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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 28, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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there are more of those out to the west, but the big action is across the atlantic coast. we could see a few more isolated thunderstorms. our computer shows numbers ranging from 92 in marshall and 96 in winchester. we will stay partly sunny and warm. we will see temperatures -- just an isolated storm that will end later tonight. we will have the forecast coming up. >> we have some breaking is from the department of justice. agents have arrested 10 people. they are accused as working as a russian spies. arrests were carried out in our area and new york after an
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investigation. he was known as the dean of the seine at. -- known as 18 of the senate. robert byrd died today. he had more than 18,000 votes to his name. scott thuman joins us. >> there is no argument robert burke was a tremendous force in u.s. politics who shaped our history books. a true character of congress. if anyone made his mark on capitol hill, it was robert byrd. >> the state of west virginia lost its most fierce advocate. >> there is no one that can fill his shoes. there is no question where his
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allegiance live. he grew up no -- in west virginia with no electricity. he used his power to steal -- steer billions of money to projects back home. robert byrd was not shy, especially of the criticism. >> mission accomplished. the mission as laid out by president bush has failed. >> he had his own failings, like joining the kkk in the 1940's he later apologized. >> yes, because i am ashamed. >> his change of heart likely prolonged his career. he served under 12 presidents. once his wife passed on his life seemed to fade. >> she was the guiding light for
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me. >> it was soon after he was wheelchair-bound. no word yet on who will replace the senator. nowhere will his presence be moist most then in his state of west virginia. -- will be missed most. >> he will be missed. he has done a lot for the community. he has done a lot for the campus. >> he has always been there. he has always worked for us. i don't know how he will ever be replaced. i just don't think it will happen. >> no word yet on funeral arrangements.
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when she was a child elena kagan said she wanted to be a supreme court justice. the first step towards a vote started today. >> in her new york accent elena kagan cast herself as a moderate with her belief in equal justice under law. >> it means everyone who comes before the court, regardless of wealth or power, receives the same process and the same protections. what this commands of judges is evenhandedness and impartiality. >> solicitor general taken brings moderation and pragmatist to a court that is sorely in need of both. -- solicitor general kagan.
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>> kagan is a former dead of harvard law school. if confirmed, she will be the first -- is a former dean of harvard. >> i hope you will use your abilities to bring a common sense ability to the court. >> her actions punished the military and demeaned our soldiers as they were fighting for our country overseas. >> if she is confirmed, it would be the first time three women sat on the high court at the same time. after three days in the hospital, at dick cheney is recovering at home. he was admitted on friday for
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fluid buildup. he left the hospital this morning and is said to be doing better. tonight's debate between adrian fenty and vincent gray will not take place. he pulled out of the debate telling the group he could not make it work. it was organized by the young education professionals. a spokesperson says the event will be that a town hall. >> coming out, a teenager is dead after she was found in an overturned car. >> a bunch of new ways to pay for parking in the district. >> tropical storm alex could make the oil spill worse.
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police are investigating the death of a 19 year-old woman whose body was found in her car. investigators believe she died before her car veered off route 50. police discovered her car in a wooded area and said her injuries were consistent with a car crash. the family is shocked someone
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would take her life. >> just knowing someone killed her [unintelligible] >> she was the only child of her family. relatives say she has a boyfriend who planned to visit on tuesday. police have no suspects. >> on day 70 of the bp oil crisis, a bit of good news. tropical storm alex should not affect the area. bp should be able to continue its cleanup. more than 38 people -- 38,000 people are working on cleaning up. >> an appeal is under way for five americans jailed in pakistan. the men were arrested six months ago and convicted of trying to plot a terror attack. the conviction should be overturned because the defense
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is not taken into account. an easier way to pay for parking in the district, but not all drivers are convinced. >> doug hill is back with a forecast. >> the world cup continues with terrific matchups. stephen strasburg is back on the amount and even has the braves talking about hi
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digging four love quarters when the park in the district? times are changing in the district. there will be changes with what you pay. >> they are in the process of replacing some of the meters, but some of them don't work like the old ones. >> i would not feel comfortable. >> they are a little intimidating. >> i don't trust it too much. >> new parking meters have the districts in a tizzy. >> what we want to end up with
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is payment options. >> the district is running two pilots. starting next month in some areas you will enter your parking spot number into a kiosks. there will be the option of entering your license plate. >> where does that affirmation go? >> the majority of drivers expressed concerns about giving out so much information. >> i would not be comfortable with it. >> given out your license plate number does not put you at risk. >> it is not any different than any other transaction, but security was not the only concern. >> it doesn't look like this is something you could choose how much time you want. >> they will have instructional videos added to the web site.
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>> it is on us to make sure people find what they need to know. >> residence appreciated having additional options. >> it is very helpful because i rarely have quarters. >> the new pilots will begin soon. they will be making some changes. we would like to see some changes in the weather. >> they are coming. wednesday through friday will show it. we have been tracking storms all dead. a severe thunderstorm watch was cancelled a few -- tracking storms all day. a couple of spots southwest of dale city and a few more near warren 10 -- warrenton, but they will continue to diminish. let's go to the weatherbug. the waves had settled down quite
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nicely. if you live in this area you may see some lightning flashes, but that is about it. our weatherbug temperatures have been all over the place. we are back in the 80's in many areas. look at some of these rain totals. over 1 inch reported in some areas. wind gusts were part of the problem as well. let's talk about what is happening with this tropical storm alex. it may become a hurricane by tomorrow. the system is over the gulf of mexico with top winds of 60 miles per hour. expected to strengthen and it may be around 90 miles per hour, but it will beat south of northern mexico. there are some swells, but it
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will not be enough to do any additional harm with the oil. another day in the 90's today. 97 and 87 is the record. 95 in frederick. the hot stuff is to the south of us. relief is on the way. we will get this frontal system pushing through overnight. it will still be monday, but it will be hot tomorrow -- it will be a muggy tomorrow. cooler air will arrive here comes the best for last, sunshine and temperatures dropping. our average high is 87, but highs will be only in the lower 80's.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving you forward. we have stephen strasburg coast-to-coast. >> i think this is his toughest team he has faced. he is going after his fifth start. they are down in atlanta. he has been terrific. he is 2-1 but could be 4-0. the last time he walked a batter was in his second start against the cleveland indians. stephen strasburg is tonight against the braves. they are talking about the phenom. >> obviously he has a world of talent. he is all the hype right now, but he is beatable.
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they have been struggling a little bit. >> he will have a really good career. i just hope we tag him with a loss. >> they don't seem worried about it. the heat and pressure in the pennant race caused a flare-up in the tampa bay dugout. we pick it up in the fifth inning of the rays game. look at the way he goes after this. they got after each other in the dugout. the two guys had fingers to the face, but frustration was apparent. >> its not that big of a deal. just a couple of guys frustrated with the way they are plain. -- with the way they are playing. >> let's go to tennis.
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the match today featured serena williams against sarapova. this was decided by serena's serve. she had 19 service. it was a very tight battle on center court. serena williams advances. the upset of the day was andy roddick being ousted. andy is on his way home. the player from taiwan gets the wind. world cup action continues. the elimination of the u.s. and the future of the coach is being debated here. they turn it up a notch in -- brazil beat chile. chile has not beaten brazil and over a decade.
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the five time champion brazil will play the netherlands next. the dutch had advanced over slovakia. they had a 2-1 win today. argentina placed germany. that will be saturday morning. brazil will play the netherlands. world cup action continues. >> argentina and germany will be a good one. a quirk in west virginia election law was brought to life after robert byrd's death. how long will his replacement surf? >> that is up in the air. -- will his replacement s erve? since he died 30 months before the next election it may be a short time assigned to fill the seat, but when eight senate seat is declared vacant is not
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clearly written. we can expect to see is some
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i'm from the gulf coast. my family spends a lot of time here. i have a personal interest in ensuring that we get this job done right. i'm keith seilhan. i'm in charge of bp's clean up on the gulf coast. bp's taken full responsibility for the clean up, and that includes keeping you informed. over 25,000 people are included in the clean up operation. our crews are cleaning the gulf beaches 24/7. we're going to be here as long as it takes to make this right.
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has herwoman's hobby flying high into the record books. over the weekend she broke the record for the longest wing walk. she stood on top of the plane for four hours. amazing. >> that is a hobby? >> some people have a real adventurous life. >> i am going out for a walk. >> we will take a look at live super doppler radar. a few lighter storms will diminish over the next hour. much cooler weather by wednesday.
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