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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  March 7, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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killing the pain. the one thing even more effective than prescription 3 3 3 3
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3 may i have maps- providence-maps for my next hii...
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a weekend long search for two teens is over this morning.the girls are now safe with their families.but the nvestigation is far ffom over.candace dold is at baltimore county police headquarters where officers continue to unravel details surrounding the case. case. ((meg))
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in northwest baltimore, police are investigating... what led... to a teenager and woman being stabbed. happened early sunday morning around 2-30.a 17 year old boy and a woman in her 20's were both stabbed in a home along nelson avenue.the teenager died. baltimore city police search &pfor the suspects in two death over the weekend. weekend.((hold 4 for nats)) nats)) this ambulance was rushing to
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the scene of a home invasion around nine o'clock saturday night on north hilton street in southwest baltimore.where three armed suspects broke into a home... and started robbing it.when paul simmons returned home and saw what was going on... he tried toorun away, but one of the robbers shot him.simmons died at shock trauma.police are still looking for the suspects. jersey number one... ill never be used again at the university of virginia.that was the number, of cockeysville native, yeardley l. love.she was found dead in her apartment last was on the lacrosse team at u-v-a. and sunday the school honored her by retiringgher number...ánumber oneáher mothhr and sister were there. love was bout to graduate when she died.her ex-boyfired... george killing her. even though gas prices keep moving up, local governments are endorsing a plan in maryland pushing prices even hi. higher.montgomery county council voted to support raising maryland's as tax 10 cents.lawmakers say the money
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would be put into the transportation fund. gilbert says: " i will do less driving .... friendship heights." heightss"johnson says: "the tax is to .... pay it." it."" last week... baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings blake said she also supports the gas tax. the lateet national pump survey finds gas prices have shot up more quickly than any time since hurricane katrina. greg black explains how much you could pay at the pump. pump. --reporter pkg-as follows -- what's happening here... pop-pop-pop-pop-popis hurting drivers here."getting pretty expensive. it's getting tough."the new lundberg survey finds gas prices jumped 33 cents over the last two weeks. it's the second-biggest price jump ever recorded.analysts say the uprising in oil-rich libya is the driiing factor -- as the violence sends the jitters through international oil markets. prices are three-
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51 a gallon nationwide on average -- and mmre than four dollars in many there's pressure on the president to open up the nation's strategic oil reserve to ease pain at the is something that only s done and has been done in very rarr at and it s just not the price.somesay the borddrss"what we need to do is to find more of our own energy and that means explore oofshore; that means explore in federal landssfor oil and natural gas and it means explore in alaska.drivers are cut back."going to the grocery store, you've got to make sure you stock up on what you can get, and then, so you not driving around."the lundberg survey says gas prices are up 82 cents a gallon since september.this is greg black reporting. find the best gas prices in your neighborhood.go to fox- baltimore dot com...áslash pump patrolá 3&an unexpected visit for many in fghanistan... u-s defense
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secretary robert gates has arrived in kabul... to meet with troops, senior officials and afghan leaders.gates is expected to spend the next several days in afghanistan... before heading to germany and belgium.this is his 13th trip to the country... as secretary of defense. no alcohol, no drugs.... no problem? there's a group of students at college park making that pledge every day... even though they attend one of the top party schools in the country. joel d. smith is live at the university of maryland now, where any outsiders think this group is "flipping crazy". good morning patrice, (ad lib)
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fox 45 is stepping p to make your 20-11 the healthiest year yet. the b-more healthy expo will be held at the baltimore convention center saturday, march 12th.learn about exercise, eating right... and
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get health screenings.go to b-more healthy expo-dot-com for more information. space, the final fronteir... these have been the voyages of the space shuttle discovery discoverya special treat for astronauts aboard the space shuttle discovery... as they begin their final day in space. william shatner... who starred as captain james t. kirk... of the starship enterprise... recorded a special message for the crew's wake-up call.the shuttle is scheduled to detach from the international space station and begin its trip back to earth... early this's last spaceflight is scheduled to wrap up wednesday... with a landing at the kennedy space center. coming up on the early the a-c-c tournament is set... find out who the terps play in the first round on thursday... that's coming up in sports unli. unlimited... 3 3 3 3 ((break 1))
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carrie: hi, dad. ((bump in))
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((ad lib meteorologist))
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3 ((traffic eporter ad libs)) coming up... a nine year old with intense and persistant migraines -- --g.lllyds says: " they feel like i get hit in the head with a hammer and sometimes it &pfeels like it's getting squeezed. " "next in this morning's cover story ---why her parents turned to accupuncture for'reewatching fox 45...early edition. 3
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parents go to great lengths to insure the health of their children.... but what hhppens wwen traditional medicines simply don't work....? in this morning's cover story, gilbert corsey shows us how one family found relief in
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coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... the link between charlie sheen aad witches... what ttey're doing to "cleanse the actorrs soul" soul" and next in sports, the a-c-c tournament is set... find out who the terps play in the first round later this week. 3(breakk3))
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bruce cunningham has fox 45 morning sports. sports. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... pez anyone?a look at the last 50 years of the candy dispenser! dispenser! two teen girls are waking up in the comfort of their own homes this morning after going mmssing throughout the weekend. i'll tell you where they were found coming up in minutes. youure watching fox45 eerly


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