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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 22, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," twin wildfires just outside of los angeles are threatening residents as growing fires across several states force many from their homes. we have details just ahead. >> pulling no punches. the race for the white house in full swing as donald trump gets set to deliver his "big speech" on hillary clinton. that's today. so how will he respond to her latest criticism. >> new this half hour, another alligator attack reported in florida. >> the police posting this image of an eight to nine-foot gator after it bit an adult male on the leg forcing him to be airlifted to the hospital. >> and dwyane wade like we've never seen him before. the three-time nba star strips down for espn's magazine's body issue. hear what he revealed about his insecurities regarding his body image and the secret indulgence
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the full story is ahead in "the "skinny" on this wednesday, june 22nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> and it's not even sweeps. we're showing naked people. it's not ratings month. >> it's all right. we'll take them whenever we get them. that's fine. >> i'll tell you, i was at a shoot for the body issue last year. >> were you in it? >> no, ain't nobody want to see that. >> did you audition? >> nobody want to see that. but one of the things that stands apart, they all have to agree to be naked on the set. so there's no pasties, nothing to cover up. >> everyone's just walking around? >> oh, yeah. >> how you doing? >> gronkowski was the funniest one. they're like, we couldn't convince him to put clothes on. rob gronkowski. >> oh, no, i'm good. >> it's good to hang out here. we'll get to dwyane wade. >> behind the scenes. >> exactly. >> behind being the key.
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our top story is the wildfires in the west. aided by the extremely hot and dry conditions. >> temperatures have been well over 100 degrees with gusty winds helping to fuel those fires is even more. two of them are within 20 miles of downtown l.a. adding smoke to those unhealthy conditions. there are also fires in other parts of southern california as well as neighboring states. abc's stephanie ramos has more. >> reporter: massive wildfires are burning across the west. even in alaska. >> massive fire in back of our neighborhood. >> reporter: a skyline of smoke in california. two fast-moving fires in the los angeles area devouring dry brush. the fires scorching at least 5400 acres. >> our big threat today is still that left side of the fire. that still is a very uncontrolled flank of the fire. >> reporter: the two separate wildfires now being called by a single name, the san gabriel complex fire. its flames chasing people from their homes.
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>> so far, we've evacuated about 770 holmes. >> reporter: unpredictable winds, dry brush and record hot temperatures in california are fueling the fires. helicopters and planes sweeping in to drench the flames from the air. >> temperatures are high and the winds are now kicking up. it's the perfect storm. >> reporter: excessive heat warnings in place not only in the golden state but also in utah, arizona, and nevada. at least 16 large wildfires are now burning across eight states. local l.a. firefighters stand ready to respond to new fires that may flare up and crews say residents who haven't been evacuated from their homes yet should have their bags packed. >> get ready and get set to go early. don't wait till the front is right in your yard. >> reporter: the weather may start to help firefighters. the coastal areas will be cooling the west in the next few days pushing some of that heat out east toward colorado and kansas. kendis, diane. >> stephanie,
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taking a look at the forecast, most of the northeast will be dry, but comfortable. still watch out for severe storms around the great lakes and in the appalachians. it will be very humid in the south with some rain around denver and strong winds in the west. >> and the good news is, the record heat is over for the west. but temperatures will still be in the triple digits in arizona as well as new mexico. cooler along the west coast. in the 90s in the south and in the 80s in the northeast. turning to politics now, hillary clinton is predicting a recession and global panic if donald trump wins the election. in a speech to supporters in columbus, ohio, she warned his economic policies would hurt working families and rick the country's future. >> she also slammed him for making many of his branded products overseas and bankrupting his companies. >> just like he shouldn't have his finger on the button, he shouldn't have his hands on our economy. >> clinton also brought up the trump university lawsuits and tweeted a video called "bad
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businessman" featuring clips from mitt romney and others blasting trump's business ventures. still donald trump is poised to launch his own counterattack today with a speech aimed directly at clinton and her husband, former president bill clinton. one-on-one with where would news tonight there david muir, trump defended his business acumen. >> i was not watching. i heard what she said. i built a great, great company. it's worth tens -- it's just a very, very valuable company. some of the greatest assets in the world including with what we're sitting on right here. she has a bad temperament. she would do so badly with the economy. >> trump later embraced clinton's criticism labeling him the king of debt saying he made a fortune off debt as a businessman and will fix the country. >> the pentagon is disputing iraq's claims of victory over isis rebels in the city of fallujah. u.s. military officials say only one-third of
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the persistent street battles fueled an exodus of families from their homes, displacing more than 58,000 people so far. camps for refugees are running out of space as well as supplies. the u.s. says it's sending an additional $20 million in emergency aid. here at home, three pennsylvania residents were arrested with an arsenal of weapons at the holland tunnel in new jersey. that's the main tunnel that heads into new york city. police say the group is not linked to terrorism. instead claiming to be on their way to new york to rescue a 16-year-old girl from a drug den. the driver had recently lost his daughter to a suspected overdose. now to the orlando massacre where we are learning more about the shooter's movements that night. police say the gunman went to pulse two hours before the killings, left, and then came back. investigators think he was checking the club's security. also abc news learned the shooter's wife saw him with what looked like a bag of guns before he left home for the last time and the gunman's father says he's been buried somewhere in florida. and florida gove
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scott says he'll appeal fema's decision to deny his state $5 million in emergency funds in the aftermath of those shootings. scott says the money would help cover costs like law enforcement response and counseling for the victims. attorney general loretta lynch announced the state will receive a $1 million grant from the justice department. word this morning of another alligator attack in central florida. a 58-year-old man was bitten in the leg while checking on horses on his own rural property. the victim remained alert and talking while airlifted to the hospital. according to police. this is a photo they released. this eight to nine-foot alligator was caught and killed. the 2-year-old boy killed by that alligator at disney world has been laid to rest. the funeral mass in west omaha, nebraska for lane graves was limited to friends and family. the toddler was dragged into the water last week while wading
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in disney world. the family established a foundation in his name. >> a u.s. congressman chaka fattah has been convicted of racketeering, fraud and money laundering. fattah was at the center of a scheme to pay back an illegal million dollar campaign contribution using federal grants and non-profit funds. fattah will be sentenced in october. prosecutors pledged to seek jail time but did not say how much. all is in place to rescue a sick worker from a u.s. science station on antarctica. i rescue plane landed successfully after a daring nine-hour trip in the dark and cold. after resting for ten hours, the four-person crew will attempt to bring the sick worker out to a british base on the antarctic peninsula. a second worker is also ill but it hasn't been decided yet whether to bring that person out, as well. normally, there are no flights to the science station from february to october because it is just too risky. for those of you who crave girl scout cookies all year round, we have some good news as long as su don't mind doing a
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little baking of your own. >> the girl scouts partnered up with pillsbury to offer baking mixes they say taste just like the original cookies. for now, caramel and coconut along with thin mints are available nationwide but more could hit the marketplace in the future. >> i like the thin mints but anything with peanut butter gets my vote. the mixes cost about $3.30 each, that's less expensive than a traditional box of girl scout cookies and according to pillsbury, they have no additional added colors or artificial police officers or preservatives. so they're healthy. >> i guess. depends on what you mix in it. >> i think that's what i'm going to interpret it that way. they're now healthy. >> that's what i've always thought about thin mints just because it had thin in the name. >> exactly. dieting by diane and kendis. all right, coming up -- >> we'll see you at the buffet. >> coming up, attacked by a bear. the woman startled by an angry mother bear while she's in the homestretch of running a
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and it may have been the worst kept secret in hollywood. now it's all but confirmed. the celebrity couple now said to be officially an item. that story is ahead in "the skinny." you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by lysol click gel. even keep your toilet clean and fresh. introducing lysol click gel. a single use applicator that helps you avoid contact with germs. just click it in and recycle! to enjoy continuous clean freshness with every flush for up to one week. lysol click gel keeps it clean with one click. lysol. start healthing.
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as we come on the air
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so it didn't quite make it to the moon, but it did get to mississippi. this is what's left of the saturn 5 rocket. nasa designed the boosters that sent astronauts to the moon in 1973, but the apollo 19 flight was then canceled. the 40-mile move from new orleans took several days. they had to move it at just three miles an hour. >> wow, speedy.
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>> i'm guessing it was planned to go a lot faster than that when they were trying to go to the moon. in mexico, a runner greeted something much more frightening than your normal marathon obstacles. an angry mother bear. >> that bear apparently startled, went on the attack and this morning that runner is sharing her terrifying story. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: karen williams is nursing serious bites and scratches after a run-in with an angry mother bear. >> she was ripping at my upper arms. i had my hands over my head and i screamed because it hurt. and she didn't like me screaming and so she gave me a whack on the side of the ahead with her left paw. >> reporter: the marathon runner was just a few miles from the finish line in new mexico sunday when she apparently surprised the bear protecting her three cubs. >> then she bit my neck and started shaking me. >> reporter: she realizes the only way to live is to play dead
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>> i pretended i was dead and she kept glancing over at me. >> reporter: because the bear attacked a person, state law required she be euthanized and tested for rabies her cubs will be sent to a wildlife refuge. as for williams, she was found by fellow runners about 30 minutes after the attack, airlifted to a hospital with serious injuries. >> i've got a nice chunk out of my eyebrow that i'll have to probably get a little plastic surgery on. >> reporter: doctors say williams will make a full recovery. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> scary she says as she was screaming, she could tell that the louder she screamed, the more agitated and aggressive the bear got. >> that's why i don't run marathons. bear attacks. when we come back, dwyane wade exposed. literally. what you may have never known also about his secret indulgence. >> and the "the game
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cast members are in line for some pretty hefty raises. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
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♪ ♪ skinny, so skinny time now for "the skinny" and topping our headlines this morning, dwyane wade like we have never seen him before. >> yeah, who knows who else, right? can't speak for everybody. >> there are the jumpoffs.
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stripped down to his birthday suit. that's right, all six feet four inches of him for the cover of espn's annual body issue. >> so get this. as he posed for the shoot, wade admitted he's never been confident about being naked around others for fear of being judged. >> could have fooled me. >> despite his obviously ripped physique, he added yes, he's human with insecurities just like everybody else. >> we just have no idea why. he even admitted for the longest time, he was uncomfortable getting naked in front of his own wife. but here's one thing he's apparently not self-conscious about. >> what? >> he told the magazine he never misses an opportunity to get a pedicure. >> wow. >> so wade says that besides a professional pampering and preening, he loves getting toenails done in black polish. >> hmm. >> he does look like he shredded up a little bit. >> can't imagine why he would be self-conscious about that.
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so pedicures. very nice. get a nice massage that goes with it. underrated i think. >> i don't know. tickles. next, a celebrity couple comes clean. >> so it's been the worst kept secret really for years in hollywood. but now a good friend of jamie foxx has confirmed he and katie holmes are a thing. >> "real housewives of atlanta" star claudia jordan has told the allegedly podcast that the oscar-winning actress "very happy with tom cruise's ex-wife." >> okay. so the couple was first spotted together three years ago dancing at a charity event in the hamptons. >> now, back in january of this year, "in touch" magazine quoted another friend saying the actors have had marriage on their minds for quite awhile. something small and quiet. maybe even a little thing. >> but that source reportedly said holmes was afraid how tom cruise would react with their daughter suri having a new father figure around. >> he doesn't really get much choice in the matter, does he? >> exactly.
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as long as she's happy. exactly. >> next, charging all the way to the bank will soon be the stars of game of thrones". >> the hollywood reporter says the stars of the emmy winning hbo fantasy drama are set to receive hefty salary races for the seventh eighth and final season. >> the shows top stars including peter dinklage and kit harington, lena headey, and emilia clarke have been rumored to have been getting paid $300,000 an episode. they'll now reportedly get bumped up to half a million per episode. >> of course, that doesn't guarantee their characters will survive into the eighth season. a risky strategy. >> it is a strategy. here's what's going to happen in sunday's episode is i know the show runner. >> i am going to -- >> and. >> kendis loves to spoil "game of thrones" for everybody. >> someone will die. >> is it going to be you for spoiling the episode? maybe that's how they'll cut the
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they'll just say, you're too expensive sorry. you have to go. >> sorry. >> all right. >> i have no clue. >> and from a galaxy far, far away to the small screen, just across the pond. >> yeah, so he's best known as luke skywalker, but mark hamill is set to step away from "star wars" to star in a british sit-com. >> the 54-year-old hamill will reportedly join the cast of the hit show "man down" for its third season. his role has not yet been revealed but he's expected to play the father of the show's main character who breaks up with his girlfriend and is conflicted about keeping the teaching job he's always hated or trying something more exciting. >> but at least for hamill, this certainly sounds exsight. > that was a really long synopsis for a character. >> brian was pointing out, our producer in my ear that in our video we gave away some spoilers to "star wars" in case somebody hasn't seen it and as well ato
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♪ >> that was kind of boring, the free ones. >> but the other one, seven-minute workout. >> that sounds straight up my alley. in case you missed it, yesterday was national selfie day. >> it's only been recognized as a word for three years, but it's definitely been a thing for quite some time. >> and some millennials, you can't claim this one. here's abc's nick watt. >> but first let me take a selfie. >> reporter: presidents, popes, president wannabes, plane crash survivors, musclemen, monkeys, the #selfie used more than a
3:56 am
quarter billion times and counting on instagram alone. >> let me take another selfie. >> reporter: sub genres. mirror selfies, sans selfies #i woke up like this. kids or pets, backstage, background celeb, straight up smolder, 3.7 likes. but millennials you did not invent this. 1991, thelma and louise, filters to make you look better, those selfie sticks, yep, they are new. but don't go getting your undies too bunched up over this neonarcissism. van gogh painted himself 43 times. >> i know my perfect angle. it's my chin down and i just pose away. >> reporter: kim is generous with tips. camera up, chin down, pouty, super pouty. lighting matters. take lots. take the best. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. ♪ let me take a selfie >> nick looking good there. >> well done.
3:57 am
>> just to clarify. >> point of clarification. >> because people mess this up when they tell stories all the time. a selfie does not mean any picture with a person in it. a selfie has to be taken by someone who is actually in the photo. >> get the zoolander look. man. whoa. >> apparently you're not supposed to smile. >> i don't like smiling. it adds like ten pounds to your face. >> no, you have -- doesn't he have a great smile? >> look at that sweaty one. man. >> is that a mirror selfie? >> it's a complete mirror selfie. does that count? >> i don't know. >> somebody's been going through my instagram. >> tip on a selfie, set the timer. >> yeah, that's the key. look at diane. >> are you smiling? are you smiling? no. >> oh. >> oh, look at that. >> diane is the queen of selfies. >> i try. >> like honestly. there isn't a day that goes by she isn't taking a selfie. >> it takes a few takes usually though. not very good at the one-take selfies.
3:58 am
short. i don't know.
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making news in america this morning, nasty nicknames. the presidential candidates trading barbs about each other and who would be better at handling the economy. dueling speeches today mean the back and forth is set to continue. we're live with the details. wildfires in southern california are raging out of control. hundreds have been forced to leave their homes so far while animals are also in need of rescue. and an arsenal of weapons found inside a distifrntsive looking truck. who was inside and where did they say they were going? a rough night for the men's soccer team. one of the world's greatest players lived up had toys had endtation and defeated the americans in the process.


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