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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 11, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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november, but we will soon feel like wupter is here. cold temperatures and possibly even snow. outside now, temperatures will soon be dropping as a cold front starts to arrive. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist chelsea ingram and bob turk are tracking what to expect and when. >> all right. beautiful sunset. it's going to change later on tonight and during the morning. take a look at temps now. still warm, 55. 52 in ocean city. it's still very dry. the dew point is quite low. only at 24. but to the north and west of us, there's some really chilly air. look at that. chicago just dropped to around 32, 33. only 16 in winnipeg. 23 in bismarck. this morning, there was some below-0 temperatures in the dakotas, while here in the mountains, in the 50s and 60s, even 70 down in memphis. with the cold air coming in, you might expect garrett and allegheny counties and those neighboring mountain areas in west virginia. late tonight, through tuesday, a winter weather advisory, because they'll be getting snow
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on the ground. what will we be seeing? chelsea is in the outback. she has a look at what we can generally expect around here and elsewhere. >> that's exactly right, bob. thank you. let's first stake a look at a time line. we'll see rainfall moving into the i-45 corridors as early as 6:00 a.m. -- 4:00 a.m. and between 6:00 to 9:00 a.m., we expect the rainfall to completely change over from rain to snowfall in the region. and 9:00 to 1:00, we'll see showers tapering to sprinkles and flurries, drying out by afternoon. as for how much we're looking at? well, that winter weather advisory is in effect. we're looking at 3 to 6 inches of snow in western maryland. could see a trace to possible coating across here in central maryland. keep in naind,ed grounds and roadways are too warm to see any major accumulation at all. and rain mixing with this on the eastern shore. we'll have more coming up in
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your exclusive first warning forecast. let's go back inside to you guys. >> chelsea, thank you. and bob. check in with first warning weather conk. we'll keep you updated on threat of any severe weather. along with threats of closings and delays. fear and heightened awareness in college park tonight. after a group. men violently attacked and robbed two university of maryland students. derek valcourt has more on the attacks and the concerns on campus tonight. derek? >> reporter: students are often warned not to walk alone. but even if you're walking with a friend or two, it won't matter. if you come across a group of eight to 10 men looking for trouble. and that's exactly what happened in college park. >> reporter: during the day, this is a picture of branch beauty. and it is a beauty. hundreds use it every day to go between the massive complex. >> everybody that lives in this building, they have to go through this trail, just because it's the closest to get to class. >> reporter: but at night, this
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tree-lined path is much darker. and it was dark sunday, when two male students were robbed and beaten here by a group of eight to 10 men. >> and right in front of where like so many students live. >> reporter: the attack happened around 3:00 in the morning. >> that's usually the danger hour. >> reporter: security here on the trail has always been a concern. there are lots of lights. and there are these majority call boxes, scattered every few hundred feet. many on camp us first learned of the attack through an electronic e-mail alert. >> kind of felt like they were looking for somebody to attack. >> reporter: the alarming incident even has male students here, now looking over their shoulders. >> it's really scary. >> there's nothing really you could do about that. it's like excessive. >> reporter: one of the students who was beaten was briefly hospitalized. both expected to make a full recovery. so far, no arrests in this case, which is still under investigation. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, derek. thank you. and the attackers did not use any weapons. anybody with information on the
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incident is urged to call police. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. teams respond to a neighborhood that has been evacuated. tonight, baltimore police are still searching for the source of a prank. that call led to chaos at the underarmour building. denise is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: well, kai, workers returned to the facility today, after it was evacuated sunday afternoon. police say they received a 911 caught of a threat, just after 2:00 in the afternoon yesterday. sunday. s.w.a.t. teams evacuated the building, which only had a few workers inside. they searched every room. the area neighborhood was also evacuated for most of the afternoon. police turned up nothing. investigators later revealed that the call was a hoax. and they are now trying to find the caller. and they say that person will face charges am kai? >> underarmour sent an e-mail to an employee sunday night, to make them aware of the situation and to assure that offices will be open today. a state of emergency is in effect in the philippines tonight, following one of the
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largest storms on record. leaders and emergency crews fear typhoon haiyan may have killed up to 1,000 people. meteorologist chelsea ingram takes a closer look at the power of hai yan. but first, we have more on the death and destruction and relief report. >> reporter: typhoon hian -- typhoon hiian destroyed everything in its path. family members are growing desperate. even painting signs for family members. >> we want water. we don't need meetings. we just need your help. >> reporter: u.s. marines are arriving with badly-needed supplies for the millions of disaster victims. >> it was a 15- to 25-foot wave, came across entire villages. so everything is wiped out. >> reporter: witnesses say the damage from friday's deadly typhoon looks more like the aftermath of a tsunami.
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>> i don't have the words for it. it's really horrific. >> reporter: bodies line the streets. some store owners are use using guns to fight off liters. these american storm chasers became rescuers when the tigoon tore through a hotel. they used mass mattresses to help guests escape. tens of thousands are feared dead, but the death toll is difficult to track because phone lines are down. a sign of life came today in one of the hardest-hit villages, when a woman gave birth to a baby girl. alphonso van marsh, wjz eyewitness news. >> and our complete coverage continues with meteorologist chelsea ingram. she has more on the sheer power of this super typhoon. chelsea? >> hi. thanks, mary. let's first take a look at footage. it's satellite images as the satellite roared across the south china sea. it brought upon us very mind-
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boggling numbers. wind speeds up to 195 miles per hour sustained. that's a one-minute average. maximum up to 235 miles per hour. and nearly 16 inches of rainfall fell in some spots. and the clouds across the entire storm, the diameter, estimated to be about two- thirds the size of the entire country. back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, chelsea. thank you. and you can help the victims of the philippines typhoon. catholic relief services is taking your donations now. call or log onto their website. a roller coaster ride for ravens' fans. but in the end, the team pulls out a much-needed win over cincinnati. wjz is live at the ravens' training facility in owings mills. sports director mark viviano has more on what the team is saying about that dramatic win. >> how are you doing? yeah. more than halfway through the season. nine games in, the ravens remain a frustrating work in
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progress. and the offense didn't show any progress yesterday, despite that. the ravens managed to beat the cincinnati bengals. >> reporter: joe flacco continues to get battered. sacked five times by the bengals and the ravens' running game continues to struggle, still the worst in the nfl. but the ravens' defense came through to save the day, bottling up the bengals with five quarterback sacks and three interceptions. still, cincinnati was able to tie the game on the final play of regulation, with a desperation pass that was tipped into the hands of a bengals receiver in the understand zone. but the ravens survived that disaster with a game-winning field goal in overtime, ending a three-game losing streak, keeping ravens' play-off hopes alive. >> i don't think we ever thought we were out of it. and this game definitely helps. we have to continue to go after it. and we understand, we have to win football games. we're at 4 and 5, and we have to do the best we can do to win every one we have left. >> i think the guys are proud.
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a victoriory, but at the same time, recognize where we can get better. some areas, we have much more room for improvement than other areas, but we can get better in every area. >> reporter: we asked you does it matter how the ravens won sunday? as long as they won? >> it would be nice if they would do better with the offense. >> yes, it does. seems looic they have to struggle. >> our team plays like the city we come fromment we're tough. we might be the super bowl champs again. >> reporter: nu, john harbaugh reports no major injuries for his team. that is good news. his opponent is coming this sunday. chicago bears do have serious injuries. they have already ruled out their starting quarterback, jay cutler and tillman. more on that matchup coming up next hour. that's the latest from owings mills. back to you. >> the ravens, as mark mentioned, are on the road to chicago. next, you can see that game sunday at 1:00. and make sure you stay tuned after the game for special wjz post game coverage.
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we'll bring you highlights, reaction and analysis. it's a full day of football, live here on wjz. a traditional ceremony today, as president obama marks veterans day at arlington national cemetery. >> present arms. >> president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. he also honored veterans by hosting a breakfast for military members and their families at the white house. coming up at 5:30, we'll take you to local veterans day events here in baltimore. and still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. silk road. a baltimore man's plea if his involvement in a sophisticated online marketplace is -- his possible punishment. gas prices break a two-year record. i'm monique griego. coming up. what you can expect to pay at the pump. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, remembering veterans on their day. that story as eyewitness news continues.
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our first dose of winter- like weather is heading our way. don't miss the updated first warning weather forecast. as we enjoy this sunset. forecast with bob is coming up. ,,,,,,
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it is partly cloudy. 54 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. tonight, an update on the investigation into a massive drug operation. last month, the fbi shut down silk road. a sophisticated criminal marketplace online. now, two men, including one from baltimore, have pleaded guilty for their involvement with a website. >> a site administrator and drug dealer, both plead guilty for drug conspiracy, for their ties to this website. silk road, a billion-dollar underground drug market.
5:15 pm
jacob williams iv admitted to federal investigators, he had been buying heroin on the streets of baltimore, then reselling it on the silk road website. >> crimes that used to occur on the streets are now occurring over the irt internet. our law enforcement guys have ifed the bad guys on the internet. they think they're anonymous. but the fact is, they can be traced. >> reporter: the feds traced curtis green. officials say they caught him by following the drugs and the money. >> law enforcement actually made a controlled drop of the drugs. he had to provide an address for the drug to be delivered. and that led them right to his door. >> reporter: according to the plea agreement, green worked for the creator of silk road, ross albreath, who is also charged in maryland for ordering the torture and murder of green. the fbi shut down the woishes last mont. -- website last month. but a new website with the same look and name is now up.
5:16 pm
the new purported operator announced, silk road is back up. deja vu, everyone? we rise again. >> and the two men will be sentenced in february. if you're waiting for someone to get home there work, let's check on the roads with kristy breslin. we're still seeing a little bit of busy traffic out there on northbound 95. delays are stretching from moravia road to whitemarsh boulevard. with an average speed of about 25 miles an hour. on the other side of northbound 95, watch for delays from 32 to 195. and on the top side of the inner loop, stop and go, from greenspring avenue to harford road. give yourself at least 25 minutes to get through. other delays include northbound 295. heavy from 32 to 100. but it does ease up after that point. also, a minor slowdown in the southbound direction, from timonium road to the beltway. as far as accidents go, on the outer loon, -- loop, at
5:17 pm
greenspring. also, old harford at putty hill road. let's take a live look. you can see, traffic is moving there. northbound 95 at the beltway. but a little slower than our normal pace. this traffic report is brought to you by len the plumber. expert service and plumbing train -- drains and water heater. same-day service. seven days a week. len the plumber always. back to you. >> kristy, thank you. drivers are getting a pleasant surprise at the pump, as gas prices fall to a two- year low. wjz is live in northwest baltimore. monique griego has more on the reason for that drop. hi, monique. >> hey there, kai. well, prices at this corner are actually lower than the state average. we have everything from $3.11 to $3.15 a gallon. according to triple a, they could go even lower. >> reporter: surprising numbers on gas station price boards are pushing drivers to pull over. >> that's why i stopped here really. that's why it was so low. >> reporter: after years of
5:18 pm
constant upticks, gas prices in maryland and across the country, hit a two-year low. >> we're seeing a steady decline in the prices of the gas. >> right now in maryland, the average cost for a gallon is $3.23. that's slightly higher than the national average of $3.21. but overall, prices are 23 cents lower than they were this same time last year. >> i must admit, they affect me. i go in search of the lowest price i can find in baltimore. and while they usually go down in the winter, this year's drop is even more significant. >> a number of factors are in play. we certainly have ample supply. we have less demand. >> reporter: triple a says the amount of demand has to do with the lower amounts this year. and if nothing changes -- >> all things remaining the same, we expect prices to trend downward through the holiday and hopefully through the end of the year of. >> reporter: that's a prediction drivers are hoping to ride out. >> i'm on fixed income.
5:19 pm
and i really can't afford to pay higher prices for this gas. >> reporter: and triple a says the average price could get around that $3 mark by the end of the year. but they stop short of saying it would drop below $3. reporting live in northwest baltimore, monique griego, wjz eyewitness news. >> monique, thank you. the last time we saw a drop below $3 a gallon was three years ago. >> all right. >> remember when it was 28 cent. >> no. but i remember when it was a dollar. >> all right. buck and a half. let's take a look at temps and conditions around the region now. we thought that was high. 54 now. 32% humidity. south/southwest winds at 3. the barometer will start to fall later tonight. cold front headed this way. we'll have the forecast right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ female announcer ] your eyes.
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that's the night out there. gorgeous. >> pretty mild air. >> 50s. that's mild. going to soak that in. >> by tomorrow night, at this time, we'll probably be around 36, 37. windy. it's going to feel like 25, 30.
5:23 pm
so big change coming, if you go out in the morning. yes, you will probably see some snowflakes. take a winter coat if you're going to be out at all. because it's going to be a lot colder than it has the last 24 to 48 hours. we're at 54. 56 in d.c. and up in cumberland, they were close to 60 just a few minutes ago. 47 in oakland and 50 down in ocean city. the air is very dry. 25, dew point means, even when it gets cloudy later tonight, any precip is going to be very light, and scattered some rain showers. and in the morning, as the cold air rushes in, we'll probably see that evolve into snow shower activity, as you mentioned. but it won't last too long. because the cold wind is going to blow this stuff right through the area. rock hall, 52. bel air and westminster as well. right now, southerly and southwesterly winds. right now, in a warm air mass. but tomorrow, in the morning, the cold front is going to move through the area. and that's going to cause the colder temps temps to arrive.
5:24 pm
chicago started and is going to end shortly. just a skinny line of below freezing temps. ahead of it, milder continues. pittsburgh to around central illinois. and temperatures are going to take a plummet. right now, detroit is down to 34. up the road there, 31, 30. chicago, just dropped to 28. just two hours ago, they were 35. shower activity ahead of t. mild air in the 40s. a little rain during the morning hours. and probably and probably some snow in the morning. before it clears out. the problem is the wind chills will be down in the 20s by later in the day. that's going to really be a shock to your system. by wednesday, things calm down. and by the end of the week, we are probability above normal. probably close to 60 by friday and saturday. on the bay tomorrow tomorrow, north winds.
5:25 pm
with a gust to 25. and there will be a small craft advisory tomorrow on the bay. a big change by sunsets. overnight tonight, clouds move in. some showers overnight. a low of 39. so it stays above freezing. that's the important thing. and the ground is warm. even if it snows in the morning, which is probably will, could be some colder air coming aloft. might see some car, trees. particularly north and west of the city. >> garrett county. >> winter wonderland, sort of. >> second good snow of the year. back in october, remember? >> right. >> okay. thanks, bob. still ahead at 5:00, everybody. newly-released details reveal more about one of the suspects in the kenyan mall rampage. what do we know about it? >> i never meant it that way.
5:26 pm
>> dolphins' richie incognito speaks out. coming up, why he says his actions came from a place of love. thousands of people are dead after a typhoon slams into the philippines. i'm rochelle ritchie. how you can help the victims coming up next. and here's today's report from wall street. we'll be right back. my budget and i are good, but it wasn't always that way. (al's budget) let! go! (al) no, budget! no! (al's budget) let! go! (al vo) but thanks to we got approved to shop with low monthly payments. they've got over 30,000 products
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it's 5:29. 54 degrees and partly cloudy in central maryland. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. miami dolphins' lineman, richie incognito says, the drama surrounding him and his teammate, jonathan martin, is not a bullying issue. now he's speaking out about his suspension. >> reporter: in an interview with fox sports, incognito said he took things too far. but he said he never meant to hurt his teammate. >> i never -- i never meant it that way. >> richie incognito said he is embarrassed by the language he used with teammate jonathan martin. >> no matter how bad and how bulge vulgar it sounds, that's how we communicate. that's how our friendship was. and those are the facts. and that's what i'm accountable for. >> incognito said his actions came from a place of love. >> as the leader, as his best friend on the team, that's what
5:30 pm
has me miffed, how i missed this. and i never saw it. i never saw it coming. >> reporter: martin left the team two weeks ago, after accusing incognito and others of harassment. incognito gave fox sports, more than 1100 text messages he exchanged with martin over the past year. one of them sent by martin just three days after he left the team. saying, just know know, i don't blame you guys at all. it's just the culture around football and the locker room got to me a little. >> i blame the culture. i blame what was going on around me. if i was a racist and i was bullying john martin, when the press went in there and asked him questions, that locker room would have said, listen, we saw this, we saw that. i'm proud of my guys for having my back and telling the truth. i've taken stuff too far. and i didn't know it was hurting him. >> reporter: martin has not spoken publicly about the issue. both players are expected to discuss the case with the nfl's special investigator.
5:31 pm
>> i have to give him a big hug right now. because we have been through so much. and we're just like, dude, what's going on? >> reporter: incognito was kicked off of a team at the university of nebraska, and cut by the st. louis rams for issues that included run-ins with teammates and coaches. back to you. kai. >> jessica, thank you. >> the under the labor deal, between the nfl, incognito's suspension can last four games. a massive typhoon strikes the philippines. thousands of people, almost 10,000 people are presumed dead. haiyan. residents are attempting to sort through all the rubble. international help is now being sent, along with local help. wjz is live with complete coverage. rochelle ritchie has more on what a local organization is doing to help. rochelle? >> thousands of families in the philippines lost everything they have. and while toiletries and canned
5:32 pm
goods are vital, catholic relief services says cash will be the wiggest help for the victims. -- biggest help for victims. >> thousands of people have died, and others survived. >> i can feel electricity in the water. >> reporter: catholic relief services of baltimore, one of the first teams to respond on the ground. >> so we're looking at a major disaster that the philippines by themselves will not be able to handle. and the rest of the world will really have to step up and help. >> reporter: while supplies are needed, the roads are flooded and covered with debris, meaning getting services to the victims will be impossible. >> it is so complicated to try to ship things. that that actually is not a very efficient way to respond. it's much better to have the funds in country. >> small island with winds gusting up to more than 200 miles per hour. catholic relief services is no stranger to death and destruction. in 2010, they assisted the people of haiti, after a
5:33 pm
catastrophic earthquake killed thousands of people. >> we're there when catastrophic cricease like this occur around the world. >> and now, the number of people dead have not been finalized. but the numbers are expected to reach at least 5,000. >> rochelle, thank you. you can help the victims of the philippines typhoon. catholic relief services is taking donations right now. call 1-877-help-crs. or log onto the website, new information about one of the suspects accused of carrying out that attack that killed 67 people, inside a kenya mall in september. vic is in the newsroom with the latest. vic? >> one of the four westgate mall attackers has been identified as 23-year-old hassan abdi. a somallian native. kenyan authorities believe more than one of the attackers came from the camp, run by the uit 92ed nations agency.
5:34 pm
agencies are still working to identify all four of the attackers seen in the mall security footage. >> kenya has hosted refugeees two decades. today, deputies arrest and charge two people in a deadly shooting at a birthday party near houston. investigators originally thought somebody fired a gun into the air during the celebration. and a second person fired into the crowd. but new documents show two people at the party told police the suspects fired at them before shooting into a crowd. dozens of people had to leave their homes in aspen hill today because of a gas leak. montgomery county firefighters responded to the gas leak after a car crashed into an apartment building on snowbird terrace. the picture showed the car pretty far into the building, with significant damage to the building and the car. luckily, no one was inside. it's not clear how they're doing. damage to the building is still
5:35 pm
being assessed. baltimore is the home to the first catholic archdiocese in america. and now, the 300 bishops who run the church in this country are returning to their spiritual home. mike schuh reports. >> the leaders of the church in this country have gathered their flocks here at the basilica downtown. and they have returned. 300 in all. >> hi. good morning. >> reporter: a time for reflection, prayer and leadership. >> we're going to discuss the issues that we feel are very important, as far as the church is concerned in the united states. >> reporter: leading the conference at 6'5," new york's archbishop, timothy dolan. he opens the gathering with an anecdote. a place upon his death, he will be entombed. >> card nalt pointed out three
5:36 pm
slots. and he said, tim, that's where i'm going to be buried. and the other two are for you. [ laughter ] >> reporter: a lighthearted opening. but serious work is to be done. including how to increase the number of those who come to church, fill the pews, and help the church grow. >> it's an opportunity to talk about things that are of concern to the whole country. things -- pastoral issues. locations, evange liization. >> the church realizes that is butt one problem. >> i was bored. the sermons didn't touch me. so there are more issues than just the scandals. >> these meetings last until sunday. mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. back to you on television hill. >> and they will also talk about a catholic schoolteacher who worked with the poor in new york. finally finished. more than two years after. crews had to patch up the stone
5:37 pm
work in more than 150 places and fill in the cracks. the work may be done. but the monument won't be open for months. workers are removing the scaffolding from the building. exciting. and time for a look at the baltimore sun. in wake of the super typhoon locals. trying to get information about loved ones there. three dozen precurrent -- prekinderkindergarten students. and more on the conference of catholic bishops, meeting in baltimore and their selection of a new leader. for all of these stories and a whole lot more, read the baltimore sun. remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. cities across the country honor veterans day. alex demetrick reports, baltimore was no exception. >> reporter: it looked much like any other parade. but on veterans day, it's different. and it couldn't be more personal for many, like the goldstar mothers who carried photos of children lost in combat.
5:38 pm
>> we're here, of course, representing our children, many of whom were killed in the iraqi and afghanistan war. >> reporter: it's a march of shared remorse. they may be strangers during the rest of the year, but they gather each year at the memorial, under big flags and small. >> we are cities of neighbors helping neighbors to build a stronger community and nation. today, we honor our veterans who have selflessly given everything to further that vision. >> reporter: while the calendar may call this a holiday, for veterans -- >> i've served in desert storm. and it's a chance to honor those who came and died before me. >> reporter: a long chain of sacrifice, linking back to vietnam. and further, into korea, back to the total war, waged in world war ii, and the war that was supposed to end all wars and whose conclusion became
5:39 pm
veterans day. and by extension, everyone's day. >> should be recognized as a day and tribute to celebrate freedom. >> alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> while veterans day now encompasses every conflict. the last living survivor of world war i died last year at the age of 110. we have breaking news to report to you right now out of east baltimore. there's an accident, causing traffic problems. let's go to sky eye chopper 13. captain jeff long over the scene about more. captain jeff? >> two vehicles involved in this accident. this is in the intersection of erdmann avenue, southbound and federal street. and as you can see, both vehicles are still in the intersection am so it is creating a bit of a problem. especially for traffic southbound on erdmann. they're forced to squeeze around 1 lane at a time. and federal street also feeling the brunt of this accident. reporting live from sky eye chopper 13, i'm captain jeff
5:40 pm
long. back to you. >> captain jeff, thank you. we'll bring you more information as we get it. and still to come on wjz eyewitness news. remembering lives lost. a year after a blast levels an indiana neighborhood. how residents are honoring the victims. a new mother killed by big cats at an animal sanctuary. we'll tell you how it happened. i'm bob turk. first warning weather center. first taste of winter on the way. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. we'll be right back ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive. partly cloudy skies later on. the cloud the will build. and tuesday, well, for some of us, it might be a little exciting. chelsea has a look at that tuesday. big change. chelsea? >> hey, bob, thanks. we will start out on the chilly side. a little rain-snow mix. then tamering to snow showers. then flurries. by about 1:00, things will start to dry out. temperatures around 43 degrees for your high temp. and by evening time, 35 degrees. partly cloudy skies. now let's go inside to bob for a look at your next five days. bob? >> after any precip tomorrow morning, it clears out quickly. still breezy and cold on
5:44 pm
wednesday. 42/27. warming up again. thursday, 50. 59 on friday. and 62 to start the weekend. quite a roller coaster of temperatures over the next four to five days. mary? >> bob, thank you. well, a fire hydrant explodes in the streets, leaving behind a fountain of water. a car sheared off the hydrant in pico rivera, california. it happened just before rush hour. traffic causing some serious delays. no injuries were reported. police are still looking for the vehicle that hit that hydrant. two people are dead, a third is critically injured, after a car nearly crashes into a virginia home. it happened this roanoke county. investigators say speed may have been a factor. the car flipped, took out a utility pole and landed upside down in the driveway. a few feet from the front of the home. the names of the victims have not yet been released. a community comes together to remember the in a minutes of the zooms in a home that -- an
5:45 pm
explosion that leveled a home in indiana. that blast killed two people, destroyed 30 homes and left many more damaged. the vigil was held this weekend in the driveway of a home that initially exploded. >> it's like a family. we've all experienced loss. >> a total of 30 homes are demolished after that explosion. about half had been rebuilt. the three suspects accused of igniting the blast are due in court for a pretrial hearing next month. a teenager suspected at a shooting spree at a manhattan ice rink is being charged as an adult. police say the teen tried to rob someone at the skate park, when the victim refused to give up their belongings. the suspect left and returned with a gun. a 20-year-old man and a 14-year- old boy were shot. both, though, are expected to be okay. the teen is charged with attempted murder. a family dog brings home a shocking find. human body parts. the dog was let out near the
5:46 pm
family home in seattle. when she returned, she dropped a human leg near the trampoline in the yard. the family called police, who conducted their own search. they recover said more body parts and are looking to identify the person. so far, they say, no missing persons reports match the findings. in oregon, a young mother is fatally mauled by at least one big cat at an animal sanctuary. the 36-year-old victim devoted her life to helping animals. chris holstrom has more on what happened. >> reporter: thoughts and prayers for the facebook page of 36-year-old renee radzewein. she levs behind a newborn daughter and husband. >> i'm still kind of shake dispg still unnerved about it. i don't even know what happened yet. >> reporter: sheriff's detectives say she was attacked and killed thursday night by a cougar, one of the animals at this no kill, last hope animal shelter. neighbors in the area say they never expected something like
5:47 pm
this to happen. >> we don't notice them a whole lot. they don't come out. but they are pretty local. being lower down the hill or mountain from them, you end up hearing them quite a bit. >> reporter: we tried to contact the wild haven sanctuary to hear how this understand. we're still waiting to hear back. but police say finding this woman in the dark was a tough task. >> fortunately, when we did get here, there were some folks that worked here on scene as well. they were able to get us in and show us where the incident was and make sure that we were at least reasonably safe. >> we're not sure what will happen to the cougar who attacked this woman, but according to the oregon department of fish and wildlife, problem cougars that pose a risk to humans, pets or livestock will be humanely euthanized. >> what do you think about that? it's horrible. you never wish that on anybody. >> reporter: sanctuary officials say they believe radzewein was alone in the enclosure at the time of the attack. the investigation is ongoing. a warning tonight from
5:48 pm
health federals. more than tonless of -- 90 tons of prepackaged sandwiches and salads have been recalled in california. the foods contained cooked chicken and ham. so far, 26 people in three states have been sickened. the products were produced between september 23rd and november 6th. and sold only in western states. while cooking chicken may not be enough to keep your family safe from salmonella. as stephanie stall tells us, what you do before you cook it could put your health in danger. >> reporter: fried, roasted or grilled, chicken is a popular dish. no matter how you cook it, this is usually what happens first. about 90% of americans wash chicken before cooking it. >> why? >> because they say you're supposed to. >> because of the salmonella. >> every year, over 2 million get poiseonging -- poisoning. they did a study that showed
5:49 pm
washing raw chicken doesn't get rid of bacteria. it actually spreads it. >> in the lilt ra tour, they call itary sollization. -- call it aerosolization. you have this microscopic spray what is spraying back. >> reporter: a new campaign called don't wash your chicken. kathy davis helped us test what happens when chicken is washed. >> you could trace germs with this. >> reporter: she uses a substance called glow germs to trace where bacteria spreads. we have a hoster, covered with glow germ that we rinse off in the sink. >> reporter: after you wash a chicken, the sink encounter might look clean. but wait until you see what happens when the light goes off. >> reporter: a black light illuminators the glow germs everywhere. and that's not all. >> my hands were a mess. it even went up my arms. even if i took my gloves off, i'm going to be spreading
5:50 pm
salmonella. >> these are areas that you can't see to clean up. bacteria that can be anxious dato your health. >> fascinating. researchers say the heat from the cooking process kills any bacteria that is present. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00 for these stories and more coming up, denise is standing by with a preview. hi, denise. >> hi, kai. it is probably the strongest storm ever to make landfall. thousands are likely dead. and the survivors are now struggling to stay alive. wjz's complete coverage continues. and -- a republican is elected mayor. and the democrats consider changing city management. i'm pat warren, coming up on eyewitness news. trying to convince the public, it's just a coincidence. check in for ms. stories and-- these stories and ask all the day's breaking news. at 6:00. now, bab to mary. a pot-belly pig is getting a new lease on life. jo jo is now sporting a stylish new ride to get around. the pig was hurt in her
5:51 pm
cincinnati pasture, about a week ago. and since undergoing spinal surgery, jojo hasn't been able to move her hind legs. veterinarians are hoping to regain movement. but until then, she has no trouble keeping up. >> i have seen this with dogs. they like to move around. >> and seems like they get it, that they're being helped. and adapt. >> correct. and they can deal with it. still ahead. two admirals punished for their suspected role. >> the elaborate scheme, involving money, trips and prostitutes next. ♪
5:52 pm
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two more high-ranking navy officers are implicated in a bribery scandal. danielle nottingham has the latest. >> reporter: vice admiral ted branch, and rear admiral bruce loveless, have had their access to cloiched information suspended and been placed on leave from their job. they are accused of receiving bribes from glen marine defense asia when they pulled into
5:55 pm
ports throughout the pacific. while the two admirals have not been charged with a crime, three other navy officials, were arrested earlier on charges of passing classified information to the contractor and return for cash, prostitutes and luxury travel. >> reporter: the contractor allegedly used the insider information to overbill the navy, millions of dollars and keep tabs on any investigation into the scheme. former joint chiefs of staff chairman, richard myer says the allegations make it look a little more. >> it looks to be more widespread from public record than things that have probably gone before. >> reporter: ncis has been investigating the contractor's dealing with officers. >> danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> the contractor had been held without bail, since he was arrested in california in
5:56 pm
september. and still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. >> death and devastation. how a local organization is helping the philippines, after a massive typhoon. ,,,, ,,,, you got to love the weekend. it's like everyone came to, "if it's good, let's save it for the weekend." so here's to the kfc ten buck weekend bucket. ten pieces, ten bucks. any recipe. just ten bucks every saturday and sunday. today tastes so good.
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5:59 pm
the philippines. leaving destruction everywhere. how the world is getting aid to the survivors. an attack on this popular trail. i'm derek valcourt, with details, when eyewitness news continues. >> the ravens breathe a sigh of relief, after an overtime victory. i'm mark viviano, in owings mills, the latest from coach john harbaugh and the team coming up. >> a cold front is approaching with chilly temperatures and maybe even a trace of snow. the first warning weather team with what to expect and when. >> check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now.


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