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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a commissioner in tr >> i feel better than i was before the accident. jonathan: he is much better and home in time for christmas. a young boy who was accidentally shot by his neighbor. alison: a d.c. official charged.
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hear what happened during the arrest. jonathan: and what did they know and when? charges of grade fixing at one of the district's largest gold districts. charges are they knew more than a year ago. what are you looking forward to waking up to christmas morning? >> some gifts. alison: a young boy gets the ultimate gift. he is home in time for christmas. you may remember caleb, the prince george's county boy fighting for his life. jonathan: it is nice to see him smiling and talking. two weeks ago he was accidentally shot. anna-lysa gayle has the story. caleb left children's
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ready for the long road ahead. some are calling it a christmas miracle. it's amazing to see his progress since he was accidentally shot december 5. for the first time, 11-year-old caleb is able to watch one of his favorite tv shows in his home. >> i feel better than i was before the accident. hea-lysa: the last few weeks has spent time at children's hospital where he had several life-saving surgeries. camemergency procedures after his neighbor accidentally shot him in the chest in suit linda. caleb and his dad have forgiven the neighbor. >> i know he did not mean to do it. anna-lysa: caleb is now able to walk around his house, but his dad says he still has to relearn many things. >> he has lost the ability to feed himself. it tears me up
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because i'm hurting for him but am also trying to be strong for him. anna-lysa: this holiday season, mark has already received the best present he could ask for. >> i'm grateful he is here for christmas. anna-lysa: what are you looking forward to christmas morning. abc 7 news. -- christmas morning? >> a tree and some gifts. anna-lysa: caleb is a huge wizards fan and is looking forward to playing on the court again after several therapy sessions. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. jonathan: so nice to see the smile on his face. take a good look at this sketch. the police say this is the guy who raped a woman while she was loading a car in arlington. he attacked her at her car at the village at shirlington november 2. he sexually assaulted her and took off. to get another look at that sketch, if you recognize
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hear from you. alison: new details of the arrest of a d.c. anc commissioner charged with dui. -- stopped by but prince george's county police last night. lindsey mastis is at the live desk with the details. lindsey: court documents say that paul tranthum used foul language, urinated on a floor, and barricaded himself into a room. tonight, video of his arrest. >> sir, let me come inside. ]> [beep, lindsey: he is telling a different story this afternoon. >> i don't know if i used the n-word. look how many
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what man would come in there and pull another man off a seat? that was the most embarrassing, humiliating thing any officer could do. said he was in the bathroom and couple minutes, only had a couple beers. the police say that he refused a breathalyzer. the commissioner has mentioned suing. alison: six american university students face 126 counts each after an underage drinking party busted at a home in bethesda. the alcohol content inside of the home was so strong that it registered on a breathalyzer. the six teenagers are all members of a fraternity and they could each face $315,000 in fines. jonathan: a fast-moving fire left dozens homeless for the holidays in prince george's county. in
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this case come it does not appear anybody called 911 right away. firefighters said they were called to late to the blaze at hillcrest heights and once they got there they ran out of water. >> there was like people screaming, then the fire trucks started coming and everybody tried to get out of the building , debris was falling down. it was really sad. jonathan: five people were treated for smoke inhalation. dozen homes were destroyed. the red cross is stepping in to help the families that have been displaced. this was the view from sky track 7 at an auto shop fire in landover. it was smoke on columbia park road. later, fire was busting through the roof near the chevrolet metro station. we are told that one person was injured, expected to be ok. fire officials said this was sparked by a car that was being worked on in the garage at the time. bill: strai
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numbers, boy, it is a mild evening. 40's,., chevy chase upper haymarket at 50 degrees. it is a very warm evening this time of year. low 60's out in the today with widespread areas in the upper 40's, mid and low 50's. we are far from freezing certainly within the beltway and the district. a few clouds hanging out, keeping the temperature at bay. heading out in the morning, 5:00 a.m., still 47 degrees. 9:00 in the morning, 46, sunrise at 7:23. a very interesting video to show you from this day eight years ago coming up. theon: new questions about grade fixing scandal at prince urges county schools. who knew what and when. new documents claim that school officials knew about the problem more than a year ago and did not do anything to stop it. >>
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public and you were lying. you are disgusting. alison: tom roussey is live in upper marlboro with more. tom? tonight was supposed to be about moving forward, how to fix the grade fixing allegations, but it also became about the past, specifically this audit from last year. there was an audit released last month that found there were problems with prince george's county schools, specifically some students having their grades changed very late in the school year, others graduating when they should not have been. a new audit released tonight from may 2016 shows the school system had found some of the same problems then. led some board members to ask, why has nothing been done until now? >> in 2016, this administration received this report showing we
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did not meet the basic requirements and our records were fully maintained. our question is, why do you maintain you do not know anything about it? >> it is an internal audit. it is others who are responsible for tracking the response to the audits. i don't respond to every single audit. there are thousands of audits done in the district every year. tom: as far as moving forward, ceo kevin maxwell recommended among other things limiting access to grades among school staff. only a few staff at each school would have access to student grades. it also recommended more monitoring of grade changes and he also wants more training for school staff that handles student records. live in upper marlboro, tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: right now we are waiting on the senate to vote on the republican tax bill tonight. it is expected to narrowly pass, but it w
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the president's desk yet because of a procedural holdout. house voted to approve the plan earlier on party lines, but a snag in the senate, democrat saying three provisions are against senate rules, so now the house is expected to re-vote on the revised version tomorrow morning. both houses are expected to pass this, but it will take longer. >> it will increase paychecks and take-home pay. that i believe will be very popular. jonathan: that is the republicans version. polls show the bill is deeply unpopular. most believe the cuts will benefit the rich and businesses. and the balance of power in the state of virginia could be determined by just one vote. one. a recount and a house race in newport news gave the democratic candidate a one vote lead. if democrats with a seat, it means the house would be split evenly, 50/50. provisional ballots still have to be counted. al
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alison: an amtrak engineer may have been distracted before the deadly derailment in washington state. a federal officials said there was an employee in training sitting next to the operator. the train was going 80 miles per hour. at the speed limit on that stretch of track was just 30. legs and i reached down and shook one. she shook back. i said are you all right? she said i think so. track sectionw was equipped with a safety system designed to take over if engineers do not respond, but it had not been activated yet. jonathan: a bus carrying sightseers to miami ruins in mexico flipped over and killed a number of people. , buter bus solid swerving 18 people were seriously hurt and 12 people were killed on their way to mayan
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mexican officials say that seven americans are among those injured. the dead have not been identified. passengers from two real caribbean cruise ships were on board the bus. eyewitnesses said they saw the bus swerving all over. the fbi is investigating a fire and power outage that followed up at the world's busiest airport sunday. there has been no sign of foul play or terror-related issues to blame for the outage. georgia power said it appears that it was an equipment malfunction that sparked a fire that knocked out the airport's primary and backup power system for 11 hours. alison: 7 on your side with health matters and an incredible new record. the longest known frozen human embryo had a successful birth. emma wren was born
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last month from an embryo that was frozen in 1992. her mother was only 25 when she got pregnant and was a little shocked. >> if this embryo was born what it was supposed to have been, we could have been best friends. alison: emma's parents say they just feel blessed to be parents, world record or not. santa's elves are not the only overtime this holiday season. shipping companies are working around the clock to get last-minute cards and gifts under the tree and time. jay korff got a rare look inside of a u.s. postal service center in our area in the busiest week of the year. jay: u.s. postal service workers with the help of state-of-the-art technology. >> it processes 31,000 letters omitted. jay: working around the clock at the distribution center in gaithersburg. >>
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jay: to make sure that your holiday card gets to its destination on time. this is a rare look inside of the process center. >> this is our busiest week of the year, by far. jay: this week the postal service will process some 3,000,001st-class letters. on this night alone, workers will handle 1.2 million letters in this facility. -- the postal service will process some 3 million first-class letters. >> it means a lot to help people celebrate the holidays. jay: to get your letter to its destination by christmas day, it has to go priority mail by wednesday. jay korff, abc 7 news. busyhan: while it is a week for shipping companies, it is also a busy week for shipping scams. fedex is warning against people using their brand to steal your
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delivery problems, notification, and uses the fedex logo. when you click on the link, bad things happen. malware infects your computer. if you get that email, deleted, do not open it, don't let your kids open it, don't forward it. fedex says if you forwarded to them they will investigate. you may be gearing up for christmas celebrations, but one mexican -- one michigan town it is christmas year-round. alison: the town of christmas has a population of about 1,100 but i have holiday spirit all year long and of course a standing outside of his very own workshop. bill: fun stuff. speaking of christmas, look at this video from eight years ago today. a lot of snow on this particular day. the high temperature was only 29. the snow stuck around and was here until christmas,
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december 19, some of these numbers. on this day today, back in 2009. 15 inches of snow. the day before was a record snowfall for the day, ever good snowfall for the month of december, in the third snowiest day we ever had. but that is totally different from what we had today. today, no were new to the record, but way above average. hagerstown,derick, right around 52. a very mild night. that is region-wide. detroit, chicago, buffalo, these numbers are above freezing, 62 right now around charlottesville. we have a cold front that will
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that is about it. notice the green on the map back to the west. --ough tomorrow morning tonight, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. the shower stay off to the south. expected to be partly to mostly cloudy the first part of the day. clouds thicken up the first part of the day. shower stay to the south. the temperatures stay mild, but it will be cooler. generally all the precipitation will stay to the south. thursday, another sunny day in store. extremely 37 to 45, mild this time of year. the normal high is 46. tomorrow, 50 degrees, partly to mostly cloudy. cooler, still mild. looking ahead, the all-important seven-day forecast, we have rain late friday to saturday, 52.
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alison: these are the kind of stories that capture the spirit of christmas. in colorado it is spreading the holidays for children in the hospital. he donated 3000 toys at the local children's hospital, all of it in memory of his brother who battled cancer in the same hospital. made meg diego in pain wonder what these kids were going through, like to the have to stay here through the holidays, and i thought they deserved a smile and that little ray of sunshine in their life. alison: so nice. the hospital we use the
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celebrate christmas, birthdays, -- will use the toys to celebrate christmas, birthdays, and holidays throughout the year. jonathan: very nice to see, one kid making a difference like that. alison: hi, erin. erin: the wizards try to bounce back tonight at home against the pelicans.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the wizards' main objective is consistency right now. washington is not where it wants to be in the eastern conference, and tonight they looked to get back on track against the pelicans. john wall got off to a great start, draining three 3, 14 points overall in the first. the second half belonged to bradley beal. dribbles through traffic, sticks the foul line jumper. the was or its cruised -- the wizards cruise to the victory. the capitals of the road in dallas. in the second, 2-1 stars, dmitry orlov, check out the awesome toe drag move. we are tied at 2-2. going to overtime,
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top shelf for the game-winner. washington wins, 4-3. another winning story, the redskins may not be playoff-bound, but three of their players have earned trips to the pro bowl. trent williams, ryan kerrigan were named starters, and brandon scherff was named as a reserve. josh norman and zach brown are also alternates. milestones in women's college basketball. head coach geno arrieta of yukon of north carolina -- uconn won
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bill: come say hi tomorrow night. we are on the go at the winter walk of lights
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, live on the shows, having a good time. jonathan: jimmy kimmel is next.
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