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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  February 17, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> trump is on his way to south carolina. he left joint base andrews hours ago. lengthy a day after his first news conference. megan is live with more on the trip. >> we are getting reaction on the fiery news conference. the president deflecting questions on russia.
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and targeting reporters. expects a friendlier meeting than yesterday's news conference. going to ask a simple, easy question. question, not a fair question. sit down. >> he asked how the government would respond to the uptick in anti-semitism. >> i am the least anti-somatic you have ever seen in your life. number two, the least racist person. >> there was this exchange. >> are you going to include the cbc? >> am i going to include who? >> the congressional black caucus.
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meeting? are they friends of yours? >> no, i am just a reporter. >> i would love to meet with them. i think it is great. to acknowledgeng withflynn's conversation russia. >> those are criminal leaks. >> he would not say what he would do about russian provocation. this spy ship seen off the coast of virginia. mr. trump: the greatest thing i could do is shoot the ship out of the water. everyone would say that is so great. that is not great. that is not good. huntinghite house is for a new national security advisor. four names are in contention.
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a memo obtained by the usesiated press allegedly a proposal to use national guard troops to pick up illegal immigrants. the white house says this is not true. the ap says it would have troops travel as far north as portland, oregon and as far east as new orleans. the governors of the states would decide whether or not there troops would participate. it was written january 25. local faith leaders gathered in front of the ice field offices protesting the new policies. the group is calling for an end of raids happening around virginia and the country. >> to continue these raids, you will have a confrontation with the church. >> the group came to
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immigration services building with a strong message. are to know the tactics create fear. john: they are holding a prayer vigil. cause, and without any allegations of criminal activity. you don't have a six to eight cars waiting in an area if you are not staking that area out. they pushed eight individuals up against the wall. john: the men were stopped by agents as they left the church. sanctuary, seeking to get out of the cold. john: these advocates also want specific answers today. they want ice to release each and every name
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arrested and details about the arrest. nearly 700 arrest and half a dozen states. officials call it targeted enforcement. where thes say it is raids and suites are taking place. >> we want to see an end to these raids. jummy: some breaking news and fairfax. police have arrested a dance instructor for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with duden. he was a dance instructor at adrenaline dance studio and stage door. detectives think there may be more victims. an officer sentenced to a one-year suspended sentence for taking pictures up women's skirts.
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the woman turned out to be an off-duty d.c. police officer. he will not spend any time in jail, but he will be on three years supervised probation. just in from prince george's county, kevin maxwell will be given a contract extension. brad bell is live this noon. this is a controversial move. says it is something of a surprise. i am not sure how many people thought it would happen area we were at the law high school. i could hear the school marching band has just come in. the ceo of the school here and the county executive are all portraying this as a celebration of the accomplishments of maxwell's time in office. there were some problems.
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dion take care away was found to there was a scandal with the head start program or they found out children had been mistreated. for the ousting of dr. maxwell. he never lost support of the county executive or the majority of the school board. today, he gets a new contract. he was speaking with passion about what he has accomplished. graduation rates at an all-time toh and scholarships coming prince george's county high school students. he says that is the message he is going to work hard on getting out. remains on the young people. i reached out this morning to two of the people who wanted him houston. neither has decided to respond. work of the
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bring you the latest this afternoon. i can still hear the band playing. they are trying to make it a celebration. you can see a beautiful sunrise over the capital. it looks to be a beautiful weekend. doug hill is here with the heat heading our way. doug: we are going to see temperatures go above average. degrees above average today. a little cloudiness in spot. that has cleared out. we see tons of sun. 47 in culpeper. joint base andrews. 40 degrees in washington. 48 toatures will climb to 50. plenty of sunshine. temperatures drop off. a sneak peek of what is coming up, 66 degrees high temperatures tomorrow and sunday
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and pleasant for presidents' day. we are watching a disturbance that could cause clouds and showers, coming up in about eight minutes. jummy: thank you. on theup, a bomb plot east coast busted up. the reason a florida man is wanting to target target. california storms, bracing for the biggest one in the star that could miss opening day. traffic, not doing bad. we have some construction that could low you down. you may see red on dc-295.
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capitol street, both directions losing a lane. traffic cameras, the friday getaway is in effect on interstate 95. this is virginia through lorton from the springfield mixing bowl. as you approach 123, occoquan. we just picked up cones and barrels at the vienna metro station. on the capital beltway, a slow spot through bethesda. on the approach to old georgetown road, you lose the right lane with a work zone. not doing bad traveling on 395 the george washington parkway.
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announcer: you are watching abc 7 news at noon. jummy: a storm is taking aim at california. the system next acted to bring heavy rain and the threat of flash flooding. those in california, the northern part, can expect heavy rain late sunday into monday. officials believe the orville dam is stable enough to withstand the storm. crews have been working to lower the water level at lake or of phil -- oroville. foiled in a plot central florida. police arrested a man that wanted to bomb target stores.
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of wanting to blow up target stores up and down the east coast, using bombs hidden in packaged food. investigators found the ingredients to make the bonds at his home. he offered someone $10,000 to put the bombs on the shelves in target stores. to let the boxes bounce around or they would explode. >> having an individual like this in the public that would , that is in his mind an individual you want off the streets. >> he hoped the bombings would send targets stock prices plummeting so he could buy shares on the cheap to set him up when the company stock went back up. jummy: the nationals roster with bods
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spring -- the nationals roster reports for spring training. may have to miss opening day. he is recovering from a fractured bottom knuckle. the injury has delayed his throwing program. abc 7 sports will be in florida next week. do not miss our live report starting monday. opening day is april 3. jummy: i went to the game and it was raining and 40 degrees. could be we are on, it 75 degrees. be in the 60's the next month and a half and then have snow.
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opening day in baltimore, there were big, wet snowflakes. another preview of spring. it is a beautiful on the weatherbug camera. 39 degrees right now. a little cloudiness this morning. clouds continue to clear from west to east. we have plenty of sunshine around the area. that is what we will enjoy the rest of the day. we are holding in the upper 30's to lower 40's. we will hang on to the sunshine. about 51 degrees. couple of, the next days, tonight, clear skies. through the early morning hours, plenty of sunshine. you will see some cloudiness approach
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temperatures head into the mid-60's. a good day for outdoor activity. we keep our eyes on the possibility of a couple of showers. we get through sunday night and monday, temperatures not down -- temperatures knock down for presidents' day. there you see the numbers, mid 60's tomorrow and saturday. beautiful weather, you probably need a light jacket. coldxtended outlook, any air in sight, i don't think so. 66 tomorrow and sunday. a couple of sprinkles early sunday. it will turn cooler behind a system o
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end of next week, the temperatures go back up again. climbs to 64 on saturday. they, maybe 55. , maybe 55.s jummy: happening tonight, we will hear from the ex-wife of a man serving a life sentence for the hot car death of their son. amy joins us with a preview. thank you for joining us. she tell you about the day the baby died? how so much was made about she reacted to the news that cooper h
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was thinking of her husband. so many people rushed to judgment on how she reacted. if you ask her the day before how she would react, she would have told you the reaction would have been opposite. she thought it was a bad dream that she wanted to wake up from. it is compelling to hear what was going through her mind. why did she defend her husband in court? amy: i asked her. she said i did not defend him. wh
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i took anath to tell the truth. ross was a good father and a loving dad. i don't think he was capable of killing our son. it was not defending him, it was telling the truth. two .5 years of being silent and being hounded by the press everywhere she went, every reaction she had. she stayed silent for her ex-husband's trial. she did not want to influence anyone. she said it was time to speak and she wants to defend her son's legacy. she does not want cooper harris to be the father -- to be the boy of the father who intentionally kill him.
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says it is dangerous for people to say -- of course ross harris left his child in a hot car. and his trialut about his deviant sexual behavior and what a horrible person he was. it is her mission to teach people and talk about forgotten baby syndrome, which is a real thing. we look forward to this interview. dozens of children died from being left in hot cars. of them are accidents. tells why she thinks she did it and her warning for all parents. , theming up tonight digital divide sounds like
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herd world problem. le in oura gaping ho area too. we will introduce you to her secrets tories and saving d.c. kids from the streets.
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officials in a town in the netherlands are trying to users fromk phone walking into traffic. lights have been e
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witheven when life isn't.your home can be perfect. everything's on sale, now during havertys presidents day event. havertys. life looks good. jummy: a great weekend on tap. doug: we will hit 50 or so. maybe a few showers sunday morning. jummy: can't wait. thank you for joining us.
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>> you know, as parents, we try to teach our kids about the importance of a good education. well, the young players we have with us today are about to learn first-hand just how important it is, because it's whiz kids week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, it's whiz kids week on "who wants to be a millionaire." yeah, now we have a great game. and we have a great player. our returning whiz kid is a four-time spelling bee champion and is also an aspiring pediatrician. from st. charles, missouri, please welcome back 13-year-old uma upamaka. [cheers and applause] how you doing, uma? >> good, good. [cheers and applause] you look beautiful today. >> thank you. i like your pocket square.


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