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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  February 1, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it's 6:00, hello again, it is a cold day start as you look live at harbor place and the traffic going by it there. sharon has traffic elsewhere, marty is at first warning weather. >> here is the bottom line: the wind chill right now is about 8 degrees. it's actually about 17 on your thermometer. take a look at the day part. it will remain sunny and cold. warmer than the weekend, normal is 41, 42 degrees, the 33 will convert to a high of about 38 this afternoon.
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clear, cold, milder than the weekend. don take it away. what does sharon have her eye on at wjz traffic control? >> utility work causing problems in downtown, that will affect your ride if you're traveling in central avenue at alasanna, it is closed between exiter and eden , detours are mosted. if you are head today that parking garage nearby you can get into that. otherwise, everything running smoothly. there is a look at your speeds on the beltway. slowest spot 53 miles per hour which isn't very slow between 795 and 95 on the west side of the beltway. there is a look at 97 at 100 looking good. no issues on the west side there at wilkins avenue. there is a look at the top side at greenspring avenue. wjz 13 is always on for traffic information any time log onto don back to you. thank you. here's what people will be remembering and dealing with today. it's been nearly two years since an illegal street racing accident killed eight people in county. today one of the men charged is scheduled to appear in court.
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wjz is live with the story, good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning, don good morning everyone. originally these two men were charged with vehicular manslaughter. on friday one accepted a plea deal. today the other will be in court. >> reporter: it was february 2008 when a crowd of about 50 people gathered on route 210 in accokeek to watch an illegal street race. they had no idea another race was taking place right behind them. soon a crown victoria plowed into the crowd leaving eight people dead. >> my mom, grandfather, when it hit them, all his body pieces just jumped up. >> reporter: police charged two men in the deaths. at first 22-year-old darren bullock insisted he was not racing, surveillance video proved he was behind the wheel. on friday, he accepted a deal pleading guilty to eight counts. of involuntary manslaughter.
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the family of some of the victims say bullock has already been through enough. i think in his mind he is in prison now in his heart, he is in prison now he has to talk walk around, he has to see and hear this. he has to realize that these people are gone. >> reporter: the other man charged 20-year-old tavon taylor appears in court today. >> photos from the factory were pivotal along with the interviews of the people, 75 to 82 interviews that were done i think were a cornerstone of the investigation. >> reporter: prosecutors satay lower already admitted to police he was racing that night, but taylor says police made that you story. a judge says that confession can be admitted in court today. don back to you. thank you very much, andy a bullock is set to be sentenced march 1stment according to his plea agreement he should be sentenced to 15 years behind
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bars. two teen brothers that police say set a pit bull on fire in southwest baltimore are expected in court. the two are scheduled to go on es trial for unrelated weapons charges. but police say security cameras caught them leaving a scene after the pit bull was doused with a flamable liquid and set ablaze. a late night fire leaves two people dead. the fire brokeoutt after 11:00 last night on hill top avenue. two people were pulled from the building and pronounced at the at a nearby hospital. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. toyota drivers will hopefully get the answers they've been looking for this week. the world's largest automaker is holding a news conference today to announce its plans to get millions of recalled vehicles back on the road and safe. here is tara mergener with the latest for wjz. >> reporter: this morning, toyota will unveil its plan for fixing faulty gas pedal in more than 2 million vehicles nationwide. the auto gianthass recalled more than 7 million vehicles around the world because of accelerator pedals
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that can stick, putting drivers and passengers in jeopardy. >> the one answer we don't have is how quickly can i get my car fixed. >> reporter: federal regulators have signed off on the fix and replacement parts could start arriving within a matter of days. a solution may allow toyota to resume sales of eight of its best selling models. therecalll prompted the company to fully or partially shut down five of its seven north american factories. the plants in indiana, texas, canada and kentucky. maker of the best selling camry. the recall of millions of cars and trucks is isn't toyota's only problem for decades the company has staked its claim on reliability. and some analysts say the gas pedal problem has caused a permanent dent. >> there is no doubt about, it will shake the confidence of some consumers maybe even owners and the quality issue. >> reporter: still drivers continue to flock to toyota vehicles at the washington auto show over the weekend. >> i feel confident if i bought
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a new car it would be no problem. >> reporter: toyota dealers admit there has been a noticeable drop in sales, but they have faith customers loyal to the brand before last week's recall will stay that way. tara mergener, cbs news, washington. a toyota truck believed to be part of that worldwide recall, is at the center of a crash in louisiana. the driver says he was trying to return his truck to the dealership when his accelerator stuck causing him to crash. no one was injuredment police are checking to see if the something cell rater did stick. it is today the public is to get the first look at president obama's budget proposal. analysts are criticizing the $3.8 trillion budge jet. it is expected to push the country's deficit is more than one and a half trillion dollars a record high for it. the budget allocates another one and a half billion dollars to rain down unemployment and extend tax breaks for the middle class. on capitol hill, big changes may be in store for health care, after losing the 60 vote
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majority officials say the immediate focus will shift to reforming health insurance. republican lawmakers appear unanimously opposed to the current democratic plan. leaders are hoping to reach middle ground. we are a day away from the the state of the state address. the observer says the governor is planning to use the speech to highlight the legislative agenda including his plan to help local small businesses. by the way, this is the last week for bills to be submit in the state senate. the governor stressed job creation is his top priority for this session. new figures released by bwi thurgood marshall more people are taking to the skies here and they're flying in and out of bwi. >> last november we were up 13% over november of '08. the airport says several reasons for the boost in travel, including additional parking
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space and air tran and southwest airlines. the ravens may not be heading to the super bowl but they made their presence felt in miami yesterday. running back ray rice didn't have any jitters at the game. during his first pro bowl appearance. the annual allstarr game is an old hat thing for a defensive leader, he took it easy on the offense as the afc beat the nfc41-34. don't forget, wjz is the only place you can see super bowl 44 this coming sunday. tune in sunday to find out who comes out on top as the saints take on indy. we are just 24 hours away from ground hog day, but we find out whether winter will soon come to an end. in washington state they have
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ground frog's day. snohomish slough gave everybody good news. the frog says it will be breezy and mild the next six week. we'll wait for the official verdict from punxsutawney phil okay. that means we need to revisit another animal. we were talking, there is a guy who claims, to have found fossilized foot prints of big foot. >> it was a river bed in texas. he lives in washington state and says he saw big foot by mount rainier in 1956. >> this guy is a big foot fanatic. >> obviously. >> so on the air for fun, we did a search for big foot, not 5,080,000 references. we talked about how big foot has made it into the movies, harry and the hendersons. >> check this out, here we go to the united states post office in mt. hood, more gone, big foot
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has a post office box. the post mast certificate a fan. >> does he come to check it is the question? >> here are the fossilized, the casts of the prints. >> those are big feet. >> ron, what shoe size do you wear, by the way? >> reporter: 16e. >> have you ever went wading in a river in texas? >> yeah, about 1971 i was there. >> okay. knocked down another big foot rumor. >> ron, let me show you temperatures, we'll get to you. it's a cold morning, it's clear, basically what we're talking about is it is now 19 on tv hill, 14 oakland, 25 in cumberland and east on, 24dc, 24 elk ton, 17 westminster, 16 bel air, 19 columbia. 30 rock hall, mid-20s dc and annapolis, and on kent island.
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a 7-mile an hour wind a current wind chill of 10 degrees where ron is in felts point fells point. >> reporter: we thank the folks for coming down this morning. it is manic monday, february 1st, 2010. we'll hear from a fabulous group, neighborhood housing services when the eyewitness news morning edition roles on. ,
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it's 6:14 and a half, marty is about to appear in the first warning weather center. >> 19 degrees, 61% humidity, barometer is 30.31. i want to give you an explanation, i've done this a couple times since 4:50, we'll do it again. why the snow on saturday? high pressure broke down -- this is where you know how over the holidays i'll tell you if you're looking for a good present get them a barometer. ran into a guy this weekend who watched his barometer fall, it
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was 30.37 on friday, we had a big blocking high and the storm was going to stay south. started snowing, snowing heavy i left the gym and went to looked at the barometric pressure it had fallen to 30.05, high pressure weakens, the low comes north, end of ball game. put it in pro sports parlance? the defense failed. >> 30.31 high pressure has settled in, that is actually going to be the genesis of our weather as we move into mid week and see a warm up as we move to the latter part of the week. clear skies in the area overnight allowed us to get plenty cold. you saw the numbers going into the break. day 38 is not any great day at the beach. slightly warmer than the weekend. tomorrow mostly cloudy, 38, but watch what this high does. as the high continues to build, 44, 42, 40 by the weekend another chance of snow showers and 35 degrees.
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don take it away. here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> since we last spoke we picked up a few accidents one just coming in on 32 at route one. we also have two in the city, one of them on north martin luther king boulevard at pennsylvania avenue another at hillen road at sherwin avenue. utility work causing problems at central and allasanna it is blocked between exiter and eden . you can get into the parking garage nearby. there is a look at your speeds around the beltway. everything is at full speed. 95 at whitemarsh looking good same for the top side of the beltway at greenspring avenue. this traffic report is brought by the cochran firm, if you suffered a personal injury call 800-the-firm or visit for a free consultation. now time for a manic monday ♪[ music ]♪
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>> let's go down to ron at fells point. >> reporter: you were talking about movies, just quickly tomorrow morning live on the cbs early show, at 8:30, here on wjz the oscar nominations. >> i did not know that. >> anne hathaway will announce it tomorrow morning on wjz 13. >> the award season is in full swing. >> reporter: yes, it is. yes it is. we will have an award winning performance this morning. it's manic monday in fells point with neighborhood housing services. (cheers). >> reporter: first of all i want to thank everybody for coming down. this young lady came from? >> boston, maryland. >> reporter: and this young lady. >> i rode my bike here. >> reporter: road her bike down. thank you guys so much. we really, really appreciate it. here is felix, how are you doing? >> nice to see you. this is a great organization, neighborhood housing services. >> yes, we focus on helping low income families buy homes and keep the homes once they have
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them. as part of our services we also do tax prep services, which is why we're here working with our partners at the baltimore cash campaign. >> reporter: give us your website for people who are interested. >> >> we thank you for coming down and thank you for the work you do. >> thank you for having us. >> reporter: alicia, thank you for setting it up. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: thank you very much. >> you know sinatra had his rat pack. i have mine. tony the coach, harry, joe, good morning. >> reporter: rat pack, let me hear those magic words. kue melvin. >> music, if you please ♪[ music ]♪ >> reporter: here we go. manic monday, february 1st, 2010. ♪[ music ] neighborhood housing services getting ready to hit it hard, here we go.
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>> 6:00 o'clock already, i was just in the middle of a dream. i was kissing valentino by a crystal blue italian stream. but i can't be late because i guess i just won't get paid, these are the days when you wish your bed was already made. it's just another manic monday. oh oh. i wish it were sunday. oh, oh. 'cause that's my fun day. oh, oh, my i don't have to run day. it's just another manic monday ♪[ music ] >> reporter: give yourselves a big hand. >> that's great. >> reporter: we want to invite you back for the manic monday meltdown in novemberment congratulations thank you. >> reporter: it's
6:20 am >> absolutely. >> >> we have it punched upright here. great, thank you for the work that you do. thank you for coming down manic monday brought by mr. basement. hats from our friend mr. basement. thank you all give yourselves a big hand. go into jimmy's and get warm! don and marty back to you from a very chilly fells point. thank you. >> don't forget to unwrap the coach later. >> reporter: we will do that. have a great day, guys. see you. >> taking a break and coming right back with more of the eyewitness news morning edition. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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temperatures going into the manic monday break, for those of you joining us, it has to be the lead weather story of the morning, it's cold out there. let's look. we have a slight breeze, the breeze and wind chill will get your attention when you walk outside. skies were clear overnight, no blanket effect, it gets cold, 14 oakland, 25 cumberland, 24 hagerstown and dc, 20 elk ton, 15 pax river, 12 ocean city. ocean city at 12 degrees,
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sitting next to a body of water that's, you know, in the mid, mid upper 30s, that's saying a ton. 17 westminster, 16 bel air, 19 columbia, 30 rock hall, the mid-20s dc annapolisnd kent island. 7-mile an hour breeze on tv hill. that is going to equate to a 10-degree wind chill. sunny and 38 this day. man, oh man, barometer is rising, that's all good. high pressure settles in over the area. >> thank you very much. an invisible danger, some consumer groups say a chemical found in many products we use every day could be causing serious health problemsment kellye lynn has more in health watch. >> reporter: good morning it's hard to asoy the plastics chemical bpa but the food and drug administration says we should do our best to try. this product is used in a variety of products including plastic bottles and food can liners.
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more than 90% have detectable levels in their body. two years ago the fda said the chemical was safe but not long after that the national toxicology program disagreed. it pointed out that bpa exposure during pregnancy and infancy could be harlful to a person's health. the fda officially agrees there is concern over fetus infant exposure to bpa. the change is announced and a $30 million bpa research program. the main concern is during critical periods of development bpa exposure could lead to behavioral problems, diabetes, reproductive issues, cancer, asthma and cardiovascular disease. despite this new level of concern, the fda has not banned bpa and does not consider bpa containing products like baby bottles or plastic lined cans of baby formula to be harmful. i'm kellye lynn with health watch. thank you very much, kelly. yet to come on our morning
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edition. >> reporter: 10 americans held in haiti, what were they really trying to do with a bus load of kids? i'm karen brown at the united nations and coming up we'll explain. >> reporter: it was a street racing crash that killed eight people nearly two years ago, one driver admitted his guilt today, another will be court in. that story just ahead. it was a huge night for the ladies at the grammy awards, especially beyonce. we will highlight all the winners, i'm thomas roberts in los angeles, that story coming up. on the roads we're looking at three accidents now, but no delays, we'll tell you where those wrecks are after the break. right now let's send it over to marty. we'll keep it going on cbss the pussy cat dolls on coffee with. >> how would you like to lose weight their style? the creator of pcd joins us on coffee with as the morning edition continues right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:30, good morning, it is a cold day start. on your drive watch out for rock hard rock salt piles. sharon has traffic after marty's first warning weather. >> let's look at the numbers for the day. it's going to be it's going to be quite sunny, but it's going to stay cold. we're at 19, with a wind chill in single digits. 32 at lunch, with a high of 38. how about the drive? here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> there could be lingering ice out there as well, especially on bridges, ramps overpasses and side streets. a few accidents, one on 32 in eastbound lanes watch for that one at u.s. one blocking the right lane. two city accidents as well north martin luther king jr. boulevard at pennsylvania avenue and
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hillen road at sherman and work on central avenue, al lasanna is closed between exiter and eden . otherwise, 95 and the speeds, 95 southbound slow from approaching the beltway to 895, your average speed about 48 miles per hour. there is a live look at your speeds and your drive times on the beltway, slowest spot right now the west side at 53 miles an hour. there is a live look at the top side looking good at greenspring avenue, same for i-95 at whitemarsh, delays don't begin until the beltway. this is brought by the bob bell automotive group where the ultimate president's day sale is happening in glen burnie and baltimore and bel air. the top of the news this half hour, one of the worst fatal accidents in this state's history a crowd of people blind-sided watching a street race while another one was behind them. one of the drivers will appear
6:32 am
in court. andrea good morning again. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. this crash certainly put a spotlight on the dangers of street racing, but men were charged with vehicular manslaughter. on friday one of them struck a plea deal with prosecutors today the other one will be in court. if >> reporter: it was february 2008 when a crowd of about 50 people gathered on route 210 in accokeek to watch an illegal street race. they had no idea another race was taking place right behind them. soon a crown victoria plowed into the crowd leaving eight people dead. >> my mom, grandfather, when it hit them, all his body pieces just jumped up. >> reporter: police charged two men in the deaths. at first 22-year-old darren bullock insisted he was not racing, surveillance video proved he was behind the wheel. on friday, he accepted a deal pleading guilty to eight counts.
6:33 am
of involuntary manslaughter. the family of some of the victims say bullock has already been through enough trauma. i think in his mind he is in prison now in his heart, he is in prison now he has to talk walk around he has to see this here this, he has to realize that these people are gone. >> reporter: the other man charged 20-year-old tavon taylor appears in court today. >> photos from the factory were pivotal along with the interviews of the people, 75 to 82 interviews that were done i think were a cornerstone of the investigation. >> reporter: bullock's plea deal does not require him to testify against taylor who faces up to 80 years in prison. don back to you. thank you very much, andy a bullock is slated to be sentenced march 1st. we will likely be sentence today 15 years in prison according to his plea bargain.
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two teen brothers that police say set a pit bull on fire in southwest baltimore are expected in court. the two are scheduled to gone lash appear before a judge for unrelated weapons charges, but before the animal abuse charges. the dog was set on fire, the dog later renamed phoenix had to be euthanized. toyota is set to make an announcement about faulty accelerator pedals. toyota is expected to announce it will be shipping parts incoming days directly to dealers of course. the fix will address too much friction, being involved in the accelerator pedals. toyota has been forced to recall more than 4 million trucks and cars in the united states and overseas. in rare cases the pedals get stuck or accelerate on their own causing rapid acceleration almost out of control. some critically wounded patients will be air lifted out of haiti today heading for the united states for treatmentthe
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news comes as a group of americans remains in haitian custody accused of smuggling children out of the country. here is karen brown reporting for wjz. >> reporter: 10 americans remain in haitian custody suspected of an illicit adoption scheme. >> they were doing what they believed was the right thing to do because these kids were indeed orphans. >> reporter: the idaho church members were arrested with the . 33 kids, they thought they had the right paperwork to take them from a haitian orphanage to the dominican republic. >> we were told by a number of people including dominican authorities that we would be able to bring the children across. >> reporter: the efforts come at as increased fears mound over child trafficking. at the orphanage where the kids are staying, some do have families. >> a girl eight or nine years old told us crying, i do have my parents. >> reporter: with thousands of kids believed to be separated or
6:36 am
orphaned in haiti, the u.n. is working to register them placing them in temporary shelters as relief workers try to locate their families. the united nations has launched a new food program in hopes of getting supplies to the most needy. only women allowed to pick up bags of rice there was even singing in the food line. >> all right. >> reporter: the medical crisis also continues. two critically ill kids were air lifted to the u.s. on a private plane four days after military medical evacuations were suspended. >> i'm very, very excited that we're able to get these patients out. >> reporter: under mounting pressure, the white house has decided to resume the air lifts in hopes of saving hundreds more. at the united nations, karen brown, wjz eyewitness news. the ten americans being held will likely go before a justice commission later today. out in los angeles a local
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band hoping for a statue in the national spotlight came up short ♪[ music ] as we showed you on wjz, baltimore based milk shake was up for best musical album for children. ziggy marley won for family time. overall last night was ladies' night, beyonce, taylor swift and lady gaga won multiple awards with beyonce setting a new record. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: beyonce broke records at the 52nd annual grammy awards. she won six grammies, more than any other female artist ever has including best female pop performance and song of the year for single ladies put a range on it. >> this has been such an amazing
6:38 am
night for me, i'd love to thank the grammies. >> reporter: lady gaga opened the ceremony with poker face. ♪[ music ] then teamed with elton john for a due duet of your song. she nabbed two grammies. >> taylor swift continued the trend of female winners, claiming four awards including album of the year. >> we get to take this back to nashville. >> there were quite a few artists taking home multiple awards tonight, jay z, eminem the black eyed peas and maxwell. kings of leon topped several categories including record of the year for use somebody. usher, carrie underwood, smokey robinson paid tribute to michael jackson with a 3d segment. the first in any awards show. >> we will continue to spread his message and help the world. >> reporter: jackson's two oldest children, prince and paris made a rare public appearance to accept a lifetime achievement award to honor their father.
6:39 am
thomas roberts, wjz eyewitness news. and also last night, pink had some jaws dropping with a music performance ripped out of the cirque du soleil performance. she tilled in the air while belting out glitter in the air. mary j blige teamed with andre bocelli to sing bridge over troubled waters. that is for sale on i tunes with all the proceeds going to haitian relief efforts. love is in the air as valentine's day quickly approaches. we want to see photos of the person who makes your heart sing. email us and look for them here as part after big slide show at i enjoyed watching the grammies, i want to know how to get one job, one job in america i want. here was the stage. then you had these two pits
6:40 am
right here and you had all these people who were all night doing this nonsense, here, okay. and it was like who are they? where do they come? and how did they ever get out of there to go to the bathroom? they were stuck in these pits. it was the most distracting thing in the world. you'd be watching a performance and at that point all you'd see, you will see it after the pink thing, all you'll see are these hands going back and forth, it's like what the heck was going on there? coming up here in a second. there you go right there, how do you get that job? you know, here's blige and bocelli doing bridge over troubled water and you're still seeing this. it was like simon and garfunkel, you think michael jackson is pounding the clouds in heaven that his kids were stand interesting without masks on in front of a worldwide audience he tried to protect them from? think about that. >> i think he would have an
6:41 am
opinion. >> for as weird as he may have appeared, he clearly tried to keep his kids out of the spotlight. there they were in the very intimate staples center. >> at least one is over the railing but out of the spotlight. >> what both kids said when they walked off the stage? who were those people doing this? >> and what was the twirling thing? >> it was a chance to look up instead of the people doing this. >> we will keep it going on cbs this morning, the pussycat dolls are coming up, creator, is going to be joining us on coffee with pussycat one of the hottest things in vegas. had a couple hits by the way. i don't know it they've been nominated for a grammy. but they are hot. the ladies who put that team together has an exercise video out. pcd style. we'll explain it all when we come back. sharon has wjz traffic control with your first warning weather, is there going to be a warm up
6:42 am
any time soon? i'll have those answers for you. we're coming right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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19 degrees on tv hill. 61% humidity, the barometer is at 30.31. let's look at temperatures, and cause and effect. 19 downtown and in elk ton, 14 oakland, 25 cumberland, 24 hagerstown and dc, 15 pax river, that's a telling number, 12 in ocean city, ocean city surrounded by water that's a lot warmer than 12 degrees, we're still talking about the upper 30s i guess. kind of like being next to a big space heater having no effect inland in ocean city right now. 18 westminster, 16 bel air, 189 columbia, 30 rock hall, the mid-20s, dc, annapolis and kent island. the westerly breeze at seven, the wind chill is 10 degrees. clear and very cold morning. you lose the clouds overnight, all that heat just escapes all that heat, whatever was hanging around, it's the truth though.
6:46 am
whatever degree was still left straight up into the air and hence a clear and cold morning. by mid week a big dome of high pressure will force the arctic chill well north, that will come at a cost. the high will pump warmer air our way. a snow shower tuesday into wednesday, from the upper 30s into the mid-40s. 38 today, not as cold, plenty of sun around. tonight we cloud up. 16 the overnight low, tomorrow much the same as today, but cloudier with a high of 38 degrees. here comes that warm, humid air. 44 wednesday, 42 thursday, 40 on friday, we could see a couple snow showers on saturday with a high of 35 degrees. don take it away. thank you very much. will weather will you be a slow motion driver this morning? here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> we have a few troubles, including a new one on 97 this latest accident is in the southbound lanes at crane highway. watch for an accident 32
6:47 am
eastbound approaching u.s. one. north martin luther king jr. boulevard at pennsylvania avenue, we have that utility work going on in the city on central avenue. allasanna is closed between exiter and eden . southbound 95 slow between 895 and the beltway. 50 miles per hour with a three minute drive time. west side slowing a bit more between 795 and 95 with the average speed down to 51 miles per hour. there is a live look at that delay at liberty road. there is a look at the delay at 95 and 32 because of that accident on 32. and traffic right now being held on 895 southbound at the harbor tunnel due to a disabled vehicle. they should release that shortly. there traffic report is brought by bob bell automotive group where the ultimate president's day sale is happening all month long, glen burnie baltimore, bel air and robin enton the creator of the pussycat dolls.
6:48 am
the satellite is provided by hankerbay entertainment. >> robin, welcome of the eyewitness news morning edition. it's great to have you here. >> thank you for the applause, i love it! we're going to get the pussycat dolls workout. tell folks where they can get it. every once in a while when you're driving to work, do you ever think to yourself, man, i created something that's become icon ic? >> i do, i mean a lot of people remind me of it, a lot of people remember when the pussycat dolls first started it was in a little nightclub at the viper room in hollywood and you know, there was the e true hollywood story that exposed the real story. you know, still to this day when i here don't ya on the radio or see the workout dvd, i'm like
6:49 am
wow people even though who the pussycat dolls are? it's 15 years ago, i'm very proud. >> do you ever run into anybody who said hey you're just a loon, get out of here, you're crazy? you ever run into them now? if dow are you cordial? >> well, there is certainly, there is a few of those people out there that may think that it's too sexy or you know, we have run across that kind of stuff, but i think for the most part, there is a reason the pussycat dolls are successful, because it's empowering for women, women love it because you know we have inside every woman is a pussycat doll. and maybe inside every man depending on, you know, who they are and -- >> i always thought i had a feminine side to me, wow! >> hey, but you know what is great, honestly what is great about this workout dvd is it is for women and men because it's, you know, it's strong. it is empowering and, you know,
6:50 am
it's great for like moms and daughters because, you know, the moms want to feel like a pussycat doll and feel that sexy inner doll and the little girls want to be pussycat dolls. and you know, i always say when you're 18 you can audition to be a pussycat doll. for men it's great, there is hip hop inspired choreography in this dvd which makes it that stronger kind of vibe, you know. but it's easy, i mean i teach this choreography in a very easy, simple way so everyone can learn it. you know, it's designed for people that want to know how to dance, but don't want to go to a dance class. it's so intimidating. this way you can do it in the privacy of your own home, in the comfort of your own home and go at your own pace. >> when you do it yourself, do you sweat through the whole thing? is it that invigorating? >> absolutely. you can do -- if you only have
6:51 am
five minutes of your day, you can take the dvd and do this, do the warm up. even the warm up makes you sweat and makes you have that invigorating kind of feeling. and then you can like i said you can go at your own pace, so you can learn just the breakdown meaning, you know, when i break down the actual choreography, however long it takes, once you learn that, whether it's a day or year, you get to the performance part, whatever time that is, it's your own time. >> i just -- go ahead. >> do you sit there on the couch and watch the whole dvd. >> or you watch it like -- it's great for men, you can just watch and its sexy. >> i have to tell you we only have 30 seconds, this dawned on me, you must be in hard body shape because you are the creator of the pussycat dolls. if you're not really, the pressure is on. who is that person over there? she invented the pussycat dolls? no kidding, really? i don't think so.
6:52 am
>> that girl? yeah. yeah. you're so right. i mean honestly like i have to work hard. that's another reason why i wanted to do this. i actually really do it. you can ask anyone in my life. i do it every day and it does work and i've noticed such a difference in my body you know. but yeah, it is a lot of pressure. i walk in the room and it's like oh, i want people to say oh of course. you know of course she's a pussycat doll. >> your camera person let's see the abs. >> do i look like a pussycat doll? >> you make any pussycat doll i've ever seen look like a pig. >> listen, you guys are funny. >> this is available at walmart, target. >> amazon. >> get it off amazon for sure. >> best buy, yeah. >> listen, we have to run. thank you for being with us, continued success, i mean it asks. >> thank you very much you guys. that was fun. >> the pussycat dolls workout
6:53 am
video. what the heck? why not. richard simmons eat your heart out. >> we're taking a break coming right back. first warning weather. sharon's traffic right after this.
6:54 am
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four and a half till 7:00. updates from sharon and marty with first warning weather. we're going to have a high temperature of right around 38 degrees, clear and cold, you bet. 38 later. right now it's in the upper teens with a wind chill in the upper single digits.
6:56 am
now on this cold morning over to sharon gibala with wjz traffic control. >> we still have a few accidents on major roadways 97 southbound at crane highway, the other one on 32 eastbound at route one. there is a live look at the west side of the beltway. delays in place now, 795 to baltimore national pike, standard there. it look at the delays on 32 because of that accident at route one. this traffic report is brought by bill's carpet fair. warehouse hardware, laminate too, bill's has it all. back over to you, don. that ramp looks like a parking lot. stay with wjz 13 maryland's news station, complete news, weather and traffic still ahead this morning. also coming up the pedal problems, toyota announces plans to deal with its unprecedented recall. they made some sort of announcement just 25 minutes ago. our friends at cbs will have more on it for you in a moment. that's what it looks like at three minunu,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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