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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 25, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EST

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heart-breaking cries from a trapped humpback whale. but luckily -- the massive response to rescue one majestic creature. security guards face a barrage of bullets before -- >> you see a masked gunman. >> how playing dead saved their lives. it's the video making the rounds for a reason. >> there's a lot of incredible and real ski stunts. >> but see if it holds up through the tunnel vision of truth. plus bonus give-away day
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ipad mini or a flat-screen tv. man -- >> after a night out with the boys. >> see the reason she's bent on revenge. the "sea shepherd" conservation society has two vessels in the gulf of california on operation milagra. the purpose of this operation is to save the most endangered marine mammal in the world who are frequently getting caught in illegal nets. >> we just got a call that they found a net and a whale that's been tangled in a net. >> this is so heart-breaking, such a large, majestic, beautiful animal entangled. >> oh! >> they realize they're going to need a little back-up. they put a call in to the mexican navy and the mexican federal attorney for environmental protection and
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>> now there's a piece of net attached to her nose. and that's why we try to get out. >> that's bastion who talks about how they're going to have to approach this rescue. i think the humpback whale agrees, good plan, mate. well you can see it, they're lying off the side of the dinghy, as they start pulling in and cutting at the same time. they've got a quite a sharp knife and are making quick work of the netting. >> we're almost there. >> don't move, don't move. >> after they cut the net. the rope is still kind of tangled around the very front. but it doesn't take long to free the whale. >> yeah. we helped the whale! >> awesome sight to see as it swims off. look at the celebration of everybody involved. >> so no net on her so she's free. >> you heard that?
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the robbery at this cash machine in brazil starts very quickly. you can see two security guards standing right there. one pulls a gun because you see a masked gunman come up. he opens fire and both security guards on the step drop down. another suspect runs and grabs the bag. they take off. >> but watch what happens. one guard starts moving. he gets up. then the second guard, after they see that the coast is clear, he gets up. these two security guards, they play dead, so they would be unharmed by the suspects. >> had they fought back, they probably would have ended up dead. >> sadly, a third security guard was fatally wounded in this incident. the bad guys got away. they left the car they came in in the middle of the road. you see them running away in the middle of this. but an arrest has been made. an 18-year-old. >> wow. the shocking speed, the level of violence and the collateral damage, is just brutal. >> i find it bizarre that they left their getaway car there. >> no word on if the car was stolen.
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they left it in the middle of the road. the next video put out by london police, the person with the helmet on is a security guard doing a cash delivery at a post office. you see this guy right there? you can guess it he's going to be up to no good. what you don't see off-camera, you see him running? that's when they say he punched that security guard. but the security guard fights back. security guard takes off his helmet, starts swinging. >> boom. >> come on, buddy. >> that's going to hurt. >> he got away. >> the guys did get away with the money and unfortunately the security guard suffered a head and shoulder injury. but was released from the hospital that day. spring is just around the corner, we're coming to the end of ski season. so let this video be your last bit of inspiration to get out on to the slopes and enjoy it. rip! >> straight under there. a little nutmeg and off to the races we go. >> that got spicy. >> it sure did and it gets a lot spicier because this skier on
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other than professional french skier, candide tovet. this is his third video in a series called "one of those days" we've seen his videos on our show before. but i got to say, i think this one -- is more remarkable than the last. now what i've learned about candide and his videos is, the line between reality and video trickery, is very difficult to see. it's very blurred. i believe in this video there's a lot of incredible and real ski stunts pulled off by candide. but i also think there's some video trickery going on in certain parts. >> what he's done is like you're saying, a whole bunch of incredible stunts fit together to create the greatest video i've ever seen. >> watch this spot up and over a
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>> no way! >> trickery! >> and there again, i think that's one of the real spots of this video. >> you think the helicopter company -- and the pilot let him do that? >> i do. i honestly, honestly do. it's an incredibly entertaining video. i love how he ends here. he scoots out on the water for this, waiting helicopter and gets pulled along before he goes up in the air with the helicopter. >> i'm going to throw out this, it's probably going to be my favorite video of the year. >> i want to see the behind the scenes. >> if you want to see the entire video uncut, one of those days part 3, go to, click on tv show. jerry who watches in oklahoma is the latest winner in our ipad mini give away. >> keep watching, you could win, too, and it's bonus give-away day, that means you could win a
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>> just know the buzz word, be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> stand by for the give-away! one of the coolest things about riding a motorcycle is the fact you can do it in a group sometimes and these ladies plan to ride from anaheim, california to long beach. some guys are there riding along with them. watch what happens right about here. >> oh! whoa! >> what happened? >> this is brutal. >> an accident that the riders could not possibly have avoided. a silver vehicle was rear-ended by that white car. and it sends it rushing all the way into the car pool lane. which a lot of riders are in. two of them slamming into that car. sending them crashing down. but keep an eye on this on the right-hand side. because he doesn't have -- a stop at this point. three motorcyclists are down and
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parts flying all over the place. all the motorcyclists stop to provide aid. some motorists stop to help there were nurses on scene that were able to stabilize the riders that had been hit. watch this as we get closer to the guy that went down. at this point he has suffered a broken hip. you eventually see emergency services arrive. they were taken to the hospital, all of them expected to recover just fine. keep in mind that the gear is so important. they were all wearing helmets and the injuries were mostly to the parts that weren't being covered by the appropriate gear. the riders that rides into the fallen motorcycle was the photographer trying to document the ride so maybe that's why in that moment he was speeding up to get ahead of the group to get that shot of them riding down the road. and i think he just didn't have time to stop. >> it happened so quickly. and there's like you said, there's nothing that they can
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the dude perfect guys lock themselves up for the night in. >> 535,000 square feet of awesomeness. >> see how they make their stay at bass pro the ultimate blast. why these guys have never been more excited to see a gopro. starting at just $6.99 think of it as a quesadilla that speaks fluent italian olive garden (rebecca) i've struggled with depression. i thought i needed cigarettes to cope. i was able to quit smoking. and then i started running. now, i feel a lot better. (announcer)you can quit.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. >> announcer: closed captioning provided by -- what's up, guys? we're at the bass pro edition. >> what? >> bass pro as in the shops? >> yes, bass pro shops. >> i love that place. this specific bass pro shop has
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because it's not a retail store. as much as it is an experience. >> it's at the pyramid in tennessee. awesomeness. >> not only do they have an alley. they've got a bar. it's just -- it's an experience. these dudes locked themselves in there for the night and of course, dude perfect is known for their trick shot. it's not any different trapped inside of this place. >> this is the fish switch. >> man, these guys are dude perfect. >> they don't miss. up next, the la-z-boy. >> the camouflaged la-z-boy. >> this looks like a land in disney, doesn't it? >> it's resnick land. >> if you guys like that, you'll love this. >> guys -- >> we need one of those moto coolers in this office. >> for real.
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>> it's been a good time around the store checking out all the sights. this is cool. >> wow. >> here we go. >> that's a nice bowling alley, right? and they make it because they're perfect. >> get to budge this one. >> see? this place is awesome. >> doink, doink! cool! >> i'm so disappointed they didn't invite me to this. dude perfect. the bass pro shop edition, who knew? best friends forever. >> pay attention to the truck on the right side of the road in this video. shot by the driver of this car. the 20-year-old woman and her
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they're in the car and they're concerned about that truck. because that truck began overtaking those people and it began swerving. >> oh! >> holy cow! oh man. >> and then you see it smash through the guardrail. but immediately, her passenger jumps out of the car and runs to this man's assistance. >> is it like an out of control truck. he overtook them instead of swirling, was he trying to -- bad brakes? >> no, this man had a medical condition. police said they tested this man for alcohol, he passed. he was shaken, but he was not injured. >> something like that, they just come out of nowhere. and he's under control. such a dangerous vehicle at that time. >> now in the next video, everybody is doing what they're supposed to be doing at this intersection in eastern china. pay attention to the truck coming towards us, look what happens.
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>> oh, my goodness. it missed him by that much. >> you're right, it barely misses that pedestrian. so what's with the flashing lights? was the truck trying to alert people that it was out of control? >> the truck lost its brakes. so he was trying to alert people like hey, i've got a problem. >> at least he was cognizant enough to start flashing the lights. almost like move, move, move. >> but that doesn't do this car that it t-bones any help. >> that just sends it right the street. >> you notice he looked and saw it and started to hop-skip his way around. it's . it's a date with twins. >> what could go wrong? on the next "right this minute." and still to come, this little cuty's dad bought her -- >> a bulldozer. that's exactly what i thought when i saw this video. >> see how she handles her machinery like a boss.
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down it goes. now he's not fishing for fish. he's fishing for cameras. he tried to snag it with a fishing hook, but he knew he what he was eventually going to have to do. that's right, strip off some clothes and dive in. >> oh man. that's a bad fishing day. >> it goes from bad to worse, okay. so now what? >> now he's got his camera back and he's got to try out. over to australia, where a bunch of folks are out playing in the surf. using their gopro to get some good images of the good times. >> that guy is being foolish. throwing a camera around like that? come on. >> here's the camera. grinding along the sea floor. every now and then catching glimpses of the people looking for the camera up above. >> any time there's a gopro and water, you can bet this will happen. >> somebody finally sees it. quick, grab it! >> yeah! >> victory.
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>> yes, we are champions of the world. >> this stuff is silly and -- yeah. >> that's why being a guy is. >> camera is recovered, great footage and a very memorable day. >> oh my gosh, time to lurn how to dance, the cutest thing ever. >> most definitely is. keep your eye on the little one because -- well, just watch. >> whoa! >> accidental splits, never a good thing. >> everybody else is making their way across the floor with their tap shoes and she keeps hitting the splits. but she will not tap out. kayla posted this to our facebook page this little cutie-pie at two months old can play peek-a-boo. >> no! >> they're going to be playing this game for about nine hours. once you get peek-a-boo going, done.
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is this cute trio, we've got the dad who bought his daughter a bulldozer. that's exactly what i thought when i saw this video. i absolutely love it. >> these things exist? >> they do. >> just to point out, this dad is a genius, he got the kid doing yard work. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to win it you need the buzz word, you need to be at least 18 years of age and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to and click on the win ipad button. enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter or both and you can enter each every day. >> time to reveal thursday's buzz word. it is fiction. >> so get over to, click on the win ipad button andntntnt enter the buzz word, fiction, that's f-i-c-t-i-o-n. >> and you're going to want to do it today, because today is bonus give away day, we're also giving away a flat-screen tv.
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i don't know, sweet potatoes, you know how to survive. award-winning performance. >> bang! these days apparently relationships flourish on pranking each other. this couple, robin and his girlfriend have been pranking each other. he pranked her a little while back by dyeing her blonde hair blue. >> what? >> yeah. >> you know how hard that is to reverse? >> i know. i don't think he quite made the connection as to how bad that is.
10:27 am
>> nick and i were just like -- no no no. >> it's a big deal. he switched that blue shampoo with a blue dye. so when she washed her hair it horribly dyed it blue. >> can i see the hair? >> when you want your hair blonde. well it's pay-back time, sucka. now he's asleep after a night out with the boys. his head. she doesn't get much time. but she manages to get one solid strip. >> and before anybody says wouldn't you wake up, i had a night out with my buddies and woke one half an eyebrow. which they shaved off the same way. and also i hate you all. >> what are you doing to me. >> she went in deep. she did a chunk like this, engraved in his head. this brother got pretty haired. >> do you feel bad for him? >> no.
10:28 am
>> you don't have to shave my whole head bald now. >> come on, nick jonas, you live by the sword, you die by the sword. >> he doesn't seem overly upset. >> how am i going to get another girlfriend if your head is bald. >> excuse me. >> they do end up going to the hair salon and he does get a cut that works with the bald strip he was left with. >> you know whey got out of this? was another good youtube video for his channel and he'll get more followers and make money and he's still got a cute blonde girlfriend. >> nobody loses, apparently. apart from us. thanks for watching. for more crisp, fresh videos, catch us on the next "right this
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an employee refuses to leave her workplace, even though -- >> this woman had just gotten fired. >> what happens when the showdown becomes a throw-down. dude's on a mission to solve a mystery. >> he's a man with power tools. >> the moment his family learns what's trapped in that wall. [ screams ] it's a police chase of epic proportions. the suspect with skills that would make jason bourne jealous. plus, bonus give-away day means your chance to win a new ipad mini or a flat-screen tv.


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