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tv   Fox 8 News at 400AM  FOX  February 24, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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regencies have now joined the search first met anyone with information should call police. the city of cleveland large apartmenthe and is safe to use the problem has been noticed an insect communities officials say it's foreman of the main going undergoing scheduled repairs.f time not is 46:00 a.m. after nearly 30 years ofrs cleveland restaurant will be closing its doors for goodcl where the diner on clifton will beer heavy rainfall is going to be a
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very shallow anderson there
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let's start with scott sabol. good morning. check it out. this is the storm for the back edge of the snow. this is why it's so difficult because we're not anticipating anye're anderson there shall anderson there hall as we look at our current temperatures. chagrin falls out 37 and barberton. we're going to take a look care weight up into the upper midwest.
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going to start to track through western ohio the movement on the warmth as the temperatures will start to climbw the dividing line by early evening will be rightd through toledo and finley. that will continue through early spring night tonight. temperature difference will be significant the wentzel cussed at 35 miles per hour everything will start to shift overnight tonight temperatures orft south of new philly could be well into the 50s. b sandusky into new philly later l on this afternoon rainfall projections massive amounts of rain about 1-1 a half inches off
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midnight tonight that we start to see theni transition go from rain to wet snow predawn tomorrow morning.or test going to continue as temperatures falloi for the lordlo cooler withr her. the winterr. weather advisory whichth is issued for lorraine's county's west where we could see pretty good snow accumulation. again we've adjusted those numbers just a little as we move the snow out of here pretty quick which is a tape temperatures stayed in the 80s temperatures on friday and ouran next chance of snow won't be
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fox 8 school is your officialou school closing station. >> are still on the same down here. please be careful out there this is for 80 at granger there were some flashing lights writinght along in the berm. they have heard of anythingng ass it continues to rain we have aav reminder that if those are on
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disjunct yesterday. big changes are coming to a popular restaurant on the defenders website they've been without a lease for more than a decade without landlord planning
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just taking the time the diner's owner says the new location will feature more dining space butut downtown casino will also the rewards program today is dick goddard's 85th birthday. theyrt are sending their petp photos and as part of this photop
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choose see you kids how ball out
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34 degrees here at fox 8 the rain has weekend here in cleveland.rere the winds are going to pick up temperatures in new philly out 40. move supern post the temperatures further south little cooler to the west south new philly could afternoonto the winds are picking out of the northeast later onla this afternoon this is justs today we are anticipating all rain through at least the middle
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anticipating any snow until tomorrow. average temperature is around 47 and will be 38-43 norwalk and middle 50s south of canton. as we take a peek at 71 is you had towards the turnpike is also a pickoff. big it was desperately to the camera ina a peek at 71 and for
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without raven get away from the browns here's john intelligent witht the rest of your wednesday morning sports. top of that wednesday it may be tough for them to agree pay the servicesy of he's telling them to say that the two says talked for a while for could not agree tog terms use looking forward to speaking with interested teams at the appropriate times this means ifti you will be testing the free agency waters.
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guide to watch is carson went. the complaint cavaliers get backt on the court tonight they are two different things i probably
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activate my legs.p impressive and many starts for the indians including the nightni he took a no-hitter to the last out of the game.-h he likes said he's giving him more freedom.
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sleep in tightness in his back will help modules issued a statementwi keep it right here for much more fox 8 news in the morning including weather and
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no snow today we should be upp into the 40s a few spots south of canton. that will be short-lived as we look at the rotation you can see what's happening hereat is doing for kindness slow down thedo


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