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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  March 6, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. trump, starting his seventh week in office. telling the director of the of the eye that he's respondent -- of the fbi that he's responding to stories of illegal wiretapping. autria: we are waiting at the airport for stories of the president's new executive order. larry: warming up quickly, how high will the temperatures go this afternoon? [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] larry: that you are with us here. you're autria: with us here. autria:we want to get started -- glad you are with us here. autria: let's get started with veronica johnson. an unusualfter winter, we are going to continue the trend.
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to 15 degrees, warming into the 60's tomorrow, also tomorrow with higher temperatures we will start timing out the rain showers for the area. nothing too heavy is coming our way tomorrow. feels like 29, with this southeasterly wind. here's what we're talking about. quickly, violin a.m., 45 is her temperature. today, you will notice quite a few clouds giving you use out of your sunglasses. flow out of the southwest, as far as the weekend goes. this is what we will talk more about coming up in just 10 minutes. on the roads we are talking about a couple of problems that we've noticed. off in virginia, that is where we had the crash
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involving police direction in order to get by. coming out of buckeystown road, the crash was on the left side of the highway. sticking with a ride in maryland, the crash has been creek in 210 towards swan road. fire and rescue units are headed in this direction. safetrack surge 13 phase one, affecting the blue and yellow line, but with more details we say good morning to sam sweeney. hi, sam? we will check in with him in a few minutes. i know he's keeping a close eye on this. continuous single tracking between braddock road, huntington, and van dorn street. there will be limited shuttle bus service between franconia and the pentagon every five to 10 minutes. an additionalast 30 minutes on the inbound commute this morning. now,: 6:02 right
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jummy olabanji has the latest. we know the police and fire units responded to the 700 fork of kerry crofton reports of a possible body found there. no information yet, but witnesses reportedly requested an ambulance for a possible homicide. we will have more details on this one, as we have calls into police. stay with us for the very latest. autria: one person is dead and another is in the hospital with critical injuries after a serious house fire in arlington. this was the scene last night in the 2600 block of south grant street. because of hoarding conditions, it took even longer for the crews to find the victim. the best because larry: of the blazes still under investigation. larry:the white house -- because of the blaze, it is still under investigation. larry: lawmakers appear
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be heating the request, devin nunes says that mr. trump's allegation will become part of his panel investigation. spokespersonse sarah huckabee sanders spoke about the issue on "this week." >> let's look into this. if this happened, this is the .iggest scandal >> the president of the united states is accusing the former president of wiretapping him. larry: james comey has asked the justice department to reject the claim that former president obama wiretapped trump tower. house and senate investigations will continue. ofria: after weeks controversy and postponement, president trump is expected to sign a revised travel ban today. the previous executive order was halted by the court on constitutional grounds. immigration attorneys with legal d
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waiting for the new executive order. group trained 120 volunteers last week. tonight the city of rockville a hearing on enforcing those immigration laws. they are discussing making rock though sanctuary city. tonight's hearing begins at 7:00 at the city hall building. larry: blue and yellow line riders feeling the crunch on their commute. trains on single -- are single tracking around the clock. sam sweeney has more on how this will affect you. sam? sam: this is the first rush-hour of the last major safetrack surge, number 13, making the blue and yellow lines better than they have ever been before, they say, but that means a lot of headaches for the next couple of weeks. trains single tracking and running just every 24 minutes,
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the yellow line is a little bit better, running every 24 minutes from huntington to mount vernon, but there will be additional trains from the airport to mount vernon, easing the burden there. if you are on braddock road, normally, you will be on a packed train this morning. you want to allow an extra half-hour. this is safetrack surge 13 running through april 9. we still have 14, 15, and 16, but there impacts will be much less significant than this one. we're almost there. sam sweeney, back to you guys inside. autria: thank you, sam. things are warming up after a wintry weekend.
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[ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. veronica: i'm on facebook right now. one of my friends on facebook just posted, don't forget the blizzard of 93, remember that? it was around this time in march. and i have my camera out to,
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have got with the cap the foreground area just gorgeous there it's got some of the shades of pink instead of yellow coming our way. morning, we will be warming up rather rapidly, all week long the temperatures will be higher than last weekend. the roller coaster ride continues, peaking temperatures on tuesday. today, upper 50's. the story for this work day, 14 days until spring. i say that because, again, just a reminder that we could still get snow during the later parts of even march around here. historically we have had that. today's temperatures are going to rise quickly. ,es, a little bit of sunshine but a cloud son mix for today tapping out later on. the system we are tracking, the next one for us is goi
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will be moving in, but you can see a big system moving here with rain around kentucky and tennessee. julie: on the roads you will find that your lanes are open each way at the wilson bridge. no problems there, but a little bit as he and 210 where we had a crash reported north of old fort road. swan creek, heads up making your way back to the capital beltway. 95 northbound the crash occurred between lorton and newington, still a 20 minute commute from dale city pushing northbound towards the beltway. that is our traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes with an update on 270. larry? larry: breaking news from the korean peninsula. a new show of force overnight. and th
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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z23wpz z5yz y23wpy y5yy >> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. breaking now, a show of on the korean peninsula. jummy:
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north korea fired for ballistic missiles early this morning. those missiles traveled more than 600 miles towards the sea of japan. officials say that the projectiles landed within 200 miles of the japanese coast. the japanese prime minister said that the launch was a clear violation of un security council resolutions. of course, keeping a close eye on this one and looking to see whether or not the u.s. has anything to say and we will update you with the details, autria. prince closer to home, george's county police are looking for a missing teenager. this is 16-year-old william leach. he was last seen in suitland. anyone who may have seen him should contact police. larry: there's an outpouring of support of the families killed in car crashes at smallwood and saint nicholas drives in maryland. just before midnight,
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struck a tree on st. peter's church road. people to know that we love him and miss him, such a sweet guy. larry: he graduated last year. nearly four years ago, his father was one of 12 people killed in the d.c. navy yard shooting. investigating the shooting of a man near seattle as a possible hate crime. he was in his driveway working on his car when a masked man approached him and began yelling go back to your own country. police say that the suspect shot the man in the arm. he has been released from the hospital. so far, no arrests. are about tots become more rigorous. the move is aimed at combating security failures. until now they made risk-based assessments on each passenger, choosing one of
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methods. now there will be a universal methods. they may be more thorough and involve an officer making more contact them before. >> if you are an average traveler like most of us, we know you are not guilty of caring anything, but they don't know that. larry: major security lapses were found across the country. weapons and other hazardous materials made it past screening in 95% of tests conducted. autria: general motors this morning is selling its struggling european car business. they have agreed to a $2.3 billion deal, elevating another company to europe's number two carmaker. the company had racked up losses of $18 million. bradley beal, turning an ankle, but it didn't affect his jump shot.
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32 points against orlando, actually at the phone booth. bogdanovich was on fire. .e had a career five -- high the wizards come back at home to get the win. they were down 17, but get the -- 115-100 14. wow. purdue, the game belonged to senior brionna jones. the turks went on to win their third straight title. could they be the team? we will wait and see. autria: from the courts to a much different kind of competition, the 10th annual mice carrying championships were held in the english town of dorking. yes, wife carrying. men carrying their wives on the shoulders as they raced on the course. there is a weight requirement, by the way. wives have to weigh at least 110 pounds. a couple fm
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one this year, -- with the winners this year, taking him the coveted barrel avail. -- of ale. larry: how is she holding on? veronica: i'm learning. autria: not even like a fireman's carry. [laughter] larry: tell you what, you've got to lean in close. autria: get some practice. autria: only in dorking. [laughter] v.j. veronica:? lots going on. veronica:a lot going on. it has been all over the place this winter. we are going to continue the trend, folks looking toward the weekend. do you mean? there's a possibility, i have a saying and i have learned it over many years of forecasting, nearly 20 in this area, never turn your back on winter and we are not going to do at
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. friday we have cold air moving in the first we will be warming with a top warm day for us, cold and wet weather behind us. things getting interesting around here, temperatures moving 60 degrees, a mixture of clouds and sun starting with a little bit more sunshine and clouds for the afternoon, but it is looking dry until we get too late tonight, when we could have a stray shower coming in. areas,anassas, other culpeper, rappahannock, spotsylvania, 60 degrees today, but then around baltimore, 50 to 55 degrees. clouds that an talking about, you can see them streaming in with the rain making its way closer to us tomorrow afternoon. there we are, a little batch of rain, not getting a lot with this system.
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of an inch, most of it coming through around the small hours of the morning on wednesday. out of it today, leaving us with sunshine midweek. tomorrow, there is your 68, close to 70 degree warm. mild tomorrow with showers in the afternoon hours. as far as the forecast over the next couple of days, let me leave you with the extended forecast. this weekend, 40 to 45 degrees. wintry mix potential, more on that in 10 minutes. julie: keeping a close eye on what's on the roads this morning, it's been busy. problems in virginia and maryland, old fort road before swan creek, pushing northbound exit in activity no clear to the shoulder. sky track 7 happened to be about 270 out of he's town, for there was an earlier crash cleared to
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85, he will be back on the brakes closer to 109. the crashinia, occurred between lorton and 286, off the road to the shoulder, still a slow go coming northbound out of dale city. back in the next 10 minutes with an update on the roads and autria: thank you. womanying moments for the working at a night desk at the hotel. a masked intruder attacking. caught on camera, minute by minute.
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takes 12 hours to steep... and almost no time to sip. keep on with ultra smooth taste, now available with a sweet and salted kick. america runs on dunkin'. >> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: larry: -- autria: welcome back. a masked intruder, lurking in the halls, zeroing in on a woman working alone in a hotel. linsey davis has the disturbing video. >> first look, scary moments caught on tape as this masked man creeps around the lobby of an omaha hotel. just after 3 a.m., the female employee gets ou
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into action. he tries to force her into a nearby bathroom, but she fights back and pulls the mask off his face. he flees, but then comes back to retrieve his mask from the woman, who deputies say was on the phone with 911. police say that the suspect is a 29-year-old named to zach really hurts -- person -- zachary lead person. the douglas county sheriff says that they believe you would have struck again. coming up, tips on how to defend yourself. i'm linsey davis, abc news, new york.
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. a fatal fire in arlington. what was inside the house that made clearing it out more the morningutria: commute is underway, the rush is on for safetrack surge 13. how are the blue and yellow lines running right now? good morning to you larry:, washington. i'm autria godfrey.
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you, washington. i'm autria godfrey. larry: and i'm larry smith. veronica? veronica: spring showers, are you ready for the return of winter? looks like it could have! behind it. the sky is pretty nice. out there, the sky the day breaking. 29 in dale city. call it chilly, if not cold, for some of you this morning. with some clouds that will continue to come through the area at times. part of the day may look cloudy, looking like it is going to stay dry. --e tonight a stray dry stray shower with highs across the area. degrees
6:31 am
more and 10, reston, even falls church today. the next weather maker for us is tuesday and again at the and of the week on friday. this is the one that is going to be the more significant, friday, bringing the cold, winter type air back into our area after the week. the system coming in is what some of you may not like. details on that in 10 minutes. started ahould have bet with her that she would have to give me a ticket to miami there was more snow. at the wilson bridge, sky track 7 is hanging out with us over round,traveling south the earlier incident is gone, south of 109 we are in the thick of it. volumedents to report, down on the truck scales, lifting up to slow in germantown and leaving rockville for the split.
6:32 am
back to the map to update the right elsewhere, for those traveling in the a the crash has been pulled to the shoulder and lanes are open. a slowdown not only an stafford, but in dale city and coming in down from the west. manassas, a 35 minute commute continuing towards the beltway. minutes withext 10 another update on your ride in virginia. now,? larry: developing one person dead, another in out that the hospital after a house fire in arlington. -- it was an especially difficult firefight because of what crews found in the home. john: fire investigators are still on the scene here in arlington, the restoration crew having arrived to board up the home that is currently exposed. take a look at the house, it has significant fire damage and from the street we can see what looks like an excessive amount of
6:33 am
fire officials tell us that this was a hoarding situation and because of all the stuff in the house and around the house, firefighters were unable to move around easily and it took a while for them to find the two victims that were trapped inside. those are of course precious seconds and minutes when dealing with a situation like this. it was a two alarm fire, 50 firefighters, it took them 30 minutes to put out the fire. neighbors told us this morning that a couple in their 70's lived here. >> fire trucks with smoke coming out from above, the upper level. then they opened a window on the second level there. more smoke came out. then i saw some coming out the side by the chimney. john: again, the restoration crew is here, coming up plywood that they will be putting on the windows in the front door frame here.
6:34 am
the other rushed to the hospital where they are suffering life-threatening injuries. the fire started at 9:00 last night, the cause is still under investigation. reporting live in arlington, john gonzalez. john: the tragedy witnessed by firefighters often takes a toll on their mental health, but there is now a place they can go to get help. 15 acre facility in upper marlboro called the center for behavioral health and recovery, fire pride -- firefighters from across the nation can be treated at this first of its kind center. >> cpr on infants and children are probably some of the worst case scenarios. we have, for years, so that you just have to be tough. if this bothers you, maybe you are not made for the job. that's the wrong message. larry: it is estimated that one out of five firefighters suffer from ptsd during the course of their careers.
6:35 am
pay for the services. autria: the fight continues against the islamic state in sul. -- mo yesterday's clashes were the heaviest yet in the start for the renewed push against the stronghold. the islamic state has controlled the city for nearly three years. developing right now, allegations of nude photos being shared online, hundreds of u.s. marines could be caught in the scandal. jummy olabanji is tracking this one from the live desk. jummy: the u.s. marine corps investigating the claims that marines were sharing nude photos of their female colleagues and other veterans, some of the photos taken without the knowledge of the participants. the warhorse," a nonprofit news organization run by a marine corps veteran. the photos have been removed,
6:36 am
know if there are any updates. larry: coming up here, things are looking up. stormwatch 7 tracking the return of warmer weather this afternoon . first, here's what's coming up tonight on abc seven. >> good morning, everyone, tonight at 5:00 you can always count on the 7 on your side call for action team to alert you to scams and rip offs, but today they are changing it up with a good news alert about an expensive family vacation gone wrong and how a credit card saved
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value. only at my giant. veronica: if you are jumping on metro this morning, know that it is cold out there this morning. we are going to be warming nicely by 9 a.m., 10 a.m., and in fact a fresh batch of warm air will be moving in out of a bit of a cold -- after a bit of a cold weekend for us. 9:00 a.m., temperatures across the area today ranging anywhere to 612 in hagerstown degrees in areas through fairfax and stafford. it is going to feel much better today. we will go up a wh
6:40 am
, high of 68 to 70, and you will want to have the umbrella handy. not a bad day at all behind the down to it for the upcoming weekend it will be back to cold after the rain comes in on friday. tuesday and friday of this week is when you are going to need your umbrella. first,owers for now, before the weekend we will be looking at the potential for some snow. friday, we could have anywhere from one third to one half of an inch of rain out of the system. what is interesting is how things are going to pan out for the weekend storm, which we will talk about later. julie? julie: we are taking a close look at what's happening on the baltimore washington parkway, reports of a crash on the ramp at 410, park police tell me that they are en route to this scene. you can see it on the map, delays coming south of the beltway trying to get through ve
6:41 am
your workaround. for those in virginia, the crashes still on the shoulder before 286 and the fairfax county parkway. heavy rubbernecking delays pass the scene with safetrack surge on track. that is the traffic watch. akin the next 10 minutes to update your ride and 270. autria? autria: president trump pointing the finger at the former commander in chief. new word from the fbi. fallout from the latest presidential twitter bomb, next. >> and an announcement from the white house, revoking and replacing the controversial travel dan. i'm suzanne kennedy. the latest, coming up in a live report. in the meantime, sam sweeney is live at the braddock road metro station. sam: if you use
6:42 am
virginia, it's going to be a lot slower commute this morning. how slow? coming up.
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♪ ♪
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. eiry: the director of the f asking the justice department to publicly refute the claims of illegal wiretapping by former president obama. autria: still no evidence has been provided by the white house as another as he week begins in washington. >> today the senate is expecting to your more from jeff sessions about his meetings with the russian ambassador, but overshadowing that is the follow from the latest twitter bomb. "terrible," he tweets, "just found out that obama had my wires tapped for the victory, nothing found, this is mccarthyism." the justice department told abc news that the director of the fbi has told the justice department to reject the twitter statements as false. the former director of national intelligence is pushing back as well
6:46 am
oversaw, there was no such wiretaps to themounted against president-elect at the time, as a candidate, or against his campaign. of his own party are having difficulty defending it. x a have never that allegation by anybody. >> at this point i have seen no alleging.f what he is >> senator susan collins told "face the nation close out that they would investigate the claim. >> it would probably be hopeful if he gave more information but it might be helpful if he just didn't comment further and allowed us to do our work. >> a spokesperson for the former president said that neither president obama or any white house official ever ordered surveillance on any u.s. citizen and the suggestion otherwise, they say, is simply false. autria:
6:47 am
happening today, the trump administration is expected to unveil its new travel ban. local airports are ready this morning. suzanne kennedy has more. suzanne? suzanne: the order replaces the controversial plan that was originally signed by the president back in january. the van faced very significant legal challenges. the bottom line on the new one, it narrows the list of countries from which people can emigrate. the six majority muslim countries banned include syria, iran, andan, somalia, libya. iraq has been removed at the urging of the state department and the pentagon. authorities have concerns that omitting travel from their would hinder the fight against isis. itre's also a change as pertains to refugees, putting a temporary halt on all refugees entering the u.s.. the previous ban applied only to see.
6:48 am
the new policy would not affect those currently holding green cards or those holding a valid visa at the time that this new order is signed. reporting live this morning, suzanne kennedy, "good morning washington larry:." breaking news anne arundel -- good morning washington." news, a possible body found in crofton. we are still working to confirm exactly what happened, but we do have calls out to police and we will update you as we are able to learn more. covering metro for you this morning, blue and yellow line riders are feeling the crunch on their commute, trains single tracking around. sam sweeney is live with more. i guess the good news is that this is the last leg surge -- last big surge?
6:49 am
sam: i guess so. can you believe it has been a year since we started this program? we still have 14, 15, and 16, but they are minor compared to this one. take a look right now, you can see up on the platform, panning up to show you not much of a big impact right now, despite the trains running every 24 minutes. coming into the height of the ,ush-hour over the next hour things could change, but right alternate are finding means of transportation because the trains are expected to be very full throughout the day. now, this is going to run for the next couple of, through april 9. there will be additional trains on the yellow line, from reagan , easing the vernon burden, but it's not going to be the best travel situation on the blue or yellow lines in northern virginia. again, we
6:50 am
this. a couple of more weeks and then a couple of more months and the blue and yellow lines will be better than they have ever been, according to metro. the wording live, i'm sam sweeney. larry: we will fight through it to the end together, sam. thanks. extending their winning streak to 16, overtime win against the flyers stretching to 16. cap's have not lost a game at home since december 29. that game went to a shootout. their last loss at home was on december 17. during the street a outscored their opponents and tonight they come out as they go for 16 in a row. good luck. autria: everything now looks more dazzling to a 10-year-old iowa boy. color blind since birth, but his parents recently got him some glasses from
6:51 am
they say it is that a cure for colorblindness, but it helps, and admitted -- it made a big difference. >> it was instant. i knew, right away, that something had changed. how bright everything was. so amazing, so colorful. it was kind of weird. i had never seen those colors before, but i kind of knew what they were. they cost $300 and they say that it is money well spent. sister says she doesn't have to pick out his clothes for him anymore. [laughter] autria: little bit of independence there. we have some pretty colors in the sky this morning? veronica: that, we do. i don't know if you were out this weekend, but it was extremely cold, one of the coldest days we have had all winter long. feeling like spring this week,
6:52 am
watching a storm system for the winter. stormwatch 7 tracking the possibility of wintry weather. not saying it will be a big storm or that we will get a lot of snow, but he might have some freezing rain. remember 1993? 14 inches of snow we had. so, too early to talk about totals, but this is something that we will continue to look at as it comes out. 55, 50 six degrees, i will take that, it will be overcast at times with sunshine here and there, but i'm liking the way that today is looking. by the time we get to the weekend, things start to cool back down. chance for that wintry weather with the average high, 52 to 53 degrees. here's a look at the temperatures throughout the mid-atlantic on sunday. coolerrending lower,
6:53 am
37 in richmond. the front will be laid out right near our area here with areas of low pressure tracking right along it. the pink is the possibility for freezing rain mixing in with rain and snow up to the north western maryland, pennsylvania, possibility of snow right now. we will have it all throughout the work week. look at friday. temperatures heading back down to 53 degrees. remember, it is this weekend that we spring forward early sunday morning. remember to check the batteries in your smoke detector. good hint.'s a or a good 10, rather. checking the drive on southbound 270, which courtesy of sky track 7 you can see the accident activity coming south found on middlebrook road. pushed to the shoulder, the lanes are open,
6:54 am
past the gas station there. again, be prepared for some slowdowns here as you continue to work your way inbound towards the exit. on the brakes, leaving 118 out of germantown, 355 could save you some time as an alternate. in order tomaps update the right elsewhere, bw parkway at 410, there's an accident reported at this location and, of course, safetrack surge 13, single tracking on the blue and yellow line. huntington and van dorn street, allow an additional 30 minutes. as a result, we do have some problems, yellow line towards huntington, delays because of a train malfunction outside of l'enfant plaza. back in the next 10 minutes with an update on the roads and rails. back over to you guys. larry: let's talk to
6:55 am
kidd: bachelor neck, getting ready to make the decision in the fantasy suite. theked him how important kiss is, when it comes to finding love. can you tell if you like someone by a kiss? it is a one? >> absolutely. you can get a lot of information about your connection one through their kiss. kidd: do you make decisions on who gets a rose based on a kiss? >> i think i use every bit of information in front of me to make my decisions. the physical connection, the chemistry, which includes kissing, is part of that. autria: [funny high-pitched noises] [laughter] kidd: we will do that for after 7:00. "women tell all, that's tonight -- all," that's tonit.
6:56 am
several hours of "the bachelor." autria: and karen is getting her own reality show? kidd: which, she should. jummy: i'm surprised they didn't do a two for one bachelorette. kidd: not of that idea. that and so much more, coming up after 7:00. will be in the bachelor pad after 8:00 on news channel 8. we always have fun chatting, talking he stuff after 8:00. right now, let's get your 62nd express. will be in the bachelor pad after 8:00 on news mr. trump accusing president obama of wiretapping trump tower. >> the new order replaces the controversial ban signed by president trump, limiting travel and immigration. iraq has been removed at the urging of the state department and the pentagon. >> north korea, confirming, firing
6:57 am
morning. the japanese prime minister said that the launch was a clear violation of u.n. resolution. >> fire officials tell us that because of all the stuff in the long timetook them a to find the victims that were trapped. >> this is the last -- last major safetrack surge. are going to be packed. >> every kid loves going to the music park. her grandfather built an amusement park in his backyard. >> kind of like the weather, a roller coaster ride. larry: that does it for us here. join us on news channel 8.
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bp gives its offshore teams 24/7 support from onshore experts, so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells every day. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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good morning, america. firing back, the fbi director james comey denies president trump's unsubstantiated claims that the fbi tapped trump tower at obama's request. his call to set the record straight. the white house responds right here on "gma" this morning. developing overnight, north korea firing four banned ballistic missiles. the new threat from their leader provoke the trump administration and a swift reaction around the globe this morning. caught on camera, a masked man attacks a woman working at a hotel captured on surveillance cameras stalking his victim and trying to drag her away. how this brave worker fought back of the one thing she did that helped put him behind bars. ♪ with the man in the mirror >> the abc news exclusive, the king of pop's oldest son, prince


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