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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  April 1, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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last week -- last night the staff thought it best for him to go to the hospital. he was admitted to st. agnes and diagnosed with pneumonia. the 89-year-old is still being treated and could be released within a couple of days. >> when you are 89 years old, you have to make sure that the new money is gone. i expect he will be your couple of days. >> just to recap, former maryland governor william donald schaefer has been hospitalized with a mild case of new money but has been responding well to medication. -- ahmad case of pneumonia. >> we are told that mr. schaeffer will be hospitalized for a least a couple of days. meanwhile, brooks robinson says he is responding well to antibiotics. he was taken to hospital by ambulance, suffering from a fever and infection. his doctors are hopeful he will be infection free by the end the weekend. he wanted to thank his fans for
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their support and prayers. there is a link on the homepage of our website if you want to send him a message. >> tonight, a 14-year-old is charged as an adult, accused of viciously attacking his grandmother. police say hassanhii garrett assaulting her with a hammer. >> what makes this case all the more baffling, the 14-year-old charged in the case has no known trouble that juvenile authorities or police know of. >> 14-year-old hassanhii garrett is charged with attempted murder as an adult. police say he confessed to bludgeoning his grandmother. she was discovered unresponsive in an upstairs bedroom, suffering from multiple head injuries. according to a police document, the teenager told police what he
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was getting ready for school yesterday, he became angry over the way his grandmother had been treating him. he said he got a hammer from the second-floor bathroom, then walked into her bedroom, raise the hammer, and struck her in the head while she was sleeping. the document says he continued to beat his grandmother after she woke up with a hammer and with his fists. police found obvious signs of a struggle in the house. >> according to court records and family members we spoke with today, shirley garrett fought for custody of the boys when his mother died in 2002. hassanhii garrett was a public speaker back in 2005 at the groundbreaking for a community playground. >> tonight, the baltimore county man accused of killing his boys -- his girlfriend inside their apartment and then dumping her body is on trial.
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barry simms is live with more on the story. >> frederick christian denies killing his girlfriend, but prosecutors are trying to prove that he did it. >> plays, if anybody has any information on my daughter, please call. >> she made that desperate plea in 2009, shortly after the search for her daughter began. the 22-year-old had not shown up for work at a clothing store or enter herself on. it was march 2010 when troopers in virginia discovered her body off an exit ramp. now her live-in boyfriend, froedtert christian, is on trial for murder. foster's family -- it has been a long process. we just want justice to prevail.
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>> christian denies killing his girlfriend and trying to cover- up the crime. prosecutors are trying to prove he shot foster in the neck and abdomen inside the baltimore county apartment they shared. there was carpeting and at that had several discolored areas. they believe a cleaning solution was old -- was used to clean the area after the crime. fibers or claim to be found in the trunk of the car that was driven by a christian. the car was owned by the victim. prosecutors think foster died at the hands of a very controlling man. they believe foster enjoy going out with her friends, but christian did not like it. the victim's mother cried as she testified about her daughter. she said christian was like a son to her. he was quiet but paranoid and collect -- complained about his girlfriend working too much. >> she loves to party and go
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out. she was like a little sister. >> she said he acted like nothing was wrong when they confronted him about her whereabouts and he did nothing to help out in any of the searches. the defense attorney for frederick christian would not make any comment today. >> tonight, a guilty verdict for the man accused of the drunk driving deaths of two people in baltimore county. late this afternoon, a judge found the 28-year-old guilty of reckless driving and two counts of manslaughter. in 2009, they were watching an illegal street race when they were struck. no sentencing date has been set.
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>> state legislators are taking another look at two different medical marijuana bills. the senate versions give those who use medical marijuana a defense in court, but the house version calls for a study on the issue as part of research program. david collins is live at the state house with a closer look at both bills. >> this legislation has evolved all session, and its latest form is still meeting resistance. gasp.l marijuana's last original measures that established a best practices and lessons learned from across the country approach. to use matter of marijuana for practical purposes. the senate changed its version of the bill to give those suffering a break in the
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judicial system and establishes an affirmative defense. not guilty by reason of medical necessity. the changes are supported by the lead sponsor. >> it does not make marijuana legal or do anything in terms of distribution. it just says if you conclude to the satisfaction the jury, you have a presumption of innocence. >> the joint house committee heard testimony on the changes. the senate bill the tells specific criteria that must be approved before the affirmative defense can be approved. not all committee members like what they heard. >> the people we are dealing with, they are not the ones going out and buying at. >> according to a national analysis, maryland had the most marijuana related arrests of any state based on 2008 data.
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giving those who use it only for medical reasons is widely considered as a compassionate act. >> she was arrested, handcuffed, she spent a day in jail, where she testified she was terrified that she would have a seizure and die. >> more changes are coming. the house wants to reduce the burden of proof from clear and convincing to a preponderant of evidence. they want to apply general rules of evidence, rather than create a new list specifically for this case, and they want to limit the amount of marijuana a patient could have. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we have some breaking news from southwest baltimore. we have confirmed that an 8- year-old boy is in critical condition after he was struck by a car. it happened about 30 minutes ago on north monastery. the child was taken to hopkins
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pediatrics. we will have an update coming up on 11 news at 6:00. >> whatever you want to call it, the point is, it is not supposed to snow in the spring, but it does. take a look at northern new england. parts of maine and new hampshire were hammered by snow today. several motorists found themselves stuck on the side of the road. 30,000 people are without power in the region. some students got a little extra spring break because of all that snow. >> at 4:00 this morning, the flakes were big but not sticking. >> it is the key of there in new england. this time of year it is the heavier snow that comes down and causes all kinds of problems. the mounds of norbert -- northern vermont and new hampshire, the storm sitting of the new england coast right now is slowly pulling away from us,
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but still driving in some unsettled weather across the mountains in our direction here. you can see those rain and snow showers slowing in behind the storm across parts of pennsylvania and new york state, and even parts of maryland. you can see some snow out in the western maryland mountains where the cold air is coming in. they may pick up a light accumulation out in parts of garrett county. we do have to keep an idea on this whether impulse coming across the ohio valley. although we are still talking about snow in the forecast and around the region, the potential is there for a significant warmup as we head into next week. more on that in the forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> tonight the libyan government has rejected a cease-fire offer from the opposition. the opposition said it would stop assaults if muammar gaddafi pullback troops, stop eating -- stop using foreign mercenaries, and allow peaceful demonstrations in tripoli.
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the rebels are more organized. they have radios and appeared to have some new weapons. >> in japan, an intensive search is underway for bodies, exactly three weeks after an earthquake and tsunami rocked the country. about 25,000 japanese serviceman and 7000 u.s. military personnel are taking part in the operation along with helicopters and ships. they are searching the coastline as well as the mouth of major rivers. at least 16,000 people in japan are still unaccounted for. a group of japanese students has boarded a plane for baltimore 10 days after the earthquake and they are now returning home. they are from a high school in tokyo. students have been raising money for disaster relief in japan all week and they presented them with a check before they left this afternoon. >> to lead, sudden infant death syndrome has always been a big
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puzzle, but tonight a possible medical breakthrough could be in the works progress and push to keep young athletes away from tobacco could begin in the major leagues. >> it has sparked much controversy, but the miniseries on jfk and his family's legacy is set to air this weekend. we'll have a preview. >> it is opening day at pimlico. >> it is opening day at pimlico.
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lex more than a dozen army reserve members are home with their loved ones. the return from deployment this morning. the unit served in net global war on terror, operating tugboats, a floating crane, and other support vessel. there were a lot of proud parents at this morning's welcome home ceremony. >> it is fantastic. i cannot wait to actually get home and see my dog, my house, and go back to work. >> i saw him for a couple of days. >> because of their service, the reservists were given and in case american flag, a
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commemorative coin, and a certificate among other things at the welcome home. >> brain researchers in australia say they may have discovered the cause of sudden infant death syndrome. they identified two areas of the brain that work together to control breathing, swallowing, and coughing. when an irritant like saliva enters the air waves, but they suspect that kids with sids have a problem with this, causing them to have trouble breathing. and a new report from several cancer agencies reveals diagnosis rates drop 1% a year between 2003 and 2007, and cancer deaths fell 1.6% per year during that same time. childhood cancer rates also continued to fall, but new diagnoses increase by about 0.5%
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each year from 2002 to 2007. america's greatest pastime has begun, major league baseball is here. now there is a major league push to get players to stop one of their most infamous and dangerous habits, chewing tobacco. eric edwards has more. >> if you say why did i ever start something like that, it was baseball. >> this high school baseball coach chewed tobacco for decades. boys often imitate their big league titles. >> when your kid and you look in the dugout and you see these players with tobacco, the first thing you think of this, that is cool, i can do that. >> about a third of major league baseball players chew tobacco. 10 public health groups including the american cancer society, the american heart
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association, and others are calling on major league baseball to end -- to agree on one thing. >> we are asking them to include a ban on smokeless tobacco on the field and in the dugout in the new collective bargaining agreement this year. >> smokeless tobacco is known to lead to gum disease and several types of oral cancer. also, the image that it sets for impressionable young fans. >> you can tell when they have in their mouths. it is very discouraging, because you look up to them. >> it is teaching the wrong message if his dad is doing it. >> he said the right message would be to ban smokeless tobacco in the big leagues, once and for all. >> a spokesman for major league
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baseball says a proposed ban will be up for discussion during negotiations. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> that spring nor'easter still sitting off the coast of new england, producing a lot of snow across parts of maine this afternoon. we are on the southern fringe of it, but we are still catching some of the effects of it. it was a breezy afternoon around here, dragging some moisture of the lakes into the mountains. some blustery conditions here and the potential still exists for a light shower or sprinkle around the baltimore area until a couple of hours after sunset. around here, the main impact on the storm was rain and a few snow showers and it dropped the pollen count quite a bit. almost no pollen counts this morning. that is a good benefit from the storm that rolled through the area. temperatures not like what you
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would expect on the first of april. the highs today were only in the upper 40's to around 50. below normal for this time of year. he just cannot shake the winter and out in garrett county and allegheny county. still some snow in the forecast through the day tomorrow in the highest elevations out west. our skies will clear heading toward saturday, but the snow showers will continue out west and it could get slippery on i- 68 by tomorrow morning. overnight lows, 31-38. winds gusting over 20 but will slowly diminish over night to about 10-50 miles an hour by morning. that storm will continue to live the way. this system at west will come through the area tomorrow afternoon and evening. there is not much of a chance in clearing out the skies between the big nor'easter and the fast- moving system dropping in from
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the north. the sun will be in and out of the clouds tomorrow. maybe a little sun early on, but then the clouds build up and produce some scattered showers. if the sprinkles are brain develop early enough, it is possible for a little wet snow or sleet to be seen around baltimore early tomorrow before it is just wriggles of rain in the afternoon. sunday were probably be the best day of the weekend. a little sunshine into the early morning on sunday and then some clouds moved in in the afternoon. by evening there is a chance for rain across the northern suburbs sunday. that is a warm front which is lifting north, so it will take the rain for the area sunday night and up into new england on monday. we are looking at some great baseball weather on monday if this holds. right now i will forecast 75 on monday and it could climb into the 80's and parts of the mid atlantic if the warm front
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kicks going to the north. tomorrow, a chilly day, rain or snow showers and west wind that 10-15. a small craft advisory on the bay and ways of 1-2 feet. watch out for wet snow in the mountains tomorrow with a high of only about 40. sprinkles of rain or snow in the morning around the bay. lower eastern shore is still kind of breezy. around ocean city, just 53. low 50's tomorrow, mid 50's sunday. rain showers with the war front monday night, and it could be perfect timing for some sun in the afternoon, 75-80 degrees on monday before showers and thunderstorms arrive on tuesday. >> very nice. still ahead, we are live at pimlico for opening day as the future of course racing in maryland remains uncertain. we'll have the latest. >> is betty white off her rocker?
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her new reality show may be. tonight the series features senior citizens with a golden girl at -- as host. >> coming up, a store that may make you cringe about what comes out of a faucet, the next time you wash your hands.
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>> a study shows that handsfree faucet's harbor more bacteria than regular faucets. >> george lettis has more. >> washing our hands is one of the more mundane things we do, but a research team at johns hopkins hospital conducted a study that serves as a wake-up call, especially when it comes to those fancy, automatic faucet's invented to improve hygiene. >> what we found was that the electronic faucet's surprisingly grew a lot of bacteria. >> when compared with the old fashioned faucets, the electronic once had 50% more bacteria growing in them, and it grew much faster. the team believes the parts that make up the motion sensor
5:27 pm
technology are to blame. there are a lot of little grooves and folds to the plastic parts, where bacteria can hang out. >> it is an opportunity for it to embed itself and grow. >> the simple design of the manual fawcett allows water to keep flowing. in every patient bathroom, johns hopkins hospital replaced the automatic faucets with a manual one. >> the study says the heighten bacteria levels or a threat to the patients because of their compromised immune system, but to the average healthy person, it is not a concern. >> the bacteria are in every water pipe, every reservoir, it is common bacteria. >> the findings may have wide- ranging implications for hand washing in health care settings and they teach us technologies intentions may not always hold
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water. >> that is correct. sometimes simple is better. >> tonight we continue to follow our big story. former maryland governor william schaefer has been hospitalized with pneumonia. >> a 14-year-old boy has been charged with beating his grandmother with a hammer. >> another big month for job gains. coming up, we'll have the latest on that and the new unemployment numbers. >> racing returns to pimlico today. today. a
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>> live, local, late-breaking. >> live racing returns as the maryland jockey club fights to keep horseracing live in maryland. the jockey club is banking on millions of dollars from the state horseman's association and the state itself just to break even. >> hopes are high for a big take from this year's preakness at pimlico. rob roblin has more on what is at stake on this opening day. >> there is a lot at stake and a lot of people were out here today for opening day. the real deal for the folks at pimlico is, they will have lots of promotions this year, building up to the preakness,
5:31 pm
and the whole idea is to get a lot of young people to start coming to the track. it is a place with a proud tradition. for over 250 years, people have been coming to pimlico for the beginning of the spring racing week. horseracing, the sport of kings, and few tracks have seen as many great horses. >> you just get a special feeling, the tremendous amount of horses that ran out here. there is a different feel when you come to pimlico. you get a little fired up, and that is how we are. it takes a lot of pride here in preakness week. >> you cannot say the -- that it was crowded. >> they need to attract younger people. >> our clientele right now is 45 and older.
5:32 pm
if you come out here, you are wrong to have a great time, it is just trying to get them out here. >> for those who came here, some for 10, 20, or even 30 years, there is no other sport like horse racing. >> my parents used to bring me. it was just so exciting, and i knew everybody, and i learned about the jockeys. >> i love the races. i wish they had the slots, though. >> you cannot be pimlico for the excitement people, the yelling, and screaming. there is nothing like it. could the preakness is right around the corner on may 21. it is the 136 running of the preakness. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories at this hour. former maryland governor william donald schaefer is in the hospital tonight where he is being treated for pneumonia.
5:33 pm
he is said to be recovering well. we'll have a live update on his condition coming up at 6:00. it looks like the cellphone driving law will remain the same at least for now. legislation would have made using a hand-held cell on behind the wheel. under the current law, police cannot pullover driver solely because they are caught holding a cell phone. a 14-year-old boy is charged with at -- as an adult with the attempted murder of his grandmother. hassanhii garrett reportedly told police he became angry about the way she had been treating him. the 66-year-old victim remains in critical condition at this hour and her identity has not been released. >> some good news on jobs. unemployment fell to 8.8%, the lowest it has been in two years.
5:34 pm
216 dozen new jobs were added that overall, despite the loss of many government jobs. >> carlos is now looking for work, and that job in jobs now is a boost to his confidence. >> in california they said they raised over 100,000 jobs last month, so my hopes are going up. >> 216,000 jobs were added in march. at a visit to a ups facilities outside of washington, president obama prem -- packaged it this way. >> that makes 1.8 million private-sector jobs created in the last 13 months, and an unemployment rate has now fallen a full point in the last four months. >> he acknowledged a lot of work to be done, and while the private sector grew jobs, it was a tough month for the government. >> we have not seen the real job
5:35 pm
cuts that are going to happen at state and local government. this will be the worst year ever. >> house speaker jon baker blames democrats for creating economic uncertainty and laid out his plan for growth -- house speaker john boehner. >> we need to end the threat of tax hikes. >> there are still fears that a government shutdown would have fallout for employment, but for any, any positive economic news is good. >> i am very confident that in six months, i will have something. >> many economists think the current pace of job creation should continue throughout the rest of the year. it is estimated 13.5 million americans are currently out of work. >> did the aarp supports president obama as health care reform bill because they thought that would make money off of it?
5:36 pm
a house subcommittee is holding a hearing on the group's non- profit status after to republicans released a report questioning its motives regarding health care because they sell health insurance. democrats are calling it a political witch hunt. >> tips for consumers with health concerns about the radiation emitted from their cell phones. >> a rescue with an n.c.a.a. twist. >> a controversial tv series on the kennedys is set to air this weekend. we'll have a preview. >> state budget negotiations break down. the tales, new at 6:00. the tales, new at 6:00.
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[ alarm sounding ] ♪ [ woman ] please say "one" to speak to a representative. one. one. [ sneezes ] a little off the sides. [ scissors snipping, razor buzzing ] ♪ no! [ male announcer ] these days, it's hard to find good customer service. thankfully, there's still one place that gets it right. >> the mississippi highway patrol is investigating a school bus crash that killed a 10-year- old girl. investigators said the bus turned in front of an oncoming truck. one girl was killed and 10
5:40 pm
others rushed to hospital. investigators say fog may have been a contributing factor in that crash. a harrowing twist on wednesday. this car burst into flames on at texas highway and news photographer rescued a woman inside. he was on his way to a basketball tournament when the car in front of him slammed into a cement carrier. >> the people inside were kicking in doors and screaming for help. >> the photographer pulled one woman out through a window. another passerby helped the second mistake. both were taken to hospital where they are expected to be okay. >> investigators are trying to figure out what caused several passengers to fame on board an american airlines flight from reagan national -- -- from reagan international airport today. two flight attendants reported dizziness. reportedly all 132 passengers
5:41 pm
walked off the flight when it landed in dayton. two passengers and a flight attendant or taken to hospital to be checked out. >> why toyota says it is hiking the price is on some events new models, and is not all due to the disaster in japan. >> the new leadership program helps take college students into the community to make a difference. i have details coming up. >> april rise to some chilly temperatures, although there is a significant warmup in the seven-day forecast. 47 at bwi
5:42 pm
>> here's a look at what we are working on for 11 news at 6. a baltimore city grandmother is recovering after she suffered a brutal beating at the hands of for 14-year-old grandson.
5:43 pm
budget negotiations broke down at the state house and senate members failed to show up. breaking news, former governor william donald schaefer is in the hospital. the hospital. we will update his
5:44 pm
>> some local college students are getting back to baltimore. they are part of the leaders shape program. these college tutors are part of an elite group of 53, taking part in the inaugural year for the baltimore college town leaders shape program. >> there are students here that have a lot of passion and energy and they want to contribute to the community while they are here. >> the program is run in colleges across the country, but of course program is the
5:45 pm
only one they get students involved in the community off campus. >> i am a big believer that education happens outside of the classroom. students have an opportunity to put to test some of the theories they are learning in the classroom. >> students can choose from several different areas including health care, and neighborhood revitalization. >> my project is to start an annual service for public school students. i want to give back to the community. >> our goal is providing nutritional workshops for parents and kids. >> they also learn leadership skills and how to work out problems with creative solutions. that will help them down the road. >> the students graduate from the program next week. after that, organizers hope they
5:46 pm
will continue to work in the community and mentor next year's students. >> for more information on the leader of shape program, you can visit our web site, >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the storm that rolled up the coast broader summer rain and snow showers around here and is still putting down some decent snow in parts of new england, especially in maine where temperatures are still winter- like. rain and snow showers extend across parts of new england and upstate new york. western maryland has been dealing with some wintry conditions. you will see some snow not only tonight but for the day tomorrow as we continue to monitor the progress of a weather disturbance over the ohio valley that still has the swing through
5:47 pm
our area. it will not pull away until sometime tomorrow evening. another 24 hours of this chilly spring weather pattern. the normal high temperature at 60 degrees, and we fell short of that by 12 officially at bwi marshall. the record high was 88 degrees in 1978. we may see temperatures try and get into the 80's here early next week as a warm front makes its way through, but that is a few days away. temperatures continue on the chilly side of around the region. 46 at hagerstown, and you would think it would get warmer as you head south, but it is not much warmer there. we will see a clearing trend overnight. western maryland still in the rain and snow showers right into saturday morning.
5:48 pm
the wins have been brisk throughout the day but will diminish to about 5-15 miles an hour. as the nor'easter pulls away, there is not a big strong high- pressure to clear things out. the highest down on the gulf coast. the next weather disturbance to the north of chicago will becoming poorer region tomorrow, bringing another round of rain or snow showers. even around baltimore we could have some wet snow or sleet, then just scattered rain showers throughout the afternoon and evening. the rain showers will return sunday night into monday. the difference is this batch of rain is associated with the strong warm front that will continue making its way up to new england as we head into monday. that brings a clearing trend and some sunshine. monday could turn out to be a very pleasant day, especially for baseball as the orioles return home. a little breezy on the bay, so
5:49 pm
there is a small craft advisory posted. western maryland may get another one or 2 inches of wet snow with high temperatures only around 40 degrees out around the creek. scattered rain showers tomorrow, sun and clouds mixed. the same thing on the lower eastern shore. ocean city may be gusting over 20 miles an hour at times. a little milder on sunday with a little more sunshine, then rain coming in sunday night and monday morning. at least 75 on monday, may be up into the 80's in parts of maryland, then some heavy thunderstorms arriving on tuesday. >> toyota is raising prices on nearly every 2011 model sold here in the u.s.. the company says the price hike had been decided before the earthquake and tsunami hit
5:50 pm
japan. executives say exchange rates or unfavorable, leading to the price hikes. traffic deaths are at their lowest level in 60 years. 85% of drivers now report wearing a seat belt and safety experts say stricter laws and several cars are helping save lives. >> and pat gets behind the wheel, she knows she is lucky to be alive. last year, she lost control of her car and it rolled four times and veered off a mountain highway, but her injuries were minor. cuts, bruises, and a concussion. >> it was the air bags and a safe car that saved me from injury, and having on a tight seat belt. >> hirsh arrival as part of a nationwide success story. asher, the number of traffic fatalities dropped to their
5:51 pm
lowest since 1949. the transportation department says safety car standards requiring seat belts and front and side airbags have helped save lives, along with stronger -- stronger drunk driving laws and better enforcement. >> you will be caught and you will be arrested. >> in 2010, traffic fatalities dropped 3% in one year and 25% in five years to under 33,000 deaths last year. >> even though we have good results for this year, they are not good enough for us. we want to do more. we want to reduce deaths 20 if at all possible. >> experts say car makers are using the latest technology to equip cars with alert systems, and when there is an accident, advances in air bags are helping minimize the impact. >> if the box does not collapse, then the cargo and site is
5:52 pm
better protected. >> the next challenge is educating drivers about the biggest threat on the road, texting and talking on cell phones have already proven to be deadly. >> a recent medical studies showed using cell phones could change the user's brain activity because of microwave radiation. researchers say users can cut down radiation from the phones. people should put their phones on speaker to put some distance between their head and the phone. you can also use headphones or bluetooth, which produce much less radiation. for the guys out there, do not put your phone in your pants pocket. >> lots of shenanigans were in play at the state house this april fools' day. noise in the house chamber went up a notch when someone turned up all the ringers on the desk phones.
5:53 pm
the oddest moment came as a number of democrats found larger-than-life photographs of governor martin o'malley in their desk. one note advised an adversary to stop fighting and drink up. no one has claimed responsibility. budget negotiations came to a halt today as several lawmakers failed to show up. we'll have an update from annapolis new at 6:00. former governor william donald schaefer was hospitalized with pneumonia. we will have a live report on his condition, straight ahead. first, an epic depiction is set to air this weekend of the kennedys, but is it accurate? tonight, a preview of the serie
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>> betty white is now set to host her own reality show on nbc. it will feature senior citizens playing pranks on hidden camera. nbc has ordered 12 episodes, but there is no word on when it will hit the air. the kennedy family has fascinated america for generations. the latest chapter comes this weekend when a tv miniseries about them finally premieres on cable.
5:57 pm
>> the kennedy's is an a hour, $30 million miniseries. >> this project was under an extraordinary microscope from the very beginning. >> greg kinnear stars as president john f. kennedy and katie holmes placed first lady jackie kennedy. >> i felt very lucky to have this role. >> their performances almost went unseen. >> six weeks ago, this incredible miniseries was sitting on a shelf, headed for oblivion. >> mr. channell had dropped plans earlier, saying it was not a fit for the history brand -- the history channel had dropped its earlier. >> we did not want to do a political story. this was a family story. >> he suggests his own conservative politics and kennedy family ties with the history channels corporate
5:58 pm
parent may have prompted the decision. there has been no kennedy comment publicly about the series, which eventually found home on the little known reelz channel. advertisers are also wary. reviews for the series have been decidedly mixed. now the public will decide. >> we are just so thrilled that people will get a chance to see it. >> the drama that played out off-screen rivals blunt that will play on screen. >> reelz channel says its overall audience has basically doubled since it announced it has this series. here's a look and what is coming of new at 6:00. >> former governor william donald schaefer remains hospitalized with pneumonia. we will have an update on his condition, next. >> a man is accused of killing
5:59 pm
his girlfriend and then dumping the body in virginia. >> charged as an adult, a 14- year-old accused of attacking his grandmother with a hammer. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> or big story tonight, former governor william donald schaefer is in the hospital to not. >> we are told he was taken to st. agnes last night where he is being treated for pneumonia. sheldon has the latest for us. >> the former governor is expected to be okay. a close friend and confidante says he is feeling a lot better and is responding well to his medication and treatment here at st. agnes. >> he had not been feeling well all week. last thought he was rushed to hospital in an ambulance with pneumonia-like symptoms. pneumonia-like symptoms. a close friend says the


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