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tv   11 News  NBC  January 31, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> this was the scene at the peak of saturday's stronger than expected snowstorm. crews worked overtime to clear those roads for you. good evening. what a difference a day makes. let's take a live look. main roads looking good right now. but after a day of thawing, the temperatures are back down in the teens and refreeze could make for a messy monday morning commute. kim dazey joins us live with more. kim? >> well, kate, the roads have been very well salted and
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cleaned. so from our vantage point overlooking the day effects, things are looking just fine. that black ice is a concern. so road cruise will be out again tonight to make sure everything runs smoothly for that monday morning commute. >> the snowstorm made driving on saturday a nightmare. >> i started fishtailing everywhere. >> crazy, i slid all over the place. >> plow crews patroled the roads. what a difference a day makes. it was smooth sailing for drivers in the area. >> side streets are a little icy, but not too bad. >> up to 3, everything was excellent. very clear. and it's a beautiful sight. >> so sunday morning the task for most was cleaning up their own sidewalks, cars and driveways, shoveling away the
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latest recommend nants of this latest winter storm. >> cleaning out and getting all the snow out and all the kids slide everywhere and i go shovel it again. but it's good exercise. >> cleaning up after the snow seems to be a recurrent even. cruise will remain salting for monday morning. there could be black ice on the street and crews might not be able to get to those secondary roadway. if you live in baltimore city, help is only a phone call away. >> we encourage you to call 311. >> one reminder for drivers as you head out tonight, bridges and overpasses, freeze before the rest of the roadways so use extra caution if you're driving over those tomorrow morning.
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>> thank you, kim. several school districts have already cancelled or delayed glasses. queen anne's in kent county schools will ohm 90 minutes late. there's also no morning pre-k in kent county. classes in talbot county are cancelled. now there's word some more snow could be on the way. not to mention the freezing temperatures tonight. meteorologist john collins, what is going on here in the weather center? >> well, in the immediate picture, it's the cold temperatures. we started off this morning with an eight-degree low reading at b.w.i. marshall. we missed the record by four degrees. we wound up with 29 at the airport. norply we would be 42. so we're way off the mark as far as temperatures are concerned. right now the airport's dropped down to 17 degrees. and they're liable to get a new report here in just a few minutes.
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23 at parkville. 29 at the bay. so we'll talk first about cold temperatures. and then the prospects for a couple of snow episodes in the coming weeks. stick around. >> eight degrees this morning? seriously, that's just not right. be sure to wake up with the morning news for the latest traffic, weather, school closings and school delays. 11 news has learned of one death during saturday's snowstorm. washington county sheriffs a truck hit a pedestrian. that truck slid into the median before hitting a tree. officials have yet to release the victim's name. >> the two daughters accused of abusing their mother will be convicted tomorrow. they pled guilty of first abuse of a vulnerable adult.
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they found april monthford lying in feces and covered in bed soars. prosecutors plan to ask for six years in prison. >> the twin brothers accused of sitting a pit bull on fire also expected in court tomorrow. standing trial on firearms charges. while serving a warnlt at the home of tremain johnson, they found an assault gun. they are expected to be charged on animal cruelty charges back in march. president barack obama releases his new budget, the $3.8 trillion includes a new job measure. it would include a tax break. it increases taxes on the wealthy and imposes a
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three-year spending free on many government programs. the budget also comes with a record-breaking $1.6 trillion deficit. toyota is reaching out directly to the public one day after announcing a fix for those sticky peddle. 11 news reporter brian mooar has more from washington. >> louisville, kentucky, a driver hospitalized in intensive care after his 2010 toyota camry speed over an em bankment and landed upsidedown. he said the car just accelerated. >> we heard of a recall, but we didn't know it was our car. >> in a page, toyota describes its shutdown and two massive recall as a temporary cause, the right thing to do. it's the beginning of a huge p.r. effort to explain the deadly problem of sudden
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acceleration. and reach out like this terrified pregnant mother. >> that's not right. >> the automaker has suspended sales of eight of its best-selling models. 19 deaths have been linked to this gas peddle problem and mats. >> jim lets has appeared to appear on "the "today" show" to explain what happens next. >> the recall process is expected to start this week. but it will take time to fix eight million toyotas already on the road and perhaps much longer to repair toyota's reputation. >> law makers are demanding accountability, the first of at least two hearings scheduled for this week. in washington, brian mooar, wbal-tv 11 news. >> republicans say senator andy harris claimed his campaign raised $270,000 and nearly 90%
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of the money came from individual donors. harris is in a reach re-match with frank krateville. according to the last filing deadline back in september, he had twice as much campaign cash on hand as harris. >> to the disaster in haiti, now the white house said the evacuations of victims to florida will be resumed. florida governor charlie frist said his state is happy to help but will need help footing the bill. >> we want to be as good as floridians always are. and help our neighbors in a time of need. >> we have stepped up the repa triyations of our friends from
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haiti. >> we just would like a little help with the financial sort of things. >> frustrated on american airlift, american doctors got a boston aide group to fly three children to a philadelphia group today on a private jet. >> the american church members accused of trying to take 33 orphans into the dominican republic will face a haitian court tomorrow. the baptist ministers said they are trying to rescue abandoned and traumatized kids. >> the haitian officials said they didn't have the proper paperwork. [cheers and applause] >> entirement temple church is teaming up with its counter parts in haiti for relief efforts. the collaboration began with the presentation of that $10,000 check this morning. the church pastor jamal brian this is an effort to show haiti
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that the a.m.e. church is committed to their recovery. >> 11 news reporter lole messer traveled back from haiti. our team reflected on what they saw and what they heard there. >> usually you think tv does do things justice. we can understand and feel, but there's so much devastation there that you can't capture it all. >> it was the most horrific thing i've ever seen. >> you see the full interview with our correspondents during tomorrow's encore broadcast. it re-airs at wbal plus at 11:30. >> a new lipo procedure with no needles, no anesthesia. how this latest craze works. >> plus, no more sorting the
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trash, where recycling is going to get a whole lot easier. >> the maryland lottery celebrated its powerball launch today. >> well, tomorrow's weather map shows cold, high pressure sitting over us. and a new storm developing in the plain states that includes some snow. we'll talk about the forecast in just a moment. it's not snowing now. clear, light winds. temperatures dropped off, 17 at the airport. 26, downtown.
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>> powerball rolls into maryland with $107 million jackpot. the $1 ticket went on sale this morning. making maryland one of 33 states that has two multimillion dollar jackpot games. we have a powerball costume
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walking around as part of the celebration. folks who attended could win $15,000. >> fabulous. we have 400 people. they're dancing, they're jumping up and down. they're buying their powerball tickets for a chance to be the person to win $15,000. multimatch drawings will be held mondays and thursdays, powerball on wednesdays and saturdays. you can see all of them at 11:22 p.m. on wbal-tv 11. baltimore county is making it easy yr if you to recycle. the county' re-cycling begin tomorrow. residents will no longer have to separate paper, bottles and can. they can simply throw it all in the same container. officials hope that more residents will be encouraged to recycle.
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>> ress dens may set their recycles in a variety of ways. they can set it in a 34 gallon capacity. a trash container up to 34 gallons of capacity. they need to designate that. >> it will help lower the disposal cost and help the environment. >> in tonight's medical alert there,'s a brand-new way to reduce fat. it requires no needles, no anesthesia and you can sit and watch tv while you're doing it. christie nelson has more on the new zeltique procedure. this doctor says most of the inquiries he gets are from men. >> men are more reluctant to get surgical procedures and they find this more relaxing. >> it works for people who hate
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their love handles. it works by cooling fat cells in pacific areas. >> you're going to feel a little bit of a cold sensation. really not a lot. you can get work done while you're getting the procedure. you can stay on your laptop. you leave after two hours. minimal side effects. and you see results after about two to four months. >> the procedure triggers a natural response to cause fat cells to disappear. >> they are eliminated the same as food. >> you will feel pressure but not for very long. >> i've always had the love handles my whole life. even when i was in really, really good shape, i still have the love handles. when i get older, they just get
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bigger. >> he said he was pleasantly surprised and give the procedure a thumbs up. i noticed quite a bit of difference. my -- i've had my love handles done and my abs. we looked at the before and after pictures. >> i didn't think i lot was done until you look at the pictures. >> the doctor says the results should stick if patients stick with norle diet. -- normal diet and exercise procedures. >> zeltique is not for people who are too slim. he says there's not a lot of pain or discomfortable. >> take a look at our doppler radar. you notice some clouds beginning to pop here in new england. some snow along in the great lakes. it's not lake-effect snow. there's a little bit of a
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disturbance through canada. it's triggering this area. we have clear skies right now. and really cold temperatures. let's take a look at that. it's down to 14 at cambridge. sals bury is already down to nine degrees. anna police is 26. 30 at hagerstown. 38 cumberland. 19 oakland. it's colder in salisbury than it is in oakland. some of that has to do with the fact that skies are clear. with light wind and this atmosphere that does a lot to temperatures to just tumble. here are the clouds, that disturbance. this weak cool front will move to the east. i don't think the cool front will come through our area. the high pressure is what we're
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watching. this is what we're watching. it's moved out of the mountains. not a big powerful storm. but it will move east and we'll catch the effects of it about midweek. late tomorrow into wednesday. there's even a piece of it starting to develop a little farther south. it's not a big moisture producer now. more storms in the pacific. here's the one that is in the plains. more out to the west. so this el nino weather pattern continues to take pacific storms and kick them right across the country. we'll be watching that in the next week, week and a half. tonight, liket winds. 10, 15 the overnight low. i have no doubt a couple of places will get to eight or nine degrees here or there. the record low tomorrow morning is seven. so we'll get close to that. partly cloudy unseasonably cold tomorrow, although maybe warmer than today. west winds 5 to 10 miles per
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hour. we're still off the mark. north, northwest winds with one inch water chop. there's that weather feature up north. we start picking up some clouds tomorrow afternoon. scattered clouds, to some will be the dominant feature along with the cold temperatures. but by tuesday, midday or so, there will be two elements to that storm coming off the south. one to the north. and we're in some cold air. we could see a little mix. rain to the south. snow to the north and baltimore right in the middle of but by wednesday morning that's pulling out of the picture. so here's our seven-day forecast. tomorrow 19 the high. 12, the low. 39 and 22, wintery mix late tuesday into wednesday morning. then 45 and 3539. and then another storm -- -- and 39, and then another storm coming in. a wintery mix is in the
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forecast with that. >> i know you're just the messenger. but we don't like the messenger. >> goodness gracious. >> let's work on this. >> see, you're back, we're so happy to talk basketball. >> we'll take a look at the terps. on the road trying to get that big victory away from maryland. big victory away from maryland. see if they can get it done?
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the people who walked these streets before us were just like you and me. with hopes. dreams. challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes. preparing us for what lies ahead. down our next road. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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>> the terps have put together a nice run. four straight wins, bolting them to the top of the acc. still the coach likes that quality win. last year, gary williams and company drilled by 29 points. different story tonight. jordan williams, big freshman putting it down. 13 points. 23-20. clemson, though in front. vasquez on the break. look how nice this pass is to dino gregory. great finish from gregory. it's a three-point game. tigers are running too. oh, my goodness. jerai grant does it to gregory. 45-31. trevor booker misses shots. vasquez called for a foul.
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the tyingers score the final eight points of the game-winning 62-53. maryland's problem, 23 turnovers submitted. jimmy pat is making me worry because when he's crazy com it's little to do. rudolph, shot the pass. doesn't matter. it's a slam for julius. maybe the comeback is on rudolph. nice defense going the other way. no doubt about the intentions there in for two. 44-35, niagara. purple eagles too good today. niagara, a winner 86-77. the nfl pro bowl filling your football void until super bowl sunday. sort of. mclean after the 10th time, you know it, ray lewis. raven's backfield didn't get the ball that much kind of a
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passing lavenlt matt shaw. this is a replacement. sean would be m.v.p. of the game. ray rice, this is his biggest moment of the evening. 23 yards. finished with 23 yards on the group and 15 receiving. fourth quarter a.f.c. with seven. at least he got the ball tonight. the easy conversion. that seals the win for the a.f.c., 41-34 is your final. >> mora is two days shy of age 38. mora agrees to a one year contract to the colorado rockies pending a physical. mora's number declined -- pretty impressive. big part of our community. and here's hoping a change of scenery help this is guy.
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>> the washington capitals continue to trade the rest of the n.h.l. as their practice crowd. a beastly nine-game winning streak against tampa bay and the -- >> i hope it can still take long. >> steven stamcose. he backs it up. the goal tied at 2-2. he didn't score. nicholas backstrom right back to him. caps make it eight in a row. >> phil mickelson has done his best to fill the controversy void left by tiger woods. nothing salacious but he was called a cheater by his cohort. from 46 feet birdie here at the
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third. gets a 13 under par. 14. paul. crane similar distance. he knows its his day. just 15 under par. brad, 18 for what would have been the tie. how do you think he feels about it? >> that sums it up pretty well. ben crane tapping in at 18 for the victory at torrey pines. >> the australian open finals opened early this morning, many, many hours ago. roger federerer, we pick it up in the first. roger won the first. bigger forehand puts it away. federerer wins the second point. murray, look at the effort here. he hit as little winner. trying to keep hope alive. but match point.
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into the net. in goes roger federer. his 16th career grand slam title.


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