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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  February 26, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at noon. on your side. >> another storm system is blasting our nation. this blizzard is leading some with more than one foot of snow. at least two people have lost their lives. it has us on storm watch. >> to kick things off with meteorologist jacqui jeras in them weather center.
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is it coming our way? >> it is. we will not have nearly that impact. the impact will be the rain becoming heavy at times this afternoon. he could see flooding. the raindrops are on our sky cam. it will pick up in intensity throughout the day. our temperatures are warming up. take a look west of i-88. the areas of concern are in western maryland and western west virginia. ice will coat the roads trees and power lines. that is why schools are closed in garrett and allegany counties. we have advisories in places i'd frederick, warren
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rappahannock, and madison counties. this should be short-lived. the window may be gone. flood watches for the entire metro area for the potential of one or two inches of rainfall. this stretches into the planes and kansas city are they have had major issues. our forecast today, rain and 44 degrees at 3:00 p.m. it will taper off late tonight. lingering affects will continue for the better part of the week. >> now for a look at the monster storm system as it brings more winter weather to people who got slammed and even a week ago. 21 states are under advisory. the storm system is breaking records. >> deja vu for the middle of the
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country digging out from last weeks snowstorm. it is getting buried again. >> it is horrible. >> the storm is moving on the same path. 21 states are under weather watches warnings or advisories from care since -- from kansas to remain. it dumped the second-biggest no- fault amounts in history on amarillo, texas. it is not just the snow creating a mess in texas. the near hurricane-forced winsds spreading fires near san antonio, including one in a mobile home that killed a woman and her twins and spread to neighboring homes. >> i went to my house to try to get the xers and papers. -- fixtures and -- pictures and papers. i could not do it.
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my home went up in flames. >> the storm is bringing flooding to the south and canceling flights and closing the airport in wichita, kansas. a punch for the planes were some of the remnants from the last storm are falling and so on the spirit of some bracing for another winter wallop. >> this is crazy. i do not like the winter. >> it is three days until budget cuts hit. the president is in newport news warning of the page coming for national dispense -- the pinch to national defense spending. >> the white house has warned of airport delayed and lost jobs. there is talk of us becoming more vulnerable against terrorism. lex we cannot maintain the
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level of security around the country. >> the defense subcommittee is holding a hearing. government departments can expect cuts. >> this is an abdication of congressional responsibility. to be a check and balance and make financial decisions. i regret congress known -- is not legislate. >> a president invited the nation's governors to discuss cuts that will hurt their states. >> the longer the cuts are in place, the bigger the impact will become. >>are americans more afraid or frustrated? >> frustrated. they are not coming together. >> we had technical difficulties. >> the senate is expected to
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vote to confirm chuck hagel asked defense secretary. the former nebraska senator faced criticism from house republicans who questioned his issues -- a stance on issues. gop lawmakers signaled they will and their tactics. >> police and laurel are investigating after a human skull was discovered in the woods. a couple found this goal. they called the police. no word yet on the cause of death. if you have information, call police. >> the trial for the principle of coolidge high school in northwest d.c. has been continued. donna gerrit was supposed to go before a judge after being accused of ordering and taking part in an assault on a woman who worked at the high school. gerrit has been on administrative leave. >> a story out of egypt where
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the death toll in that deadly hot air balloon wreck has risen to 19. a british tourist has died after the balloon caught fire in the air over the city of luxor and crashed into a field. another terse and the pilot were the only people to survive. >> it was one year ago today that trayvon martin was shot to death. the 17-year-old was walking through a neighborhood in florida when he was shot and killed during a confrontation with neighborhood watch volunteered george zimmerman. his parents are preserving his -- his sons -- their son's memory and are continuing to fight for justice. >> we want to advocate for other parents. it means a great deal not only to us but it means a great deal to the community. >> candlelight vigils will be held in sanford in new york
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city. george zimmerman is scheduled to go on trial june 10. today is the 20th anniversary of the first terror attack on the world trade center. six people died. 1000 were hurt after terrorist detonated a palm -- bomb underneath the north tower in 1993. a ceremony honoring the lives lost was held this morning at the 9/11 memorial. >> crews were on the western can monument press going -- prepping -- crews were on the washington monument to prep for repairs. they are getting ready for the scaffolding that will go up. it will be close off during the process. crews role remove or secure loose ceiling and securing cracks. >> the rush-hour mess this morning for metro riders on the
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orange line because of track work. it found damaged equipment on the outbound tracks outside of the west wall church station. passengers had to deal with the legs -- delays in both directions. those delays are expected to continue throughout the day. >> in the midst of this historic change at the vatican, we know what pope benedict xvi will be called once he steps down. he will be known as the emeritus pope,.. he will continue to wear white. many have wondered what he would be called and what he would wear since this is the first time in 600 years at a pope has resigned. >> who says cheerleading is just for girls? our john gonzales kicks up pom- poms and joins the pros for the
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redskins. >> 7 is on your side to break down the numbers and show you why cars are more affordable in the d.c. region. >> the state is set for the latest "dancing with the stars ."
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>> you're watching abc 7 at noon. on your side. >> the new his conduct since -- contestants happening for the seasons "dancing with the stars ." >> this seasons "dancing with
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the stars " contestants include actor andy dick and communityedy d.l. huhgghley. >> i am excited. >> gold-medal figure skater dorothy hamill will take the dance floor. one expert and our area things another olympian has a better shot at winning. >> my pick right now is aly. >> she is a dance teacher from friendship heights. she thinks a;y raisly raisman has an advantage. >> when you include a partner it is totally different. you have to let the man take over. >> one man that may when is
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baltimore ravens wide receiver jacoby jones. >> some take ballet from time to time. they know what their center is and how to transfer the weight. that helps on the field. >> jones may have tough competition from another athlete, boxer victor ortiz. >> seeing how things unfold is exciting. >> who will be the winner? it is too early to tell. everything kicks off right here on abc seven on monday, march 18. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. rex these two art -- >> these two are debating who will win. >> it is a good mix of people and talent. >> dorothy hamill. i used to have her hair cut. >> we are getting rain already.
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>> yes. the rain is moving in. it will get heavier and worse. we started out the day decent. cloudy temperatures not too terrible. we had a hint of paint and the sky. -- we had a hint of pink in the sky. just before noon, the rain started falling on our camera. temperature wise, we are looking at the low to mid 30's. we are cold enough that some of it is freezing at the surface. freezing rain comes down as liquid and freezes as eyes on contact to things like your car. hazardous conditions are expected and western parts of maryland and west virginia. 38 degrees at dulles.
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37 degrees at culpeper. all along the blue, you can see this through the next hour or so. if you have not seen it by that time, your opportunity has closed. all of this moisture has been moving in from the south. this is the first part of the system. the second part is that here. you can see this been a parsed -- across parts of missouri. rainfall amounts will be heavy today. flood watches are in effect for the metro area. fairfax, loudoun counties, d.c. somewhere around 3/4 on inch or so. some spots could reach an inch or two. here is the timeline. here is one the worst of the
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weather moves in. by late afternoon into the early evening hours between 3:30 p.m. adbd 7:00 o,.mp.m. this evening and overnight, we will dry up. the rain will diminish but we will see lingering showers on wednesday in the back half comes. thursday, we could see rain shower activity turned into flurries. today, cloudy and cool. the rain is here. mix and sleet to the west. 40 to 45 degrees. overnight, upper 30's to lower 40's. tomorrow, lingering showers. a dryer, cloudy or day. temperatures in the middle 50's. thursday, mild with a few rain showers possibly ending in flurries. look at friday, saturday,
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sunday. that is the start of march but still going cold. >> but it is sunny. >> thank you very much. 7 is on your side this noon with a new study about callr or ability. d.c. links first out of 25 major cities where people can't afford new cars. -- can't afford new cars. median income and insurance costs determined that typical d.c. household can spend nearly $32,000 on a car. the average new car costs about 31 thousand dollars. the dc metro area is the only city to exceed that figure. >> 7 is on your side with a study that suggests eating a mediterranean diet may be healthier than just eating a low-fat diet. the study of seniors who ate a diet with lots of fruits and veggies, all of oil, yetnutts and
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wine had lower incidences of hearts and strokes. >> coming up what it takes to join the redskins cheerleaders. it is up for debate whether he has the moves. do you? >> coming up later tonight -- >> we are on top of the debate about organic versus frozen. is the food you are buying different nutritionally?
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>> get those pom-poms ready.
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now is your chance to try out to become a washington redskins cheerleader. >> usually, no boys are allowed. the ladies made an exception for our john gonzalez. ♪ >> these are the washington redskins cheerleaders, one of the longest winning -- running pro squads. they are busy or in the off- season. they are looking for new members. washington redskins cheerleaders are hosting their audition cup practice. what is the business of cheerleading? do i have what it takes? >> we practice about 12 hours a week. it is a lots of hard work. >> my partitions started with stretching -- my auditions started with stretching, then hit a moving, and kicking. i can do the shake ok.
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♪ i do not think so. these classes begin this week and will be held tuesdays and thursdays until april. that is when the official workouts begin at the cheerleader studio at fedex field. >> make a figure eight. >> the extra things can get you over the top. >> that taught me how to dress and my fitness. >> once you are on the squad it is not just about the football. the football is great, too. >> the excitement you filled on -- phil on the field is something i will never forget. >> to become a cheerleader, you must be 18 years or older, have a fully part-time job, ba college college student, or have a family. -- be a college student, or have
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a family. a key for, no guys allowed. thank goodness. that was a blast. i pulled a hammy or tour my jeans. fedex field, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> you are great. i wanted to see him do the split. for more on the cheerleaders' missions, head to our website at >> we have a link to the redskins website where you can find the schedule and questions and much more.
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>> one last chance at this forecast. >> have the umbrella. take the time on the commute. it will be heavy for the drive home. we could see flooding. a flood watch is in effect from 3:00 p.m. through the late evening. things will taper off after midnight. >> thank you for joining us this mid-day.
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