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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 27, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, the president's proposal for tax reform. the plan to cut taxes is outlined on a single sheet of paper, so when will americans get the full details and how will cuts affect president trump's business. tornado warnings posted overnight, where the threat is heading, and snow days before may. another airline is facing controversy after a delta passenger says he was removed from a plane for using the bathroom during a ground delay. this as united airlines changes its overbooking policy after one of its passengers was dragged off the flight. survival story, how a hiker was found alive nearly 50 days after going missing.
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we do say good morning on this thursday. we're going to start with the sweeping plans to significantly rewrite tax code for the first time in more than three decades. >> the president's financial team called for tacks on businesses to be slashed by more than 50% and they're also promising individual benefits. >> the plan is designed to boost economic growth but it was summed up in a single page that was short on specifics. abc's stephanie ramos has the latest from washington d.c. >> good morning. there are many elements to president trump's tax reform plan, but tax experts say it will benefit both u.s. households and the wealthy. initially, it was a campaign promise. >> you don't mind having lower taxes, do you. >> reporter: but now just two days before his 100th day in office, president trump's new tax reform is out and his team is calling it the biggest tax cut in
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back to work. >> reporter: the plan makes dramatic cuts in federal taxes for businesses and simplifies rules for individuals. it would cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%. >> we will have a one-time tax on overseas profits which will bring back trillions of dollars that are offshore to be invested here in the united states. >> reporter: and that new lower rate would also apply to businesses that now pay through the owner's personal taxes, companies like the trump organization. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: this plan would also cut tax rates for individuals, reducing the number of tax brackets from seven to just three. it would eliminate estate taxes and double the standard deduction. so for a married couple, the first $24,000 of income would be income tax-free. but the one-page outline of the plan lacks specifics like how it would affect a typical family. >> we will let you know the specific details at the appropriate moment. >>ep
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without swelling the deficit. >> we will be attacked from the left and we will be attacked from the right, but one thing is certain. i would never ever bet against this president. he will get this done for the american people. >> reporter: we also don't know exactly how this plan will affect the president's family business because he hasn't released his tax returns and his team has repeatedly said he won't. kendis, diane, back to you. >> many questions and many will want to know the answers since it affects all of us. thanks so much. republicans are hoping to avoid and government shutdown that's scheduled for tomorrow morning. >> they've introduced a short-term measure that will keep the government open while they work on an extension bill. the president is now not pulling out of nafta, at least not right now. after speaking with the leaders of mexico and canada, the president said they agreed to work toward renegotiating the north american free trade
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agreement. candidate trump railed against nafta while running for office. he now says reworking the deal will make all three countries stronger. the westinghouse now says the north korean crises is a top priority. that was the message from the president's top national security advisers as all 100 senators traveled to the white house for a rare classified briefing on the north korean nuclear threat. the advisers also discussed various strategies under consideration. >> the military is obviously planning for a number of contingencies, a number of options, as well they should. it is of course the hope of the administration, the hope of congress that military action does not prove necessary. >> the white house suggests that the next move could be new sanctions. hard line conservatives are now backing a revised republican health care bill. after weeks negotiating the house freedom caucus endorsed a plan that would awill you states to opt out of certain obamacare requirements like covering essential services and could also gut protection for
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with pre-existing conditions. members of congress would not be affected by those changes because under the plan they are exempt. abc's mary bruce asked for an explanation. >> what about this exemption? if this plan is good enough for the american people, shouldn't it be good enough for the congress? >> it should be, i agree. >> you're going to make a change? >> yes. >> that was congressman tom mcarthur who worked on amending the bill with conservatives. some moderate conservatives still not on board with the plan so the fate of the measure remains uncertain. breaking news, residents of syria's capital were shaken out of bed this morning by a massive explosion. you see the scenes just coming in this morning. reports from the middle east say it was the result of an air strike by israel's military. the target is said to be an arms supply hub armed by he zbollah. >> now for a look at your weather.
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a severe storm system is stretching from the gulf coast up the canadian border. strong storms from that system blew through russellville, arkansas yesterday and thousands of people were without power because of downed trees and plenty of other damage. it was also winter again in aberdeen, south dakota with snow and blustery there. it will delay planting season for farmers. the weather will be better today, partly sunny, high near 50. former president obama is taking heat for his plans to speak at a wall street sponsored conference for a fee of $400,000. >> both conservatives and liberals are calling obama a hypocrite because of his tough talk against the financial industry, but a spokesman says candidate obama raised lots of wall street money and that did not stop him from imposing strict regulations as president.
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announcing the arrest of 13 players. and another airline is taking some heat after a passenger says he was kicked off the plane for using the bathroom when he was told not to. hear what the airline is saying. plus funny money. a bank is launching an investigation after an atm dispensz bills meant for movie props. here we go!
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a long line of police vehicles streaming out of a delaware hospital, escorting the body of slain state trooper steven ballard who died after being shot at a convenience store. and the suspect in that shooting has barricaded himself inside of a home. overnight police blew the door off of his house. authorities say
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orders and fired shots at officers. his name has not been released. investigators say ballard approached a suspicious vehicle at a store when a person got out and opened fire. a second person in the vehicle was arrested. the 32-year-old state trooper died at the hospital. flags across that state will be at half staff today in his memory. also breaking overnight, a death sentence for the man convicted in the ambush killing of a pennsylvania state trooper. eric breen's attorneys argued that he should be sentenced to life in prison without parole for that 2014 attack. he was the subject of a 48-day manhunt before being caught. lawyers say they will appeal that jury's decision. police have released the 9/11 call that bachelor chris soels made after being in an accident. police say soels answered a few questions and then ended that 9/11 call. >> chris, do you know how to do cpr?
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>> i can't tell. he doesn't appear to be. >> police say soels left the scene before they arrived and they later arrested him at his house. moescher died from his injuries. loved ones are now remembering the vietnam vet as a devoted grandfather of three and an avid golfer. a woman is due in toronto court this morning after she was rescued from a construction crane. the 23-year-old was found hanging on its hook. a firefighter crawled out to her and then both were lowered to the ground. onlookers applauded when it was all over. still no word on why she went out there or how she got there. she's been charged with mischief. a seattle woman claimed she was given a bogus $20 by a bank. she says it came out of the atm as part of a $300 withdrawal at bank of america. on closer inspection, it says for motion picture use only. bank of america says there are safeguards to prevent
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authorities. it also gave her a real $20. >> oh good. when we come back, a person under arrest overnight, accused of setting fires at a trump hotel. >> what an arm. a wnba player, check this out. maybe she should be playing for the nfl. and let roomba help with your everyday messes. a full suite of sensors automatically guides roomba throughout your home. cleaning under furniture, along edges, and in corners. and roomba's patented 3-stage cleaning system agitates, brushes and suctions dirt from your floors for up to 2 hours, recharging itself when it needs to. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot. better. together. try new flonase sensimistgies. instead of allergy pills. it delivers a gentle mist to
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delays are most likely in detroit, atlanta and chicago. delta airlines is now the latest carrier forced to deal with a passenger being removed from a plane. kim ma hamilton was told to get off the plane because he went to the bathroom while the plane was delayed on the ground. >> two delta employees calmly addressed the situation with hamilton. had left the plane and was greeted by agents who chose not to arrest him. so far no public comment about that incident from delta. united airlines announcing overnight new guidelines following the controversy of course of a passenger being dragged off one of its planes. the video showed dr. david dao being removed from a seat on that overbooked plane earlier this month. now united passengers who have already boarded their flight cannot be removed. the airline will reduce the amount of overbooking, and united will offer up to
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seat on an overbooked flight. dao was offered $800 before he refused. might just have to fly united and try my luck. police in las vegas headlined an arson investigation after two small fires that broke out at the trump international hotel. one fire was in a 17th floor hallway. the other was in the women's restroom on the hotel's pool deck. firefighters say toasters, towels and other flammable materials were used to light the fires. one suspect is already in custody. university of california berkeley police are bracing for possible violence today. they fear there could even be a riot, they say, even though the controversial speesh by conservative commentator ann coulter has been cancelled. coulter's supporters are promising to show up anyway. coulter herself says she may also be there to meet with her supporters and support them. this one's amazing. doctors in nepal say a
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remarkably good condition after he was hit on a mountain -- stuck on a mountain i should say for 47 days. emergency crews found the man on a ledge where he and his girlfriend had been stranded with no way to climb up or down. they lost their way during a snowstorm last month. the girlfriend unfortunately died before the rescuers arrived. he says after running out of food they survived on water and salt. he lost more than 60 pounds. >> and he was smiling after all that. more than a dozen football players at the university of louisiana lafayette have been arrested in connection with a robbery case. all 13 have been suspended from the team. they say the group went to a dorm room in early april and made off with several items worth nearly 2 $500. everything that was stolen has been recovered. tonight is the first round of the nfl draft. >> it's a fun night for many of those
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but right now we're ready for hoops highlights from espn. >> good morning, america. he's kenny. i'm neil. >> this is your sports interlude. isaiah thomas right to the rack. immunity. celtics up one. now later this happens. uh-oh. what just happened? thomas, right there again. staring down isaiah afterward. can't do that. celtics up five. remember they were down in the series 0-2. now they're up 3-2. thomas had 24. celtics win it 108-97. >> this one's for greg! wizards/hawks, less than a minute. wiz up two. goretat with the screen. john wall with the j. 19 seconds up, washington up four. wall misses. goretat, he's tall. >> he missed. >> hawks the other
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>> take your time but not too much time. >> two people open. >> looking for the four-point play. they don't find it. wizards win, take a 3-2 series lead. >> they couldn't win the way they did it. >> thank you, coach main. back to news. >> you know me favorite part about the nfl draft? >> oh what? >> the outfits. i can't wait. >> it's going to be like sunday going to church because of the outfits. when the wnba held its draft the san antonio stars picked a player named kelsey plumb. >> she's already a star because of her t-shirt tossing skills. this is her on thursday night throwing t-shirts into the crowd. >> wait for it. >> watch how far this goes. still going. still going. and finally -- >> wow. >> it lands. it's kind of like shooting it out of a t-shirt gun. >> yeah. she got it up into the nose
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bleeds. the stars may be counting on kelsy to hit some long-range buzzer beaters when their season starts. >> if not the nfl may be calling. >> and some baseball teams. up next, science reveals the best way for basketball players to shoot a free throw. the answer may surprise you. and remember nordstroms mud jeans? reebok is getting in on the action with a shirt presoaked in -- we'll sell you. and our facebook page, serena williams reveals how she made her pregnancy public by accident. check that out on >> that's why she deleted it.
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>> yesterday we showed you the jeans that in order internordst with fake mud on them. now reebok is getting into the act with this new addition. >> for the very same $425 it offered an authentic sweatshirt complete with sweat, and unlike nordstrom, the sweat was really, provided by reebok employees. >> no. >> yes. they've indicated the shirt has already sold out so you'll have to work up your own sweat. >> gross. a triple a worker in sacramento can feel the pain of drivers who lock their keys in their car. >> because he locked his own keys in the triple a vehicle so he had to call for help just like the rest of us. >> it will probably be a while before he lives that one down. honey, how was work today. well? >> maybe the most important scientific study you'll hear about today. it says that shooting a basketball
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style is more effective than shooting overhand. >> rick barry pioneered the underhanded free throw in the nba and retired with a 90% free throw record, the best ever actually in the nba. >> impressive. so he tried to convince others to do it but few did. now researchers at yale, yes yale university, say their mathematical analysis shows granny style is slightly better to shoot a free throw. >> i think it's way better to shoot. it's also howup with good morning washington. it's april 27th, and what a difference a day makes. the rain has moved out, and summer-like conditions are moving in. meteorologist veronica johnson has your forecast in a moment.. but first here are some quick headlines. just before his 100th day in office-- president trump unveils what the white house is calling the biggest tax cut in american history. the one-page outline calls for sweeping cuts for private americans and corporations. it would also eliminate estate taxes and double the stnd
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but the brief plan did not explain how much it would reduce federal revenue or grow the national debt. the washington wizards take care of business in game 5 against the hawks. after back to back losses on the road, the wizards protected home court, defeating the hawks 103-98. washington now leads their playoff series 3-2. good morning washington. good morning washington. toss to eileen - foggy start - 80s today & tomorrow - hot start to the last weekend of april - will you be on the warm or cool side of the front sunday? today: am fog. partly cloudy, warm, and breezy. highs: 83-86 winds: s 5-15 g 25 mph tonight: thunderstorms 9pm to 1am then partly cloudy. lows: 60-66 winds: sw 5 mph friday: partly cloudy. warm. highs: 80-86 winds: nw to s 5 mph
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happening today
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workers at dulles and reagan national airport will walk off the job. the group will go on strike to protest what they are calling violations of federal labor laws by their employer, the huntleigh corporation. the workers consist of wheelchair attendants, baggage handlers, checkpoint agents and skycaps. protesters plan to hold at rally at 11-am. it's unclear how long the strike will last. developing now- a criminal investigation is underway after officials realize money is missing from the montgomery county council of parent teacher associations. and it's not chump change -- we're talking almost 40-thousand dollars. an audit found quote "irregularities" when it comes to
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it found the reason- a thief stealing from inside! police are looking into it- including getting ahold of records, interviewing p-t-a members- and even comparing signatures! the governor of alabama is preparing to weigh in on a new bill restricting adoption for same sex couples. alabama lawmakers gave final approval to a proposal that lets faith-based adoption agencies refuse to allow gay parents to adopt children. advocates say they are protecting the agencies freedom of religion. the bill has been passed to the governor for final approval. michigan, north dakota and virginia have similar laws. from now on-- uber drivers won't be the only ones asking for good reviews. your uber passenger rating- about to be more visible! the rating used to be buried in the app's settings. but from now on-- it will be prominently displayed right under your name. the company says it's about mutual respect between
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it's xx and we're just getting started. breaking right now at 4:xx loud booms heard at a home where the at 4:xx loud booms heard at a home where the suspected delaware state trooper killer has been shooting at police overnight. good morning washington i'm autria godfrey. and i'm larry smith. we are gathering details right now about what is happening in delaware. so first let's go to stormwatch7 meteorologist veronica johnson with what's happneing weatherwise;. - foggy start - 80s today & tomorrow - hot start to the last weekend of april - will you be on the warm or cool side of the front sunday? today: am fog. partly cloudy, warm, and breezy. highs: 83-86 winds: s 5-15 g 25 mph tonight: thunderstorms 9pm to 1am then partly cloudy. lows: 60-66 winds: sw 5 mph friday: partly cloudy. warm. highs: 80-86 winds: nw to s 5 mph
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