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tv   ABC 7 News 11  ABC  November 14, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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vertically, but a mismatch, when you have your best receiver and the quickest receiver up against a backup safety, and that time, baker mayfield able to locate him and make a nice throw. >> chris: targeted 15 times, he's made 13 catches. he goes out now. andrews, the freshman, he's had a tough night. back into the game to the right of the formation. and the clock was running down. oklahoma has to spend its second time-out. stoops frustrated. did not want to get backed up five yards there, that's for sure. you think bob wants this one tonight? >> kirk: he's got a little bit of fire going tonight. >> chris: he sure did in the pregame warmup. he would love to throw the headset. he's got the vie sosor and the . let me throw that thing.
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all tangled up. so, they did not get the time-out, though. that's why he was san francisco tra frustrated. there was a delay. mixon cannot break a tackle. muscled out by blanchard again. >> kirk: talk about a difference in what may transfire here in these next two, three plays, chris. under six minutes to go, you kick a field goal, you go up by six and you give baylor the bam. you score a touchdown and you go up by ten and it's a two-possession game. these next two, three plays are vitally important. >> chris: what made that five-yard penalty such a source of fury for stoops. fake it to mixon. mayfield. on the run. keeps it, knocked out inside the 10. so, third and goal. they'll spot the ball down at the seven.
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>> kirk: we've seen sterling shepard in some of these red zone areas check out of the game for the larger mark andrews at 6'5". looks like andrews will come back into the game, but this time, you're going to see sterling shepard stay in the game. >> chris: be lined up in the slot. there's andrews. third and goal. another huge play. >> kirk: bob stoops calling a time-out. he was kind of working the sidelirnside pprowling towards the official. i couldn't tell if he was going to take the time-out or not. >> chris: what will the sooners call? call? third and goal coming up next. to the home? totally. ...and then intel made there efficient so that you could fit all this into a laptop...
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tonight, stewart, waz and blackshire. trying to dig in deep here on third and goal. >> kirk: oklahoma comes out in the exact same formation, where they have the taller receiver andrews and also shepard, right here in the slot. >> chris: perine is the back. bears rush only three. mayfield. looking. looking. scrambling. retreating. fires to the end zone for a touchdown to flowers! extending the play, showing patience and look at trevor knight. last year's starter, up to celebrate with mayfield there. >> kirk: that play is kind of symbolic of the night and the season that baker mayfield has had for this oklahoma sooners offense.
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you thought he might give up on the play. you thought he might throw it away. but his h-back, who was in blocking, flowers, talk about -- mayfield is going to get the credit, but the dmitry flowers was blocking. he wasn't even going out for a pass and he turned around and figured out, keep your eye on this guy right here. and this play takes a long time but he is in blocking, waiting, waiting, you think he might run and then he decides right here to take off and try to get out into the open field. i can't believe none of the linemen went down field. in fact, the freshman, samia, the right tackle, actually did. the right tackle, 75, from oklahoma, he's -- he's almost near the goal line. >> chris: you can't blame him. mayfield was scrambling for 15 seconds down there. flowers has made two huge catches tonight. setting up a touchdown and now
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that touchdown. gives oklahoma a ten-point lead inside of five minutes to go and may have been the crucial pray to help the sooners get some payback against baylor. >> kirk: i cannot say enough about baker mayfield. the energy and the heart that he possesses and how his team fields ofield feeds off him. >> chris: he made the mistake to blanchard, he took ownership, said, guys, hang with me. i'm going to make up for that. he's played beautifully since that mistake. >> kirk: without a doubt. this whole offense is -- has done such a remarkable job since the game in texas against the longhorns, where they lost, and had a miserable day offensively. >> chris: i'm wondering, they couldn't find a scholarship for him in lubbock? i'm just saying. chris platt gets the edge and gets knocked down at the 30 yard line. so, baylor's got to show serious
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urgency. over on espn tonight, after the what sio washington state/ucla game, stick around for "sportscenter" at night to recap another eventful saturday in college football. that's "sportscenter" at night after washington state/ucla. >> kirk: baylor can score in a hurry. and that's exactly what it's going to take right here from stidham and this group of wide receivers, to make some big plays. something that's been tough to do against this sooner secondary. >> chris: stidham. down field. intercepted. tried to take a shot. ahmad thomas came across and made the catch. and that might do it for oklahoma. this secondary, given so much abuse and grief, so embarrassed at the last two meetings. how sweet is this celebration? >> kirk: it's an amazing way to potentially wrap this up.
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mike stoops deserves a ton of credit. he's taken so much heat in norman for the way his defenses have performed in some of the bigger games. giving up a lot of points and plays. they put a plan together and his players went out and executed it tonight. ahmad thomas, in the middle of your field -- he actually does a good job of reading the eyes of the young freshman quarterback, who stared down jay lee. one of the few times we've seen him make a mistake, show his youth. ahmad thomas, the junior from miami, read it and jumped it and comes up with maybe the play of the game. >> chris: third turnover for the bears, who are minus-two in that department. they were plus-11 coming in. perine, short gain. again, look at the last couple years. rush yards, the 377 pass yards last year. they got ripped up on the ground
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a couple of years ago. didn't have a takeaway in either game, kirk, with three tonight. >> kirk: that's the difference. you can see, there's still some points being scored, but when you defend baylor, i got news for you, i don't care who you are. you're gouge to give up some points when you try to slow these guys down. i think there's just a different plan -- there was a different level of confidence in the secondary tonight from oklahoma and on the defensive line. i mean, those are the two areas, when you look at them, the last two years on film, and you look at them this year, totally different group of athletes on that defensive line. depth and that secondary, they played their hearts out. >> chris: oklahoma came from 17 down to win overtime in knoxville. just failed to show up in dallas. everything went wrong against texas. you wonder, what's going on? in norman. no energy. there's no vitality. sterling shepard told me, they had a players only meeting, a team meet egg, they told the coaches, hey, we have to start practicing faster with more urgency, playing faster.
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and this team still has a lot to play for at that point, but we wondered, kirk, with the last four games, they were blasting people, but how much of that was level of competion, how good was this team. we're finding out tonight. >> kirk: it was only fair to look at how much they had improved from texas and to wonder, you're right, is it because they're playing texas tech and kansas and some of the others? or, is it because they've actually improved? i think tonight, especially on the offense, from where they were that night that they played in dallas, to where they are now, it's a totally different feel and different-looking team. >> chris: in the big 12, it was going to be about the stretch run, and storming in norman, we're calling it. tcu coming calling. ugly win over kansas today. we certainly hope trevone boykin is okay. and baylor, if they don't came back here after their first loss, they have to go play in stillwater. >> kirk: and oklahoma state
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survived today in ames. remember, everybody has to go to stillwater. all the contenders. >> chris: baylor at tcu friday after thanksgiving, and then bedlam, of course. mayfield steps up, delivers. shepard, one more catch. shepard spins and knocks down at the 40 yard line and shepard within a catch now of equalling that school record for receptions in a game. he's got 14. oklahoma not stepping off the gas, are they? >> chris: t. >> kirk: no. and shepard, a guy that probably could have come out last year, his father played for ou, the story's well documented, how he was around the locker room after his father passed away. bob stooped reached out to him when he was a little guy. he grew up loving the sooners and he's done everything he can the last two, three years. he's been disappointed at times, and trying to put it all together tonight. has had a career night. >> chris: perine.
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on first down. shepard knocked out in the first quarter a couple of years ago in a loss. couldn't play last year, was injured. had a groin injury. had to helplessly stand and watch his team get blown out at home. you just sense every oklahoma player we talked to, the eagerness, the energy, the anticipation for this game tonight, and it's played out. >> kirk: their pride was on the line, you know what i mean? they felt like, you know, all due respect to baylor and what baylor's done to them, a lot of these guys have lived up. and they felt, hey, we -- we still have a lot of pride as a program and we're embarrassed by what's happened and let's go to waco and see if we're good enough to beat a really good team. >> chris: perine. short gain. talked about since that oklahoma game, this is going to be the fifth straight game the sooners have gained 500 yards offense. their streak of 50-plus points may be stopped, but this is an offense that's going to be very difficult for anybody to deal with. >> chris: oh, yeah. especially with baker mayfield
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and the way he's playing. and we heard this week about jason white, who won a heisman trophy and sam bradford who won a heisman trophy in norman. you look nine, ten games into a season, you compare what mayfield has done to two guys that won the heisman and you start to look at his numbers and -- >> chris: should he be in the mix? >> kirk: absolutely. after tonight? >> chris: he hasn't been. he's been overoked. >> kirk: he should be. >> chris: i agree. this is the kind of game that can elevate you. here's a keeper for the quarterback. slides on the wet carpet for a first down and they'll continue to chew on clock and that could just about do it. baylor with just one time-out. >> kirk: because what doesn't show up and if you watch this game for four quarters, and you watched this team play this year, they feed off of him. that's the difference, the intangibles, the heart, the fire. again, i have not seen an oklahoma quarterback in a long time that had such an impact on his team. so, it's not just putting his stats next to these others. it's what he does to this team
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and how they feed off of his energy. >> chris: different kind of quarterback from sam bradford who was a brilliant player. >> kirk: oh, my gosh, absolutely. but sam impacted his guys in a way, too, maybe not with the fire, but we've seen the recognition tonight from this young man. he's made great throws. this is a touchdown earlier in the first half. i've been blown away to see his arm strength in person. he has what it takes to improvise. this is the last touchdown. instead of giving up on it, he believes in his team, his players, his own athletic ability, comes up with big play after big play. >> chris: bears are going to lose for the first time at mclane stadium. average margin of 32 points and their 20-game winning streak snapped here. the ford wrapup show with
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cassidy hubbarth is coming up right after the game. as the sooners are in victory formation. a very, very satisfying win on that level. but also, a crucial one, because oklahoma, you see ranked 12th by the selection committee, could reshape things. kirk: as we start to stack the one-loss teams, after what we've seen from oklahoma after their loss to texas, and with everybody, potentially going to start losing ahead of them, oklahoma throws their hat into the ring with all those other one-loss teams. and they still have tcu and bedlam with oklahoma state in front of them. >> chris: boomer sooner comes to waco and beats the bears. very different hand shake last year when stoops suffered his worst home loss ever at the hands of briles. cursory handshake. briles to mayfield.
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shepa shepard, monster night. down to heather with bob stoops. >> heather: chris, thank you so much. coach, congratulations. what did your team show you tonight? >> played really well. they executed well, both sides of the ball. came up with big plays. you know, played within ourselves and played a good game. >> heather: your offense is an entirely different offense than it was even at the beginning of the season. how did it help you tonight? >> well, you know, staying on the field, making big plays, baker mayfield again was incredible. and when you play baylor, too, you got to score. keep them on the bench and move the ball. and we were able to do that. >> heather: five games ago, hard to believe, this same team lost to texas. since then, what has changed about these sooners? >> well, you know, the execution overall is -- has improved every week and they come in here in their place and win here was another good win. >> heather: and let's talk about your brother and what his defense did for you guys, slowing down this prolific bay lour offense. how did they do it?
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>> yeah, the entire defense was great. first, we controlled the run game. after the first series. and then we made -- we covered them. we challenged them. our secondary, they did a great job covering. breaking to the ball and challenging their receivers. >> heather: coach, congrats. chris? >> chris: the oklahoma fans in the upper deck are hooping and hollering as the sooners celebrate in the opposite corner. bob stoops, very, very satisfying. >> kirk: this is a huge win for bob stoops. it's obviously a big win for the program. but bob stoops, you know, he has dealt with some things where fans and media, people have kind of gone after them as a program and the big game bob moniker that has been out there. this was big. for him and big for this team, as they try to compete in 2015. just in a broader sense for his legacy and showing people that bob stoops and oklahoma still matter in the big 12.
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>> chris: big night for the defense, but the at&t strong performance will focus on baker mayfield, throwing for 270 and three touchdowns. ran for 76 yards and one. perine, 166. shepard, again, 14 catches and two touchdowns. back to heather with mayfield. >> heather: thank you so much. baker, incredible numbers, also, swiped the game ball here, has it tucked away in his helmet. he told me not to tell, but i had to bust on you, baker. you think they'll going to find out? >> they will you busted me. >> heather: what was the difference tonight? back and forth, you threw a pick six early and you grilted it out. what do you think was the x factor? >> just focusing in and doing our job. that interception is all my fault. if i'm going to miss anywhere on a pass, i got to miss outside and that kid made a good play on it. i learned from it and i was more aggressive. >> heather: you heard you go to your offense after that interception and tell them, you know, what you just said, it was my bad. won't happen again. where does that believe and that confidence come from?
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>> i believe in my guys. right now, we have an incredible team. i think we can go wherever we think we can. i'm proud of us and so, i mean, i'm confidence in our right now. that's where it comes from. >> heather: what's changed about this offense and this overall team? five games ago, we saw you lose. you are just conquering the world out here. what's been the difference? >> we went into texas and we were kind of -- focused about the atmosphere. we weren't focused about doing our job and the details. that's what the defense is about. doing your job. when we do that, we're successful. that's what we've been focusing on. >> heather: congrats. enjoy that game ball. don't give it back. chris? >> chris: there's stidham, tough second start for this freshman, who will have a big future. oklahoma, you look at that red river performance, really one of the outliers of the season. it's the one really good game that texas has played all year. wondered about oklahoma, as you see mike stoops down from the press box, celebrating. but now, kirk, you have to
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really rethink oklahoma as a playoff contender. why not, a one-loss team from this conference, if the sooners can take care of tcu and, as of now, unbeaten oklahoma state. >> kirk: well, they're going to move up this week in the rankings and now they start to become, we said earlier, one of the teams of all the one-loss teams, the texas loss will hurt them, if they get into the ends of the year, it's a one-loss, notre dame, who took care of texas and one-loss oklahoma, that could hurt them. but you have to remember, they beat baylor in waco. a good baylor team. they still have a chance to play tcu. they still have a chance to go out and play oklahoma state in stillwater. so, a lot of it is in front of them. and as it happened every year, teams are going to lose in front of you, if you keep winning, you're going to keep climbing. at the very least, if they're going to win out, they're going to be in the discussion for sure. >> baylor, which came in with strength of schedule issues, you would have to feel like this loss is going to knock them out of contention. they could be a spoiler.
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art briles wouldn't like that label. they go to oklahoma state, which had to surprise today. we're down to five unbeaten teams. clem zone, ohio state, oklahoma state, iowa and houston now which came back. >> you and i have covered this oklahoma team since 2000 many, many times and we've seen them win national championships. i don't know if i've ever seen a group of oklahoma players and coaches so excited after a win than what we're witnessing right now. this obviously meant a lot to them. the opportunity and the challenge to come to waco to take on this talented baylor team. >> chris: yep. the pent-up frustrations, the embarrassment of recent years, but also, what it means for their season. the oklahoma sooners come as underdogs to waco and knock off the bears by ten. putting themselves very much in the playoff conversation. 44-34 is the final for oklahoma here at mclane stadium. tonight's game was produced by bill bonnell, directed by derek
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mobley. for our crew and for kirk herbstreit and heather cox, i'm chris fowler saying so long from waco, where mayfield and the sooners are elated with themselves tonight and why not? the ford wrapup show coming up right now, as we kick it off to cassidy hubbarth. cassidy? thanks, chris. chaos starting to brew in the big 12 with the bears, undefeated no more. and bade lorre will look to bounce back next weir when they take on oklahoma state, who was starting to have flashbacks of 2011, as their perfect record was threatened in ames. they were trailing, 31-28 with three minutes left in the game and j.w. walsh to jeff carr. walsh had two rushing touchdowns. oklahoma state survives and improves to 10-0. clemson and syracuse. deshaun watson balled out. and he finds dion cane for the
11:54 pm
40-yard touchdown pass. watson, 360 passing yards, 105 rushing yards, three total touchdowns. clemson wins it 37-27. number two, alabama, leading sn number 17 mississippi state. derek henry adding to his heisman campaign. 204 rushing yards and now with 19 rushing tds on the season. alabama wins easily, 31-6. number three ohio state taking on illinois. j.t. barrett, back in as the starting qb. and he runs it in. six yards for the touchdown. ohio state wins it 28-3, ezekiel elliott with his 15th straight 100-yard rushing game, as well. michigan state taking on maryland. and spartan defense, huge day. five forced turnovers. and they were able to beat maryland, 24-7, despite losing connor cook to a shoulder injury. they have ohio state next week and "gameday" will be in town for that one. close game in iowa city. two minutes left. iowa with the ball in a tight
11:55 pm
five-point lead over minnesota. lesean daniels takes off. 51 yards to pay dirt. iowa would give up another minnesota touchdown, but held on to win to remain perfect on the year. number four, notre dame, taking on wake forest. from his own goal line, breaks a couple tackles and takes it 98 yards for the touchdown. the longest play from scrimmage in notre dame history. and they win, 28-7. oregon and stanford. 14 seconds left. kevin hogan -- cardinals still down two with a chance. looking for the two-point conversion. hogan, intended for austin hooper -- incomplete. oregon upsets number seven stanford, 38-36. utah and ucla play each other next week in a huge pac-12 south match-up. but both are in close games tonight. the utes trail arizona by three
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at the half, while the bruins are playing washington state right now on espn. what a game between memphis and houston. fourth quarter. houston trailed by as much as 20. postma powers in for the touchdown to give the cougars a lead. memphis still with a chance to go ahead with a field goal. jake elliott's kick up -- and wide right. no good for memphis. houston holds , 35-34, to stay undefeated. keenan reynolds broke mscored f times in a big win over smu. and trevone boykin suffered an ankle injury against kansas, but is hopeful to play next week at oklahoma. and jake rudock set a michigan record with six touchdown passes against indiana as they got the 48-40 win, 41 win in double overtime. michigan/penn state at noon next
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week on abc. that's your ford wrapup. i'm cassidy hubbarth. see you next week. coach, another loss and yet you still think your teamow. is going to the college football playoff. yes. we've just lulled the other teams into a false sense of security. 10 losses is quite a lull. has it been 10? yeah. we're good. don't let anything stop you from reaching the college football playoff. enter the ford explorer be unstoppable fan challenge. you coulwin a chance to go, and a new 2016 ford explorer. have you thought about using all 11 guys? why don't you stick to broadcasting.
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