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tv   Primer Impacto  Univision  August 7, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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h kim on this one. are you kidding me? for th who had baby, did you leave the house 10 days -- i was so paranoid being a new mother and tryingigure th. i didn't have postpartum but you know those secret tears, you go in your closet and close the door and you sit behd the long robe section so nobody sees you and you sit on the floor and you cry? i had those and i didn't leave the hse either. i didn't find this weird. as far as kanye leaving the house, kanye, i'm sure, has probably left the country by now. i mean the house. they're notut purposely. actually, the word is that according to the daily mail they have moved into thatmother, kris jenner's house. they've moved into kris's house nd kanye have been renovating their home and it won't be ready for another six we at
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kris's house. no matter what kind of mother yo have, if she's she's the one to kind of be with you the first 90 days easily after you have a baby. she's the one who teaches you how to express the milk or check the temperature of this. particularly if you have a like. not like you have a bby full term and pick them up and woo woo and do things with them. with preemie, they just layk an nervous. you know what i mean. i don't expect her to be out of the house for another ten days easily and i saw nothing weird about that. anyway, aboutwimbledon, one thing i like about tennis. i'm not really the golf watchereen with tiger woods on the scene. not the golf watcher. but i don't mind tennis. easy breezy, the balance landing
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soothing. every once in a while you hear a grunt. it's easy tv to watch. apparently they're trying to spice it up or maybe this is a real story. part of me thinks this is just a story because they want to add pop culture excitement to a sport that really doesn't need it. wimbledon is under way and serena williams and maria sharapova are fighting off the court over men. well -- serena started the fight. she made a comment thate are s was -- that the comment was about maria. this is what serena told "rolling stone" magazine. you be the judge. it's very specific, though. there's a top 5 player who is now in love. begins every interview with, i'm so happy, i'm so lucky. it's boring! she's still not going to be
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invited to the cool paies. and, hey, if she wants to be with a guy with a black heart, go for it. first of all, serena is very specific in thattop 5 player thing. kind of katty. and then the cool parties. isn't it funny it allomes down to who's cool and who's not, even if you're good at what you do? then the black heart thing? okay. you know a black heart, a hardened heart, a guy with no feelings. the guy with the black heart serena is allegedly referring to is serena's ex, gregoire? igor? gr gregoire. gregoire is serena's ex but maria's present. see! right? serena apologized for th comments but at a press conference on saturday, maria took shots at serena's coach and alleged boyfriend of, patrick.
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we've talked about serena is allegedly dating this guy, we' pictures before. here's what mariasays. if she wants to talk about something personal, maybe she should talk about her relationship with her boyfriend that is married and getting a divorce and has kids. she said was married but if he's getting a divorce, that means he's still married and has kids. doesn't make serena an angelina jolie or leann rimes. she didn't come in and break up the marriage. apparently she started dating this guy while they're separated. first of all, you girls, everybody simmer down. wimbledon is supposed to be place of easy breezy non-confrontational. not supposed to be like nicky versus maosed to be like that. the other thing is -- oh, hell, i forget what i was going to say. anyway, good luck to both of
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you. [ applause ] >> wendy: i know what it ow wha. if you want to really compare them, serena has had more win matches than maria has and serena is richer. serena is worth -- well, i mean, look, both of them are on par equally the same in looks. like sometimes -- who looks better. they both look the same. but serena's worth a 00 mihundr million and maria worth 80 million. same difference, though. you l just play your tennis and good luck. [ applause ] >> wendy: okay. so jim carrey is talking, dissing, as a matter of fact, a movie that he's in before the movie even comesout. you can kind of call this biting the hand that feeds you, but, you know, it's also mixed with jim having a he's slamming his new movie
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"kick a srks srss two." it it's about an ordinary movie who become superheroes. jim plays ex mafia who turns vigilante and withdrawn his support promong this movie in light of his recent anti-gun stance. he has 10.8 million twitter followers. this is what he told his twitter followers. he said, i d kick ass a month before sandy hook and all good conscience, i cannot support that level of violence. my apologies to others involved in the film. i am not ashamed of it. but recent events have caused a change in my heart. [ applause ] >> wend yeah. you thought, like me, like, you know, there's so many unethical people, particularly in this world, particularly in hollywood, you know, there's so many people who do things and they don't really mean it, it's refreshing to see that kind of commitment and honesty to
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something that he believes in. unfortunately, you know, this movie opens up, you know, on august 16th. jim is the big star of the movie and what about his co were in the movie? they're not as wealthy as him or maybe yet as successful as him yet he's making it bad for him. what would have been better for jim, if he wanted to speak out about his new anti-gun stance, he saited two weeks after the movie came out, let it be a hit at the box office. can everybody else in movie eat before blabbin jim? [ applause ] >> wendy: go see for yourself, . "kick ass" august 16th.t's supe. i didn't see "kick ass 1." it's super violent. teenage boys will love it. recently we were talking about miley cyrus's parents, they were ending their marriage after 19 years.
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they met when they were young, him on the road and her having em at home. it looks like they might have a change of heart on do you feel of happy? i always root for love, particularly when there are children involved and when you've been tgether so many years. 19 years, that's a long 'm root. i was happy to see this picture. look. they're leaving an l.a. lunch spot. not just any lunch spot. little tony's. i'vethere. all i'm saying at least they didn't just walk up the and grab a couple of slices off the corner. theywent to a real place and ate so much there were leftovers and the girl is bringing it out. i don't know who the girl is. the young girl is their 13-year-old daughter and miley not in the picture. that might be the 13-year-old's friend. i want you to notice is the loving body language of tish and billy ray. head on shoulder, clutching for
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dear life. love is a very -- by the way, observers noticed she's not wearing her wedding ring. maybe that's not a big deal. maybe she was a little swollen. everybody obsessed over a wedding ring. women don't always wear their wedding rings and neither do thing, he filed for divorce three years ago and later they reconciled. you ever get in a fight so bad with your spouse and get to the wall and retreat and come back? you ever notice the relationship is then better than ever for a good two or three years. i mean, you know, a good two or three i'm rooting for them. look, you guy, it's love. i'm rooting for them. [ applause ] the very least, be get more distinguished as they get r, at the very least, billy ray, if you really want to get the divorce, let her she's still hot and she can get
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anothere another. you know -- [ applause ] >> wendy: you ladies. you know what happens sometimes. they suck all of the beauty out of us, then they want to divorce us and we still have our beautiful persolities but, you know, our boobs aren't as high, butts aren't as firm, we're present years old. now, you want a divorce? oh, staying, you're staying!ause ] who loves stevie 96? i love her. she's an ex guest. yes! [ applause ] >> wendy: we don't talk about stevie nix hot topics. she's 65 sold over 140 million records as a solo artist and member of the legendary group, fleetwood mac. 140 million records she sold. [ applause ] >> wendy: and she has lived.
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there is a movie in the works on her life. guess who wants to play stevie in this film? lindsey lohan. well, lindsey, on account of you already messed up liz taylor's story and -- [ applause ] >> wendy: and we're not sure whether you're -- this is her sixth rehab stint, right? we're not sure whether your sixth stint in rehab will stick, you need to focus on sobriety and wellness. leave the acting to people who can act. [ applause ] >> wendy: by the way, stevie the same thing. i'll paraphrase. over my dead body. stop doing drugs and get a grip.
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lindsey, that was a read. ook, look, look -- [ applause ] >> wendy: but then here goes reece witherspoon stepping up talking about she wants to portray. i like her. s she's 37 years old. what's not to like about reece witherspoon however, stevie says, she's too old part. reece, that's a reo. you know who i think stevie should get a shot at at least auditioning to play you? emma watson. i'll tell you why. because i am still thinking about going to the theater this past weekend seeing that b movi. it was so emma was so good in it and she can dye her hair blond or this wig and she was good in harry potter. i is what's up hollywood. i think emma watson would be great in anything she does. [ applause ]
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wd amanbd bd >> wendy: amanda bynes is back in the news. time for an update. this whole section of the audience is like, ugh. amanda considers herself a hero because she suffered 27 years for what she calls defect. amanda is referring to that area right there. yes. it's webbing between her eyes. she recently got it surgically removed. th apparently is before the surgery. i don't see any webbing betwe the eyes. amanda, i still think you're trying to pull one over on people. however, i always getskeptical with people who are constantly going to get surgery because i know surgery comes with pills and pills lead to problems.
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amanda tweeted she wanted to share her story to prove she was not crazy, she was just a little embarrassed about the webbing. also, amanda tweeted that she is accepting a big -- as if she's getting thousands of offers for a record deal. look. look. she's accepting a big record deal once all of her surgeries are complete. she says she will not be working with whiclef jan aohn as we tal about. it's the rapper walk ca flacka. he told mtv he's hashing out a big record deal with amanda. sidebar. last night i'm lux in my guilty pleasure, love and
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hip-h hip-hop atlanta. [ applause ] >> wendy: a special shout-out to the port rick can princess,jo jocelyn. you, too, stevie. you know who i would love to have on our show on the hot talk panel. she has this mother, a heavy handed manager. that's her. her name debra anthony. debra used to manage nicki min j minaj. she's a woman in her 50s. she really knows what she's talking about. debra, just keep an eye on your caller id, you will get a telephone call from the wendy studio and i want you to be on our hot talk panel. we'll talk. [ applause ] in the meantime, in the meantime, oh -- six week
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sneak peek. the hair wasot quite as good as it was now, we're four seasons in. this hair shed as b more, that's all. [ applause ] >> wendy: we have a great show for you. the hilariou kathy griffin is here. loves when she comes by. gives her takes on the latest hot topics, plus d.c. cupcakes. do you know that show? they will show us how to make a or celebri pcake. out. don't miss it! he's traveled the world, covered every story and done it ll, except hot -- >> all new wendy. >> news legend larry king used to asking the hard hitting my two hands ♪
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♪ with new surefit can outlast a super, stretchy baby yoga class. all good. only huggies diapers have a flexible surefit design with better protection than pampers baby dry. [ female announcer ] another newtonism. into every life, a little fudge must drizzle. new banana drizzled with dark fudge fruit thins. real fruit, real fudge, whole grains. newtons fruit thins. one unique cookie. ♪ >> wendy: welcome back! it's time for everybody's favorite fan out. let's get started. our first celebrity "fan out" comes from kay-lee s, who
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watched our show in san ramon, california. wendy, i wasas vegas walking around the lobby of the mgm grand hotel i spotted bruno mars sitting at the high roller table [ applause ] >> wendy: she says, no one seemed to notice who he was and was all by himself. so i went over to him and asked him for a photo.the sweetest gud didn't hesitate to stop what he was doing and take a picture with me. p.s., wendy, he is short, very short. [ applause ] >> wendy: waitminute, stop clapping, i am not finished. he is short, very i was a few inches taller than him and i am only 5'5". now, you can clap. [ applause ] >> wendy: our next celebrity "fanout" comes from kelly j.
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how you doin?? i recently went to guatemala and while walking through the airport i heard a huge commotion. children were cheering and women shrieking. when in turned around, i saw why. it was a pitbull. i'm a huge fan so i ran over and got my picture taken with him. wendy, he is even sexier in real life. muy caliente. pitbull with the sunglasses, yes. [ applause ] >> wendy: our next fan comes from natasha, who watches "the wendy show" in the bronx on wnyw. how you doin? wendy? i was walking to class at jon jay college when ie tv show starring the sexy matt bomer was being filmed at my school. i'm a huge fan so i waited until he was finish and
5:21 pm
asked him to take a photo with he. he was nice, handsome and even though i was wearing 6 inch heels. he was still a lot taller than me. wendy, i am the luckiest girl in the world. [ applause [ applause ] >> wendy: you know, matt, if you're not familiar he is "white collar" but was in ""magi"magi ""magic mike" with channing tatum and being considered for the movie "50 shades of gray." and the final comes from h. watches our show on wsvn in fort lauderdale, florida. i recently had my biggest encounter ever at a sorority party and guess who was just a few feet away from me? nd dad.tom and williams, i told them i was your biggest
5:22 pm
fan and asked if the picture w they said absolutely. i forgot about the all white dress de but your parents didn't. they looked fabulous.hey were s very proud of you. shout out to my mother, the akas, everybody. thank you for your c "fan outs." i love them. if you ever have an encounter with a celeb want to share it with us, go to wen
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♪ >> wendy: welcome back. i'm always happy when our first guest stops by. she makes me laugh and says it like she means it. she's our kind of people. welcome backshow, kathy griffin! [ applause ] wd >> wendy: hi. better than ever. >> i can barely move. >> wendy: you look terrific. >> hi, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] >> you know, yes, wendy. >> wendy: put them out for the camera. and right here. >> on this show, you have to bring the dress and the shoe heat for thislady. >> youterrific.
5:26 pm
>> thank you very much. for you -- >> wendy: here's the thing -- >> it's about boom and color and fun. lady come medians ve been stereotypes for not being it.ashionable. >> i love it. i love the fashion, the dresses, try to stay in shape, the whole thing. >> wendy: the bikini shots look great. >> i'm surise i'm dressed right now. i'm a bikini model and nuedist. why not? >> wendy: have you always worn bangs? >> i have a thick head. my forehead goes to about here. it's ridiculous. you will catch a windy shot and just think i'm bald. >> wendy: you still with the boyfriend? >> let's go there. let's go there. >> wendy: 18 years younger than you last time you were here. >> i am 52, he is 34. own it! own !
5:27 pm
[ applause ] >> love the applause. >> we i love talking >> right? >> wendy: i love talking age, because i think when we were 25, we thought 52 or 49 or whatever you are was justo old. >> and thek like you don't have sex anymore -- >> wendy: and you can't have fun? >> i'm having sex u i don't care what's left of my -- whatever's left down there i will use. a younger man.'s a younger man he for you, 3252. there are people who are famous might even be your friends, he has no idea who they are. >> weent to jane fonda's birthday party and i was like people are. there's a lady named jnie mitchell a singer. a gentleman named warren beatty, in movies. he a he's 34, 's 18years, gross, like i'm his teen mom.
5:28 pm
i was told by someone you may have heard of named cher. you heard me, you heard me! >> wendy: they're really good friends. >> no matter how old i get, my boi boyfriends can never be over 35. that's the cherrule. who knows better than cher? [ applause ] >> he gets the b 35th birthd him out. he gets the boot. hello, bieber. >> wend i saw pictures of you at this year's daytime emmy's a few weeks ago. >> which were a fantastic train. if you did not see the daytime emmy', they were heaven. i walk in and i had the best table, i my mind, i walk in and there's bethenny frankel, dr. drew and krisjenner. are you worried for me? you should be. >> wendy: perfect. >> i look at my own table.
5:29 pm
i had to take a beat and walked past my own table. give me a minute, give me a minute. there's kris jenner calling the daughters dirty whores for years, lovingly, said with love and humor. then there's dr. kris jenner couldn't be very ni nicer, very sweet. she lets me make fun of the kids, the grown whores. >> wendy: that's trould have kim like that. ihould have been on a reality show when i like i belonged. it was still a fun table. what was so great was weere getting along, being cordial and i swear to dr. drew's wife comes running back from the bathroom and she says, drew, hurry up, there's a medical emergency. -- >> dr. drew is a head doctor. >> he's also an medicine.
5:30 pm
he grabs from "the doctors." >> wendy: lisa masterson. >> and they're all running for the bathroom.t the academy benn you believe this show? can you believe this show? at the daytime emmy's it's heaven. the soap stars show up in tiaras and be december seazzled everyw one was passed out in the bathroom, hoping she's okay. she was fine but i was like, that is> that is excitement. >> my kind of awards show. >> wendy: yes. i would have been right ther yo. >> wendy: are you still doing your talk it up? >> no. myw got canceled although my mom says -- joan rivers said should say they decided not to continue.
5:31 pm
i had a talk show two years on bravo. wendy williams called me and said welcome to the club on the day it was announced. >> that means so much to me. i was on tour and live to tour. i was in the middle of nowhere and saw that tweet, it was so nice and i really really there's a misconception funny chicks don't get along. i was like, me up fir first. >> wendy: i'm not a ter a graduator. as long as i have my thing going on, you know what i mean. here's another thing about that comedy of yours a woman. i peyou have not been celebrated enough for your big milestone because you're a woman. tell them what the milestone is and let's talk. >> all right. first of all, i wish i didn't have to say this myself. sometimes i think if i had a different body part down there -- roken the record for for you. having the most comedy specials
5:32 pm
any performer, including anybody. right? [ cheers and applause ] >> and i'm a girl! i'm a girl! >> wendy: more than don nickles, more than eddie murphy. >> more than the late great george carlton and cosby. i grew up with my last one, "calm down girl" what it was called. it shattered the record and i loved it so much i will do another one for bravo in nove. i love doing stand-up. as you know in this business, the material just keeps on coming, thank you, amanda bynes. >> wendy: you're funny. there are only a few things on tornado watch that stop me and feel so comfortable. one would be the body parts and -- >> i watch it ever >> wendy: and kathy griffin, i see you.
5:33 pm
stop! >> thank you, thank you. >> wendy: up next, everybody, keep it here, will go into the audience information a special edition of "ask wendy and kathy."t. [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the fiber one caramel nut protein bar. it's the only place i can get my kids arizona jeans. oh, and it's got all the other brands they have to have. so i'll take 'em to the sales and leave the st tthem. [ female announcer ] buy more and save more. with youjcpenney coupon. style. quality. price.
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[ male announcer ] fiber one. fiber beyond recognition. try new fiber one peanut butter protein bars. >> wendy: welcome back, everybody. kathy griffin is still with us. time for a special edition of "ask wendy and kathy." >> who better? the two or capitals.
5:37 pm
>> wendy:in??>> how you doin?? . i've been seeing a guy forabut three weeks now. we metonline. it's not official yet. rid of my profile and how d ask him to get rid of his le. >> wendy: how long have you bee? >> we've been seeing each other for three months but it's not official yet. >> intimate? >> no, not yet. >> i say that's the moment. >> wendy: i normally say three months is the time toher get together or break up. but you haven't been what if it's bad? [ applause ] >> wendy: what do you think, kathy? >> what if you are intimate and agree to be say, okay, once we do this, will not do it with anybody else, how about if you don't do it with anybody else and can we agree?
5:38 pm
that's the deal. the three month mark is a perfect mark in the beginning of a relationship. three months is where you either boot or get off the pot. > thank you. >> wendy: good luck! who's next? >> how you doin?? so, me and my boyfriend have been together for six years and we graduate college next year and we're thinking of moving into an apartment. his parents are totally against it. they want him to move with them. how do i persuade him and his parents to let us get our own apartment. >> how old are you? >> 21. >> you started dating when you were 15? >> yeah. >> all right teen mom from kentucky. i am just saying -- >> wendy: go ahead. i don't like any of this. >> i'm just saying -- >> wendy: okay. i know you love him and everything. here's the deal, girl. we women suffer the most when we get in serious relationships because oftentimes we don't know how to live by ourselves, pay our rent on time, change a tire.
5:39 pm
>> there's financial isby the w is coming out now. i want a cohabitation agreement signed before he is allowed to live with you. >> wendy: i don't want him moving back home because he has to deal with that with his parents. i want you to get a studio apartment and i don't care whether you have rats or roaches. theoint is deerry, not asking you to break up wi i want you to be independent. if you go on to marry this guy, one day you will regret you never turned a key to your own place. you will. >> that's true. i lived in a studio apartment, in one room in santa monica for six years, i was so happy there, my o a room. i loved it. like my castle. >> wendy: very well, young lady. congratulations on everything. kath we love kathy griffin. don't forget kathy's current concert tour is on.
5:40 pm
go to to find out about it next. the stars of d.c. cupcake wars are going to show me how to make one of my faves, red velvet. [ applause ] all the goodness of milk, all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup.
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5:42 pm
♪ >> wendy: i am really excited that our next guests are here. they've turned their baking into a really successful career. you can catch them on the hit series, ""d.c. cupcakes"". they aresisters.
5:43 pm
[ applause ] >> wendy: thank you so much for being here. i love this. what did they say at the airport? i know, right? is at our new york location i soho but we have onet color. >> wendy: perfect. we will make one of my favorites today, talk about it. >> we will make our signature red velvet recipe. in the mixer here we have butter and sugar, cream and two eggs. >> and the rest is on t"the weny show" website. and we will add cocoa powder and red coloring that will give it this beautiful red color. >> wendy: i understand you guys don't use quite as much red as some and you also swapped out certain things li milk instead of whole. >> a lot of red velvet recipes have use whole milk but if you want to it
5:44 pm
with skim milk, you can. >> wendy: have you guys been baking all your lives? >> we did. we started baking with our grandmother. and hoped to open a bakery one day. sophie's career was finance and mine in fashion. >> wendy: you gave up a successful career in finance and fashion? >> we started our bakery in a small shop in d.c. and we have a shop in soho, one in los angeles and one in boston and opening another in the fall. >> we're living her dream. >> wendy: yes. which is always the best. i understand you have a lot of celebrities that enjoy your cupcakes, including the one and only siri crewscrews -- obama . this gives the red velvet this pop of color, too. >> oh. >> here we go. >> it's ready to put in our pan.
5:45 pm
>> it will look like this beautiful red color here. >> ice cream scooper. >> this makes sure every cupcake comes out the same size. >> listen, the big trend is make these gigantic cupcakes, i long for the days of a little cupcake we all grew up on. >> that's the best part. >> thank you. >> the best portion, vanilla cream frosting. if you want to make it low fat, use vanilla cream cheese or low fat instead of regular. and squeeze with even pressure burst of pressure right there. >> wendy: got it. >> you want to try? >> wendy: i can do that. >> own your swirl. [ applause [ applause ] >> we love to top all our cupcakes with a little bit of fun and you can take a heart cutter and cut out red hearts. we made special.
5:46 pm
>> a prawn for you, too. >> wendy: thank you. you don't mind if i sample? while i'm biting -- tell us about your new sumr special. >> we have a new summer special coming out july 1st at 7:00 p.m. on tlc and we go to the coney island mermaid parade and you see us there with massive cupcake. >> if you've been to the parade, you know it's quite the experience. >> wendy: the kick-off of summer on coney island. moist.good! don't miss the d.c. cupcakes special airingjuly 1st on they have brought you all cub cam came cakes -- cupcakes! keep i give my kids carnation breakfast essentials. bye, mom! with 21 vitamins and minerals, it helps preparehem for the day ahead. i can't control what happens out there,
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vo: remember to change thaebloo. it on schedule to ke your car healthy. show your car a little love with an oil change starting at $19.95. ♪ >> wendy: i love these di
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fans! when you send a diva fan, it has cute phrases li say it like you mean it and how you doin?. we love these and give these out with our audience eye candy of the day. we do have the most fashionable audience in daytime but only have one diva fan. let's see who wins today. jay mohr ral le-- morales, comen down! i love your outfit! hi, jay. here's yourfan. >> thank you thank you. >> wendy: come out here. first of all, i love your head to toe look. let's start with the necklace and work down to the shoes. >> thank you. my bead necklace, got it from . >> wperfect. >> my bright neon green dress, club monica, $100 and my nude shoes, $60. >> wendy: i lovehe back of
5:51 pm
your dress, you have a cutout for ventilation, very cute. ventilatio cutout. take your diva fan and fistyle itself and do it, for more information, go to we'll be right back.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> yo, nicki minaj is a huge rap war. >> is he crazy? >>apper claims they roached the lyrics. sucker m.c. ou >> now sucking m.c. is bad. >> did you ever pee in any races? >> michael phelps pees out of a fire hose, by the way? >> what? >> michael phelps has a rudder out of the water. they have nd roster, a naked one. >> how many you have seen in your lifetime is this >> a lot. >> is there one girl that stands out above the rest. >> i will double bag it it was
5:58 pm
pam anderson. >> you better double bag if it's pam anderson. >> leonardo dicaprio is in spain now and he tried out the water jet taxi. >> oh, my god. i have never seen that. how embarrassing if it doesn't get you out of the water! >> i would never do it. [laughter] >> and now "tmz"s, congratulations, you're a scumbag, starring the scumbag who stole james gandolfini's rolex. gandolfini had his watch stolen from his hotel room the day he died. he had it on the trip but did not have it at the hospital. >> while theest of the world was in shock at the sudden ssing of a passing legend, a dirt bag robbed him of his rolex watch. say?would tony soprano probably something like this --
5:59 pm
here, let me pick it up for you. bout? it's another operation. reasons.ould someone do this? >> a, it's an expensive watch. it's losme. b, it's james gandolfini's. c, it's the watch wearing when he died. and he's a huge star. >> you think there's a black market for dead celebrity's watchs? >> yes. >> black market dead cebrity stpwhrfment that was the most effective website name we ever mezz registered just to bep ott safe side the as for the ass face that stole james gandolfini's time peerks there' -- hit it -- >> we hope you burn it hell you had a fun time we hope your eyeballs melt so you can't tell time have you know shame for jack and james' nice watch? someone should take a sledgehammer to your a scumbag >> how are you doing, bethenny frankel? "tmz." >> we have bethenny frankel in


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