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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 25, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EST

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an employee refuses to leave her workplace, even though -- >> this woman had just gotten fired. >> what happens when the showdown becomes a throw-down. dude's on a mission to solve a mystery. >> he's a man with power tools. >> the moment his family learns what's trapped in that wall. [ screams ] it's a police chase of epic proportions. the suspect with skills that would make jason bourne jealous. plus, bonus give-away day means your chance to win a new ipad mini or a flat-screen tv.
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>> but at the same time -- >> find out if girls really do wish they could dance like him. >> he ain't got no hips to support that. >> he needed to have done this in heels. standard procedure if you've ever been let go of a job. they send your last check in the mail. maybe you have to stop by and pick it up. >> this woman had just gotten fired and there was a discrepancy on her pay and argument ensued and this was the outcome. the guy is one of the owners of the establishment and you see he has her on the stairs, she's kind of bracing herself when he starts to remove her physically downstairs. >> that's not your job, brother. and she's got high heels on. best thing to do, just go back in the office. >> oh no no no. >> this is going to happen -- you're going to owe so much more than the last check. >> she starts to slide down the stairs, she says at this point she's unconscious and he's just continues to drag her. her head bobbling around.
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back at him. >> she came to pretty quickly. >> i think she was kind of feigning that for a little while. but the level of violence, this is really bizarre. >> this is a place of business, not a bar. this guy is not a bouncer. he's treating her like some drunk bar patron. >> police were called and the situation is under investigation. here's a look what she looks like after the incident. she has a bloody nose. her lips look really swollen. you see bruises on her neck. that's horrible. nobody deserves to be treated that way. >> if you were an employee of this company still, you're like, is this the treatment i get? >> yeah. there are other claims from another employee saying that she received some type of harassment. not necessarily physical violence like this. but there was discrepancy with her last pay and will was an inappropriate situation that went down. hammish clark is a free diver, on a boat with his buddies. he says after this experience he won't be free-diving in the water -- >> whoa. >> ever again?
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in this area. >> that's a great white shark and -- here's his reaction. >> oh! >> yeah. poke a stick at it. >> you're going to need a bigger stick, mate. >> better watch out. >> it looks like an adolescent. when there's a smaller one. there are more likely bigger ones. >> and it's an adolescent that could still chomp off your entire foot. >> it could use you as an appetizer or a snack. but it didn't, it was just like chill. what's going on, they got a little excited. >> and the next video, manatees, absolutely beautiful. >> a sea cow. >> and a baby. >> watch when it turns around, you get all close. that's a nice diving location that they're at. it's got really nice animals.
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really cool reef. >> hey christianne likes to scuba-die scuba-dive. >> maybe they like jimi hendrix. maybe they like bob marley. he's got both of them on his paddleboard. they're just zig-zagging around with him. that's what i love about dolphins, they're so interactive with us. >> they're rocking out along with this badleboarder. >> we see a lot of police car chases here at "right this minute." at the back of my mind i'm always thinking -- why isn't it in the news? >> we head to latvia. we so a driver with his hazards going. but there's something missing on the back of the car, no license plates. >> this guy has got some skill or just really lucky. >> small streets, suddenly he lights them up with the siren this is where jason bourne decides to make his getaway.
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showing off with a beautiful pirouette pirouette. drifting over to the right-hand side. a hard drifting it to the left and threading the needle down the middle of this alleyway, watch as he drifts into traffic. does a full 360, and comes back towards the camera before -- kissing the police car on the way past. later on we see the police just call in back-up. we've got another van on the left-hand side. it looks like they've got the best of him as he starts to get ahead. this is where he sells them for a dummy. because as the van gets ahead, he goes left and peels around the right-hand side of the van and he's gone. now the camera switches, we're in another vehicle and jason bourne is heading towards him. try to block him. he peels off the front right of that police car. but i think he peeled off the front right of his own car. as we switch to one of the other police vans you can see on the left-hand side, he's out the car and legging it down the road. this car comes to a stop and we
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chase after him. sprinting down the road and we see another van go down. they do eventually catch up with him and we do see our man right here, as he gets arrested with some exuberance on the front of the police vehicle that we're riding in. now i have no information as to who he is, i've got no information as to the charges. all i know is he was taken to a police station after a quick medical check-up. and ladies and gentlemen, there you go. >> he was great driver. jerry, who watches in oklahoma is the latest win anywhere our ipad mini give away. >> keep watching because you could win, too, and it's bonus give-away day, you could win a flat-screen tv. all you need is thursday's buzz word, be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> the rtm buzz word is coming up. >> so stand by for the ipad mini give away . technology today is
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what you're seeing here, is a 3-d printer. >> what's it printing? >> it is printing a home. you can see it in the background. people that gives you an idea of the scale and instead of using plastic, it's using concrete. >> this is crazy. >> how long will something like this take? >> the basic printing process took about 100 hours for this home, which is about 1500 square feet. they did it in the philippines, it's attached to the lewis grand hotel this is going to be a party villa. the owner of that hotel is heavily into technology. and he thought this was a great technology. they did have do stop the printing process here and there to install plumbing and make way for wires and stuff. >> the twisted pillars, that's what it's going to be able to do design it on your computer and go click. >> here are the plans of what this house looked like. >> it is all concrete. is it reinforced?
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withstand the test of time, the weather? >> this this house is built they say to resist hurricanes and tornadoes. it was infused with rebar and other reinforcements along the printing process this is still in the very early stages of the idea of 3-d printing homes. but they proved the concept here. they proved that it is possible to do. overall it was quite a quick process to build this house. but it took several months to install the printer, to put up all the superstructure around it and procure the concrete supply to feed the printer. it's not just as easy as driving a printer to the site and hit print, but they're working on it. a motorcycle rider comes to an intersection. >> the moik rider on the left had a right of way. had the green light. >> why even a green light doesn't make it safe. >> that looks horrible.
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>> a southern flying squirrel. >> watch it pull off an amazing stunt. >> i'm going to get one and name it jeb corlick. think of it as a quesadilla that speaks fluent italian olive garden (rebecca) i've struggled with depression. i thought i needed cigarettes to cope. i was able to quit smoking. and then i started running. now, i feel a lot better. (announcer)you can quit.
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like us on stay in touch all day long. now back to the show! motorcycle riders can do everything they can to be safe on the roads. protection, be aware. but it really is up to other drivers to look out for motorcyclists. that did not happen at this intersection in australia. the motorcycle rider on the left had the right of way. had the green light. the car making the right-hand turn just did not see, proceeded ahead with the turn and pulled right in front of this guy. now in slow motion you can see the ride her barely a chance to react. he gets catapulted off and over. >> that looks horrible. >> ooh. >> but the rider quickly gets to his feet, walks off the road. he does lay down in the median. as rough as that looks. the guy suffered only a fractured wrist. >> wow. >> probably some road rash, too, because he was -- wearing shorts. >> he didn't think about a motor bike.
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>> even if you do variety of way, when you are at an intersection like this you have to slow down a little bit. >> you have to drive defensively and look out for potential situations like that. now this apparently a bus driver just never saw it. keep an eye toward the top of your screen. right here, there's a guy on a bicycle with a bus approaching from behind. clips the bike and that guy's head just barely misses getting run over by the rear tires of that bus. watch it again. maybe the handlebars just get clipped by the side of the bus. the guy topples to the ground. boom, just misses getting run over by the bus. he was taken to the hospital for observation but the guy did not
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helping with the yard work. a staircase, a great place to show off this pet. >> oh. sugar glider. >> it's a southern flying >> same thing. video. is he a guest? fellow. >> i'm going to get one and name it jeb corliss. >> he would love that. >> that's perfect. >> what's great about this video is the landing. because -- he nailed it. oh! >> he went into the shirt? >> yes, he did. >> i love the angle of this video, it's coming right at you. >> strap a gopro to that thing. it's a red bull video. >> but that thing is about as heavy as a gopro. this picture is what happened after this girl did this on the stairs. >> oh.
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>> no, no! >> are you, stupid person. >> i don't know how she didn't think that could happen. >> i did this one, at a fraternity house on an upside-down coffee table it turned out better than that. permissible. house. this is like girl, really? college. point. but you don't do it when there's bottom. >> at least put a pillow or something down there. >> every time, you got to give her credit for actually making it all the way down the stairs, without actually falling over but that, that was brutal. >> surfing is all fun and games until -- >> boom, just getting blown by this gigantic, building-sized wall of white water. >> what happened when this surfer tried to tame the waves. >> that gives you perspective in
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love your pizza, or get another one, absolutely free. pget any large pizza up to 5-toppings pfor just $9.99. online only. at promotional considerations provided by -- you remember just the other day we were talking to our boy grover cleveland in hawaii, he gets this incredible footage from jaws, the enormous break off maui, where waves get from 30 to 50 feet high. we've got great footage of some
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massive waves and then -- boom, just getting flogged by this gigantic building-sized wall of white water. but there is one that i want to you check out. it's this one. apparently this is tyler laurent as he drops in on a massive wave. >> he's up, but not for long as a massive, just clongs him, it's a hammer fist it rolls him over the top. >> interesting thing about this, is that the after-math. which grover caught as well. right here. >> you got to be kidding me, look at this. >> oh. >> look at the size of the hole in this surfboard. the thing is how would you assume that happened? maybe he got rolled. maybe he hit a rock or something like that. it? >> this is exactly what happened. >> no. >> as he describes how it happened. >> boom. i was looking up and it landed on me and my leg buckled and it went through the board over there.
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above. pushed him to his knees with such force that his leg went through the board. >> what happened? >> cartwheeled, blown to smithereen smithereens. >> you keep in mind that's laminated fiberglass over foam. surfboards are meant to be strong that endure that punishment. for part of your body to go through it? >> that gives your perspective in terms of what the waves are capable of doing and how ferocious they really are. there's something trapped in the wall. so what's a man to do? >> get out your welding mask. >> it's not a welding mask. >> get out your safety mask and drill. >> that's not a drill. >> that's a reciprocating saw. >> okay. let's just go on the record and
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to anything hardware, okay? >> get out your safety mask and cordless saw and get to getting it. apparently this thing in the wall has been probably making some noise. and instead of calling for help -- this dude, just go handle business. >> with those kinds of tools, he knows what he's doing. he doesn't need help. he's a man with power tools. >> you can see he's going straight for the wall. time to bust it open. >> dude, seriously? you missed a shot. you didn't see what was in the wall. >> now we've got to take bets. >> what is it? >> i'm going to say a bat. >> i'm going to say some gigantic kind of rat. >> probably just a kitten. >> wrong, wrong, and wrong. >> really? >> it was a bird. >> it was a bird in the wall and that's why it's fluttering about. it has her screaming and him chasing it with the broom and jamming it up against the back
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>> who screams like that over a bird? >> no in her defense, it comes flying out of the wall and flying at me, i'm out. >> how did it get in the wall? >> who knows? >> but they spent some aved some money and didn't call for help. >> i'm like who's going to fix the drywall. [ screaming ] it's time to give away another ipad mini. to win it you need the buzz word, you need to be at least 18 years of age and a legal u.s. resident. head over to and click on the win ipad button. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter or both and you can do it every day. today's buzz word is fiction. >> get over to and click on the win ipad button and enter the buzz word fiction, f-i-c-t-i-o-n.
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because today is bonus give-away day. we're also giving away a flat-screen tv. you lucky, lucky people. dude's about to twerk twerk twerk. >> to rihanna's "work." featuring drake and he's feeling the music. >> the moves that will make you wish your girlfriend could dance like him. >> i don't agree. i'm going to give him a pass. he ain't got no hips to support
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cool! switching is easy. i know, right?! you get a one-hour arrival window, no contract to sign, and a money-back guarantee. do you want to take a look-- pizza-rolls are done! take a look at the kitchen... get internet with unlimited data starting at $14.99 per month. call now. ask about free installation and access to nearly 500,000 wifi hotspots with select plans. call now. boy again. >> there you go. a bearded year. there are some people out there that say anything that a guy can do, a girl can do better. >> well you know what? it's a two-way street christianne christianne. >> uh-oh. >> why? >> because, check this dude out. >> how about now! >> i already agree. give him a pass because he got a mad wine game but he ain't got no hips to support that wine.
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>> he dances to rihanna's "work" featuring drake and he's certainly feeling the music. >> yeah, dude's got moves. he's got moves. but if you're going to make this a two-way street kind of argument, he needed to have done this in heels. [ laughter ] >> boom. >> his workboots like he's got on are so easy to dance in. >> try heels. >> no. >> all right then. >> well a lot of people are finding this video pretty cool. over 4.5 million views, 100,000 shares. this guy's got some skill. that's reason behind that we can check out his instagram right here where it says he's a dance instructor. >> oh. >> and you can see all other kinds of videos and photos. look at the size of his thighs. i think the reason it's trending so much is because he's a strong guy, he's a bearded guy. but at the same time -- >> his whine game is strong.
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across the interweb. thanks for watching, for more delicious, good voice just like momma used to make, catch
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