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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  November 7, 2013 3:35am-4:30am EST

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you made it. and he wan didn't. >> uh-huh. >> dr. phil: i started this by thinking that i sitting down with a brave and courageous young woman. and after spending these few days with you wasre, i now kno that brave and courageous are not big enough words to describe you. it's been my honor and it's been my pleasureheo get to meet you and sit here and talk to you. i'm just really glad i got to know you. t michelle's account of the horrific experiences she shared with the other women are told solely from her point of view. she will leave to amanda and gina to talk about their time in captivity from their perspective if they ever choose to. it it's been my honor to meet michelle knight and we plan to stay by herself and continue to help her going forward.
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her u have been touched story and want to donate to michelle night, go to the dr. phil foundation is settin by fund for michelle and we're starting her off with a substantial donation. every single penny will go straight to her. i know that you like meg up a wr the best in her life. we're going to be keeping you updated on what happens with michelle knight. thanks for being here. so long. ñp
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