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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 25, 2009 6:14pm-7:00pm EDT

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coming up with ways to make sure their families are
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properly cared for here at home. >> order, arms! >> reporter: no matter how much a soldier believes in their mission. this moment is never easy. >> reporter: so consider the overholsters predicament. mom is in the army. her unit is going to iraq. >> i'm feeling happy. >> happy because dad will be there to look after her. right? >> surely, you must be taking care of elena. >> no. i'm actually going with her. >> you heard right. they're in the same reserve yiewnlt. they admit to -- unit. >> they admit to a moment of panic when they were both called up. >> who is going to watch the baby. >> reporter: you're looking at him. retired gunnery sergeant. elena knows him as grandpa. >> she is probably still young
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enough where she won't remember it. >> you always will. >> yeah, i will miss her like crazy. and i'm always going to mississippiing out on -- miss out on some of the things. >> i'm lucky enough to be to take a year off and come up here and watch my granddaughter, who i love dearly. >> reporter: he admits, this assignment may be the toughest deployment of his life. >> made a wise choice by letting me watch their daughter, my granddaughter. >> just gotta do what you dolta -- gotta do, i guess. >> so this is the last day they will hold each other. >> my baby. >> reporter: now, with the internet, facebook, you tube and picture phones, these families will be able to talk to each other on a regular basis. in dundalk, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. back to you now on tv hill. >> the 200 members of the 392nd signal battalion will spend the
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next 80 days preparing for iraq by training as a unit in washington state. in tonight's healthwatch report, hundreds of feet will pound the pavement tomorrow in the great prostate cancer challenge. suzanne collins explains, treatments now being tested could help patients avoid unpleasant side effects. [ siren ] >> people will be putting their running shoes to good use tomorrow, in the great prostate cancer challenge. the dollars raised go to further research into the disease that for many is the second leading cause of death. there will be screenings available. because if detected, the prognosis is good. >> treatments now looks like it cures me. so i'm grateful to be here. and help other men go ahead and get tested and be checked out. very important. >> reporter: while treatments are usually successful, the side effects aren't easy. with surgery or radiation, control over urination could be lost. and sexual function dimib minished -- diminished.
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>> certainly, we'd love to avoid that in the first place. and there are a number of possible treatments coming down the road. some of them are available in the u.s. some of them not quite yet. >> one of them is cryotherapy, or freezing, which has become much more advanced. showing much promise, limiting the side effects involving ultrasound. >> reporter: most involve careful removal of a tumor. but mris and cat scans can't locate the cells. >> reporter: there is another unusual option for people with prostate cancer. they may not be treated at all, but instead, monitored with blood tests, exams and biopsies to see if it's progressed dangerously. >> probably six out of seven people that have prostate cancer end up dying of something else. and that's a complex issue to sort of deal with. it means that a lot of patients may not need treatment. >> reporter: tomorrow's run may help doctors learn more and patients suffer less. suzanne collins, wjz eyewitness
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news. >> and the great prostate challenge continues this weekend as part of wjz's continuing community commitment. make sure you come out for the great prostate cancer challenge. it's tomorrow, saturday, at st. joseph medical center. and for more information, log onto >> should be pretty good in the morning. >> weather in the morning. should be pleasantux great. -- pleasant. great. don't expect to see any rain until later in the day on saturday. probably in the upper 50s. >> right now, we're at 70 east. southeast winds at 6. barometer, rising now. low dew point. low humidity. but that's going to change by tomorrow. have a look at the weekend forecast right after this.
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okay. the weekend is here. we'll get the book festival tomorrow. the prostate challenge. and the football game. >> in the morning, things should be fine. by later in the afternoon tomorrow, that's when we expected the rain to move in. and tomorrow night, looks quite wet into early sunday morning. it's possible the rain might get out of here by 8:00 or 9:00. at the latest, maybe 12:00, or 1:00 on sunday afternoon. it's going to be a cooler saturday. a little warmer by sunday afternoon. take a look at temperatures around the region now. very pleasant afternoon.
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70 now. oakland at 60. ocean city at 71. dew point still low. dry air. that's what gave us sunshine in the afternoon. early morning rain. quickly down to the south. airport officials had 3/100ths of an inch. a little more to the north and west. hagerstown, about 11/100ths. northern sections of baltimore, carroll, and harford county, had about 10 to 13/100ths of an inch of rain. winds coming out of the east, as you can see, off the atlantic ocean, keeping us cool, keeping us actually, with clouds around the region. they will be on the increase tomorrow afternoon and will lower and thicken. that's when we expect the rain break. the storm and the rain we had this morning now has moved off to the south and southeast. high pressure over eastern portions of canada, pushed it down to the south. see the sun clearing skies to the north. that's why we have nice weather right now. look out to the west. already gathering a lot of
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moisture. from let's say central ohio to southwest virginia, some rain. this will become one big lump or area of rain tomorrow, as it heads across the mountains. it's moving to the east and northeast at around 17 to 20 miles an hour. if you time it out sometime tomorrow afternoon, we'll show you a change of rain coming in. it will be over, hopefully by sunday, early morning. and then clearing, dryer conditions moving into the afternoon. east winds picking up on the bay. and small craft advisory out there. gusts maybe as high as 20. bay temp now around 73 degrees. so tonight, let's call it partly -- occasionally, mostly cloudy. cool, 53. and that's normal. thin tomorrow-- then, clouds tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow's high only at 65. improving conditions on sunday afternoon, just in time for the ravens here. >> that's good. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. caught on tape. a man eating dinner suddenly
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jumps up and opens fire on a passing car. more scrutiny for acorn. following the release of a hidden camera video. fight the flu. why some are reporting a shortage of one treatment. this is mark viviano. the experts say the ravens are a shoo-in to win. we'll hear from coach john harbaugh. and nascar boys take on the monster at dover. that's ahead when eyewitness news continues. ñ?ñ?
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it is just before 6:30. 74 degrees and partly cloudy. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz. here are some of the things people are talking about tonight. a surprise announcement from president obama at the g20 in pittsburgh. the spot light is now on iran, which is keeping more nuclear secrets. president obama made the accusations iran has been hiding a nuclear facility. he demanded that the iranian
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government allow the u.n. inside immediately. >> iranian will be held accountable to international standards and international law. >> reporter: the u.s. has been monitoring the secret site for years. says it's not large enough yet, but enough to enrich uranium for one or two bombs. in an interview with time magazine, president mahmoud ahmadinejad said he is under no obligation to tell the u. u.. about -- u.n. about every project. >> reporter: but between the protestoss the streets here, the financial work has been largely overshadowed. >> reporter: protestors have done as promised here. they have been mostly peaceful, but at times, disrupting the city, with noisy demonstrations that have lid to dozens of arrests. >> reporter: the city has responded with a giant show of force. >> i'm more intimidated by
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police, obviously, than other people that i'm marching with. >> reporter: the g20 leaders were marching ahead more quietly. they touched on the thorny question of how to put limit thes on bankers-- limits on bankers' salaries. and they promised a new era of economic cooperation. >> reporter: in pittsburgh, teri okita, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, u.s. intelligence believes the facility is on a military base, which could undermine iran's iran's contention that the plant was designed for offenses. on way for conspiracy charges. they say najibullah zazi got explosive training. he was arrested in colorado and was indicted in federal court in new york. federal agents from denver to new york are searching for possible accomplices. supreme court justice ruth bader gins burg was -- gins burg was back at work today. after spending the night in the
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hospital. the 76-year-old was getting treatment for anemia. she was taken to the hospital and kept overnight as a precaution. she underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer. a 14-year-old girl is on life alert tonight after she contracts swine flu. some areas, pharmacies are reporting a shortage. tamiflu. manuel gallegus has more in tonight's flu watch report. >> reporter: the food and drug administration is warning about possible errors when it comes to doses of liquid tamiflu. both prescriptions are usually if teaspoons. but tamiflu is dosed in milligrams. >> so parents, if their child is prescribed tamiflu by a pediatrician, need to double- and triple check the amount they are giving their child with the pharmacist and if possible, the pediatrician to make sure it's the right dose.
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>> reporter: in some areas, pharmacies are hitting low. the makers are now advising pharmacies how to grind up the adult version to produce a liquid form for children. >> i will stay later and make up a couple more pint bottles. so people can come in and get it and not have to wait for us to make it at that time. >> reporter: the drug maker confirms there is a shortage of the version. but says it is shifting its focus on pills, which are made easier. >> reporter: tamiflu is the most prescribed. the world health organization reports that only 28 patients worldwide had swine flu viruses that were resistant to tamiflu. experts want to make sure the drug is not overprescribed, losing its effectiveness. >> that, in turn, can lead to viral illnesses. and could would potentially become resistant. >> health experts stress that
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vaccinations are your best form of protection. the first vaccinations for the seasonal flu are available now. h1n1 is expected to be available later in the season. >> and wjz 13 is always on. and check in for complete flu watch coverage. for updates and important information on the h1n1 virus, log onto new developments in the controversy surrounding embattled activist community group, acorn. the group sparked outrage after video surfaced of acorn giving tax advice. according to some republicans, acorn appears to be collecting charitable contributions and using that money for lobbying and political activity. acorn's ceo denies those allegations. a mortgage scheme, involving millions of dollars in property in a washington d.c. suburb. 20 northern virginia residents were arrested. and investigators say as many as 30 homes are involved.
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they say they used straw buyers to fraudulently obtain loans they never would have qualified for. properties were sold and resold within the alleged ring. a ticking time bomb could be under your street. on average, at least one water main breaks every day in the baltimore region. tonight, exposing maryland's crumbling infrastructure, the growing problem that is putting us all in danger. >> reporter: nearly killing drivers and costing homeowners millions. watermain breaks are happening at an alarming rate. for the baltimore area since 2000. in timonium, one line is snapped teferl time -- several times. in april, a 100-year-old pipe ruptured. another shut down amtrak service in halethorpe. and now, the worst break in recent history, when a pipe
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with a known design defect, ruptured in dundalk, leaving more than 100 homes in water. >> it blew out the bottom. >> reporter: carl lost everything in his finished basement. and like many of his neighbors, his insurance company will not cover the losses. but he's not only upset with his adjustor. >> i blame the government. they should have told this community about that situation. so we could have at least had the proper insurance? >> should the city be warning people to be getting flood insurance, even if they live in an area that doesn't normally flood. >> reporter: guaranteed to affect so many. >> how many of those miles are in danger? >> well, remember, most of those were built when the city was built. so you're going to see many more of these occur in the next couple of years. >> reporter: that's why baltimore requested $700 million in stimulus money for water projects. but they only got $12 million.
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a drop in the bucket. >> that money should have went to those pipes. >> did the government just give the insurance company $7 million? how did i get the money to fix mine? the insurance companies have it, but they're not passing it out to people. >> reporter: illustrating his case with exclusive pictures of the dundalk damage shot by wjz in sky eye chopper 13. >> this is a bipartisan effort as it should be. >> reporter: but with a soaring national deficit, spippedding bar -- spending bar has become highly political. >> how much would the city need? >> about $2 billion. >> $2 billion? >> that's our estimate. >> reporter: is there way to raise that money here locally, without help from the federal government? >> absolutely not. our ratepayers can't afford to pay that kind of money. >> reporter: but ratepayers also say they can't afford the government's inaction. >> they just going to wait for these pipes to keep bursting and then the next community down the road has to deal with this? good luck. good luck.
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in addition to all of the drinking water flowing through our system, baltimore city also treats about 250 million gallons of waste water daily. from 1.6 million people in the metropolitan area. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. they want to cap the amount of overtime city employees can earn. a new housing report raises serious issues in the baltimore area. and why the rider wood elementary school community is rallying around one employee. for these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. still to come on wjz's eyewitness news. high-flying heist. new information on a daring crime involving a helicopter. >> disturbing crime. a robbery suspect opens fire in a bank. see what happens. i'm bob turk in the first warning weather center. looking at your weekend.
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>> and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for updates on the day's news and the updated forecast, log onto epepeqgpepepepb÷
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newly released video shows a brazen bank robber wanted for
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the murder of a security guard. it shows the gunman brandishing a handgun and robbing a teller. police say the same suspect could be a cold-blooded killer last friday, when he killed an armored guard, working to fill an atm. a bizarre shooting caught on tape. an 18-year-old was eating at a fast food restaurant, when he exchanged word with three people in a car, and fired seven shots. but instead of leaving, the teen calmly sat down for his meal. it's a heist right out of the movies. thieves lowered from helicopters. a huge cash grab and an oddacious plot twist. >> 5:00 a.m. early on a dark, stockholm morning. police rush in to set up a property around a suspected robbery in process. a helicopter hovers overhead. the target, a debow, with huge
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amounts of cash. no one would say exactly how much. was being held. awaiting distribution to stockholm's atm machine. it looked like a commando operation. the helicopter had been stolen from a local airport. the thieves were lowered on ropes onto the roof of the building. the few eyewitnesses said they heard the robbers blast their way in. fearing the thieves were heavily armed, the first wave of police were instructed to wait for a s.w.a.t. team to arrive. but the crooks were way ahead of them. hauling their take back onto the waiting helicopter and making good their escape. when police tried to get their own helicopter in the air to pursue the robbers, they were foiled when they discovered a package, reportedly labeled "bomb, lying next to the aircraft they wanted to use. they decided not to risk it. the thieves' helicopter was found abandoned sometime later. the perpetrators had vanished, along with the money. they left no trail. just a lot of embarrassed police in their wake.
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>> a reward of $7 mill -- 7 million swedish cronar, or about a million dollars, is being offered for any suspects or if they are led to the money. a deadly viis killing salmon. and that's causing problems on dinner tables here in the u.s. what can be done to end the crisis? tonight only on the cbs evening news. >> thanks, katie. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back.
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a pleasant friday evening, across the region. a live look outside. rain is moving this way, however. will the weekend be with a wash -- be a washout? meteorologist tim williams has a look at the five-day forecast. but we begin with bob who is tracking the tropics. >> it's the new tropical depression way out in the atlantic, which will not affect any land masses. that's the good news. by monday, a remnant low. winds now at 35. but because it's so far out in the atlantic, about 500 miles. it will not affect any land masses or anybody. and that's the good news.
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as far as tomorrow's forecast, tim has a look at your saturday. >> reporter: as bob mentioned, we do have rain moving in this direction. tomorrow, we'll start to see the clouds thicken. we'll see temperatures at 54 degrees with even peeks of sun. then we'll see the clouds thicken through the day. daytime highs, staying in the mid- to upper 60s. depending how far south in the area. with a chance of pretty heavy rain in the overnight hours. and that rain is going to be belingering, -- be lingering through the day. monday afternoon, a front comes through. 76. and then a brief shower. maybe a thundershower. and then breezy and turning chilly again. 68. sunny to partly sunny skies on tuesday and wednesday. upper 60s. 40s in many suburban areas. tuesday and wednesday night.
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all right. cleveland browns, coming to town for game three. >> with a little turmoil. what fun this is. the ravens say they expect a fight when they meet the cleveland browns sunday. today, the browns were fighting themselves. after their practice in cleveland this afternoon, rookie defense is back. cory francis threw a punch at teammate, abram elam in the locker room. the punch did not connect. the skirmish was a result of franceis being angry about a prank.
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all was calm in owings mills, where the ravens had the final practice to prepare for the browns. coach john harbaugh is confident that his guys will take nothing for granted, regarding sunday's opponeementent. -- opponent. >> the browns are capable of being a leading team. you listen to those guys talk. that's what they're telling you. but i think they have every intention of putting it on sunday. and it's our job to make sure it doesn't happen. just like it's their job they make sure they can play as well as they can play. we know we'll get the very best browns on sunday. >> tight end, lj smith did complete a full week of practice. it is possible he could suit up for the first time on sunday. linebacker jared johnson was among those. he has ray shoulder injury. and you can still see the ravens and browns here on wjz. coverage kicks off at 1:00. it is a cleveland-baltimore sports exchange weekend, while the browns come here. the orioles are on the road in cleveland. that's tonight, starting a
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three-game series. starting a series. and both teams starting to stop losing streaks. rookie david hernandez is the pitcher tonight. facing indians pitcher fausto carmona, who will help in an 11- game losing streak. first pitch in about 10 minutes on masn. nascar race for the championship continues on sunday at the monster mile. mark martin silent leader in the pack in the chase. he won in new hampshire. he's the 4-time winner in dover. he's looking to taking on the monster. >> dover is one of my favorite racetracks on the whole circuit. really have been blessed with a lot of great race cars there. the cars really seem to run good there. and allen and our team were really excited about getting there. >> reporter: jimmie johnson was the fastest qualified. ryan newman, third.
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they will run 400 miles on sunday. in golf. in atlanta. tiger woods began the day, one shot behind the leader, sean o'hare. tiger sets his sights on the lead-in. with shots like this, he's on his way. second shot. par 4, 16th. happy landing. woods sets up a birdie, right? but he follows the good with uncharacterric bad. -- characteristic bad. final stop. laurel park. keep an eye on the left side of the screen. for an incredible comeback charge down the stretch in today's fifth race. fantastic peace finds an extra gear under jockey louie garcia. they will finish five across at the wire. but fantastic pete getting a nose out front. a 30-1 long shot goes from last to first to win the fifth race at laurel. jim mckay, maryland millionaire day at laurel tomorrow.
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don't miss the cbs primetime tonight at 10:00. >> for bob and mark, i'm denise
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koch. don't go away, much more ahead on the cbs evening news with katie couric, including an exclusive >> couric: tonight, the u.s. and its allies expose a secret iranian nuclear facility and warn tehran to come clean or else. >> the international community i think has spoken. it is now up to iran to respond. >> couric: i'm katie couric. also tonight, a nightmare for parents. >> we're here to talk about a very difficult and a very personal subject. >> couric: a fertility clinic admits mislabeling dozens of frozen embryos. now parents are asking whether they have the right children. and americans camping out, but it's no vacation, it's the only home they can afford. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric.
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>> couric: good evening, everyone. the g-20 summit in pittsburgh opened today with a surprise announcement: president obama told the world iran has been concealing another nuclear facility in vacation of international law. officials say it's about the right size for produceing nuclear weapons. iran has always insisted its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. the facility is located understood ground near qom, about 100 miles southwest of tehran. president vowed iran will be held accountable. we have reports tonight from


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