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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  March 4, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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with him this afternoon. earlier this week, we spoke with a lead detective. billboards went up along the east coast showing the man's sketch. he's linked by 12 rapes and attacks. this dates back to 1997. the most recent was halloween of 2009. two 17-year-olds were raped in the woods. another friend was with them and also attacked. the man in his 40s now was known to wear a dark mask and carry some weapon. he approached his victims by gaining their confidence. he eluded the authorities 14 years we're following the story online as well. go to and we have a breaking news banner at the top. click on the east coast rapist
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and you'll be lead to the story. we'll update the story throughout the night. we're hoping to learn from authorities. they'll hold a news conference tonight at 6:30. any more details and how they were able to catch up with him -- again, the task force launched the media push a week ago. they got several hundred leads and finally, we're able to catch up with the east coast rapist after 14 years of attacks. we'll follow you with more throughout the night. a maryland house committee has passed a measure to allow same sex couples to marry. don hairyson has the latest. >> we're going to live with this answer and this vote the rest of our lives. >> reporter: the relevance of
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the bill wasn't lost on the house judicial committee. the vote was taken, it didn't happen without some emotional debate. >> because of the direction we've been getting, i've been toying with not introducing this amendment. that's not my job and that's not my function and the function of this body. >> we want to do it the way that the senate dictates we do it. if you want to take our duties whole heartedly and review this. give us five minutes to look at the amendment. >> i'm going repeat it again. this is the day you took a bridge and tried to push it too far. >> reporter: the bill passed out of the committee by a vote of 12-10. delegates were frustrated by how it was voted on. >> we swear to go through a deliberation.
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when that doesn't take place and we give you the act that we're performing the duties, that's not fair. >> you lack the opportunity to discuss other important issues. i don't like the idea that when a decision is made -- we'll get this done. there are other equally important issues to be taken care of, too. >> reporter: the bill will be heard in front of the full house next week. it will be voted on by the end of the week. governor o'malley said if it reaches his desk, it will be signed. a former baltimore city council president is in trouble with the law after a woman accused him of stalking her. this man's exgirlfriend went to the police saying he was
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stalking her. he got into her house without permission. the charges were proved last month after the woman requested a peace order. she had a similar order against him last year as well. baltimore county police have broken up an alleged auto burglary ring that targeted cars between baltimore and d.c.. three illegal immigrants took orders for cars and they cruised the streets until they found them. >> either the suspects in the case went about this region everywhere from p.g. county and howard county and baltimore county. basically stealing auto parts. the ring leader has been bailed out on $35,000 bond while the police turned his two accomplices over.
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the police discovered thousands of dollars worth of parts and more charges could be forthcoming. the police have arrested four people after the witnesses say they found them vandalizing cars and slashing tires. the officers found two dozen cars targeted. they didn't target just your average cars. >> at this point, it looks like upwards after 20 to 30 vehicles. >> all four are charged with several counts of destruction to auto. a day after we told you about a 61-year-old woman attacked at marley station mall, the place arrested -- the police arrested a 40-year-old. the police found the victim in glen burnie at the mall. she was taken to the hospital.
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she's still in critical condition with head injuries. the police are looking to see if that attack was connected with another attack outside of a wal-mart that happened on woman. someone pushed a woman to the ground and stole her bag and ran away. all right, we have a nice sunny start today then the clouds rolled in and indicated a change in the weather pattern. tomorrow, we'll see more clouds. take a look at the satellite and radar trend. things are getting more active and blowing in out of the west. not producing anything locally. the radar indicates showers on the western part of the state. right now, temperatures close to 50 downtown. take a look here, came bridge -- cambridge, 43 degrees.
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52 by noon tomorrow. 58 by 4:00. we'll have a chilly start and a chance of showers late in the day. we'll look at sunday, all coming up. new at 6:00 tonight. it's one of the problems we come across when our children hit school age. the risk of head lice. there are no out breaks but there's an increase this year. the bugs spread easily among school aged children. the officials are working with the health department to come -- combat the cases. how do you deal with it? leave comments on well, ask any parent who's had children in baltimore county. they'll tell you, it's busting apart at the seems -- seams. it's threatening to be a bigger
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issue. now, there's hope. we'll break down the dollars that the parents ask for that makes a lot of sense. >> reporter: nestled in a quiet neighborhood, stone lee school helps educate 600 students today. the trailers relieve some of the pressure and only fuels the parent's concerns. >> the third graders were projected to have one or two more next year and we'll have more students next year. their estimation is about 32% over capacity. >> reporter: for this mother, that means decreasing classroom space and increased safety concern. that's a point that she and many others made to the board last night they agreed to budget $2 million. we're moving along and in the right direction.
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yesterday was a wonderful day. >> there's more work to do. kamenetz has to approve the latest funds followed by a commitment to millions more. they're hurtles that keep the optimism guarded. >> government, you can't be sure until it's signed and sealed and delivered with a capital d.. >> reporter: a community hoping for an a. in towson, brian cubeler. kamenetz declined to comment on the story until he gets the recommendation next week. well, students at bel air high school have a piece of history, a steel beam that was salvaged from the world trade center towerrers will be the centerpiece this 9/11. this year, it will be the tenth anniversary of the attacks
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beam will be in place where everyone can see it. around the beam will be pictures of the world trade center. it goes on display in september. tonight, we're saving you money, it all depends on where you are at any given time. >> plus, they seem unreal. they adjust to where you are and what you're trying to look at. as the baby boomer generation continues to age, there's a new group that needs help. what's inspired many of the visiting angels. you know what's great about this time of march? the average is 50 degrees. we got to 57 degrees today. christine, you're the winner, give us your name. we'll get you in the running and we'll talk about rain, coming up. [ male announcer ] what if you could combine
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the latest hi-tech gadget is something you wear on your face. they're hi-tech. they help you read easier. it sounds like it's from a james bond movie. these aren't just for secret agent. >> reporter: we convinced this 45-year-old to remove her progressive eyeglasses and try these electronic eyeglasses.
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>> i see the change. it's going both -- back and forth. >> they have liquid crystals that refract and bend the light effectively boosting the reading power. >> there's a computer in the temple. it's embedded there and it's a computer that recognizes hand swipe touching and swiping. >> reporter: the glasses require a charge. users can set them to automatic, meaning that the reading power shuts on and off as people move their head. >> certain activities and somethings people do for work and hobbies, it will help them to function. >> reporter: will legions ditch
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your glasses for the hi-tech specks? >> the big problem they're up against is cosmetics. people aren't just concerned about how well they see, but how well they look. >> reporter: the glasses are expected to be available in the south east starting in may and throughout the rest of the country the rest of the year. they can be expensive. i knew it! they're about $1200. well, throughout 2011, the oldest of the baby boomers will be 65. tens of thousands will be 65 throughout the next 20 years. many need someone to take care of them so they can continue to live at home. we'll look at the growing aging population tonight. >> put your gate belt on. >> reporter: to terry hewitt, this is more than just a job. >> this is what i'm supposed to be doing. giving back to others is
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something i feel strongly about. >> reporter: she made the career change at the age of 56. she was certified to be a full- time nursing assistant after watching her mother go through rehab after a fall. >> it's made me more compassionate. >> reporter: it's made her relate to her clients better. >> it may be the loss of a loved one or a spouse and other family members. there's a sense of loss in terms of levels of independence. >> reporter: the agency is seeing more care givers in and near their 60s and their 70s. some are out of retirement and some are looking for a change. >> that second career is important for them for life fulfillment and financial reasons. >> reporter: she's now 57 and being a nursing assistant can be a demanding job.
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>> i'll continue doing this as long as i'm able to do this. all right, starting you autowith a check of the radar. we're all clear now. you'll only see this on abc2 news. this is the live radar and the four radar sites. again, all clear out there. we know we'll get action on the radar over the weekend. more on that in a second. 44degrees at bwi. after a day that pushed up close to 50. it couldn't get to the airport at least. winds south east at 8 miles per hour. lots of sunshine early on. that was nice. the clouds are filtering in out of the west. a nice finish to the day and it could get cloudier. i could see a lot of people
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hitting the golf course. temperatures should push up to 60 in the afternoon. one last stop in annapolis. the severn is a beautiful spot. then,the clouds roll in: 44 at the airport. many spots still in the upper 40s. 40 in atlantic city. current winds have been generally light out of the south and east winds may turn tomorrow as the active weather gets closer until late tomorrow night and sunday. highs today, closer to 52. 52 in frederick and easton. 47 in baltimore and we'll be close in washington at 49. we're above 50, 56 or so in hunt valley and 58 or so in the afternoon. we'll see a little bit of blue sky at times perhaps. mostly cloudy is the story. you can see why the clouds are overspreading the region to the
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west. out to points north and west, there's rain coming down into western pennsylvania and ohio. that's a line that could pass to the north. that's the main storm back here into missouri we're keeping the closest eye on. that will make the move over the weekend. with the mild air ahead of this, it will be a pure rain event. the rain could arrive late tomorrow night. clouding up tomorrow and main line of rain not getting in here until late saturday night and early sunday morning and sunday, looking like a rainy day around here. we'll get steady rain and could pick up an inch or so of rain. that could mean spotty low lying rain in spots. clouds increasing tomorrow. we'll go 58 and cloudy. the main chance of rain holding off tomorrow flight. the seven-day forecast is showing the trend for 50s. the entire seven-day forecast. we're in the 50s.
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a decent saturday night. take a quick look. a saturday radar trend. that's about it. hour by hour tomorrow. we'll wake up chillier and 40 or so. back up to 60 by 4:00. then, the rain comes in tomorrow night and sunday. enjoy the dry weather while it holds. >> any flooding with that? >> i would say by sunday evening, some of the low lying spots could produce low lying flooding. that's it for abc2 news at 6:00. we'll see you back at 11:00. when we're not here, go to >> all right, have a good one.
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