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tv   Planning Commission  SFGTV  July 27, 2020 4:00am-8:01am PDT

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requirement. >> : none of it meets seven foot six. >> : so he can't have office space down there. staff isn't recommending office space down there. what's the status on tenant. >> : if they approve the conditional use-let me reset. if the commission recommends denial and they have to keep the unit, then that would go into an enforcement situation. we would need to then have to deal with the enforcement of making it legal when he doesn't have the funds it to do so. to approve the removal of the unauthorized unit through the c
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u process, i believe that we also could have some discretion in how quickly we would process that perm mit permit removed. i'm going to refer to the zoning administrator on this. >> : the tenant issue is always chachallenging because obviously it's allowing it out side the purview of the code. if it's not legalized if it is required to be removed and there's an existing tenant that does become an enforcement situation if we have an unauthorized unpermitted unit that may have life safety deficiencies. we generally want that unit to be vacated. aobviously there's challenges
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with an existing tenant. we want to be open to options there. we don't have an open ended option to allow residency in an unauthorized unit and it may be something that the city attorney wants to speak to further in terms of this issue and conflicts between our codes and other city ordinances relating to renting units and occupancy. >> : commissioner johnson. >> : one second. i thought i heard them asking what happens if we do approve this and what the rules are around what happens to the tenant. >> : commissioner, the city attorney's office. i am sorry.
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i can't give you detailed advice about the rent ordinance even if this property isn't subject to price controls, rent controls under the rent ordinance there are some restrictions about evictions and what happens when a unit is omitted. i'm not prepared to give the commission detailed advice on what happens. i'll certainly look into that and talk to our rent board attorney and circle back to the commission on that question. i'm sorry i don't have that information that's available. >> : okay. thank you.
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>> : there are tenants that are here that want to stay here. however, i think given questions asked by commissioner diamond about what is in our per vie puo do. is there any way that we could legalize this apartment and unfortunately it's not within our purview to do. the next thing we have is either a disapproval which still doesn't really rectify the
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situation. it would default to storage any way and the removal of a tenant and at the same time ultimately can leave us in the same boat. personally i would support whether it being asked for. i think there are scored nary ey circumstances around affordability. i was trying to follow the commentary specifically on whether the possibility to stay enforcement until after covid 19 is over to give the tenants an opportunity to stay a bit longer and take their time until after that situation is settled. can i ask the city attorney to comment on whether that's something we could do? >> : stacy in the city
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attorney's office. i'm going to punt back as the zoning administrator. certainly the department has prosecute y'all discretion. it would really be a request from the planning commission to the zoning administrator to think about how to implement enforcement of this unit. of this unit removal and to address the tenant issues.
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>> : there are some situations harder than others to abate right now. we're actively engaging with them and making it clear it's not just a pause button across the board. we still do want people to abate violations to the extent they can within a reasonable time line. if this were to move forward and the city was granted to remove the unit there would automatically be a certain amount of working with the property owner to develop a reasonable time line to actually make this happen. we would definitely commit to that. it would be cha challenging to a date or open ended nature to it.
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there's a lot of people in enforcement positions right now that would love to have an open anneed date in their abatement. it's not a legal unit, it is deficient. if it's not going to be legalized and brought up to code, we don't necessarily want someone living in a unit that may not be 100% safe for an undetermined am of time. we would work with them to find a reasonable time line to make that happen. >> : commissioner johnson, you're on mute. >> : i muted myself. thank you. i really appreciate that. i would feel comfortable using your discretion it to work with
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the homer and tenant to meet a reasonable time line. i'm supportive of staff's recommendation here. thank you. >> : commissioner chan. >> : hi. i'm wondering if i could ask for more information. for me, i'm trying to grapple with some of the numbers that have been presented in the staff report. i think the first piece for me is trying to understand the cost of legalization. understanding the cost is about two hundred forty two thousand compared to the average cost of sixty thousand. it might be possible to explain the difference to help me understand that difference. >> : this is bert.
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i would like to respond to the commissioner's question. the cost, if you could share the slides again. slide 13 addresses some of these costs and then as we move forward some of the other slides talk about the additional costs. the original two hundred twenty five thousand dollar estimate was submitted before all of the notice of violations were figured out and incorporated into the contractor's estimate. that's why the increase an the cost to do the work. if we move up to another slide, the problem is the estimate on time for doing this work is 12 to 18 months. during which time the owner would be required to pay for the tenants both upstairs and downstairs. both units would have to be
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vacated to do this work because it's structural and they can't have anybody living in it while they do that cosine of work. cosine okind of's look8 month period. that means approximately 90 to $138,000 in rent during that time. if they have to excavate fully under the foundation and shore up the house and buildup from there. there are other code violations than just the six inches, the fire compliance and other things. i will point out to the commission since there's been
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questions on timeliness if this is granted. the fire expecter there wa inspe exhibits two and three of the owners. we'll work with the zoning administrator. the commission can be comfortable that the fire department was out there looking for violations that were safety issues and did not fine any. we're just stuck with these building codes that cannot be waived at this time. does that address the cost issue or do you want me to be more specific? >> : that's great. thank you. i appreciate that explanation. i wanted to get some more information about the third
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party appraisal. i wanted to understand are we still waiting for more information regarding a third party a raisal. i was reading the staff report and it says awaiting confirmation. i was wondering- >> : thank you, commissioner. this issue has come up before and our housing implementation team has begun to look at getting a third party appraise alg sm all caseappraisal.all cae don't have the expertise to do property appraisals and verify their validity. that is in the works. i just yesterday was in contact with our staff. they are looking at it but if
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they're not going to be able to get a contrack or agreement is he up. these things often take time rk our staff was asking for them to take a look at this one in particular as soon as possible but they won't have-i didn't get confirmation back that they would be able to do that sm she will b.she will be talking withm again on the 31 of this month. that is the last hearing before your break. if you did want that further information, it unfortunately would push this case back past your summer high at high high a.
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>> : i'm sympathetic to the homehomehomen. home owner. i think i might want to see more facts and information to make informed decisions. especially if we are depending on numbers from the project sponsor. that's where i am right now. >> : commissioner moore. >> : would you be so kind to
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take us to the variance and to look for the decks. i'm not quite sure if i properly understood that access to one of the decks is off the attic. the use of the attic space itself is unclear to me. i'm wondering how that has anything to do with the variance or not. would you be so kind as to explain that to us. >> : sure. i'll do my best. the various is very much separate from the unauthorized dwelling unit issue. the building used to have a shed roof edition at that level on the top. sometime between 2004 and 2007 that was relaced by upper deck along the property line. the current configuration. that prowried access to the
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@tic. it does not have internal connections. the attic is very low and generally used for storage although there are photos show tg was obviously beinshowing it. the variance is caused by the deck being used and the fire wall beyond what would be a permitted obstruction. it's not very far from being a scope of work that could be permitted under the code. especially because of the height of the fire wall and it's depth that is triggering the rear yard variance. there's actually a fairly minor
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variance in terms of the obstruction into the yard. >> : thank you. i was just wondering because the space itself is potentially useful as a lost or something like that. the product description is rather vague. i was interested in having you explain that. thank you. >> : commissioner diamond. >> : thank you. i need more information on the appraisal. in the staff report it says there were two appraisals done by a licensed california appraiser. i understand it wasn't hired by the city but a licensed california appraiser sm why were why were two done? >> : on all of these cases what is required is that the project
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sponsor provide two appraisals. one with the property as is with the warranted units and the other with it legalized. in this case the value came back the same for reasons i outlined in my presentation. >> : he met the 317 requirement. the staff request for an additional requirement is something that's not currently in the code. >> : correct. >> : okay. thank you. >> : commissioner imperial. >> : thank you. this is complicated matter. i understand that there are things that need to be up and to the code regarding this and
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we're also still in question about the tenants. at the same time i also still have a question on the use of the-of what's the percent it it was there is office spaced used. although it is in code compliance and can be used however, i just don't feel like there is that story in terms of thterms howis this going to be . perhaps the siy toarp can still weigh on this sm in terms of tenant and how to move fore with this. with removal of unit in terms of
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wet brd is a-this is mor board. this is more of an informational thing. there is that option. i'm more leaning into continuance in terms of like whether we can have more information whether through the wet board organized in terms of removal of unit and how it will effect the tenant. the consistency in terms of the use in how it's going to be used for office. whether there is that. i believe it was changed very last minute. for me, i would like to continue this item until there are more information and there is more
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volumed as far as what is the plan going to do on this. that's where i'm at right now. >> : commissioner hung. >> : i move that we grant the conditional use based on the 317 use criteria has been met. >> : second. >> : second. >> : commissioners if there's nothing further there's a motion that has been seconded with conditions. (roll call) motion passes four
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to three. >> : i will close the public hearing with the variance. i intend to grant with the standard conditions. >> : very good. thank you. commissioners that will now place us on item 16. item 15 has been continued. a two thousand one thirty seven thousand this is a conditional use authorization. staff are you prepared to make your presentation? >> : i am. >> : great. just for the benefit of the public, the sponsor will be
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afforded ten minutes to make a presentation. public comment will be limited to one minute. >> : great. good evening commissioners. jeff warren, planning department staff. the item before you is a conditional use permit. located on the college preparatory campus which occupies a roughly five hundred thousand square foot parcel. secondary school facilities lobinged at 2001 second avenue. the improvements being requested are to the jvmur ph ey field.
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two story low density mostly single family residential homes. across from the sports field. and to the south across rive ria street. being located in an rh1 zone operates with a conditional use and land development for the last fifty years. the unit has been modified self times throughout the site's history. an expansion of the school to create a one hundred student middle school. the commission also heard a presentation from the sponsor on a voluntary institutional plan
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which included the stadium light proposal. proposes the expansion of a existing private secondary school by adding four 90 four light standards from the field stadium. the standards will be situated rectangularly on the football field. nighttime use for practice and games. the additional lights will allow for weekend an weekday practice games an events. the proposed usage is that of monday through thursday the lights will be shut off no later than p.m. on the proposed north west standards, a micro wireless tele
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communications facilities sm the physical components consist of-two thirds suppressors and ansill ransill ri to allow the n of the private school for the rh1 zoning district. the project may seeking approval per planning code section 304. projects that produce an environment of stable and desirable character which will benefit the occupants,
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neighborhood, and city as a whole. for the two western light standards and the wts facilities. lobinged in the site's 25% rear yard. the light standards and wts forty foot i facility if beth structures are exempt per planning code sm a. rez departments oresidents of tt neighborhood, impacts of lights, increased traffic and parking were received. most came from the community
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adjacent streets and surrounding streets. these two letters were e-mailed to the commissioners by these parties. neighborhood out reach through mailing and e-mail list to provide update to the community. it keeps a good neighbor program website. out reach on this project is provided in summary within the
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sponsored materials. the sponsor summary also provides the out reach since the project was continued from the previous hearing. during that time the pons yar has shared witsponsorshave shar1 in the draft motion. some of the new conditions include the reduction of the usage of hours on weekends 9:00 p.m. as previously mentioned. an reporting requirements to both the neighbors an the city. staff would like to read into the records the language of of condition of approval for 11b. the revised language would be the spnsor should not allow groups affiliated with the
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project response yar. the public is exempt from environmental quality act from class one and two categorical exception. department of traps portation project and review is not required. the proposed lights would shift to later times of the day or week. the proposed lighting design would use light structure design for total light control for the led fixtures. light on the field with minimal light out side the designated areas. allowing the lights to be switched to a dimmed setting.
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the proposed field lighting system would be equipped with glare shielding. the department finds it's in line with the project plans. recreational uses which are uses in support of families and children in san francisco sm the light would have nominal impact. nighttime use is not expected to ooadversely effect conditions. with those guidelines and the objectives and dpied lines o gue
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general plan, the enclosures and placement. staff recommends approval of conditions including the recommendation read into the record earlier. this concludes my presentation. i'm available for any questions. >> : public sponsor are you prepared to make your presentation? >> : yes. prepared. thank you so much. thank you jeff, and thank you commissioners. thank you for your time. i'm michelle the principal and i'm speaking on behalf of the students, teachers, and administer yarsadministrators.
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we're now able to offer to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders of economically disadvantaged families the opportunity to attend our middle school and college prep tuition free. 95% of our fsa students are children of color. they would not otherwise be able to april tend our schools. we're really proud and excited
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about this. they will directly benefit from the sf lights project. a little more about our schools. please show slide two. we're the oldest school in the west. since its founding it's been an integral part of san francisco. we pre mote academic adolescence along with justice. originally an all boys school. in 1989 we opened our doors to young women. to prepare promising scholars from disadvantaged economic backgrounds. we have seventy five middle school scholars and 1475 high
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school students. 40% commute from san mateo kowny. wcounty. our mission is to form leaders who are men and women with and for others. we believe strongly that what happens out side of the classroom and sports drama and cocurricular activities.
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in almost ten years i stepped away from counseling i noticed staggering changes. i dove into the research as to why it's happening because it's happening all over the country. our adolescents are being pushed to their breaking point to get
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into college, to take sat prep classes, advanced placement courses all while social media and social pressure to excel was blowing up. i began to fight for our students and initiated change to our school culture. last year when i was offered the job as service principal i thought long and hard as it wasn't ever a job i aspired to take on. i believed i could implement healthy change for our students and no one could stand in my way of doing that. along with my team, i look at every aspect to look at where we can bill up for protective measures. we've done many things. we've hired train therapies to
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develop a wellness curriculum. we restructured our crit lum at the same time in lie of equity and collusion. we asked teachers to-rigors have not been lost. we introduce fun and exciting events to our calendars that allow a safe and fun environment. i know that seems minor but it's very important to our teams. physical engagement and participation in sports is very important to our schools. it helps us to breakdown our
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large school into smaller family type social units. physical activity increases blood flow to their brains, develop moods, passions, act responsibly and enhances the relationship among diverse dprawps of kids. additionally team sports cut off oaf load. we know this through research sm it it helps them to sleep better. this is where the lights come in. educational research, our teams are going to bed later. they only get six point four hours of sleep on average. we want to avoid morning practices. allow for our students to sleep
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in an. this is all in an effort to improve the lives and mental health of our students. improving the lives of our students would make no sense to me if we were taking away from the lives of our neighbors. what are our sports programs. access to fields has been a constant challenge. we get less and less access to
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campus fields. during the winter months we have six soccer teams vying for access to campus. we're forced to rent lights in order to conduct practice. having lights would also prevent the need to travel dailies. out reach and support. si is always conscious as part of our school culture. we're available now and we'll be available for ongoing out reach. we also created the good
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neighbor program that includes a unique website where neighbors can contact us for concerns. we do not only try to mitigate our impacts on the neighbors but try to invite them to our events. links to the schools events. the more important details about the project, this project is an all union project. all of our projects here are all union. please show slide nine. we understand the concerns have been expressed. we tried to address what we believe to be-practices not
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games. students and parents from other schools will not be coming to our neighborhood more frequently than they already do. >> : that is your time. the commissioners may call you back up for additional questions after we receive public comment. we did receive a request for organized opposition. are you prepared to present? >> : yes, i am. >> : okay. you have ten minutes. >> : before i'm timed may i ask a question. jeff, will you confirm when each slide is up. there's a huge delay. >> : i would just speak to your slides, ma'am. if he doesn't, i'll notify you.
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he not going to inrupt you everu every time. >> : our neighborhood strongly opposes this project. note the park and rec areas, the public schools, our library, community garden, an the close proximity to our homes. in addition to one hundred sixty five neighbors, we have the backing of the cr club. a petition now has two hundred twenty eight signatures. we want to mention that because there's very small number of students from our neighborhood,
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it it's an schawsive private high school which as you know. the m campus is entirely private sm the lights will be nean feet tall with huge away of lights on top. did. with possible additional use in the summer. that's well over two hundred nights a year. for a lng time si had long timee to have successful sports games without lights. it's a marketing tool. that's just what this is. it's marketing.
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it's a new claim to fame to enhance their exclusive sports school status at the expense of the sun set neighborhood. no other san francisco high school with larger student bodies has a need for such lights. we've proposed a compromise plan but si will not engage with the neighbors to discuss this option or brainstorm any other alternatives. in the past si has brought in temporary lights for their football games. blaring loud mowzic. increasmusic.we couldn't get ouo
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bed. once these lights are permanent and installed all bets are off. enforcement will be left to the neighbors which is unreasonable and perhaps impossible. slide three, please. finally we want to show you the sheer scale of these light poles. the left hand image is looking east. these are well visible uphill. the next two images show the enormity of these images. we have no ill will towards si. they are good neighbors. this is just a new usage that going to severely gooding to impact our nights and evenings.
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thank you. marry alen will present next. >> : thank you. i've been a neighborhood association on the technical aspects. we have three sets of detailed comments. the lighting does not need the wireless installation for that. both projects use each other to justify both.
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further rksz the schoo, the scht conducted further studies and verizon has not conducted tests as they should. the approval is not correct. the lighting project is still described in places in the draft motion as being sim bli a shiftt in use, those impacts have not been addressed. in addition the c equa excepti exception. without studies there's no basis
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to evaluate the impacts or to evaluate their significance. further cumulative effects have not been considered. we know it's a planned use development that has been amended over time but there's been a lot of school expansions and still on the table the potential extended use of lighting at the smaller practice field. a lighting study was done. it excludes some really important effects. reflected glare that reflect light back up in the air that's been exacerbated by fog. also the study reveals impacts
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that are greater than what they state. i'll refer you to our july 22 submittal where we included our lighting consultant's report. i just wanted to point out on this slide this came from-how dark the rest of the neighborhood is surrounding the school. in the lower left corner is completely dark and that's the area of the west sun set public fields. the play grounds and other garden the public schools. those are all dark. next slide, please. i will also say that the draft c ua motion misses the spirit and intent of some key planning provisions most troubling some general plan elements and policies. under the general plan the
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environmental protection an urban design element are completely ignored as are some policies in the housing and din dust ri almosts sm the c ua motion miss applies general plan policies they do include and overstates the project benefits. we can find the only public benefit would be from the verizon wireless project. there is no local around the neighborhood public benefit to the lighting project. the school has told us that the request to modify their existing c ua on the practice field lighting schedule is not part of the current c ua. that information and request is still in the draft c ua motion and if it stays it needs to be assess as part of coupe active
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esks of the new lating. you will matily we feel that before any project decision can be made, the planning department really needs to require additional studies, traffic, parking, noise, and better lighting study and should require an environmental assess m report. the department really needs to conduct a full review to assess those impacts and again to assess the impacts of the lighting and the verizon wireless projects separately. lastly, we don't believe they can be mitigated under any circumstances. light spill over on the sky,
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effects of the lighting on human health. especially the students who would be exposed to this lighting for several hours a night as well as the lighting effects on wild life including threatening and endangered species. lastly a disruption of the quiet nair hood everneighborhood ever. >> : commissioners we should open the hearing for public comment. >> : hello. my name is bray. this proposal represents a
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radical change in use. it's only a benefit to a private entity an the public is being asked to carry the burden with all of the impacts. it's part of a private k through 12-it is not a public institution or public resource. if it were a public park or field, i might not be super happy-it would be a benefit to all the- >> : sir i'm going to stop you here. if you are part of the organized opposition, you don't get to speak now. >> : i don't. they used up their time, okay. >> : that was made very clear. let's go to the public comment
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line. >> : sir, are you prepared to submit your public testimony? >> : yes, i am. >> : okay. i knew you would. >> : i play football for the entirety of my time. it's been really instrumental for me. in addition i've had a lot of family that have occurred or plan to in the future.
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it will not attract a larger area around the field. they say they're requesting usage so it's not to restrict feud planned or change use of this field. it leave open for all sorts of use in the future. disrupting our family time and we haven't even have kinner together so please i am hoping ha we will not approve this permit. >> you have 40 questions
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remaining. >> good evening, honourable commissioners, my name is molly mcfadden and i'm an alum new as well as an allumni representative for the class of 2014. and i'm a resident of the sunset district and has been my life of 24 years. and i'm calling in support many of which were hinder. they have completed the field after practise and locking away our this was inconvenient and scary as a young woman who stands at 5'3" and 115 pounds walk to go my car in the dark. our students and coached walked me to my car. if you approval this project, all students and staff members as well as our neighbours can feel safe walking own to their
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vehicles and. >> you are 41 questions remaining. >> my name is brian. i live in the sunset. and as you know, i am also a former planning commissioner and that's why i know that your job is so adult and difficult and o thank you so much for what you do. it's difficult because typically you are at the point of growth and that's a difficult point. they call them growing pains for a reason. this is not big projects but it's a kind of cultural -- they have a lot of problems in the sunset and city and world but kids outside playing safety is not a problem. it makes our city so please go
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along with the staff recommendation and approve. thank you. >> you have 41 questions remaining. >> hello honour able commissioners, thank you for your time today. i'm hopeful our community can add field lights so students can use the field for practice and games as it was greatly. >> c. blakespear: prove and increasimproveit's use.
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thank you again for your time. >> you have 41 questions remaining. my name is rick and i am a class of 19 representatives and i'm a parent of a 2020 alum student athlete as well. i'm also a twin peaks homeowner. i really appreciate that the school is helping issues that go back to my early days and that is to be able to remain on campus and practice and build communities allowing parents to come out after work hours and see their kids compete after all the hard work they've put in and i appreciate the fact that they have chosen a very low impact lighting solution and.
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>> sierra clubs believes an impact report is needed to understand this project's impacts in terms of light pollution. nighttime noise pollution impacts the wildlife and human health and increased vehicle miles traveled. western san francisco is on the pacific fly away. art efficient night lighting has negative impacts on the migration patterns of many species of by. the first project to cause light solutions even with over a wide area to levels that are equal logically disruptive and eir is
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needed for birds and pets currently living in the vicinity of the project and a full eir would prevent alternatives that would protect both parties. the potential for negative environmental impacts and the lack of effective community participation are such that the club supports a full eir -- >> you have 41 questions remaining. >> hi, my name is jeffrey snipes and i just graduated and i understand that the lights do come with a lot of responsibility but i think that they're so important because at a time from the concept of unity and community as being threatened with our global pandemic and our war against social injustice these lights give us a chance to reform unity
5:07 am
and i think it will allow kids, especially people younger than me and it's going to be a fresh mount to create memories and thank you. >> you have 41 questions remaining. >> hi, thank you for your time. i have family directly across from saint i guess in a she is, thiignacis.i oppose approval ofs projector any lighting and it would be far out weighed on the neighbors that need to live here and it is not fair for our children to have to suffer so they can have lights on all
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over. this is a very selfish move and i think it should be rejected. please deny this proposal. please. >> you have 40 questions remaining. i'm standing by this project and i hope the commission would oppose it. it really gives no benefi benefo the public and not in the spirit of a conditioned use per application and the lights are out of scale with the neighborhood and they will illuminate the am bee around nighttime to provide a lot of
5:09 am
low which will older folks time to go to bed and it will change the quality of life and it degrades our and chokes coming home do not need to have lights on until the 9:00. i'm also an astronomer and a school that claims itself religious will deny the view of the heavens to us late at night. >> you have 39 questions remaining. >> hello, my name is michael thomas and i am five years retired after teaching, counseling and coaching at s.i. for 40 years. those three words, teaching, counseling and coaching were
5:10 am
interchangeable for me as i mentored student-athletes in the classroom, counseling office, and on the field or court. s.i. students thrive when an adult mentor is present. with the addition of field lights, student-athletes will be on campus all day which human resources readily available and then literally walk within minutes to their well-lit practice location right on campus. how ideal. physical activity is irreplaceable and supporting the mental well-being of student-athletes and enhancing camaraderie with one other and and human interaction more robust that's it's been. please vote yes and thank you for your time and consideration.
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>> you have 37 questions remaining. >> hi, can you hear me? >> yes. >> can you hear me? >> hi, my name is una and i live across the street from s.i. on rivera and i'm urging you to not approve this project. the real question is here, what is the public benefit of this lighting? and s.i. only promises to try and reduce the many problems it acknowledges this probable will create. it's not the same as a public benefit. it's a what will the neighborhood get out of it? they'll be in 200 nights a year with woke game nights having attendance of up to 1,000 people and friday and saturday game nights having attendance up to 2,800 people. these events will have impacts
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on the neighborhood and nothing will change that. you are a public and act in the public interest. it's project only benefits a private school and their students. many of whom do not even live in the city. there's nothing in the public interest regarding this project. there is no public benefits. please do not allow this to go forward. thank you. >> you have 37 questions remaining. >> hello, my name is larry and i live directly across from the field at s.i. i'm a father of two and it's really difficult for me to raise my children and have them do their homework when the lights and noise is going on. it's disruptive to my children and us and i'm a healthcare worker and i work at night and it's hard to rest up and do my job appropriate to take care of the patients who actually need my help. and lastly, i've noticed that
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having these lights may encourage students to litter which we always witnesses and we see a lot of kids wearing s.i. sweat shirts and we can't really say anything so we tell the rec and parks workers to witness this with us. thank you for my your time. >> you have 37 questions remaining. >> hi, yes, hello commissioners, my name is ku chen and i live adjacent to s.i. and as a resident, a future parent, a healthcare workers, i'm really concerned about this proposal and the people who lived here and there's a lot of young people and families who live in this neighborhood will be significantly negatively impacted.
5:14 am
s this is only benefiting the students and will cause a lot of disruptions for the neighborhood. please, please, consider revoking the conditional use for this lighting program, thank you. >> you have 36 questions remaining. >> hello, my name is (inaudible). and i am opposed to this school and stadium. it is not the neighborhood and the students and by bee priving them of sleep and it will bring
5:15 am
light and noise pollution in this covid-19 era when we have less crowds and less events and nothing more. it's terrible. it's really terrible and immoral of the school to go with this project. and please, stop them from going on. thank you. >> you have 35 questions remaining. >> good evening, honorable commissioners, my name is hugh domino i'm a native sun of the sunset, a family has roots to the 1880s and numerous generations of women and men graduates and athletes from college prep. i've served the youth of san francisco as an assistant district and youth guidance and a youth councilor and whether
5:16 am
their opportunity for high school comes. nothing draws young athletes like the soccer fields and the lighted fields at sunset playgrounds and to positive athletic activities. i strongly joined with neighbors and to ask you to support and allow the installation and responsible use of lights at j.b. murphy field and saint ignasious college. >> you have 33 questions
5:17 am
remaining. >> hello honorable commissioners, my name is teddy buchanan and i graduated from s.i. this past year and i was the wco player-of-the-year and and i think we should having monday through friday practice with a saturday game and then the rigors of homework over the weekend really doesn't give students a chance or student-athletes a chance to balance during the school week because there's really no break at all. and later in the year, we practiced basically in the dark and football is such a contact sport at the very dangerous for our athletes and it can be a employed to all different sports. college courses, i'm at uc davis playing football and they expect football games to be on frizz
5:18 am
and i know coaches and i thought it was on friday and i also have a little brother coming up playing football so i want them to have a. >> and both my daughters were born there and live there. i'm alumni of s.i. and both of my girls are students there now. having been both an allumni and neighbor as part of the sunset community, i thought about this initiative and i want to express my full support for adding lights to the field. i feel it creates an better environment that enhances camaraderie and helps build character through these sports and foster healthy to foster emotional development among its peers critical and the ability to eliminate the field is a huge help here.
5:19 am
lighting initiative creates a safe environment for the kids and great community and where families and friends can gather. allowing huge public benefits for people to support local businesses who enjoy watching these folks patronize local bakery, stores and restaurants. having lights will help continue this in the sunset so based on the information i've heard and the lo low illumination this wil cause i feel it would be a fantastic addition with minimal negative impacts. thank you for your time, commissioners. >> my name is brendan and i'm an alumnus and i live across the street on the 39th avenue side of the football field and and
5:20 am
folks that talked about the residents of the neighborhood. and we need to feel it would change the character of the neighborhood itself and we keep hearing about the benefits to the students. what about the negative benefits to the residents surrounding the school and many folks have called in saying they're from sunset they do not live across from the field and wouldn't be impacted from those adjacent to the school. i don't think anybody debates the fact that sports are a important part of development and social aspects and the impact to the neighborhood and the district facing neighbors of the school would be far outweighs or as soon as the impact to the neighbors far outweighed by the benefit to the student-athletes and we hope you oppose this project. >> you have 30 questions remaining.
5:21 am
>> hello. my name is eli and i'm a senior who i ran cross country and served on student council and i also lived in the sunset and i grew up playing on that have lights and are in dense neighborhoods and i think sf students would be happy to have these lights and they would allow later and safer practices, especially in the winter given that on campus learning would be limited this year, as will sports will be important and so i would just like to urge the planning commission to approve this project. thank you. >> you have 29 questions remaining. >> my name is mike sweeney. i'm a strong supporter of the
5:22 am
lighting project at s.i. i'm a graduate class of 88 and student from the they are a neighborhood resource for the students and the larger communities and we have small
5:23 am
children in our home and it can be a great school and they're not taking in consideration the neighbors. when the enjoyment is gone and we cannot have our windows open and we have to start everything parking is an issue and i would like to say that the lights we need to take into consideration and the neighborhoods and how it would change everything.
5:24 am
>> on 36th and pacheco. i am a big proponent of this opportunity for the school for largely the reason that f.i. is the best neighbor you could have. i went to stevenson, to ultimately he went to si and a neighbor and my mother would call the school and she had issues and that inspired me to find s.i. as the community. i think these lights will help do all the the things that everyone has spoken about and most importantly, build our community and maintain the commitment that they have for the sunset and i also wanted to
5:25 am
mention that my father loved swimming and the si poll up until the ripe old age of 95. and so the idea that the facilities don't benefit the local community is just not crew. i strongly encourage you to support this and i am planning to play division 3 in college. last year i was first team all league and all offensive player-of-the-year in field hockey. what's been a major part of my experience and it's why i have made the most memories in my high school experience. especially in times of covid-19, it's more important to have
5:26 am
sports and skyline and practical practice and allows (inaudible) after covid-19, the need for well engineers and well planned lighting system will remain just as important. as students and i have learned beyond sports and this is why they're beneficial for s.i. students. thank you for your time and consideration. >> you have 25 questions remaining. >> hello, my name is renee moore and i lived on sunset atlantic as a child. i'm a third generation. i'm highly involved at school and i'm proud to have and the
5:27 am
two other female trainers. also, when i came back, i didn't have old friends it would benefits sports and other students by having a sense of friendship and feels it's part of the team even if they're not even playing the sport. thank you for your time and consideration. >> you have 25 questions remaining. >> good afternoon. my name is bill and my wife, children and i live on 37th avenue in the area of s.i.
5:28 am
her family has been here for 60 plus years and we are strongly in favor of this project. we own our own home, run a small business and live on 37th avenue in the neighborhood. we moved here to this neighborhood and remain here knowing and expecting that facilities like south sunset, would grow. like many of our sunset neighbors, we have sent our three kids to s.i. and we are from the neighborhood. the school does not exclude and has a long history of educating sunset kids. the project will not negatively impact our lives in those in the neighborhood. just like south sunset west sunset and all the other parks with lights, they have made our neighborhood a better place to live. as a parent, neighbor, we strongly support this. thank you.
5:29 am
>> you have 24 questions remaining. >> caller: i am a long-term resident. i won't be directly affected by the noise but i support the points that the sierra club, the lighting issue is a big one and if i lived there, that sound upwards of two-thirds of the nights of the year that the neighbors will be affected by thousands of people and this is a private school, a private religious school, very extremely well funded school. and our public schools are probably going to be diminishing their sports programs. who do you represent? the private religious school or the community or the residents, commissioners. thank you, very much. >> you have 24 questions
5:30 am
remaining. >> this is mikey harrison and i'm a s.i. grad from the class of 2020 and i played football, socker and ran track last year. next year i'll play football at university of colorado. i live 10 minutes from s.i. installing lights would lead to a lot of positives. it would save the school time and money and allow for campuses night practices aside from this it woulded add to the experience of being a student or avis to be. lights would allow for night games to be played at s.i. which is something all high school athletes would get to experience here and there. i think my time is now and i football players and i remember games where we got to play under the lights and just experience that thrill and athletes like lacrosse, soccer, field hockey, track and field would get to use this field and over all just a positive for the cultural of high school sports in san francisco. thank you for listening, please
5:31 am
vote yes. >> you have 24 questions remaining. >> my named is dr. david crosby and i am opposed to the approval of this project has submitted and it suggests that the use of lighting to 208 days and it's hard to believe it would not have an arrest verse and it's an or the and it states and the proposed lights at the exist fag sil tee would not extent and they're designed to allow expanded use of the facility. again, further evaluations are in order. it's desirable and the neighborhood serving school i would come that s.i. provide at an annual tuition of $26,000 a year sun likely the majority of students where tuition is one quarter of the median household
5:32 am
chin and it indicates 40-foot area permitted and wireless telecommunications use and other if this is the case why must all be granted why not have just one it can accommodate 2,000 people and there was no plan to mitigate transmission and despite a significant increase in social gatherings at the school due to expended use and it's added to the closing this project and documented from the proposal. thank you for your time. >> you have 24 questions remaining. >> i live across the city and from 39th and riff a era. i have a 1-year-old daughter. and high noise from crowds and the use of 5g technology and
5:33 am
it's not taken into consideration and how this will effect the small children in the community. having lights be used for up to 200 nights a year is absolutely ludicrous and causing routines to be changed. we ask you to take into consideration how small children in the neighborhood would be affected by non essential lights. by voting yes on this project it will show our community that you saint and their students that pay tuition for a project that doesn't directly effect their education and the outer sunset. students and parents do not have to live these lights across from their homes and they will drive home which is mostly outside of san francisco city. i am extremely against this, please do not approve this proposal. thank you. you have question questions
5:34 am
remaining. >> hello honorable commissioners. my name is matt. i have have been a strong supporter of adding field lights since i heard about the project. i'm a san francisco resident and a s.i. parent. i'm also president of the s.i. fathers club representing a thousand dads at s.i. we raise over a million dollars annually for scholarships so students from all backgrounds can attend s.i. including many in our very own sunset community. sports play an important rule in our community and my two sons are no exception. they stay mentally fit and it's an important life skills and bond them with their classmates. lights on the field will allow for safer training for s.i. athletes on campus. lights will make it easier for parents as a 25 year san francisco resident i will see the light project move forward and hopefully in time for my son to play under them.
5:35 am
thank you for your support. >> you have 23 questions remaining. >> caller are you prepared to submit your testimony. let's go to the next caller. >> this is matthew. i live across the street from the s.i. field and what i find interesting is their support does seem to be limited to s.i. alumni of some sort but what i have not heard is any kind of opposition, even from s.i. alumni to the additional studied requested by the committee. i don't even think it's working. and just look at large event plan submitted by they're only dealing issues with properties not dealing with any issues not
5:36 am
o not the safety trash or packing studying to occur. thank you. >> you have 23 questions remaining. >> this is roger wong and i'm a resident of the out you are sunset neighborhood with my family it's a big problem with
5:37 am
the lighting, that lighting is separated from the closest house by 280 feet buffer by park and trees. we're talking about lighting that is begin rating 258,000 enhanced by the fog we have in the sunset. even the lighting impact report is showing the loss of 5,000 to 50,000 over to the public way. and as much as 5,000candelas to the immediate waivers. there's health issues related to the lighting used at the 5700 that is detrimental to health and you know, these benefits do
5:38 am
not justify the negative impact to the greater neighborhood and for this reason i strongly oppose to the project and i hope you do so as well. thank you. >> you have 20 questions remaining. >> my name is sun kim and i'm a father of a student at s.i. and a 25 year resident of san francisco. i have tiger woods points i want to reemphasize regarding the support of lights. most of our students come from working families and most of these kids use s.i. for a second home and many students will take part in competitive athletes athletics and organized events and on the field for their first time in their lives. the field lights are essential. they're really an essential part of helping them grow leaders inside and outside the classroom and many of the students and faculty participated in these events.
5:39 am
these lights are a valuable part and 15 students and extended communities participating in the events on the field. please vote. >> you have 20 questions remaining. >> hello, my name is kathleen and i'm a rising junior at s.i. high school. and i'm a second generation s.i. wild cat. i've been on the principal's honor roll since freshman year and i'm on the varsity rowing team. i was given the most inspirational and rowing season and i continue to inspire and encourage each one of my teammates. rowing has taught me to be patient and a motto we students live by. we are taught to be respectful
5:40 am
and responsible we hope you can see us at one of our sporting events. >> you have 20 questions remaining. >> s.i. has many sports programs
5:41 am
and with the installation of the lights we would be allowed to safely practice and schedule games at a later time. sports have made me feel a part of a special community that encourages me to work hard and never give up. this community has also taught me what it means to be working with and for others. adding lights to the field is a great way of showing gratitude to the students to continue give back to volunteers. thank you for your consideration. we welcome you to one of our names and. >> i grew up in the sunset district on 26th avenue. in 1979 i graduated where i was a student athlete and please approve the lighting project in order to let students more easily participate in athletics.
5:42 am
it will contribute to the mission of s.i. which is the develop student leadership, service and justice to a world in badly need of it. thank you commissioners and good evening. >> >> you have 18 questions remaining. >> and i am swimming all four years for s.i. it taught me what being it inspired me to get certification and work at the i.s. pool on the weekend teaching swim lessons and i support adding lights to the field so we can use it for practice and be safe with proper lighting and with the addition of the lights, students and spectators will be able to engage more easily in school spirit and pride. adding lights is a great way to give back to all the students who served their communities and
5:43 am
through service projects and volunteer opportunities. the values s.i. taught me such as caring for the entire person and to be a woman with and for others and always in my life no matter where i am. thank you commissioners for your time and consideration and we all invite you to come out to one of our games. >> you have 16 questions remaining. >> hello, my name is allison and i live on the corner of 39th and rivera. i've been an educator for 17 years and i understand the socially motional needs and physical outlets that are really critical for our students and i've been in the public schools for 17 years and i've noticed that there hasn't been a lot of talk about how this is going to negatively impact that schools
5:44 am
that go to sunset elementary or local schools. their shift for the student-athletes to a later practice time doesn't shift the neighborhood schedule so students who need to go to bed earlier are now going to be kept up later and so they're going to struggle at school more because they're not going to have the sleep that they need. and the mother of two 10-year-olds twins and when they have games late at night and we can't find parking on saturdays and now we're not going to find parking during the rest of the week as i work 10 hour days. i don't think s.i. is being a good neighbor but thinking about the impacts on others. thank you. >> you have 16 questions remaining.
5:45 am
>> >> hell oh i'm my junior year and i'm a varsity football player. i am in support of the lights. i have played a couple friday night games and the energy is magical and i have made unforgettable moments and i valued the lessons from these games. these lights are necessary and in terms of the should we not get these lights leave without the experience and lessons that they have gained through our times with us. our motto is pursuit of perfection an.
5:46 am
>> you have 16 questions remaining. >> there is the place reliving in from new york and we love sunset and as a chinese immigrant from hong kong and community workers and sunset and i really experience this strong support from s.i. for the families of myself and. >> he has changed and and it follows instructions to one and the light project and one more favorite and for students. they need exercise and one
5:47 am
holistic well-being and the body, mind and soul. thank you very much. >> you have 16 questions remaining. >> hi my name is linda and i'm a native san franciscan and i live directly across from the field on 39th avenue. i'd like to say that i'm very much opposed to the s.i. proposal. i think it's an extreme imposition on the people who live in this neighborhood. these are our homes and we live here and we have the right to enjoy peace and quiet there is no parking. there's noise and the next day after a game i have to go and clean out all the garbage in front of my house. the loud speakers are blaster
5:48 am
and pounding and i would guess that most of the people that are pushing for these lights would not want them please propose this project. thank you. >> you have 14 questions remaining. my name is deric wong and i live across the street on 39th from s.i. i'm surprised no one actually explained how it's like to never cross the street from us. i just want and the kids and came out later on and found the mirror broken on the ground. i have another neighbor that i talked to and like you said, he actually parks across the street and the night before and because she doesn't know if she can get the car out in the morning and i
5:49 am
myself live in a house with a garage so i have an extra wide driveway. one of the students parked halfway into my driveway and being a good neighbor, they came out and a month later i noticed the front of my house got egged, like someone by the students, probably. i couldn't say anything because i never witnessed it. they also put cones out in the streets for the school bus to park to pick up kids from another area. the kids i noticed just parked right there between the kids. in between the cones. no one in the school says anything about it and the bus double parked in front of my house across the street. and have you tried that where you got cars going both ways on a one way street. it's almost impossible and not
5:50 am
only death the kids sometimes play music on the loud speaker. every now and then i hear them playing rap music and not like i want to listen to rap music. another student had a high performance car and after school he would drive it down the street and you can hear it. i know you can hear it from the school. no one ever addressed it. he did it until the end of the term. and now, for our area, i thought holding it at night and we can't have guests over and and thank you. >> you have 15 questions remaining. >> good evening, commissioners.
5:51 am
my name is joy chan and i'm a resident across from s.i. do not approve this project as it only benefits the school and ex -- (inaudible) in the neighborhood. 90 feet tall light poles 200 nights a year this will impact the skyline of the neighborhood which will disrupt the quietness and add noise and light pollution. please be clear, there's no direct relationship between installing the lights and allowing s.i. to have a robust program. as a planning of the schedule. again, the lights may benefit the students for years of their life at this school but hurt the neighbors who live here for a lifetime. please, please do not approve this project as it only benefits the school. again, all the concerns mentioned about might be tolerable once or twice a year for special and occasional events but 200 nights a year, taking that frequency into
5:52 am
account, this emphasize the impact and become intolerable by the neighbors, please, thank you for listening to my comments and do not approve this. >> you have 13 questions remaining. hello commissioners. my name is danny ryan and i just graduated from s.i. i played football at s.i. and i'm playing next year for usc. board, especially football, some of my favorite memories at s.i. everyone coming together to support each other and show schools spirit. memories i made last year will last a lifetime. i support putting up the lights because it will ensure to play at s.i.
5:53 am
i had a younger sister and i thank you for your time. >> you have 12th questions remaining. >> hello honorable commissioners my name is lydia and i live in the sunset and my son attends s.i. he has played football for the last two years and i volunteered as a team parent and i serve on the board of parents association. i will show my strong support for the lights. the lights will have a critical impact to make a difference on why it puts the students and building the community. students will have the opportunity to maximize precious time by playing later and outlets for the mental, physical and emotional well-being. they'll be able to practice, place and grow through sports and access to the field. this is especially true in s.f. where kids don't have these
5:54 am
outlets. every year we have a black and brown day for students of colorment one of the highlights ihighlightsand they ask questioe fields and the sports programs and the community. as future students, it makes me excited they'll have the opportunity to benefit from these lights. it's one of the most pure sporting events you can see and family and friends makes you feel part of the community and do some community. please approve the lights and thank you for the opportunity to share my support. >> my name is tom and class of 1990s.i. good evening, commissioners, thank you for the good work you do. these lights are for our future. these lights acknowledge how our young adults perceive how
5:55 am
they're valued. the lights are for the visiting team, their families, friends, neighborhoods. communities, these aren't for an exclusive private club, they're designed to heighten a shared experience and small town values in a big city. families getting together to watch their children becoming adults, sharing time, sharing the experience of an athletic competition at its truest form. when these lights go up, so do the hopes of all who share in the community experience of a high school sporting events. let's celebrate those who welcome the small town experience and a city that needs something that feels right, this is a good thing. this is right. it will bring us closer together
5:56 am
to share and experience something good and true. thank you for your time. >> you have 10 questions remaining. >> this is isabel and i am opposed. i live on 39th avenue on the seventh-yard line of the s.i. football field. i can understand a couple nights a year and the trash and the traffic and the noise that have from these games but 200 nights a year is too much. we own our home and we're raising a 4-year-old here and he will miss his bed time and not get the sleep he needs in the home we built for him. i would like to point out that the new conditional permits is
5:57 am
new and it just came a month ago and they're affiliates can use this field for these night games and this is a very vague term. we don't know what it means many of there's a lot of vagueness this this plan. i ask we get a plan we can respond to and mitigate the many negative impacts that this will have on my family and in our neighborhoods. >> i graduated from s.i. high school in 1970. i live a 36 and rivera. i ran cross country, track and field and i was an alter boy. i am deeply opposed to the lights. we've this trash, had to tow cars and i was a student who went there. i did not see people behave in
5:58 am
such a manner. please, for the neighborhood, and someone who graduated from s.i. high school and was involved in sports, please do not approve this project. thank you. >> you have eight questions remaining. >> i want to point out the words about health concerns. artificial lighting on its own at reasonable times does not cause harm and listing that point out elaboration is a disingenuous rhetorical tactic. with the verizon project it's not a problem. it's duel use something the city should encourage more and make use of our space and the
5:59 am
commissioner ice time. even if the benefits were limited not a reaction for public benefit it's acceptable for good members of the community like s.i. to benefit from use of their own land. they should balance that with the cost but those costs are really incrementally minimal in this case. i did a. >> you have seven questions remaining. >> hello honorable commissioners. my name is bianca and i'm a sophomore. i'm a fifth generation san francisco resident. i was on the freshman girl's basketball team and i am one of the presidents on the wild cat welcoming committee. i support the installation of lights on the field because s.i. has a very active sports program. this would allow teams to use the field for later games.
6:00 am
this will also help safer around the schools and especially in the winter months when it gets dark earlier. as an athlete, i know we put in long hours of practice and we can leave the representative of our stool and steed and sports. and important to support my teammates and there are a strong bond and we work well together and finish the season with 24 wins and two losses.
6:01 am
please oppose this project. >> you have five questions' maining. >> hi, this is eugene with my family and we own our home on 39th avenue half a block and we can current lie and clearly clear the games and practices from our back window and we have a grade school child who will be disrupted by the plan 150 games and it will be played up to 10:00 p.m. effecting his development all the callers who
6:02 am
support the lights and he is considered placing our quality of life from a high school sports and please consider our lives or our practices. consider our lives former games. thank you very much. >> you have four questions remaining. >> this is johnathan. i have no connection to s.i. except that i used to go swimming before last year when i had public swimming. i wanted t to concur with james. what people need to look for is what is called room darkening curtains. i have the same problem. of a street light outside my house and it's hard to sleep unless i closed the curtains and i can sleep. the other impacts you don't have to do with the lights themselves
6:03 am
they're parking, and noise impacts and i think that s.i. and the neighbors need to resolve those issues and learn to become better neighbors with each other regardless weather the lights go up. also the verizon networks they'll improve people's radiation exposure because you will have less coming out of your pocket when the towers closer to you. so that is a benefit to the community. thank you. >> you have five questions remaining. >> hi, my name is debbie and i live on 36th avenue across from the practice field. and several nights a week, i came to see the ocean and i cannot see the sunset because the practice lights are on and when they've had big games and brought in the lights, i can do
6:04 am
shadow puppets on my wall. several blocks away. it negatively affects us. we have to close our curtains and we like to look out at the world going by. we don't mind s.i. having games sometimes but we would love if they would maybe not have them 200 days out of the year and and the ocean and see nature and see the trees and see people walking by with their dogs. and i don't think it's fair to the neighbors to say is that it's just going to be 200 games, we'll have 200 games every day we're going to have practice and sometimes there will be smaller groups so it won't be traffic but it will still be -- >> you have three questions remaining. >> >> my name is deand our family home is less than 200 feet from
6:05 am
the s.i. field. we lived in that home since 1956 and before s.i. came to the sunset district. s.i. students are great kids and however, lighting the field will only benefit s.i. students. students of a private school. 40% of students live outside san francisco. other schools manage to schedule all the sporting events without lights. night traffic and noise limits our use of our own deck, porches yards, having our windows open and other home assets. crowded streets may disrupt emergency resident time response. sunset residents are the public represented by the commission. please, we oppose the s.i.
6:06 am
lights. please deny permits for the s.i. lights installation. thank you for your consideration. >> you have two questions remaining. hello honorable commissioners. my name is alan lundqvist and i was born in san francisco and raised half a block from s.i. or what was san dunes and then s.i. my grandfather had sculptures at golden gate international and has them in churches all over the city. my father worked as an architect and created senior housing all over the city. the neighborhood and the families were here first. s.i. moved into such a situation and why compromises made on both sides over the years to live together, this is one step too far. obviously more studies need to be done because jeff stated that nighttime events will not
6:07 am
adversely effect the neighborhood. he is obvious low never been there when s.i. has done something at night with the noise and the traffic and all the issues that others have spoken of. imagine trying to to have a family dinner, trying to help your kid with his homework and all the lights and noise coming just a few lights and few yards away people's and and those who live there need to sleep.
6:08 am
>> you have one question remaining. >> you have two questions remaining.
6:09 am
hello. -- is the public commenter prepared to submit your testimony? let's go to the next caller. >> you have one question remaining. >> is the caller prepared to submit your testimony. >> honorable commissioners, president koppel, lifetime resident of (inaudible) west side sunset district. i'm a current s.i. football coach. currently california law will serve our mandate -- >> sir, if you are a s.i. football coach you are an employee of the school and you are part of the project sponsor team and you have a financial interest in this. let's go to the next caller. >> i am a volunteer.
6:10 am
>> you have zero questions remaining. >> commissioner, that conclude a marathon public comment session and the matter is now before you. >> so thank you again to jonas for aiding in the public comment section of this hearing. thank you to all the members of the public who were patient enough to deal with the logistics of our hearings as well. i do live in the west side and i grew up in mark mer said and i live out in the sunset. i'm a couple -- more than a couple blocks away from the school. i went to lole high school down the road and i played baseball and basketball there and a lot of the straits i learned growing up playing sports like socialization and teamwork and discipline and camaraderie and commitment, allowed me to show
6:11 am
up to practice and my games on time. it's something that i highly value that's made me into the guy i am today. also, what i see that is different nowadays than back when i was a school and the late-night hundreds but technology and it's so much prevalent everywhere we go, not only the internet but cellphones and tick tock apps and video games. a lot of the colleagues and friends that i talk to and they're frustrated and their kids play video games and i think just to make sure they had communication and more of a dialogue with the community because they are important and
6:12 am
also i didn't realize that certain aspects liar safety will come into play when it comes down to women walking home late eight night in dark areas. with those reasons i support the project but would love to hear from the other commissioners. >> thank you, president koppel for your comments. and thank you for the public for providing their comments either in opposition or support. i just have a question in terms of -- i mean there are some comments in terms of what -- in terms of environmental impact report can the staff explain what would trigger an environmental impact report and whether there are other analysis
6:13 am
that has been done in other high schools that the planning has been aware of? >> you may be muted. >> yes. >> >> so, i wasn't the staff planner on this project and our environmental planning team prepared a statement for me and this wasn't response to the letters they received and
6:14 am
lighting near the beach chalet athletic field or athletic facility e.i.r. and the golden gate park observation wheel exemption that they result in less than significant impacts related to athletic field lighting. so, i believe there has been a recent increase in studies of lighted projects and i think it has been determined that with the technologies around, in the mitigation possible at the project i've proven to not impacts based on lighting. >> thank you. and for the sain s.i. principale
6:15 am
mentioned there's going to be event management plans. has those been presented to the community during the community meeting and what was the reaction? >> >> thank you so much for your questions. yeah, we actually in your packet it should include our detailed plans on how we plan to mitigate large evening game issues and including increase communication with our neighbors and detailed instructions for opposing teams and codes of conduct for our own community and for the other communities who join us and there was a lot we have means
6:16 am
for people to report problems so noise problems for students who go to their cars and making noise and -- to hear the
6:17 am
students the need in order to practice with the lights. by approving this, i also wish and looks like the s.i. school has event management that can bn also look into so for me, i'm leaning towards approval on this. that's my comment. >> commissioner diamond. >> thank you. i believe that the lighting plan is clearly better for s.i. and its students as well as the alumnus. the later start times is better for the students. and better for the students and the family to stay closer to
6:18 am
campus. the students don't have to miss the last class of the day because they have to leave early to go to games elsewhere. tomb work collaboration and a sense of belonging speaking and some other three former teams who are now young adults and better for teens to be at events that are supervised than wandering around the city and i believe the schools tried to be minimally evasive and it's whether or not condition 11 has been designed to try to reduce the impact felt by the neighbors as much as possible and with that i have a few questions. i think you read at the beginning of this staff report,
6:19 am
now hours ago, that there was a revision to be in condition 11 and it's a condition that refers to a fill it's a mentioned by one of the speakers so do you reread to be. >> the proposed new language would be the project sponsor shall not light the field for use by groups unaffiliated with the project sponsor. >> question for the principal, which is what are you referring to by unaffiliated by the project sponsor, what does that mean? >>
6:20 am
>> i'm the project sponsor. so we have what are called club teams that are affiliated with the schools so an s.i. staff person is here so for example, the olympic would not be affiliated with s. irk. that is a compromise that we made it has members of our star
6:21 am
attitudes on the team and so it's affiliated with us. let me pursue a little more and many of the neighbors referred to use of the lights 200 nights a year, is it 200? >> if you look at sunset in august 1st, it's eighth in the evening and we're not here in
6:22 am
august, right. in may, the use in the easing would be limited because again it gets dark until 8:30 in the evening and so those tail ends, it would not in use. same thing over the christmas break. use of lights would be -- >> so what are we talking about? is it 150? what is the number roughly that you are talking about where the lights would be on during the year? >> i think the neighbors need to hear this? >> yes. 150. >> that's the number. >> and of the 150, how many would the school actually be using it versus your affiliated clubs or other relationships that would be permitted under in language. >> it would be 150. >> so what about the affiliate.
6:23 am
>> any club team affiliate will not be allowed to use the facilities under the lights. on the 150 regular nights of the year, those are school usage hours under the lights. >> they would not -- are you saying the affiliates would not use the lighted fields. >> from time to time they would use the field but it would not be. it would be a small number out of that 150. the primary usage is going to be practices for s.i. teams. soccer, lacrosse, football. let me push further before i give my fall on this. tell me how important it is to you to end at 9:00 at night
6:24 am
instead of 8:30? >> you know, it would be nice if we could end at 9:30 at night. we want to get our kids home obviously but 9:00 gives us time to basically get everything cleaned up and get the kids out of here and get everything taken care of. typically practices would end at 8:30 and we have to go ahead and clean the field, get to their cars and so on and so fourth. we do plan to dim the lights. >> i'm talking about what time the lights would go off. from the neighbor's perspective, what time would the lights be turned off? >> 9:00. >> ok. >> and how -- what kind of limitation does it put on you if the commission decided on 8:30 instead of 9:00? >> you know, it puts a littletation on us. it just makes it more difficult for the coaches. we could dim -- we wanted to put language in about being able to
6:25 am
dim the lights but it would be complicated to add those sentences in. looking at it and saying, 9:00 and we can dim them at 8:45 and go to 50 or 25%. want to get the kids to the cars and get the field cleaned off. >> commissioner diamond, are you ok with me saying a little bit more about the lights and feel like neighbors are misinformed are you ok with that? >> yes in one moment, let me just finish getting through my list of questions and i would be happy to hear that if you like that. my last question has to do with the da vis between those games that are not subject to it and you use a thousand and the thousand strikes me as a very large number so why did you pick the number of a thousand and
6:26 am
between what is subject to your larger management plan is what is expected on the other nights. we have events with a thousand people attending in either our basketball games and back to school nights, so we routinely have events of up to 1,000 or 1500 and the impact is not that great and we try to get people to focus to do their parking on 37th and 36th avenue so it doesn't impact on 39th because it's a long walk anyway so we have a lot of events over 1,000 people and the impact, there's a lot of parking around the neighborhood and with people taking uber and such it's been less. we have a lot of events that are 1,000 to 1500 people. >> i'm just struck. so your practice games and other games, you expect your practice is clearly you are not expecting
6:27 am
1,000 people. what kind of games? >> not at all. the from we're expecting 200 kids that's it. the big miscommunication are these major events of over 1,000 people on the field field between five and 10 of those a year. we're asking for 20 with flexibility but there's between five and 10 of those large events. >> i'm going to counter that. it won't be near 20. i would be surprised if any of those years we had as many as 10. >> yeah. a thousand people is manageable for us. >> i think you want to fill me in on the lights. >> i understand the neighbors are concerned and i'm listening to the things they're expressing and i just want to make sure that people understand that we
6:28 am
are investing in the highest level of technology we're using the latest l.e.d. lighting technology in the lights so they're focused on the fields and onlyel feeds so they have shields impact the neighboring homes so when they're referring to other lights, that haven't worked well yes they're right. rental lights don't work as well that's the lowest technology that they use. south sunset existing lights are not using the latest technology and they're on until the 10:00 p.m. at night at weeknights and we're asking for nine and our lighting minimizing the impact and the 90-foot height pole level which would it will eliminate spill age on to our neighbors and it's important to us. a 90-foot pole equals more focused light. >> one last question, please.
6:29 am
i heard at the beginning some concern it was ambiguous whether or not it just referred to the stadium lights or whether it included the practice field. this is a question for staff. staff, the language is ambiguous or that it's clear that we're just talking about the stadium lighting here. >> i don't know nothing ambiguous about this there's no mention in the case report to the practice field and this motion and this product application is specific to the j.v. field and the lights going on to that field. having hard all of that, i will say that i am in favor of approving the project subject to
6:30 am
condition 11. >> clearly the project sponsor has not muted themselves. the sponsor can you mute your telephone and stop talking and listen, that would be great. thank you commissioner diamond i apologize. >> thank you, very much. i appreciate it as well. i am in favor of approving this project and i believe that conditional 11 which is drafted since this item was continued in june goes a long way to alleviating many of my concerns. i particularly like the feature in the large events management plan that requires an ongoing dialogue between the neighbors and the school and there's a feedback loop so the school can continue to refine because no matter how much we try to perfect condition 11 now, we will see how it plays out and it
6:31 am
probably the school will need to modify and response to neighborhood concerns and i would say the only thing i'm not sure about is i am wondering whether the commissioners, the other commissioners, what they would think about putting a limit on the over all number of lights a year where the school can turn on the lights. i heard the principle say that 150 was the number that they had in mind and so i would be -- i want to put that out there for the other commissioners and get their views on. >> commissioner more. weighing in on this particular question, commissioner diamond, i was a little bit uncomfortable about the message from the principal and the coaches not
6:32 am
being one that really clearly agreed on the numbers. the numbers fluctuated and it made me just a little bit uncomfortable. i do understand there needs to be flexibility hard and fast numbers in a dynamic teaching program cannot be absolute but they can give us a more clear number so we also respond to neighbors' concerns about the frequency of events. that includes classifying which events need the full ride and which events smaller ones could start dimming at 8:30. clarity in numbers will go a long way to really create an extra level of management and predictable tee for neighbors and i think precise numbers will help to create a mutual level of
6:33 am
comfort that in deed is some reality to what we are approving and what neighbors ultimately will have to deal with. it will be my response to your question and i like to redistrict that question to the school's principal and the coach. >> thank you so much for that q i'm happy to provide clarification. we can agree to 150. we liked to give ourselves caution and we don't want to come off as lying to the neighbors if we felt like as it was written is that might have sufficed and i hear you saying it doesn't. you feel like the neighbors need a number. we can agree to 150-6789 also i would be happy to agree to dimming by 8:30.
6:34 am
if that helps. we can commit to dimming by 8:30 at night and then turning them off completely by 9:00. that would give people a little bit of peace of mind. i would also like to see that the emphasis of the use of your fields, primarily deals with your own programs including flexibility in expanding in extracting your own programs and minimizing clubs which is always an issue. it doesn't matter what we approve since we do know the variation i would prefer the use of the fields to direct benefits to your own students. you can control these people and their behavior patterns you know and those are the people who are basically in line and supporting
6:35 am
the full functionality and success of what you are investing. that would be my preference. >> i am leaning towards improve and this is a necessary improvement for recreation access and i think the new conditions of approval to get lights off at 8:30 is what the principal said and setting the number to 150 games a night per year sounds great. >> motion to approve as presented by staff subject to
6:36 am
three changes and one, these are all condition 11. one is the first change is that there's a total cap on the number of nights that the lights can be on at one per year at 150 and the second is that not the nights where we said of this to turn off the lights by 9:00, that would be changed to dimming by 8:30 with the let's of lighty 9:00. in condition b or, maybe i deferred to staff as to where it should go but there's language in here that the use of the lights is intended substantially for the school itself. any use by affiliates should be extremely minimal because all of the arguments about why this is in the best interest of the students don't really apply as much to the a fill ats so i'm in
6:37 am
complete agreement with commissioner moore. that would be the motion i would make. >> >> i second the motion. >> >> the balance between an institutional use and adjacent residential areas is always very delicate. i think the impacts are much more significant than that. >> the project sponsor is
6:38 am
speaking into their phone. if you can refrain on mute yourself. we're talking about a separate item now. commissioners, i don't see anything further. then there's a motion that has been seconded and i will call that question now. the motion was to approve this matter with conditions with amendments to the conditions a of approval limiting the number of -- i believe i captured that motion correctly. on that motion commissioner chan. >> aye. >> commissioner diamond. >> aye.
6:39 am
>> commissioner fung. >> no. >> commissioner imperial. >> aye. >> commissioner johnson. >> aye. >> commissioner moore. >> may i clarify the lights foraforayfofor a fill -- >> well the maker of the motion used that term and she did not include it as a condition of approval and she questioned where it was appropriate to place so if it's not a condition of approval we can put it as a finding. if the make over the motion would like to amend her motion to condition that use of the lights by a fill it's a. would not be permitted -- i thought it was not a condition but a finding and i said minimal, not zero. >> ok, thank you. i misunderstood.
6:40 am
i will take my comment back. >> with all due respect, if we added as a condition of approval minimal should be defined with a number or a day or an hour. >> ok, i understand. so let me ask the principal of the 150, what the maximum number you will have affiliates use this for? >> thank you for your question. just to clarify. >> with that said, it doesn't really address the questions. >> we're looking for a number.
6:41 am
>> i'm not sure can i give you the number 20? what would help? >> 20 can we go back to the definition of affiliate. these affiliated organizations s.i. coach and employees is on the field with those kids. >> it's an s.i. team. is 20 the number? >> so, i could live with 20. commissioner moore, i want to make sure that this is ok with you. >> i am ok with that. i just wanted the definition to minimal so i am fine with if you define it as 20 i will support that?
6:42 am
>> >> that's a minimal commissioner chan. >> yes. >> was that me the second? >> yes. >> ok. >> there were a number of seconds but i believe you chimed in first. so, commissioners, on that amended motion, it has been seconded, to approve the matter with conditions limiting to the over all number of lighted nights to 150 per allowing 20 of those nights to be used by affiliate of the school and dimming to begin at 8:30 p.m. and lights completely off by 9:00 p.m. on that motion commissioner chan. >> aye. >> commissioner diamond. >> aye. >> commissioner fung. >> no. >> commissioner imperial. >> aye. >> commissioner johnson. >> aye. >> commissioner moore. >> aye. >> and commissioner koppel. >> aye.
6:43 am
>> so moved. commissioners, that motion passes 6-1. with commissioner fung voting against. commissioners, that will place us under your discretionary review calender. at 1222 fundsten avenue andization' review and are you prepared and and construction a new four-storey single family
6:44 am
residents. this proposal requested two variances the first for planning code section 132 front yard setback and property requires a front setback of 15 feet by code. the proposed single family residents encroaches into the required front setback providing only five feet of setback. the second for p.c. section 134 rear yard. equal to 45% of the lot depth however this proposed building does not extend into the required rear yard but the building that -- the existing building falls within the required rear yard. so pursuant to zoning administrator interpretation, such a development scenario requires a rear yard variance. the variance request was heard by the zoning administrator at a public hearing on december 5th, 2019. the d.r. requester of 1218
6:45 am
adjacent property to the north is opposed to the project because it will block views to the historic cottage and will box her cottage blocking light to her dwelling and yard. to date the department has received four letters in opposition and one letter in support of the project. subsequent to the original 311 notification the project was modified by moving the building and lowering the right. this required an additional 15-day notification period during which, the d.r. was filed. these modifications served to further reduce impacts on the light, air and scale to the d.r. applicant and rear cottage of the subject property. on light to adjacent cottages and related to maintaining adequate separation from the
6:46 am
rear cottages. the proposed building is consistent with the height and scale of other buildings on the block and the location of the building provides adequate open space and air and light to the adjacent rear cottages. the fourth-storey is setback 15 feet from the building front to maintain the appropriate scale at the streets and the depth of the proposed building is significantly less than the adjacent building to its immediate south and along with the setback of the fourth floor at the rear adequately maintained excessive light to the d.r. property. staff found that the proposed project has been designed to avoid exceptional or extraordinary circumstances posed by the conditions and recommending not taking discretionary review. this concludes my report and i'm available to answer questions. thank you. >> thank you, david, are you prepared to make your presentation? >> d.r. requester, are you
6:47 am
prepared to make your presentation? >> hi, good evening, everybody. my name is rose and i'm the daughter of the requester. could mr. winslow, could you present my file. i cannot see you. the first page is the simulation in the simulation, we saw all the big houses in our neighborhood but i was is not (inaudible) the plan simulation does not experience it show the impact of the new construction on our home at 1218funston avenue. after the new house is built, our home will be sitting at the owned of a (inaudible). the new house will severely block sunlight to our home and front yard. the grass in our front yard will
6:48 am
not receive the houses are 122 winston avenue are too old historical twin houses, they're built in 1908 and 110 years of history. they're the last surviving houses with historical appearances. with the four-storey single family house sitting in the front the charming bill of the 110 year twin home will be lost forever. after the construction, the last grown open space on the block is going to be reduced by half. and it is probable that the remaining half are would not stay green due to the blocking of sunlight by the new
6:49 am
construction and this is not good for preserving grown space in our neighborhoods. can you go to the last page, please. there are even worrisome situations. after the construction, the sidewalk on the eastside of 1200 block of funston avenue will be diminished over six feet. the open space on this project is too much beyond the code and there seems to be no input from the fire department regarding the necessary egress for the small older cabin to the immediate rear of this proposed building. and the height exemptions to the code are very unclear and could even be wrong. and there's not an attempt made to determine that the historical charter and the status of this 19 o 8 structural our neighborhoods are the delight of many residents and visitors who
6:50 am
see the amazing preservation as a wonder us quality to san francisco. is this project a good replacement or an excess i have abuse of variances shrinking open space and we are here to say no to this project because it will have significant impact on us and they should not have four code variance and it should be more compatible with this neighborhood and thank you very much. >> thank you. the d.r. presentation and if so project sponsor are you prepared to make your presentation. you may need to -- >> can you hear me. >> i can. >> great. can we have the first slide. >> jury slides are up and your
6:51 am
time is running. so, go to slide one. >> sorry. good evening, commissioners. this is toby morris. representing the project sponsor mrs. karen woods. the project involves the preservation of an existing legal non conforming cottage and the rear yard of this the subject hr2. and the the proposed new hole facing the street. the cottage was found to be not an historic resource and preservation and ceqa determination and it's been unusual starting with the variance last december and i i guess perration with no dr filed and we were districted to effect additional changes and lessen the impact and before the d.r. filing and early in 2020, third
6:52 am
page, please, and we moved the proposed single family home to increase the space between our proposed rear wall and the cottage and slide four, we also lord the building. with the department outside this time the d.r. was files. slide five, please. our reviewed efforts to discuss the project with the d.r. were rebuffed and you've heard her objections which focus mostly on light and scales of proposal. slide 6, please. as noted in the d.r. analysis, the residential design guidelines called a minimize impacts on light to adjacent cottages, however, the existence is not complying rear yard cros.
6:53 am
we're not propose north and the next slide. the lot is zoned for two units and which worked with to save the representatival at the d.r. requester. mid block open space. originally proposed at 20 feet and then 25 feet, then 27 and a half feet the rear yard open
6:54 am
space shown green will provide light and air access it exceeds the requirements and dwelling unit exposure and results in a year yard far exceeding the minimum 45%. given our goal to preserve the cottage, citing the new home closer to the street asper the a direction and is consistent with best practices and justified the requested front yard variance. slide 11, please. building height, to control building height redepress the garage and took two feet out of the building resulting feelings eight and nine foot clear. the structure is about 37 feet tall with a partial pop up roof. and it includes collaboration and we have achieved an appropriate balance here. the creation of a new dwelling unit and the preservation of an existing one and all the while providing adequate open space and to our neighbors and future
6:55 am
residents of surrounding. we asked the commission to take d.r. and approve the project as designed. thank you, i can address the comments in my rebuttal that we're outlined. >> that concludes the project sponsor presentation we can move on to public comment and through the chair, public comment will be limit today one minute. >> your conference is in question and answer mode. to summen each question. press one and then zero. >> members of the public, this is your opportunity to call into the 800 number press one and zero to enter the cue. >> you have one question remaining. >> can you hear me.
6:56 am
>> we can. >> is this ok? >> your time is running, sir. >> sir. sir, let's go to next caller. you have one question remaining. >> can you hear me. >> we can. your time is running. >> hello. >> yes, sir, your time is running. we can hear you. >> my name is gym and can you hear me. >> i'm not going to say i can
6:57 am
hear you four times. is the sidewalk is horrendous and they take up too much of the sidewalk. this is a pedestrian friendly neighborhood and it takes up too much sidewalks and the open space is ridiculous, this should not be granted. is this neighborhood geography and the sidewalk by grade school kids less than a block away and and they eventually i don't understand how you can grant these variances. and my name is glen and i live at 1216 and right next door and i object i've been a member of the merchants association and i lived here more than 35 years and my family was here in 1904
6:58 am
so i love this and i object to this public sidewalk that we have open space. >> you have zero questions remaining. >> commissioners, that will conclude the there are no variances i'm aware of. are you prepared to submit your rebuttal. >> you may need to hit star 6 to unmute your telephone. project sponsor are you prepared to submit your rebuttal. >> we he go ahead you have two
6:59 am
minutes. and i want to mention that 20 years ago, is my parents bought a new house at winston avenue with a beautiful green open space if it's not for public good it's for our private good. after the construction, we are forced to own our property and end the of (inaudible). the consideration of this neighbor's again fits benefit. the sponsors should take the neighbor's comments into consideration and this it device is playing again. thank you. >> thank you. project sponsor, you have two minutes for rebuttal.
7:00 am
>> thank you. i have a 13th slide if you want to put that up. this was posted, i believe by the d.r. requester on the fence next to the city's notice and she summarizes a lot of things you heard today so i'm going to just hit each one of these five items. the sidewalk on this block is 1e properties to the south we will remove the (inaudible). and replace it with landscaping. two, gross lot coverage will be 65% as proposed that's less than mr. iven son's home at 1216 funston and a dozen homes to the south. three, it's true we have not got into conversations with the fire marshal and and keeping it in
7:01 am
frontal. the documents are in the plan departments record for the d.r. requester. thank you that decision is pending. it's the public portion of this item and the matter is now before you.
7:02 am
>> commission moore. thank you for the presentation. thank you also for the d.r. requester giving the overview over there concerns. i would like to ask mr. moore is to please bring up a slide and explain your attitude about the sidewalk when you were speaking there was no image up and it was hard to understand how you were responding to that question. >> this is the tenth slide. i do not see it at the moment. here it is, ok, thank you. now it's up. >> ok. so you ask see where it says reduced front yard, you see the property line then is on a-line. >> give us a second. >> the sidewalk is eight feet
7:03 am
deep. what the d.r. requester is referring to is that from 1228funston the building step away from the front property line and most of that is concrete and sidewalk. the perception is you have a 20 or 25-foot -- it's 23-foot sidewalk to the faces of those buildings and that is not the sidewalk. the sidewalk is 15 feet. our attempt to to bring as you can see, a front steps to the property line and to landscape in the front set backs that we're not building in. >> i understand and it's a condition which we see in many parts, you have a lot of these types of conditions. your explanation i think makes it clear. i personally do not see any real issues for this and in my own
7:04 am
neighborhood i have a number of old cottages with a larger building in front and it was very building massing in the front and the back including maintaining of fielding of openness and sufficient separation between the two units. and since this is an i do find this denseification too sensitive and support of thank you and i'm curious to hear from other commissioners. >> i'm as supportive. >> is there a motion? >> commissioner diamond. >> i don't see anything exceptional or extraordinary
7:05 am
that would justify taking d.r. so i'm in agreement with moore and koppel. >> would you make a motion? >> sure. i move that we do not take d.r. >> and prove. >> second. >> seeing no further questions to speak, there's a motion and it's been seconded to not take d.r. and approve on that motion commissioner chan. >> aye. >> diamond. >> aye. >> commissioner fung. >> aye. >> commission imperial. >> commissioner johnson. >> aye. >> commissioner moore. >> aye. >> and commissioner president koppel. >> aye. >> so moved. commissioners, that months passes unanimously 7-0. placing us on item number 18. >> good evening members from the
7:06 am
commission david win slow staff architect. correction to what was on the agenda, the item before you is a public initiated request for a discretionary review of building permit application 2018.0628.3202. the dwelling unit. -- the garage and storage space of an existing four-storey five-unit apartment building. there's? physical expansion of the building envelope proposed. it's categorized as a b historic resource and the d.r. requester is jessica alexandra of the san francisco tenants union on behalf of exiting tenants. do you to concern that the illumination of housing services consisting the garden in the
7:07 am
rear and the property and bicycle storage space will impact existing tenants. today, the department has received no letters in opposition and no letters in support of the project. the proposed edition of accessory dwelling units, the accessory telling units relocated services which i am conclude bicycle parking and storage. orally location of tenant services. the protect sponsor as indicated on the grant flor plan dedicate reed placement by parking and storage to pre place existing tenant service and the common area of the rear yard will remain the same and will be access ab to all building residents through the backstairs and breeze way. the opioid of potted plants is not a land use that and beyond
7:08 am
the mains of the planning department to regulate or ep force and temporary relocation or retention and replacement has been offered by the project sponsor but is ultimately and and that temperature approving the project. >> thank you. >> that concludes staff presentation. be prepared to make your presentation. >> i am out of state dealing with a family emergency and cannot be on the same phone line as the actual applicants. i ask since we're doing a duel presentation that you allow them to join in through the public comment or when it's time for the public comment to give them two minutes. >> well, we'll give you three
7:09 am
minutes and give them two minutes, how that? >> sounds good. i'm ready. >> the slides are up. >> ok. >> so, in essence, this application has conflicting city policies, one to encourage the building of additional rental units and one to protect the character of the existing neighborhoods and our city's long-term tenant.
7:10 am
over the common air rear space. it's impossible to understand the situation without understanding the context from which this position from which his position arises and of a
7:11 am
housing service of the rent board to protect the garden and the other in response and if you can go to slide four, there was a memorandum instructing the landlord he could not severe the garden without a just cause. is that my three minutes many of that's the ram 4 the agency provided with a mandate to adjudicate these matters has vetted this issue and provided what amounts to a conflicting
7:12 am
recommendation. i know i don't have a lot of time left but i believe if you follow the planning and the storage place and the pots and plants that you see in slide one are the rear common area which is the storage space and the pots and plants ar plants are wy store there. >> project sponsor, are you prepared to make your presentation. >> the d.r. applicants was going to be given the. >> you could have created a conference line on your end to handle that logistically but let's go to the project sponsor when the d.r. app can't comes up she should make herself known and we'll give her two minutes. project sponsor.
7:13 am
>> project sponsor you may need to unmute yourself. >> by pressing star 6. >> is the lo project sponsor prepared to make a presentation. >> one last time project sponsor. >> let's go to public comment. and the chair of the public comment is limited to one minute and the exception to the d.r. applicant who will receive the remainder of her five minutes which is two. >> your conference in question and answer maud. to summon each question, press one then zero. >> members of the public this is your opportunity to call into the 800 number and press # and 0 to get into the queue. >> you have two questions
7:14 am
remaining. >> yes, hi, my name is brian wallace and i live and the and i just want to say this project does not enhance or conserve our neighborhood character for the balance or does it balance the rights to develop the property and with impact on near five properties and occupants and in small scale residential development this is that area, the states provide with the backyard and currently, not of the blocks the interior blocks and the residential alleys of east soma have a rear yard pattern similar to many of the residents of neighborhoods and in the center of a block these rear yards provide a sense of visual relief and access to open
7:15 am
space in this part of the city. in areas where the existing pattern is one of rear yards this pattern should be maintained. thank you, thank you very much. you have one question remaining. >> you have two minutes. >> i'm sorry. >> you have two minutes. >> ok. hi, my name is clark and i am a horticulturist.
7:16 am
we have been living in this building since 199 1999 for 23 years. i began planting at the guard then with permission and encouragement and participation of a former landlord. this space has always been a common space for all who live here to use as attested by throw letters from current tenants. it's been important during this pandemic and as an outdoor space to utilize and enjoy. and a rare thing in a densely populated neighborhood like soma. this garden is an he's eye thing to do and inconsiderate. we are the only remaining tenants and as such have weatherment many untempts and we have our little apartment and our urban garden despite this continued bullying. our current lapped ford and.
7:17 am
>> project sponsor. >> you have zero questions remaining. >> project response o. last call. >> d.r. you have a two minute rebuttal. >> ok. thank you. i'd like to turn to the last sentence of the planning department's recommendation which reads temporary relocation and retention and replacement and has been offered by the project sponsor but is ultimately the responsibility of whomever owns them. the amended plans are blank with regards to the rear yard and we need to assure here that we understand what is being proposed. it is my understanding the
7:18 am
tenant would not retain the garden or provide a plan for the safe removal and return for those plants. the property owner has stated unequivocally that the garden has to go. furthermore, as above, we dispute the relocation and replacement of the garden rests on the tenants shoulders. i would like to be clerks regardless of what happens here tonight, the landlord condition pursue plans to dismantle the garden without evicting the tenants from that space. the planning commission neither has the authority or the jury i diction to to modify their proposal to accommodate the
7:19 am
gardens. as one additional issue, the storage space provided is insufficient and it provides one shelf and the tenants should have two shelves which is a fairly minor issue that i think we can dealt with pr appropriat. i urge you to protect the tenants housing service and pre vend the landlord from using this session and storage space. >> thank you that's your time. i'm going to make one last call to the project sponsors if you are prepared to make a presentation. you may need to hit star 6 to unmute your telephone. project sponsor, one last time.
7:20 am
the matter is now closed and it's now before you. >> commission moore. >> i would like to get more clarification from mr. winslow. would you know about the retention of the garden in deed the drawings are vague and do not that address. the maintaining of the garden is identifying the building with adus and i would like to hear from you of what you no about this guard issue? >> sure, thanks, that statement was included in the analysis was based on a meeting that we had with mr. alexandra and the project sponsor and it was made without commitment and there was no record of it in writing and it was essentially a sentiment that stated from the project sponsor that he was willing to
7:21 am
look at ways that relocating the plants while a construct took place. >> i would like to state i that i think the retaining of the garden is an integral park of adding adus and because densification of the property requires that with that many units and the building, an open space was desirable and played a role in the larger appreciation of the neighborhood. i'd like to address another issue and bring to the commission's attention and i believe that the replacement of the storage and bicycle as well as garbage disposal into this breeze way is insufficient for building of that sides and i
7:22 am
will the a.d. you labeled as number six in the plan drawing a 100 is efficient of being a reasonably sized and reasonably designed living unit with 240 square feet and an 11-foot cross dimension you can bearly get a bed in there let alone light and air. i think this particular unit should be taken out and i believe that proper storage for a building with six units should be provided in that area i would like that person to turn off the television because i hear myself speak with an eco. >> thank you. >> that said, i'd like the commission to really consider that any building, rental or otherwise, requires some form of storage in the basement, which
7:23 am
is in deed the d.r. request is described anna men tee and right by those who lived in the building for a long time and i ask we take out that adu number six and put storage in there and also support the full restoring of the rear yard with its plans as anna men tee to the tenants in the building. i would be interested to hear what other commissioners have to say.
7:24 am
>> thank you. i'd like from the d.r. requester and just helping us understand the line between what is happening with the tenants and. >> the garren is part of the lease. help us a understand a little bit about if the landlord does relocate the garden and put it back, is that also considering of severe ability of service and also, through the rent board, is there an option if this is removed and put back for a period of time, the landlord and the tenant together comes to an agreement about a reduction in services temporarily.
7:25 am
can you give us more information about what happened during that process? >> d.r.q. you may need to unmute yourself by pressing star 6. >> d.r. requester, did you wish to respond to commissioner johnson's question? >> i don't know what to say. >> i have a concern not hearing from the project sponsor.
7:26 am
i'm not experienced not hearing from both sides and how do we move forward without hearing from the other side. in reviewing the case packet, understanding more, there are issues that are on rodents and other tenant safety so i feel like i'm not sure that i have enough information. those are my comments right now. >> can you hear me now? >> yes. >> hello. >> my understanding is chapter 65a of the san francisco administrative code applies only to retro fits. and then it doesn't permit the landlord to require a tenant to remove housing services temporarily and you were correct, they're able to workout
7:27 am
a representative reduction. the reason that the project sponsor has specified that he requires the removal of the garden is to stage construction. well, if you -- to me that means the building of these adus, which is not covered by 65a of the san francisco administrative code and it's not covered by the rent ordinance, there's no just cause to remove a housing service because you want to build adu in the garage and that's the significant difference. the property owner has made many outrageous accusations and unsubstantial claims against
7:28 am
these tenants and i urge to you ignore those and focus on the issue at hand. with regards to rodents, there was early on in their tenancy and the d.r. applicant can address this, there's not been any rodents in the guard for years there's no evidence of such and there's no reports from the department of building inspections and there's no exterminator treating the area and so that's a nonissue. >> thank you, it is applicable to this case because i think that there's discrepancy about the garden and exactly why things are being removed so it's important as well. i appreciate your comments. >> commissioner diamond. >> i'm having a problem in coming to a decision without the
7:29 am
project sponsor being on the phone to answer several of these questions and including whether or not the small a.d.u. meets minimum code requirements and i assume mr. winslow, you looked at this issue. it's whether or not we can determine and i don't know whether the storage is too small or not because i don't know what the code requirements are around that because it's very uncomfortable to me to make a decision today without having more information. >> i did not say it's code compliant but it's a liveability point of view and there's no one who has a room that is 11-foot and it can get a bed in and a table and a desk or anything
7:30 am
with just a minimum requirement for wokable unit given the awkward shape of the space being used here. >> i agree. it seems extremely tight back there. between the corridor and the left-hand side the storage area and the adu and the entrance to the washer and dryer. [please stand by]
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> i were like to have the project sponsor be in this hearing before moving forward and, also, in terms of the relocating or what's being proposed earlier, the re revocan and i'm in favour of continuance. >> i move to continue this for about a month until -- i'm not sure whether the project sponsor
7:33 am
will be here any time soon, but i think a month will be good. , but i believ.we'll be in rece. >> yes. your first available hearing date is december 3rd. >> can you hear me? >> this is the project sponsor. did you just decide to join us? >> no, i've been on listening to you since 1:00 today and i have a 6-year-old and i ran home and somebody called me, my partner called me and said they're talking about it now and i've been trying to get on this call. i deeply apologize.
7:34 am
>> arso commissioners, i'm justo to remind you that at 9:00, we're going to have to pause this hearing and migrate to a second live event the way we did previously and so, this will more than likely be our last item for now before we migrate. project sponsor, you have five minutes. >> ok. sorry, we are required to do this off-story retrofit trying to create additional dwellings and it was interesting, i heard one of the commissioners say that the space looks small and i agree. i thought it was small, but it's
7:35 am
entirely within code. san francisco has size requirements and we've met those size requirements. i even brought it up with the lead architect and they said this is standard for some cities and so, we've gone with it. and i will -- i would like to say that the garde garden in thk is beautiful. if you could see it, it's beautiful. but in order to do the seismic retrofit work, we've had three bids from three different construction groups and they've all requested to be able to have the back as a staging area where they can put their equipment and so on and, you know, maybe they don't need all of it, but they definitely need some of it and i'm not sure if jessica mentioned it, but we have had
7:36 am
issues wit tenant in the past threatening us with violence and there are police reports and sheriff reports that substantiate this and so we're trying to work wit tenant in order to get this project done. and the city would like us to do this work and the only way that it seems to do the work is to move the plants or, at least, some or most of them and they are in pots and there are some planted trees that are in the ground, but the rest of the garden is potted and is mobile. and i believe that this project should take six to nine months to complete, but one of the things i have done is i've reached out to a friend of mind who works at park and rec and they were saying that they could maybe try to find a place for the potted plants and we can have them watered there. i do know that one of the
7:37 am
tenants who brought this to you to discretionary review is a manager at flor grub and maybe we can find some space there take care of the plants. we're trying to create additional dwelling for the city and i think that's our goal and in one of the cases that you talked about earlier, the guy said when you have to do foundation work and things like that, it's very expensive and this is true. this has been $800,000 project and it would be nice to have some additional dwelling at the end of the project. we have been back and forth with david on the plans many times and we have looked at the leafs which promises the tenant one three by one-foot shelf and we've made accommodations for that. and so jessica is talking about
7:38 am
an elimination of services and we see no elimination of services. we're giving them the one by three-foot shelf and access to put the plants back in the garden afterward. there is one issue and that's that we have a vietnamese restaurant and we have had some vermonvermon issues in the past. an exterminated found the vermon breeding in the plants and a lot of rat feces and said that the plants are too close together and should be spaced out. they will need to be less dense and not promote the breeding of vermon. i don't think the tenants like anybody in their plants and it
7:39 am
is a common area to be used by the entire area. and we have a sheriff's report from a tenant that we had where it's stating that one of the two ten wants with the plants threat him and that's in the sheriff's report. and so we have to find a solution to moving the plants so that we can do this work and i hope that we can do it in an amenable way that makes everybody happy. thank you. >> thank you. and so, i'm not sure the dr requester's presentation, but you are afforded a two-minute rebuttal. project sponsor, did you have anything? >> for a rebuttal?
7:40 am
>> right. >> no, i've said what i needed to say, i think. >> great. thank you. >> project sponsor? >> yes. >> i'm not sure if you were also on earlier after the comment of the previous or other commissioners, especially with commissioner moore, also, questions in terms of the relocation or the bicycle storage elimination and whether we're going to be interested to relocate the bicycle storage. >> well, there was an allocated amount of bicycle storage and we've reached out to a company
7:41 am
that does ironworks and we are looking at designing wall hanging bicycle hooks in the area that should accommodate the same amount of bicycles that are presently in the storage downstairs. we did try and propose a bike shed and garbage shed in the back common area, but that would encroach on some of the potted plants and, also, perhaps, that is a reason we're in discretionary review because the tenant feels like the entire common area belongs to them and their potted plants rather than to the entire buildings' useable space. >> and in terms of the access to the potted plants and those have been -- so what is your plan in terms of, like, as the
7:42 am
construction is going on and this will be, i'm assuming going to be relocated and has there been any kind of agreement with the tenant that the plants will be turned back? >> well, we spoke with a landscaping company that was going to create like a useable area for all of the tenants and one of the interesting thing about the building is right next to the university of pacific dental school, and i think there are six tenants in there now who go to the school and they're all friendly but have no common area to meet. so we were thinking of having a landscaper resign the back with the tenants to bring back as many of the plants as they could with some couches and maybe a barbecue or something like that, but, you know, again, we're in discretionary review because the tenants believe that the entire common area belongs to them and their personal affairs and
7:43 am
potted plants. and so if the commission doesn't agree that we should use the backyard for everybody, then, of course, we will leave it empty and when the construction is over, the tenants can return the plants as they wish. >> so the tenant, it's not in their lease or is it in their lease? >> there is nothing in the lease about the garden. they're in the lease and the only statement of services is a one-by three-foot shelf and we're providing that shelf to them. and, you know, for the sake of being hard sale, clark is an extraordinary gardener and the garden -- the potted garden area is very beautiful. and i would like to retain it, but, you know, we have these two challenges and one is that none of the other tenants can use this area. they can't sit around in a group. you know, there's one wooden chair and a bench that holds two
7:44 am
people and, perhaps, three and the rest is potted plants and their personal affairs. and if the commission wishes that they have all that space returned to them after the construction, then they can return all of that to the space. but i think it would behoove all tenants to have a useable space for all of them to use. but this would be a commission decision. i'm willing to work with them. i've been trying to work with them, but it's sort of like any time you get near any of the plants, they become outraged. in fact, one of the tenants threatened me with foul language for hitting within of his plants with, like, a plant branch with a ladder. so it's a tricky situation, you know. >> it is. and thank you for your comments and also coming back to the hearing.
7:45 am
imagine you're an artist and you're creating this beautiful potted plant art and then all of a sudden, it has to be moved or changed. you know, it's threatening and i feel for them, but i think they, like me, i don't particularly want to do this work. it's a lot of work for me and it's very expensive, but the city wants us to do it. and the city also while we're doing this work to add new housing to the stock. and so, we've worked to create, you know, completely everything is according to code and so we have the larger unit and the smaller unit and they're perfectly according to code. i think we've met off obligations to provide them with the shelf and bike space and, i
7:46 am
think we'll get creative with how we do the racks and i think it will be really beautiful. and hopefully we can work together in an amicable way to design a new potted-plant garden that's good for everybody. that's my hope. >> well, thank you for that. i'm trying tcommissioner impro u accidentally mute yourself? >> yes, i'm trying to figure out in terms of what the planning commission jurisdiction, whether the garden is part of our decision but in terms of the adu's as being put in front of
7:47 am
us, where two adu's being added, and yeah, i am -- >> excuse me, if i could correct that. there's only one adu added. there's a unit that is a replacement for an existing unit that was merged without the benefit of a permit. >> oh, ok. and that is not part of the dr, the unit number 17 merge without the permit? >> it's all part of the same project that's under your consideration. >> i purchased the building not understanding it was not done with a permit and i think working with david and natalia
7:48 am
in the city, they said we could join the two units and call it a single unit and instead of saying we're adding two units, we add one and all of the electric meters and all of that will line up. >> commissioner moore. >> mr. winslow, would you be so kind to take us through unit six, about quality of life as well as dimension of the unit? i personally to not believe a unit that is 11-foot and one inch wide is sufficient to have a bed in there. by square footage, may squeak by but by dimension it doesn't seem to work.
7:49 am
i was just wondering if you could hear me, thank you. would the for-foot window and a dimension that doesn't even get a bed into the space, this is a very difficult thing for me to see this works. further to the fact that the entrance to both units is taken
7:50 am
what is now basically the entrance and exit for roll out the garbage cans and this is a very substandard unit? more than one way. i would like to say that it was always my understanding whoever that the plants in the garden, it is still a garden for all. i live in a multiunit residential building, it is there for all of the of u all oi may not have understood the background. my understanding is that the
7:51 am
school districtyard would need to be used by all. >> if i may. , th, the applicants didsubmit r tenants at the property which are in your packets. >> thank you. commissioners, i'm going to remind you again that at 9:00, we'll need to break to the second light event in order to continue the public hearing. members who are on call will not need to do anything, but the project sponsor and the dr requester. >> just to confirm what commissioner moore did say, that the rear yard is open space for all residents in this building. by code. >> my question, though, is the proper dimensioning of the small
7:52 am
adu, unit number 6, as to whether that is workable or substandard. >> and so, by building code 120. 1207.4, in an existing building may be 220 square feet provided that area has a 7.6 clear ceiling height and, you know, a kitchen and bathroom and a closecloset and this may not loo you like it works, but it meets the letter of the code from the standpoint of who regulates the dimensional requirements through dbi. that being said, whether it works or not, it meets the code.
7:53 am
>> i consider it substandard, but again, that is my own impression of how this thing would really work, given the dimensions of real furniture in a space of this length and width. but i'm curious what other commissioners have to say. >> commissioner fung. >> i think some of the issues that have been brought forth are really intended for final decision-making at the red board and not our board. that applies to the rear yard issues. and i'll take it to not moving
7:54 am
the permit. >> second.
7:55 am
(role call). >> that motion passes 6-1 with commissioner moore voting against. >> at this moment, we will need to recess and reconvene in the second live event that was forwarded to all of you via email. project sponsors, dr requesters, you have also received an invitation to join us in a second live event.
7:56 am
this is due to the ms team's time restrictions and so, we will recess for about five minutes and rejoin everyone in the second live event. again, find the live event invitation in your email box and join that event. i will migrate over there shortly and we will rebridge and hopefully, without any technical difficulties, we can resume this hearing. we will recess >> welcome back to the san francisco hearing and we have reconvened into our second nine-hour session and hopefully we will not take up of duration of the nine hours and commissioners, we left off under your discretionary review calendar. having not taken dr on item 18,
7:57 am
placing this on item 19 for case 2019-1069 at 624 street and this is a discretionary review. >> good evening. i'm david winslow. the item before you is a public initiated request for discretionary review for application 2019 to construct a one-story, 514 square foot vertical addition on top of two-story family residence. in addition to the vertical addition, the project would construct a new roof deck set back from the building edge and the new vertical addition includes a shaped sloped roof falling within the limits of the planning code expec is a historl resource. and the dr requesters, brian
7:58 am
neighbofabian is concerned thate building is not articulated to light is privacy to their rear yard and the noise will impact his privacy and his proposed alternatives are to one, set back the third floor 15 feet from the rear and two, design a dual pitch to lessen the impact of privacy and three, reduce the size of the windows and use translucent glass and remove the roof deck and lastly, to provide sound insulation in the adjoining wall. to date, the department has received no letters in opposition and five letters in support of the project. the department's residential design found the building is minimized impact to light to the adjacent properties and the
7:59 am
project is north of the dr requester, which naturally minimizes impact to the light of their property. it's set back 15 feet to maintain a skat a compatible wa. this aligns with the main rear wall of the dr requester. the roof has a slope that pitches away from the neighbors to minimize massing. the rear windows are sized and located appropriately and so as not to provide any exceptional intrusion of privacy this is not considered in the application of the guideline regarding privacy. the roof deck at the front is modest in size and serves a bedroom and set back five feet and therefore, staff recommends not taking discretionary review as there are no exceptional or
8:00 am
extraordinary circumstances. and this concloud concludes my presentation and i'm available to answer questions. thank you. >> dr requester, are you prepared to make your presentation? you may need to hit star 6 in order to un-mute yourself. is the dr requester with us? is the project sponsor with us? >> this is the project sponsor. why don't you go ahead and start your presentation and we'll get your slides up in one second and i'll let you know when they're up. >> ok. >> your slides are up and you have five minutes.