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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  May 24, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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you can see traffic moving at a light pace -- or no pace on the beltway at harford road. very little volume now. drive times looking pretty good. kicking up a couple of minutes because of the wet roads, 895 southbound, eight minutes from the 95 split to 295. no problems from beltway to route 32. that's 16 minutes. out southwest side of the outer loop from i-70 to i-95, only seven minutes so far. wack -- back to you. a bel air family says there's more to the story in how their son died. michael hogan disappeared five years ago from shrewsbury, vermont. authorities didn't suspect foul play but towson university is now getting involved. how towson is helping the family. good morning. >> reporter: that's right we're at towson university, the forensic department agreed to step in and try to help to figure out what happened in the disappearance of michael hogan.
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hogan lived at the spring lake ranch in vermont. this is a recovery and therapeutic work facility. he was there for just over a year when one day he went missing in 2005. after three years of following leads police notified hogan's family that pieces of michael's remains had been found less than a mile from the ranch. with no evidence of homicide vermont state police deemed the case not suspicious and the crime lab was not involved. but michael's father didn't think that was enough and reached out for a forensic specialist at towson university to see if she could help. she and her students spent two days uncovering remains of what is believed to be michael hogan's body. >> so they called and they said they found a skull. it was a male. they could tell by the size of what they found, it could very well be michael. >> reporter: the towson university forensics team, they sent the findings to the
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smithsonian institute where they will attempt to find out the cause of michael hogan's death. report live in towson, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 5:02. we've talked about it in recent weeks, bullying in schools. all this week the state of maryland and officials here want to bring bullying to the forefront. linda so is live in pikesville with how maryland's first lady will get the word out in a few hours. linda? >> reporter: first lady katie o'malley will be here first thing this morning at pikesville middle at 8:00 to talk about how dangerous bullying can be. the first lady will talk about the effects of bullying and how to prevent it. the principal here says they talk to students everyday about bullying, each morning they spend time in homeroom teaching kids it's never ok to bully or be bullied. >> it's based on our character education program where we expect students to be respectful, responsible,
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cooperative and accountable. >> reporter: and teachers are also a big part of this, knowing and looking for signs of potential bullying and knowing when to report it. again, first lady o'malley will be at pikesville middle at 8:00 to drive home that message. linda so, abc2 news. friends and neighbors want to know who had it out for a bar owner in dundalk. flowers are on the fence where the baltimore county police found lee martin suffering from nine gunshot wounds. martin lived next door to the bar he owned on railway avenue in dundalk. police say 2:30 saturday morning, closing time at the bar the 40-year-old was found outside his home. witnesses reported a man had been shot in the head and two men were seen running from the scene. martin was taken to bayview medical center where he was pronounced dead. those who knew him left to wonder why. >> he got along with everybody.
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i think he shot himself. >> police are still searching for the two suspects. 5:04. a late ninth-inning rally by the orioles wasn't enough to lift the home teem over -- home team over the rivals. following a lugo gametime rbi single, slugger josh willingham hit a walkoff home run in the 10th to lead washington to a 4-3 win. washington took two out of three games in the weekend inner league matchup. it's mondays with larry, web executive producer larry carney examines why the nation's capital doesn't deserve a baseball team. read that along with -- you're going to pick up the internet and you'll read all about dave trembley, whether he'll be back in the dugout tomorrow night when the orioles come home against oakland. he may not survive. we'll keep you posted.
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keep the internet running. gay marriage has long been a sticking point with churches. >> how a woman pastor in an evangelical lutheran church in america made history over the weekend. >> the windy weather that forces this tree to collapse and the mess that has to be cleaned up. first the weather with justin berk. >> and more incredible video of that massive tornado over the weekend coming up as well. 5:05 now. there's rain showers outside. in fact there's mist and spray all across the roadways and east/northeasterly wind at 8. mid-60s and tropical feel to the air. keep thinking tropics. we'll explain in a moment. let's check with mark jones. >> good morning, the commute looks good on marc, no delays or problems on the camden, penn, or brunswick lines. on the buses, a heavy volume of passengers on the 19, 64 and 10 bus lines. you'll find the wet roads, rain out there slowing things up a bit so allow extra time for
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this will come in handy. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, the old one saw the rain this morning because the regional radar from the national weather service for some reason are not showing it up. it's coming hard in some spots, near cockeysville, york road and towards 83, making for wet roads. we have that in perry hall, bel air and harford roads. we're looking out on 70 where we have rain pushing west of ellicott city and over towards sykesville and even mount airy. overall, it's a thick juicy start to the day. 65. a very tropical feel to the air. and there's a system off the coast that could get a tropical main this week. hurricane season still a week away but it may start early this year. 75 today with scattered showers continuing. let's check the roads with kim. if you're traveling through frederick county, union bridge, 75 and 26 closed in both directions because of a crash. the roads are wet and it's kind of slick, so be careful.
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patchy fog also around the area as you make your way srbd on 95 approaching whitemarsh boulevard. no problems on the southwest side at frederick road. traffic moving fairly well and as we look around more on the outer loop and inner loop at i-70 traffic appears to be moving fairly nice on both the inner loop and outer loop so far. 5:10. parts of the western u.s. are a timber box this morning. >> it doesn't take much to start a wildfire. what is fueling the flames in colorado this morning? >> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. >> too close for comfort. the south dakota couple who nearly became part of this tornado story. 3q (sax player) i can't play my sax with allergy congestion. claritin-d helps me bre
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with the full flavor of kraft mayo with olive oil. ♪ mñdt and calories of hellmann's real mayo... .k may oil t 5:13. a reverend is officially recognized as the first lesbian minister by the evangelical lutheran church in america. >> on the one hand we've come as a church a long way in 10 years but waiting for seven years - >> the denomination voted last year to accept gays and lesbians as pastors. she was a pastor in minneapolis for seven years now and the job was listed as vacant. in fort lauderdale,
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florida, two teachers are under investigation accused of bullying a fellow teacher for being an atheist. they are accused of sprinkling holy water on their colleague. the teachers denied this ever happened. their attorney says that the teacher was talking to students about religion one one student said -- when one said someone needs to get holy water and sprinkle her with it. that's when a teacher found a bottle of perfume just for fun but never sprinkled it. the 3,000 beaver acre fire is burning along the colorado western slope. it's located near norwood and the san miguel canyon. fire officials say gusty winds are the biggest challenge now. it started saturday afternoon and quickly spread. camp sites in the area have been evacuated. a man's 6-year-old son on saturday afternoon noticed a crack in the trunk of a tree in colorado
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springs and the crack then opened and closed as the tree swayed in the wind. the man called the fire department who said the tree was dangerous, the family should have backed away from the home. a gust of wind soon afterwards took that tree down. oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. >> it's close to the house. >> i know. and we're going to have to get out in a hurry. >> get south quicker than that. incredible pictures of a tornado touching down in a rural area of south dakota this weekend. the massive twister damaged several farms and downed power lines. it was part of a powerful storm system that battered the great plains. two north dakota women had to be rescued when high waters submerged their cars. heavy rain and winds are also pounding south dakota and nebraska. a fallen tree branch killed a 7-year-old boy in omaha, nebraska.
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that looks like an f-4 and f-5. the largest and rarest of tornadoes. it's at least a quarter to half mile wide and incredible that these people were able to escape the wrath and get the pictures to us. back home, a different story. though a tropical feel to the air on this 24th of may. 54 normal morning. we're in the mid-60s now with a lot of moisture around. 76 the typical high and we'll get close to that today. sun up 5:47. you won't see it. by 8:21 maybe breaks of sun but we have at least have good air quality today as we report across the mid-atlantic, but 65 the current start temperature. 65 also towards richmond. look at the moisture flow from the atlantic the one thing i showed you from maryland's most powerful doppler radar earlier, it's west and we continue to have rain falling around the beltway but the regional radars are not showing it up. i can't explain why, i'm just telling you it is the case this morning. it's wet but doesn't look like it.
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the moisture continues from the east/southeast, piles in the tropical feel and look at the heavy rain across the carolinas and look at that system here. there is a system off of the coast, sitting nearly a thousand miles away from the carolina coastline and this particular storm may very well get a name as we head on in through this weekend. hurricane center is watching this. it could be the first tropical system which would be alex on the 2010 list. this storm already dumping heavy rain along the carolina coastline. it will nudge closer but computer models indicating it won't make shore. though a week ahead of schedule for the start of hurricane season which usually begins june 1st. back close to home, we're under the influence of the storm, spotty showers and downpour possible at times. we have fog overnight. maybe leftover showers or mist and spray in the morning tomorrow. then tomorrow, a stray shower, temperatures actually warm up, a little more sun making it feel a little less comfortable. 75 is the best we'll do this
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afternoon with a few scattered showers. and look out for fog to re-develop tonight. again, in the mid-60s. let's check the roads with kim. >> pylesville, intersection of 165 and 136, an accident. a road closure in frederick, 75 closed in both directions at route 26. around the beltway, no problems here on 95 as you approach whitemarsh boulevard. traffic starting to build as you head down towards the tunnels. drive times, fairly normal, just kicked up a couple of minutes because of the wet roads. on the outer loop from belair road to providence, that should take you about six minutes. 95 southbound looking pretty good from whitemarsh boulevard to 6695 -- 695, four minutes. no problems on the top side between 83 and the jfx, still only one minute so far. back to you. it's monday the 24th. if you're celebrating a birthday today happy birthday. a belated birthday to ralph from baltimore, he's the father
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5:19. have you seen the pictures from the gulf? all i can think of, look at the shrimp we've lost? it's getting horrible down there. >> stay with us. coming up, what it's doing to businesses, the environment, the gulf spill, now pushed 12 miles into the louisiana marshes and wildlife is being affected. so, verizon fios includes cool widgets
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5:22. we're going to start wet and the chance of showers will continue throughout the day. not a complete washout but there will be some locally heavy tropical-like downpours with 75 degrees and a very moist feel to the air. tomorrow a shower still possible, we'll get to 78 but pushing mid-80s by wednesday. 80 to 83 continues thursday. and friday, all depending on what could happen with the tropical system off the coast. this weekend we'll stay in the upper 70s to near 80. 5:23. time to go to new york for "tech bytes." good morning. in "tech bytes" -- facebook is responding to the heat over its privacy settings. the social networking site sent a statement to the bbc saying it may simple fly the settings. users criticized facebook for making them so complicated many people can't protect their information. one security vendor says 16% of facebook users have closed their accounts due to privacy concerns. security concerns also an issue for google. the search engine adding a secure sockets layer or ssl.
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this will keep third parties from interseptemberring user search terms and results pages. hewlett-packard is adding 54,000 batteries to a huge recall. the company now recalling more than 100,000 batteries for its laptops. 25 different types of hp laptop computers are affected. the company is concerned the batteries could overheat and split apart starting a fire. concerned about radiation from your cell phone? there's an answer for blackberry users, an app which measures phone radiation and tells you how to avoid it. it takes into account environmental conditions, distance from cell phone towers and even how you hold the phone. >> the app is a smart and applicable app that tells you what is the level of radiation your phone is emitting at every moment. once you reach a certain threshold, what we call you
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enter a red zone we'll give you a toner, a small alert on your phone. >> he points out there are no medical conditions proven to be linked to cell phone radiation. for information on all the stories log on to the technology page of
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i can push you around. it has big consequences. >> bullying leads to an 11-year-old oklahoma boy committing suicide. what education leaders hope to accomplish this week to a growing problem. ? scientists call it a
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environmental disaster. the wildlife now affected by the huge gulf oil spill. >> and slot machines debated in the state for years the trial that gets underway in hours over the arundel mills mall casino. good morning, maryland. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us on this monday morning. before we get to news we get to a very tired, hanging in there, justin berk. >> i try not to think about it. 5:28. "lost" fans had a long night. you wake up with a tropical feel to the air. you may feel you're back on the island, 63 degrees, some rainfall and it's wet on the camera lens at the harbor school in owings mills. yes, the rain has been coming down overnight. it's making it -- will make it a little slow across the region. 63 aberdeen and perry hall. 62 ellicott city. check out maryland's most powerful doppler radar, yes, we've got some speckled showers across the region but the regional radar not showing it.
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maryland's most powerful doppler radar is, and plan accordingly, you will need the windshield wipers. 65 and more showers this afternoon. 5. 29. let's check the roads with kim. >> a couple of early incidents outside the beltway, pylesville at route 165 and route 136. also a road closure because of a crash in union county and the bridge. not a lot of problems around 695, fortunately running very well here at frederick road and no problems on the 95 corridor as well. as we look at the northwest side at the beltway, traffic moving good on the outer loop. traffic looking good at harford road as well. back to you. we've got some breaking news. new this morning, the husband of the late actress brittany murphy -- this is new information we're just getting in, has been found dead. right now according to "the l.a. times" police found the man, simon monjack, dead in his home sunday


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