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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 15, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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the capitol police for their response to the shooting. for bernie sanders it hit closer to home. it is believe the alleged shooter volunteered on his presidential campaign. >> i am sickened by this despicable act. real change can only come about through nonviolent action and anything else runs counter to our most deeply held american values. >> values that congressional leaders say, will win. >> we are one house, the people any house, united in our humanity, it is that humanity which will win the day and it always will. god bless, i yield. >> skoawe congressional basebal since 1909. congressional leadership says they will not let tragedy threaten this great bipartisan tradition. the game will go on as planned. maggie rule, abc news, new york. >> by the way, that
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in washington, d.c. there are still tickets aavailable foirlt if peop aavailable -- available for it. gabby gifford, my heart is with former colleagues, family, staff and capitol police. more on the ambush in the next half-hour. >> unfortunately to a mass shooting this one in san francisco. union official says he doesn't understand why a ups driver would open fire on fellow drivers, killing three and himself. labor leader says he filed a grievance but wasn't angry. we get more. >> reporter: the call at 8:55 a.m. possible active shooter. the suspect is an employee. ups employee dressed for work, opening fire at the morning driver's meeting. killing his co-workers. >> it was pop, pop, pop, pop, seven shots. fired five, six more outside. >> i have two people shot. cpr in progress. i
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>> employees rushed to safety. area residents ordered to shelter in place. one snapping this photo of workers on the roof. hands in the air. >> they were escaping. to get away from the gunman. >> police closing in with armored vehicle, search for the suspect and secure the building. five employees were shot. three were killed. before the gunman took his own life. back to washington where the senate has overwhelmingly approved sanctions against russia for interfering in last year's election. yesterday's 97-2 vote okays penalties aimed at russian economy and individuals responsible for the cyber attacks. secretary of state rex tillerson asked law make tires make sure the sanctions can be ajusted to deal with potential diplomatic changes. >> now to a story out of paris that has the the makings of a steven king novel. >> gives me goose bumps thinking about it. >> two teenage boys rescued after spending three days trapped in the
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catacombs. >> to lay it out, catacombs 60 feet under paris' streets and hold the remains of 6 million people. >> the temperature in the 150 miles of passage ways is about 60 degrees. it can get pretty warm as well. i maneuvered through them. very easy to get lost in there. there are no maps saying, or, signs that are saying this way out. >> so snakes scare you, but getting lost in a cave licking that is fine. >> i was scared. >> used to think a small section of the catacombs are open. nobody know house the teenagers even got into the section they were in. people have been known to sneak in. it's possible that's what happened. >> freaky. enter one part of paris, go under. end up, three miles away. where am i now? >> unbelievable. well, other than hypothermia, they seem to be doing just fine. >> good to know. >> to have a happy ending end of
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>> coming up. the death defying event over niagara falls. nick walenda plan to do from a helicopter with her teeth and toes. >> later new technology built into many cars could save the life of your child during the hot summer months. here is your look hat today's temperatures. whoooo.
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♪ ♪ >> cool. >> control room. go. >> pittsburgh penguins, stanley cup victory parade set a new record for the steel city there. >> more than 650,000 penguins fans jammed into the streets of downtown pittsburgh. the pen stanley cup victory parade. wound its way through the city's east end into a whole sea of fans at point state park. >> the number, 650,000. largest crowd in the history of pittsburgh and more than twice the size of the city actual population. >> my favorite. >> the city doubles in size. you know those are dedicated fans. >> people came from all o
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>> bay area charged up ready to celebrate the golden state warriors, championship win with a victory parade through downtown oakland this morning. over 1 million fans are expect add long the parade route which will culminate with a rally. forecast, sunny with a high of 77 degrees. can't ask for much better than that? >> perfect. yeah. so the wife of famed daredevil nick walenda set to barack a height report this morning. >> she plans to perform a series of maneuvers including hanging by her teeth and toes from a helicopter over niagara falls. now this comes on the fifth anniversary of nick walenda's televised walk over the falls. >> they say the stunt will break the height record set by nick sick yea six years ago when he huck by his teeth over branson missouri. >> most couples will say i di
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well i dried them the they compete well i hung hundreds of feet over niagara falls by my teeth. yeah, i'll do it from a helicopter. >> wonder what their first date may have been like. that as well. >> good luck. we'll be watching. coming up. keeping the families on the road safe this summer. >> well are testing out the latest technology designed to save kids lives as they ride in the back seat. coming up next on "world news now". if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer
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♪ ♪ >> nice to see what apps the kids are using. life saving technology designed to keep kids safe riding in the back seat this summer.
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>> some legislators are fighting to make child safety alert systems mo s mandatorien all ca. abc's correspondent checked out three. >> reporter: the kind of dramatic videos every summer. toddlers and babies rescued from hot cars. experts believe these incidents are preventible. i can't think of anything more important in my vehicle than alerting me if a child has been left behind. >> reporter: now the children safety organization, kids and cars, as well as lawmakers are pushing for all cars to be built with a child alert system. >> there are technologies that can prevent that tragedy. we should do it right away. >> with several devices on the market. we tried three popular technologies meant to help remember your precious cargo in the back seat. a car seat with built-in technology. an alert system in stom general motors cars. and a popular traffic app. for
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producer's baby, ben. >> okay, ben, here we go. >> first up, sensor safe, exclusive technology in some car seats. >> this goes into your car's diagnostics. pretty simple. that receiver communicated with the car seat's smart chest clip letting the driver know through chimes whether a child is still in the seat after the car is turned off. >> there it is. it works. it goes off just seconds after we turn off the car. next, we look at general motors rear seat reminder system. feature uses back door sensors that activate whether either rear door is opened or closed within 10 minutes of the vehicle being started. or while the vehicle is running. when you reach your destination, you get a reminder on your dashboard. >> going to turn the car off. >> rear seat reminder. look in rear seat. >> what happens if i make a stop along the way. >> rear seat reminder there it is. and
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owning the back door. >> i got out to get gas. see if i get the reminder when i turn the car off. >> no reminder. >> gm says their feature designed to remind drivers to check the back seat as they exit their vehicle under certain circumstances. >> for our last technology. we try out the popular traffic app, ways. it has the a setting that will remind you to check your back seat when you reach a destination, you entered into the app. but it went alert you during an impromptu stop. >> well have arrived. >> wow. i didn't even turn the car off the i have a child reminder. see. child reminder. check your car before you leave. >> one important thing using app based alerts. make sure your phone is charged. >> biggest mistake parents make is they feel this can happen to them. paula faris, abc news, new york. >> how
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♪ jump for my love ♪ jump in ♪ and feel my touch ♪ jump >> if you want to taste my kisses in the night then jump for my love. >> teenagers in wisconsin are jumping at the chance to land one of the most awesome summer jobs ever. >> a time honored tradition in lake geneva, trying out for position that requires jumping off and then back on to a mail boat as it is moving. andy choi of our milwaukee station has our story. >> jump. >> i don't know. seems to draw people in. it's a really unique thing. >> leap of faith for teens looking to find their summertime sea legs all while trying to stay dry. >> i don't thinning i
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if it happens it happens. >> they are literally. jumping at the chance to make special deliveries as mail boat jumpers. a lake geneva tradition more than 100 years old. >> whoa. >> actually started in 1916. in those days necessity. this was a summer resort for wealthy. but wilderness. >> may bea novelty today. but the dozen kid trying out for the summer's six jumper spots. remain laser focused they deliver mail from a moving boat from pier to pier. >> run faster than you think that you should be. because, you'll be running and, say i'll make it back. turn around the boat will be almost gone. >> auditions are grueling test of speed. agility and confidence. obviously not every dry run -- is a dry run. >> whoa! >> i have not fallen in trials period. fallen in three times total. during the season. >> in an
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can't keep up with snapchat. >> lot of snapchats are taken during this trip. >> these fast moving teens say the nautical nature of this kind of snail mail is one of the hottest summer jobs around. in lake geneva, andy choi, wsn, 123 news. >> makes me nervous. >> love the kid, did the back flip. showing off. >> we have good training for this. just like getting into a new york city taxicab. i'm coming. can you please just slow down? >> running. >> no. >> i would be head first in the water. >> you would nail it. then i would push you in. >> yeah. perfect person to the platform. >> that's the news for this half-hour.
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this morning on "world news now" -- ambush on the baseball field. gunman opens fire on members of congress. >> several injured including one congressman in critical condition. we'll look at the latest in the investigation and how the gunman was finally killed. >> probing into the gunman's past, social media posts. slamming the president and even hillary clinton. plus, complaints by his neighbors as police say he was living in his van. >> then the main your report overnight. possible turning point in the russia probe. the president is now under investigation for possible obstruction of justice according to "the washington post." we have details ahead. >> and a psychic who admit mely failed to see his own fate. a car comes crashing into the restaurant where he is eating this morning. he is okay. but, he is the


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