> "eddie the eagle" is the heartfelt new movie inspired by a dream come true. taron egerton portrays eddie ed wards a resilient underdog determined to get to the olympics no matter what it takes and there's only one person that's going to help him get there and, of course, it's hugh jackman. take a look. >> want your moment, eddie edwards, i ka get your moment but it's going to hurt like hell for both of us. >> your back leg, wrong position. get closer. the flame >> it's not better. it's crap. >> oh, you and taron. morning. >> i know you can't. i laughed. i knew i was going to cry. i knew i was going to be touched by this. i remember eddie the eagle, 1988, big sports fan here. i'm sure -- >> i remember very well. i remember watching him in the olympics and never forget him
8:48 am
and the camera going, hello, mom. just before almost killing himself. you know, we loved him, you know. >> taron, you nailed it. >> nailed it. >> absolutely nailed it. >> thank you very much. >> felt that we were on the jump with you. had you been on skis before. >> never in my life. >> come on. >> never in my life. i had to learn for the film, yeah, yeah, i didn't take to it like a duck to water. i have to say. >> no? >> but i gave it a good go just like eddie. >> just like eddie and i got to tell you, hugh, your character, you play a former ski jumper. >> yeah. >> a lot of talent, but a bad attitude. >> exactly. >> you're here to teach him but eddie really steves you. >> he kind of brings me out. it's sort of his redemptive talent, friends and how friends can bring out the best in each other and both are outsiders but my character had all the potential and none of the endurance or courage or stick ability that really eddie had. i watched this what friends and
8:49 am
see this movie because it kind of says you don't have to win in life to be a winner and that's what i love about the feeling of this movie, the theme of this moved. >> what was the like working with someone like mr. jackman over there. >> we had such a good time. i mean, the movie is inspirational and uplifting but it's just so funny. we just spent two months laughing at each other. i kind of made it my mission to try to put hugh off through every single scene. >> did it work? >> oh, yeah, you can watch the movie. >> moments where you see me laughing and they made the cut but he is hysterical. >> the transformation was just incredible. do you still find yourself mimicking eddie a little bit. >> two months after we finished shooting my mother kept going, stop doing eddie. >> give us the eddie face. >> brilliant. i know. on cue. >> i know you posted on certainly media that you had another go-around. >> yep. >> with your skin cancer but everything is good. >> everything is great. skin cancer is out.
8:50 am
minor form of skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma. regardless who you are get checked. please don't me as a kid and i never wore sunscreen and i'm paying for it. >> you don't have to win to be a winner. >> that's it. >> that's it so "eddie the eagle" opens this friday. thank you, gentlemen, very much. >> lovely. >> what a great message. i love that. we were both like got to take the kids. all right, coming up, everybody, the best moments from "gma" on
8:51 am
8:52 am
we're back and don't go anywhere. i want to show you cool stuff. amy is back from that incredible adventure, "gma" on safari live right in there and it was incredible to see in the crater but i was curious when you were there, all the new technology that you guys were using, there's been poaching at these parks before. is this the time we can turn the corner on that and there won't be. >> everyone is certainly hoping
8:53 am
protected areas first of all they have a high concentration of armed anti-poaching, you know, throngs of security going around and they are helped and aided by drones, by live cameras, they can see what's happening in realtime and go out and stop it and hopefully it will be a preventative. people will know if i go out there i'll be caught. it isn't going to pay off but these images are so stunning to look at and i wanted to bring a little bit of africa back with me for you guys so, sam, i hear you really liked my hat. it's a little war torn here but i thought you might wear it well. >> i can't wait. >> sam has never worn a cowboy hat in his life. >> except for every wednesday night. >> beautiful necklaces for lara and robin and big thank you to the tanzanian ministry of
8:54 am
8:55 am
you can have this for now. the 8 a.m.
8:56 am
>> you need a person of tremendous strength. >> unapologetic. >> well, you know i always expect to win. i want to win. and i've always had a nice habit of winning. >> and ahead in the polls. >> i have dealt with very tough hombres and very tough people, and i've come out on top. >> "the 700 club's" one-on-one interview with
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
we'll see you for l.a. >> wendy: get ready for a huge "the 700 club." presidential hopeful donald trump sits down with pat robertson. constant pain. >> i would sometimes have with my son. >> wendy: and nothing offered relief. >> i couldn't sleep. >> wendy: how she got her ultimate gift. >> he is definitely my healer. >> wendy: on today's "700 club." >> pat: well, welcome to "the 700 club." man, we had a time yesterday. the clear front-runner for the republican presidential nomination came to regent university, donald trump. he made his views clear on several key issues during his visit, including government spending, president obama's


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