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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  August 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. jefferson never got off a shot, police say. >> the bullet went in and came out by my arm, i am very, very lucky. >> well, even on a crowded street, police officers are trained to shoot if they have a clear shoot and they consider it a threat essentially it is a judgment call. police have released the name of the suspect and tonight charges are pending.
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the shooting happened near westward elementary school and investigation continues at this hour. a stabbing death, police were called to the stabbing death, they found a stabbing victim inside the home and it is believed 33-year-old lynn tell carington was pronounced dead at rider trauma. this has to be in the first paragraph. neil armstrong was the first but he left a hero. nbc 2 news, david has more. >> one giant step for man kind. >> reporter: the moon came much closer because of neil armstrong's famous first step. armstrong spent two hours 21
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minutes taking pictures. raising the american flag and stretching america's imagination. so many parents watching their children. >> so many men for the planet earth. he came in with all mankind. >> americans divided over the time at the vietnam war. it was a legal country together. it was an american goal next. >> and because that helps women and they are willing to postpone. >> and you see happy steps that made armstrong the first astronaut. armstrong was a quiet person born in small town ohio fascinated with flying since 18. he landed on the moon and his
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parents were watching back in his home town. >> do you have any idea what his first words were when he stepped off on to the moon? would you take a guess? >> i don't know but i'm sure he would be so thrilled he would so happy i will not be able to find woods. >> do you have any idea what he would say? >> i have no idea. >> it is believed he would have come up with those words but later they said he probably left it out. it was the most broadcast watched show in history. later armstrong thought landing on the moon not washing into
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the lane, looking for a shower place to touchdown and they finally made it. >> and the eagle has landed. >> it was the singular moment, crowds across america and in 29 other countries. after that armstrong tried to return to a private life making explore range go on. >> there were great eye december, not not discovered for the -- places to go. >> he could never escape his plame in history, on the moon. we also lost a man somebody called the mayor and he was close to home. >> it will take a while to get
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off and tropical storm is looming that coming up. and sometimes we have more, why you will be checking tomorrow after you see this tonight, 60 minutes will be back in 60 seconds. nbc news will be back in 60 seconds.
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. this is a terrible loss for our city. >> reporter: he never held a public office but he was known as the mayor of canton. >> many people can't believe he will be gone because it will affect every one of us. >> reporter: his bike hit a bus
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friday a long canton square way. he opened up narrow mom mass on the half shell. debbie brooks has known him as a neighboring business owner and now a friend. >> i know you don't need to make a lot of money, i said you will you can help this for us. the browns have their names on their name certificate. their name certijúmf1was tellin he had just performed a wedding and what was suffering from that and four month later, there he was and he would dress up for an annual golf
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tournament, for annual annual. he would fill canton square with pumpkins, just a desire for kids to come and celebrate this season. people are learning the news before they are seated and others are sharing the memories, about a place they loved. his approval as far as community goes 2 5% is doing well. >> and they would have been morning the loss of carney. car bin and mitchell funeral home on road road and memorial
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contributions may be maude to the children foundation fred he can owed. and the radar itself is pretty enactive, all day long a few tornado warnings out towards howard county and a few active warnings, right now steady showers towards eastern kathryn county and in in all, there is a little bit of a pocket and thunderstorms. this is 15 miles away and there is a rumble of thunder going into tonight. so far we are not looking too bad, that humidity is still way up there at 93% and dew points are running 79 degrees and that
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temperature is matching up and we could see a little bit of fog through the course of the overnight. 70s sofa the each shore and the storm could bring down some heavy rain. there is a chance of 78 want we have kind of this but and there is a cold front and there is a chance for more scatter and through sketch and spotty showers perhaps a run bell or two and there is a shower and threat of a storm going into tuesday and it's a little bit milder. p towards the 80s -- up towards the #0s in baltimore.
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isaac is starting to look better and winds are at 65 miles per hour and it is moving west northwest and you can see that pressure is falling. this is southeast of new orleans and we bring it up because they are under urn wantings and we cain tomorrow afternoon but want this. sometime during that timeframe we could be falling and subject to changes the hype cope out to towards ball likes can i and sently it could be and apache fog, some sunshine with showers
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and storms developing during the course of the afternoon. here is your 7:00 day forecast, a little more in the way of sunshine, lower 85, diamond in the rough wednesday at 85 and we will go 86 on thursday we are talking it is not going to feel like fall an indications we are presidents 90 degrees. >> and well you are planning to shop at a billing supermarket well you may be careful where you park. he shows us one woman's expense city of taste -- expensive taste so you don't loose your money. >> most of us want pooh be
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comes and court record roll as you can see in this 90 seconds. drenching rain and part up this and stun. win. in my case the rain fail off. -- rain fell off. she went inside to complain. >> i went inside and complainted and they told me they were not responsible. >> most say they are not responsible for parking lot damage but she said they were left unsecured. >> that is why and i thought if they were negligent so best a
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business to play. a spokesperson said the act was an act of god and they could consider -- and they said they will consider it an insurance claim if she has a deductible. if anything happens to your car in a deductible. and with the police and that way you protect yourself. a 53-yarder by justin talker. he nailed it and he will be the ravens kicker. some will never get over the mistake, a national.
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rookie is now in knack. plus, how about 1,000 / imagine making in the pet, we will we will explain.
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. all right, jersey shore, bad girl schnook can i, had a baby girl and she didn't waste any time tweeting about the newman in her life. and she married a man while
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filming reality television show amom and baby are doing well tonight. she has never seen anything like it. she put it back thinking it was a mistake. 2 customers left behind a 1,000% tip. they left behind $1,000 on a $40 check and they told her she deserved the tip. she is a single mother of three, the last time they left a more modest tip but it was still a good sized one. >> you do this for tips. >> sure, that would be amazing. we have a good weather forecast. tomorrow not a great looking day, we have showers and scattered storms. tuesday a chance of a shower otherwise we'll see partial clearing wednesday thursday and friday turns mid-by next --
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humid by next weekend. we will be right back.
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. all right, everybody is off tomorrow. now don't mess up. >> keep that umbrella because you are going to need it. >> make sure the cameras, it is third grade tomorrow, second floor. >> i know you have to go upstairs. >> have a great safe day tomorrow. make it a great school year.
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