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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 3, 2015 10:00am-10:30am EST

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a tree threatens to fall on a street. >> there are people trying to get through. >> the moment a taxi driver loses a dicey came of limbo. >> why would you do that? >> if you look closely, you can see something. >> it's stuck in a big sticky pile of mud. >> why rescuing an rhino is one dirty job. >> see if these ladies' story passes the sweet test. >> and tina and amy come to the rescue of shoppers looking for the best present ever. genius ideas on what to buy and
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>> fancy chocolates, snooze alarm. wake me up when they exchange over this stuff. >> exactly, amy. >> a tree was hit by a hurricane and toppled dozens of trees. the person recording it captures there are vehicles trying to get through. >> no, no! >> did they think the building was going to stop it? >> why would you do that? what's the only thing left for it to do? >> it's a taxi and the driver thought maybe it could make it. unfortunately it gave completely. >> and it ended up falling over the vehicle. amazingly, both people in the car were fine. one of them did have to be taken to the hospital. but the other one was able to
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now, in this video from australia, you see that the firefighters are responding to this light post that's on fire. but watch as they're trying to put the fire out. the pole breaks, then the lines explosion. >> a lot of times with fire, that happens, and they tell you not to stand around, because the pole snaps and everything is a live wire from there. >> every time you hear that, it's crazy. >> it sends a chill down your back, or i should say a shock. >> you notice the camera works. the camera person doesn't want to stay on the scene when that happens. >> fortunately everybody was fine but it caused traffic delays in the area. this video comes to us from south africa. you'll see this black rhino
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they're thinking that the rhino saw the surface water, thought it was a watering hole, went out there and got stuck. fortunately a ranger saw the rhino and hopped into action. they used this metal bobcat to clear a path to help the rhino free himself. >> poor thing. he was thinking he was going to get a nice little bath. well, this definitely feels different. >> they happened to have a digger close enough in the safari park for the rescue. >> the black rhino is critically endangered, so it's good that they rescued him. you see this cute little doggie in montana, out there
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due to freezing temperatures, that's all the explanation you need. >> the video is called dog walks on water. because of the freezing temperatures, the ice is frozen solid, 2 and a half i think so thick. the guy who took the video says the only bad thing about sneaking up on salmon this way is not only can you see them, but they can see you. 'tis the season for grinches to come out of their mountain lairs. this fellow right here is nicking, as the british say, some christmas trees. >> are you sure he's not helping the workers out to set them up? >> the store has closed and santa and his elves have gone home.
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100 christmas trees from the mini mart. >> somebody's hitting them up. >> they think it's the same people. they did get the license plate area. so they're hoping police will be able to track them down. i just think that's pretty low down, to hit a place up twice, take nearly 200 christmas trees. now these poor people don't have the money to replace them to them. >> a perfect way to kill the christmas spirit. this next one affects me personally. do you see these lovely people? they had something stolen from them. this is what they captured on video, a car pulling up to the front of the house, look, there's santa and two reindeers. but this grinch decided, let me just go to their house and take their santa and reindeer at 6:30 on thanksgiving morning. >> no! >> what's happening with the world? >> i'm just so depressed right now. >> think of these children.
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their santa and reindeer were stolen. oh, by the way, their neighbor sent me video which is reason better because the guy walked up on her porch then looks around, like did i forget anything? my friend said, if he had put tree stakes down, maybe they wouldn't have been easily taken. if you have these inflatables, use tree stakes to make it more difficult for people to take it because people don't respect other people's things sometimes. these few lovely ladies are about to enjoy a glass of wine. this video -- >> oh, my god, that is ridiculous. >> i'm telling you right now, if
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any place serves this, i will not go. >> all people who drink too much wine do, they all now want to start naming. please. >> what would make you think it's fake? >> i want it to be fake. fake. getting the guy behind the camera. but we know that could quite easily have been done with editing software. you know how when you inhale helium, your voice goes high. then there's getting to the science part of it which is total rubbish. >> carbon dioxide is very
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helium is 700 times less dioxide. if you did get it in, it would coalesce in one big bubble. no, it is not real. rescuers work hard to help a man who is clinging to a rope. and he's dangling from the top of this building. >> why this mission has got to move quickly. and a team of secret santas wrap up random cards to spread holiday cheer. >> some of the folks who find their cars in this condition aren't very amused. >> but see why what's underneath erneath
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two workers in china are trying to put up a billboard, but an accident happened. rope. he's dangling from the top of this building on a barrier. es the rope that was attached to this barrier snapped. he and a co-worker fell. he is still suspended up there, holding on for dear life. that's a fireman, he's dropped down a safety rope so the guy can attach himself. you also see other firefighters with their ladder truck. they're going to move their way over so they can grab the guy from out of the air. >> is the other guy okay? >> he survived but had to be hospitalized. this guy was uninjured because he was able to grab on to something. he was in a pretty precarious position. >> imagine dangling there and seeing the ladder. >> they were able to grab this guy and put him in the bucket. you see his leg reaching over,
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>> you with my rescue. >> the whole time he was harness? >> he was probably attached to something and dangling and holding on to the barrier. the barrier didn't look like there was a lot supporting it. >> once you get the bucket down, at that point i don't think i would have been standing once they got me in the bucket. >> i would have been hugging the ground. >> the volkswagen golf, a popular car around the world, so names because -- >> it attracts golf balls. >> the guy is driving in the car, he says, oh, i've got a golf ball on the screen. >> you can see it in slow motion, a terrible slice, whoever hit that one bounces it off the front of his car. was that a golf ball? he posted a facebook photo of the damage. >> everybody said he submitted
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going to help cover the cost. >> what i like about the video is you kind of call the shots. >> the guy is on the driving range. >> it just flies off. but then you hear him say this. >> talk about calling shots. >> who paid for that damage? >> run, run quickly! 'tis the season for pranking. >> rob anderson and his friends are at it, and, well, this time they are wrapping cars with gift wrapping paper. >> how are they going to fit that under the tree? >> random people's cars? >> yes, they wrap the car up all nice and ugly. some of the folks who find their
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very amused. you'll see them come out to their car, test the wrapping paper, look at it. some of them are miffed about it. some of them kind of take a step back and chuckle. >> here's were the prank takes an at which time. each car has a note on it that says open. >> and i see andrew jackson. >> i've already been pranked once, not going to happen again, buddy. >> i have to make sure this checks out. >> i hope this gives all of these people a chance to reflect. >> one young lady snaps a photo. he's in the moment. this woman stops and opens it and says, wait a minute, what's going on?
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christmas. >> oh, my god. this is really nice. >> i love it. the woman who had a little bit of an attitude about her car, she stopped and goes, okay, someone is playing a joke on me. 'tis the season to be joyous and take away a little something and say, give back for the holiday season. two kids dressed like batman put on their capes. >> see the hair rising adventure on the next "right this minute." and still to come, crazy russian hacker is back to show us what can happen if -- >> an air compressor. mesmerizing. plus he's showing off some impressive tricks but he's saving the best for last. >> he's going to add some heat. >> the grand finale that's truly magical. nobody's hurt,but there will
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giving people options based on kind of like this look. "name your price tool" phase. whatever. my skin's so dry and itchy. right there. oh! makes me crazy. [ male announcer ] relief starts now. gold bond extra strength medicated lotion to relieve all day. gold bond. we love magic. we're going to love this one. rachel. magic video. >> he must be a real magician. rachel. the way. >> and he loves her. he picks up a piece of charcoal from the sand and a piece of wood from some branch, puts them together, and he starts applying
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pressure. lots of force. >> he goes all "superman iii" on it. >> he starts explaining the process. >> push, really squeeze that. we're going to grab a lighter. we're going to add heat. squeeze and squeeze. add some more heat. we're trying to melt the metal, trying to pressurize that wood. we're trying to transform these things. this is about putting two things together. this is about magic and beauty. rachel, you bring a lot of magic and beauty to my life. i would like to ask you to march ry me. >> that piece of wood turned into the diamond that he's
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hercules versus snow shovel. >> this time we thought, why not just overfill it with air compressor and explode it? >> they put on their goggles, grabbed their basketball and an air compressor. [ dog barking ] >> wow. >> oh, my goodness.
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itself. >> that is awesome. that's insane. >> doesn't it look like it's like a latex balloon? >> it doesn't look as thick as a basketball really is. that's real leather. well -- >> gnarly. >> this is so cool. >> why don't we just leave them here. >> don't overfill your ball because you might hurt yourself. >> tina fey and amy poehler say do away with the predictable gifts. >> give folks the things they really, really need. >> i like that.
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ever actually seen it in application. it's amazing. >> hopefully we'll be seeing a
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he's about to practice the back flip. he's in circus school, it maybe used to be a church, which is good, because he's going to need a miracle. >> i said it was going to be a miracle. >> it's going to be a miracle to get out from there. >> yes. >> okay. that did not look good. >> did you see the girl? she's like -- [ laughter ] >> if you're looking for the perfect gift idea, tina fey is amy poehler have genius gift ideas that you'll really want.
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series of videos. >> you should give things people actually want. for example, a case of toilet paper. >> jumbo. >> i want it apocalypse size. >> done and done. >> i hate my toilet paper. if someone gives me an enormous bag of it, i would actually love it. >> how about some squishy white socks for the gym? >> my wife signed me up for monthly sock delivery. i love socks. >> that i would it. i love this. and they'll fight over it when i'm dead. >> i don't have one. i could use one. >> you've got to keep those yummy snacks nice and fresh. >> is everyone out there taking notes? >> and now for the best present ever. >> playstation 4. >> remember, everyone, the best gift you can give is to let
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>> i'm down with that one. that's at the top of my list. >> give me a net coupon any day of the week. >> there you have it, genius gift ideas by tina fey and amy poehler. you can catch them in their newest move, "sisters," coming out december 18th. you can find more ideas on our website,
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