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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  May 27, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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a strong thunderstorm heading down to the south and east toward elkton. it is moving southeast at 12 with the possibility of damaging hail and winds in the next hour or so we will keep an eye on things as they continue to develop. >> and remember, you can track showers and storms using our interactive radar. just go to and click on the "the weather." >> and a cheating scandal at one of baltimore's blue ribbon elementary schools. >> the allegations center around george washington elementary school. officials found thousands of mark's changes answers from wrong to write. >> city's schools say what happened was tragic boat for students and the district dissertation for -- both for
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students and the district dissertation for achievement and hard work. >> we know for a fact that it took place at a level in the school that was systemic. >> the schools ceo says the cheating that took place at george washington elementary was white " -- was widespread and deliberate. >> if your erasing, you are going to erase to be wrong more less at the same ratio as a racing to be right. 99% of the race seized on -- of the erasures are leading to the right, then you have statistical evidence to suggest that something has happened. >> in 2004, as reading scores were just below 50%, and math scores just because -- just
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below 7%. but in recent -- recent years, reading scores -- just below 70%. but in recent years, reading scores soared to near 99% and math raised dramatically as well. the school said it received a series of complaints from parents. >> it is very dramatic for me when being a parent that attended all the meetings i was not invited to this particular meeting where the scores were given out. >> administrators say it was an inside job. the principal, susan kyrgyz, retired in the spring -- susan burgess, retired in the spring
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and hasn't had her license revoked. -- and has since had her license revoked. >> an incredible story. the fbi says the raid of a parkville home has resulted in the largest collection of child pornography ever seen in maryland. officials say the suspect set up a -- an account on a social networking sites aimed at teenagers and at one point was in contact with a massachusetts girl and threatened that if she did not continually send him a sexually explicit pictures of herself that he would find her and raped her. -- and a raprape her. >> they make an attempt to locate targets and victims through the website. >> he is charged with a number of sexual offenses and faces up
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to 85 years in prison if convicted. police say robert the martin's wife jacqueline orchestrated is murder. she enlisted the help of her brother and two 19-year-old acquaintances. police say her brother was the alleged gunman. >> a woman who's had an apartment complex on fire in a jealous fit of rage -- who set an apartment complex on fire in a jealous fit of rage is in court today. >> nearly a dozen firefighters showed up in support of jeff novak, and so did 85-year-old lucille declerck, one of the fire victims novak risk his life to save. >> city firefighter jeff novak breaks out in breaks"aw shucks"
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grin when people call him a hero. >> i was just doing my job. just the same as the other firemen that go to work with every day. >> 19-year-old britney garcia is accused of setting the fire on april 7. witnesses told police that she became enraged after finding out her child's father was with another woman. police charging documents say garcia, leaving the scene, declared, there is a fire in your house now. jeff novak was the first on the scene. he noticed heavy fire conditions on the second floor and heard screams for help as he entered the building. he found 85-year-old lucille ziegler unconscious on the floor and carried her to safety. she suffered second-degree burns on her legs and arms. she showed no back her wounds in
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a cheerful, a private moment outside the courtroom. she thanked him over and over again, holding onto his hand, only to reluctantly let go when the courthouse elevator arrived. >> if it were not for him i would not be your today. >> novak called a man and of harm's way on the third floor. another firefighter took the man to safety and then novak found himself trapped. the cracks at that point i had no other choice but to go through it -- >> at that point i had no other choice but to go through a window and hang there until i could get a ladder. but unfortunately, there was no letter and they were not able to get to me in time. the heat was so intense that i had to drop. >> novak says his doctors are telling him he should make a full recovery. meanwhile, garcia's attorney entered a not guilty plea on her behalf. she will remain in jail until
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her case is heard. >> quite an act of terrorism by the firefighter, novak. and an 11 month old is safe thanks to end neighbor who -- to a neighbor to rescue it from a burning home. the neighbors as your the smoke alarms and ran inside her neighbor's home -- the neighbors as she heard the smoke alarms and ran inside her neighbor's home. >> this bibby was sitting on the floor crying. i grabbed the baby and i came out and grabbed -- and handed it to someone else and told them to call 911. >> we have them transferred to the baltimore baby burn center. we're not sure how bad they are until he is of value added. >> the baby's father took him to the medical center. the baby was taken only as a precaution.
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no word on the condition of the father. >> the top killed seems to be working to stop the leak in the gulf, but two to four times more oil has built, making it worse than the exxon valdez oil spill. the president had a press conference today saying it is his job to make sure that everything gets cleaned up. >> there is a light -- a lighter plume coming from the well well right now, which could mean that the top kill is beginning to work. >> it does look like the well is considerably less. >> bp engineers say that everything is going according to plan. >> we are in an arm wrestling match with two equal forces, or it is like two fire hoses coming together and trying to stop the other.
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>> officials announced this bill is two to four times larger -- but still is two to four times larger than originally thought. 19 million gallons of oil are floating in the gulf, dwarfing the exxon valdez and defining this spill as the worst in u.s. history. increasingly on the defense of his administration's response and in continuing control of this disaster, today, president obama looked to deflect some of the criticism. >> even if we got a perfect organizational structure, spots will be missed. well will go to places that maybe somebody thinks could have been prevented. there will be damage that is heartbreaking to see. >> damage to the martian wetlands. damage to beaches, -- to the marshes and wetlands. damage to beaches. >> once we get to the very
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fragile, very important -- once it gets to the very fragile, very important ecosystems, it will be there for a long time. >> and a ultimately affecting so many of the lives along the gulf coast. >> scientists discovered a new underwater plot -- underwater plume of oil that stretches for 20 miles off the alabama coast. in the meantime, president obama announced plans to hold all deep water drilling until an investigation is complete. raymour had more of that on our team coverage. -- brian moore as team coverage. the >> -- >> president obama said that there was little his administration could have done to prevent this. >> i was wrong in the game that the world companies have their act together. who is responsible? i take responsibility.
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>> he says the watchdog of the minerals management service was unacceptably close to the industry. >> obviously, it might not been happening fast enough. if it had been happening fast enough, this might have been cut. but it is possible that it might not have been caught. >> elizabeth birnbaum resigned. the president ordered a six months stop on a welter of it -- oil drilling. then he answered his critics. >> those who think we were slow or lacked urgency do not know the facts. this has been our highest priority since this crisis occurred. >> president obama, struggling to contain a disaster that has rippled far beyond the gulf. >> as he gets ready to head to the gulf, the president said he -- he knows the only way to stop
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the criticism is to stop the leak. >> and we hope you stay with 11 news and wbal tv 11 for continuing coverage. at 5:35 p.m. we will take a closer -- a closer look at the impact. you can take a live look at >> still ahead, a black bear is spotted in baltimore county and we have the picture to prove it. plus, what do you do to -- if you crossed paths with a bear? >> and a -- an update on the warning label for the proper their weight-loss drug alli. >> and a new information that shows that indoor tanning is toxic. the young people should especially listen up. >>
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>> hurston it was carroll county, and now folks said they have spotted a baby bear in baltimore county. while bears usually stay further west, it is not surprising to
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see some wondering this time of year who have been kicked out of their dens. what advice do experts have? you should talk in a calm voice and hold out your arms to appear bigger. good luck with that. >> in tonight's medical alert, the fda is updating a warning label of a popular weightloss drug after receiving reports of liver damage. there been 13 cases of reports of severe liver damage related to the weightloss drug alli. the liver transplants have been needed and two people died. but experts said they have yet to determine whether the weight- loss drug caused the damage. until they have conclusive evidence, they are changing the label to show that there is a risk of the bird damage.
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-- of liver damage. erika edwards has a story of the tanning suit dangers. -- tanning bed dangers. it >> new research shows confirmation of a link between tanning beds and cancer. >> this shows the strongest link we have between the effect of tanning beds and melanoma risks. >> researchers gathered data on people with and without melanoma. people who had used tanning sessions had tripled the risk of developing melanoma than those who did not and the study showed it did not matter how old a person was when it is reducing the tanning bed.
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but experts say that young people are often oblivious to the risks. >> young people think this is a disease of older people. it is also a disease of young adults. >> she was diagnosed with stage two melanoma with -- when she was age 20. she thinks it is a side effect of indoor tanning. the indoor tanning association points out that this research was done on people in minnesota, a group of people likely to develop skin cancer more than most. they would like that research clarified. >> now the forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> the atmosphere is prime and hot and humid weather is right to move in. usually, that equals thunderstorms. we have seen a few pop up.
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if we are keeping a close eye on the radar screen. -- we are keeping a close eye on the radar screen. most areas are dipping down into cecil county. there's the possibility of some large hail and gusty winds and very heavy downpours. the center of the storm is still in pennsylvania and tracking se at about 10 miles per hour. pretty heavy showers are in diesel county at this hour. it is all part of a larger area of showers coming down from new england. many times they approach from the west, but this time it is a cold front coming down the coast. it is coming through the poconos and working in to the northeastern part of maryland. that is where the cool air is from this time around. also from the west, in front triggering storms, but this is associated with the back door, if you will, down the coast through new england. only in the 60's and 70's across
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maine and new hampshire. boston had 67. we are 88. richmond is 93. there is a cold front coming down the coast triggering a storm. it is still in '90s -- in the 90's out at hagerstown. cool air coming in from the east. on that front, we will see some strong storms. that yellow shaded area, there is a severe cent -- a severe thunderstorm through tonight. highland county, it looks like one of the county's out in far western virginia, again, the conditions are primed until about 10:00 tonight a flood -- and a flood watch is in effect. there's the possibility of low- lying areas that could flood. widespread showers and storms are forecast. scattered showers lingering into
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the morning hours. it could be bumpy in some spots with gusty winds as some of the stronger storms move by. watch this front, which is slowly creeping its way through, making its way south. some of that cooler air will make its way into the region tomorrow afternoon. with the front in the area, additional showers are likely to pop up all day tomorrow. hopefully this gets down into virginia and the carolinas. 67 to 72 tomorrow. the temperatures will not move much to mawr with the east wind at -- with the east wind at six to 12. skies will gradually clear up as we head through the weekend on the bay, east winds at 10 knots with occasional gusts to 20. showers and storms tonight, occasional showers, and cooler
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tomorrow. showers still possible for the first half of saturday and then partly cloudy for the rest of the holiday weekend with the temperatures back into the 80's on sunday and monday. >> we have some video that is certainly enough to make anybody cringe. >> a young boy making a right at the wrong side of the escalator. what do i do now? >> it is a harvest time at city hall. that story, coming up. >> and skyteam 11 is over ocean city to see what is new this summer. it turns out there quite a few things. things.
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rex this morning to my baltimore faith the leaders reached out to the community to stop violence in baltimore city. they unveiled the fifth sunday violence to virtue program. it is a partnership with the city state's attorney's office to stress the value in teaching children about community. the program also involves a special collection on the fifth sunday of the month before you
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the activities. it will happen about four times a year. -- for the youth activities. it will happen about four times a year. >> crops are looking good and they will all go to feed the hungry. >> last year, the garden at city hall produced over 1,000 pounds of vegetables. this year's garden looks even better. they were harvesting this spring crops at city hall this morning, crops like bread that -- like lettuce, broccoli, and greens. >> they can make a big part of them and everyone is happy eating them. >> these gardens get a lot of sun and has these vegetable plants thriving. >> it is a wonderful plot. it is much better than my main garden at home, mainly because it gets so much sun and heat and is well watered by the city. >> we have broccoli, kale,
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chives and mustard greens. we tried a lot of different things last year to see what would work in this environment and what was productive for our daily bread. at the end of the season we vibrated that, what worked for them, what worked for us, and what was pretty. i think we have shown that we can do a pretty vegetable garden that is productive. >> these vegetables will go to our daily bread to help each beat the homeless in the city. -- to help feed it dollars in the city. -- feed the homeless in the city. >> [unintelligible] >> the next plant -- the next up is to plant summer crops like corn and other vegetables. >> that looks good stay with us. we will recap the day's top stories. >> including the walz bill in
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the gulf of mexico. -- the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. >> the committee called it an eyesore. now changes are on the way. >> the ravens always say they have the best fans and the world. today, they offered a hi
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>> changes on the way in fells point nearly four years after the wrecking ball turned a stennis loss of church site into an unwelcome eyesore. -- a stennis lost church site
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into an unwelcome eyesore. jayne miller is live in the newsroom for some -- with some answers. >> many clay finally after a bitter fight between the church -- many say finally, after a bitter fight between the church and the community. >> when last we checked in the december of 2007, the all saints rectory side was a ragged and debris written log. -- ridden lots. >> folks were saying it look like the south bronx. >> not anymore. it is being cleared the way to make way for new development. >> what do you see here? >> residential development >> the developer its first order of
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business is to get the school in shape for the montessori schools it plans to occupy in the fall. >> what we do is restore old buildings and do urban renewal. >> we figured something would start when we saw that. >> they frequently visit one of the shops across from the start -- from the site. >> we would love to see something wonderful in the neighborhood. >> he approves as well. >> i'm excited because we have been through this thing. we do not want to go through that again. >> some unresolved issues remain for the site. still standing, this site cannot
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be saved. >> there are a lot of potential uses for it, but none jump out as being the one. >> the church has not been used for the past 10 years. worth noting about the project, it takes what what was tax exempt in the city and puts it back on the tax rolls. >> interesting, thank you. here's a look at other top story this hour. an alternative proposal to the bottle tax in baltimore city is dead in the water. and councilman suggested taxing cable subscribers $4 per month in the hopes of raising $4 million, but city officials said that would be illegal. that plan has been scrapped. a principal h lost her job and teaching license in a cheating scandal at a south baltimore elementary school. officials say someone tampered
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with test scores at george washington elementary, lots of them. because no one admitted to changing the test, the principal, susan burgess will be held accountable. tim tooten will have an update at 6:00 p.m. and the deal's bill in the gulf of mexico has now surpassed the -- and the oil spill in the gulf of mexico has now surpassed the exxon valdez, making it worse -- the worst in the u.s. history. the exxon valdez spilled 11 million gallons and new data has estimated 19 to 38 million gallons have spilled in the gulf. that is two to four times the exxon valdez. >> they are struck on dry land as oil takes over their place of
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business. -- they are stuck on dry land as well takes over their place of business. >> my body knows this is the time of year for halibut. i've got nothing to do. i'm going crazy. >> he is one of the largest shrimp distributors in the country and has become the voice of frustration for many in the bayou who make their living off the water. >> we have got to live with this for the rest of our lives. >> he took us out with his brother-in-law to show us what he fears is the end of the gulf coast shrimping, at least in his lifetime. he says his once but -- once bustling loading docks took in typically a half a million dollars worth of shrimp per day. today, one lone votboat is sitt, shutdown. workers wonder if they will any
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longer have a job. >> they're still looking for a place to live. i am not a happy camper. >> the worst possible time at the worst possible year. this is the year we were waiting for for 10 years. every 10 years to get one like this and that is what keeps you going in the off years. >> but it is not just the money. the men and women of these waters are mourning a way of life bases slowly dying. >> we make a living off the environment. we want the environment as pristine as it can be. >> being and other locals are critical of how the cleanup is being handled. -- dean and other locals are critical of how the cleanup is being handled. >> we just got back from taking a tour of this waterway, which is called by you regal. it is a very popular fishing and
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trapping area. and the smell of oil is thick in the air. we were only out on the water for about an hour and you can feel it in your throat. you can feel it every where. this is the situation on the waters for those trying to lay booms and keep the oil spill at bay in this area. >> we are employing thousands of people in this cleanup and helping many with a loss of income as a result of this disaster. i cannot comment on the boards of one shrimper, but nobody should be in any doubt about bp's long-term commitment to cleaning up the mess and address the economic-bench, one official -- and economic damage, one official from bp rights. >> he is the youngest person to ever climb everest, but this 13- year-old says he is not finished. >> these problems should never
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have occurred and the manufacturing facilities that cause them are unacceptable. >> baltimore's for more top job is now second-in-command at the fda. >> coming up, how hospitals
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because in the end... everything matters. performance without compromise. that is what drives us. >> a 4-year-old boy in turkey was with his dad when he decided to hang onto the escalator from the wrong side, meaning, not on the steps. a quick thinking shopper, the boy just as he fell. -- caught the boy just as he fell. it was a great catch. the boy was not hurt. tonight, a sentence has been handed down in were the biggest heists in the u.s. history. 27 years ago, a group orobbed a wells fargo in connecticut.
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yesterday, the driver was sentenced to two and a half years in prison and was ordered to give restitution of the entire $2.5 million to wells fargo. >> obviously, at his age, he does not have any money and with his disabilities will not be making any. >> he was on the fbi's most wanted list. >> and the youngest person to ever conquered mount everest as of
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world. >> it looks as though jordan's of thirst for adventure is not finished. he hopes to climb the sixth highest peak in the world on the paul's border. -- nenepal's border. >> hear what johnson and johnson executives had to step -- to say to congress. but >> but first, scientists are predicting what could be the most active hurricane season yet with as many as 21 storms, and seven big storms. seven big storms.
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>> here is a look at what we're
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working on for 11 news at 6:00 p.m. bad news for maryland hospitals. find out what put them on the list as among the worst in the country. and the principle of a one-time blue ribbon elementary school loses heard licensed -- loses her l
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>> forecasters are warning this hurricane season will likely be extremely active. experts released their outlook today, which matches up with that -- with others that say, buckle up and brace yourself. >> the 2010 hurricane season that starts next tuesday may not be the record-breaker of 2005 that produced katrina and other
5:46 pm
storms, but it could come close. >> if this house look -- outlook holds true about we are facing a season that could make records. >> there could be as many as seven that become major hurricanes. they say an ominous convergence of waters of the atlantic and no el nino this year could result in perfect and devastating storms. >> winds year over the topic and caribbean seas will be more favorable to strengthen. >> others, like the william gray team at colorado state, whose last prediction of 15 main storms was expected to be adjusted dramatically accord next week. interestingly, scientists say the hurricane could help disperse the walz bill. >> -- the oil spill.
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>> you will spread it over a larger area. >> but this season could produce too many of what they call the big and ugly hurricanes. >> that was a lot of maybes. >> you are right. the only new pattern that generated all of this coastal snow is breaking down. that actually tears up hurricanes. if that goes away, conditions are primed for hurricanes. keep in mind, that hurricane season is about a 50/50 shot whether they get it right. >> and if they are wrong, that is ok. >> exactly. >> ended matters where they are -- and it matters where they are. if there are in the middle of the ocean, nobody cares. the most active season was 2005 when we had 27 main storms.
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we had to go into the greek alphabet after using up all of the regular ofenbeck. -- regular alphabet. although the season starts in june and goes through november, most of the activity is in august and september. you're the first 12 names on the list, alex, bonnie, collin, danielle, earl, and fiona. we have some good names this year. gaston, igor, julia, carl, and lisa. -- karl and lisa. this time we're keeping an eye on thunderstorms. in cecil county coming out of pennsylvania, some isolated storms.
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these will be popping up as the evening wears on. some of them could be strong. the storms are developing on some cooler air developing on some areas of new england. a backdoor fried, if you will. -- a back door front, if you will. be careful, storms could form in this area through 10:00 tonight. and the storms could produce some locally heavy rains as well. putting all of the data together, up been born in central maryland as the scent -- pinpointing central maryland as an area that will be hard hit. temperatures will not warm up much tomorrow.
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temperatures will stay nearly steady during the day tomorrow, in the low 70's for the highs with additional showers likely as the front stalls in our area for the weekend, a chance of showers saturday morning. sunday and monday look a lot better than saturday for outdoor activities. tomorrow is a cooler normal day with 62 -- with 67to 72 for the high. timarron around the bay, a chance for showers, cloudy skies and about 72. the wind coming off the ocean will keep it about 68 degrees. it looks like monday will see slowly warming temperatures, but the surf is a chilly 61. high temperatures warming back into the 80's on sunday and
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monday. >> importa information regarding the children's medical recall. >> global positioning satellites that help so many vehicles by their destinations will soon be used by major airlines. the government mandated that all aircraft that use the busiest airports must have gps technology by 2020. it can continually broadcast a plane's position and is much safer and consistent than using air-traffic control. a month after johnson and johnson recalled 130 million bottles of medication, the company's leaders were called to testify before a house committee. they had to answer questions as to whether they actually knew about potential contamination problems. >> what was wrong that caused one of the largest makers of
5:52 pm
children's medicine to recall it? >> that is the question that everyone is what -- asking one of the most trusted names in america recalled millions because of quality problems. on thursday, representatives from johnson and johnson and the fda testified before a house oversight committee. experts say investigation revealed bacterial ingredients. >> readfield these problems could become quite significant and we want to fix them before it becomes a point where we are counting the problems in hospitalizations and industries instead of bottles recalled. >> so far, no one has supported a serious injury from it.
5:53 pm
colleen johnson defended the company's testing and quality control procedures. >> we did not knowingly allow bacteria and we did not knowingly release it at the market. it is unknown when production will resume at that plant. >> the fda says it is continuing a criminal investigation into the company. >> maryland fare worse than lots of other states in a hospital study. the lateste
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>> pete gilbert is here with us tonight with some news that ravens fans will be happy to hear. >> no doubt. with new stadiums all over the country changing their technology over -- changing their technology every minute, trying to keep up. >>there will air stats from arod
5:57 pm
the league. the ravens want to be sure that fans attending in person. and that makes your experience that much better. >> the reason for the upgrade also is to lure events outside of the football season.
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>> thank you. that is all for us at 5:00 p.m. >> a severe thunderstorm watch in effect. we are tracking those storms on hd doppler next. >> coming up, with a cdc study says about maryland oppose the effort to protect patients at its hospitals. -- maryland's effort to protect patients at its hospitals. >> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. in hd. >> parts of maryland county are in a severe -- paltz of baltimore county are in a severe thunderstorm watch. >> we are under a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 p.m. tonight. there's also a flood watch in
5:59 pm
effect. the yellow-shaded counties indicate large wins and gusting hail. -- gusting winds and large hail. one out in cecil county has been there for the past couple of hours. there is some rain that is coming down from pennsylvania into cecil county. west of baltimore now in howard county, another strong storm sets down on the outskirts of the b.c. beltway. we will keep a close eye on the radar screen. the complete forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> and a reminder that we can track storms down to our very street. just go to >> a national health-care study is a surprising auction for maryland. --


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