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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  May 29, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> live, local, late breaking. at 6:00.bal nwqews >> officials aren't looking for
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alternatives. midevening. the search is on for a pair of suspected fatally stabbed a 52- year-old woman and wounded her companion in the parking lot of that an apartment building. they heard arguing out loud around 2:30 a.m. before the attack. they were taken to the medical center that died. the 25 year-old who was with her was treated and released. they believe the victims were targeted and that this is not a random attack. we will have more. >> a violent night in baltimore city has kept detect is very busy. it began 1230 saturday morning with the report shots fired. officers on patrol heard the shot in the right to find the victim shot in the head. he is listed in critical condition. detectives are handling this.
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90 minutes later, police were called to investigate a deadly shooting on the 4000 block of pennington aventine. he would shot multiple times. police say they are withholding the identity of the victims at this time. minutes later, detectives were called to investigate the second shooting of the night. the victim was found three blocks from the for their crime scene of the 400 block of north rose street. he was shot in the head. he was taken to john's hopkins hospital where he died. if you live in the city and that he had until the end of june to dump your bulk trash for pick up, if you thought wrong. the bureau has ended the bulk trash pick up before a scheduled june 30 deadline. all may not be lost. it a good reason to pick up as early as july 1st. a still predict a delicate has lost a five year long battle
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with lung cancer. michael dobson passed away last night. he was 60 years old. he served in the house from 1998 through 2003, of representing the 43rd district in baltimore city. he is survived by a wife, and a a two sons, and a daughter. >> this afternoon, the sunshine has broken their in most areas. we are at a partly cloudy status. we are in the low 80's. the atmosphere has only a little bit of rain developing. you can see a little shout over the river between cecil and hartford county. this is about it so far. so more rain could develop
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tonight. the weekend looked pretty good, pretty summerlike. we will talk about it. >> thank you. a milestone leading into this memorial day weekend as the 1000 american servicemen has given their life in service said the country. he was killed friday when he stepped on an explosive device. he was only weeks into serving his second tour after being wounded by an and ied in 2007. many are firing up the grill or spending the weekend on vacation. preparations are underway for ceremonies honoring the true meaning of memorial day. marines are placing 3500 american flag on the graves of veterans in preparation for the ceremony. since last memorial day, a 10 more soldiers had given their lives in service for their
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country. they will be given a special treat each. it does in 40 days nelson's bp's will break exploded, killing 11 and sending thousands of crude oil gushing. bp appears to be no closer to putting the they predict a return to 11 news reporter in fitness, louisiana. >> you can find a festival every single weekend in south louisiana. this festival this weekend is different. >> seafood is just a major part of all our lives. >> as oil imports into the gulf, there is a fear that the shrimp, fish, and oysters are fading away. >> it is a terrible, sad effect on everyone's existence. it has gotten so you have to keep informed. it is so hard to even read the
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newspaper and watch television anymore. we are absolutely heartsick about the environment. >> any help right now is focused on the floor of the gulf and the taco effort to seal the well. . been able to stop the flow. executives say they may know tomorrow and it knowledge today they are moving equipment into place to try to contain more oil. >> that equipment is on station, ready to go. we have been prepping that all- around. >> along the coast, so many what someone to find some way to control the oil. and give them a real reason to party. >> we have had rain throughout the day. conditions at the site are just -- the work has not slowed at all. they are encouraged but not fully convinced that the top hill will ultimately stop the flow of oil.
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wbal. >> stay with 11 news. we would give you continuing coverage of the oil spill. on our web site, you can watch live as they work to stop the leak. go to there is much more ahead when 11 news continues at 6:00. >> a massive march protesting arizonas controversy a new immigration law. the ripple effect here in washington. i am in the nation's capital. that story is coming up. >> an incredible crash on the texas highway that since a tractor-trailer flying over the median strip of a busy
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>> 50,000 people turned out for
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a rally against the arizona immigration law. washington continues to put pressure on the state to reconsider. we have the latest. >> in phoenix, tens of thousands of demonstrators from a run the nation united to fight the tough new immigration law. marchers covered several city blocks. they hoisted signs and raised fears that hispanics, illegal or not, will be targeted. >> it is not fair that people have to feel afraid of the local government employees. >> it violates our fundamental principles of human dignity. >> among the faces, a student living in this country illegally. but i cannot go back to where i was born. i do not know anything from there. this is my country. i love it so much. >> while polls that showed broad support for the law, if these gun-toting counter protesters found themselves in the minority. >> [unintelligible]
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>> go tell that person down there with a mexican flag. >> this comes a day after the justice department threatened to sue arizona after the law. >> i told them we needed solutions from washington, not more losses. but the attorney general and says the law is constitutional and that he will fight back. >> it is a fight anyone believes will be settled here in washington, likely at the supreme court. in washington, wbal tv 11 news. >> a dramatic scene out of texas. and highly camera catches a 6 vehicle pileup involving an overturned tractor trailer. it was traveling southbound when it was cut off by another vehicle. the driver lost control and crashed through the media, striking to vehicles in the northbound lane before leaving on his side. there were no serious injuries. take another look. dennis hopper has died after battling prostate cancer.
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he died this morning at his home in the los angeles suburb of fitness, surrounded by family and friends. he is best known for directing and starring in "easy rider" which won him an oscar nomination. he also portrayed memorable roles in many films he was 77 years old. but he made a lot of great films. >> i was very sad to see that. >> gary: yesterday, dennis hopper today. >> a big weekend in town. noting from maryland was involved. a great crowd. we will check in on notre dame and cornell coming up next. >> the call so we had earlier today dissipated over the area. we have a couple of little isolated showers. when did to you hear of the rest of the weekend. that is coming up next. at
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quite now your forecast. >> we now have the satellite picture. there are not in a cloud. that little bit a shower is still there. a lot of this may not be hitting the ground. it may only amount to a little bit of sprinkles. none is producing thunder or lightning at this point. so far, a very nice evening with some mild temperatures. let's look at what happened during the day. at the airport from 81 degrees the high. inner harbor, 82 degrees. typically, 70 degrees is the high. these may not be the final lows. before sunrise, there was a little sprinkle in shower activity milling around the area. temperatures right now -- annapolis is at 75 degrees.
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cambridge, 79 degrees. once you get west of the bay and away from the water, the 81 degrees downtown 84 degrees f fredericks. cumberland is 82 degrees. here is a satellite picture. a lot of clouds over the ocean. the storm activity is scattered through parts of new england. this front that is coming in is not producing much rain at all. it is running into this area of high pressure over the atlantic. it is dissipating. it is what we call a trough. it is not very significant. it is squeezing down the warm, humid air. it'll come back at us by the end of the weekend. there are no big storms in the immediate future. partly cloudy skies. in the evening skies, and thunderstorm possible.
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not a very good chance, though. light west winds are expected. south was twins 5 - 10. a bit more humid. a lot of sunshine. a good, warm day on sunday. the future cast shows the spotty nature of rain. the dry conditions -- if anything pops up, it'll be south in maryland. everyplace else around here. it is a different story. there will be a storm coming in from the west. isolated activity could pop up by late in the day on monday. a better chance of rain when this system comes in on tuesday. here is what the forecast looks like as the finish up the memorial day weekend. tomorrow, more humid. a lot of sun. partly cloudy. hazy, hot, and humid. 91 degrees the high. the highest rain chances are tuesday and then again on friday
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and saturday . right now 11 sports. >> a gorgeous saturday for a holiday weekend. it is not exactly orioles are watching weather. chris been dominant. the last month, a triple a. pick up in the bottom of the first. he is staring down aaron hill. tillman gives up two runs. marks is not exactly ripping off bret. but some of the six, tillman the first pitch. not the same location as a courier. not the same result. just a monster shot for the game is tied at 2-2. they had been cruising for two plus innings. they are witnessing a screeching halt. alberto castillo.
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orioles lose a 2-5. >> maybe a they put some lead in the back to something. i do not know. i have run out of things to say. i have doubled the lineup. i have put guys in there. we have prepared them the best we can. it has is not happen for us. >> that is just frustrating. shot off thez' and table. he crumples immediately to the ground. he lays nearly motionless for six minutes while trainers could do the tests. he never lost consciousness. he remained at the hospital for further testing. cleveland won the game by a fine of 13-11. they are hosting a party to which you are not invited. the state and maryland is hosting very well. the men's lacrosse final.
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duke and virginia, game 1. notre dame and cornell for the first time. late first, adam. his effort for the irish is better than anyone else. what a great goal. three-one, and notre dame. aj on the rebound. he hit. he finds it. 8-5 in node today and prepared a 1812-7 over cornell. baltimore metro area francos to a fantastic lacrosse tournament. wbal tv is a great fund of. share your pictures and get involved. you can do it team usa heads to cape town tomorrow. it is coming june 12 against england. it can change this to dave
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burda philadelphia is facing turkey. turkey is 15 [unintelligible] a clean luck. turkey gets a 1-0 lead. donovan living up to star status. out the door. easy finish. 75th minute, donovan again. he muzzles his way for that shot. united states over turkey 2-1. >> their fonda saying it is manny being manny. [unintelligible] phil jackson has a short memory. friday afternoon, he was fined an undisclosed amount. that is it for sports. please stay with this. we will have another tip of the
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>> here is a look at some stores. waverly firehouse it a makeover. it marked a special partnership between the city and residents. if you do not succeed at first, find out what happens will one man turned a landmark into a
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>> we should be able to hold this together all the way through the weekend. tomorrow of a discreet, 80 degrees the hive. and he then led. we will also see a lot is sunshine on monday. there is the chance for some isolated storm activity by the ended the day on monday. the 91 degrees the high. 87 degrees on tuesday. it is a degrees. >> that is a typo. >> not 8? >> thanks for pointing that out. i will fix that. >> thank you. that is it for 11:00 news at 6:00. -- channel 11 news at 6:00.
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>> this is a wbal editorial. >> the downturn has changed the world. everyone seems to be grappling with the reality of a pull out for city council. with a deficit, the mayor has declared it is the lumber business as usual and has proposed a series of budget cuts. this includes the potential layoffs of up to 600 employees. these solutions are a bitter pill for the council. despite a council, there is no alternative plan to address the deficit. baltimore city is facing rising pension costs. closing recreation centers as we entered the summit. and of course they loss of jobs.
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the bear is taking a businesslike approach. city council seems to be holding out hope for a miracle solution. there matt is not work. it is time for city council to make the hard decision and do what is best for the long-term viability, putting political differences aside is the first step. finding common ground and working toward a practical plan is much preferred to press conferences with
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