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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  November 9, 2013 7:00am-8:00am EST

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good morning. up next, deadly accident. a state trooper strikes two teens, killing one. what police say happened and the latest on the investigation. an upset in annapolis. the good morning. after a nail biting election, a republican mayor will take the reigns. we will go one on one with the mayor-elect straight ahead. a look at the battle with the bengals coming up. and taking a live look
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outside to a beautiful sunrise over baltimore. clear and cold this morning. so will it stay chilly throughout the weekend? tim williams tells us in the first warning weather forecast. eyewitness news weekend edition starts now. good morning and welcome to eyewitness news this saturday. >> it's a chilly but beautiful start to the weekend. you have already seen the look outside. and if you haven't looked already with the time going back last week, it's already bright this time of day. but gets so dark so early in the day as well. but the sun is up. temperatures are cold. and winds are calm right now. and it will get breezy through the afternoon. but it will be a comfortable
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afternoon. temperature right now is 34 degrees. the range across the state goes from about 28 degrees to about. our forecast high today goes to 54 degrees under partly sunny to partly cloudy skies. overnight lows dipping down into the 30s. and tomorrow, up around 60 degrees with windy conditions through the afternoon. and the complete forecast is coming up. >> thank you. but first, a look at the stories people are talking about this weekend. we're following breaking news from overnight. a fatal accident involving a maryland state trooper that leaves a teenager dead. state police say around 8:00 last night, two teen brothers crossed route 113 and ran directly into the path of the oncoming trooper patrol car. the trooper struck both teens and they are identified. the 16-year-old was take on the
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a nearby hospital where he later died. the brother's condition is not yet known. and the investigation into the accident is still ongoing. another developing story from overnight. as several families are displaced following a two-alarm blaze at an apartment building. a viewer sent these photos into the news room showing the blaze. the baltimore county firefighters say the flames broke out in a ground-level apartment and quickly spread to dozens of units two. residents and one firefighter were rushed to the hospital for smoke inhalation. doctors say one resident has serious injuries. and meanwhile, the red cross is helping the families find new homes this morning and the cause of the blaze is still under investigation. an upset. the city of annapolis officially has a new mayor, he is a republican in a city
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dominated by democrats. we went one on one with the mayor-elect. >> reporter: good morning. it was one of the tightest races in the history of annapolis. and in the end, the votes separated the candidates by less than 1%. a nail-biter in annapolis. >> the voter is not in the city limits. >> reporter: more than 25 hours over two days, spent reviewing and counting absentee and provisional ballots. >> this count is over. >> reporter: and now three days after election day, it's official. the republican defeats the democratic incumbent by just 59 votes. >> the voters have spoken. and i respect the will of the voters. and the voters have said they want a different direction. >> reporter: we caught up with him after the big win. did you think it was going to come down to 59 votes? >> not at all. either win by a lot or lose by a lot. >> reporter: but the challenges may be just beginning. he is the first republican
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mayor in more than a deck kid in a democrat-dominated city. he will be one of the youngest mayors in the city's history. >> i think i have the vision to take the city in a new direction. >> reporter: residence tents say they hope that work makes the city even better. >> i really look forward to our new mayor really being open minded and working with everyone. and really seeing annapolis for what it's been and what it is and what it can be. >> trying to make things look nicer and bring the businesses back. and it's a wonderful thing. >> reporter: he says he's ready to get started. the mayor-elect says his biggest goals are lowering taxes and water bills. >> now the candidates have 10 days to file a petitioner a recount. and in baltimore, a bizarre fire at a hospital as a patient death is under investigation this morning at the university of maryland medical center. baltimore city fire says a person died in a fire at the hospital.
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last night after flames broke out in the patient's room. the circumstances of the fire and cause of death are both under investigation now. and the hospital says no one else was injured. the family of one of the victims of the washington navy yard station is suing two federal agencies for member of the jury. they are seeking $37.5 million from the navy and the department of veteran affairs. they say the agencies missed signs that the shooter was troubled. alexis shot ask killed 12 people before police killed him back in september. parts to testify philippines are in ruins after one of the strongest storms on record slammed into the region. at least 100 people are dead and many more are injured. we have more on the death and destruction left behind. >> reporter: the identify on the unleashed 20-foot high waves and 200 miles per hour-
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plus winds. it forced more than a million people out of their homes. forecasters say the typhoon also known as a hurricane in the western hemisphere measures 300 miles wide and maybe the most powerful storm to ever hit land. philippine officials are blaming it for many deaths and say it's put some 12 million people at risk. this man says, i saw the big waves and immediately told my neighbors to flee. we thought it was a tsunami. the supertyphoon's roaring winds and downpours knocked out power and telephone service. and flooding and land slides have buried villages. the red cross says on one island, 90% of all buildings are destroyed. wjz, eyewitness news. >> and right now, the storm is
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heading towards southeast asia. secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. is prepared to help in any way it can. a gas leak forces evacuations in downtown baltimore. we were over the 300 block of north charles street where firefighters shut down the entire block during rush hour yesterday. and they also were forced to close a day care when this happened. a contractor was working in a commercial building there and hit a gas line. and crews are working to repair the leak. turning now to sports the. ravens are at the half-way point of the season. and they are headed in the wrong direction. they have lost the last three game. and tomorrow's game with cincinnati has become a must- win situation. >> reporter: good morning. well the ravens have talked about a sense of urgency and being defined by adverse if i. the words give way to action on sunday and it comes to having
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to beat the bengals. cincinnati rolls into baltimore with a high powered offense that has them in first place. the ravens need to counter by getting their own offense in gear. they have been stuck in neutral, a far cry from the play-offs. >> we haven't been good enough across the board. in terms of precision and getting running game going. getting 1st downs, we just haven't done it. >> reporter: four all practiced friday after missing workouts this week with injury. back to you. >> thank you. you can see the game against the bengals tomorrow afternoon live right here on wjz 13. let's hope it's a good day. >> yeah. they'll have no excuse if they lose. cannot blame weather. >> it will be a fashion football day. you can wear all the gear, all the fleece and pull overs and
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hoodies, a good day. breezy but 60 degrees. >> got a new fashion? >> you never know. you know, who knows what they'll wear. >> scarfs. >> yeah, let's hope not. that would be a sight. that would make the reel. but going to be a nice weekend overall. a lot of sunshine. you have seen what it looks like outside. very bright. temperatures are cold though. 33 degrees right now. and we have dropping one degree. but 23. the dew point will rebound nicely. add about 20 degrees to now. and breeze will pick up. and calm winds at the airport. the pressure high and climbing. 28 right now in ocean city. we're looking at temperatures in the range around the entire state. and now up to 35 in anap sis.
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and on kent island. 36 in rock hall. 33 in columbia. winds are calm around the state right now. and we stayed in double digits yesterday. and the wind from the northwest kept it chilly. we will see a shift to the west and southwest. and you see some of that down towards washington, d.c. and also a bit of a southerly wind. and that's going to help to bring in warmer air going into tomorrow particularly. but the breeze is definitely going to pick up.
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everyone around us from boston through detroit, chicago, memphis and atlanta, everyone's temperatures are higher than ours. high pressure building in from the west is going to allow for that flow to change. a disturbance around the great lakes now. and that's going to help keep the breeze in today and the cooler air in play. just up in central pennsylvania, there's snow and a bit of lake-effect mix up there. so a wintry blast there. we are not going the tap into that. but cloud cover there. and then after that that clears the area, more of the mild air will stay in play. our normal high now is 59 degrees. so we're going to be close to that heading into tomorrow. and as the high moves off, milder air for tomorrow. and then high pressure stays with us monday into tuesday early. and then the system will develop off the coastline, tap into cold air and the potential for a rain/snow mix tuesday and
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wednesday. primarily a wednesday event. not talking about major accumulation but the higher elevations could see some of the snow. the first time we have seen it. 4:56 sunset. 6:45 officially sunrise about 20 minutes ago. 54 degrees. chilly and prosy. and 37 degrees tonight with partly cloudy skies. and for sunday, talked about this, 60 degrees. and 56 on monday. 46 on tuesday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome backth day of the weekend. a long month but already zipping by. a very fall-like forecast with temperatures starting off in the 30s. and sitting now at 3 degrees. temperatures across the state ranging from about 28 on the low side. to about 34 and 36 down toward annapolis. 54 degrees today. partly sunny. and look for clouds around from time to time. 37 degrees tonight with partly cloudy skies and 60 tomorrow. and that's also the forecast for kick-off for the ravens. the forecast is coming up. >> thank you. and now back to the other top headlines to testify weekend. term oil continues around the
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miami dolphins this weekend. it looks like the nfl is about to talk with the players at the center of the bullying allegation. jonathan martin will reportedly meet next week with the nfl special investigator. and ritchie incognito arrivalled in los angeles yesterday afternoon. he refused to talk to reporters. he was the subject of a police report in may for allegedly harassing a female volunteer at a charity golf tournament. police did not charge him in the incident. the dolphins have yet to comment. a judge in philadelphia hands out a prison sentence for the digital age. he bans the defendant from using twitter for five years. prosecutors recommended the punishment because they say she used twitter as a weapon to threaten the judge and social workers. the 34-year-old is currently serving a one to two-year prison sentence.
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the california woman gets ready to undergo surgery in a special way. she starts a flash mob there. is the doctor, she's the one in the gown. she's used to being the doctor rather than the patient. but before undergoing a double mastectomymy, she insisted everyone in the room dance. this video has gone viral. the doctor is doing well now after her surgery and she is already home recovering. >> we wish her well. a baltimore county restaurant is good at cooking up something good for veteran's day which is on monday. >> and we are joined by steve newton, the co-owner of missions barbecue. good morning, steve. >> good morning. >> tell us why did you start mission? >> well, we wanted to build a business that had a purpose and meaning and it gave back. so police, military, fire, first responders, uniformed american heroes, and we want to
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give back and say thanks and honor them. and nothing more american than barbecue. and american food meets american heroes. >> this sounds good. and talk to us about veteran's day what you're doing for the military on veteran's day. >> on monday, veteran's day and we know that freedom isn't free. as a small gesture and appreciation, we are offering free sandwiches all day long to veterans and active duty military. we kick-off at 11:00 with the unvailing of the charm city cake. they made a specialty cake for each of the restaurants. and then at noon, we have a live version of the national anthem. we hope everybody comes out and says hello to the guests of honor, all the world war ii veterans on that day. >> and when we come back, our photographer just gave us a sneak peek of the food in front of you there. we are going to find out what is the tastiest thing on the menu, i'm sure everything is.
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>> you bet. i'll tell you my personal favorites. >> all right. we will be back in about 20 minutes. >> yeah, and find out all the locations and how folk cans contact you. >> we will run some over to you this afternoon. >> thank you very much. we will check back. mission barbecue. >> breakfast of champions or first responders. still to come -- >> right all along, the story of a maryland man who ,,,,,,,,,,
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this morning, germany is pushing for new limits on nsa surveillance there. follows accusations that the u.s. monitored the chancellor's personal cellphone. it's information leaked by edward snowden. intelligence officials are working out guidelines on how allies share intelligence including whether they spy on each other. and a former codebreaker reveals that more than a decade ago he tried to expose government spying on every day americans this. maryland man says he blew the whistle long before anyone had heard of edward snowden but no one listened. >> reporter: being a whistle blower cost him professionally
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and personally. but he says he would do it all over again. >> go, go, go. >> reporter: september 11th, 2011, the day that changed everything. after the attack, the government vowed to find a more so fest kateed way to uncover terrorist's plots. he is called on to help. a codebreaker, he commuted from his home to the national security agency working on top secret projects. >> we would snap the relationship of everybody in the world. >> reporter: after 9/11, he and a small team created a computer program, scanning data from cellphones and emails aimed at fining terrorist activity. >> you developed a program to do what? >> how can you look into data going by every minute and see what is important in the data that you need to pull out to look out and analyze and figure
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out intentions of enemies in the world. >> reporter: but he soon became concerned that the government was spying on average americans. >> the data being taken in was all about united states citizens. >> reporter: you think this goes way beyond pursuing terror. >> absolutely. they're destroying our demom ravens single digits. >> reporter: controversy went public this year when another maryland man, edward snowden leaked classified documents. however, wjz learned that congress may have had a warning years ago. that's when he says he first raised concerns the program had been turned against americans. >> the government can't admit a mistake. they have to cover up everything. >> reporter: he resigned in protest and that's when problems really started. >> a knock on the door one day. what happened? >> that was 2007 when the fbi raided me. they came, pushed their way in with guns drawn. and pushed my son out of the way. and came up stairs and pointed guns at my wife and me.
7:26 am
they took our computers and all the electronic equipment we had. >> reporter: the government thinks you overstepped the boundaries and possibly put the country at risk by coming forward and exposing some of the things you think are wrong. what do you say? >> i say they're violating the foundation of this country. the thing that makes this country stronger are the rights and freedoms from the constitution. >> reporter: but not everyone thinks the government has gone too far. both presidents bush and obama says the program is necessary and does not violate citizens' rights. >> there's not one instance where there's been a person intentionally trying to look or listen at anyone's phone calls or emails not one. >> reporter: he doesn't buy it. >> he doesn't really know what nsa is doing because he doesn't understand the technology. or what it takes to find terrorists. >> well he says he thinks edward snowden did a great
7:27 am
public service by forcing surveillance into the spotlight. still to come, a fatal crash, an accident involving a state trooper claims the life of a teenager. the latest on what happened. child sex abuse claim, the troubling allegations being made about a former emp,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. here at the bottom of the hour, a cold but clear start to the day. a bit chilly and brisk. winds pick up through the afternoon. but sun right now. and hazy looking out over the bay. but definitely a bright start to the day. mostly sunny skies for much of the day. and temperatures starting off in the 20s and 30s. 28 in oakland. 34 toward dc. the forecast high up today to around 54 degrees. the normal high is 59. so below for today. and tomorrow, slightly above as milder air settles in for sunday. the complete forecast in a moment. >> thank you. first, a look at the stories we are keeping an eye
7:31 am
on this weekend. a developing story from overnight. fatal accident kills one teen and leaves another in the hospital. it happened as state police say around 8:00 last night, two teen brothers crossed route 113 and ran directly into the path of the oncoming trooper's patrol car. the trooper was struck. they're identified this morning. a 16-year-old was take on the a nearby hospital where he later died and medics rushed his brother to shock trauma. his condition is not yet known. the investigation into the accident is ongoing. an upset in annapolis, the city officially has a new mayor this morning. he is a republican in a city dominated by democrats. >> reporter: good morning. it was one of the tightest races in the history of annapolis. in the end, the votes separated the candidates by less than 1%.
7:32 am
>> a nail biter in the city of annapolis. more than 25 hours over two days. >> this count is other. >> reporter: and now three days after election day, it's official. the republican defeats the democratic incumbent by just 59 votes. >> i respect the will of the voters and the voters have said they want a different direction for the city. >> reporter: we caught up with him after the big win. did you think it was going to come down to 59 votes? >> not at all. >> reporter: but the challenges may be just beginning. he's the fist republican mayor in more than a decade in a democrat-dominated city. at just 30 years old, he will be one of the youngest mayors in the city's history. >> i think i have the leadership and vision to take
7:33 am
the city a new direction. >> reporter: and residents say they hope that work makes the city even better. >> i really look forward to our new mayor. really being open minded and working with everyone. and really seeing annapolis for what it's been, what it is and what it can be. >> trying to make things look nicer and bring businesses back. and i think it's a wonderful thing. >> reporter: he says he's ready to get started. the mayor-elect says his biggest goals are lowering taxes and water bills. now the candidates have 10 days to file a petitioner a re- count. details about a deadly crash in hunt valley. it happened on york road. police say a car crossed the center lean, colliding head-on with another vehicle and then went into the path of a third car. 85-year-old charles wagner and his wife both died. they were in the car that was
7:34 am
hit head-on. police gave a tick tote the other driver for dui. this morning, a federal investigation is underway into allegations of child sex abuse. the fbi is investigating a former civilian employee. the suspect has been banned from the base. they have ordered a full review of all youth programs on the base. well this morning's pump watch report, gas prices across the country including here in maryland continue to fall and drivers are very excited about it. the national average price for a gallon of regular is now at the lowest point that it's been all year at $3.21. and that price hasn't been there since december 2011. it's also 25 cents less compared to the same time last year. here in maryland, a gallon of regular last month cost $3.22. and today the same gallon is
7:35 am
nine centers cheaper. one year ago, drivers were paying $3.49. the ravens need gas to get past the next opponent. they are at the half-way point now the team has lost the last three games and tomorrow's game has become a must-win situation. >> reporter: good morning. well ravens have talked about a since of urgency and being defined by adversity. those words give way to action on sunday. and it comes down to having to beat the bengals. >> reporter: cincinnati jimmy rollinss into baltimore with a high powered offense that has them in first place in the afc north. the ravens need to counter by getting their own offense into gear. they have been stuck in neutral, a far cry from the offense that rolled to the super bowl title during play- offs. >> we haven't been good enough across the board in terms of precision and the passing game and the rung game going.
7:36 am
getting first downs, you know, that stuff leads to first downs. >> reporter: they all practiced friday after they missed workouts this week with injuries. back to you. >> thank you. you can see the game against the bengals tomorrow afternoon live right here at 1:00 on wjz 13. now the season may be underway but you can still sign up for the 2013 profootball challengement to compete, go to and click on the link at the top of the home page. the contest runs through the regular football season. so go to and sign up now. last night, the terps took on brooklyn. they made a serious come back. they cut the lead to three.
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and then wells will get in the lane and hit this jumper. that pulled maryland to within a point. with 40 seconds to go. they then had a chance to win in the final seconds but the jumper is off the mark. and connecticut gets the rebound and they lose their opener by one, 78-77 the final. it was a celebration, the tigers were playing their first regular season game at the new oncampus arena. he was taken on navy. and they work inside. he lays it in as the tiger race out to a 16-point half-time
7:38 am
lead. and never look back. a little later, the nice move and drive to the hoop. he finishes with a reverse lay- up. and he rolls over navy 72-46 in front. the tigers host morgan state university this coming tuesday. >> all right. i wonder if morgan will bring the mascot. >> those are good. i've seen some others where it's like, what? >> can't figure out what -- how is that a ferocious creature. >> you never know. >> you want something big and scary. >> yeah. >> i'll take a bear. any day. >> i had a comment but i will leave it alone. >> okay. we have live mascots at our station. we're looking at a nice -- this forecast is not going to scare anybody. a little chilly. but very fall-like. i was going to say how is it scary? >> and he is talking about knee injuries that people in sports. >> that's right. >> so talking to him in the doctor house call. stick around for that. 33 degrees right now. out and about, just dress for
7:39 am
the weather. calm wins right now, 30.3. around the state, temperature ranges from about 28 in far western maryland. and oakland. down to about 28 in ocean city. and around the immediate metro area, 33. 31 in westminster. and we do have calm winds around central maryland around the beltway. and the winds are starting to pick up just a little bit. and the direction primarily with a southerly component from dc down to southern maryland. south wind in oakland. and that gives you the idea, we will see the influence of the wind tomorrow when temperatures get above the normal high of 59. closer to 60 tomorrow. but today, the coldest in the entire region. and destroy and chicago are warmer by about 10 degrees. and what we will see, this front up here around the great lake, the low pressure system and the front sweeping through. two things it will do, keep the breeze in play.
7:40 am
and also help keep us under the air that's going to keep the temperatures below normal. the lake-effect up around central pennsylvania. tomorrow the winds will shift. and milder air moves in here. and tomorrow we start to feel the sunshine and temperature up around 60. it will be more noticeable. today as the high pressure moves off the front across the great lakes. and then colder air settles in monday and tuesday. and then by wednesday, we will be watching a coastal system that could be tapping into the colder air, bringing us a chance for a wintry mix. the first time this season. in major accumulations. but we could see snow coming down. our forecast today with the sunset today now at 4:56. up to about 54 degrees. and overnight, stays down in the 30s. partly cloudy skies. and for tomorrow, 60 degrees, that's the kick-off forecast. 46 and 42 for tuesday and
7:41 am
wednesday. 50 on thursday. overnight lows as low as 27 degrees. still to come, a ski resort under fire for making snow? well that ends up causing crashes. how this happened. competing for bragging rights. the debate over america's tallest sky tapers is coming up. live at mission barbecue this morning. coming up, find out about the finger licking tribute that they're planning for our country's servicemen and women. on monday. >> yeah. >> veteran's day. >> back in a moment.
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the sun is up, 34 degrees and mainly clear. the forecast is coming up. several accidents in wisconsin but don't blame mother nature. it came from a ski resort. police say the snow making canons it were cause. the snow that didn't land on the ski runs was blowing downwind and the low cloud cover prevented it from
7:45 am
evaporating. the good news is that no injuries were reported. a bizarre scene in las vegas as a swarm of bees invade a neighborhood. the police say a truck carrying the bees stopped in some of the bees escaped. the firefighters sprayed foam to try and scatter the swarm. a nearby school was placed on lockdown and residents were advised to stay inside. it took nearly four hours to clear the bees out of the area. a great debate over which building is the actual tallest in the u.s. the former sears tower in the u.s. has been the tallest for many years but the new one, world trade center in new york city, the skyline stands a record 1776 feet tall. and now the council on tall buildings, who knew there was a council? they are now deciding whether the decorative conspire at the top of the one world trade center should be included in the total height. the council will announce the
7:46 am
decision next week. on monday, we will honor those who served our country by celebrating veteran's day. one local restaurant is planning to do that by serving up barbecue. we are joined by steve newton, the co-owner of mission barbecue. good morning again. >> good morning. >> so before we go into it, what's for breakfast? >> oh, just like a piece of barbecue is great for breakfast. on monday, all veterans and active duty military, free sandwiches all day from 11:00 to 9:00. smoked turkey. my favorite on the menu, a north carolina pulled pork sandwich. with a scoop overslaugh. i like it with the spicy vinegar. fresh cut fries. and nothing like a rack of ribs on a saturday morning. >> looks good. >> and steve, mission is really on a mission to honor the country's first responders and military men and women.
7:47 am
tell us about that. >> yeah, our mission is to serve here. and on monday, we know freedom isn't free. and one thing we do on 9/11, fire, police and ems personnel eat for free. and on monday is veteran's day. all veterans, active duty military, free sandwich from 11:00 to 9:00. a small gesture for us to say thanks. >> what kind of feedback do you get from the first responders after they visited and had the meal? >> well, it's very humbling. they come in and say thank you. and we're saying, no, no, thank you. you know, they're the ones running in when everyone else is running out. they put the uniform on to protect our freedoms and we should take this opportunity on monday just to simply and humbly say thanks. it's our mission to serve. >> now steve you do a rendition of the national anthem? at noon? >> yeah, we play the national
7:48 am
anthem every day at noon. >> okay. >> and on monday, we're actually going to have a live version of the national anthem. a veteran's thing in each restaurant. >> all right. and tell us about your restaurants and how folk cans find out about your location? >> go to our website to find the locations. we're open on monday from 11:00 to 9:00. >> thank you for talking with us. and thank you for thanking our first responders. >> thank you. >> all right. steve newton. still to come, dr. bill is in the house. >> that's right. we come back and talk about the benefits of walking. trip time of year. trip time of year. we can get out and talk about ,,
7:49 am
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beautiful fall days like today, probably a good idea to take a hike. >> yeah. >> it's doctor's house call. and he is talking about the benefits of walking. >> yeah, you know, exercise is good. it may help prevent stroke, heart attack, diabetes, even depression. and as we mature, sometimes we can't play basketball anymore, we can't run marathons but there are things we can do. and i'm not talking about you because tough body of a greek god. but for the rest of us here, we've got to do manage to stay in shape. >> a great compliment. >> well, not saying he's a greek god. >> not laughing at you,
7:52 am
laughing with you. >> it's going to be a long day. >> but walking, i have to say, an inexpensive sport. requires only a pair of shoes. and you can walk in your regular clothes. you still get, you still burn the same amount of calories per mile as when you run. >> really? >> yeah. it just takes longer but a mile is a mile and you burn 100 calories. and now what is interesting about that besides the exercise helping prevent disease and toning you up f you walk an average of two miles a day for a year, you can do that, at the end of the year, you have lost 25 pounds. >> really? >> and that's good. >> okay. >> so the fall days of a lot of trails in this area, and you walk on treadmills, around a track, and the sport to start slow but you can increase. >> i was going to ask, does the
7:53 am
train mat senator uphill, you know, kind of doing a little bit of lunging there. >> right. >> you may burn a few more calories but not too many. really it's distance that matters. but there's pretty trails and fall is a good time. if you go around the wind falls and north central time, terrific thing to do. and buy a pair of comfortable shoes and take off. and you will be better for it. and look like the man. >> look like a god. >> any of the special shoes? you know, you see the shoes with the supports under the bottom. >> don't get goofy shoes. >> you want to look good walking. >> yeah, get shoes that are comfortable, regular walking or running shoes. don't go barefoot. that's the trend now. no, don't do that. some people like to exercise carrying weights. well, i don't recommend that. here's a tip. use your normal stride. if you want to increase your
7:54 am
pace, don't lengthen the stride, just increase the number of strides because if you reach out, the muscles are put in an awkward position. >> and do you need to have one of these -- >> it's nice to know how fast you're going. >> this is a gps gadget. shows you how far and how many calories you burned and how many it took you to do it. >> and stay hydrated. >> that too. >> and walk too far away from home, that can tell you how to get back. >> i learned how to use it, it would. >> dr. bill, thank you. >> thank you. >> i'll find my way here next month. >> this segment again, you can hear the advice on our website. back in a moment. ,,,,,,,,,
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7:56 am
heading into today and tomorrow, 54 degrees. 60 tomorrow.
7:57 am
56 on monday. chance of a wintry mix on tuesday. back up to 50 on thursday pgh and we have named our greek god/weather man -- >> your-acheky-knees. >> i like it. >> this is a tough role. >> i like it. >> don't miss eyewitness news tonight at 11:00. tonight at 11:00and then when you get up -- can i play?
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