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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 28, 2015 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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cops try to arrest a man as he commands his dog to attack. how the story with potential for disaster takes a kinder, gentler turn. >> where does this take place? >> this is in cacanada. >> there you go. >> as soon as i made that change, i knew right away it was the right thing to do. >> success didn't equal happiness for this guy. >> he quit an $80,000 a year job. >> what he did instead that finally brought peace. a bridge is looking kind of rickety, but -- >> you'll see the truck coming across it. >> sure you can guess where this one is going. plus the buzzword for your chance to win a new ipad mini. and it's the sport of kings and gail who learns a valuable polo
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>> don't try to speed up on your first shot. >> what about the handlebars? >> right over the front of the horse. police in calgary responded to several calls from people saying there was an intoxicated man causing a disturbance downtown. the video begins when police have already responded to the scene. at this point trying to arrest the man. the dog belongs to the man trying to be arrested. the man is nudging the dog to attack the police officers. he does not want to be arrested. the dog is barking at the officers and a number of times in the video you do see the dog nipping and biting the officers. but they don't react against the dog. they continue to push it away. >> he's reacting on instinct. he's protecting his pack leader. >> people also start getting involved, people that are watching trying to calm down the dog.
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>> come here, buddy. good boy. >> this is in canada. dog. they were trying to get the dog away from where the police officers were trying to arrest this man. >> look at the guys with the bikes trying to use it as a barrier. >> a couple people are able to get the dog. they put some kind of a makeshift leash on it and are able to control it. eventually this man is successfully arrested. nobody was really injured and this is my favorite part when the man was taken into custody to let him clear up, the cops hung out with the dog. eventually he was reunited with his owner. >> looks like the police officers did a good job handling the situation. sometimes when the dog is biting and attacking on command like that the dogs may even tase the dog. >> or shoot it. >> yeah. >> the man was eventually released with a promise to appear and he was charged with two counts of resisting arrest and assault with a deadly weapon. and that was for telling the dog
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this dash cam footage is out of china and it pretty much speaks for itself. >> uh-oh. yeah. hello. okay. >> they could move over. >> it went around to pass, but sat there like a sitting duck. >> back it up. there. they jammed on the brakes. that's what's happening. they jammed their brakes, they lost steering. and they're skidding across the load. what they needed to do was release the brake and turn. >> you're right. >> how about stay in your lane and don't cut around traffic. the visibility is reduced. if you can't see very far, that's a bad time to overtake somebody. >> well, as a result, a pretty catastrophic scene. nine folks injured. that's the reason we've got to pack some patience on the road. we'll move over here to brazil. i don't know that patience would have solved this problem. >> the bridge over the river. >> it looks temporary and not strong enough.
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>> don't even go near it! >> you'll see the truck coming across it and it starts to wobble. and then it derails completely. >> oh! >> they almost made it. it's like they got to the other end and the two by fours were like, now. >> the people in the area build their own. you take your chances. >> he was that close too. >> yeah, but if you know you have a heavy load and if you know that your bridges aren't as strong as the ones in the city, that's when you think, you know what? maybe i need to chart another path. >> but what if it's the only bridge for hundreds of miles. you don't know what limits it has. they decided, let's risk it. >> it's unfortunate, but that's how communities like that survive. >> the irony of this video which you don't know is inside that truck were bridge parts. how many times do you think
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come home, the house is a mess, they see all the bills they have and think, you know what? there's got to be a better way. well, that happened to eve. he is canadian. one day he decided to chuck it all. >> i was making 80,000 bucks a year. i had freedom to go shopping. money was a nonissue. i could buy whatever i want. all these toys, all these instruments, couches. but deep down i wasn't happy. >> he was working a government job. he said one day he lost it, he flipped out. so he went to a silent retreat to just get in tune with himself, just be with his thoughts. and that gave him the courage to quit his job. >> and just walked away. i was super scared. but i knew i had to change my life if i was going to, you know, be happy. and looking back, i have no regrets. and now i work three days a week
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>> he says he leaves invigorated because he's walking around the store a lot, he's working with customers. he has less money but he gets to spend more time with his friends and family. he gets to do things that he says make him better. this is on the exploring alternatives channel. and that focuses on living large with less. he moved into a tiny bachelor pad. that means he had to sell or give away some of his stuff. he kept the essentials. he said, no, this isn't for everybody. you have to do what works for you. >> that's brilliant and brave. >> as you start making more money, you start acquiring more things. but in doing so you become a slave to them. >> everyone derives happiness in a different way. all of the exploring alternatives, each one is going to be different depending on who's doing it. it's giveaway time. and we're giving you a chance to win a new ipad mini. >> that's right. all you need is wednesday's buzzword to be , to be at least 18 years old, and be a legal u.s.
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resident. >> the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. leave it to the guys at red bull to take one of the most extreme sports and make it even more so. which is why 14 men and women from 18 different countries took to the skies over california -- >> red bull aces is the first-ever wing suit race. >> it's exactly like what you think. as four people jump out of a hewey at 8,000 feet and then follow. >> they race around these like a . >> how these 112 foot gates are in the air? well, one of them is being held by its own helicopter at different heights. of course they move in the wind. so every time it's run, it's a unique course because it's constantly changing. >> i think it's awesome that you can put basically orange cones in the air, so to speak, and people just flying around like it's nothing.
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>> yeah. it's totally awesome. this is so, so cool. >> and they're, like, rubbing. this is like mid-air nascar. >> what we have here is the pov of andy's win. this is what it looks like to be the best in the world. he won it for the second year runs. >> this year everybody was trying hard and trying and charging. i had a target on my back. >> incredible footage there. they got themselves a new fan right here. this baby elephant -- >> is stuck in a dry canal. >> see how mom rescues her young one. >> that's great logical thinking. and josh is back with his 2015 halloween costume reveal. >> a ski racer and awesome costume creator. >> just when you think it can't get better, it does. >> that's so good! >> ta-da! >> i love it! it' s olive garden' s 20th anniversary of never ending pasta bowl. so we' re celebrating by offering you over 20 delicious choices
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. this video from india was hours in the making. you got a mom here with her newborn calf that mom can easily walk up to the street. but you can see the baby is stuck in a dry canal. residents heard the mom's screams overnight and they were afraid to leave their homes because they thought it was a rampaging through. but you're going to see mom pull off an engineering feat. because you see her start digging a ramp with her trunk and her feet for the baby to climb up. successful. but mom keeps it up, trying to make sure that the baby is able to get up there. villagers eventually came to see what was going on.
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taking images of this. it took her two hours in order to dig the baby a way out of there. final le the baby is able to climb up that incline after the mom dug it out more. >> that's a great logical thinking. >> this next video you don't see with gets rescued earlier on. but you figure out what it is. >> that goofy? >> it is a cat. no word on how that cat got there. so some guy got on his floatable wet suit, gets in the water to grab the cat. as soon as it's close, this cat is like i want to go with it. he goes around to the other side and finally grabs the cat. and then he start swimming back on his back. >> that's got to be one of the weirdest places we've seen a cat get into. >> the guy gets up to these tires and the cat climbs part of the way. then somebody puts it inside the jacket. once he puts it inside the
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like okay, i'll start yelping now. bloody great idea for halloween! >> all right. time to make some blood. >> quite literally, i'm going to teach you how to make the best fake blood possible. >> looks like they're getting ready to make a cup cake tower. >> it's a little like baking. first ingredient very important in all these. >> this is your base. it's a clear corn syrup. >> great for fake blood. not great for your blood sugar. >> couple tablespoons of red food coloring. >> the most simple blood recipe you can make. >> it looks a bit like blood. >> but because it's syrup, it's thick. >> then you water it down with a little bit of water. as you can see these guys show you, it flicks on the wall no problem. if you're looking for a fresher look of blood, add a few drops of blue. >> or you can cut yourself and
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have real blood. >> or you can use yellow food coloring to make it look a little bit older. or if you want to thicken up and darken it, use cocoa powder. they say it tastes like a pancake. >> nothing wrong with that. >> tastes like pancake batter. >> they show you the absolute ultimate. go-to recipe as credited by dick smith who worked on god father, taxi driver. >> we're going to recreate dick smith's classic blood recipe. powdered food coloring. okay? >> and this is a preservative. >> it means you can make a bunch, put this in it and it doesn't spoil. >> used in photo processing. >> this help bus now makes it toxic. there you have created
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an unusual storm causes large damage. >> 3 inches of rain falling in about five hours in an area that sees that kind of rain in a year maybe. >> see the destruction and rebirth from the recent flood waters. plus the wednesday buzzword for your shot for your shot to win an ipad
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places on earth came alive this october with destruction, sadly. >> o. >> monumental flash flooding devastated death valley. look at these flood waters washing through grapevine canyon. this was catastrophic for the park. 3 inches of rain falling in about five hours in an area that sees that kind of rain in a year maybe. taking out electrical services, washing out water lines, huge bals of debris going downstream. the saddest part is what it did to the visitor's center. scotty's castle was built in the 1920s by chicago millionaires. one to two feet of mud was deposited inside the visitors center. another favorite spot called devil's hole, this narrow channel between the rocks, in
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species called pup fish. >> are they okay? >> a little too early to tell what that may do to the fish population. >> anybody kill snd. >> there were no injuries. people were all out of this area in time. and part of nature brought this. a river flowing through death valley that hasn't been seen in years. and even the rebirth of manly lake. check this out. if you're interested the throwing some money their way, find the link on or use our mobile. you all remember josh sunquist. he lost his leg. he's been on the show before. he's a paralympic ski racer and awesome halloween creator dude guy. we started when he was a half eaten ginger bread man. then the christmas story which is awesome. i've seen it several times but
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not like that. >> that went crazy viral. >> i remember this one too. the flamingo. >> they're so good. he's so creative. >> having a sense of humor with it all. >> 2014 he was a foosball player. bring on 2015. drum roll, please. >> a pogo stick. >> that's a good one, but no. what do you get when you pull out glue, wood, nails? >> cannot wait. >> is he turning himself into a painting? >> that's a good theory. >> no but you're kind of on the right track. pop it all together and what do you get? >> oh. >> oh! >> he's an ihop sign. >> that's so good. >> ta-da! >> brilliant. brilliant. >> josh, my friend, you have done it again. >> got to win the national costume contest for that. >> oh, my god, he just hopped
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>> be careful, josh. i feel if you do lose your balance, you can't put your hands out in that box. >> i could never compete with this dude. he just brings it. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> that's right. all you need is wednesday's buzzword. you need to be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> then head over to, click on win ipad. >> just enter the buzzword on facebook, twitter or both. so let's reveal wednesday's buzzword. it's dogma. >> click on win ipad and enter the buzzword d-o-g-m-a. >> one day later this week it's bonus giveaway day where you have a chance to win a flat screen tv. keep watching, everybody, and good luck. gail decides to take on a new sport. >> some of the best in polo gave me a polo lesson. >> but see why this lesson
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>> oh! hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie.
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all of his gear. polo. the sport of kings and queens and recently in scottsdale, arizona, they held the polo champion some of the best in polo gave me a polo lesson. i've always wanted to ride a polo pony. today i'm getting a lesson from the best in the world. some of the best in the world melissa gangy. then there's nick roldo in rks. one of the highest ranking polo players in the world. and the man that helped my on the horse, juan belini. >> you want to make sure when you're going to hit the ball, it's in this general area. >> okay. >> right off your toe. >> that's nick telling me how to swing the mallet, hit the ball. let's see how i do. oops. not so good. >> that's all right.
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>> but finally, once i get a little used to it, not so bad. >> there you go! yeah! there you go. >> my friend actually played there and i've been to see them. when they're going really fast it is so impressive. >> okay. angry. my ex-boyfriend. of course juan told me to think of my ex-boyfriend. that's why i thought of it. i asked how do d i do for somebody never played before? >> a lot of people won't make contact with the ball for a long time. and, you know, you did. so apart from the fall which you actually took very gracefully. >> wait. what fall? >> hang on. >> thi >> y you left that out, ma'am. >> just watch. >> no. >> oh! >> gayle! >> okay. >> i jumped back up and then got
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back on the horse which juan said was very important for me. >> for someone that hasn't really ridden a horse, is this something you could give a go? >> don't try to speed up on your first chance. you got to be good. do this at top speed. >> we are glad you're okay. catch us again for more tasty videos on the next "right th" here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. you say avocado old el paso says...
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zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says...
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