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Free Strangefolk concerts. Trade-friendly Live Music Archive concerts are available for download and/or streaming in formats including mp3, flac, and ogg vorbis.

Band's Official Website
On September 25, 2002 Strangefolk, via Edward L. Maier, gave permission to the Internet Archive to host their shows. By 2005, related sections include "Patch of Eden", "Luke Patchen and Erik Glockler", "The Windfalls".

----- Original Message -----
From: "Edward L. Maier III" <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2002 10:27 PM
Subject: Re: Raq -Ed Maier - Strangefolk?

> Jon
> This is from Trafton. I pasted it from his email to me. I will start to
> upload tomorrow.
> Thanks
> Jon Trafton writes:
> ed,
> definitely sounds good. here's our taping policy from the web site.
> hopefully that serves as a good enough permission...if not i give it right
> now.
> thanks for the heads up,
> jon
> --

The official policy

We allow taping our live concerts for non-commercial home use only. Any resale or use of live concert tapes for commercial gain without explicit written permission of Strangefolk or their employees is strictly prohibited. The taping community exists in a spirit of freedom, cooperation, and respect for the artists and for each other, and we seek to preserve these ideals as much as possible. However, as with any community that is growing, some general guidelines are herein suggested for the benefit of everyone, including the band and the band's staff.

A good general rule of thumb: assume nothing, be prepared for anything.

SOUNDBOARD ACCESS: Where possible until further notice, board patches are available on a first come, first served basis. It may not always be possible to offer board patches at every show, so be prepared to use microphones. Where possible power will be available to save on the use of disposable batteries, but again it may not be possible at each venue so if you want to tape, bring a portable deck. If you have to use disposable batteries, please save them and recycle, but rechargeables are encouraged. There has been a lot of trash left behind lately by tapers, so please respect the venue and clean up after yourselves. Strangefolk and their employees reserve the right to deny taping privileges to anyone at any time.

MIC STANDS: If you use mic stands, please keep them out of the way of the view between the mix position (the sound board) and the stage. Our sound engineer needs a clear view of the band. If you are blocking the view you will be asked to move your mic stand. If you refuse to move you could be asked to pack up your recording equipment, leave the venue and miss the show. Again, Strangefolk or their employees reserve the right to deny taping privileges to anyone at any time.

RECORDING MEDIA: In the interest of advancing the technology, or reverting to previous technology, use anything you want to record the audio component of our shows: wax cylinder, wire recorder, reel-to-reel, etc. The technology is advancing quickly and sometimes we lose sight of viable techniques that fall by the wayside in the name of "progress". Reel-to-reel decks have all but disappeared from the taping scene for issues of convenience, but try it sometime: done right, the sound is amazing. But again, if you do record, keep it non-commercial. The scene shouldn't have to be jeapordized by a greedy few.

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