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tv   Today  NBC  February 17, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. cold war. russia and the united states in the top two positions following the men's figure skating short program. evgeni plushenko, the defending gold medalist, in first, thanks to his athletic quadruple jump, but evan lysacek, the reigning world champ, came in less than a point behind after a wonderful and artistic program. it's power versus grace, plushenko versus lysacek. game on for the gold today, wednesday, february 17th, 2010.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television > and nbc-universal television > an we are here on a mountain,our homountain,our ho me. and let's start the day with a cheer for al roker, who has cleared the skies after a crisp, cool morning here in vancouver. >> thank you. >> i'm matt lauer. >> i'm meredith vieira. we've actually had a cool night last night in men's figure skating, the best competition they've had, one of the best ever. strongest group of men. and they did not disappoint last night. >> that's right. the russian, evgeni plushenko, went early and displayed the technical precision that helped him win gold back in torino. now, the american, evan lysacek, skated in the last group and turned in one of the finest
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performances of his career. he finished just 0.55 points behind plushenko. and get this, ladies and gentlemen, this morning the trash talking has begun. the russian has blasted any skater who did not attempt a quadruple jump. by the way, that jump is not in lysacek's routine. just ahead, much more on their performances and who should be considered the favorite heading into tomorrow's free skate. okay, meanwhile, tuesday not a great day for snowboarder lindsey jacobellis. she fell during her semifinal snowboard cross race, crushing her chance for a medal it was her second straight disappointing finish after the winter games following that fall after hotdogging it four years ago in torino. jenna bush hager was at tuesday's race and spoke to her immediately afterwards. jenna's here this morning to tell us what lindsey had to say. >> that's right. meantime, that fall actually helped germany take the lead in the medal count. they have nine medals. the u.s. now second with eight. france is in third with seven
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medals. >> all right. there's a lot to get to. ann curry also joins us here at the bonfire pit. she's got a look at all the latest olympic news. >> that's right. and you know, on the slopes and on the ice, it was a day of highs and lows for team usa. >> beautifully landed triple axel. >> reporter: artistry and athleticism were on display at the men's figure skating on tuesday night. american evan lysacek skated a near perfect short program and stands in second place. >> evan lysacek brings them to their feet in vancouver. >> i didn't even see what first place score was. >> 90.85. >> reporter: he was less than a point behind defending olympic champion evgeni plushenko, who set the standard earlier in the night with a dominant performance. but olympic dreams can end in an instant. >> that is lindsey jacobellis. >> reporter: just ask 24-year-old lindsey jacobellis. seeking redemption after showboating and falling with gold in sight four years ago in
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torino. on tuesday, the american lost control and was disqualified. >> jacobellis off course! unbelievable! >> you're getting all this speed. you're like, oh, no, no, no, pull up, pull up, pull up! and right when i caught my balance again, i was just like, oh, no! >> reporter: a disappointing day for her. off the slopes, it was some fans who were expressing frustration. wild weather has caused delays and forced the refund of some 20,000 standing room tickets at cypress mountain, site of tonight's snowboard competition. through the unstable ground below, melting layers of trucked-in snow. from not enough snow to too much, athletes competing in the alpine events in whistler, two hours north of vancouver, are growing anxious. american skier ted ligety tweeted -- "wouldn't mind racing already." even what should be the unifying symbol of these games has angered some who complain they're not able to get close enough to the olympic cauldron, which sits behind a chain link
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fence. >> it would be nicer if we could get beside it. >> reporter: but lightening the mood on tuesday, the norwegian curling team, who stole the spotlight with a bold fashion statement. >> the pants are kind of exciting, don't you think, linda? >> they are extremely bright, that's for sure. >> and the stars are out today. you guys, i'll take a ticket to any one of these events coming up, because we've got american shaun white who's going to try to defend his gold in the halfpipe. we've got lindsey vonn. she's putting her bruised shin to the test in the women's downhill. and also today, we've got speed skaters apolo ohno and also shani davis in action today. so, i don't know if you guys have tickets. >> i do. and for a slight premium, i would be happy to bestow those upon you. hey, there was one bright spot for the u.s. yesterday. it came in a medals ceremony for our good friend seth wescott. he, of course, the defending and repeating, now, gold medal winner in the snowboard cross. let's just listen to this for a second.
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♪ >> he is the only man to ever win a gold medal in that event. excuse me, seth is the only man to ever win a gold medal in that event. of course, it first came into existence during the olympic winter games in torino. now he's won it twice. >> and he's proof that good guys do finish first. >> that's right. >> as we established yesterday. all right, let's send it to amy robach in new york for a check of the other morning's headlines. good morning to you, amy. >> good morning, meredith. good morning, everyone. we begin with more potential trouble for toyota and possible steering problems for its best-selling corolla. cnbc's phil lebeau joins us now. phil, what can you tell us? >> reporter: amy, early this morning in japan, the company held a press conference, and at that press conference, the company said it is looking into power steering issues involving
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the best-selling corolla. that's the best-selling vehicle in the world. the company received fewer than 100 complaints. at this point, it is not saying that it will issue a recall, although it is doing whatever is necessary to fix any potential issues. the other piece of news coming out of the press conference in japan, akio toyoda, president and ceo of toyota, who is scheduled to come to the united states relatively soon, says he is not planning to testify at congressional hearings that will begin next week looking into issues revolving around the recalls of toyota vehicles. so, the two pieces of news out of japan this morning, one with toyota and the other with corollas. amy? >> phil lebeau, thank you so much. this morning, public confirmation from pakistan's military that the taliban's number two leader is in custody. mullah baradar is said to be providing useful intelligence being shared with the u.s. and it looks like something out of a movie, but this is real footage of a hit squad hunting down a hamas military commander last month in dubai. hours later, he was dead in his hotel room. the incident was caught on
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surveillance tape. the killers tracking their victim wearing wigs, tennis outfits and using stolen identities. hamas is pointing the finger at israel. the body of a climber who fell 1,500 feet into the crater of mount st. helens was recovered on tuesday in washington state. he fell when a snow ledge gave way. a new study suggests that breast cancer survivors who take aspirin regularly are less likely to die from the disease or have their cancer return, but experts say more research is needed. the study is in the journal of clinical oncology. and this morning, a grand opening in space. astronauts opened the shutters on the new observation deck they installed on the international space station and looked back at spectacular views of earth. a scottish terrier named sadie took home the gold last night, winning best in show at the westminster kennel club dog show. it is the eighth time a scottie has been named top dog. and a weatherman in australia has become the butt of
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jokes after he was repeatedly attacked on live tv by a pesky pelican. he wasn't hurt, except for maybe his pride. it is 7:08. back to matt, meredith and al. he actually kind of looked like he was enjoying that, oddly enough. >> wow. >> the weatherman. >> yeah, yeah.
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>> here at home, a fairly quiet, a 30% chance of snow showers or flurries today. otherwise, it is going to be breezy and can of chili, with a breezy and can of chili, with a mixture and that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right, al, thank you very much. we're going to have more on the winter games in a moment, but now to a firsthand account of
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last week's deadly shooting at the university of alabama in huntsville from one of the survivors. three faculty members were killed, three others injured. nbc's tom truong has the latest. >> reporter: matt, good morning. the accused shooter, amy bishop, is in jail facing capital murder charges. one survivor says bishop struck without warning. >> i just don't understand how amy could do this. i don't -- i just don't understand. >> reporter: debra moriarity is 1 of 12 professors who attended the fateful faculty meeting on friday. >> it was just a regular, pretty mundane meeting. >> reporter: about 30 minutes later, everything changed. >> a bang, a gunshot, and looked up and amy was standing there with a gun and shooting. my thought was she is going to go around the room and shoot everyone. i mean, when i saw what was happening, it looked like she was just methotically going around the room. >> reporter: moriarity says she
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pleaded with the alleged shooter, amy bishop. >> i started yelling at her, you know, to, "amy, don't do this," i yelled "think about my grandson, think about my daughter, don't do this, don't do this." >> reporter: moriarity then ducked under a table. >> i got down and crawled across under a table to where amy was. i grabbed at her leg and she kind of shook her leg free from me. >> reporter: she eventually crawd to an open door and says bishop followed her out of the room and pulled the trigger, but the gun didn't go off. >> she pulled the trigger again. it clicked again. the gun didn't fire. had the gun fired, i'd be one of the casualties, too. [ sirens ] >> reporter: moriarity then ran back into the conference room and the survivors barricaded the door. minutes later, authorities arrested bishop. the shooter killed three and wounded three others. moriarity says there's a lot of pain and frustration. >> yeah, i'm angry with her.
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i'm very angry with her. how dare she? how dare she do this? >> reporter: the motive for the shootings is unclear, but bishop was denied a tenured position with the school. moriarity says it was all bishop talked about in the last few months. >> every time she saw me, she brought it up. i know she made the comment to me that she felt that her career was ended. >> reporter: what began as a routine meeting ended with the loss of three lives, three colleagues moriarity will never forget. >> he had a great sense of humor, very giving, caring, nice person. johnson, he cared so much that his students and the students he worked with do well. maria, sweet is what i can tell you about maria, sweet. never said bad things or mean things about anyone. it's awful. i can't imagine what it's going to be like going back there, and none of us can, but it's going
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to be awful without them. >> reporter: in 1986, bishop shot and killed her younger brother. at the time, it was ruled an accidental shooting, but in light of the events here, authorities are questioning whether that was the right call. matt? >> tom, thank you very much. it's a terrible story. and now let's go to meredith. matt, thank you very much. we're going to go back now to the winter games and tuesday's disappointment for snowboarder lindsey jacobellis. our contributing correspondent jenna bush hager was at cypress mountain for the race. jenna, good morning. >> good morning, meredith. yes, lindsey was very disappointed, but that olympic gold medal that eluded her in torino and again here in vancouver was just not meant to be. for lindsey jacobellis, it was mountain misery all over again. >> and jacobellis having problems! >> reporter: back in torino in 2006, she was favored to take home the gold in snowboard cross. >> look at the lead that jacobellis has now! an unbelievable, commanding lead!
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>> reporter: despite maintaining a huge lead for most of the race, her dreams of an olympic gold were shattered when she made a devastating decision to showboat, causing her to stumble. >> oh! jacobellis goes down! jacobellis goes down! >> reporter: do you have any regrets about torino? >> i have no regrets. i've grown up a lot since then and i had a lot of fun when i was there, so, i just, i'm really looking forward to going back and representing the united states and i would like to come out with a medal this time, and hopefully, it's gold. >> reporter: tuesday, after several weather delays at cypress mountain, lindsey showed up ready for redemption, and just like in 2006, she was the one to beat after the quarterfinals. >> so, there it is, lindsey jacobellis advancing. >> reporter: but once again, she was met with disappointment after she went off course in the semifinals. >> and jacobellis having problems! and jacobellis off course! unbelievable! >> reporter: lindsey was disqualified.
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>> i'm sorry. >> oh, it's okay. >> what do you think? [ bleep ] >> just wasn't my day. >> what happened up there? >> i landed front foot on my binding and then my fingers were curling trying to collect together and by that time, i had gone out and i was like, i guess it's over. >> reporter: devastation for lindsey and team usa meant elation for canada's maelle ricker, who took home the top spot. you're the first canadian woman to win a gold on home turf. >> wow. >> reporter: what does that mean? >> i don't know. indescribable. >> reporter: leaving lindsey jacobellis to four more years of working and waiting for the ultimate achievement, olympic gold. >> lindsey says she's feeling philosophical about what happened. do you think she'll be back in four years? did she talk about that at all? >> she's a competitor, so i think that competitive spirit will. but she's a huge animal rights activist and texted me last
7:17 am
night "i'll let you know what i want to do with my life." so, we'll see. >> to be continued. jenna bush hager, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> back to matt. after being shut out by the medals on tuesday, team usa turns to the biggest names in winter sports. as we said, shaun white, lindsey vonn, apolo ohno, shani davis all in action today. alan abrahamson is a columnist for good to see you. welcome back. >> hey, matt. >> let's start with lindsey vonn. she goes in the women's downhill today, she still has an injured shin. she's the only one who knows how injured she really is. what are your expectations? >> my expectations are that she is going to ski, she's going to ski well, and though alpine skiing is so unpredictable, there are so many different variables. if she doesn't win, it would be shocking. >> but she's done very well in the world cup circuit. she does not have an olympic medal, though. let's remember what happened to her in torino. might there be some nerves on the part of lindsey vonn today? >> i would say no. i have met so -- lindsey vonn is one of those athletes who seems
7:18 am
impervious to nerves. she just skis. i mean, she skis through pain, she skis through hardship, she skis through difficulty. really, it's amazing following her. >> what are the other names we should be watching for in the women's downhill? >> the one name that surprised me earlier this week in training, julia mancuso. julia who struggled last year, second in the training run. >> all right. we'll keep an eye on her. halfpipe is your favorite event. why? >> there is nothing like the excitement of the halfpipe. it's the most athletic thing in the world. these riders are 35 feet above the pipe when they do these things. and plus, when you watch somebody like shaun white throw this double mctwist 1260, or as he calls it, the white snake, which i think he's going to tell you all about, it boggles the mind. >> what are the conditions at the halfpipe? so much talk about the lack of snow at cypress, where this will be held. are any of the competitors worried about that? >> well, lindsey jacobellis said yesterday that the conditions at cypress were like mashed potatoes. i've got to believe this
7:19 am
halfpipe is not pristine. will it be okay? yeah. it's going to be the greatest it could be? no. >> let's go on to speed skating. we've got shani davis. he is the defending olympic champion in the 1,000 meters. if he wins again tonight, he'll be the first man to win back-to-back olympics gold medals in this race, but it seemed like he had some disappointing preliminary races earlier in the week. what do you think his chances are going into this? >> i think his chances are excellent. the 5000 and 500 are just not his events. he would tell you that. anybody who can follow speed skating would tell you that. the 1000 is his event. he is the world record-holder in it. he has been dominant in it. if he doesn't win, there is something seriously amiss with shani davis. >> all right. let's talk about apolo ohno, already tied as the most decorated winter olympian ever for the united states. he could break that record. what are we looking forward to with him? >> there's a saying in short tra track, well, that's short track. and as we watch the two koreans taking themselves out, you have to say, well, anything's
7:20 am
possible. apolo ohno is one of the great american olympians of all time. i know that sounds like a big thing to say, but he really is, and i would fully expect him to get that seventh medal or beyond some time here. i mean, he's really a class act. >> and just a couple of seconds i have left, alan, lindsey jacobellis, who jenna bush just talked to after that disappointment yesterday. is she someone we should expect to see in four years? >> she's only 24. i mean, she's got a lot of great riding left to go. she has been dominant, and you know, like they say in short track, that's snowboard cross, too. and that's why this event is in the games. >> all right, alan abrahamson. alan, thank you very much. should be an exciting day to watch. >> always a pleasure. >> appreciate it. you can find live coverage throughout the day on nbc's family of networks and tonight in prime time beginning at 8:00 p.m. right here on nbc. just ahead, much more on the unbelievably close battle for gold in men's figure skating. can american evan lysacek pull it out tomorrow night? kristi yamaguchi and paul wylie weigh in. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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it's a live shot of the second olympic cauldron here in vancouver. first, of course, lit indoors, inside the stadium, but once they lit this one outdoors, it looked pretty, but there was a problem with this. >> a lot of controversy because of the fence surrounding it. people felt they couldn't get close enough to it, and there are thousands and thousands of people who want to take a look. >> in fact, we walked by it, al. we saw it. you and i did. >> absolutely. >> and it was pretty far away. we noticed that people would not be happy. >> they say this is the closest people have been able to get to it. >> well, overnight they have adjusted the fence so that people can get even closer. >> but the fence is still there. >> well, they moved it back a little bit and you can get closer so you don't have to jam your camera through it, apparently, the same way you used to. you see, people complain, things get done here in vancouver. huh? ♪ where do gummy bears hide? under the seat. look! yeah! [ telephone rings ]
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pediatricians trust children's tylenol. to help their fevers, aches and pains feel better. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. here is sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> unfortunately, another busy ride with icy conditions around the area. bw parkway, we are getting word of a second accident at the same location. we had an overturned vehicle there earlier. apparently a very slick spot
7:27 am
there. at lansdowne, an accident coming in, and another one at northbound 702 at the essex vicinity. harford road in the glenarm region, an accident. mount carmel road between harrisburg expressway and a small road, accident in the parkton region. if you are going to travel, take belfast as your alternate. 19 minutes on the out of the west side, 16 -- 90 minutes on the outer loop west sought -- 19 minutes on the outer loop west side. all the normal volume is starting to fall into place. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> things are pretty quiet out there. a snow showers and flurries in the western suburbs. some of those may regenerate
7:28 am
today. only a 30% mark on that. there is a chance for snow shower activity, but not a big deal. forecast for today, a mixture of sunshine and clouds. chance for snow showers. i'd temperatures in the mid- thirties. it will feel colder because of the breeze. there could be snow flurries late in the day on saturday. >> check the bottom of your screen for updated news and traffic information.
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7:30 now on this wednesday morning, february 17th, 2010. what a difference a day makes. yesterday you couldn't even come outside at grouse mountain because there was so much rain. this morning, skies have cleared. we're joined by some wonderful folks here. hopefully, having a good time. it's nice to be here and nice, especially after last night's men's figure skating. that was quite a competition. >> and all eyes are still on that competition because it is razor close. >> yeah. it's almost a virtual tie between evan lysacek and russian evgeni plushenko.
7:31 am
they both turned in terrific short programs. lysacek with spins and style, plushenko featuring a quadruple jump. of course, he's said that anybody who doesn't do one really isn't a good competitor in this whole competition. we'll find out who will bring home the gold tomorrow night. we'll talk about that with kristi yamaguchi and paul wylie. >> what is with paul wylie not wearing a coat? we've got to figure this out. he's got ice water in his veins. also, all eyes will be on shaun white in the men's halfpipe competition tonight. he was already the guy to beat before he created a new trick that he hopes will win his second consecutive gold medal. we'll talk about that. and speaking of great tour guides, how about michael buble taking me on a tour of his vancouver? he was born and raised here, and he loves it here. he's going to show me around. >> did you behave? >> no, no. we played a little hockey and i could barely stand up on skates. it's been ten years since i strapped them on and it will be ten years since i do it again. >> at least you look good. that's okay. first the latest on the men's figure skating
7:32 am
competition, where american evan lysacek stands in second place after a personal best in last night's short program. ♪ >> evan lysacek brings them to their feet in vancouver. >> reporter: as the reigning world champion, evan lysacek is the united states' best hope for a gold medal brian boitano at the calgary games. >> that is the best short program he has ever had. >> reporter: lysacek radiated confidence, landing every single one of his jumps, a broad smile across his face through much of the performance. >> i would say the best moment of the program was his entire program, because he didn't miss a step. he was just really on and really focused and really competitive. had a was out there on a mission. >> reporter: some say that mission is to redeem himself from a disappointing fourth-place finish at the torino games four years ago. >> i couldn't help to think, you know, all day, let those thoughts from four years ago
7:33 am
creep into my head of going out and blowing the short program. so, i felt little bit of added pressure tonight. >> reporter: and yet, more pressure. he still must top an old adversary. tuesday's leader after the short program, 2006 olympic champion evgeni plushenko, who came out of a three-year retirement for one last shot at olympic glory. lysacek's u.s. teammates will have a struggle to win a piece of that glory themselves. the unpredictable johnny weir finished in sixth place, while u.s. champion jeremy abbott missed two jumps, landing him in 15th place heading into the free skate. but one thing is for certain, lysacek has gold in his sights. >> it's great to be the king, but it's always a time to let someone else have their chance, and i think it's time it would be great to be able to hand over the throne to somebody else. >> and 1992 gold medalist kristi yamaguchi is our special correspondent for the games, and paul wylie won silver in '92. both are now nbc universal
7:34 am
sports analysts. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> let's get right to it beginning with plushenko, the russian. won a gold in torino, wants to be the first to win back-to-back golds since dick button in '48 and '52. can he do it? >> i believe he can. you know, it's about the quad and -- >> is it all about the quad? >> well, he's got the quad triple almost automatically, and i think that, you know, he performed last night and he's been phenomenal all year as the best seasoned scorer, and he's got the experience. but nevertheless -- >> nevertheless -- a great job. before we get to evan, explain to our audience back home, why is this quad so important? everybody talks about the quad. >> well, the quad with the new point system is important because it has such a high value. in the short program, evgeni had, what, 13 points because of the quadruple jump, whereas the combination evan did is more about 10 points. >> 10 points. >> so, evan -- >> but that's the style that i think plushenko does not have. >> right. the component scores are going
7:35 am
to figure into this very heavily because they are definitely looking at the transitions. you saw that plushenko got 6s in the transitions, whereas evan was getting an 8. in the pairs they went all the way up to 9s. and the spins and the -- just all the interpretation is important, and that's the stuff that evan lysacek does so well and he performed amazingly at practice. >> would he need to stick a quad into his performance on thursday, though? right now it's not in the performance, is it? >> it's not as of now. who knows? he's sitting in a great spot, virtually tied with plushenko. and you know, like paul said, he makes up his points in components -- his style, his overall performance, just the passion he throws into his skating. so, you know, i think four minutes is a long time to keep up, you know, the short program, you have 2 minutes, 40 seconds, the longest is 4 1/2 minutes. it will come down to who's ready, who's trained. >> it's a great opportunity for lysacek, though. >> absolutely.
7:36 am
let's talk about the two top skaters from japan, takahashi and oda. what do they need to do on thursday? >> well, takahashi did a level four step sequence and got six points for his steps, and he is an amazing performer as well. he could do the quad. his triple axel looks better than it's ever looked before. oda has beautiful ride-out from his landings, as well. he's going to be pushed into the quad, though, to try to get in there. so, they can't make a mistake. that's what i think. and the fact that takahashi is so close, you know, he is an outside shot. >> you know, one of the biggest disappointments last night was american jeremy abbott. he is the nationals champ. he didn't have a good performance at all. in fact, afterwards, when people were sort of in the q&a moment, there were tears in his eyes. he knew that this was a bad, bad performance for him. what happened? what went wrong? >> well, i had been mentoring jeremy, and it was a really tough performance. i think he rushed his arms in the triple axel. he doesn't have -- this is his first olympics, so he's kind of a rookie. and you know, you look at lysacek and his performance from
7:37 am
torino, and you just think maybe in four years that will be jeremy abbott, you know, skating a clean program. but he just has to redeem himself in the long and go out and skate with the joy that we saw in spokane. >> sort of like evan lysacek did in torino, redeemed himself. johnny weir, the flamboyant johnny weir, had a great night, came in sixth. >> yes, he did have a great night. he went out there and did his thing. his jumps were executed cleanly, beautifully. he's got a lot of showmanship. he put that right into his program. and i think it's the most personality i've seen with him on the ice in a long time. he just looked comfortable and was enjoying the moment. >> does that mean, paul, that he has a chance for a medal? >> of course he has a chance. i think without the content with the quad, i think that, you know, he's got some deficit to make up. but in the components, again, he is very strong. so, he's got a good triple axel and there is no counting him out, for sure. >> and canada's hometown
7:38 am
favorite, 19-year-old patrick chan, showed off his footwork but not his best night, either. >> yeah, a little bit of a step-out on the triple axel. it looked like he was just soft on the landing and overrotated it. then on his footwork, he had a little bit of a stumble, which again, in the short program, every little bit counts. >> do you think it was hometown jitters at all, paul? >> well, i thought he skated very well. obviously, the step-out is a mistake that you can't afford. again, he's also a rookie here at these games. he's 19 years old and will definitely be around for some time. >> when do skaters peak, what age? >> well, i was 27 when i won my medal. >> an old man. >> yes. >> evgeni plushenko's 27. so, i mean, i think you get stronger and stronger through your 20s as a man. >> okay, kristi and paul, thank you so much. and coming up, we're going to talk to the woman behind evan lysacek's costume, the one responsible for the feathers, miss vera wang. and of course, you can watch the men's free skate tomorrow night here on nbc. now let's throw it over to al for a check of the weather.
7:39 am
thanks a lot, meredith. we have a nice group here hanging out. they've got our shaun white t-shirts shaun's going to be here tomorrow. exciting stuff. let's check your weather, see what's happening. in the northeast we still have some lake-effect snow to deal with. looks fairly light right now, but as the day goes on, we're looking at a fair amount of snow. syracuse may pick up about six to ten inches of snow, also heavier snow in beckley, west virginia. we're looking at, again, nothing horrible, but it's still snowing there. we've got warmer weather in the pacific northwest, sunshine through the gulf coast. we do look at some showers working their way through parts of the south, but for the most part, we're looking at clear skies >> again today we have the possibility of snow showers and flurries, a 30% mark on that. otherwise, a breezy and chilly day.
7:40 am
and don't forget, any time you want to check your weather, you can do it 24/7 on the weather channel or online. meredith? and al, these are canadian folks and they are smiling today because canada grabbed its second gold yesterday, maelle ricker, right? in the snowboard cross. what did you think of her performance? >> it was amazing. really good. >> really good. >> how much pride do you take in canada winning a gold after, you know, not having ever won on home soil? >> it's outstanding, isn't it? it's like the greatest feeling in the world. >> it's a moment, and if you heard her after, she was so proud and so happy and just represented canada so well. we're so proud of you, maelle! >> actually, you can tell her yourself because she's going to
7:41 am
be here in just a little while. >> no way! >> way! way! i did that for you. >> thank you! >> yeah, major thanks. i don't know where we're throwing it to right now. i hope it's a commercial. coming up, a piece on shaun white. ♪ oh, and when i double up on my lovin' ♪ ♪ you're gonna be satisfied now you can double your extracare rewards. for a limited time, you can earn double bucks on prescriptions and on cvs/pharmacy brand items. ♪ gonna double your lovin', double your fun ♪ ♪ you get two for the price of one ♪ double bucks means double savings! sign up for double bucks today, only at cvs/pharmacy. what? c'mon, buddy, you know that dunking is for oreo cookies only. dad, this is the oreo of snack cakes. oreo chocolate. soft oreo creme. it was made for dunking. if dunking oreo cakesters were acceptable, there would be a song about it. there is. ♪ ice cold milk and an oreo cakester ♪ no. no, that is not -- no, that is wrong. ♪ they forever go together, what a classic combination ♪
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7:44 am
a view from the top of grouse mountain, about 4,000 feet over the city of vancouver. and as we move about 300 feet downhill from there, you'll find our location here at grouse, our home away from home. meanwhile, one of the most popular athletes in the world is set to fly over vancouver later today. olympic gold medalist shaun white hopes to repeat that performance in the men's halfpipe a little later on. recently, i caught up with shaun and i talked to him about the competition and that gold medal from 2006 that changed it all for him. >> big mctwist on his second hit. >> a gold medal for shaun white. >> reporter: at just 19 years old, it was a lifetime achievement for the california native, who was already in the midst of a golden career. shaun entered his first
7:45 am
competition at just 7 years old and turned pro by the age of 13. >> hey, what's up? i'm shaun white. i've been snowboarding for about six years. i like to do mctwists a lot. >> reporter: but it was that gold medal win that made him a household name. an unlikely pitch man. >> never know when the snow's going to fall. >> hp pavilion entertainment. >> reporter: with million-dollar endorsements and lucrative product lines. meet shaun white the video game. >> all right. >> i'm going up on this. watch. >> yep. he's already through. a little song i wrote. >> reporter: and though his look says rock and roll, his stunts say world-class athlete. because of your appearance -- and when i say yours, i mean, guys who do what you do -- you know, the hair and the outfits -- perhaps, some people might not take you as seriously as athletes as they would a speed skater or a skier. does that bug you?
7:46 am
>> i think it's fun to be unique. i think it's fun to be the kind of outside influence on the olympics. but i think when you actually go to an event and you stand at the bottom of the halfpipe and watch how high we're going out and how fast we're going and the amount of spinning and flipping we're doing, you can tell that there's a special degree of athletic ability there. >> reporter: shaun routinely puts that ability to the test. this year, the halfpipe master invented new tricks for the first time. so, tell me about a trick you've invented for these games. what's it called and what does it entail? >> that's been a funny topic, because everybody's trying to get me to name it. >> the first ever back-to-back double corks in competition history. >> reporter: first revealed at the new zealand open. the newest trick in the shaun white arsenal, a back-to-back double cork. have there been a few disastrous landings of this? >> yeah. there's been plenty. >> reporter: shaun suffered a brutal crash at the winter x games this year but managed to recover, winning another gold at
7:47 am
the event. is it strange for you, shaun, to think of the concept that some of the kids that you're going to be competing against in vancouver were sitting there as very young teenagers watching you compete in torino, and you were the guy they wish they could be, and now they're going to be up there against you? >> yeah, i like the fact that there is a new challenge and there are better riders and they're all kind of coming and meeting at this one, one halfpipe to kind of battle it out. but it should be a fun time. >> that double reverse cork thing he talked about is tough. i tried it in the halfpipe the other day. >> >> you did? how did you do? >> i didn't land it that well, not all that cleanly. did you ever do it? >> i do it -- >> pretty routinely? >> yeah. there was a piece on nbc either last night or the night before where he talks about his gold medal in torino. got a stain on the ribbon and his mother sent it to the dry cleaner and -- >> with the medal attached. >> yeah, with the medal
7:48 am
attached. >> exactly. >> he got it back in one piece, thankfully. >> lucky for him. the membn's halfpipe competitio airs tonight on nbc and we wish shaun and his competitors all the best. when we come back, a tour of vancouver from one of its native sons. michael buble takes me around the vancouver he knows and loves. [ female announcer ] pure cane sugar and the stevia plant.
7:49 am
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wellbeing. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nuture it in your cat... with a full family of excellent nutrition... and helpful resources. ♪ purina cat chow. share a better life. >> announcer: "today's olympic moment" is brought to you by coca-cola. this morning on "today's olympic moment," fire on ice. four years ago in torino, american figure skater evan lysacek stumbled in the short
7:52 am
program, dooming his chances for a medal. but last night, the reigning world champ made sure to get off on the right foot in these olympic games. >> beautifully landed triple axel. the rest of the program should be his. >> reporter: the man in black hit every jump, electrifying the crowd each step of the way and ending with an emotional flourish that raised the roof in the arena. >> evan lysacek brings them to their feet in vancouver. >> reporter: when the scores came in, lysacek had tears in his eyes. >> he has earned 90.30. >> 90.30. >> reporter: his sisters cheering in the stands, and second place in his grasp. will his dreams turn into gold on thursday night? lysacek performed to extra veinsky's "firebird," which is why he had the feathers on his costume, designed by legendary designer vera wang, who's designed for women before -- nancy kerrigan and michelle kwan, but never for a man.
7:53 am
so, he and vera wang worked together on this outfit. and it looked great on him, you know. well, what's the matter with you? >> no, i was looking -- i love that moment when the scores come in and these guys realize that everything they've worked for over the course of four years, they've just done so well. >> i look at him and i think you have that same outfit. you wear that on saturday nights. >> michael buble takes me on a tour of vancouver. a little encouragement changes everything. molly es muy muy intelligente. and right now, hallmark's got a whole new way to do it. new gifts and cards to cheer on kids of all ages. come in and pick up a free card today. nine to choose from. only at your hallmark gold crown store. what are you really buying? a shiny coat of paint? a list of features? what about the strength of the steel? the integrity of its design... or how it responds... in extreme situations? the deeper you look, the more you see the real differences.
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7:56 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is still the pal tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. time to get another check with sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> icy conditions in many spots. at westport, we had our second accident there. we had an overturned vehicle earlier this morning. loch raven and walker, an accident in the city. another one at hillen and fayette and north frederick. on eastbound route 40, st.
7:57 am
john's lane in ellicott city, crashed clean up there. and very heavy delay as extending from 795 all the way down. shut down from the harrisburg expressway and makes more road. you want to take belfast as your alternate. if you are going to travel i-95, the oas falling into place -- delays falling into place. all of the normal delays now in place. just be careful out there. >> the weather should stay fairly quiet today. like yesterday, we should see scattered snow showers are around. it should not about to too much, but don't be surprised to d.c. some snow flurries of there. forecast for today is breezy and chilly, a mixture of sunshine and clouds.
7:58 am
30% chance of snow showers. high temperatures in the mid- thirties, but it will feel colder than that. >> another live update in 25 minutes.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ back at grouse mountain on a wednesday morning. vancouver, british columbia, site of the 2010 olympic winter games. here we are at about 3,700 feet. just above us, though, i wonder if you can see that. we've got our very own porch parade up on the top of the mountain, skiers coming down carrying torches. >> wow! >> beautiful. >> that looks awfully nice, doesn't it? >> wow. >> oh, my goodness! >> look at them. >> that is so beautiful! >> stunning. >> frankenstein. >> one guy should zig, not zag,
8:01 am
it's not good. >> to the lumber yard! >> they're able to make snow up there now, so at least they're getting perhaps better conditions. >> beautiful. >> amazing. >> looks like they're doing a good job staying just far enough away from each other. >> don't want to get too close to the guy in front of you with that thing. >> no. >> anyway, back down, as they approach our location here. i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira, ann curry, al roker and natalie morales. >> you know, i've been carrying a torch for you, matt lauer, for years, but no more! you gave me all this flack yesterday, right, about kristi yamaguchi and natalie and i going out on the town. >> right. payback. >> then i find out that you and -- >> first -- >> what? >> no hitting. no hitting. >> i missed you. i went like that, just to scare you. >> right. >> then i hear that you hit the town with michael buble. >> no, no, no. >> yes, you did. >> first of all, it was daylight, like 10:00 in the morning. >> always trouble. >> there were no alcohol beverages were consumed.
8:02 am
>> none? >> none. >> okay. >> and actually, he even convinced me to put on hockey skates for the first time in about ten years, which took a lot of doing, and it wasn't a pretty sight. we'll show you michael's tour of vancouver, coming up. >> was he a hockey fan? >> he plays very well. he is the co-owner of a hockey team here in vancouver, the giants, the vancouver giants. and he can skate, there's no question about it. >> okay. >> at least you kept all your teeth, so. >> yeah, exactly. >> the torch parade as it makes its way down. >> look at it now. that is gorgeous. >> it is beautiful. >> i wonder whether it's getting close to us or whether -- >> it's right there. >> it's getting warmer here. >> see, ann, see? >> oh, you guys, it's right over my shoulder. can you see it back there, guys? >> yeah, it's pretty. >> oh, my. >> meanwhile, we want to catch up on all the olympic news of the day and natalie has that for us. >> as we've been talking about, tuesday was disappointing for u.s. snowboarder lindsey jacobellis, who failed to qualify for the finals of the snowboard cross, but it was an exciting day for figure skater evan lysacek, as we prepare again for another star-studded
8:03 am
day of competition. >> beautifully landed triple axel. >> reporter: american figure skater evan lysacek is one of the most recognizable names at these olympics, and on tuesday night, he showed why. >> 90.30. that's how it's done. >> reporter: scoring his personal best in the short program and going into thursday night's free skate in second place, just one spot behind russian favorite evgeni plushenko. >> i'm definitely totally prepared for this event. >> jacobellis off course! unbelievable! >> reporter: in women's snowboard cross, a disappointing end for american hopeful lindsey jacobellis. >> a fluke accident for her. >> reporter: disqualified after hitting a gate, ending her chances for winning olympic gold in vancouver that eluded her in torino. >> right when i like caught my balance again, i was just like, oh, no! >> reporter: today, the stars
8:04 am
will be shining as some of the biggest names from team usa take to the olympic stage. shaun white competes for gold in the halfpipe. shani davis in the men's 1000-meter speed skating final. lindsey vonn battling a shin injury, is scheduled to compete in the downhill. and apolo ohno returns to the short track, this time in the 1000-meter competition and the 5000-meter relay semifinal. and the big question now, how is vonn's shin feeling? will she be ready for competition? with all the extra rest she got, hopefully, that's given her a big break heading into today. >> lucky break. >> mother nature seems to be lindsey vonn's friend. >> we'll hear from picabo street on that in a little while as well. >> cool. let's head to new york now for the top stories from amy roba robach. >> good morning, everyone. toyota may consider a recall
8:05 am
of its hot-selling corollas after complaints about steering problems. it's the latest blow from the automaker already reeling from recalls on other popular models. the move comes as toyota's president says he is not planning to testify at congressional hearings into the company's safety lapses, leaving that to u.s.-based executives. one year ago, president obama signed the nearly $800 billion economic stimulus package into law, and today he is defending the money as well spent, claiming it brought the nation's economy back from the brink of disaster while creating or saving 2 million jobs. critics say both claims are exaggerated. 21st-century technology may have finally answered a question scientists have wondered about for years, what actually killed king tut. nbc's richard engel is in london. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. after an exhaustive study of his remains, scientists in egypt have painted a very different picture of how king tut lived
8:06 am
and died, and they may have forever changed how the boy king will be remembered. he's perhaps the most famous of ancient egypt's pharaohs, tutankhamun, king tut. it's fascinated the world since his tomb was discovered in 1922, but the reality was starkly different. a new, two-year international study released today showed the 19-year-old pharaoh was sickly and nearly crippled with a clubbed foot and weak bones. only now through dna, radiological testing and mummy fingerprinting do scientists believe they know what killed the god king 3,334 years ago. >> we actually can say for the first time that we revealed the mystery of the family of the golden boy, king tut. >> reporter: for decades, it's been speculated king tut may have been murdered in a power struggle, but scientists say tut actually died from his multiple
8:07 am
illnesses and that the pharaoh most likely was sent to his glorious tomb by a degenerative bone disease, complicated by a severe case of malaria. a boy in pain much of his life but prepared for eternity in perfection. it appears a broken leg ultimately killed the already very sick king. he couldn't recover from the injury. scientists also believe king tut's parents were most likely brother and sister. amy? >> very interesting. richard engel, thank you. well, today it is back to reality in new orleans. the french quarter was full of costumed revelers on the last night of mardi gras. the party wrapped up at midnight when police cleared bourbon street and lent began. it is now 8:07. let's get another check of the weather from al in vancouver. hi, al. hey, amy. thanks a lot. and our pick city of the day today, we've got beautiful weather for them as we take a look at st. louis, missouri, nbc 5. sunny and cold, 33 degrees.
8:08 am
on the satellite you've got a lot of clear skies but temperatures right now awfully chilly in the southea >> the weather should be fairly quiet today, but there is a 20 or 30% chance of snow showers and flurries. don't expect much in the way up accumulation. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thanks very much. >> thank you very much. up next, michael buble's vancouver. matt gets a special tour of the city from one of its favorite native sons, right after this. >> and he didn't invite us!
8:09 am
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ooh! red one! [ sighs ] or the tiguan. black one! oh. two for flinching. plus, every volkswagen includes no-charge, scheduled, care-free maintenance. silver one! ohh! on any volkswagen? yeah. [ male announcer ] with great deals on all 13 models... white one!'s a whole new volkswagen. and a whole new game. ♪ ♪ including your skin. discover aveeno positively ageless. with shiitake complex, it helps speed... your skin's unique renewal process. 94% of women showed an improvement... in lines or wrinkles. for younger looking skin: aveeno positively ageless. we're back now, and welcome back to vancouver, the largest city ever to host the olympic winter games, so big that i needed to learn my way around. my tour guide, none other than
8:12 am
canadian crooner michael buble, and he may be touring the world for his album "crazy love," but he says his heart is never far from this place. >> hey, matt lauer. welcome to vancouver, dude. >> thank you, man. >> how's it going? >> i understand this is the place you wanted to meet because this is a place that reminds you why you love this town. >> well, it does. i live -- i have an apartment not too far down there. one of my first big gigs was right, right there. >> do you still call this home? do you get here often? >> definitely, yeah, i do. this is where most of my free time is spent. these aqua buses that can take you, you know, back and forth throughout the city. so, i do this a lot. whether i want to go grocery shopping, check out a show. it's very cool. >> permission to come aboard? >> absolutely. >> my mom and my grandmother and two little sisters made this for you. >> come on. they baked this? >> yeah, it's biscotti.
8:13 am
>> we want to welcome you to the city. some home baking we hope you enjoy. what were you like as a kid? >> i was a goofy class clown who wanted very, very much to be famous, and people always ask me why that is, and honestly, i -- even at 10, 11 years old i wanted to meet women. i thought it would be helpful. right up there is the bridge. when i've been gone away for a long time and i come home, that's the bridge i take to get to my house, and it's, even on an ugly day, it's still beautiful coming in and seeing the mountains and the cityscape. >> this is where you made your debut? >> this is where i made my stage debut. ♪ >> i have a photo, and i'm embarrassed to show you this. >> well, then, let's show it. if it's going to embarrass you in, that's what we specialize it. >> it's a photo from a show called "swing." it was like a musical review. >> wait a minute, is this you in the sailor suit?
8:14 am
>> i'm just going to walk away. >> how old were you? >> i was 20. what a nerd, huh? >> i don't think so. >> oh, geez, matt. >> you don't think that's nerdy, do you? >> oh -- >> from nova scotia -- >> you're a guy in a uniform, come on. >> a man in a uniform, a sailor. >> so, can we burn this now? >> yeah. >> what did you get us into now? >> oh, dude, we're at the training center for the vancouver giants hockey team, and we're going to go for a little skate. >> just a fun skate? >> we'll see if it's a fun skate. >> just a fun skate. woo! >> ow. >> did you ever have as a kid any aspirations to play hockey? >> absolutely. as a canadian kid growing up in vancouver, hockey's a big part of your life and a big part of mine. >> why did you want to be part owner of a hockey team? >> i wasn't good enough to play, and to be part -- >> you're pretty good, by the way. >> oh, man, to be part of a team like this, i'm lucky to talk to the boys, just tell them how proud i am.
8:15 am
>> matt, you're going to shoot first. go down and take your best shot on king richard brodeur. >> we're not the favorites here. >> i don't think we're the favorites at all. >> all right, guys, may the best team win. >> oh! >> oh. >> whoa! >> next time when you choose a partner for a shoot-out, you should ask can that partner skate? i can't even stop. >> rebound. >> all right, nicely done! >> well done. >> i told him, i can't stop on skates. he said, yo, man, that's what the boards are for. so, i want to thank him for the tour. he's an awfully nice guy. >> he is a great guy. up next, by the way, we're going to have the latest on lindsey vonn and her competition as she gets under way in the downhill. how's her injury? plus, we're going to catch up with the american who could be her biggest rival, julia mancuso. it's not fun. my dry skin
8:16 am
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>> announcer: "today's athlete to watch" is brought you by p&g, proud sponsor of moms. this morning on "today's athlete to watch," u.s. alpine skier julia mancuso. she won gold in the giant slalom in 2006 and she is back in 2010 to defend her title, and natalie is back with her story. >> that's right, meredith. julia mancuso will be competing in four races up at whistler mountain, and each time she races, she wears a certain good luck charm that you should be on the lookout for. >> mancuso working the bottom of the hill, going for the gold! and she's got it! she's got gold! julia mancuso! >> let's go back to torino, 2006, and that gold-winning race. were you anticipating going into that race that you'd be that successful? >> torino was interesting for me because i was skiing really well
8:20 am
all season. i had some minor ups and downs. i just went out there and stayed positive and went out of the start gate and, you know, i definitely surprised myself by coming across the finish line in first, but i knew that i skied really well. >> reporter: julia did ski really well that day, right into the record books, a tight race that earned her her first olympic gold. >> it was just incredible to think about my family and all the support that's gone in. >> is it just like the most incredible thing in the world to realize, oh, my gosh, that's me, i just won the olympic gold? >> it is pretty incredible. there's so much hard work that goes into it, but at the same time, just kind of being an underdog, it was more this surreal realization that if you put your mind to something and dream big, like, you can achieve great things. and that's what it felt like, just achieving a childhood dream. >> reporter: a childhood dream for julia, who seemed destined to ski competitively.
8:21 am
>> i grew up in a place called olympic valley, and squaw valley has a huge legacy of olympians. one of the moments was i drew a picture of myself and put "four-time olympic gold medalist," so that's a big goal. >> you've got some medals -- you've got to start earning some medals. >> my vision board is almost fulfilled. >> reporter: and julia hopes to get one step closer to fulfilling that vision board when she competes in four events in vancouver, an ambitious program after a challenging season. you had a lot of injuries last season. how did you manage to get better? >> dealing with a back injury was something difficult because it was just nagging every day. so, i had to get my body really finally tuned. so, i spent a lot of time doing pilates and going to the chiropractor and taking care of my whole body. >> reporter: her finely tuned physique is not the only thing she relies on for success. she also has a good luck charm, one that's become somewhat of a trademark. in torino you also had the
8:22 am
tiara, right? >> yeah, i skied in my tiara. coaches gave me a present going into the season and it's kind of stuck with me. i love racing in the tiara. now i made my own design on the helmet. it's a way to express myself creatively. >> it's become sort of your symbol. >> and i think it's cool because it resonates on so many levels with girls and ladies alike. >> reporter: a true free spirit, julia travels to her events in an rv. >> i just want to have a place that i can call home, and it's nice to cook my own food and just be able to take care of myself. >> you also, i hear, like to host sushi parties and karaoke and disco ball parties. is that right, julia? >> yeah. it's just about having fun in life. >> reporter: for julia, the olympic experience is as much about the journey as it is about winning a medal. if you could do it again and do a repeat gold or even any podium, is that what every olympian strives for or is it more than that medal moment? >> it's both.
8:23 am
it's about the medal because, i guess i couldn't even ever explain until i won what it felt like to win an olympic gold. and it is just so much about representing your country and doing my best and just hoping that it can inspire everyone else to do their best. >> as we mentioned, again, she has four chances to medal here. so, of course, we wish her all the luck. hope that tiara still has its magic force with it. >> yeah, i think so much attention has been focused on lindsey vonn that you forget she is the one who won the gold in torino. >> absolutely. alan abrahamson pointed out earlier, she did very well in the training run, came in second. so, definitely one to watch. >> natalie, thanks so much. >> sure. >> and now for more, here's matt. >> meredith, thanks. our special correspondent for the winter games, picabo street, knows what it's like to take home olympic gold. she won the super-g at the 1998 nagano games and the silver in the downhill in 1994. picabo, good morning. >> good morning. >> you also know these skiers well. >> i do. >> let's talk about julia mancuso. natalie just talked about her. do you expect to see her on the podium today? >> i do. julia is a big eventer.
8:24 am
it's what we call, you know, the one who can throw the switch on the big day, and you know, she loves to ski into the show, and she's relaxed, she likes to have a good time and she's peaking. she's been kind of gaining momentum as the season has gone along. >> and yet, not as many people are talking about her as lindsey vonn here. she's little overshadowed. let's talk about lindsey vonn. she had a bumpy training run. that can't be great on an injury. what do you expect of her today? >> i think lindsey's going to be fired up to race today and she's extremely ready to go, like everybody else. her shin is going to hurt her today. i'm not going to lie to you. it's going to hurt her, but i think she's able to block it out. so, we'll see what she's got between the ears. >> she's got five races in ten days. >> ten days. >> and that's hard on an athlete in perfect condition. >> perfect condition. >> and she's got an injury. >> she does, yeah. she's got a big, tough road ahead of her, but she can handle it, and i think that she's going to be deserving of success and it will just be a matter of being able to, you know, finesse her way through it. and try and just remember that
8:25 am
she's the same lindsey that she's always been, you know. when i called her yesterday, i said you're the same person you've always been. you just need to relax and have fun with it and look for speed like you always do on the course. >> quickly, some other names to keep an eye out for. stacey cook, also an american, maria reich. >> maria and lindsey are good friends and lindsey's like, maria's been a little distant, so she's kind of pulled away from her and created a gap. and they're used to being tight. >> do you think that's the competitive edge? >> maria wants a medal, she totally wants a medal, so she's got to distance herself, which bums lindsey out, but at the same time, lindsey's like, i guess that's how it's got to be. >> they have only one run for the downhill. does that favor the canadians who know the course better? >> yes, the hometown girl has a lot of advantages because she's been on the course training more eventually than everybody else as well. so, she's familiar with the course. she was one of the first on it when they first designed it. so, yeah, the canadians have a little advantage today, but go, usa, anyway! >> picabo, rooting for the home
8:26 am
team, for you at least. thank you very much. nbc sports' complete coverage of the women's downhill tonight. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. let's get a final check on the morning commute with sarah caldwell. >> not the nicest commute out there. we want to take extra slow as to travel with the icy spots around the area. mount carmel road shut down between harrisburg expressway due to an accident in parkton to take belfast as your alternate. loch raven and walker, 29 and hillen, all accidents where they are being cleared.
8:27 am
vehicle fire east on i-70 right of the beltway. the very heavy ride around the area. all the normal volume coming into play now. 31 minutes on the outer loop west side. 38 minutes of jammed conditions on the northeast outer loop from 95 on the harrisburg expressway. in the area of quarantine road, some delays on inner loop due to construction. things are extra heavy on the northeast outer loop. it is going to be a while this morning. >> the weather should stay fairly quiet. a couple of snow showers out there. but nothing of any consequence. some of you might get a little snow, but most of you will not. temperatures in the mid-20's. 24 in the airport. we will climb to the mid- thirties this afternoon. breeze kicking out of the northwest, it will feel a
8:28 am
little colder. otherwise, a mixture of sunshine and clouds. does get warmer thursday and friday. sunshine for the work week, highs near 40. rain or snow early next week. >> another update at 8:55.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now on this wednesday morning, february 17th, 2010. beautiful morning for a skate here at the rink on grouse mountain, and those skaters are the pairs teams who proudly represented the u.s. here in vancouver, and they're going to teach natalie a few tricks in
8:31 am
just a bit. >> how nice of them to come up to our little rink here in the sky. >> and beautiful to watch. >> hi. >> that was good. >> meanwhile, i hope everybody had a chance to see the men's short program in primetime last night. >> i did. >> there was some great performances, including evan lysacek. >> i know. and you know, he's amazing. and you look at what he's wearing. you guys were talking earlier, he has some stunning outfits. and of course, that's part of the artistry of the programming. and in fact, we're going to be talking in a little bit about vera wang, who designed a lot of his outfits. >> okay. and did you ever wonder what goes on in studio 1a while we're on the road? well, take a look at our control room. our director, joe michaels, better worry. we've got james cameron, the director from "avatar" here, and in fact, joe and james have a lot in common. both have been involved with the titanic. james directed it and joe makes us feel like we're on it. >> i was going to say, james looks like he thinks we're on
8:32 am
it, for picture. >> we'll explain what he's doing here later on. >> before that, you have a check of the weather? absolutely, for today, beautiful weather throughout much of the country. a little chilly as you get into the southeast. beautiful weather in the pacific northwest, lake-effect snow around the great lakes. for tomorrow we continue with a little bit of lake-effect snow left over, beautiful sunny, mild conditions up and down the west >> again today we have the possibility of snow showers and flurries, a 30% mark on that. otherwise, a breezy and chilly day.
8:33 am
>> announcer: "today's olympic moms" is brought to you by p&g, proud sponsor of moms. and this morning on "today's olympic moms," bursting with pride. you know, any parent who's gotten up early to drive their kid to practice or pace the sidelines of a soccer game or a hockey game can imagine just what it would be like to watch their son or daughter compete at the olympics. but these moms of u.s. pairs figure skaters don't have to imagine it. mary ann evora is amanda evora's mother, laurie andrews is jeremy abbott's mom, and another proud fan is janet lodwick, wife of mark lodwick. congratulations to all of you. and janet, this entire experience, it must be really surreal for you to be experiencing this. we've got so much pride watching them, but for you guys, there's an extra layer. >> yes, it is, yes. >> what's it like watching your child out there?
8:34 am
>> it's -- it's -- i can't even describe to you how happy we are just to be part of this whole experience. we're so proud. >> and katie's younger sister, haven, is also a figure skater, right? >> yes, yes, she is. she also is a pairs skater. so, i have two girls that like to be thrown around and tossed up into the air. >> what is that like? i mean, you're watching your child, and of course, you're watching with pride as a skater, but you've got to worry about them getting hurt out there. >> yeah. they're in good hands with their partners. jeremy's very strong and he's great, so. >> and janet, you're a new mom, right? >> yeah. >> so, another little skater out there? >> we'll see. if he wants to. if he wants to, we'll support him. >> now, what about -- do you have any advice for moms out there whose kids may have these olympic dreams? how do you balance it? that if they are not olympians, that's okay, too? >> that's okay. >> oh, definitely. when we started out, we never expected really to be here, i don't think any of us did. >> well, we thank you all. >> just enjoy every moment. >> absolutely. we're enjoying it for sure and
8:35 am
we know you must be and with that extra layer of pride. thank you so much for sharing your kids with us. >> thank you, too. >> and we'll see you loved ones perform in just a bit. don't forget, if you want to keep tabs of your weather all day long, you can do that on weather channel or >> mr. roker, ladies, thank you very much. when we come back, "avatar" director james cameron on his hunt for gold, not olympic gold, oscar gold. we're going to talk
8:36 am
8:37 am
about it comes to the box office, canadian-born director james cameron holds the gold and silver medals. his sci-fi film "avatar" topped "titanic" to become the biggest grossing film ever with $2.3 billion worldwide. nominated for nine academy awards, including best picture and best director. and james cameron is with us
8:38 am
now. good morning to you, james. >> good morning. how's it going there in my snowy homeland? >> i -- it's going very well. you know, i thought i knew everything about you. i did not know that you were born in canada. >> that's right. >> so, does this have a sentimental place in your heart, these olympics? >> well, you know, look, i love any time there's a focus or attention on canada. of course, i'm here in your control room. i've pretty much taken over here. they've shown me how to run the whole place, so there's going to be some changes when you get back. >> i was going to say, how do you think we're doing so far? >> oh, you're doing fine. you're doing fine. you guys are very professional. >> you know, you're doing okay, as well, james. i'd say you're giving us a run for our money with "avatar," highest grossing movie of all time, surpassing your own "titanic," nine academy award nominations. but i want to remind you of something you said to me last december. you talked about the risk of falling on your face with this movie. so, what is your reaction to the phenomenal success? >> well, you know, i mean,
8:39 am
obviously, we're surrounded by the olympics here, and i was sort of thinking about that as a metaphor, that you know, every filmmaker, you know, is going to the olympics every time they make a movie in their minds, you know. you're spending years preparing this thing and there's going to be that moment of truth when you put it before the world, and you don't know how you're going to do until afterwards. and fortunately, we've been very well accepted. and it was interesting, the film opened, on opening night it was 79% male, and within a week and a half, it was 50-50, male and female, the audience. and so, it took time for the word to spread that this was a movie for women, it was a movie for, you know, the older audience as well as the kids, you know, and you know, it just takes time. >> and it's a movie with a message, a message that's very important, too, about the environment, isn't it? >> well, it's why i made the film in the first place, but trying to find money to make an environmental movie, you can't do it, either as a documentary or as a feature. so, i thought, all right, fine, i'll do a big action adventure
8:40 am
on another planet, but there will be this theme woven through it, and i think that's part of how it's connecting to people around the world. they're having an emotional reaction. it's reminding them of how they felt when they were a kid in the woods, feeling connected to the world, and it's something that we're losing in our society. >> you know, you talk about a reaction from around the world. i know you were recently in the mideast. you screened the movie for some of the troops that are stationed there. what was that experience like for you, james? >> it was amazing. we flew on to an aircraft carrier, did the whole arrester hook thing and shot off this team catapult. it was just amazing to see these kids, kind of like these young olympians. you know, you watch these kind of "top gun" images of them firing the steam catapult and you think these guys must be in their 30s. they're so technical and precise. they're 19, they're 20 years old and they're so focused and so disciplined. it was, you know, such an inspiration. i actually wound up signing -- i made it my personal goal to sign
8:41 am
an autograph and pose for a picture with every single person on the aircraft carrier, but they had to leave a few to run the reactor for a while. so, i think it was 3,300 crew members. and it was just -- they kept thanking me. and i said, no, we're here to thank you for what you're doing, for the sacrifice that you make being away from your family and your loved ones, you know? and of course, they love that we showed them the movie. they loved the film. >> you know, you make such epic films. would you ever consider making a war movie? >> well, yeah, i mean, i've been fascinated by that. i'm fascinated by the issue of war and the damage that it does to, you know, to physically, but also psychically and psychologically. you know, it's a theme that i'm interested in, and you know, i have some projects in mind for that, but you know, it's also, you know you're going down a grim path when you do that. i made a film about the battleship "bismarck," when we
8:42 am
dove to the "bismarck," did the dive three miles down and analyzed the wreck site, and just going down that path of that history, of that battle, you know, was quite grim and horrifying. and that's 60 years later. and why are we talking about this? >> as i mentioned, you will be competing at the -- let me, before i let you go, you will be competing at your ex-wife, kathryn bigelow, whose film "the hurt locker," also up for nine academy awards. anything you want to say to her? >> look, kathryn knows i'm a huge admirer, and i've produced some of her films and i've been promoting her as a fantastic director for the past 20 years. i have my fingers crossed on her behalf, believe it or not. >> and she said she has her fingers crossed for you as well. james cameron, as always, thank you so much. >> all right. it's a pleasure, meredith. >> and we'll talk to you after the oscars. >> okay. talk to you then. >> thank you. up next, the woman behind evan lysacek's amazing costumes. i'm talking about designer vera
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
we are back with more on u.s. figure skater evan lysacek's spectacular performance in the short program. he sits in second place going into tomorrow night, less than a point behind leader evgeni plushenko. and lysacek's costume was as stunning as his skating. it was made by famed fashion designer vera wang. we're going to talk to her in a moment, but first, a peek at the process that took over six months. >> what he is is an artist. what's he trying to express, what the music is saying. you really want to enhance the performance. as a designer, it's a huge, huge challenge. >> reporter: six months ago, vera wang put on skates and got on the ice to watch evan lysacek
8:46 am
practice his olympic programs. once a competitive skater herself, seeing evan practice in person is part of vera's creative process. at times, she just couldn't contain her enthusiasm. >> yes! woo! >> reporter: and she's even willing to try out some of evan's complex choreography. >> the choreography is king, and the music is king, and his art is king. hopefully, the costume lives up to the choreography. so, that's sort of my issue to go extremely minimal or to go more theatrical will be a very big question in my mind. >> reporter: later in the day, evan meets with vera and her staff at vera's new york office. >> and i love fringe. i'm kind of a fringe girl. fringe is liquid and fringe has sex appeal, and i'm thinking, you know, fringe belly dancer. >> reporter: vera asked evan to try on a costume he wore in the past to see how it fit his body,
8:47 am
check out how it stretches when he moves and measure him wearing it. >> twisting is kind of in a different fabric and still good, but it makes you look tougher. could be a very, very cool thing for a narrow, sleek frame. >> reporter: since evan's short program music is called "firebird," vera has an idea of incorporating feathers from paris into his costume. evan is into that. >> i really like these thin -- >> i know. the coloring of it, right? >> reporter: until vera pulls out some silver feathers. put this -- look at these. these are -- >> silver. i don't even want to touch it. >> but look at -- >> excuse me! you're so right. it's all about the gold, man. i don't want to give away all my secrets, so, bye! see you in vancouver. >> and vera wang is here in vancouver to watch evan compete. good morning to you. >> good morning, meredith. >> it is all about the gold feathers. fashion week in new york, you
8:48 am
had a show yesterday, but you flew out here to see evan skate last night. two things -- how do you think he looked and how'd he do? >> well, i was determined to get here, no matter what, but i have to say, he looked, i think, incredible, and not just because i designed the costume, but i think he skated so beautifully, and that's what it's really about for me. it's about the combination, the entire package, the choreography, the skater, the body type, the costume. >> you had designed for skaters before, nancy kerrigan and michelle kwan, but never for a man. is it different to design for a male skater than for a female? >> well, there's one thing that is the same, the comfort factor and security factor is very, very important, that there are no wardrobe malfunctions during a program, particularly during the olympics. but i think for men, there is a different quality i'm trying to bring out, and that makes it very, very challenging. >> you've also said, there's a quote from you -- "there's more pressure to dress a skater than
8:49 am
a celebrity going to the oscars." how so? >> well, i think the viewership is so enormous. i think that so many people are judging figure skating also from a fashion point of view. and for that reason, it's probably the only sport in which people are viewed as performers and as models in a strange way, not only as an athlete. >> you know, when you and evan were on the ice together last fall, i was reminded of the fact that you were an ice skater at one point. you know how to skate, so you appreciate what these folks do on the ice. >> i fully appreciate it. on the other hand, my worry and my concern now is on the other side, to make sure that costume represents a skater as well as possible and that they feel really, really great in it and that they can really skate. >> and what is it about evan's personality that you were trying to bring out in the costumes that you designed for him? >> well, i think he's grown so much as a skater and an artist.
8:50 am
and i was determined to make sure that the world viewed him in that light. >> and he was always cool about the feathers, right? that was a daring move, vera, i've got to tell you. >> he pretended to be cool about them, let's put it that way. but you know, i did want, somehow, for "firebird" to be echoed for the short program in some sort of subtle, artistic way. >> well, he looks absolutely fantastic, and i know you'll be there thursday night rooting him on, probably with your eyes half shielded. >> probably. >> thank you, vera wang. >> thank you for having me, meredith. >> always a pleasure having you here. >> thank you so much. >> as i mentioned, evan goes for the gold tomorrow night. you can watch him right here on nbc. up next, more beauty on ice. the u.s. pairs skaters take to our rink here on grouse mountain.
8:51 am
8:52 am
and welcome back to grouse mountain in vancouver. you know, they may not have won medals on monday, but the u.s. pairs figure skaters, the team of caydee denney and mark lodwick are joining us on the ice this morning, as we see them skating up to us this morning. good morning. i've got my skates on as well. congratulations. you all made us so proud.
8:53 am
>> good morning. >> what were your expectations, maverick, going into the games? >> i had never been to an olympics or world championship. so for us, we wanted to skate as clean as we could and we just about achieved it and we were as close as we could get. >> for all of you, it wasn't really about getting a medal here. you're all first-timers. what was the feeling like for you, jeremy, being on the ice? >> stepping out there and hearing everybody chanting usa meant a lot to me and made me want to go out and skate really well. >> and amanda, what was that? >> gosh, um, i'll tell you it was a dream come true in many ways, and the same thing. to be able to go skate on olympic ice was just an amazing feeling. >> we're going to skate on our little rink here at grouse, which is not olympic ice, i can tell you that. help me out, i've got my hockey skates on. but tell me your impressions of vancouver, as we take it away. >> all right, we'll lead out. >> tell me, by the way -- oh, we've got our music. we'll be skating to nelly furtado, by the way. >> awesome. >> "fly like a bird." she's from canada. as our backs to the camera, not
8:54 am
a great shot here. have you had a chance to enjoy the fun in this town? >> i've taken the metro more than anything else. >> yeah? >> and i really like it. >> right. i know your families, by the way, are on the ice with us this morning. >> yes. >> they get up so early for you. >> they're troopers. >> they're here early this morning. it's really about families making the sacrifice, right, caydee? >> yes. they're so supportive of me and my sister skating and a lot of hard work and dedication comes behind me at a high level. >> you know what's an interesting thing here is that there's an actual couples pair. >> yes. >> you two skate together, but amanda and jeremy are actually a couple, so, how does that work out for you guys on the ice? >> well, we train separately at the ice rink and then we go home and live together -- >> are you competitive at all? i mean, do you take that out on the ice at all, or not so much? >> yeah, we're in a good way, we're competitive. >> in a good way. >> yeah. we push each other. >> now, i know you guys have a maneuver you're going to show me in the middle.
8:55 am
>> yeah. >> i'll let you go ahead. tell me what it is you're doing. >> actually, we do fours a lot -- >> it's where two couples get together. >> an ice jump. so, we'd like to show that. >> okay. then i've got to save a little time for the lift. go ahead, take that away and then come on back. wow. woo! beautiful. all right. now, of course, the grand finale has to involve me. so, here we go. you know i've always wanted to lift. >> okay, so, wrists. >> wrists. here we go. that didn't work out. >> you got it. >> okay, woo! oh, god! woo! >> oh, we've got to bow. bow. >> bow, all right! thank you to all of you guys, thank you. that was scary, okay? job well done.
8:56 am
we'll be back after your local news. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. after more than a week of snow days, students will return to class today. however, for most the conditions are not ideal and many are opening two hours late. i see in snow-covered rockaways remained a problem and could cause a drop in attendance. some districts have announced to
8:57 am
>> now let's take a look at the forecast with tony pann. >> things should stay pretty quiet in the weather department for the next few days. today there could be a little disturbance coming through. kind of like yesterday,
8:58 am
scattered snow showers and flurries. especially north and west of baltimore. a mix of sunshine and clouds, 30% chance of snow showers. breezy and chilly otherwise. sunset's this evening at 5:45. is whether others to and from pushing the temperature close to 40, giving a chance to melt some of the snow. better chance for rain or snow coming out early next week. >> another update at 9:25.
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