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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  July 16, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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an earthquake shakes maryland. thousands wake up to the un experience. is there any damage? hello, i'm don scott and here's what people are talking about today rare quake that rattled windows and nerving across the state. it shook some awake and it has several firing off questions and comments. we're live with the seismic event. we'll have more on the earthquake with tim williams and we'll again with alex demetrick who's live with the people that felt it. >> reporter: good afternoon, don, this was an unusual event. as the earthquakes go, it may not have been that big, but it set a record in maryland. it sent a lot of nerves on edge. >> baltimore is a long way from earthquake country and the city and the state shook around 5:00 this morning with a 3.6 shake.
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>> my dog woke me up wining and crying and then the earthquake happened. i couldn't figure out what happened and i had never experienced one before. after that, she went up to sleep. >> it's small, but it's stronger than what we recently experience. most of the earthquakes are in the magnitude 1 to 2 range. >> reporter: it was a shallow quake. >> the wiggles went on for some, one, two, three minutes before it quieted could be. some of the faults tweak a little bit once in a while. >> there's no structural damage, but we're checking on a number of things. calvary cliffs is fine and they're reviewing their structures as well.
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we're sending inspectors out to the bridges around the washington and 495, beltway and northwest branch and others to check on them. >> there's no reports of private property damage. don. >> thank you, alex. our coverage continues with tim williams, meteorologist turned science reporter. and this is one for the record books. to give you an idea about the quake, we're talking about the 3.6, it happened after 5:00 and it lasted for a few minutes as far as the noting. it was the strongest since the geological survey has been keeping record. as far as the range, it was
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felt as far out as maryland and pennsylvania and delaware and west virginia residents also reported feeling this quake as it registered. as far as the -- where this falls. 3.6, that's the largest and let's talk about the others. 2.9 and 2.3 in the same area and 1.3 near woodlawn and pikeville. in 2007. and now, all of these have been in the same area radius of the one that hit this morning. we're not done yet, we'll continue with ron matz live with good afternoon, ron. >> well, unusual is right. the calls flooded the news room and viewers started firing off hundreds of e-mails to the morning edition and
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the first e-mail got minutes after the quake was from jackie in ellicott city. she felt her house shaking and sally says she and her husband were awoken by the earthquake. she said it was unbelievable. and lynne wrote in and said, she thought it was a plane taking off and she realized it wasn't a plane at all. we're getting the e-mails from people saying they slept through it and they were surprised. we want to hear from you. spend your comments at you can also become a friend of wjz on facebook and send us comments that way. don? the internet helped cover that story this morning. >> we'll ask you to stay tuned
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to wjz-13. share your species with -- share your experiences with the quake on the other big story, it's another hot and humid day. we'll get only more of both of those descriptions. we have a code red heat alert for baltimore city and a code orange. meaning that the cooling centers are open for all to get there. what should we anticipate. >> good afternoon, marty. >> let's call it hot and uncomfortable. good afternoon, everyone. the onslaught of weather and nature continues. here we go again. back to an extended period of time, temperatures in the 90s and heat indexes of 100 degrees. we'll look at the current temperatures. we're already above 90. 93 degrees during the lunch hour on this day. let's see that on the heat
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index. that will push that to 96 and 97, 95 downtown. watches, warnings and advisories, we have a code red in effect and heat advisory areawide. like the last out break, up the 95 corridor, you have extensive heat watches and warnings. when does this come to an end. not soon, but it's a july weekend. tim williams has the details of what i would like to call hot vacation weather coming up shortly. we'll throw it back inside. almost a week after the terrorist bombing in uganda, we're learning about a man killed there who had ties to maryland. he was one of the five dozens who died and he worked for johns hopkins in uganda, a funeral service was held there wednesday. he's survived by a wife and six children. also, a teen from ellicott city
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is recovering from south africa after surgery from the bombing. an update about a car that drove into a showroom is facing wreckless driving charges. the 26-year-old tried to pass another car and flew unto three other cars and rested up against the building's front door. the police are investigating if alcohol played a role in the crash. for the first time in months, there's not a steady stream of crude gushing into the gulf of mexico. but, a permanent solution is weeks away. here's more for wjz-13. >> reporter: bp's cap is holding fast. the company says that the pressure continues to rise and there are no signs of any new leaks.
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the residents are optimistic. >> at least part of the problem is over. >> reporter: bp's not celebrating yet. the next 36 hours are critical. cameras are trained on the cap watching for potential problems. once the testing ends, it may funnel oil to the surface ships to relieve the pressure and the officials stress, it's only a temporary fix until a relief well is finished next month. >> well, i think it's important that we don't get ahead of ourselves here. one of the problems with having this camera down there is that when the oil stops gushing, everyone feels like we're done and we're not. >> reporter: even though the oil stopped flowing, the damage is done to the economy and the environment. >> reporter: the focus is on the clean upnow. >> i think it will be years.
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>> about 184 million-gallons of oil spewed into the gulf. and the man in charge of handing out money for the bp oil fund is going to cut checks to the citizens of the gulf next month at the latest. still to come, replacing a legend. who will fill robert byrd's senate seat? and remember the woman who thought she lucked out with a diamond studded pendant. you have to hear what happens next. we'll have the first warning weather forecast coming up. i'm done with all these lists.
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to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. the british prime minister says that he regrets the release of the man accused of the lockerbie bombing. it could have been related with an offshore oil drilling with bp. he's accused of the bombing
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over lockerbie, scot lastland. -- scottland. they released him saying he only had months to live. and the seat of robert byrd will be filled for a while. they'll appoint a temporary replacement today. they'll consider placing an election to fill his seat. and what was a lucky day for a fan, it's a nightmare. >> he sold it to me for $5 that's how i came across it. i went through the stuffed animals and that was in the box. she got a call and the woman on the other end said she was the mother of one of his friends and they wanted to buy it back from her and once the man showed up, a man took it from
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her and the police are investigating. and as you take another live look outside, stick around, the forecast is 2 1/2 minutes away. first, a look at today's midday stocks. followed by last night's multimatch numbers. ♪
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here's gizmo. >> yeah, there's still an earthquake going on in this dog's body grandchild --body. >> he needs a good home, he's 10 months old. he's at the maryland spca. this is the number to call. there are other puppies and dogs and cats and kittens that also need a home. the pretty scarf is compliments of mr. basement. >> yeah, tim williams is showing us the forecast. well, it's a steamy day in deed. we have a heat advisory for most of sen sen. central maryland. the water is going to keep things cooler. it's hot outside.
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93 degrees outside and the temperature is 71 and the humidity is deceiving. 48% doesn't seem high, but when the dew point is up, the moisture is in the air. we have the winds from the west, south west and 29.5 is the barometer and across the state, 80 in oakland and 88 in cumberland and 89 in elkton and everywhere else, 90 degrees an plus. 92 at pax river and 91 in hagerstown winds from the west at 8 miles per hour and we're getting more and more of the west, southwest flow and we're pumping in more and more of the hot, hot air. the next front comes through weakly and we could see a shower late this afternoon and into tomorrow. the front will stall around virginia and we can't rule out a shower into the weekend. but what we'll see is the hot air. we're not going to change the
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dynamic much. we'll be in the 90s and we'll not get wash outs and maybe widely scattered showers into tomorrow before we see a little bit of improvement. south west wind on the bay at 5 to 10 knots and we're at 93 and we'll get down tonight to 74 and look for a scattered shower and maybe early and then, tomorrow, 95 degrees and sunny and showers around throughout the afternoon and 95 degrees is the daytime high and we'll have the forecast in a moment. yeah, this is good baseball weather and the all star break is over. the orioles welcome the blue jays in town tonight. this is live here on wjz-13. and remember, wjz-13 is always on, here are the stories we're following on the website. for updates on the day's news and the forecast, go to [ dennis ] when we first got fios,
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in today's eyewitness news health watch, there could be a new reason to lay off of the sauce. the risk of a stroke increases the hour after you drink a alcoholic drink. the study found that the risk of stroke doubled after drinking alcohol. the research shows that moderate alcohol can be healthy
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in the long run. are you having trouble paying attention? medication could be the answer. the study shows that meditation helps focus on tasks. those who meditated could catch differences on the screen more than those who did not. be sure to check in with us tonight. a controversial billboard and who paid for it and why is it causing a stir. and a day care dilemma, children are taken to a movie that's not "g" rated. and stick around, the five- day forecast is coming right up. ,,,,
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we have a hot and steamy weekend and tomorrow, the best chance of a pop up thunderstorm. i can't promise by the sound of this. sunday, 94 and still steamy and monday, tuesday and wednesday, we'll drop to the low 90s. with i won't lose human. and still ahead tonight. here's the prime time line up. at 10:00, it's "flash point" and then eyewitness news at 11:00. mr >> the chicago museum is looking for a roommate. they want someone to spend a month calling the museum home and documenting the video blog and the person will also walk
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away with $10,000. >> have you seen "night at the museum? ." >> yeah, i would be frightened. thanks for watching. i'm don scott. >> i'm tim williams. >> and i'm martin luther king. mart -- -- and i'm marty bass. ,
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