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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  March 11, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tsunami in japan can be felt from tokyo to baltimore. good evening, the waves stretched so far, they threatened the west coast of the u.s.. the quake hit at 2:46 tokyo time with a magnitude of 8.9. then came the walls of water. big walls of water sweeping the cars and homes into the waves. president obama spoke with the princer this morning -- to the prime minister this morning. >> i offered our friends whatever assistance is needed. hundreds of bodies were found in the coastal city of sendai. the images struck close to home. a group of boy scouts feared for the lives of their friends.
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here's more. >> reporter: we've seen the images from destruction. when a group of boy scouts saw the same pictures, they couldn't help but think of their friends. >> the earthquake there was 5 in the seismic intensity. >> reporter: this attorney serves as their scout master and he's traveled to the sister city and he's hosted the students here. >> it's amazing, the bonds in the two week times -- they're strong. scouts continue to communicate to one another by the internet and by facebook. so, when they heard this news, they're concerned. >> reporter: a japanese contingent of scouts traveled here next year.
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they stayed with local families and they got to meet a japanese hero, the oriole's pitcher. >> he took a lot of time to meet with us, we had a private tour and the navy had ships in the harbor. >> reporter: plans to travel may be in jeopardy now. >> we're doing hikes and we hope to climb mound fujii and visit the temples. >> reporter: the fate of the sister city and the people has drawn the concern of baltimore's mayor. >> my prayers and sympathies go out to those impacted by the earthquake and the tsunami. i think it's hard to believe it's real when you look at the pictures. we know it's real.
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we have a real response. the oriole's relief pitcher is from japan. he spoke this morning. according to masn, his wife and son are here in baltimore. he e-mailed his parents and inlaws and they're fine. he is still worried about them. we're tracking the events in japan on our website. go to our website and you'll see here on the home page. we have a slide show dedicated to the events in japan. go to the website. it pops up in the center. go to the special section. we have a slide show. we'll have the photos and information from when it hits to when the waves crashed. a reporter at our sister station at wcpo is on the ground there in cincinnati.
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once again, we have a slide show and all you need to know to follow the event on the website at after so much rain yesterday, finally, today, we'll get a chance to dry out. maryland's most powerful radar is clearing we have a shower or two out there. we'll take a look at that. you can see where we're tracking a little bit of rain out there. take a look at hagerstown. we have a passing shower out there. this is diminishing to nothing more than a drizzle in myersville. that's good news for most of us, we'll be dry tonight. one thing we don't need is more rain. cloudy skies statewide at the moment. i think we'll see overcast conditions breaking up overnight. we should see clearing throughout the day and sunshine mixing into clouds. 48 when you wake up and 56 by noon. saturday afternoon, it may be
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time to hit the golf course. we'll get closer to 60 degrees. we'll have more for the out look of sunday and beyond after this. the mother of a 12-year-old boy accused of hitting a teacher has had his charges dropped. advocates lashed out in response to the school district pushing for criminal charge. now, they're sending an autism professional. he could be placed in a different school at the district's expense. baltimore city police need your help tracking down a mother and her child. they vanished three days ago. they were last seene in the 3700 block of eastern a.m.
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her pam -- eastern avenue. the family is worried. >> she didn't take anything for her 4 month old she didn't pack anything, everything's in the house. she didn't have any money other than what i gave her for the bus. we were supposed to meet at 3:45. she wasn't there. >> if you have information about their where abouts, call 911. a drug bust landed this guy in jail the police got a search warrant to this man and they found pcp. it has a street value of $1200. the latest now on the push for same sex marriage in maryland. the bill to legalize same sex marriage stalled in the house. the maryland house of delegates avoided the vote on the issue. the advocates didn't have the
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votes needed to pass the bill. >> for those of you who equate this to civil rights and the movement, show me your hands. let me see the scars that my race has known. >> i'm voting yes for the unseen generations that will look back on this day and say, what was all the fuss about? >> it goes back to the committee. it may not see the light of day again this year. the ground work is there to pick up the issue. the bill would have made it legal for same sex couples to marry in maryland. governor o'malley would sign the bill if it reached his desk. folks are voting to keep -- vowing to keep up the fight, i should say. while they're disappointed they
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didn't pass the bill, they're confident they'll win in the future. no tonight's consumer alert, the ipad 2 made the instore debut. here's a line of the people look to get the device. the customers lined up for hours. apple says that the ipad is thinner, lighter, and faster. prices start at a simple cost of $500. well, those ipads are expensive and that's why we're working to save you money. coming up, the major savings you can get at savings at 6:00. plus, a national competition is turning dreams into reality. how teens are using their gifts to stay off of the streets and turning their talents into success. everyones fed up with the gas prices and many of you are
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turning to facebook. out at bwi, this is normal. 52 is the forecast. we have a 2-degree winner. leslie goldstein, you get a storm umbrella. nice sunset in ellicott city. we'll see more of that this weekend. details, coming up.
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republican lawmakers want to cut a billion dollars from the head start program. they're highlighting what the cuts would mean to local
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families. >> they said, let's deal with the budget. we can find you greater savings. but don't take it out on the younger people. give them a chance. i tell you, to me, this is not even a close call. we're talking about extending tax breaks for millionaire and telling the children, they have to leave the program? >> the budget cut will kick 2300 children out of the program and 500 teachers would be out of a job. this week, amazing teens will compete for top honor and scholarships. it's part of a program. we caught up with two of the contestants. >> reporter: this student is fine tuning her dance routine for saturday's competition.
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this 9th grader has been dancing since the third grade. for her, dance is a form of expression. she's using talent hunt to hopefully launch a career. >> dance is a passion. i can express the way i feel and something i've been going thereupon -- through. >> reporter: it's hosted by the baltimore county chapter of a fraternity incorporated they want to keep kids off of the streets and give them a platform to showcase their talents. >> i want them to have a feeling of accomplishments. we want them to know they're appreciated and they have gifts and talents that the world should see. we want them to be baltimore's idol. >> they have two areas of
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focus. performing arts and visual arts. this young lady longs for a career in design. >> it's important to participate. it will be a good opportunity for me. it's something i never did before. >> reporter: with a little hard work and talent they're reaching for the stars and ready to shine. students are competing for scholarship money. the winner goes to new jersey. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. maryland's most powerful radar is not finding much out there. most of us seeing 2, 3, and 4 inches of rain around spots. just a few renegade showers out there.
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one stray shower in the direction of westminster and points north and in manchester. that's no northeastern carroll county. that's welcome news. we need more time to dry out. how about annapolis? some sunshine at times today. the plightty chesapeake is running high and sending extra water up the severn river. the sky valley lodge -- hit with heavy rain and flooding. now, they have a fresh coating of snow from wintry weather out that way today. the maryland science center looking over the inner harbor, we're seeing passing clouds and generally dry weather. barometer at 29.89 and on the rise. temperatures across the state, that's in the mid-40s 50 at the beach.
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we're talking about 20. that's the stretch from west to east across the state. about a 25-degree range and winds out of the north and west. it will be a cooler breeze blowing all night tonight. we'll get less breezy. these numbers are closer to 50. you add about 10 degrees to the numbers, that's where we end up tomorrow. right about 60 in the afternoon. we'll pick out anne arundel county. i think 60 late in the day. severn and davidsonville. you'll hit 60 or so. satellite and radar trend, that's a split story here. the satellite component is widespread. the radar picture, in terms of precipitation, that's up into the top of that area. we'll have snow up in
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harrisburg and points north. we'll see none of that down our way and we'll have a cooler, dryer air funneling in. the skies will clear up throughout the day tomorrow. and we'll have a mix of clouds and sun. widespread sunshine across the mid-atlantic. we'll have a cooler shot of air coming in sunday. we'll get into the mid-to upper 50s and 60s. overnight 34 and gradual cooling. we'll go with 60 degrees for you and partly cloudy. it's tough to complain. then, tomorrow night, down to 40 or so. clearing sky and not as cold out there. we'll examine the forecast. i think you'll like this one. near 60 tomorrow, upper 50s sunday and then, a dry start next week. it will cool down some. day -- i think we're in the lower 60s.
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we'll have the chance for a few afternoon showers. don't forget to spring forward an hour. saturday night, 2:00 a.m. and sunday morning, set your clocks forward. well, many are fed up with gas prices and they're turning to social media to stand against it. one woman is calling for a boycott at the pump. hundreds of thousands are fueling other further commitments. >> about a hundred people are attending every minute. i want people to wake up and realize we don't have to do this. we don't have to pay these prices. we choose to pay these prices. >> experts say that the increases need to be due to supply and demand and for a strike to have effect, experts say in this case, the situation is due to unrest in the middle east. this is held at the end of the
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drop us a line at facebook also. we'll hopefully use your deal at 6:00. well, coming up at 11:00, a 12-year-old boy is getting the help he needs after his school tried to file charges with an administrator. hear from the boy's parents and we'll have the latest on the looming strike by the nfl players. we'll let you know what comes up next. that's brand-new tonight at 11:00. alright, so we have $10.
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this is a big win for maryland. the terps capped a losing streak. they won over nc state. the terps will take on the arch rival duke down tonight in greens burro. that's at 7:00 tonight. well, if you're looking for something to do, you don't have to look far. day parade is sunday. it kicks off at 2:00 in mt. vernon. the folks will be lacing up their shoes for the annual 5k run.
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expect road closures downtown sunday. well, good weather for it. >> breezy and we're still talking 50s and sun. that's good for the lads and lasses. >> we're all clear, that's good. rain free tonight. sunshine and up to 60. that's out standing. very, very nice. >> sunday, sun and upper 50s. great for the parade and don't forget to set your clocks forward an hour. >> he has a bad leg? >> i think it's a wooden leg. yeah, but it's looking good thank you, wyatt. when we're not here, we'll see you on that's what it is. not at 11:00. we'll be here at 11:00.
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