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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  September 24, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute breaking ne comes from the
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supreme court, where justice ruth bader ginsburg was rushed to the hospital tonight. she was taken to the washington hospital center at about 8:00 p.m. this was because of an iron deficiency. during that checkup, she was in normal health except for the iron problem earlier in the summer. if you want more information, all on to our website. two men are in big trouble. >> new details that may have included an attack on the prince william county marine base. the plot was first uncovered over the summer. >> what is so disturbing here is
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that federal authorities allege that a suspect in custody had a map of the base, have done reconnaissance on quantico in preparation for home-grown terrorism. the warnings at the main gate seemed schilling in light of two suspected terrorists had planned to attack the marine corps base and murder personnel. >> it is a crazy world and there are a lot of people that are crazy out there. >> in july to people were arrested in north carolina. now authorities believe they have an intended target states side, u.s. marines based in quantico. >> it does not surprise me that they would do it again. >> the latest indictment alleges that daniel boyd had done reconnaissance of quantico and
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even had maps of the prince william county base. >> what is this world coming to? when it happens right here in our own home 10, and raises a couple eyebrows. , prosecutors described boyd as an extremist. they found thousands of rounds of ammunition that could have been used on marines in virginia. >> the pick these outrageous targets. >> a statement from base officials reads in part, recopersonnel work with authorities to assist in the investigation and ss personnel. >> a 19-year-old jordanian national is in custody for
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possibly planning an attack in dallas. the man faces numerous charges. fountain place once served as the headquarters of ewing okil in "dallas." authorities claimed another was active in help in making bombs in an investigation. the attorney general says any threat from this case has been disrupted. obama is in pittsburgh for the start of the g-20 summit. any talk about the world austral's was ove-- any talk ofe
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rld's trouble was overwhelmed by the protests. >> i order all those assembled to immediately disburperse. >> police used a crowd-control device that emits a deafening noise. protesters threw rocks and broward as. that is when police fired canisters of pepper spray. >> how would i describe this? violated and the people cannot assemble. >> in the end, 19 protestors were rested her -- were arreste. >> the demonstrators were marching through and the police started it. >> the demonstrators called for an end to capitalism. many were angry over financial bailout for banks. what about goals, to lay down
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tougher rules for institutions. cautiously optimistic, as they tackle the world economy, but considerably more calm than the protesters in the streets. and administration officials says the g-20 will assume the role of a permanent council on though, the world economy. that group will include china and india. obama will make the announcement tomorrow. mr. pobama presided over the u.n. security council before going to pittsburgh. the u. n. secretary-general called a vote a historic moment. in our area, conditions are mild, but changes are coming. >> showers are moving in. >> at 5:0, an area of showers
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across ohio, and i was wondering if they would push into our area. it appears that way. they're now into the mountains and into the shenandoah valley. some of that, the lighter stuff, is not reaching the ground. there will be isolated showers overnight. we will show you a large picture of the showers that extend back to tennessee and kentucky and then only a short break before we pickup range from missouri. all this stuff is headed this way. we will get our chances at showers and the next couple days. for the morning, mostly cloudy skies, isolated showers, temperatures in the 60's. temperatures will warm up in the 70's during the day. more later in the broadcast. a scandal in the district tonight. ted loza faces federal bribery
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charges involving the city's taxicab industry. jonathan solace is live tonight. -- john gonzalez is live tonight. >> video and audio of the chief of staff accepting cash on two separate occasions. tonight, residents say they want an investigation to make sure the council member is not involved. the fbi took over the office of councilman jim graham this morning. his chief of staff has been arrested with charges of bribery. according to the indictment, an informant bride ted loza twice with cash, vehicles, and expensive trips in exchange for assistance in pushing texas legislation for new cash
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hybrids. >> it is very disappointing. i have dealt with him very many times over the last 10 years, and i have never had any hint of impropriety. >> jim graham chairs the city commission on transportation. he says it is merely a coincidence. >> knows situation where mr. lewis asked me to influence in the legislation. >> city officials had been scheming against cabbies four years. >> that is what they want to do now, so we all work for the cab companies. >> we have suffered under the state of corruption for 20 years. , according to documents, 10 days after the alleged bribery, the fbi informant met with both
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low set and gramm. the next day graham introduced legislation for this medallion system. ted loza faces up to 30 years in prison. metro's embattlegeneral manager will stay on the job for a least another three years. the board of directors approved a contract extension through 2012. he has faced criticism after problems. this includes the collision between trains that killed nine people on june 25. the bus driver who sparked a driver earlier this month has been fired. carla proctor was driving an empty bus on september 3 when she hit amanda mahnke. metro says proctor was dismissed for failing to follow standard
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operating procedures. turning to the battle to become virginia's next governor, at tensidemocrat creigh deeds ab mcdonnell scored off during a debate today. mcdonnell picks up an endorsement from the fraternal order of police. coming up, the promise lawmakers are making overbuild -- over a plan to build a walmart. >> a big decision tonight.
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virginians are asking lots of questions about bob mcdonnell's "thesis." how old was he when he wrote it? mcdonnell was 34, married and attending pat robertson's law school. and what did the thesis say about women? a lot... abortion should be outwed and birth control should be restricted-- even for married adults. then as a legislator he introduced 35 bills to restrict a woman's right to choose. learn more. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor, and my campaign sponsored this ad.
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i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor, there's nothing more important than our health. so when it comes to health reform, we need a solution that works for all of us. now the president and congress have a plan that combines the best ideas, from democrats and republicans, business owners and workers, doctors, nurses and patients. a plan that keeps bureaucrats out of your health care you choose your own doctor, make your own decisions, and you can't be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition. that's reform we can all feel good about. you're watching abc 7 news at 11, on your side.
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richmond international airport has released video showing the suspect in a quadruple murder been taken into custody. the man was trying to take a flight to sentences go when police arrested him. he is accused of a farmville murder of pastor mark niederbrock, and his family. today, mark niederbrock was laid to rest. teachers are protesting a plan that could lead to massive layoffs. dozens gathered outsodide headquarters today. teachers say the plan may cost experienced teachers their jobs. >> we have given all lot of the system over the years. the most important thing are the children. >> the teacher's union accuses
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rhee of intentionally over hiring this summer. orange county, virginia, is possibly going to permit a walmart to be built. a group of preservationists has tried to block the walmart. the county board will seek to have the law suit dismissed. you just watched him steamed up the screen on "grey's anatomy." a lawsuit claims a private video was unlawfully posted and maliciously distributed. we have an "oprah" promo.
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mackenzie phillips is back. she said she had a long time sexual relationship with her father. now versus the -- now her sister and will be a guest on the show. hundreds gathered in northwest tonight to raise money for an important cause. the second chance empowerment services works to promote psychological help for women who have been victimized by domestic abuse. the keynote speaker tonight was the sister of a domestic violence victim who was killed. i was luckyo serve as the m.c. tonight. >> very good work. doug, way to go for you?
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>> is today at looked like things to clear up. at 6:00, i saw this area west of the mountains, and i thought it would stay west, but it is moving in on us. we will look at live super doppler 7. not all this is reaching the ground. the air has dried out a bit. some of this is reaching the ground up across the potomac highlands and the shenandoah valley. there is a rate approaching martinsburg and a hagerstown. so there may be isolated showers northwest of town tonight. we may get some afternoon sunshine tomorrow. the number of doppler radars, and you can see the area of worcester extending through ohio, and the motion of this up to the north and east. we have a chance of showers and quite a bit of cloudiness
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tomorrow. no promise for afternoon sun. saturday's system is in missouri and southern sections of illinois. that will be here saturday and sunday morning. let's go to the numbers. 86 and 73, another warm day. the average height is 77. pollen count, moderate. mostly 70's in this hour. 73 in bowie. a lot of cool air to the north, but because of the extensive cloud cover, the cool temperatures have not yet made it all away to the south now. watch the forecast at 5:00 tomorrow morning to see how far this rain has made it toward the
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east. there is the high. maybe a few showers and certainly to the weekend, were showers and a sunday morning. we may have a window sunday afternoon of sound o-- of sun before we get another system. the coolest air of the season is in store for us next week. friday, clouds, maybe a morng shower. for the next seven days, we will seek improvements, but rapid changes as well with more showers. a highlight is this push of chilly eric next week. -- early next week.
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tonight, a discussion on adultery like you have never heard before. is it possible that you were born to cheat? you make the call yourself. >> your conversation did not interrupt me at all. we were talking about what alliance and redskins were going to do. and the nationals reach a dubious milestone.
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nfl redzone? yup. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v (announcer) catch nfl redzone on fios tv. > the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the redskins are still a favorite over the detroit lions. a lot of the so-called experts are now saying the alliance losing streak will end. they believe detroit will beat washington. >> how many of those experts play football. they don't make you experts until the other guys start saying it is. you're not experts. you are idiots. >> abouhow about herm edwards?
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he says the streak ends. this is the top of the eighth. rafael furcal, the first and rope to right. the dodgers beat the nationals. preseason hockey, the capitals and rangers. gaborik, bingo. the goal by christopher higgins. the rangers beat the capitals. this play had net -- this game had a playoff feel to it, fights. this turns into united win after intermission. moreno, and united wins it.
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tonight our high school athlete of the week is david nibbins. >> i believe in myself. >> he and his teammates took a beating courtesy of another team. the final, 48-3. >> the score is not what matters. it matters that they keep playing hard. >> no one personified that better than david. he played the whole game like the score was tied. congratulations to david nibbins, our high school athlete of the week. you can say what you think,
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redskins or lions. >> i am starting to go with them. >> i'm getting nervous. it gets an epa estimated 32 miles per gallon, and was named an iihs top safety pick. all for just $179 a month. and like all new volkswagens, it comes with 3 years or 36,000 miles of no-charge scheduled carefree maintenance.
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it's all part of why the jetta is the top-selling german engineered sedan in america.
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it looks like leon has four more days to be happy? >> not so much. it is going to get cool. september cool, up. . a few light showers north and west of town. a few more showers in this morning. there are more showers in the west. >> i am happy as
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