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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 5, 2017 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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what did you do to her? what did you do? how you likin' that war now, sir? liv? [ camera shutter clicking ]
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we ahe was brought to us to discuss israel's history and that's up next with your host armstrong williams. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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hi, everyone and welcome to the show. david, how long have we known each other? >> twenty years. >> one of our favorite people. it's so good to see you. how long have you worked for spectrum? >> i worked from 95-2000 and then i was a glutton. >> how has the world changed on capitol hill from there to where we are now from a legislative, political process? >> people talk about it but i've seen it. >> it used to be a more collegic place. spectrum was a moderate republican but he believed in getting things done. and he understood to get
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done you needed bi-partizan relationship. not that he agreed with them but he wanted to work with them to get something accomplished. it's something you would not have seen anymore. there was a group of modern republican senators that tried to be a bridge between democrats and republicans. i didn't always agree with spector. i started to his left and ended to the right. but i admired him. he was criticized and he would quote john f. kennedy saying sometimes party asks for too much. >> well,
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supreme court now and they got him there by using the majority. >> it's not all bad. will there's a lot of gridlock. >> you're pointing out the obvious. this filibuster is a luxury in these days where we had in the days trying to work together to bridge the gap. it's this or gridlock. i'm thinking given the deteoration over time and i think what mitch mcconnel did was the logical
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majorities come and go so what was done would be good for the republicans. but the day will come, the democrats are going to control the senate and what's done is done. >> but however, when mr. trump was running for office, one of the reasons why some conservatives and republicans who voted for him was because of the supreme court. what people sit around now and discuss his first days and shortly there after what his legacy is. you cannot argue the fact that he will have a lost lasting effect on the supreme court. >> one was named barack obama, the other was named neil gorsuch.
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i never met him because they said look out for him, he's going to be a senator one day. underestimated him. >> gorsuch is as solid as they get. even in law school, he had a conservative view of the constitution and how best to preserve this document and this bill. he had a clear way of thinking and he never backed down. he would raise his hand and make the conservative case and do it respectfully. >> so there's no doubt in your mind that he's conservative? >> no.
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that will serve that well. i mean what more do you want? a judge with decency, rationality. he has it in spades. >> what happens if the president gets to pick another supreme court justice? >> well, he's get it. and without the worry of needing that 66 super majority, trump is free to pick anyone he wants. other times conservatives could not be passed but he will pick whoever he wants. it's a good thing in that often times conservatives and we're always labelled far right. there's some good constructionalists who deserve an opportunity
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break and we're going to talk about your break. actually they were in law school with judge gorsuch when it really mattered. >> how does it make you feel? i can tell you're beaming. you can tell someone's nature when they do the right thing web no one is watching. >> i was proud of him. i didn't always admire president obama. >> when we come back, we'll turn our attention to reclaim israel's hisstorhistory.
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♪ ♪ ♪ william: you know, i'm looking forward to this discussion on reclaiming israel because i've been to israel on a number of different places and yet, there's such this
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so what is the disconnect and how do we get people to see that the jews are not trying to destroy the palestinians and in fact, it's a good thing. >> well, that's why i wrote the book on reclaiming israel because so many myths are spread about israel. you've been there. it's not perfect. it's a government of men. but when you teach the truth about israel and the reality about israel. it's been a country that has upheld our highest values. and it's really, it's been a vast array of what we in america value. >> you've seen how they treat their arab citizens. the freest arabs in the middle east, the
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vote for, serve and criticize their state, in one country does exist? it's not there. >> what is the end game? who benefits from that? >> well, you have people who hate out there. you have people who hate and thereforethey a therefore they're prepared to lie and sell their agenda. i have close palestinians who want to work side by side in peace. but when you look at the favoring polls and the majority favoring suicide bombings. when you have them that serve
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majori majority. unfor fatunat unfortunately, they're relatively a new people. they've only had three leaders. they rejected compromise with israel. they reject this with israel because they feel they should rule it all. >> but david, they don't want a palestinian state. >> well, they have had every opportunity. >> having to list side by side with israel. >> they'll take no state. because what they want more than their own independence is destruction of israel. >>
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will obliterate it. so let's respect other cultures enough to take them at their world. when it says that israel will exist until alah obliterates it. >> when they say death to america, they don't believe it but the leaders do. so when they blow up israel, they blow up america. >> you know, i don't know if it's just lunacy is that the jews arrived in 1948 but they have been around for
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of years. >> i think the strategy is to say the jews don't belong there. for the holocaust, they gave them palestine. their goal is to destroy israel. this was not a consolation prize for israel, this is the constitution. the jewish people thrived in the land of israel and they never left. even when the iranians got tired of jewish revolt, they never left. even when they expelled hundreds of thousands, the jews never left. every time the door was open even just a crack for jews to come back to their homeland, the 1
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and they would be subjected to such persecution never broken and it was only the latest successor for jewish land. and they were able to stay there and seek peace with their neighbors since they won. reclaiming the
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♪ ♪ ♪ armstrong: help me reconcile this. we talk about the propaganda of this and i don't understand the new york jews with israel. i don't think there's justice for their beloved israel. sometimes it can be harsh. i mean -- how does that -- well, help us understand that. because that's important to understand in reclaiming israel's history. >> it's hard when they vote democratic and why are
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critical of israel. >> yesterday was the annual holocaust day for israel. so obviously it's a very somber day in history. what will happen is jews learn lessons for the holocaust. this is a tough world and only the strong survive. we jewish people need to survive and we need to stand up for ourselves. we need an army to defend themselves. i think jews learn the wrong lessons. the problems in the holocaust. the nazi pride. that's what lead to the holocaust and then they did polls of national pride and they had internationalism and the
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ran a mock. but i think they go too far. i think the right response like i said is to be proud of who you are but within reason. be proud of who you are you should never denegrate the other. the healthy response is to be proud of someone that breeds their own heritage. breed and respect for you breeds respect for others. if i see myself alone. if i'm balanced, i will have respect for others. so i think israel is a great express of national pride while still treating arabs as national
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citizens. it's not for dehumanization of the other. so what we're seeing is delegitimizing the other. >> what about this mass exodus of their country because they don't feel safe. >> most cases, it's not that they're upset with british nationalists. what they're afraid of is radical islam is in europe. all of the terrorist attacks are -- >> -- but they're not being protected by the government. perhaps the government should do more. >> the main source of it is not only jews but europe
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the response to that is perhaps more protection. it's to realize what we should preserve our way of life but to protect us from ourselves. >> you were on my serious radio show and you were taken back by the number of american black collars who understand anti-israel. how do we create a different narrative? >> well, there's a lot of assumptions. >> there's so much ground between the history of blacks and jews. we should not have this discussion. it should not exist. >> it should not exist. as you know, a
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rabbis marched arm and arm with martin luther king. kinship has been lost.
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♪ ♪ ♪
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what will people learn by going out and buying this book. i think they're going to go out and learn the truth. because i know if you're dependant on lives and myths, you're never going to get very far. you'll get a brief history of israel, chronological. you get the story of one of the fascinating countries on earth. you get the rebirth of israel's sacrifice for peace and how those comprises have been rejected. to say that we try to coexist,
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who is responsible. just because they're a conflict doesn't mean both sides to blame. we're having a conflict to blame. there's humanity to blame. compromises for peace, not once, not twice but on at least five different occasions and the other side rejecting it and rejecting it and in the form of suicide bombs. >> armstrong: obviously, writing this book is not easy but it had to be told. and we're seeing a lot of success on college campus. >> it's called the m
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force. a college campus is hard to be jew. there's places where you have to boycott and sanction israel to delegitamize israel. when you attack one, you end up demonizing the other. >> my very good friend and brother, david. i want to encourage you to go out and purchase this book. and thank you for watching this edition of armstrong william. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> they said this is for ala. and just like that. everywhere. stabbing, all over. >> elizabeth o'neal's son daniel was there and survived an attack. >> the man went up to him and said this is for my family, this is for islam. and -- stuck a knife straight in him. a 7 inch scar from his belly around to his back. >> police swarming the scene. ordering terrified patrons in rest rants to take cover. police quickly cornered the suspects. then a hail of gunfire. >> oh, my god. >> all told, 50 shots fired by eight officers. and all three attackers dead on the ground.
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suicide vests but were fakes. mint to spread terror. it was 10:16 p.m. eight minutes. the injured on the ground, first responders applying pressure to stem the bleeding from the knife wounds. >> would you please leave the area. for your own safety. >> terrified crowds hustled to safety. told by police to keep their hands on their heads. that kimmer v ekiller van, towe survivors count their blessings. learned of several people amid chaos stepped forward to take on attackers use everything from chairs to pints of beer. transport police officer, confronting all three attackers armed with his baton. seizing the initiative. saving lives. he is in the hospital, seriously injured. but recovering. terry moran, abc news. >> british police have arrested a dozen people so far. >> vast majority of those arrests made at a single address in a working class neighborhood in east london. now they range in age from 19 to 60.
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investigators this morning, believe they have made significant progress in identifying the three suspects killed saturday night. officials also say there is evidence that the three terrorists had been waiting several months for a signal rather to carry out their attack. >> president trump is denouncing that attack. pledge sag part to the uk. also taking aim at london's mayor. the president's is nshl reaction to the attack came in the form of several tweets. he promoted his stalled travel ban and urged leaders to stop being politically correct and focus on security. the president took a swipe at gun control add ve catadvocates out they used knives and a truck. he offered condolences. >> renew, our resolve, stronger than ever before to protect the united states and its allies from a vile enemy that has waged war on innocent life. there its bloodshed will end. >>
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london's mayor, after kahn told residents there was no reason how to be alarmed. kahn's office saying "the may your has more important things to do than respond to donald trump's ill informed tweet. the mayor was telling londoners got to be alarmed when they saw more police. they accused the president of taking the remarks out of context. >> unusual sight in england, because the majority of police aren't armed. >> yeah. >> british prime minister, theresa may pushing for internet crackdown to in her words, deprive the extremis of their safe spaces on line. >> bring in former counterterrorism official and abc contributor, steve gomez, what would a cybercrackdown look like? >> sure what she is talking abut is the types of messaging and social media platforms. smart phone applications the terrorists are use to communicate. most of these platforms and messaging services are
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encrypted. increption is the biggest problem that law enforcement is facing now. the former february fib director, james comey talked about this before. it is actually has in initiative name for it going dark. basically describing how they're not able to intercept the communications on these types of devices and platforms. that its a huge problem for law enforcement. in trying to, thwart activity of terrorists. >> talking about facebook, whatsapp how the people may be communicating? >> exactly. exactly. whatsapp, viber. the biggest problem these are created outside the u.s. and with the encryption. and when you try to get a court order to obtain the messages, and get past encryption, you are getting a lot of push back from companies. >> people look to have their privacy. when it falls in the wrong hants hands we want more information. >> this took eight minutes from the first call to the conclusion as far as
3:08 am
operation goes. impressive response? >> very impressive. especially in light of the fact that many of these officers aren't armed. i would have to assume that they had ready access to the well uponry that were used when they deployed and approached the suspects then neutralized them with shots fired. >> one phrase that is coming out a lot in this, is run, hide, tell. some in london are saying that saved lives in the wake of the recent attack. but we here have heard it as run, hide, fight. why the difference, the uk and the u.s.? >> i think there is just a piece of clarification that has to be discussed. you definitely want to run and get it out of the way near a terrorist attack or this situation. itch you uh can run away, great. then you want to tell somebody. if you can ride. you can't run, but can hide. that's great too. if you have ability to call somebody again that its great. but if you can't run. you can't hide. you need to
3:09 am
not prepared to call somebody. you have to be looking for a chair, trash can. something they were talking about in this situation. be prepared to now take out the terrorists with whatever means necessary. but, you know you can worry about calling somebody later. you got to fight first if you can't run and hide. >> the many patrons did, used their pint glass to fight back. >> pint glass. >> got the message one way or another. thank you so much for joining us. great to get your perspective. >> on the home front. headlines to talk about this morning. duelling protests resulting in a dozen arrests in portland oregon. several hundred supporters of president trump rallied in support of free speech. same time, hundreds of others were demonstrating for immigrant rights. and other causes. there was a strong police presence on the streets. clashes, a group of an type fascists, clad in black, also demonstrate the. police say they
3:10 am
dotzen weapons including knives and bricks. >> thousands in hong kong, to mark 2 years since the crackdown in tiananmen square. candlelight vigil honored hundreds of student protestors killed by the chinese military in 19 # 9. taiwan, renewed a call for beijing to facing up to history. and largely censored. >> the venezuela violinist, whose images went viral. continuing his protest amid the turmoil. ortega took part in a street concert for life yesterday. in caracas. last month pictures of him crying, after national guardsmen destroyed his violin. filled the internet yesterday. he used one of many violins he received since then. >> very cool. >> we will go back to the uk. ariana grande's star-studded benefit concert for the manchester bombing victims. see the powerful
3:11 am
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amazing save in illinois, captured on camera. police in dixon notice the blue car there rolling through a red light and veering into oncoming traffic. it turns out the driver had a seizure. another driver jumped out of his car, and, and dove through the window of the out of control vehicle. to grab the wheel. the driver of the blue car is recovering. >> true hero right there. >> yeah, say something about jesus taking the wheel. who ever that guy is took the wheel. >> you can have it, buddy. giving jesus the day off today. >> all right, president trump is not expected to block former fbi director james comey from testifying this week. white house adviser
3:15 am
news the president has no plans to invoke executive privilege to keep comey from discussing conversations thursday when he appears before a senate committee. the president has publicly revealed parts of the private conversatio conversations. aides say trying to science comey would be more damaging. >> russian president vladamir putin has been grilled about potential hacking of the presidential election in megyn kelly's interview with putin last night on nbc. he stood by denoial of russian hacking and downplaying personal interaction with national security adviser michael flynn. for me, this is just amazing. you create a sensation. out of nothing. out of the sensation, you turned it into a weapon of war against the current president. well this is, you know, you're just, you people are so creative over there. good job. your lives must be boring.
3:16 am
comments saying, in the grand scheme of things, we don't care who is head of the united states. >> more than 1500 people have been injured in italy after a stampede of soccer fans. you can see the wave of panic overcome thousand of juventus supporters that gathered in the main square to watch the final. a live noise, believed to be a fire work sent the crowd running. trampling some fans. many got away with cuts and bruises. three people including a young poi we boy were injured. >> game two of the nba finals sure did look like game one. one part that was different, the golden state warriors had their coach, steve kerr on the bench, for the first time in six weeks. he has been out because of back pain issues. kerr had to, like what he saw, as his team came out. they outclassed the cavaliers for the second straight game, steph cur
3:17 am
ever post season triple-double. he poured in 32 points. dishes out 11 assists. grabbed 11 rebounds. pretty good last night. golden state winning this one big, yet again. 132-113. game three in cleveland. wednesday night. right here on abc. >> was rihanna there again. >> they thought by not having rihanna there they would do better. >> uh-uh. apparently not. but we saw this. >> it will take more than that. >> we saw this last time. and we know hoi thw it ended. >> it will take defense. >> it ain't over till it's over. >> trouuer words never spoken. >> in our next half-hour. rare apology from bill maher. hear why many are calling on him to be fired. >> feeling the love in manchester. a list concert, packed grounds and evening of emotional moments. that's next.
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♪ but you know they won't win to awe o one of the bulful moments from the one love manchester, concert there in the uk.
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>> one of many a listers played to an absolutely packed crowd there. managed to raise millions for a great cause. abc's lama hasan was there. >> reporter: in manchester, a show of resilience. >> manchester, make some noise. ♪ if you want it >> ariana grande back on stage in the city where 13 days ago her concert ended in chaos and bloodshed. ♪ father, father, father help us ♪ her fans, many young girls flooding into the stadium standing up to terror. >> i got hit like in my upper left thigh, not going to stop me. >> i think it is a bulletin to be together, stand together. i think we all need this concert to feel better as well. >> police presence doubled, ring of steel encircling the venue keeping the sellout crowd of 50,000 safe. big name stars, including miley cy
3:21 am
an event broadcast live to millions around the world. >> look at the crowd. joyous, defiant. ♪ clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth ♪ >> pharrell williams and miley cyrus leading in a singalong of his hit, happy. the most powerful moment came as the this manchester high school squire took t choir took the stage. this 12-year-old girl bringing the crud to tears. ♪ you are everything you are you are ♪ ♪ my everything >> so many tears. so many smiles. for a city that is still healing from the unthinkable. also, hope and determination will definitely steal the night. lama hasan. no >> mr. comingup
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so i know how important that is. ♪ ♪ >> we might need a cigarette after this. >> we don't even smoke. wow. >> we are starting things off with -- with the most common secrets that people keep. this was a study by columbia business school. apparently we keep variety of secrets in 13 categories. however, the top five are things that no one traditionally tells anybody else. they keep the secret to themselves. >> financial secrets. >> top of the list includes extra relational thoughts. romantic desire while single, and, a whole list of sexual behaviors which i am not going to read because they are going to make me blush a little bit. >> check, check, and. check. >> what w
3:26 am
we think about sex. all that they have to do with. >> why, why do i get to the close-up. all we think about is sex. >> because you are the outlier, most people keep them a secret. >> mine is all on here. please, you want to know. who calls that a secret. >> jack,why you hiding? >> ha-ha. >> you don't want to weigh in on this? >> ha-ha-ha. >> so, thank you for that. >> all we think about is sex. >> apparently, the more time you think about the secrets when you are alone the more they inflict stress, depression and anxiety. >> saying a lot of people think about sex when they're alone. >> it makes them depressed. >> makes them depressed. >> thanks. >> thank you scientists for handling that. captain obvious. so want to introduce you to 93-year-old sylvia martin from australia. and she is getting married. >> yea! congratulation
3:27 am
>> oh. >> when frank asked her again, she couldn't figure out what dress to wear. she put it to the internet to decide which of the four dresses, a, b, c, d, she should wear for her big day with frank raymond, who is 88, youngin. >> i like c. >> all about d. look at that. that. >> production team is big on d. >> yeah, we like d. >> d is cool. like another way of having a train. right. like a train on your arm. >> yes. she is not wearing white to her wedding. >> she is 93. she can do whatever she wants. >> yes. >> mystery solved in san antonio. air force veteran worried about flags stolen off his front lawn. luckily a neighbor got the crime on video. check it out. >> who is the suspect. >> check it out. >> apb out. >> ha-ha. >> those are squirrels in the community. the squirrels stole off the flags off the front yard to build a
3:28 am
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this morning on "world news now" -- courage in the face of terror. swift brave action taken in london against knife wielding killers. the latest on the investigation ahead. >> president trump speaking out against the attack saying the bloodshed will end. the president's initial reaction on twitter with a critical tweet of london's mayor. the full story ahead. >> new this half-hour, bill maher making a rare apology. no stranger to controversy. this time many say he crossed the line. hear what he said during an interview with the senator and why it is sparking calls for his firing. >> no matter what is happening in the world, god is in the mix. he loves you. he its here for you. >> the biebs breaking down. one of the many emotional moments at the one love
3:31 am
manchester concert. ariana grande's star-studded benefit show. how much she raised and what katy perry wore that triggered an emotional moment. ahead in the skinny. it's monday, june 5th. tell you if you have not seen that one love concert, which aired on abc, do yourself a favor. because, not only loved this country, but you had so much love for the people of england watching it. >> of the amount of times that the whole crowd was singing. the performance could have stopped you would have heard the entire song. it was a really special moment. >> 50,000 people there in unison in love. we will start with what was happening 200 miles south of there in london, where police detained several people in overnight raids. >> subway and train stations
3:32 am
the bridge itself. seven people were killed in saturday's attack. either run down on the bridge or stabbed at an outdoor market. 48 were injured. 21 in critical condition. those three suspects were then killed by police. isis has now claimed responsibility. >> so here is a time line. the attacks started around 10:00 at night when a white rental van drove onto the famed london bridge there, jumped the curb and struck several people as it crossed that bridge and then, crashed. the suspects then got out, ran the short distance to borough market and stabbed several people. police then shot and killed the attackers, within eight minutes of getting that first call. >> this morning there is still a strong police presence in the area of central london. there will be a vigil near city hall tonight, at 6:00 p.m. local time. eva pilgrim has more on heroic acts that followed at take. >> reporter: chilling stories of
3:33 am
survival and selflessness. >> all i could see was one man at the front on the ground, with a pool of blood forming. >> 19-year-old mark kinshoe trying to help a man caught in the cross fire as police tried to take down the suspect. >> i took off my belt, and, myself and the other man put the belt around, sort of his head, to apply pressure and stop the bleeding. e neck but recovering bbed in according to his colleagues at the sunday express. who are calling him our hero. survivors, recalling moments of bravery. >> people get under whatever they can to get low. i look over, opposite, is this guy who is throwing a table that somebody. heroic guy that saw what was happening and just bombarded the terrible cowardly people. >> reporter: among the dozen injured, marie and her boyfriend oliver, stabbed four times, posting this photo. and waitress c
3:34 am
stabbed in the neck amid the chaos. londoners rushing to help, what was that response like? >> i think, within 20 seconds you had ten people around him. >> taxi drivers turned heroes. >> soon as i saw this, i said genuinely, i said look i'm going to try and hit him. he was randomly stabbing people. >> the taxi driver. run, you have to run. they've got a knife. >> there was a somber mood over the city, the london bridge where it all started with this attack, now becoming a place of reflection, for many. eva pilgrim, abc news. british police so far have arrested at least 12 people. >> all of them between ages 19 and 60. seven of the 12 are women. 11 arrested at the same address in a working class neighborhood of east london. that area is about ten miles from the site of at takes. official say several agencies ar
3:35 am
they stay investigators have made significant progress in identifying the three suspects. and sources tell abc news, the three may have been waiting several months to carry out that attack. >> it was an emotional scene near the site of attacks as the muslim community laid flowers to honor the victims. several carried signs, #turntoloveforlondon. one leader of the london mosque said those who carry out terror attacks in islam are hijacking their religion. >> it has to be made clear, what they have done is against the teaching of islam. there are hate speakers who are preying on young, vulnerable minds and cherry picking it and presenting it to them that is the message of the koran. >> the vigil planned for tonight will take place near london bridge. >> president trump vowing to do whatever is necessary to combat terror in the wake of the attack. >> he pledged unwavering support for the uk and declared the
3:36 am
bloodshed will end. but the president's initial reaction played out on twitter. abc's david wright has more. >> reporter: for president trump the panicked scenes in london were an opportunity to settle old scores. the president's first instinct to plug his temporary travel plan on citizens of six muslim countries, a policy blocked by the courts. we need to be smart, vigilant, and tough, trump tweeted. we need the courts to give us back our rights. we need the travel ban as an extra level of safety. only later, did trump express solidarity and support for the people of britain. then, trump took aim at london's mayor. >> londoners will see increased police presence today over the course of the next few days no reason to be alarmed. >> trump tweeted at least seven dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and mayor of london says there is no re
3:37 am
trump's tweet, suggested kahn was not concerned about the carnage. >> i'm appalled and furious that these twisted and cowardly terrorists targeted innocent londoners and visitors to our city just enjoying their saturday night. asked for a response. kahn's office said he has more important things to do than to respond to donald trump's ill-informed tweet that deliberately takes out of context his remarks. trump and kahn have clashed before over the travel ban. >> i think the plan is cruel and shameful and our prime minister should not be condoning it. >> kahn called for trump's state visit to britain to be canceled. soon after the controversy the white house agreed to postpone the trip. and now the white house is gearing up for what promises to be a blockbuster week on capitol hill where fired fbi director, james comey its set to testify. abc news has learned that the white house does not plan to invoke executive privilege to try and block comey's testimony. but they do plan to offer some counterprogramming.
3:38 am
white house. thank you, david there. >> london attack is weighing heavily on two key members of the president's cabinet. as the they meet with australian counterparts. secretary of state rex tillerson and defense secretary james mattis in sydney to discuss issues including fighting terrorism and defeating isis. mattis said they're united against an enemy that thinks it can scare us by hurting us. adding, we don't scare. this week the white house is turning its attention to the nation's crumbling roads and bridges. the president is launching a major push for his plan to modernize the country's infrastructure. he is calling for a trillion dollar investment, $200 billion from federal funds. the rest from states, local governments, and the private sector. the president will also talk about privatizing air traffic control as part of that effort. >> police made more than a dozen arrests during tense protest
3:39 am
thousands in portland, oregon. several hundred supporters of president trump were there supporting free speech. at the same time, hundreds of others were there supporting variety of causes including immigrants' rights. there was a strong police presence. ere was also a group s clashed. monstrating.ack and facists lice say that group seized several dozen weapons including knives and bricks. >> turn the focus now to one of the fascinating photos that cropped of over the weekend. picture of a canadian man going around the internet, maybe the definition for some of, oblivious. >> at first glance, just looks like a game mowing his lawn. >> why not? >> whatever. nice day to mow the lawn. >> take a look what is behind the fence. >> oh, god. oh, god. >> look out. >> that's a perfect funnel cloud. the tornado in southern alberta there, barreling down on his home. >> lest you think that he wasn't noticing the tornado behind him. he says he was keaching an eye
3:40 am
it. >> oh. >> he says it was actually further away than it appeared. like the object in the rearview mirror, you know. fine print. >> if ever he has an excuse to not mow the lawn, think that would be it. >> honey, i can't. there is a tornado. not hearing it. go out there and finish mowing the lawn. >> time-lapse video of the tornado. it didn't cause a lot of damage out there in alberta. >> the lawn looks great this morning. >> yeah, exactly. >> coming up, bill maher backing off, apologizing what he said friday night on a live broadcast of his show. realtimed, hbo, says is inexcusable. >> one love manchester, how katy perry turned a dress into a heartfelt tribute. first here is a look at today's forecast.
3:41 am
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3:44 am
university basketball staffer in 2004. she is among however 60 women who have accused hem of sexual misconduct. the seven-man, five-woman jury expected to hear from cosby's accuser but not from cosby himself. >> realtime host, bill maher apologizing for dropping a racial slur on the live broadcast friday night. >> hbo facing pressure to sever ties with the comedian. here's ron claiborne. >> reporter: a rare apology from bill maher for using a racial slur during his interview with nebraska senator bill sasse. >> got to got to nebraska more. >> you're welcome. we'd love to have you work in the fields with us. >> work in the fields? >> that's part of the -- >> senator, i'm a house [ bleep ] it's a joke. >> sasse didn't respond on the show but hours later took to twitter, just cringing last night wasn't good enough. wish i had been quick enough to say in the moment, hold up. why would you think it's okay to use that word? for 15 seasons on "realtime" maher has taken pride in his
3:45 am
willingness to court controversy. many taking to twitter to express outrage and call for maher's removal. bill maher has got to go. no explanations make this acceptable. as the criticism grurks the fire brand host issuing an apology. maher writing, last night was a long night as i regret the word i used in the banter of a live moment. the word was offensive and regret saying it and am very sorry. >> it is difficult to get past the use of the word coming from a white comedian. an example where he took it a bit too far. >> this is the second time he used it on tv. during an episode of larry king live back in 2010. he said the word while
3:46 am
discussing newt gingrich's comments at a former president barack obama held a kenyan anti-colonial world view. >> not the first time maher involved in controversy. have to wait and see how it plays out. >> when we come back, high emotions in manchester as ariana grande returns. >> what game of throne fans need to know about the final season. "the skinny" is next. prestige creams not living up to the hype? one jar shatters the competition. olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams costing over $100, $200, and even $400. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay. ageless.
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3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ >> time for "the skinny" now. starting with one love manchester. >> as we should. ariana grande performed her massive benefit concert to a
3:49 am
soldout crowd. taking place four miles from the scene of last month's suicide bombing. >> her a list roster included justin bieber, katy perry, miley cyrus, cold play, black-eyed peas. it went on and on. >> great. >> one of the most emotional moments though came when ariana grande sang with a choir, consoling a 12-year-old girl whose high school choir was taking the stage at the moment. >> you see the moment right there. the young girl, barely holding back the tears. and after singing an acoustic version, his hit songs, love yourself and cold water, justin bieber got emotional. while honoring those who couldn't be at last night's concert. >> katy perry paid her special tribute. the photographs of the bombing victims on her dress in the shape of a heart. >> in the climax of the evening. ariana grande there, getting
3:50 am
emotional singing "over the rainbow." ♪ up high ♪ somewhere over the rainbow ♪ where bluebirds fly ♪ birds fly ♪ over the rainbow ♪ >> such a special moment at the concert. and another one ahead of the concert. ariana grande made a surprise visit with some of her youngest fans still recovering from her injuries from the attack at royal manchester children's hospital. >> you can imagine how that must have been for so many of the kids to be able to see her there in person. >> they were who this was all for. raise nearly $13 million. >> wonder woman pulled in $100 million, first female fronted superhero blockbuster. >> but now sparked a friendly rivalry of sorts. over the weekend. katie couric tweeted out video of wonder woman star,
3:51 am
hemsworth. with her saying wonder woman would win. >> mission accomplished. hemsworth respond, i think she'd kick thora's blank. >> she might be up for a rumble. replying i always knew you were a smart gift. i think it is worth a fight, and collide worlds. >> sound like thor its forfeiting. >> i give, uncle. >> so is kendis after giving the movie a bad review. won't bring it up. >> next to game of thrones. >> premiere of season 7 is july 16th. already getting distressing news about season 8. >> in an interview with entertainment weekly, hinting the eighth season may not air until 2019. bad news for everyone except kendis who m
3:52 am
now. >> there might only be six episodes. >> you really have to catchup. seriously.
3:53 am
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3:55 am
kendis, did we mention, wonder woman smashed all box office expectations pulling in more than $100 million. >> just as many as critics have said. including this critic. >> there was much more than money as she finally gives this 76-year-old superhero her big screen debut. here is abc's chris connelly. after years in gestation, wonder woman has arrived, giving the super heroine a chance to shine, on all paradise island to bulletproof exploits of the world war i battlefield. >> you certainly feel the pressure.
3:56 am
this character means so much to so many. and you do feel the weight, the responsibility by portraying her. >> yet it is sweet anticipation for wonder woman fans. and for 32-year-old star, gal gaudet, who did two years of military service back in native israel said she sought to serve up a wonder woman, both tender and tough. >> i wanted her to be very warm character. vulnerable and full of hope and love. >> but you also kick a lot of -- >> ass, i know. ha-ha. >> i was a dancer for ten years. i always enjoyed moving around and doing choreographies and expressing myself with my body. fight is awesome. especially when you do it, you know, on such a big set with
3:57 am
horses and with, you know, all of the rest of the will thaent -- women that were there with me or men. >> there is a big lack of true real representation of women on film because usually we are the damsel in distress, the sidekick, we need to be rescued by the guy. it is not the way it is in real life. in real life, women, we bring life. little did i know that i'm going to land this role, soon after. >> for "nightline," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. tell us one more time. >> i thought it was a little loud. sounded like a beyonce video. it looked like one. but she was amazing. >> it's a movie. what do you mean too loud? >> you know for my old ears. it's -- ♪ ♪ >> announcer: this is abc's somniacs for two abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, terror in london. new details overnight about the attackers, why they may have been waiting for months to carry this out. and the message from isis that possibly triggered it all. president trump is talking about that attack for the first time. the comments overnight coming after a series of controversial tweets that challenged london's mayor. we're live in washington with details. a man casually mowing his lawn but look out, a tornado lurking in the background. what he's saying this morning about the image. >> got to mow that lawn. a star-studded night at manchester as ariana grande returns after the bombing at her concert. see the long list of performers and emotional moments and tributes.


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